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The Simpsons: Hit & Run Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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A large collection of cheats for you to look through and includes unlocking the bonus car, invincibility on all cars, destroy cars when hit and fast cars.

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We have 72 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for The Simpsons: Hit & Run please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PC

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Cheat Codes and Unlocks

Cheat Codes
For all of these codes, you need to hold L1 and R1 and enter them at the options menu in living room:
Fastest Cars:
So for the fastest cars (above) cheat to work, you need to go to the options menu, hold down L1 and R1 and then press the triangle button four times! Use a similar method for the rest of the cheat codes.
Triangle,Triangle,Square,Square - Blow up vehicles in one hit
Square,Square,Square,Square - Faster Cars
Circle,Circle,Circle,X - More camera angles
Triangle,X,Triangle,X - Infinate car health
Square,Square,Square,Triangle - Press horn to do a giant leap in your car

Blow up vehicles

At the options screen hold L1+R1 and enter:
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square - Blow up vehicles

Unlock Hidden Bonus Game

When you have successfully collected ALL the playing cards in Story mode the hidden Bonus game will become unlocked.

Infinite car health

At the options screen hold L1+R1 and enter:
Triangle, X, Triangle, X - For Infinite car health

Character Costumes

Purchase the following costumes at their corresponding levels and locations.
Homer Casual - Level 1:
100 Coins (Purchase at the Kwik-E-Mart or the School)
Homer Chosen One - Level 1:
150 Coins (Purchase at the Kwik-E-Mart or the School)
Homer MuuMuu - Level 1:
200 Coins (Purchase at the Kwik-E-Mart or the School)
Bart Tall - Level 2:
150 Coins (Purchase at Moe's Tavern or the DMV)
Bart Fotball - Level 2:
200 Coins (Purchase at Moe's Tavern or the DMV)
Bart Ninja - Level 2:
250 Coins (Purchase at Moe's Tavern or the DMV)

Lisa Cool - Level 3:
250 Coins (Purchase at Android's Dungeon or the Observatory)
Lisa Floreda - Level 3:
250 Coins (Purchase at Android's ..

Unlock All Cars

At the main menu, go to the options screen.
Hold down L1+R1, then press X, CIRCLE, X, CIRCLE to activate the cheat. A horn will confirm entry

Fast Cars

At the options screen hold L1+R1 and enter:
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle - For Fast cars



drunk driving

This cheat is awsome
in the main menu screen go to the options and hold R1 and L1
Use the Fastest Cars cheat (Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,Triangle) and the Infinite car health cheat (Triangle,X,Triangle,X) this will make your car fast and invincible
Now still in the options screen hold R1 and L1 put in the blurry screen cheat (triangle circle triangle circle)

Now get in your car and drive drunk!!!!! =)


You will need jump cheat to do this. Anyway, in level 6 jump through either of the waterfalls near the sign that says "SPRINGFEILD" (it's in big white letters). So jump through it and you are in "glitch zooone" (aka the sky) and it is fun! So have a BLAST!

Various cheats

Select Options from the Main Menu, press and hold L1+R1, then enter the following:
Invincible Car-triangle, X,triangle, X
Red Brick Car-O,O,triangle,square
Fast Cars-square,square,square,square
Faster cars-triangle,triangle,triangle,triangle
One-hit Wreck-triangle,trianlge,
Use Horn(L2) To jump in Car-square,square,square,triangle
Show Speed-triangle,triangle,square,square
change camera-O,O,O,X
Grid View-O,X,O triangle
Credits Dialog-X,square,square,triangle

Various Cheats

Must be at options screen holding L1 and R1
High acceleration:triangle triangle triangle triangle
car jump when you beep horn: square square square triangle
one tap traffic death: triangle triangle square square
unlock bonus cameras: OOOX
speedometer: triangle triengle O []
red brick car: OO Triangle []

For all of the cheat codes, go to the options me..

For all of the cheat codes, go to the options menu hold down L1 and R1 and whilst holding them down, enter the code.
No top speed>>>Square (x4)
Faster cars>>>Triangle (x4)
Speedometer>>>Triangle (x2), Circle, Square
Invincible car>>>Triangle, X, Triangle, X
Tripping mode>>>Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
Red brick car>>>Circle (x2), Triangle, Square
Grid mode>>>Circle, X, Circle, Triangle
Press horn to make car jump>>> Square(x3), Triangle
Blow up veichles on impact>>>Triangle (x2), Square (x2)
Skip mission>>>
To skip a mission, fail it about four times. At the mission restart screen it should say skip. Select this to skip the mission.


For a speedometre - triangle, triangle, O, square
For faster cars - triangle x4
For fastest cars - square x4
To press horn to make car jump - square x3, triangle
For infinit car health - triangle, X, triangle, X
For all reward cars - X, O, X, O
For the red brick car - O, O, triangle, square
For tripping mode - triangle, O, triangle, O
For grid mode O, X, O, triangle
For credits - X, square, square, triangle

Simpsons cheats

Blow up cars in one hit:
Hold L1 and R1 at the options menu and press Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square
Invincible Car:
Hold L1 and R1 at the options menu and press Triangle, X, Triangle, X
Show Speedometer:
Hold L1 and R1 at the options menu and press Triangle (2), Circle, Square


At the option meny hold R1+L1 and press x,square,square,triangel.

When you start the game and your in the living r..

When you start the game and your in the living room go to the options screen(the sofa).
Then hold down L1+R1
Faster Cars=Triangle x4
All Cars=X,O,X,O
Invincible car=X,triangle,O,square
Destroy cars in one hit=triangle x2,square x2
Jumping Cars(L3/Left analog Stick)=square x3,triangle
Speedometer=triangle x2,O,square
Red Brick Car=Triangle,O,triangle,O
Night time mode=X x4

Unlocking Stuff

First of all I would like to say, THE FOLLOWING CHEATS DO WORK.
Unlock the Electaurus,
Win all the races on level 1 (homer's level.)
Unlock the World War II car,
Complete Grampa's bonus mission (Dial B for Blood)
Get homer's rocket car EASY,
OK, this one's a bit long.
Go to the power plant. Drive through it. No, I didn't say drive into the wall.
I meant the building. DUH. Once you FINALY get outside search about.
Now, I CAN'T give you it's exact position. All I know is that it is on level 1 and it goes FAST. You shold find it eventually.
I can't remember what car you get for completing all races on level 2, but I know that you get a car. Trust me. I've unlocked it mys..

Diff. Camera

Go into options-menu and press R1 and L1.
While doing this enter
diferrent camera

Very Fast Cars!!!

To get really fast cars, when you start the game at the main menu go to the options menu, press Trianglex4 then start your game and you should have really fast cars.
P.S. If you are in the rich part of town and you know where Chesters Rocket car is it is particuarly fast.
Watch out when you are going up ramps or fire engines because if you go too fast, then you will fly through the air and crash!


Level 1 (Homer):Rocket car (in gold mansion driveway)
Level 2 (Bart):Monorail (up stairs downtown)
Level 3 (lisa):Boat car (on big boat,C:-spanker)
Level 4 (Marge):Quad bike (in king trailer park)
Level 5 (Apu):Monster truck (near fountain it's on display)
Level 6 (Bart):Pink 60's car (crashed into the side of planet hype)
Level 7 (Homer):RC car (atop the krusty burger near the big crash)

Hidden cars

The hidden cars are amazing so here's where they are
Level 1 - In front of the gold mansion is a rocket car
Level 2 - 1st cart of the monorail
Level 3 - On the C-spanker in a big green box is a wee boat
Level 4 - In the trailer park between 2 caravans is a quad bike
Level 5 - At the stadium up the fountain is a monster truck
Level 6 - I heard it was on planet hype
Level 7 - On top of Krusty burger near kwik e mart is an RC car

Random cheats

In the options menu hold the L1+R1 and enter the following codes:
Credits: x square square o
Tripping Mode: triangle o triangle o
Night Time Mode: x x x x
More Camera Angles: o o o x
Grid Mode: o x o triangle


On the main screen go to options, then hold all the sholder buttons down and quickly hit
▲ , X , ▲ , X

All my cheats

When in the options menu, hold L1+R1 and put in...
Fast cars-Square,Square,Square,Square.
Faster cars- Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,Triangle.
1 hit KO cars-Triangle,Triangle,Square,Square
Infant car health-Triangle,x,Triangle,x
Brick car as secret car-O,O,Triangle,Square
Press horn(R3)for a jump-Square,Square,Square,Triangle.
Tripping Mode-Triangle,O,Triangle,O.
And thats all I found for myself

Secret Car

After you've finished the game 100%, go to the options menu at the main menu, pres and hold all the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1 & R2) and punch in square, square, triangle, X, X, O, O, square, triangle, triangle.

Secret Vehicles

Through out the game you'll find secret vehicles lying around.
Lvl 1 - Rocket Car (outside Gold House)
Lvl 2 - Monorail Locomotive (on the monorail track)
Lvl 3 - Dinghy (in a green box on the C-Spanker)
Lvl 4 - Quad Bike (inside thr Trailer Park)
Lvl 5 - Monster Truck (next to fountain outside stadium)
Lvl 6 - Pink Cadillac (crashed into Planet Hype)
Lvl 7 - RC Car (on the roof of Krusty Burger next to accident)


Ok.. 2 destroy all the cars you first have to click start then options then hold down l1 and r1 and press triangle triangle square square
Then go back to you're game and wallah!

Fast cars

When in game press pause, then go to the options menu. Now hold L1 + R1 and hit Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle to make all cars fast

Cheats for Simpsons hit and run

Here are some handy cheats.
To enter these cheats and more you need to go to options and hold R1 and L1 in options and enter the cheats while holding down R1 and L1.
Invincible car- Triangle,X,Triangle,X
Faster cars- Square,Suuare,Square,Square
Much faster cars- Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,Triangle
One hit wrecks- Triangle,Triangle,Square,Square
Red brick car- Circle,Circle,Tiangle,Square
Show Speedometer- Triangle,Triangle,Circle,Square
Hope this helps.

Unlock Bonus Car

Go to menu (in gameplay) options Hold L1 + R1 And press o x o x


go to lv1 drive to ralphs house beat him up jump on the tool shed by the time your h&r meter clears wiggums
car will blow up

Go into options-menu and press R1 and L1.While d..

Go into options-menu and press R1 and L1.
While doing this enter
diferrent camera
faster car
much faster cars
undistroyable car
show speedometer
different view


Go to the Options menu (either in-game or at te main menu), press and hold L1 and R1 and enter any of the following codes:
Cars Explode on Impact;
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square
Invincible Car;
Trianbles, X, Triangle, X
Fast Acceleration;
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
No Top Speed;
Sqaure, Sqaure, Sqaure, Sqaure
Car Can Jump;
Sqaure, Sqaure, Sqaure, Triangle (then press L3)
On-Screen Speedo;
Triangle, Triangle, O, X
Change Rocket Car Appearence;
O, O, Triangle, Sqaure

Car Invinsibility

During a game, press start, and select OPTIONS. Hold L1+L2, and press Triangle, X, Triangle,X.
The car you are using will never blow up or get damaged. If you are already damaged, get a wrench.

Go to the options menu, hold L1+R1 and enter the..

Go to the options menu, hold L1+R1 and enter the following codes:
Blow up cars = Triangle x2, Square x2
Invincible cars = Triangle,X,Triangle,X


Hold L1 + R1 and press Triangle, X, Triangle, X. You will hear a sound of a horn after you put n the cheat.

Different Themes!!!

New Years Theme: Set the system date to January 1st
Thanksgiving Theme: Set the system date to the last thursday in November
Christmas Theme: Set the system date to December 25th
Halloween Theme: Set the system date to October 31st
These settings will chanche the main menus look!


At the options screen use th cheat fast acceleration (square x4) and the unlimited top speed cheat(Triangle x4) and go to Homers first level. Use Marges Canyonero and go to the bridge leading to the poor section of the area. Face left of the bridge and back up. You must be at the middle of the bridge and facing the water. As fast as you can drive towards the water. If you do this succesfully, you will be under the level*. You can go any where you want. To get back ontop of the level make sure you are exactly under the level and press select.
Part 2: Use the cheats above and go to either lisas or barts second level. Go to the light house and start at the bridge next to the ship facing the light house. On the side of the light house, there is a small ramp like thing that is part..

All best cheats for simpsons: hit&run

Key: s= square t=triangle x=x O=circle
These are all cheats that seem to work verywell for me:
Faster vehicles s,s,s,s
Invincible car t,x,t,x
Top speed vehicles t,t,t,t
One hit wrecks t,t,s,s,
Pressing horn button makes your car jump s,s,s,t
Show spedometer t,t,O,s

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