Top 10 Bugs in Battlefield 4

Considering how massively the release of Battlefield 4 was anticipated, and admitting that we are fans of the series as well, there really is nothing funny about the massive infestation of bugs with which the game is riddled.

Whenever someone says 'Laughter is the best medicine' our gut reaction is to scream 'NO! Medicine is the best medicine!' but in this case they may actually have a point...

So here, with tongue firmly pressed into cheek, are the Top 10 Bugs in Battlefield 4 (at the time of writing)!

10. One-hit kill bug where players sometimes take damage twice from the same bullet.

Are they sure that one is a bug? Of course it is! But still, when you stop to consider how popular (and how insidious) the tactic of finding a hide and sniping from a distance is in the game, you have to admit that this is chuckle-worthy as long as you know, you're not the one being shot...

One Hit Kill Bug Video

09. Players sometimes get stuck in kill cam after revive.

Sure this can be annoying, but at least when the other players on your team tell you that your 15 minutes are up, you can throw your hands up and say it is not your fault!

08. Players sometimes become spectators while still alive in Defuse Mode.

We admit this one was annoying at first but then we realized that as long as we were stuck in this mode and everybody else was still getting killed, when the match ends who gots the best K/D ratio? We does!

07. Game Mode ribbons are counted twice.

OK we hear that the fix for this one is the introduction of a new set of ribbons that are awarded for obtaining extra ribbons...

06. Damage received is sometimes delayed by a few frames.

We honestly thought this wasn't a bug, but you know, more like when you stub your toe and it takes a little while before the urge to moan 'Boy I wish I hadn't done that!' kicks in?

05. Hit markers and cross-hairs sometimes disappear.

Note to self: Send flowers and written apology to ophthalmologist re: nasty email about new glasses being faulty.

04. Rubber banding issues for some players with solid Internet connections.

We put this one down to Karma... You know, for all the bragging you did about your wicked fast 'net connect and how the rest of us are lag-beasts? Yeah, you know who you are...

03. Squad spawn sometimes positions you under the terrain.

Wait, so this was not a special bonus one-vs-one round pitting us against the guy from the other team who.... Ah!

02. Join queue disabled on consoles.

This isn't the bad-player lobby fix then?

01. Some instances of no hit effects and no damage to opponent in your sights.

See Mike! Nobody takes a full clip from an M4 and walks away! It was a bug - and no, you are not The One! Sheesh!

Have we missed any, or have some now been fixed by the time you have read this post! Let us know with a comment below.

Posted: 16th Jan 2014 by CMBF
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