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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 PSP Cheats and Tips

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Our cheats include becoming a 100% legend on 24/7 mode, unlocking arenas, unlocking wrestlers and getting money quickly.

More WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 PSP Cheats and Tips

We have 23 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Wii : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 2 : Nintendo DS

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Unlock Wrestlers

When you earn the indicated amount of money in 24/7 mode you can then select the laptop and go to the WWE Shop and buy the wrestler (some of the wrestlers also need a task to be completed during gameplay).

Unlock Shawn Michaels D-X Attire:

Buy for $60,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Triple H D-X Attire:

Buy for $60,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Shane McMahon:

Buy for $110,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock JBL:

Buy for $110,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Ravishing Rick Rude:

Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Rowdy Roddy Piper:

Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Sabu:

Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Vince McMahon:

Defend a championship in 24/7 mode and then..

This is a real cheat for quick money

When you are on 24/7 mode as a wwe superstar not gm moade

Skip all the way to wrestlemania or a very long way away and then you will have lots of money

You get even more money if you are 100% legend

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Unlock Arenas

The following arenas become available when you have the indicated amount of points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock No Way Out Arena:

Get 5 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Vengeance Arena:

Get 6 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock ECW One Night Stand Arena:

Get 7 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock December to Dismember Arena:

Get 8 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock New Year's Revolution Arena:

Get 9 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Great American Bash Arena:

Get 10 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Summerslam Arena:

Get 11 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock Wrestlemania 23 Arena:

Get 12 points in Hall of Fame mode.

Easy Wins! (24/7 Mode)

If you're tired of doing all these matches on 24/7 mode then just get your opponent disqualified! I don't know if you noticed but every time you play a match you have to select a person, yourself or your opponent. Just select your opponent as you, and get disqualified.

P.S. Oh yeah...Check the Match Rules before you play as your opponent because if DQ is off...then you won't get disqualified. Please rate this hint!?

Parking Lot Brawl - Easy Win

Throw your opponent onto the hurse(long car that holds caskets) left of the parking lot. He will be leaning against it. If you have your finisher you can put him in the casket and drive off.I won my Parking Lot Brawl in about 2 minutes. You can also do this for the Garbage Truck.

Please Rate.

Become 100% legend on 24/7 mode

skip all the days until march on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year and your legend progress will become 100%

Super Chokeslam

1st- Irish Whip (R + X) your opponent into a corner (turnbuckle). 2nd- Make sure that your opponent's BACK in on the turnbuckle. 3rd- Press O + UP to execute the Super Chokeslam!

Win a Money in the Bank Match easy!

When holding a ladder hold the analog stick in any direction and you will put the ladder on your head. Spin the analog stick in a circular motion to spin it. If you spin it in a populated area you will hit everyone.

Mr. Kennedy's Mike Check!

Go to "Create a Move-Set" and change Mr.Kennedy's Swantan Bomb to "Complete Shot".


Mike Check is a move Mr. Kennedy started using this year(2008). I guess he got tired of "Kenton Bomb".

Best Finishers

Swanton Bomb,FU,STFU,Pedigree,619,TKO,Fire-Thunder,Emerald Fusion, Fame Asser, Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam 3, Iron Claw, Cyclone, Cyclone 2,Sweet Chin Music, The Last Ride, Batista Bomb, Spinebuster 3,Samoan Spike, Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, Extreme Twist of Fate, Brain Chop, Spear 5,Celtic Cross, Player's Boot, Texas Piledriver, Piledriver 2, Stunner 1,Final Cut, Super RKO, Shooting Star Press 1,Shining Wizard Combination ,Lashley Spear, Judgment Slam, GTS(Go 2 Sleep), Dominator, Diving Fame Asser, Complete Shot and the Ankle Lock.

Get money

Go to 24/7 mode and skip all the way to a ppv match and youll have more money

GM Mode

In general manager mode, set your matches to title matches and special matches every week. You'll be the top general manager.


Super Swanton Bomb

O.K First things first for all you Jeff Hardy fans out there...Are you ready for the ultimate High Flying Move?! Well anyways here it is. There are plenty of ways to do the Super Swanton Bomb. I will list them.

1. Elimination Chamber - Gain full momentum. Get on top of 1/4 pillars while an opponent is downed. Then execute the "Super Swanton Bomb".

2. Ladder/TLC/ECW - Grab a ladder, and press O + any directional arrow key while near an opponent. You will flip your opponent onto the ladder. You should automatically gain full momentum. Then get on the top of the TB (Turnbuckle).

Then execute the "Super Swanton Bomb".

Parking Lot Brawl - Gain full momentum. Get on top of the Fire Truck or the Hurse to execute the "Super Swanton Bomb".


Super Diving Fame Asser - (name of move not a cuss word!)

O.K. First set one of John Cena's diving moves to Fame Asser. Go to Exhibition and choose any kind of match, but make sure that you can go backstage. (Where the tables, fire extinguisher and hoes are) Beat your opponent to a pulp and make sure that he is bleeding. So that it will take a long time for him to get up.

Climb the tower and time the jump perfectly. (Your opponent has to be standing for this move to work). Jump when you see your opponent get up. Make sure that he not near the microwave, because if he is you will just hit the stereo monitor and crash and burn. This move for beginners looks like Undertaker's Leg Drop.

WARNING: This move is risky. I did it for the first time and my back went from no damage to Orange. I recommend taking Legend difficulty off ..

First Blood = Fast Blood

If your ever doing a First Blood match in 24/7 Mode on Legend difficulty then just use a championship. (If it's a title match.)

Set a ladder in the TB. When near the ladder, do..

Set a ladder in the TB. When near the ladder, do it again and the ladder will be set in the middle.

Freeze Opponent in ladder match

In order to do this, you need a hardcore superstar and must playing in a one-on-one ladder match, grab a ladder and knock down your opponent using the ladder. Place the ladder in the turnbuckle (It can't be any turnbuckle it must be placed in the turnbuckle on left side of where your opponent was standing facing you at the beginning of the match), it should be leaning against the turnbuckle, press the X button to place it sideways between the top rope and the middle rope. Irish whip your opponent into the ladder. Quickly press the pick-up/drop weapon button to pull the ladder out from between the top rope and the middle rope, your opponent should still be breathing but not to worry, press the strike button to stop him from breathing, he is not dead, he is frozen. Set the ladder in the mi..

Easy winning streak

First go to 24/7 mode then every time you go on a single match you check the match rules then look at DQ to see if it's on the choose the opponent then when the match starts get a weapon then hit the reff and he will get DQ

Set table on fire

Get your special.Then have a table set up.Then press triangle and your rockin and rollin.

Up! up! and away!

Have you ever wondered how to get a full bar of special easily? Well heres how, the first way is to go to the options menu and select custom a.i settings. Then you put weapon atack special raise to fastest and hit someone with a weapon and you almost evry time get a full special. The second way is to just jump off the top rope and sucseed. I hope this helped,


Undertaker's Last Ride!

Buy all 4 Move Sets in WWE Shop. Last Ride and other great moves are now available!

Super Missle Dropkick

First go to Exhibition. Then pick the ladder match, and choose Jeff Hardy (1P)

Versus Umaga (COM). Beat up Umaga until his back and head are red, and make sure that he is bleeding. Let him climb up the ladder and get a hold onto the championship. Then get on the Turnbuckle and press Square. Umaga will be resting on the top of the ladder because you did a dropkick, and hit him in the leg. Repeatedly do this until it looks like he's about to come down. Then do another dropkick when he is climbing DOWN the ladder, and you will do a Super Dropkick in midair causing massive damage, but timing is critical.

Get In Crowd and get as many tables as you want

Note: This Works For Most Systoms

In a eXtream rulz match:

1.Set up a table near the top barricade

2.Attack it so it's touching the barricade

3.Get Finisher

4.Walk too the side of the table

5.Set it on fire(Triangle)

6.Your in the crowd

You can get unlimeted tables if you break the table in the crowd zone,

Walk over too the tables at the bottom side and pick them up and

Go to the ring.Dont go too far or the game will freeze.

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