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Battlefield 4 Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Battlefield 4


We have 6 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Battlefield 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 4 : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Battlefield 4 Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Dog Tags Locations

The following videos will help you find the Dog Tags that are scattered throughout the game.

Dog Tag 1 (0:05) - Nice Play
Dog Tag 2 (0:24) - One Way Trip
Dog Tag 3 (0:46) - Sergeant Dunn

Dog Tag 1 (1:06) - One Man Riot
Dog Tag 2 (1:32) - Going Up
Dog Tag 3 (2:06) - Business Casual

South China Sea
Dog Tag 1 (2:33) - Carcharodon
Dog Tag 2 (2:59) - Lord Of The Waves
Dog Tag 3 (3:21) - Agent Kovic

Dog Tag 1 (3:43) - Horizontal Rain
Dog Tag 2 (4:02) - Armored Column
Dog Tag 3 (4:24) - The Grounded Dog

Kunlun Mountains
Dog Tag 1 (4:56) - Cage Fighter
Dog Tag 2 (5:20) - Freedom At Any Cost
Dog Tag 3 (5:46) - Shaw-Shanked Redemption

Dog Tag 1 (6:07) - The Destruction Enthusiast
Dog Tag 2 (6:36) - Upstream Swimmer

Dog Tag 1 (7:00) - The Rebel
Dog Tag 2 (7:28) - Fleet Guardian

Levolution Events and Map Triggers

In total there are 10 Levolution events in the game (one on each map). These are sequences that trigger destruction on a massive scale somewhere in the map, completely changing the battlefield and creating new gameplay opportunities. Each of the Levolution events are triggered differently.
The overpass collapses when you maximize the pressure in the gas pipes that are nearby using their respective valves which are found underneath the street. Bringing down the overpass causes debris to obstruct access from one end of the central avenue to the other and also provides cover for infantry encounters.
Flood Zone
Destroy the levee to cause a huge amount of water to flood the area. Use explosives and focus on the cracks in the structure to destroy the levee to enable the use of amphibious vehicles.
Golmud Railway
This Levolution is strategically triggered and doesn't feature anything destructive. There are explosives scattered around the battlefield that are triggered using their detonators which are found when you follow the wires attached to the explosives. When detonated the explosions will cause the landscape to change.
Hainan Resort
Bring down the left and right sides of the Hainan Resort with explosives to prevent access to parts of the hotel and block pathways with rubble. Use explosives to ignite the oil spills that are around the resort to cause the closure of routes and create smoke to reduce visibility.
Lancang Dam
Keep throwing explosives at the large crack close to the structures center to drestroy the dam and trigger the Levolution. The destruction of the dam will cause a power outage throughout the map.
Operation Locker
The Levolution in this map is triggered when a large guard tower is brought down using explosives. This map also has plenty of remotely controlled gates that can be strategically used to bar enemy movement and trap them.
Paracel Storm
The Levolution in this map is triggered when lightning strikes a wind turbine causing a huge battleship to crash onto the shore. During the battle in the storm you can board the battleship and use it's anti-aircraft turrets.
Rogue Transmission
The Levolution in this map is triggered when you use explosives to take out the ten support cables holding the large radio telescope into place.
Siege Of Shanghai
Take out the broadcast tower by destroying the pillars on the ground floor holding it in place. When all four pillars have been destroyed the sky-scraper will come crashing down and engulf the entire map in smoke which will reduce visibility.
Zavod 311
This Levolution is triggered when you arm a warhead using a laptop that is located inside the central building of the tank factory. Once armed the a timer will begin giving you three minutes to get as far away as possible. The area the structure collapses will become iradiated and will cause damage to players who enter this region.

ALL Weapons, Gadgets, Attachments, Equipment + Customisation

The following video will show you ALL the items you can get in Obliteration mode. These include:
Magnum Attachments
Shorty Attachments
Assault Weapons + Optics + Gadgets
Weapon Paint
Soldier Camo
Recon Weapons + Optics + Gadgets + Attachments
Support Weapons + Gadgets
Engineer Weapons + Gadgets
Secondary Weapons
All Field Upgrades
Attack Boat weapons + Optics + Upgrades
Helicopter weapons + Optics + Upgrades

Multiplayer Weapons

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Multiplayer weapons will become available.
M412 Rex:
Complete the mission 'Baku'.
Complete the mission 'Kunlun Mountains'.
Complete the mission 'Tashgar'.
Complete ALL 3 endings for the campaign.
Complete ALL 3 endings for the campaign.
Complete ALL 3 endings for the campaign.

Weapon Locations

The following videos will show you the location of ALL 16 weapons.

Weapon #1 (0.11) – M39 EMR
Weapon #2 (0.47) – MG4
Weapon #3 (1.09) – CBJ-MS


Weapon #4 (0.34) – QBS-09
Weapon #5 (0.51) – RFB

South China Sea

Weapon #6 (0.10) – P90
Weapon #7 (0.49) – U100-MK5
Weapon #8 (1.26) – SPAS-12


Weapon #9 (0.14) – SCAR-H SV
Weapon #10 (0.36) – M240B
Weapon #11 (1.26) – M16A4

Kunlun Mountains

Weapon #12 (0.34) – 338-Recon


Field Upgrades

The Field Upgrade bonuses are earned when your progress reaches a certain point. This can be monitored using the Progress Bar which indicates the level you are currently at and how much you need to progress in order to get the next Field Upgrade bonus. Repairing allied vehicles, resupplying and healing team-mates are just some of the actions during gameplay which will help you move further along the Progress Bar. If you die or your squad is decimated however your progress will be set back on the Progress Bar. There are five Field Upgrade Paths in every kit, two of which are exclusive to that kit while the other three are generic. To unlock new paths you must reach a certain score with the kit you are using. There are four upgrades in each Field Upgrade Path which can be unlocked during the course of a match.
Unlock Requirement:
* Armor
Reduces incoming Damage to the Chest by 10%.
* Cover
Decreases amount of Incoming Suppression by 50%.
* Flak
Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.
* Quick Regen
Decreases time before Out of Combat Heal by 20%.

Unlock Requirement:
* Quick Unspot
Reduces time you are Spotted by 2 seconds.
* Sprint
Increases maximum Sprint Speed by 10%.
* Reduced Fall
Increases height you can Fall without Damage.
* Stealth
Undetected by Motion Sensors except when Sprinting.

Unlock Requirement:
* Assault
28,000 Assault Kit score.
* Engineer
33,000 Engineer Kit score.
* Support
27,000 Support Kit score.
* Recon
22,000 Recon Kit score.

* Sprint
Increases maximum Sprint Speed by 10%.
* Ammo
Increases maximum inventory of Bullets by 50%.
* Grenades
Increases maximum inventory of Hand Grenades by 1.
* Reduced Fall
Increases height you can Fall without Damage.

Combat Medic
Unlock Requirement:
63,000 Assault Kit score.
* Medkit Upgrade
Increases maximum deployed Medic Bags and Packs by 1.
* Sprint
Increases maximum Sprint Speed by 10%.
* Defib Upgrade
Increases charge up speed of the Defibrillators by 100%.
* Medical Unit
Occupied vehicles will slowly Heal nearby Soldiers.

Unlock Requirement:
141,000 Assault Kit score.
* Grenades
Increases maximum inventory of Hand Grenades by 1.
* Sprint
Increases maximum Sprint Speed by 10%.
* 40mm Grenades
Increases maximum inventory of 40mm Grenades by 3.
* Flak
Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.

Engineer Kit
Unlock Requirement:
64,000 Engineer Kit score.
* Fast Repair
Increases speed and sabotage of Repairs by 35%.
* Flak
Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.
* Cover
Decreases amount of Incoming Suppression by 50%.
* Repair Unit
Occupied vehicles will slowly Repair nearby Vehicles.

Unlock Requirement:
108,000 Engineer Kit score.
* Mines
Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6.
* Rockets
Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7.
* More Deployed Explosives
Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6.
* Flak
Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.


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