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Pokemon Heart Gold Pack Shot

Pokemon Heart Gold

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Pokemon HeartGold Johto Gym Leaders

Latest update by Warrior13 on Dec 3rd 2013
Within Pokemon HeartGold there are a total of Sixteen Gyms (Eight Johto Gyms and Eight Kanto Gyms). You must defeat the Eight Johto Gyms in order to face the Pokemon League. After you defeat the Pokemon League, you can then explore the Kanto Region and battle the Kanto Gyms.

Here are the Eight Johto Gyms:

First Gym:

The first gym is found in Violet City. The Gym Leader is Falkner, a Flying-Type Pokemon User.

Falkner - Level 9 Pidgey and Level 13 Pidgeotto

If you win, you'll receive the Zephyr Badge and TM51 (Roost).

Second Gym:

The second gym is found in Azalea Town. The Gym Leader is Bugsy, a Bug-Type Pokemon User.

Bugsy - Level 15 Metapod, Level 15 Kakuna, and Level 17 Scyther

If you win, you'll receive the Hive Badge and TM89 (U-Turn).

Third Gym:

The third gym is found in Goldenrod City. The Gym Leader is Whitney, a Normal-Type Pokemon User.

Whitney - Level 17 Clefairy and Level 19 Miltank

If you win, you'll receive the Plain Badge and TM45 (Attract).

Fourth Gym:

The fourth gym is found in Ecruteak City. The Gym Leader is Morty, a Ghost-Type Pokemon User.

Morty - Level 21 Haunter, Level 21 Gastly, Level 23 Haunter, and Level 25 Gengar

If you win, you'll receive the Fog Badge and TM30 (Shadow Ball).

Fifth Gym:

The fifth gym is found in Cianwood City. The Gym Leader is Chuck, a Fighting-Type Pokemon User.

Chuck - Level 29 Primeape and Level 31 Poliwrath

If you win, you'll win the Storm Badge and TM01 (Focus Punch).

Sixth Gym:

The sixth gym is found in Olivine City. The Gym Leader is Jasmine, a Steel-Type Pokemon User.

Jasmine - Level 30 Magnemite, Level 30 Magnemite, and Level 35 Steelix

If you win, you'll receive the Mineral Badge and TM23 (Iron Tail).

Seventh Gym:

The seventh gym is found in Mahogany Town. The Gym Leader is Pryce, an Ice-Type Pokemon User.

Pryce - Level 30 Seel, Level 32 Dewgong, and Level 34 Piloswine

If you win, you'll receive the Glacier Badge and TM07 (Hail).

Eighth Gym:

The eighth and final Johto gym is found in Blackthorn City. The Gym Leader is Clair, a Dragon-Type Pokemon User.

Clair - Level 38 Dragonair, Level 38 Gyarados, Level 38 Dragonair, and Level 41 Kingdra

If you win, you'll receive the Rising Badge and TM59 (Dragon Pulse).
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