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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008

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Plenty of cheats for you to look at and try including unlocking championships, creating superstar move sets, and unlocking alternate outfits.

We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Wii : PSP : Xbox 360 : Nintendo DS

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Easy 5 Star Ratings in General Manager Mode
To get easy five star ratings in General Manager mode you must get at least 6 superstars popularity to 100. You can do this easily by going to a day that you do not have to manage your brand and click on events/activities and chose either between Other Brand Invasion or Movie Event to boost your superstars popularity. Once two of them are at 100, make them the main event, in a Parking Lot Brawl match for your shows main title( wwe championship, world heavyweight championship, ecw championship). Then for match 4 use another two for the second main title (Intercontinental, United States). Hope this helps you win General Manager of the year award

infinite money on gm 24/7 mode
When you start the game go to game modes and the click on 24/7 mode hit new mode and hit play as gm and when get started press r1, r2, r3, x, x + triagle,
Circle + r1 r3. And you will get infinite money in 24/7 gm mode.

Royal Rumble
While in the royal rumble there is a glitch to eliminate your self.The first thing you want to do is eliminate your opponent right a way.Then you go to the top left turnbuckle and wait on top of it.Now when you see the timer wait until it hits zero,right when it hits zero press square then your wrestler jumps off the turnbuckle and then your eliminated.

Unlock Arenas
If you want to wrestle in a different arena then unlock these by getting the corresponding amount of points in Hall of Fame mode.

No Way Out Arena:
Get 5 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Vengeance Arena:
Get 6 points in Hall of Fame mode.

ECW One Night Stand Arena:
Get 7 points in Hall of Fame mode.

December to Dismember Arena:
Get 8 points in Hall of Fame mode.

New Year's Revolution Arena:
Get 9 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Summerslam Arena:
Get 10 points in hall of Fame mode.

Wrestlemania 23 Arena:
Get 12 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Championships
To get the following Championships you have to earn money in 24/7 mode and when you have the needed amount select the laptop and go to the WWE Shop and buy the one you want

Unlock Hardcore Championship:
Buy for $20,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock WWF Attitude Era Championship:
Buy for $20,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Millon Dollar Championship:
Buy for $20,000 at the WWE Shop.

Eddie Guerrero (WWE Version)
Eddie Guererro

Head (23,11,1)
Forehead (44,48,94,-9)
Hair (8/73 85,0,-5)

Eyes (1/9 9,0,-3)
Eyebrows (37/38 86,0,-5)
Lips 1 (default)
Skin tone (12/12 87,1,-5,0)
Skin aging (58)

[Face morphing]

Eyebrows (-14,3,4,24)
Eyes (-2,-33,14,-79,-92,100,-19)
Nose (100,-2,0,6,-7,-6,-21,22)
Cheeks (37,15,55,100)
Mouth (-40,-39,16,7,48,-24,-48)
Jaw (4,14,14,1,48,26)
Ears (52,28,14,59)

Height 6'0
Definition 3/9
Body type -6

[Body morphing]

Neck (-26,31,42)
Chest (43,17,72)
Shoulders (-12,18,26)
Abdomen (17,40,44)
Waist (11,35)
Arms (-100,22,14)
Hands (default)
Feet (-39,0,24)

Underwear 29/31 (Gr..

Mak it too easy!
Make your oponnent just stand there looking at you by going into the A.I. Settings in the gameplay menu.When you do that,turn EVERYTHING off,and they won't hit you at all!!

big boobs diva
To make boobs on a create a diva big, go to body morphing. Then go to bust and put everything 100.then go to body type and put it at -50. If done right, diva will have perfect size boobs

Max out tag team
Play about five tag team matchs then enter team atrbutes and add the bar you want then press continue and get back in to the same thing (team atributes) and you should have the same amont of points as last time

This year's Inductee Achievement Help
Click 24/7 Mode
Play as WWE General Manager
Pick Raw (Cause they get first pick) Well sometimes.
Draft new rosters
Pick Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio.
No on this part you may find that another show will take one of these. I did it with these guys so I just back out untill I have signed up both wrestlers (I done year contract) seriously money will not be an issue here!
Once you have both stars hit continue
(Are you sure you want to leave the draft?) pick YES
Clean/Dirty Turn - Shawn Michales change to Dirty
Set Champions - one as wwe Champion, and one as intercontinental
Accept! Yes proceed!
So first part is done. Now this part is simple. Yet there have been some miss comunications so follow closely,

Skip the cinem..

Easy Win
FInding it hard to lay the smackdown on some people.Getting annoyed at them kicking out.Well meet you're new best friend his name is the belt now all you have to do is make sure you have DQ off or the ref down.if DQ is on and you are powerhouse strong irish whip the ref out of the ring.If you're dirty push him grab the belt and hit the guy as many times as you can then use you're taunt,run and repeat always repeat then wait for him to get up and smack him over the head with the do this stay in the furtherest corner then run and press square to hit him in the head,use your finisher and pin.

GM Mode
To pick up an easy victory, in just over a year (A month or two after WrestleMania) follow this section, thoroughly, and you shall pick up your GM of the Year Trophy, and your 350 GamerScore, without doubt.
Start of a fresh GM Mode, so we’re on the same page. Choose to be RAW, as you get to select you superstars last, and will know whether you have to restart, or not. Select New Draft, so you can select your own ‘Roster’.
Pick two, high profile superstars, taking Shawn Michaels, and Rey Mysterio for example, and give them each a one year contract. Only these two superstars will be needed this time around, so click on continue, and the other 2 brands will select their rosters. You also must make sure that one superstar is a clean, and one is a dirty superstar. This is to make su..

24/7 GM mode easy win
When you start a new season as a GM and you have picked your brand (I chose RAW) before selecting to do a draft go to "Edit available superstars" (I think that's what it is) and turn off as much people from the other brands as you can. Now click on "Use current rosters" (I think that's what it says) and then you have loads of superstars and the other 2 brands have only 3 or 4 superstars. When you are doing this make sure that the people that you switch off are from the brands that you did not choose

Most of the Ladder Controls (PS2)
Here are most of the ladder controls

Smash people in ladder;
Drag (R3) the people to the ladder then there will be window what to do,go up and down with the ight Anolog Stick

Throw People off ladder;
After your opponent is groggy (barely hanging on/tired) push the Right Anolog Stick Left,Right,or down to throw him off!

Run up ladder and clothesline them;
Put a ladder on the other ladder (press X when beside steps on a standing ladder) Run up (L1 and Left Anolog Stick toward diagnol ladder) ladder and do NOT press anything

Run Up Ladder and spear opponent off;
Put a ladder on the other ladder (press X when beside steps on a standing ladder) Run up (L1 and Left Anolog Stick toward diagnol ladder) ladder and turn the Right Anol..

more superstar cheats
Eddy Guerrero wCw His name is Spelled Eddy because in wCw thats how it was spelled.

Head 23,11,1
Forehead 44,48,94,-9
Hair 33/73 89,1,-50,32

Eyes 1/9 9,0,-3
Eyebrows 37/38 86,0,-5
Lips 1 default
Skin tone 12/12 87,1,-5,0
Skin aging 58

Face morhping

Eyebrows -14,3,4,24
Eyes -2,-33,14,-79,-92,100,-19
Nose 100,-2,0,6,-7,-6,-21,22
Cheeks 37,15,55,100
Mouth -40,-39,16,7,48,-24,-48
Jaw 4,14,14,1,48,26
Ears 52,28,14,59

Height 6'0
Definition 3/9 Eddy was ripped back then
Body type -6
Body morphing
Neck -26,31,42
Chest 43,17,72
Shoulders -12,18,26
Abdomen 17,40,44
Waist 11,35
Arms -100,22,14
Hands 0,0,0
Legs 0,5,22
Feet -39,..

Preset Entrances
Legend 1: Sgt. Slaughter

Legend 2: Jim Neidhart

Superstar 1: Kurt Angle

Superstar 2: Chris jericho

Superstar 3: Booker T

Superstar 5: Val Venis

Superstar 6: New Edge

Superstar 7: Christian

Superstar 8: Joey Mercury

Superstar 9: Tazz

Superstar 10: RVD

Superstar 11: Sting

Superstar 12: Unknown

Superstar 13: Boogeyman

Superstar 14: Paul London

Superstar 15: Brian Kendrick

Here is a easy way to get the wwe championship o..
Here is a easy way to get the wwe championship or the world heavyweight championship.

1 go 24/7 and pick created superstar or superstar.
2 once you pick go to the calender and simulate till the royal rumble.
3 Win the royal rumble then simulate to wrestlemania.
4 win the elmination chamber match and you got it.
After that and if you lose the championship sim to new years revoultion and win the ladder match

create a superstar
Hulk Hogan (nWo Attire)

[Face Parts]


Hair:49/73 Largest Style x:76 y:-20 sh:25 Hair sc:-72
Eyes:2/9 1st style x:-27 y:-22 sh:-7
Eyebrows:6/38 x:86 y:-100
Lips:14/16 x:100 y:0 sh:-12
Skin Tones:2/12 x:89 y:13 sh-20 specular:100
Eyelashes:1/15 black
Teeth:4/14 white

[Head Morphing]


[Face Morphing]

Skin Aging:48


Body Type:-100

[Advanced Options]


New inclusions
The new features in the game are the even dirtier tactics that dirty superstars have e.g. Randyrton can hide behind the referee andthrow him into the opponent or he can perform ca-chair-dos on his opponent. Powerhouse superstars can kick out of pins powerfully throwing some people across the ring.

To regain your stamina in a match, hold select. Simple as that.

Hope this helps.

If your hardcore get the ladder press R3 and mov..
If your hardcore get the ladder press R3 and move the right analog stick to do the whirlybird.

Create a superstar move sets
1 highflyer + tec paul london
2 ? Highflyer + showman
3sub + tec ?
5 eugene show + braw
6 val venis show + power
7RVD braw+ tec
8 bigshow power + show
9 test power + hardcore
10 hardcore holly hardcore + braw
11 ?
12 kurt angle tec+ sub
14rhyno power + hardcore
15buba ray dudley hardcore + power
16 dvon hardcore + brawler
17 mr ass braw +showman
18 big papa pump power+ tec
19 sub + braw ?
20 highflyer + tec ?
21 xpac highflyer + tec
22braw + showman tarjri
23Brock power+ tec
24 Goldberg power + brawler
25 sting power + showman
26 ?
27 super fly braw + showman
28 andrew the giant power + brawler
29 ulitmate warroir power + braw

If ..

Unlockable Alternate Outfits
At the 'Main' menu go to 'Options' and select 'Cheat Codes' and enter the code for the outfit you want to unlock.

Unlock Kelly Kelly's Alternate Outfit:
Enter the code KellyKG12R

Unlock Triple H and Shawn Michaels DX Attire:
Enter the code DXCostume69K2

How to win general manager mode
An easy way to win general manager mode is get superstars you like (not based on popularity say you like Snitsky but he has low popularity pick him anyway) you then turn fatigue off then (this does not work with females) do the trophy date option when you are free and not doing shows keep doing this to every superstar is 100 popularity and then even though you might be losing at the start you will win and say you want Undertaker and Triple H who you unfortinantly didn't get use the likes of william regal who is a hundred and do a two for one deal then make them 100 by the way even a plain old single match for no title will be 4 star and easy to get five star matches and ppv

Quick Cash in WWE 24/7 mode
This is easy WWE cash in WWE 24/7 Mode. Once you start your Character, weather it be a WWE superstar, or Created wrestler, go into the calander for your events. Play your first fight, then on Raw and ECW events, press X, and it will give you a menu. The menu will give you these choices.: Training Exercises, Skill Improvement, Events & Activities, Invade Today's Show. Go to Events & Activities. Find the option that says "Movie Event" and press X. Each time you do this, it will give you $2,000-$4,000, yet it will also cause 20% fatigue. Do this in a 24/7 mode you are not serious about beating, or becoming a legend in, and you will make good cash quick.

Now you will be able to unlock the availible items, in the WWE Shop. You can restart your 24/7 mode and still have your cash. So..

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