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The Simpsons: Hit & Run Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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A large collection of cheats that includes not getting caught by the cops, invincibility and doing a 360 degree spin.

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We have 33 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for The Simpsons: Hit & Run please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC

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The Simpsons: Hit & Run Cheats

Bonus Cars
Level 1 Rocket car:
Outside Quimby's mansion
Level 2 Monorail:
On monorail track near Itchy and Scratchy balloons

Level 3 Night boat:
On the boat where you find Bart (stashed in a crate)
Level 4 Quad bike:
In the caravan park near a tree
Level 5 Monster truck:
Near the stadium above the fountain

Level 6 Pink Caddylic:
Hole in a wall next to Planet Hype

Level 7 RC car:
On top of Krusty Burger near the Kwik-E-Mart


Unlock ALL Cars
When you have completed the game with 100% go to the Options screen and hold down the L and R buttons and enter A, B, A, B. Let go of the shoulder buttons and press start and go to a phone booth and press L or R to bring up a list of ALL the cars available in the game.

Unlock Codes
At the Options menu hold L + R and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding
Unlock Alternate Secret Cars:
B, B, Y, X
Unlock Faster Cars:
Y, Y, Y, Y

Unlock Faster Cars:
X, X, X, X

Press Horn to Jump:
X, X, X, Y

Show Speedometer:
Y, Y, B, X

Unlock Grid Mode:
B, A, B, Y
Unlock Psychedelic View:
Y, B, Y, B

Unlock Infinite Car..


Go to the options menu, hold L and R and press:
yyxx-One-hit Kaboom (destroy vehicles in one hit)
xxxx-Make cars go faster
yyyy-Make cars go extremely fast
yaya-Infinite car health (your cars only)
xxxy-Press z to do a huge jump in a car
bbba-More camera angles
baby-Grid mode (this is really annoying!)
axxy-I think it has something to do with credits...
yybx-Displays the Speed-o-meter
bbyx-hidden cars throughout course (eg: rocket car in level 1) will appear as a little red brick car thing.
ybyb-Instead of kicking you will now trip them. (I'm not 100% sure that's what happens.)
Hope I helped

Cheat Codes

The sound of the horn will confirm correct entries.
Fast Cars; Hold L & R and press X(4).
Instant Vehicle Explosions; Hold L & R and press Y(2) X(2)
Very Fast Cars; Hold L & R and press Y(4). After enabling this code, use the horn and your car will jump.
Red Brick Car; Hold L & R and press B(2) Y X. The secret vehicles normally found in each level will now be a small red brick car.
Invincibility: Hold L & R and press Y A Y A
Super Jumps: Hold L & R and press X(3) Y. Press Z to jump super high.
Grid View; Hold L & R and press B A B Y
Speedometer; Hold L & R and press Y(2) B X
Alternate Views; Hold L & R and press B(3) A
Phased View: Hold L & R and press Y B Y B
Alternate Credits Audio; Hold L & R and press A X(2) Y
All Bonu..

Do a 180 degree turn easily

When you are driving really fast on a road press break and turn left or right, any direction works, and keep hold of the buttons. You should do a 180 degree turn. Good if you are going in the wrong direction.

The underworld

Ok. When I beat the game I found something out (btw you don't have to beat the game to do it that's just when I figured it out) There are ways to get into the underworld it's cool
1. Go to the first level and put on the jump in car by pressing z cheat cheat (xxxy while holding l,r at options menu) then go to the place where there is a raised bridge that has a floating wrench in between it and go down onto dirt drive towards the water and honk the horn and you should fly through the water and land on nothing and you can drive around but there are invisible walls in some places
2.go to last level get the rc car on top of krusty burger and put on the super fast car cheat
(hold down l,r at options menu and press yyyy) then go in front of school go to left back up alot ..

Secret car locations

Level 1: Outside mayor quimby's manor in upper springfield you will find the Rocket Car.
Level 2: In the downtown area, climb the cordoned off stairs to get the Monorail head.
Level 3: The Nightboat can be found in a green container on the C Spanker.
Level 4: Look behind the caravans in the caravan park to get the Quadbike.
Level 5: The Monster Truck is near the fountain outside the Stadium.
Level 6: The Pink Cadillac is crashed at the squidport. Climb onto the green building next to the planet hype sign, then drop down and press Y.
Level 7: Near the fire truck accident there is a Krusty Burger building. Climb onto the fire engine, then on to the roof to find the Remote Controlled Racecar.

Power ups


Secret cars (all of them)

Mission 1 Homer s secret car is a jet dragster
it is found in the outside Mayor Quimbys house
in the posh part of Springfield.
Mission 2 Bart s secret car is the first compartment of the crashed monorail train up the stairs on the side of the road that have been
roped off with police tape.
Mission 3 Lisa s secret car is a boat/car thingy.
Get onto the ferry any way possible and find the open crate (its on top of two other crates) go round the back and you will see 3 smaller crates set out like steps jump up them and go round the front of the crate and Lisas Boatcar will be there.
Mission 4 Marge s secret car is a quadbike.
Go to the caravan shortcut in hillbilly country and search round the back of the row and you will find the bl..

Cheat codes

While playing the game, pause and go to "options"
Hold down the L and R buttons firmly, and (while still holding L and R) press the given buttons in the order shown to activate the cheat
Invincibility: YAYA
Fast cars: XXXX
Really fast cars: YYYY
Level bonus car becomes little red brick car: BBYX
Show speedometer: YYBX
Grid mode: BABY
Blow up cars with one touch: YYXX
Press Z to make car hop: XXXY

Destroy 2 wasps in car

In lv.1 and 4 you can go through the memorial in the Eletrucus and aim for the bees.

fire skid marks

When at full speed press b and left or right on joystick and you will spin in circles and fire will come out.

race car

To get the super cool, super fast Open Wheel Race Car, all you have to do is complete the 3 street races on level 7
Open Wheel Race Car
Appearance: formula 1 race car that is red and white

SPEED: *****
(for any people that can't figure ou the simple diagram above, the stats are: speed, accel. And handling are full [excuse me if full is 6 stars not 5] and toughness is 1 star [which doesnt mattter unless you don't use the invincibility cheat])
Have fun speeding down the road full speed,

Flaming Car of Death!!!

This can be used by any car on any level but I recommend that you go to level 6 with the Hover Bike for the coolest effect.
First (carefully since the Hover Bike is easily broken) crash into walls or anything until your car/bike has dark smoke coming out of it.
Then go to the phone booth and order that car.
(its damage has to be either 99% or 100%) Then when the car is "delivered" it will be on fire. Then go to the giant ramp with the ice and fire hoops and go off it.
Cool huh.

Don't Get Caught By The Cops

If you get a hit & run you should enter a store or something like that so cops can't get you

View grid

Pause the game an and hold:
and press:
b a b y

Hit and runs

If you get one, quickly get into any building available.


At the options screen, hold L + R and press Y,A,Y,A.

Game cheat

Choose"options"from the main menu and hold L+R and enter any any of these codes:to make your car jump in the air when you beep the horn press:x,x,x,y.To have invincibility press:y,a,y,a.

Level Three (Lisa) car

First put in the cheat hop (xxxy) then get a car and hop on the ship then there will be a green box then hop in that and there will be the car

the unfair way to win any race

Hi there again,
There are 2 evil ways to smoke the competition in any race (in 1 case literally)
The first way is to get the Open Wheel Race Car (se my other recent submission for more details) and win with speed that can't be matched
The easy way is to simply get the one touch kill cheat (go to options menu before start, hold L+R and press these buttons in this order YYXX [i think, if it isn't that then it's YAYA, but I'm almost positive that the other one is correct]) the one touch kill cheat blows up any car when it touches your car. All you have to do to win is blow up competition. Then you have a 99.9% chance of winning (the only way to lose is destroy your car, restart the race or quit/turn off the game, but don't worry. You only can loose if you ar..

Secret cars

In the Homer level go to mayor Quimby's Manshion and you'll see a "Rocket Car" Notice the quotes! In Apu's there is a "Monster Truck".
I am still searching for Marge's secret Car and Barts and Lisa's.

Location of Collector Cards

Here are the locations of some collector cards in the game, remember that the cards are needed for bonus games.
When playing as Homer in Level 1, cards can be located:
-->At the highest point inside the power plant near homers work station (Contine up from the mission "Blind Big Brother").
-->Behind the simpson house.
When playing as Bart in Level 2, cards can be located:
-->(More yet to be submitted)
When playing as Lisa in Level 3, cards can be located:
-->On the roof of "The Androins Dungeon".
-->On top of the Light House.
-->Inside "Krustylou Studios" (Where you find Barney, inside there is a stage, climb the stage, onto the laddar, jump the fans, and come out to the location of the car..

Explode Police

(Turn on Instant Vehicle Explosions to do this trick). Turn on instant explosions and get a Hit and Run. The police will run into you and explode. This is hard to do without invincibility.

Special holidays

If you go on say easter,valantines day,christmas,halloween.fireworks night homer and the lounge(the menu selection) will be different it s really cool (.)(.)

Skippy skippy

Tired of trying to get passed all the irratating missions? An easy way is to keep losing until it says skip (when you lose it willl tell you if you want to restart) although, you wont get 100% completion and you have to atleast try or else the game knows you are try to lose. (note* you can only do this until level 7 on a certain mission)

random discoveries

Ok. I usually hate missions so I fool around. During my fooling around, I discovered 2 neat things.
The first thing is a super funny way to attack a civilian. First thing to do is jump up on top of the victim. You should be standing on his head. Next either kick or double jump and ground pound. If you kick the person will tip over. If you ground pound, then the person will launch up into the air. (NOTE: the launching only occurs when performed on a power plant worker)
The next thing is a flaw with the invincibility cheat. It keeps your car invincible only when you are in the car. A cool thing to do is to take an old looking car like the pickup truck or WW1 vehicle (those are suggestions. You can do this on any vehicle except any cars that are really small) and drive..

Drive a burning car

Ok get a car from the phonebooth then damage the car to where it is putting out really black smoke but don't destroy it then go to the phonebooth agin and get the same car it will say 100% get the car and it will be on fire
Note after it is on fire go to the options menue hold l and r down then press yaya so your car can't blow up it's much more fun that way.

Music Playing in worng spot

Go to level one, and get a really fast car (like Mr.Burns Limo, of course completing the game first).
In the Power Plant, try and get a Hit and Run before you enter the fancy hall leading to the "Rich People" area.
The Police Music will sound and get out of the cave.
Once you avoid them, the music that was supposed to play in the fancy hall will play now.
This may not work for some people though.

Do a 360 degree spin!!

Hello. Its mastaplaya21 here. To make this work, You must have the 'Very fast car' cheat on (Hold L+R and press Y Y Y Y at the options menu), the red brick car cheat on (Hold L+R and press B B Y X at the options menu), and the invincibility cheat (Hold L+R and press Y A Y A at the options menu) just so you don't destroy your car that easily! Find the red brick car in any level if you know where the secret cars are in any level. Then, Reverse full speed and turn in any direction and make sure you DO NOT bump into anything in order to make it work!! You will spin 360 degrees (maybe more)!!
Happy Gaming!!

The simsons

How can I unlock all the cars. IN the simsons HIT and RUN

Reset Game

Hold buttons: Start + B + X

This is funny! :)

Hello. Its mastaplaya21 here. This isn't a cheat, but it's funny. Use Bart in either level 2 or 6. Keep getting in and out of the car until he says, "Whoa! Awesome man! That was the best ride EVER!" Its funny!

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