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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Cheats for PSP

Cheats and Tips for Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror


We have 3 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Some useful codes

Here are some codes you might find useful. I've beaten the game 2 and 1/2 times (on easy,normal, and I'm working on hard) and the codes have been the same all 3 times
Anyway... Episode 1
Part 3: 9-3-8 for the locker in the lounge area.
Pt. 5: 5-8-4 Freeman's code for the safe in his office (behind the painting) and the hand scanner.
Ep. 3
Pt. 1: 6-9-4 code for the safe, which holds Hidden evidence.
Ep. 4
Pt. 2: 5-4-1 for the health tent
Ep. 5
Pt. 1/2: 4-1-5 for a secret corridor.
Hope it helps!

Unlock Multiplayer Weapons:

When you rank up or obtain certain badges in multiplayer you will unlock new weapons. These weapons can only be used in Multiplayer mode only.
Unlock Claymore Mines:
Earn Expert mode Gadget Expertise Badge
Unlock Double Sawn-Offs (Pistol):
Earn Elite mode One-handed skill badge
Unlock EMP Grenades:
Earn Expert mode Explosive Expertise Badge
Unlock EPDD:
Earn Elite mode Hand to Hand Combat Badge
Unlock Laser Mines:
Earn Elite Gadget Expertise Badge
Unlock G-17 and Makarov (Pistols):
Start a new account (R0)
Unlock M16 A2 and Famas (ARs, burst fire):
Start a new account (R0)
Unlock M67 Grenades:
Earn Elite Explosive Expertise Badge
Unlock MDS A3 and Spectre (Full Auto SMGs):
Achieve rank R1
Unlock 33 SC-1 and SG-76 H-Bar (Snipers):
Achieve rank R2
Unlock Shot Defender and SPA-12 (Shotguns):
Achieve rank R3
Unlock MDS-7 and Ripper (SMGs in pistol slot):
Achieve rank T1
Unlock AR-15 and Draugonov (Snipers):
Achieve rank T2
Unlock Trip Bar and Ramat (HMGs/ARs):
Achieve rank T3
Unlock M60 E-3 and Chinese Type-56 (HMGs):
Achieve rank O1
Unlock M16K and Galil (ARs, Full Auto):
Achieve rank O2
Unlock Desert Sniper .357 and SP-57 (Pistols):
Achieve rank O3
Unlock USAS-12 and Sawed Off (Shotguns):
Achieve rank 04


Destroy DU containers in Episode 4:
There are 5 DU containers scattered about each level in missions 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3. Shoot each one to unlock weapons for use in Mission mode.
Unlock M1 Super 90 in Mission Mode:
Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-1

Unlock M16A2 in Mission Mode:
Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-2

Unlock M4 Carbine in Mission Mode:
Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-3
Unlock the Rocket Launcher in Mission Mode:
Shoot ALL The Small Warheads in 4-3

Online Badges
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding
Unlock Armor Expertise Badge:
Expert and Elite badges are earned by finding Flak Jackets.
Unlock Ammo Expertise Badge:
Expert - Around 250 Headshots
Elite - around 500 Headshots

Unlock Explosive Expertise Badge (MGL, SMAW or M67):
Expert - Around 200 Exp. Kills
Elite - 500 Exp. Kills

Unlock One Handed Skill Badge (Pistols):
Expert - Around 250 Single Handed Guns
Elite - Around 500 Single Handed Guns
Unlock Gadget Expertise Badge:
Expert and Elite - Get Kills with Laser Mines, Taser and Claymores
Unlock Hand-To-Hand Badge:
Expert - Around 30 Melee kills
Elite - Around 50 Melee Kills
Unlock Triage Badge (Revives):
Expert - Around 100
Elite - Around 200
Unlock Field Medic Badge:
Expert and Elite - Keep on Healing

Unlockables in Training Mode
At the 'Main' menu select Single player and then training mode. Then select the training Level you want.
Unlock SP-57 - Training Mission 1:
Complete the mission in under 1 minute and 25 seconds
Unlock Famas - Training Mission 2:
Complete the mission in under 3 minutes

Unlock UNP .45 - Training Mission 3:
Complete this mission without wasting a shot. Unlock Bonus Missions
Complete the corresponding tasks to unlock 5 different Bonus missions.
Unlock 'Birds of a Feather':
Complete Story mode on Normal or Hard
Unlock 'Jimmy Zhou's Army':
Complete 'Birds of a Feather' mission

Unlock 'Goodnight, Sweetheart':
Beat ALL the time limits in the Training missions

Unlock 'Trapped In The Hornets Nest':
Get ALL patches for 'Combat Sharp Shooter'

Unlock 'Up a Column Without A Paddle':
Obtain ALL patches for 'Elite Weapons Expert'

Unlockables in the Bonus Missions
Unlock M249 SAW:
Beat KemSynth Tower in less than 2:42

Unlock Shot Defender:
Beat Sana Yemen in less than 3:39

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