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Silent Hill 4: The Room Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Silent Hill 4: The Room

We have 6 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Silent Hill 4: The Room please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC

You can also ask your question on our Silent Hill 4: The Room Questions & Answers page.

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Soft Reset

If you find yourself in a hopeless situation hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + 'Start' + 'Select' and you will either drop out, start from the last 'Continue' point or start from the last 'Save' point.

out the window

Out the window
When you are in your normal apartment you should already know that there are windows in your bedroom and by the radio. You should also know that you can look out the windows. If you look out the window by the radio you will be able to see a billboard attached to a building in the upper left area. Look in the upper left area to see the billboard which has important numbers to remember they are 555-3750 now make sure you remember this. Now that you know the numbers go to your phone and punch in the numbers 555-3750 and even though your phone cord is cut it still works when you dial this number when you call the number it rings a few times and then some monster people pick up the phone and start making moaning noises then the phone goes dead.

Unlock Fear Mode

Complete the game on any difficulty.

The 4 endings

SPOILER ALERT -----------------------------------
Warning if you havent completed this game at least once I advise you not to look at this hint im going to tell you about the 4 endings.
Ending: 21 sacraments
- You have exorcised less than 80% of the hauntings in room 302
- Eileen didn't survive the final fight
Bad ending: Room 302 still has hauntings in it, young and old Walter sullivans live in the livingroom. The radio and tv are on and a radio reports that henry townsend has been found dead in his apartment and the 21 murders are complete.
Ending: Mother
-You have exorcised less than 80% of the hauntings in room 302
-Eileen has survived the final fight
Avarage ending: Eileen is visited by henry in the hospital and she says "well i guess i can go back to south ashfield heights now" but the last scene of the game shows you that room 302 is still haunted.
Ending: Eileens death
-you have exorcised more than 80% of the hauntings in room 302
-Eileen didn't survive the final fight
Moderate ending: Room 302 seems to be back to normal, Henry wakes up in his bed alone and heres a radio report saying Eileen Galvin has died in the hospital due to injuries. Henry goes to the livingroom and says "Eileen".
Ending: Escape
-Youve excorcised more than 80% of the hauntings in room 302
-Eileen survived the final fight
Happy ending: Henry leaves south ashfield heights and visits Eileen in the hospital and she says: "guess ill have to find another place to live ,huh?" finally the nightmare is over.

In one of the apartments on the first floor, the..

In one of the apartments on the first floor, there is a fridge with some blue jeans in it -- within the denim is a red piece of paper that you should place under your door (302).
When you return to "normal" 302 through the portal the note will tell you where to find the key.

Silent Hill 4 cheats

Unlock Brand New Fear Mode:
To be able to unlock the Brand New Fear option you have to successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting and when the credits have completed save the game.
One Weapon Mode:
To unlock one weapon mode successfully complete the game with a rank of 10 big stars.
Submachine Gun:
Successfully complete the game with a rank of at least 9 big stars. Then Start a game in "Brand New Fear" mode and look in Room 202 in the Apartment World to find a submachine gun for Eileen.
Unlock Brand New Fear mode and start a new game and when you enter the forest for the first time go to Jasper's car and you will find the chainsaw there next to a cut tree trunk.
Alternate Eileen Costume:
In Brand New Fear mode enter room 303 to collect the nurse costume for Eileen and complete the game. When a new game is then started you will be able to have Eileen dressed as a nurse.
Alternate Cynthia Costume:
On a single game save unlock all four endings and Eileen's alternative costume and when you start a new game select Eileen's nurse costume and Cynthia will also wear her alternative costume.

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