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Pokemon HeartGold Johto Gym Leaders -- Dojo Rematch

Latest update by Warrior13 on Dec 6th 2013
In Pokemon HeartGold, you are able to rebattle the Gym Leaders. On certain days and times, the Gym Leaders will be out of their Gym. If you find them, they will give you their Phone Number. If you call them on the correct day and time, they will schedule a battle with you. After you have done this, you can find them in the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. Their Pokemon Teams are very high-leveled.

Here are the Pokemon Teams of the eight Johto Gym Leaders when found in the Dojo:


Falkner is a Flying-Type Pokemon User.

Flakner's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 48 Pelipper, Level 50 Staraptor, Level 52 Noctowl, Level 52 Swellow, Level 54 Honchkrow, and Level 56 Pidegot


Bugsy is a Bug-Type Pokemon User.

Bugsy's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 48 Shedinja, Level 52 Yanmega, Level 52 Vespiquen, Level 54 Heracross, Level 55 Pinsir, and Level 56 Scizor


Whitney is a Normal-Type Pokemon User.

Whitney's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 50 Lickilicky, Level 52 Clefable, Level 52 Girafarig, Level 54 Delcatty, Level 54 Bibarel, and Level 58 Miltank


Morty is a Ghost-Type Pokemon User.

Morty's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 52 Sableye, Level 52 Driblim, Level 52 Dusknoir, Level 54 Mismagius, Level 57 Gengar, and Level 57 Gengar


Chuck is a Fighting-Type Pokemon User.

Chuck's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 52 Hitmonchan, Level 54 Medicham, Level 54 Breloom, Level 55 Hitmonlee, Level 56 Primeape, and Level 60 Poliwrath


Jasmine is a Steel-Type Pokemon User.

Jasmine's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 50 Bronzong, Level 52 Metagross, Level 52 Skarmory, Level 52 Empoleon, Level 56 Magnezone, and Level 62 Steelix


Pryce is an Ice-Type Pokemon User.

Pryce's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 52 Glalie, Level 52 Froslass, Level 54 Walrein, Level 56 Abomasnow, Level 58 Dewgong, and Level 60 Mamoswine


Clair is a Dragon-Type Pokemon User.

Clair's Dojo Pokemon Team: Level 52 Dragonair, Level 52 Charizard, Level 52 Aerodactyl, Level 56 Gyarados, level 56 Kingdra, and Level 60 Dragonite.
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