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Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Red Dead Redemption 2


We have 27 cheats and tips on PS4. You can also ask your question on our Red Dead Redemption 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Upgrade Dutch's Lodgings
You can inspire the rest of your gang members to contribute more to their lodgings and take some of the pressure off you by going to the ledger beside the cash box in your camp and upgrading Dutch's lodgings. Doing this will cost you $220 and it will also unlock a map that allows you to fast travel from camp.

Fast Travelling
There are three ways that you can fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2, they are listed below.

Stagecoach Taxi:
Pay someone to take you with them by walking up to the 'STOP' sign near a train station. Costs twice as much as the train option for mostly the same destinations: Annesburg, Armadillo (!), Blackwater, Emerald Station (!), Macfarlane’s Ranch (!), Rhodes, Saint Denis, Strawberry, Tumbleweed (!), Valentine, Van Horn Trading.

Go into any post office, talk to the clerk, and buy a train ticket to: Annesburg, Benedict Point (!), Emerald Ranch, Rhodes, Riggs Stations (!), Saint Denis, Valentine, and Wallace Station (!).

Free Fast Travel from your Camp:
Go next to where you can give a donation to the gang t..

Easy Money
Use the method shown below to take advantage of a glitch online to get a lot of money easily.

Step #1:
First, head to Valentine’s Ranch building.

Step #2:
Shoot and skin the pigs or sheep one at a time.

Step #3:
Take the animal carcass with you on your horse to the butcher in town (but steer clear of evildoers) and sell it for an easy $18+ two minutes later.

Step #4:
Not only will you be able to do this with all the cattle on the ranch, during the die animals you killed there will have a chance to respawn

Step #5:
Keep repeating steps 1-4.

Watch the video

Buy Horse Reviver
Make sure you are always carrying a horse reviver with you since horse death is permanent and you don't want to wind up stranded with a dying horse. You can buy horse revivers at the general store for $10.

Arthur's Warning Shot
Tapping the d-pad while aiming will make Arthur raise his pistol into the air, tapping it again will make him fire off a warning shot. This action comes in useful when you need to intimidate NPC's or scare off wildlife.

Check Stolen Jewellery
Once you have progressed far enough into the story you will unlock a fence who you will be able to pawn off stolen goods. The fence has the ability to craft talismans from certain pieces of jewellery that give permannent buffs so check to see if any items are on the list before you sell off all your stolen trinkets.

Three Star Kills in Hunts
To get a perfect pelt the animal you target must have a three star rating and you will need to aim for a kill shot using the right ammo. You can check the animals star rating by using your binoculars and zooming in on your prey.

Help in Camp
There are four different ways that you can help in camp. These are; handing over ammunition, sharing cash from completed jobs, incresing medical stocks, and delivering game and pelts you collected while out hunting.

Loot Enemies in Chapter 1
During the opening chapter there are two gunfights that leave a lot of your enemies dead on the ground. During those scenes ignore the people telling you to hurry up and loot every corpse you find. Doing this will enable you to enter Chapter 2 with $30 in your pocket, all the ammunition you can carry and a satchel that is almost full with provisions.

Looting Houses
When you loot houses make sure you check every drawer, cabinet, wardrobe and even the chimney. You may not always find cash but you will find provisions for your satchel which you can hand over to the camp instead of cash.

First Person View
Third-person view is the default but you may want to consider changing it to first person view when you are indoors or looting locations as you will be easier to pick up individual items and see them up and close and place your reticle precisely. You will also find changing to first person view will help you to control vehicles like horse-drawn carriages.

Horse Bonding
You can improve the health and stamina of your starter horse by bonding with it through hitching, patting, brushing and feeding. It does not take much work to max out those attributes.

Dead Eye Meter
Make sure you keep your dead eye meter replenished by shooting things, or just by chewing tobacco. If you have been looting the pockets of everyone you have shot you should a decent supply for when you enter a gunfight.

Cheat Codes
To enter the following cheat codes simply pause the game, go to the 'Settings' menu and press 'Triangle' to bring up the 'Cheats' interface. This will be a list of locked 'Unknown' cheats and an entry pad. If you now type in each code exactly as shown below you will unlock the corresponding effect.

Note: Press 'Triangle' a second time if the entry pad does not automatically appear after the first prompt.

Once unlocked a cheat will appear in the list and you will be able to toggle it on and off. If however you do decide to activate these cheats you will not be able to save Single-Player progress or collect Trophies for the duration of the playthrough. Therefore it is recommended that you save the game before enabling these cheats.

Note: Some cheats require..

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map Hunt
The video below is a guide for the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map Hunt (location and solution). This treasure hunt is part of the stranger mission 'All That Glitters'. In the 100% checklist it is listed under the term 'Treasure Hunter'. The map is bought from Maximo after accepting his quest 'All That Glitters'. In case you robbed and killed him, you can buy it from any fence. You must then find 3 treasure locations. The first two are actually just maps that lead you to the next clue. The third location is the final treasure consisting of two gold bars. These can be sold at the fence for $1000 in cash. This is a good way to quickly make money early in the game (starting in Chapter 2).

Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Hunt
The video below is a guide for the Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Hunt (location and solution). This Treasure Hunt starts when you pick up a map in a cabin at Cairn Lake as shown in the video. In the 100% checklist it counts for the 'Treasure Hunter' collectible task.

Watch the video

Finding Poisonous Tral Treasure Map - 0.05
#1 - 0:42
#2 - 1:19
#3 - 1:51

Selling Gold Bars to a Fence - 3:30

All Dinosaur Bone Locations
In total there are 30 Dinosaur Bone Location and they are ALL needed for 100% completion and the Stranger Mission for Deborah MacGuiness 'A Test of Faith'. None of them are missable. You will find that 8 of them are in the New Austin area where bounty hunters will kill you instantly until you've finished the story. This means you will need to beat the game first to collect ALL of them. Always press L3 + R3 (Left Stick + Right Stick) when near them with eagle eye to highlight these collectibles.

Watch the video

Start Stranger Mission 'A Test of Faith' - 0:05
#1 - 2:05
#2 - 2:36
#3 - 3:07
#4 - 3:36
#5 - 3:57
#6 - 4:21
#7 -..

ALL Dreamcatcher Locations
In total there are 20 Dreamcatcher Locations. The video below will show you ALL the Dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers are a type of collectible that hangs in trees. They can be collected at any time after reaching chapter 2. None of them are missable. Approach the tree and hold Triangle to investigate the Dreamcatcher. Press L3 + R3 (Left Stick + Right Stick) to highlight them in yellow colour so they are easier to see. You can view how many Dreamcatchers you have found by going to the 'Pause' menu and navigating to 'Progress' - 'Total Completion' - 'Dreamcatchers'. They add 2% to your total game completion. Collect all Dreamcatchers to get the Ancient Arrowhead perk from the cave behind the waterfall at Elysian Pool. It makes your stamina last twice as long when using the bow.

Top 20 Easter Eggs
The video below is a guide for the top 20 Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Watch the video


20. Witch Cauldron 0:50
19. Talk to Bigfoot 1:58
18. Robot 4:20
17. Frozen Couple 5:20
16. Mammoth Bones 6:25


15. La LLorana 7:45
14. Night Zombies 7:45
13. Tiny Church 8:34
12. Giant Snake 8:49
11. Outhouse Girl 9:11
10. Well Prisoner 10:12

9. Clan meeting 10:52


8. Man Bear Pig 11:48
7. Bonnie MacFarlene 12:35
6. Meteor House 13:15
5. UFO #1 13:32 WEST


Easter Eggs Part 2
The video below is a guide showwing you were more Easter Eggs that can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Watch the video


21. Seth Briar's Shirt - 0:59
20. Whale - 1:27
19. Donkey Lady - 2:03
18. Plane Crash - 2:25
17. Monk - 3:08
16. Cholla Springs Cave - 3:53
15. Francis Moon Grave - 4:23
14. Exploding House - 4:48
13. Suicide man - 5:19


12. Phonograph - 6:05
11. Gertrude - 6:33


10. Faces in Trees - 7:13
9. Circus Caravan - 7:50
8. Whale Bones - 8:27


Easter Eggs Part 3
The video below is a guide showwing you were more Easter Eggs that can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Watch the video


18. Achievment Hunter 1 - 1:09
17. Achievment Hunter 2 - 1:36
16. Peeping Tom - 2:00
15. RDR Undead Nightmare Mask - 3:00


14. Red Dead Redemption 2 Ghost Train - 3:25
13. Stay Out - 4:00
12. Ghost - 4:23
11. Red Dead Redemption 2 Vampire - 5:00
10. Worker Tombstone - 5:49


9. Obelisk - 6:34
8. Bear -7:01


7. Face in the Mountain - 7:2..

Easter Eggs Part 4
The video below is a guide showwing you were more Easter Eggs that can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Watch the video


24. Undead Nightmare Mask in ST. Denis Fence 1:15
23. RDR1 cut mission 1:29
22. Aberdene Pig Farm 2:18
21. Boy in basement 3:22
20. O' Brother Where Art Thou 4:22
19. Cellar Secret Room 4:46


18.Devil's Cave 5:13
17. Strawberry Moonshine Still 5:39
16.American Dream (EDDIE LOW) 5:51
15. Mt. Chiliad Mural 6:14


14. Hobbit House 6:34
13. Scary Noises 6:52
12. Barrel Rider 7:0..

Finding the Vampire
Before you can encounter the vampire you must first find the 5 hidden messages that are written on the walls in Saint Dennis. The messages can be found at the following locations.

1. In the alley, north of the post office. It is found in the hall behind the grass.
2. Found further north, in the arched hallway dead end.
3. Found on the southern wall of the building with the butcher and general store.
4. Found in a small courtyard behind a gate near the trapper's location.
5. Found on the side of a large red building north of the second 'N' in Saint Denis.

Once you have found ALL 5 scrawlings and added them to your journal you will be able to draw a map of the area. The vampire will now spawn south of the church, down an alley. Wait three days, the..

ALL Grave Locations
The video below will show you ALL the location of ALL the graves needed to get the 'Paying Respects' Trophy. Graves are a type of collectible needed to reach 100% completion. They will only spawn once you have completed the story so that must be done first before you can attempt to earn this Trophy.

Watch the video

#1 - Jenny Kirk - 0:05
#2 - Davey Callander - 0:55
#3 - Eagle Flies - 1:30
#4 - Arthur Morgan - 1:55
#5 - Susan Grimshaw - 2:43
#6 & #7 - Hosea Matthews + Lenny Summers - 3:30
#8 - Kieran Duffy - 4:13
#9 - Sean MacGuire - 4:37

ALL Legendary Animal Locations
In total there are 16 Legendary Animals and just finding 5 of them is required to get 100%. However to get the Zoologist and Skin Deep Trophies you will need to find ALL of them. You will get the Legendary Animals map from Hosea in Chapter 2 after the bear hunt. Finding the Legendary Animals will unlock passive perks. The video below will show you where to find them.

Watch the video

#1 - Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear - 0:05
#2 - Legendary Moose - 1:48
#3 - Legendary Beaver - 4:23
#4 - Legendary Boar - 6:38
#5 - Legendary Bull Gator - 8:48
#6 - Legendary Fox - 10:48
#7 - Legendary Coyote - 12:00
#8 - Legendary Big Horn..

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