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The Matrix: Path of Neo Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for The Matrix: Path of Neo

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Several cheats for you to look at including invincibility, 'The One' difficulty mode and unbreakable weapons.

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We have 17 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for The Matrix: Path of Neo please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox

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'The One' Difficulty Mode:
Complete the first level without dying
God Mode:
Complete 'The One' difficulty mode

Code Breaker:
Complete all of the training tutorial objectives
Unbreakable Weapons and Bullet Reflection:
Beat the game on Easy difficulty mode

Vampiric Health and All Weapons:
Beat the game on Normal difficulty mode
Infinite Health:
Beat the game on Hard difficulty mode

Easy Way To Unlock All Cheats

I don't know if this will work but here it is: Complete the last level on any difficulty you want and then use level select to go back to the first level, beat or lose the level and select a new difficulty then use level select to go to the last level again and beat it. Do the same again with the last difficulty you have, you will/should have unlocked all the cheats.

Killing agents

A good way to kill an agent is with an explosive (grenade launcher, grenades, det packs etc) that way they can't dodge it.

How to screw up challenge mode

To do this all you have to do is shoot at the elevator when the agent is comming down but before the cutseen starts. The agent will be inside the elevator but can somehow walk into the reflective wall and connot be hit. If this happens the only thing to do is restart.


At the begging of the level with the witch on it you must first pick the Exile to the far left. Stand on top of her and use bullet stop { L1 and square}. This will trigger a cutscene. After that, you must do the hrad part, fight the witch.You must do 3 things to accomplish this task.1. YOU MUST GRAB 3 WEAPONS OFF THE AS THIS WILL DO MORE DAMAGE THAN PUNCHES AND KICKS.2. WHEN SHE THROWS STUFF AT YOU DO NOT USE BULLET STOP BECAUSE SHE WILL GAIN ALL OF HER HEALTH BACK, INSTEAD DO A FOCUS DOUBLE JUMP AND GET CLOSE TO HER.3. WHEN YOU GET CLOSE TO HER HIT HER YOUR MELEE WEAPONS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN.

Happy Gaming,

cheat master

Once u have beaten path of neo go to the first level and complete the challenege choose the hard difficullty and replay the last level.Once u beat it,after all the movie and credits u will have all of the cheats unlocked.

Be careful

When using the grenade launcher make sure that where your aiming at is nowhere near you. Otherwise when you shoot it you will blow yourself up. Same applys for the det packs.

The one difficulty

You must complete the first level without dying.

Diffrent ways to kill agents

Hey gamers
There are tWo possiable ways to kill agents
1 is to just punch or kick them and use lightning strike on them this can help most of the time.
2 use explosives like grenades and stuff like that.


To get the following cheats (theres only 6 in game), complete the game under the difficulty setting-i will also tell you how far you need to get in the first level to get to the difficulty setting.
Easy(disciple): Beat first pair of enemies, then beat last level
UNLOCKS: Lots of guns(good weapons at start of level)
Indestructible melee weapons
Normal(master):Get up to SWAT team (with riot shields and gasmasks), then beat last level
UNLOCKS:Vampiric Health (increases health by defeating enemies)
Infinite ammo
The One(hard):Complete first level without dying(beat agent smith), then beat last level
UNLOCKS:Reflect Bullets (same power that the healer has in 'The Healer' mission, white force field around you)
Infinte health (God m..

see threw

if you paused the game and there are no enemies than you can see right through bildings, people etc.


Easy-unbreakable weapons,all weapons
Medium-vampiric health,bullet reflection
Hard-infinite health
The one-god mode
Thats all I know for now

Conserve Health

Whenever your versing more then one cop with a gun fight hand to hand combat
That way the you kill the enmy without anybody shooting you
Trust me it works.


If you don't want to train save cut off the game then there you have it,you start off at the first level(i don't know if it wiil work my friend told me it will)

Zion archieves

Hi I'm Chris.
Nodody seems to know what the Zion archives level is for.
I think it's simply for looking at the characters from the Matrix movies and games.
I hope this isn't to dissapointing for you and I hope it's helped.

Agent smiths

If you wanna escape for agent smiths (who you can not defeat) shoot at them sometimes till they lie on the ground run away and hide, if he is passed you or go aways shoot him in his back and run away you can runaway for 3sec. then he follows again.



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