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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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Check out our collection of cheats which includes unlocking arenas, unlocking alternate costumes, easy money and how to win GM mode in 24/7 mode.

More WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 19 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii : PSP : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 2 : Nintendo DS

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Preset Movesets

Moveset 1 - High Tech: Paul London

Moveset 2 - High Show: Brian Kendrick

Moveset 3 - Sub Tech: Charlie Haas

Moveset 4 - Tech High: Shelton Benjamin

Moveset 5 - Show Braw: Eugene

Moveset 6 - Show Pow: Val Venis

Moveset 7 - Braw High: Rob Van Dam

Moveset 8 - Pow Show: Big Show

Moveset 9 - Pow Hard: Test

Moveset 10 - Braw Hard: Hardcore Holly

Moveset 11 - Tech Sub: Tazz

Moveset 12 - Sub Tech: Kurt Angle

Moveset 13 - Dirt Show: Christian Cage

Moveset 14 - Pow Hard: Rhino

Moveset 15 - Hard Pow: Brother Ray

Moveset 16 - Hard Braw: Brother Devon

Moveset 17 - Braw Show: Kip James

Moveset 18 - Po..


To get the following you have to earn money in 24/7 mode and when you have the correct amount select the laptop and go to the WWE Shop and buy the the effect you want (some wrestlers also require a task to be completed during gameplay before they can be unlocked).

Unlock Shawn Michaels (D-X Attire):

Buy for $60,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Triple H (D-X Attire):

Buy for $60,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Shane McMahon:

Buy for $110,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock JBL:

Buy for $110,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Ravishing Rick Rude:

Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Rowdy Roddy Piper:

Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Sabu:

Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock ..

Preset Entrances

Legend 1: Sgt. Slaughter

Legend 2: Jim Neidhart

Superstar 1: Kurt Angle

Superstar 2: Chris jericho

Superstar 3: Booker T

Superstar 5: Val Venis

Superstar 6: New Edge

Superstar 7: Christian

Superstar 8: Joey Mercury

Superstar 9: Tazz

Superstar 10: RVD

Superstar 11: Sting

Superstar 12: Unknown

Superstar 13: Boogeyman

Superstar 14: Paul London

Superstar 15: Brian Kendrick

Unlock Alternate Costumes

At the 'Cheat Codes' option enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding alternate costume.

Unlock Triple H and Shawn Michaels DX Attire:

Enter the code DXCostume69K2

Unlock Kelly Kelly's Alternate Outfit:

Enter the code KellyKG12R

Unlock Arenas

To be able to wrestle in different arenas you must get the indicated amount of points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock No Way Out Arena:

Get 5 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Vengeance Arena:

Get 6 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock ECW One Night Stand Arena:

Get 7 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock December to Dismember Arena:

Get 8 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock New Year's Revolution Arena:

Get 9 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Summerslam Arena:

Get 10 points in hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Wrestlemania 23 Arena:

Get 12 points in Hall of Fame mode.

How to win GM Mode in 24/7 Mode

Ok, I know that you may wanna beat General Mode in 24/7 really easy! I know how to humiliate your competitors, or other General Managers! Here's how: When you first be General manager, you have to choose a brand! I think you should pick RAW! That brand is the BEST! Anyway, then, you can either click Draft New Roster, Use WWE Roster, Edit Avaliable Roster, or Import Stables. Click Edit Avaliable Roster! Like, say if you want to be a RAW manager, and you have to compete against Smackdown and ECW's Manager! You might hate it when that have either the most fans or stars in their shows! Now, when you are in Edit Avaliabe Roster, you can edit the wrestlers roster, which means either they can be on the brand or not! If you are being GM of RAW, you can turn off all of the wrestlers on Smackdown ..

Easy GM Mode win.

To pick up an easy victory, in just over a year (A month or two after WrestleMania) follow this section, thoroughly, and you shall pick up your GM of the Year Trophy, and your 350 GamerScore, without doubt.

Start of a fresh GM Mode, so we�re on the same page. Choose to be RAW, as you get to select you superstars last, and will know whether you have to restart, or not. Select New Draft, so you can select your own �Roster�.

Pick two, high profile superstars, taking Shawn Michaels, and Rey Mysterio for example, and give them each a one year contract. Only these two superstars will be needed this time around, so click on continue, and the other 2 brands will select their rosters. You also must make sure that one superstar is a clean, and one is a dirty superstar. This is to make su..

Easy Money

Just start a new game on 24/7 mode and sim all the way to wrestle mania it takes a while but gets you lots of money

Another easy way to earn cash.

I did this just to get the people I unlocked. All you really need to do is simulate about 3-4 year of 24/7 mode and you'll get around 700,000 or 1,000,000 dollars if you do more then 4 years. Then you should atleast have enough money to buy all the superstars you've unlocked. Then, after that, you can really go and play as 24/7 mode...


In the next version of SmackDown vs RAW, there will be 8 new superstar fighting styles, and each superstar will be allocated 2 of them, having moves, and such that only wrestlers of their type can perform. Each created superstars will be able to have a primary, and a secondary fighting style, but with restrictions, such as Cruiserweights will not be able to be a powerhouse.

The 8 styles will be:

Technician- Technicians will be able to reverse moves that other fighting styles can not.

Submission Artist- Will be more suited to submission moves, being able to hold them for longer.

Showman- High in charisma, and perform a lot of taunts, gaining fast momentum, and even lower that of their opponents.

Powerhouse- Will be able to power out o..

Announced Roster


Bobby Lashley,

Brian Kendrick


Charlie Haas


Jeff Hardy

John Cena

King Booker

Lance Cade

Mr. Kennedy

Paul London

Randy Orton


Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin


Super Crazy

Trevor Murdoch

Triple H




Chavo Guerrero

Chris Masters




Gregory Helms

Hardcore Holly

Jamie Noble

Jimmy Wang Yang


Kenny Dykstra

Mark Henry

Matt Hardy


Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair


Quick Cash in WWE 24/7 mode

This is easy WWE cash in WWE 24/7 Mode. Once you start your Character, weather it be a WWE superstar, or Created wrestler, go into the calander for your events. Play your first fight, then on Raw and ECW events, press X, and it will give you a menu. The menu will give you these choices.: Training Exercises, Skill Improvement, Events & Activities, Invade Today's Show. Go to Events & Activities. Find the option that says "Movie Event" and press X. Each time you do this, it will give you $2,000-$4,000, yet it will also cause 20% fatigue. Do this in a 24/7 mode you are not serious about beating, or becoming a legend in, and you will make good cash quick.

Now you will be able to unlock the availible items, in the WWE Shop. You can restart your 24/7 mode and still have your cash. So..

Money in the bank match hint

Get a ladder in your hands and run all the way up to the entrance doors were superstars come in and your enemy should run to. You hit him a few times and then quicklyrun back and get the case.

Easy finisher storage

There is 2 ways for this. You can use a weapon but be careful and check the rules or you can use some grappling moves on your opponent.

Hints on how to complete Hall of Famer mode (you don't need to d

Fatal 4 Way ECW Extreme rules match

First try to get a steel chair, run out of the ring and up the ramp (Not all the way up about 1/4th of the way) if anybody comes near you hit them with the chair. Once a few people are in there red/orange run in and knock everybody down. (I used finisher but it has a higher chance of getting reversed) Then once you have a red person down and the rest are outside the ring or knocked down pin

King of the Ring challange....Just make sure the matches have DQ turned off. Once again at the start of the match go grab a chair and hit them in the head 3-4 times depending on who it is might have to use another chair. Then go for the pin

MITB (I did not complete) From my other MITB matches I would just grab the ladder and go a little..

Cheev Tip.

When going for the 15 chairs and 10 tables destroyed achievement, you must destroy the chairs by striking them, and no grapples, otherwise it will not count, and you'll get annoyed, etc etc .

All legands

To get all of the legands complete all of the legand matches

Non - playable characters



Mike Chioda

Jack Doan


Nick Patrick

Charles Robinson


Scott Armstrong

Mike Posey



Jim Ross

Jerry "The King" Lawler


Joey Styles



Michael Cole


Other non-playable characters

Armando Alejandro Estrada

Jillian Hall

Jonathan Coachman

Justin Roberts

Lilian Garcia


Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

Theodore Long

Tony Chimel

Triple H in a suit

Vince McMahon

William Regal

100% legend

On 24/7 mode when you start you have 0 percent go onto your calander and go right to the bottom to wrestlemania and click on it and click simulate to this date click yes it will take a while if you do that you will get a lot of money and if you do that 3/4 times you should have 100% compleation of it and there will be a movie of you being inducted and the credits will come up when they finish if you still wish to play as who you were in 24/7 mode go on 24/7 mode and click on continue you will be at the start again but as a true legend

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