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Pokemon X

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Full Review for Pokemon X by TVKL

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Pokemon X was yet another game in the smash hit franchise, and along with it's counterpart Y, it proved to be the most hyped entry into said franchise yet. But does it truly love up to the hype, and the outstanding praise? Well, that's exactly what we're here to discover.



X's main selling point was, believe it or not, the updated graphics. When it came to hype, it was mostly centric around people seeing their favourite Pokemon glorified in 3D - but despite all of this, the graphics were where the entirety of Generation VI failed the hardest. Models have inaccurate sizes, textures are dull and colourless, and oh dear lord the animations. Of everything, the animations are the worst. Every flying Pokémon just hovers on the spot and anything that doesn't fly just kind of exists, exuding no personality whatsoever.



The sound in Pokemon X was, unlike the graphics, pretty good. The legendary theme was thrilling, the trainer battle theme never got old - but of course, there cannot be good without evil. The gym leader theme, for example, was just bland techno that sounds like it was taken directly out of a night club and had a few mindless beats added to it.
Oh, and of course the entire soundtrack pales in comparison to Generation V's soundtrack. Nothing can ever top that.



X has many, many new mechanics. Pokemon-Amie was a brilliant concept that was done well, but there were areas where it could be improved. Mega Evolution was also a good concept, but it was executed horrendously and honestly makes it look like they're stealing ideas from Digimon. Super Training serves no purpose other than to get items as it's much easier to just horde EV train, and riding Pokemon was just like Mega Evolution: a brilliant concept with garbage execution. There are only about four locations to ride in and only one is any fun.



Pokemon X's lastability depends on the player, and all comes down to the classic Matrix scenario: do you take the red pill or the blue pill? If you choose to live with the truth, no matter how hard it is, it's difficult to get any enjoyment out of X after the main story, but if you choose to be blissfully ignorant then you can have a load of fun. Aside from that, X offers much post-game content, such as the Looker chapters, the Battle Chateau and Mega Stone hunting.



Let's not sugar coat it: X was a glorified tech demo, and nothing else. It's an empty, hollow experience with no more story than "get all badges, stop evil team". It's vastly overpriced and with no sign of Pokemon Z I'd say it's not worth visiting the Kalos region at all unless your heart's set on it. Then again, I'd definitely take XY over ORAS, so I suppose it's the lesser of two evils. In the introduction, I posed the question of whether it not lived up to the hype and praise. The simple answer?

No, no it didn't.

Final Score: 42%

Review by: TVKL


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