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BioShock 2 Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for BioShock 2

BioShock 2 Guide
BioShock 2 Guide
Our guide to BioShock 2 contains a detailed walkthrough of the games nine levels, with every Audio Diary (all 129 of them) and weapon upgrade statio..

We have 12 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for BioShock 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PC : PlayStation 4

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Show Latest Guide to BioShock 2

Our guide to BioShock 2 contains a detailed walkthrough of the game's nine levels, with every Audio Diary (all 128 of them) and weapon upgrade station pointed out along the way.
There are 30 videos included in this guide as well as tons of screenshots to help you through this game.
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Alternate Endings

Meet the indicated requirements to get the corresponding ending. There are 6 alternate endings in total.

Standard Endings
* Rescue at least 1 Little Sister and harvest at least 1 Little Sister. Choose to die at the end and spare Grace Holloway, Stanley Poole, and Gilbert Alexander.
* Rescue at least 1 Little Sister and harvest at least 1 Little Sister. Choose to die at the end and kill Grace Holloway, Stanley Poole, or Gilbert Alexander.

Bad Endings
* Rescue at least 1 Little Sister and harvest at least 1 Little Sister. Choose to live at the end and kill Stanley Poole, Grace Holloway, or Gilbert Alexander. Alternately, harvest ALL Little Sisters that you dealt with and kill Stanley Poole, Grace Holloway, or Gilbert Alexander. ..

Multiplayer Unlockables

Reach the following ranks in Multiplayer mode to receive the correspondng bonus or item.

Rank 1
Weapon: Pistol/Shotgun
Plasmid: Electro Bol/Winter Blast/Incinerate
Mask: Rabbit/Goat/Pink Feather
Melee: Wrench/Candle Stick/Pipe

Rank 2
Weapon: Machine Gun

Rank 3
Tonic: Expert Researcher/Security Evasion

Rank 4
Plasmid: Air Dash

Rank 5
Upgrade: Pistol Automatic Firing

Rank 6
Weapon: Grenade Launcher

Rank 7
Tonic: Speedy Recovery/Eve Saver

Rank 8
Plasmid: Geyser Trap

Rank 9
Upgrade: Shotgun Rate of Fire

Easy Health

If you melee a health station a health kit will come out.

Defeating Rumblers

An easy way of beating the Rumblers (Big Daddy with rockets) is to use Telekinesis to grab the rockets it fires and then throw them back at it.

'Power To The People' Weapon Upgrade Station Locations

Search the following 14 locations to find the corresponding 'Power to the People' weapon upgrade station.
1. Outer Persephone:
On your left.
2. Inner Persephone:
When you have gained access to Sinclair, look back in the room.
3. Inner Persephone:
Just after Ward B in the room with the rocket turret.
4. Dionysus Park:
Behind the door, the combination is 1080.
5. Dionysus Park:
On the path to the train.
6. Ryan Amusements:
Going to get the ticket.
7. Ryan Amusements:
After the family display, through the door.
8. Pauper's Drop:
From Journal 039, go out the door, down the stairs.
9. Pauper's Drop:
In the back of skid row, in the limbo room. I..

Door Codes

The following doors can be opened by entering the corresponding code.
Adonis Luxury Resort:
Door near rubble with code written backwards on glass - 1540
Dionysus Park:
Power of the People Machine door - 080
Fontaine Futuristics:
Plasmid Theater - 5254
Pauper's Drop:
The Clinic - 0047
Siren Alley:
Maintenance Area - 1919
Inner Persephone:
Watch Tower - 2673
Recreational Therapy - 4146

Spare change

When you start the game you need supplies. This submission will guide you to some money. In the first building that you are look for a bathroom. Go to the womens or dames bathroom. In the room there will be a locked stall you have to pay some money to open it but once the stall is open the will be some money.

Hidden Supplies

Once you get to the fishbowl go to diner. You have to enter through the back. In the storage room there will be two refrigerators. To the left of the refrigerators there will be two crates blocking the supplies. Trust me you will need all the help you can get once you take the shotgun.

Easy battles

So as you progrees farther in the game you will find yourself not only fighting more enmies but also stronger ones. The easiest way to fight, without fleeing like a coward, is to get the Hypnosis Plasmid and fully upgrade it. This is the most useful plasmid in my opinion, just find the strongest enemy and charge it up. Once released that enemy will fight for you. And at higher levels you can make Big Daddies fight with you too.


Pretty easy to get different endings, there are six in all.
To get the Good Endings you just have to SAVE all the Little Sisters you deal with. Then from there you can choose to either kill or save Grace, Gil, and Stanly.
Nuetral Endings you have to equally HARVEST and SAVE the little sisters you deal with. And same as before choose if you want to kill Grace, Gil, and Stanly or not.
Bad Endings, HARVEST all Little Sisters you deal with. As above choose if Stanly, Gil, or Grace lives or dies.

Secret Trophy

When you are in Ryan amusements look for a robot figure siting on a desk that resembles Andrew Ryan. Once you find the robot activate it. It will start talking. There should be some golf sticks there. Use the plasmid telekinesis to hit the robot in the head. The secret trophy is called nine irony. If you have played the first bioshock you should know why.

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