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Pokemon Blue Pack Shot

Pokemon Blue

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Pokemon Blue Gym Leaders

Latest update by Warrior13 on Dec 10th 2013
There are eight Pokemon Gyms in Pokemon Blue (Pokemon Green For Japan) that you must defeat in order to face the Pokemon League.

Pokemon Blue Gym Leaders:

First Gym:

The first gym is found in Pewter City. The Gym Leader is Brock, a Rock-Type Pokemon User.

Brock - Level 12 Geodude and Level 14 Onix

After you defeat Brock, you'll receive the Boulder Badge and TM34 (Bide). You will also be allowed to use HM05 (Flash) outside of battle.

Second Gym:

The second gym is found in Cerulean City. The Gym Leader is Misty, a Water-Type Pokemon User.

Misty - Level 18 Staryu and Level 21 Starmie

After you defeat Misty, you'll receive the Cascade Badge and TM11 (Bubblebeam). You will also be allowed to use HM01 (Cut) outside of battle.

Third Gym:

The third gym is found in Vermillion City. The Gym Leader is Lt.Surge, an Electric-Type Pokemon User.

Lt.Surge - Level 18 Pikachu, Level 21 Voltorb, and Level 24 Raichu

After you defeat Lt.Surge, you'll receive the Thunder Badge and TM24 (Thunderbolt). You will also be alllowed to use HM02 (Fly) outside of battle.

Fourth Gym:

The fourth gym is found in Celadon City. The Gym Leader is Erika, a Grass-Type Pokemon User.

Erika - Level 24 Tangela, Level 29 Victreebel, and Level 29 Vileplume

After you defeat Erika, you'll receive the Rainbow Badge and TM21 (Mega Drain). You will also be allowed to use HM04 (Strength) outside of battle.

Fifth Gym:

The fifth gym is found in Fuchsia City. The Gym Leader is Koga, a Poison-Type Pokemon User.

Koga - Level 37 Koffing, Level 37 Koffing, Level 39 Muk, and Level 43 Weezing

After you defeat Koga, you'll receive the Soul Badge and TM06 (Toxic). You will also be allowed to use HM03 (Surf) outside of battle.

Sixth Gym:

The sixth gym is found in Saffron City. The Gym Leader is Sabrina, a Psychic-Type Pokemon User.

Sabrina - Level 37 Mr.Mime, Level 38 Venomoth, Level 38 Kadabra, and Level 43 Alakazam

After you defeat Sabrina, you'll receive the Marsh Badge and TM46 (Psywave).

Seventh Gym:

The seventh gym is found on Cinnabar Island. The Gym Leader is Blaine, a Fire-Type Pokemon User.

Blaine - Level 40 Ponyta, Level 42 Rapidash, Level 42 Growlithe, and Level 47 Arcanine

After you defeat Blaine, you'll receive the Volcano Badge and TM38 (Fire Blast)

Eighth Gym:

The eighth and final gym is found in Viridian City. The Gym Leader is Giovanni (Team Rocket Boss), a Ground-Type Pokemon User.

Giovanni - Level 42 Dugtrio, Level 44 Nidoqueen, Level 45 Nidoking, Level 45 Rhyhorn, and Level 50 Rhydon

After you defeat Giovanni, you'll receive the Earth Badge and TM27 (Fissure).

After you have defeated all eight Kanto Gym Leaders, you can battle the Kanto Pokemon League.
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