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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus

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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus Guide
Many peoples game of the 2008, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game that can be replayed again and again, with different approaches making it a fun experien..
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We have cheats to unlock characters including Johnny Sasaki Slater, unlock Boss Rush mode, MPO+ soldier passwords and faster stamina recovery online.

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We have 16 cheats and tips on PSP.If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Johnny Sasaki Slater

Find this incompetent enemy soldier from Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 as a random prisoner in the Infinity mission.

MPO+ Soldier Passwords

Enter the following codes at the 'Password' screen to unlock the corresponding effect in the game.
Unlock Alabama:
Enter the code BB6K768KM9
Unlock Alaska:
Enter the code XL5SW5NH9S
Unlock Arizona:
Enter the code ZHEFPVV947
Unlock Arkansas:
Enter the code VNRE7JNQ8WE
Unlock Black Genome:
Enter the code WYNGG3JBP3YS
Unlock Blue Genome:
Enter the code 9GNPHGFFLH
Unlock California:
Enter the code 6MSJQYWNCJ8
Unlock Colorado:
Enter the code W6TAH498DJ
Unlock Connecticut:
Enter the code 2N2AB3JV2WA
Unlock Delaware:
Enter the code AJRL6E7TT9
Unlock Female Scientist 1:
Enter the code 3W8WVRGB2LNN

Getting Special Characters Back

When you have completed a level and one of your special characters has died or run out of stamina (Naked Snake, Old Snake, etc.) you will be able to find them as a random prisoner in the Infinity mission under any difficulty setting.

Unlock Boss Rush Mode

When you have a 'Game Save File' of Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops on your memory stick and start a new game with it 'Boss Rush' mode will become an available option.

Unlockable Characters

Unlock Infinity Mission Characters
These playable characters are ALL unlocked by beating modes on Infinity mission.
Unlock Naked Snake:
In Infinity mission beat 'Easy' mode.

Unlock Old Snake:
In Infinity mission beat 'Medium' mode.
Unlock Raiden:
In Infinity mission beat 'Hard' mode.
Unlock Roy Cambell:
In Infinity mission beat 'Extreme' mode.

Unlock Arms Magazine Soldier:
At the 'Main' menu go to the 'Recruit' section and enter the password TTOGZWSREYD to unlock the Arms Magazine soldier as a playable character in the game.

AP Scout

The AP scout is a confusing bit of software, but it's easy to use if you know how to.
Most important to the AP Scout is location, location, location. You might find a weak Male USSR soldier, but walk for a while and you might find an Ocelot Soldier or KGB. The distance you have to walk between soldiers varies, but it usually isn't very far. Of course, KGBs and Ocelots have a really small AP location, with enemies you can find in easy mode taking up the most space. Also, the cryptic hints that you get for soldiers can sometimes be confusing, but most are straightforward. Some wierd ones are... really should dress lighter. (bring USSR soldier with his sleeves rolled up)
...have any tarantulas with you? (Unknown) have low Stamina. (Seems straightforward, bu..

Unique Characters

If you have a second profile that has used a portable ops save file and have characters like Python. On the first profile complete extreme and go through normal dificulty a few times you will find Python, and Major Zero.
Also on Extreme you can find Olcelot.
Ray Cambell is worth the wait to find him. He is all A's and B's no S's.
There you go if it's any use

How to get strong soldiers

For strong soldiers to appear more often, you will need at least two soldiers that have the "Bait" career and at least one soldier with the "Headhunter" career. Start EXTREME mode with your headhunter soldier. Sometimes when you look at a soldier their stats will appear red. This means that the skill can be upgraded to S3. Also, soldiers that drop the following items have the following stats:
Drop What it means
Chaff Grenade They can be upgraded to A and S ranks
Magazine They have more than 230 LIFE
Gako They have more than 230 LIFE and their skills can be
upgraded to A and S ranks.

Extra Shot

When you get out your weapon for the first time, press L and O and you will reload even though you haven't fired. It will give you one extra shot. This is very useful with shotguns. This will not work with the RPG-7, grenades and knife.

Problem with the Cheats

Sadly, the magazine soldier promotion cheats are only for the Japanese version of the game. Any other version will consider the codes invalid.

AP Scout Answered

Just In Conjunction with sonicscream3's Ap scout. The:
Have you any Tarantulas with you? Refers to the rank Tarntula, Also
Bring Me Big Boss also refers to Naked Snake.
Im looking for a bloke called Cambell means that they want want to Meet Roy Cambell.

Tuschinko Rank

Tuschinko (SP?) rank is simple to get. All you have to do is avoid detection. It's simplest on easy, because the enemies and Advance Points are always the same.

ap scout solder finder

In the recruit icon go to ap scout,to do this select a team and once it's started (you will hear beeping) walk around (see warning before starting ap scout) pressing circle repearedly,once you see a large colorful barthat means youve found somone and start tapping circle quickly and if it gets past the line on the right side of the screen you get that solder(however you will have to show him one of your solders first,one that he/she wants).Now this uses gps tracing and once you lose the signal you can't get it back were you found it but if you find a solder that point will be there until you recruit him/her.

Unique Character Refinements, Fashion Mags, Hearts of Justice, a

In conjunction with R-A-Y-M-A-N's hint, I believe what character you get doesn't matter on the difficulty level. I played through normal once, and got Teliko, and never got anyone else on normal. I got every Unique character (besides Old Snake, etc. And Johnny) on hard over about 10 plays through. Hard and Extreme definitely have the most luck. (On a related note, you get prisoners about every 5 stages in hard, if you are lucky, you may find two uniques)
Now for the elusive Fashion Mags:
Everybody asks about Fashion Mags, what do they do?, where are the found? Et cetera. Fashion Mags give you a new move to use in online play. Moves like Hero# and Shrug can only be gotten like this or through collecting all the soldiers ( a daunting task) if you use it on one person, it effects ..

Faster Stamina Recovery in Online

When you get knocked out online, you can press X and Square incredibly fast to regain stamina faster. You know this is working if the stars on your head spin faster.

general hints

Fassion mag,heart of j,stealth etc
To get these first you have to hear a (wa-wa)sound,follow the sound till you reach the center of the sound then crawl around that area until an item (represented with a frog) and you will get a very rare item.
Bonus stage
On stage 14 for extreme difficulty and look for a PURPLE advance point,go there and you will be taken to the bonus stage and there you will find either lots of good equiptment or hard 2 get solders
Heart of j
When you get this go to manage,find a good white genome solder press use item select the heart of j and he will turn a different color

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