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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Game Reviews for The Simpsons: Hit & Run


Full Reviews

nintendo_dude18th Aug 2005, ID #150
Finally we get a Simpsons game worth remembering. Hit and Run lives up to the TV show's name. It's funny and enjoyable. Since TV show and movie-based games usually are no better than average this is..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review
Lambo8413625th Dec 2006, ID #488
This game follows the story about aliens Kang and his sister Kodos trying to raise the dead and make everyone stupid, whilst recording it with black vans disguised as a pizza delivery company and ot..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Added 18 Jun 2006, ID #21636
The Simpsons Hit & Run is not a good game to have because you can lose your temper on most of the levels. The graphics are not that good and the last few levels are the ones that you can lose your tember on. I think this is a cheap knock-off from grand theft auto without the killing. I think this is the worst game ever came out for the playstation or any other platform. I\'ll give this game a 1 out of 10.
Simpsons hit and run! Added 2 Nov 2005, ID #17857
All he previous simpsons games have been pretty dissapointing, but hit and run is different. With a new GTA style the simpsons become big gaming stars. With funny saying, great unlockables and a massive Springfield it doesn\'t get much better. Simpsons fans will have great fun with this game as it is fun spotting out the details like the duff men i Moes Tavern or all the collecetr cards with items from famous episodes. A great game that i would give 85%.
Simpsons Hit and Run Added 1 Jul 2004, ID #9602
The Simpsons hit and Run is a fun and adventuring game.

It has many great qualities and many missions to keep you clued to the game.

The storyline of the game is also enjoyable because it allows you to encounter many new problems and new matters.

I would give this game eight out fo ten.
Non Violent GTa Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #8264
One of the many Simpsons' games.
This one, Hit and Run, is very similar to the GTa series, but much less violent.

The game involves completing missions and collecting cards and coins.
But, sadly, this game does get very repetitive and you will probably get bored with it.

Brilliance Added 6 Mar 2004, ID #7289
Hit and run is basically an unviolent version of the great GTA3 and Vice City but it still lives up to the prementioned titles.

Playing as Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge and Apu. Hitch-hike instead of Hi-jack and kick and jump instead of stab and shoot. 35 cars to un-lock and a bonus car on each level.

Cheats are available on this site but only use them if absoluteley necessary! Races can be completed with ease if the 'blow up cars in one hit' cheat is used.

Character clothing can be obtained every building that can be entered. There is stuff like Homer with a donut head, bartman, lisa dressed as 'Florida', be-sharps Apu and policewoman Marge.

There are also 7 baseball cards on each level which un-lock race tracks and when you get all 49 you can view an Itchy and Scratchy episode.

Overall this game is absolutely brilliant and I give 92%.

Buy it! Now!
Feel the WOO HOO Added 12 Feb 2004, ID #6837
I have now got to level 3 on this game. Now I can really feel the "WOO HOO" coming out of this FANTASTIC game. ( There is no "D'oh!!! in this game.)

Graphics 48/50 (well,uh,VERY GOOD!!!)
Sound 48/50 (what do you think???)
Missions 47/50 (WOO HOO!!!)
Hardness 49/50 (REALLY hard.)

Review Added 4 Feb 2004, ID #6716
This game is good but the driving downs it I think it deserves 7/10...
Erm.............GOOD!! Added 2 Feb 2004, ID #6674
Levels 10/10

Sound 10/10

Graphics 10/10

It's a great game.

Best simpsons game yet Added 29 Jan 2004, ID #6577
This is definetly yhe best simpsons game ever it looks exactly like the cartoon and includes all the characters and their voices.

There are over 50 missions and bonus missions there are also street races, you can buy cars and costumes that have been in the cartoons.

This game is great Added 21 Dec 2003, ID #5502
You gamers would like this you can kick people steal cars and run away from the cops I would give it 9/10...
Entire game Added 29 Nov 2003, ID #1101
Simpsons Hit and Run Review Added 7 Oct 2004, ID #5347
GREAT Added 3 Oct 2004, ID #5323
Added 29 May 2004, ID #4683
Extra Classes
Description On How To Obtain The 'Nine Hidden Classes' In Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Unlockable How to Unlock
Strider= 2 Fighters/Warriors, Males or Females, each at level 5 or higher.
Theif= Both Fighter and Warrior, Males or Females, each at level 5 or higher.
Celestrial Host= Female Cleric, Rune Knight and Archer all at level 100 or higher.
Samurai= Female Warrior and Female Fighter with a total level of 20 or higher.
Rune Knight =Female Warrior and Female Mage each at level 10 or higher.
EDF Soldier= Level 30 or higher Gun Weapon Mastery.
Archer= Level 5 or higher in Bow Weapon Mastery.
Ninja= Male Fighter and Male Warrior with a total level of 20 or higher.
Majin= Male Warrior, Fighter, Ninja, Theif and Ranger all at level 200 or higher.
The simpsons Added 16 Jan 2004, ID #3960
the gameplay is two type stealthy or pure non stop action graphics amazing very round and correct THE best game i ever played the guns the gore the best buy this game now
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