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Pokemon HeartGold Kanto Gym Leaders -- Dojo Rematch

Latest update by Warrior13 on Dec 6th 2013
In Pokemon HeartGold, you are able to rebattle the Gym Leaders. On certain days and times, the Gym Leaders will be out of their Gym. If you find them, they will give you their Phone Number. If you call them on the correct day and time, they will schedule a battle with you. After you have done this, you can find them in the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. Their Pokemon Teams are very high-leveled.

Here are the Pokemon Teams of the eight Kanto Gym Leaders when found in the Dojo:


Brock is a Rock-Type Pokemon User.

Brock's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 54 Relicanth, Level 55 Golem, Level 55 Kabutops, Level 56 Omastar, Level 57 Rampardos, and Level 61 Onix


Misty is a Water-Type Pokemon User.

Misty's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 54 Floatzel, Level 54 Lanturn, Level 56 Lapras, Level 56 Quagsire, Level 60 Milotic, and Level 60 Starmie

Lt. Surge:

Lt. Surge is an Electric-Type Pokemon User.

Lt. Surge's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 52 Electrode, Level 52 Manectric, Level 52 Magnezone, Level 56 Electivire, Level 58 Pachirisu, and Level 60 Raichu


Erika is a Grass-Type Pokemon User.

Erika's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 53 Jumpluff, Level 54 Shiftry, Level 55 Roserade, Level 56 Victreebel, Level 56 Bellossom, and Level 60 Tangrowth


Janine is a Poison-Type Pokemon User.

Janine's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 52 Crobat, Level 52 Toxicroak, Level 55 Drapion, Level 56 Weezing, Level 58 Ariados, and Level 59 Venomoth


Sabrina is a Psychic-Type Pokemon User.

Sabrina's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 53 Gallade, Level 53 Wobbuffet, Level 54 Jynx, Level 56 Mr. Mime, Level 58 Espeon, and Level 60 Alakazam


Blaine is a Fire-Type Pokemon User.

Blaine's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 54 Torkoal, Level 54 Houndoom, Level 57 Camerupt, Level 58 Magcargo, Level 50 Rapidash, and Level 62 Magmortar


Blue is a very strong trainer with no specific type of Pokemon.

Blue's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 67 Exeggutor, Level 68 Arcanine, Level 69 Machamp, Level 70 Rhyperior, Level 70 Tyranitar, and Level 72 Pidgeot
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