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Follow the dark path or use the light

SILENT HILL 4. Version 2.5

by Mattias Fridell

  version 2.5

Copyrigth info.                            
This guide is copyrighted to ME, Mattias Fridell.
Do not use it for own profit. 
Websites already authorized to use my FAQ is as follows:

BUT don?t put this FAQ on your site without emailing me
for permission first. If permission 
IS granted, you are not permitted to change a 
word of this FAQ when you post it, and must leave 
it in it?s original form if nothing else is told.
If that?s the case ask about this first.

Feel free to mail comments & suggestions, 

[email protected]

???????????????????????? CONTENTS ????????????????????????
I.   History

II.  Intro


IV.  Item List

V.   Secrets / Rumours / Other

VI.  Walktrough Table: 
      1. The Start: Room 302
      2. The Subway
      3. The Forest
      4. The Water Prison
      5. The Building world
      6. The Apartment world
      7. The Hospital
      8. The Subway (second time)
      9. The Forest (second time)
     10. The Water Prison (second time)
     11. The Building world (second time)
     12. Room 302 of the past
     13. Outside Room 302 \"the apartmet world\" (second time) 
     14. The End / Final boss
         a. Final Boss Battle
         b. The End Information

VII.  Thanks / Update information

???????????????????? I.[HISTORY] ????????????????????

[07-02-2004 - Starting to write
[07-04-2004 - Finished with walktrough part 1,2 & 3.
[07-05-2004 - Finished with walktrough part 4 & 5 corrected some errors.
[07-06-2004 - Finished with part 6,7,8 & 9.
[07-07-2004 - Finished with part 10, 11 & 12. Started on part 13.
[07-08-2004 - Guide finished. Puh!
[07-14-2004 - Updated / new layout / FAQ section
[07-16-2004 - Updated some more FAQ, and info.
[07-17-2004 - Updated some more FAQ, and info.

???????????????????? II.[INTRO] ????????????????????

This walktrough is for the Japanese version of Silent Hill 4. 
Eventually there will be some changes in the USA & EU release. 
If that?s the case then this guide will be uptaded. 

For your own sake, use this guide when you are really stuck in the game,
otherwise you will miss the atmosphere and the puzzles of this game. 
I won?t use spoilers in this guide, and if I do, 
there would be a WARING! first. 
This guide will only let you trough the game, 
no Brand new fear walktrough here yet. 
Also, it?s recommended that you?ll play the NORMAL mode since 
this guide is written for that.

Feel free to mail comments & suggestions, 
just send an e-mail and mark the subject with Silent Hill 4.

?????????????????????? III. FAQ  ?????????????????????????

Please feel free to send me an e-mail about questions.
Mark your subject with SILENT HILL 4, and don?t send me
an attached e-mail. They will be discarded.
Questions about things I already has taken up in the FAQ
section will also be discarded (except for questions like
\" can I use your guide on my site\"), so please check this
section before sending me e-mails.

Q:  I run a gaming site, can I post your FAQ/ Walktrough?

A:  Yes, you can. But only if you e-mail me first. 
    Also remember the copyrigth information.

Q:  Your guide for the final boss doesn?t work! 
    I cannot keep (xxx) from going, then (xxx) just dies.

A:  The info is correct! And you cannot keep (xxx) from going!
    (xxx) is programmed this way by Konami, if (xxx) 
    were less damaged in the game (xxx) will walk slower. 
    Also check the \"The end\" section again.

Q:  What about the Shabby Doll? I can?t use it anywhere!

A:  Again, check the updates on the sectrets/rumours/other-section.

Q:  Was wondering why in all the guides i have read people 
    recomend not to take the doll, why is this? There must be 
    some significance. 
    Also what do you think of the golf clubs, 
    my friend and i found the complete set of irons, the 
    putter, the wedges, the only place we fell down 
    i think is that we only found two woods, we guessed 
    this would mean there was a golf ending possibly upon 
    finding all the clubs, 
    this could be like the dog ending 
    or alien ending in the earlier silent hills 
    i will be very interested to hear what you 
    have to say on the subject.
A:  The Shabby doll is sure a weird item, 
    i am sure there is some more
    stuff you can do with it.
    Check the the secrets / rumours / other-sections.

    You?ve got a good theory about the golf-clubs, 
    with the \"golf-ending\" and all! I will check this out.  

???????????????????? IV.[ITEM LIST] ?????????????????????

Use (ctrl + f) to search in the text, the quickest way to search for 
items you wish to obtain.
Some of them are marked with one word for example \"KEY\", check 
that word to find everything with key.



APARTMENT KEYS            
















































???????????????????? V.[SECRETS / RUMOURS] ??????????????

This section will contain information about secrets, rumours
and some misc stuff.

This section will be frequently updated. 

Please mail me if you have some 
good information about secrets that i have missed. and recive credits.



Actually this is not a secret, but people have e-mailed me and
wondering about the \"brand new fear\" file.
This file will allow you to play the game again on the same file,
with some modifications.
You just have to complete the game once and then save the file
on a slot to your memory card to start on a \"brand new fear\" file.
Then just load that file to replay the game. It?s pretty simple!
This \"new game plus\" also exists in the other Silent Hill games.


By finish the game and starting a \"Brand new fear\" file you
can obtain the CHAINSAW. After you?ve finished the subway,
and starting in the forest, head for the room were the car
is. Find the CHAINSAW under the lamp to your rigth.
A nice and great weapon.

[3 - THE 100 % STAR RATING]

This is not a actuall secret, but you can obtain a highscore
when beating the game. The star ranking system is decided by
how many notes & items you got. How many enemies you killed
and how long you?ve played also count towards your score.
And of course which ending you got. 
I havn?t finished the game with 100 % so i can?t tell you
everything yet.
A small star will be 1%, so you?ll need 10 of these to
get a big star. I assume that 10 big stars is maximum.

If you played the game once, restart on a \"brand new fear\" 
file and obtain the CHAINSAW. I?ll also suggest that you?ll
test to beat the game by finding all weapons, items & notes
on the Hard-mode. I am not so sure that you?ll need to take the
Shabby Doll. More of this to come.


Now and then some rumours about a certain game is always coming up.
Not to mention the Silent Hill-series. 
I?ve read some rumours and I?ve also got rumours e-mailed to me,
gonna take up some of them in this section, to the rumours:

There is a rumour that you can obtain a machine gun as a weapon
for Eileen in this game. How it?s done or if it could be done
is unsure. I don?t have a clue! 

There is also a rumour which says that you can enter a 
secret area in the game if you play the hard-mode and finish
it with the best ending, then replay the game again. 
As far as I know this isn?t possible. 

The sickest rumour around is that you can play with the
Silent Hill rabbit instead of Henry. 
I don?t think so! But if you have done it, send a photo
to me and tell how you did it. I don?t expect to many
photos in my mailbox in the nearest future.



The Shabby Doll is the item that cause the most questions
in this game. 

If you havn?t played through the game don?t
look at this section yet, since it will contain spoilers.

When you first enter the apartment world and will be able
to obtain the Shabby Doll, you?ll know that the person
giving it to you is Walter. 
So why would he be giving it to you?
To cause you problems of course! 
I will publish the postive / negative effects by grabbing or
not grabbing the doll.

1.Accept the Shabby Doll:

Positive effect:
None, for now. I have to research more on this one.

Negative effect: 
At a certain time in the game, your bedroom will be
invaded by demons, which you CANNOT take away! 
When you wake up, you?ll notice that the photo of the
Silent Hill church is exchanged with a picture of Walter.
You?ll also hear the phrases: \"I?ll always watching you\"
and you will recive constant damage in the bedroom.

2.Don?t accept the Shabby Doll:

Positive effect:
You don?t have to take damage from your bedroom, and
the demons can be driven out by a holy candle. 
Walter will be easier to kill. 

Negative effect: 
None, if you don?t wish to be in trouble.

???????????????????? VI.[WALKTROUGH] ????????????????????

1 / [THE START: ROOM 302]

You?ll start in you room 302, the central of this game. 
Go and look around, explore and check,
take your time to learn you room. 
At this time your room looks shabby & weird.
Go and check the wall above the small desk. 
Just keep looking until a cut scene emerges.

Now, you?re back in the bedroom. Leave the room and another cutscene begins. 
Back again, take a look at the windows. See a cuts scene, 
then cancel it with you cancel button.
Now leave.

Check around you room, check your box in the livingroom. 
Here you will drop of your unwanted items later. 
Take a look under the lamp, 
here is your save point (and it?s also the only save in the game) 
Take the note from next to your bookshelf.

Move to the kitchen and open you refrigerator. 
Here you can take the WINEBOTTLE and the CHOCOLATE MILK.
Open the chest and put both of your first items there. 

Check your chained door. Look out and then take up a note under the door. 
Now move in to the bathroom. 

Here is a cut scene. Now, take the PIPE from the hole. 
Enter the hole and crawl forward. The game is about to begin.

# GENERAL NOTE: If you see a hole, and when it?s possible, 
go back to your room 302
as much as you can to check the peekhole in your door, 
the hole in the wall and the windows.
Also check around if there is any new notes for you. #


Just keep moving forward. The door to your rigth, 
at the end of the hall, is locked. 
See the women further down in the hall, 
talk to her and a cutscene will appear. 
She seems pretty friendly, don?t you think? 
Move forward the same hall, just keep going and you will pass the toilets. 
>From here a cutscene will start, 
your friend Cynthia need to use the toilet.

Now, the action begins, so equip you PIPE Weapon and 
hold you confirm button until the
gauge is filled, then move forward to the dogs, hit them, 
go back and repeat and kill them. 
See it as a practise example. When they?re knocked down, 
just step on them, if not, they
will rise again. 
# GENERAL NOTE: Henry will almost always write down a map of the 
area you visit. Check it often.

Check both toilets. There is a hole in the women?s toilet, check 
it and you can go back to your room.
Here you can heal you wounds just by going around. Back in your room, 
just save and enter the hole again. 
Get out, and keep going foward. In the next room there is only one dog. 
Kill it! Just remember to stamp on it. 
Check out the room, all the metal gates, then move on.

In the next hall there is two dogs again. Repeat the killing.
And the stamp.
The gate to your rigth is locked. Just keep on going. 
Don?t mind the freaky worm thing here,
just check the left corridor, 
it?s garbage in the way so you can?t get out from here, 
now check you rigth, the same thing here, only garbage.
Pick up the PISTOL AMMO here. 

Now, go back to the toilets, and go back to the hole in the women?s room. 
Enter it and be back at your room once again. 
Save your game. Head for the tabel near the sofa. 
Check it, and move it.
Take the PISTOL, read the carvings on he wall. Look in to the hole. 
Take a look at the cutscene. 
Now go back to your bedroom and answer the phone that is ringing.

After that, go out and check you door again. Check the peekhole. 
Now get back to your bathroom and into the hole.

Well, now your back in the women?s toilet, 
don?t pee in you pants, it?s just a stunned body here.
Take the item from it and get out. 
Remember the turnable gates in the next room? Here is your next target.
Go to the Lynch Street line?s entrance and use your newly recived item.
Go down the stairs and watch the cut scene. 

Down here, you won?t be able to kill the freaks, 
you can just stun them for a couple of seconds.
Better get used to it because a major amount of the enemies 
in this game is completley impossible to kill.
Don?t mind the rigth corridor here, there is nothing 
in it except for some dogs.
Now, move the hell out down the staris to the rigth. 

Here you can see Cynthia in the train, and it looks like she?s stuck. 
Your goal is to help her out.
Don?t mind her babbling, it will only stress you down. 
Run around and notice the vending machine 
with the symbol that looks like \"1&\".
The doors here is locked. 
Move as fast as you can in the other direction, 
to the first car inte the hall, enter and press
the red button. Now, leave the car and head back to get Cynthia.

Now, run in to the car that you just now opened up. 
Now move to the rigth door, 
go up, then left, you know when you?re in the rigth 
car because here is a coloured box which you
can?t open. Open the next door and go out through the 
first rigth door. Down and head to the next door, 
Now go out to your left and keep going down. 
Then rigth into the same car again. 
Go down and open the door, move on and exit to the rigth.
The \"train terror\" isn?t over just yet. 
The first door you?ll see here is locked. 
Go to the stairs and move up. Here you?ll find PISTOL BULLETS. 
Go back down the stairs. 
Just keep going along side with the train and head for the door here. 
Go in and here is the hole again!
Puh, enter it and heal youself and save your game. 
Head back and go down the ladder. Just keep forward and 
don?t mind the other pasage. 
Here is another ladder, go up and take some more ammo to your pistol.
Unlock the door here.  
Go back and take the passage you just skipped. 
Don?t mind the freaks here if you can avoid them. 
Just keep going util you see another door. 
In here there is several bad enemies. There is lots of freaky dogs, 
just kill them
and go inside the train and take the GOLF 9-IRON (!), 
then go out and head for the escalator.
Take the NUTRITION DRINK here, but DONT use it. If your health is low just
check you back and here is another hole. Heal yourself. 
Get back and head for the escalator again. 
Before going up, equip your PISTOL
just in case. 
In the escalator there is some freaks that will come 
out from the wall and hit you. 
Run like hell up as fast as you can and try to avoid the freaks. 
If they hit you, you will fall back, 
don?t mind killing them with the pistol if you?re not caugth up in
the middle of them. Because then they will, 
like fotbolls players, pass you from the first one to the next one.
You?ll only need two bullets to kill them.

Now, when the hardest part of the subway is 
done look around and don?t go to the stairs yet.
Take the corridor for some more ammo to you pistol. 
Head to the stairs, take the plate from the door and go
in. Here is another ut scene to watch. If you didn?t 
write the number down no worries.
It will come later.

Back in your room, save and take the CHOCOLATE MILK from your storage box. 
Then do the usual stuff like checking the peekhole in your door, 
the hole in the wall and the windows.
Also check around if there is any new notes for you. 
I will print this into your brain! 
Back to the bathroom and enter the, now even bigger, hole.
The first place in the game is now complete, for the moment.....


Wake up from your delerium and keep going.
You may notice the well here, 
don?t care about it for now since your mind is already troubled (it should
be cause you?re reading this). 
There is also alot of \"weird carvings\" around. Don?t mind that either.
Head for the door and go in.
Here is nothing but a hole. Just keep going to the next door.

Trough the door, it here looks like some kind of storage. 
Be alert, here is some bat-like freak flying around.
Knock them down and stamp on them. Take the Pistol bullets. 
Move on to the next area and kill the bats.
Keep moving and you?re now out in the forest again. 
Take a deep breath (no not in the game, although it may be
a forest, the air around there should not be to healthy for Henry),
and move on to the car. 
Examine it and find two notes for you. 
Move forward to the next area.

In here there is a pretty w-w-weird guy sitting on a rock. 
Just listen to him, then move forward.
Here, the annoying dogs is back. 
Kill them if yout health allows you, they will only be in your way later.
Click the door here and read. Go in.

Let?s say that this area is the central part of the forest. 
Check around and if you wish, go back and save your game, 
because you can see a new hole here. 
Now, check out the house, you can?t get in since 
the main door is locked. Instead head to the north-west door.

Here is more enemies, and that?s why I told you to go in here. 
Your health should be on top so there?
is not much to think about. Kill everything. 
Keep going into the next door. Here is even more bats,
get rid of them and move forward. Here you can find a 
MEDICAL KIT, save it for later and go all the way back to the house.

Now head south-west insead. 
No freak here, so no need for your newly obtained MEDICAL KIT, move on.
Don?t mind the freak here, kock him down once and run.
In this area you will see a kid, talk to him and watch a cut scene.
Look around and find the coffin in the hole, examine and see a number. 
There is also a locked door here. So just get back to the house. 

Head for the last door that you havn?t check yet. 
Here is more dogs! Kill them and stamp. 
Keep going to the next place, a very importent room pretty soon. 
Go trough the door and take another golf-club a 6-IRON. 
Don?t mind the hole since you already killed the enemies here. 
And no more will come. Get back to the house. 

Here is that w-w-weird guy again. Talk to him, he want somthing to drink. 
What shall we do? 
Just give him the CHOCOLATE MILK from your room and he will give you a spade. 
Now head back to the last place you?ve visited. 
Remember the importent room? 
Go there and check the ground to see some hand-like root. 
Use the spade and recive a BLOODY RUSTED KEY.
Head back and you?ll notice that you won?t come much further since 
you?ll just going round in circles. 
If you check the info about the key it will say that, 
for as long you have it you will run for eternity.
Head back to the area where you found the key, 
go trough the door and into the hole.
Save your game here and place the Key & your 6-IRON if you wish. 
into your box. Smart, eh? Go back and head for the house. 
Go into the hole here and get that key, check around the house, 
there is a bookshelf with a note.
There is also a diary here where the candels is. 
The door to the house is now open. 
Just remove the plate and get in. Another cut scene awaits. 

Now you are back in the room again. Listen to the radio. 
Go to your door and check the peekhole. 
Now check around, save and so on. 
Put your newly recived plate into the box.
Then, again, head for the bathroom and enter the hole.


Here you?ll hear someone complaining, 
go around the circular room and check all doors. 
Go rigth, the first door is broken, 
in the next room is a note along with some PISTOL BULLETS.
Go out and move to the next room, the door is broken, 
check the note on the floor. 
Keep going, and the next door is locked, remember this for later, 
move on and enter the next room.
Here is just some slugs, 
knock them down and stamp on them, go out and find the next door broken. 
Move on to the next room, check the note.
Go out and enter the next room, kill the freaks here if you wish, 
there is nothing else here. 
Leave the room and move along the wall to see a big door, 
enter it and find a room with a hole and 
notice the other doors. The door that you didn?t come from is locked. 
Let?s head in the rigth direction and open the door. 

Now you?re in a hall that will keep going down. Listen, that sound! 
It?s freaks coming from the wall,
use your PISTOL if you must, 
but the most importent thing is to just avoid them. 
Keep going and notice a big door, it?s locked. 
You must open it from the other side. 
Move forward and keep your eyes on the floor. 
What was that? Did you see it? Pick up the SAINT MEDALLION.
Importent! Do NOT use it, save it for later. 
Keep going and see another door. Open it up.

Here it looks like some kind of water-pumping engine room. 
Just keep going and check the door.
Here is another machine and if you keep moving 
forward you?ll see a closed door with an emblem. 
Go back. Kill the bat-freaks here. 
If you move forward there is a hole here. 
Check the bottom of the starirs you?ve just came down by. 
Here is a sign, click it to revice WATER PRISON EXIT KEY.
Head back for the \"main room\" 
where there was a hole and some other doors. 

Open the locked door here to get out. 
Now, don?t mind the ramp here, there is just bats here.
Istead head to the ladders. 
Go up and see another ladder, use it. Here is a door.
Here is a room similiar to the cirular 
room you started in. Look left from the door you?ve just came from,
this door is broken. Go out and move to the next room. 
Kill the freaks here, go out and check the next door in order. 
Broken. Don?t care, move on and open the next room to find a diary. 
Go out and move on. 
In the next room there is some bottles, 
remember this room for later and go out. 
The room after that if broken and also the one after this room. 
The next room in line is not broken so go in and read the wall note.
Go out trough the big door and take the ladder up 
to the third floor and enter this door.

Another circular room! Check the first room here, 
here is books, check them and go out.
Next room; A bed and a hole in the floor with lots of blood around. 
Don?t go down. Move out.
Move forward and see a freak with two heads, kill him and stamp on him. 
Enter the next door.
Here is another hole, this thime the bed is also bloody. 
Move to the next room.
Check the note and the clothes. ove to the next room.
Freaks in the wall and some PISTOL BULLETS, 
kill the freak then take the item. Go out.
The next room contains another hole, starting to feel uneasy? 
Get out from here and take the door
to the next room. Freak! Kill them and take the note here, 
to the last room on this floor.
In here is just some clothes. Go to the big door and get outside.

Again, take the ladder and enter the highest room in this building. 
Go in and see an emblem door. This one is locked, 
go around the top room and turn the button here to
set the poer on in the third circular room. 
Go back to the third floor circular rooms. 
Check the last room with the clothes on the floor. A note! 
Move to the first room you visited here, the one with the books, 
check and go out. 
So, what?s next? Let?s jump down in one of the holes. 
Go out and take the ladder to the third floor.
Check your map, look att 2F and find that if you?re 
gonna jump down in some holes here you can?t get out
sine these rooms are locked. Instead take a look on the first floor. 
Only one room is locked here, so let?s
compare 3F with 1F and jump down in the second 
room we visited when we first got here (the room after the books). 

You have now jumped doen in the shower room, here is the 
double headed freaks again, so kill them.
Now, let?s open the locked door here. 
The door ahead is locked so use the ladder to go up.
Check the note here and look into one of the peekholes here, 
find the bloody bed and remember it. 
Just keep climbing up, and find another note. 
Check the room with the bloody bed here too and meorize it. 
You can see a lever here, use it to turn the prison around, 
turn it so that the bloody bed on 2F is
rigth over the first floor. 
Climb up the ladder and check the last note here. 
Memorize the number on it and
check the peekholes for the last bloody bed. 
Turn the lever here so that it?s rigth 
over the 2F room with the bloody bed.
Cut scene.

Now head down to the basement and go out. 
Use the ladder to get up om the third floor, go in.
Compare the maps and get into the room with the bloody bed. 
Jump down in the hole. 
Now, you?ve come to the kitchen, kill the freaks here. 
Enter the big door.
In here is a locked door which you now can open. 
Go back to the kitchen and enter the left door from your position. 
Here is another door where you can remove a plate from, 
enter the number-code (remember the memo?, 
if not check it again) to get in here.
Cut scene. 

Back in your room again, look for notes, 
check the peekhole in the door and the hole in the wall.
Put your newly recived plate in the storage box 
along with thing that you won?t need. 
Save your game and get into the bathroom again.


Just keep going forward in this corridor and don?t mind the car, 
just run down the stairs.
Here you?ll meet up with a monkey-freak, kill it quickly. 
You?ll see a door here and it?s broken. 
Keep moving down to the stairs and see a cutscene.
Well, if it isn?t a neighbour!
After this cutscene, get ready to kill the monkey-freak,
after that, make haste down tho the door.
When your?re in, walk around and don?t mind the table here, 
there is nothing of interest anyway.
Every door around here is broken.
See a freak on the floor, check it and take the key from it. 
You can remove the sword which is stuck in him.
This sword is used for stopping the ghost-freaks. 
Move to the door and unlock it with the key and leave. 

Keep going and take the stairs. 
Knock the ghost-freak down and run away from it, 
next stop will be the door here. 
Take the BULLETS in here and move on into the next room.
The room is filled with sport stuff.
Wow, in this room you can find some new weapons, 
there is a 5-IRON Golf club and a BASEBOLL BAT here.
Equip the BASEBOLL BAT and go back trough 
the hole if you must heal or save. 
If your inventiry is full,
it?s a good time to throw some of the items away in your storage box.
Now take the door nearest to the door you entered trough.

Keep going down in the stairs and find the next door. 
Now you are in the pet store, and of course, as the
pet store it is, there is some dogs here. 
Smash them with your new BASEBALL BAT. 
Move down to the shelf were the FOOD AND ACCESSORY sign is.
There is a key.
Move to the desk and kill the bats here and go out trough 
the door if you wish although this room is empty.
What the heck is this? An empty room? Seem to be a lot of them.

Let?s head back to the sport-room. Open the locked door here and 
go be ready to kill some monkey-freaks.
There are pretty many of them, you could run away but sooner 
or later you?ll comfrontate them anyway.
Take the stairs down. 
The first door here is broken and also the next one. 
Let?s go into the elevator. 
Now, you are on the lowest floor of this building. 
Go up to the top floor and take the door that you didn?t came from. 
Move forward in the hall and try to sneak by the ghosts, 
now check around for the SPADE and another SWORD OF OBEDIENCE. 
Equip the SPADE, it?s easy to use and you won?t have to stamp on the freak, 
you can just put the spade in their head instead. Vey effective.
Also very entertaining. If there is one weapon evryone miss, it?s
the SPADE, so just brag on when your friends is visiting.

Now go down to the bottom floor (it?s pretty much running around here), 
when reaching the hall on the otherside, here
Take the elevator and get down on the ladder, 
go on and see another ladder, ignore it and check the basement. 
There is a NUTRITION DRINK here so take it, 
keep going and kill the freaks in your way,
and find another ladder, go up.

The rigth door is damaged, go on and find a locked door. 
Continue down this hall and kill the monkey-freaks, 
also kill the dogs here. Don?t mind the doors here, 
just keep going to the next hall.
Here it?s getting tough so be ready to kill the monkey-freaks here. 
Check around the corpses of the monkeys and take 
the golf club that one of them were holding. Go through the door.

Take the stairs down and go through the door, enemies here, 
just kill and go on through the door.
Welcome to the bar, look around and get the AXE and the bartenders memo. 
Read it and enter the hole here.
Back in the room, check the windows and rotate to see a phone-number, 
remember the last four numbers.
Check the doors peekhole and everything else in your apartment, 
go back to the bar and enter the numbers
that you have memorized to unlock the door here.
Now you have to go a long way up in these stairs, run like hell, 
ghosts are after you as well as some bats.
When you?re on the top, remove the plate from the door, cutscene. 

Back in the room, save, put down some items, check the peekhole, 
the hole in the wall, check the windows.
Now, as you could guess, 
take a trip into the bathroom again and enter the hole.


After the start, head through the door which leads you to room 301.
You?ll notice that the guy that lived here is pretty intrested in porn (!). 
Check around and notice the diary and a red paper here.
Head for the photo-room and check the journal here then, 
click the pictures to obtain ROOM 106 LOCKER KEY & SUPERINDENDENT KEY. 
Go back to the hall and put the red papers under door 302, 
yes, it?s your room.
Don?t mind room 303 & 304 since they?re locked. 
Move forward through the hall and notice a man sitting on the stairs, 
he?ll offer you a SHABBY DOLL, take it if you wish 
(but the best thing is not to take it! it won?t do you any good, 
and you can?t use it either, see the specific section about this)
and get down in the stairs.
Keep going down until you reach the bottom. Head for the 
mailbox and use the key for it to open it up.
Now, to the left hall.
Open room 105 and take the APARTMENT KEYS and the red paper here. 
You?ll notice a memo here, so read it.
Head for the bedroom and see a diary, then read it.

With the APARTMENT KEYS you can open almost every door around. 
Next in line should be room 106, 
so move down in the hall to the left, notice the MEDICAL KIT, then
the phone. Use the phone and enter the number on it. 
Go out and head for room 107. 
Getting the original Silent Hill feeling yet? Anyways, in this room, 
there isn?t much to see. A totally useless room.
Leave and head east instead, kill the dogs here and go to room 104. 

Take up your weapon and kill the bats here, 
and now you?re thinking \"WOW, enemies in the room, 
must be something good here\", but no!
There isn?t anything of interest here so go out again. 
Head for room 103 and find that there is nothing of interest here either, 
only damaged doors, well, better than nothing I guess. 
Now, it?s time for room 102 which HAS something of interest. 
Open the refrigeator to get another red paper.
It?s the next part of the red paper that you found before.
Move to room 101, the \"gun room\", 
the worst part is that you can?t take a single gun from here. 
But, there is some PISTOL BULLETS here, as it should be. 
Move to the back of the hall and read the notice
in the bookshelf.
Now, let?s go out since you?re finished with this floor. 
Head for the stairs and go up to room 302, stick the
red papers under your door.

Go down the stairs and begin to explore the second floor 
(Yo, yo it?s a rhyme).
Head for the left side of the hall to meet uo with some dogs, 
kill them quick, otherwise they will notice you.
Begin the exploring in room 205, the guy that 
lived here must be a muscle-head, take the
cassete from the table and get out. 
Go to room 206, get ready and kill the dogs here. Then get out.

Head for room 207 instead. 
Check the chair and take the REVOLVER, 
go to the hall and take the PUTTER at the end of it.
Get out and take the rigth side of the hall.

The first is room 204, go in to find that it is an empty room, 
take room 203 and notice the bloody clothes.
Examine to obtain a red paper. Get out and move to room 202.
Answer that damn phone, sorry you can?t destroy it. 
If you wish, check the paintings. 
They?re portraits of the people living in this building. 
Go out and head for room 201, 
kill the bats if you wish, there is nothing else here.
Instead, head for the stairs again, now let?s go to the third floor.

Now is a good time if you have forgotten to put the red papers 
under your door, or if you has missed to put any of them there. 
And, of course your room is locked too, you can?t get. 
Go to room 304, find some PISTIOL BULLETS in the bedroom. 
Get out, you can?t open room 303 since the key is missing, t
his will have an explained pretty soon.
Since you don?t have any other ideas, go through the hole in the hall.
Back in your apartment, read all red papers under your door. 
Read carefully and be surprised that
the key for room 303 is next to the windows and your bed. 
So, go take it! 
Go into the bathroom and when your back in the apartment building, 
use the key to open room 303.

Back in your room again, 
leave the APARTMENT KEYS in the box, and something 
else that is taking up your inventory slots. 
Check your door, another note here. There is also an TALISMAN. 
Save your game. 
Check the hole in the wall, and check the windows. 
Let?s get back to the bathroom.

Chock! The hole is no more. Head for the door next to your kitchen. 
See a demon-looking scar here.
Use the TALISMAN and put in there. 
Go to the stoarge box and pick up your plates, 
head back to the room and put each of the plates where they belong. 
Boom! There is now a new hole (why would Konami mind to 
call the game \"The room\"?, Istead call it \"the hole\"). 
Enter it. 


A hospital, and before that, the apartment. 
Now you SHOULD have the Silent Hill feeling. And one more thing,
so far you have now finished ca 1/2 of the game, 
getting cramped hand yet? If not, play a little longer.
You?ll start in the hospital hall, as you have noticed, 
there is bats around here. Enter the room you just woke up in. 
Notice the big freak which will burp when you hit them, fun! 
Kill it and laugh as hell.
Go back out, run up to through the hall and watch the cutscene. 
You?ll get a PURSE, you can?t use it. 
Just keep it in your inventory. Go back and enter the door to the office. 
On the desk is a PAPER-CUTTING KNIFE, a totally useless weapon. 
Go on and enter through the next door, 
notice a blackboard with pictures. Check it
for a cutscene. Explore the room and find a memo on the desk. 
Go out through the next door.
You?ll see a big door here, and it?s broken, 
go down and head for the other emergency room, t
ake the NUTRITION DRINK here. 
It is on the shelf. 
Go to the washroom and find a hole back to your apartment, 
go back out. 
Check the map and head for the Doctor?s 
lounge room and take the MEDICAL KIT here. 
Now, let?s head for the Supply room, kill the 
burping nurses and take the AMPOULE here. 
Try to save the MEDICAL KIT & the AMPOULE for later. 
Go out and haed for the elevator door, don?t go in (you can?t). 
Take the door naext to the elevator and go in.
Let?s take the stairs.

You are now on the 2F, watch your back since there is some 
mad wheelchairs here, you can stop them with a hit.
Click the elevator to make come up. 
Now get ready for some extreme room exploring. 
You?ll also find a new friend here, Eileen.
Equip the PURSE on her, it?s a weapon.
Go to the first door on the rigth side to get a 4-IRON, 
the next door in line is the left oppisite from the first rigth. 
Kill the burping freaks here. 
Go out and take the second door to the rigth, nothing here.
Take the left door instead, explore, go out.
The third room to the rigth contains a Key, also a cage. 
Use the key to get out. The third room to the left is also empty.
The fourth room to the rigth has a HOLY CANDLE (Save it for later), 
the left room from here has a SAINT MEDALLION. 
Go out and take the fifth room to the rigth, 
take the HEALTH DRINK, the next room to the left also
contains a NUTRITION DRINK. The sixth room to the rigth is empty, 
the left room from here is empty, just kill the freaks.
Head for the seventh room to the rigth, take the PISTOL BULLETS, 
in here you?ll walk slowly.
The left room from here contains some REVOLVER BULLETS. 
If you need to go back to your apartment and put down 
some items in the storage box, do it.
Next in line should be the room 8 to the rigth. 
Locked, open it, head to the left, nothing.
Room 9 rigth, CHOCK! but nothing more, so take to the left, 
here is some PISTOL BULLETS.
The next room, 10 rigth, has an burping nurse, 
to the left, nothing.
The last room to the rigth has a little surprise too, 
go out, the last to the left has another blackboard to check.

Go out and get down to the first floor again, 
kill the burping freaks, now head for the hole and enter it.
Eileen can?t get back to the real world, sorry. 
Looks like the fan has fallen, check the bookshelf, 
take the notes. Take the note under you door, and get a SMALL KEY. 
Put your PAPER CUTTING KNIFE in the box.
Head back to the holes and enter it.
Go to the elevator, it?s not there, it?s on 2F.
This?ll enable you to go on.  
Go on and use the SMALL KEY you just got. A stair. Go on and
kill the nurses here, to hear muliple burpings, charge your weapon
and hit them, when they fall down the stairs....just laugh!
Now, when you?re finished move down and take the
memo next to the door and go in.
More running here, keep moving down.
There is also another path down here, 
which will lead you to a hole. 
Open the door at the bottom.
Total suprise, you are now back in the subway. 
I hope you still have the AMPOULE & A MEDICAL KIT in the 
inventory or in the storage box. 
Things are getting very pretty hard from here. 
Try to save as many recovery items as you can, 
you migth need them all sooner or later.



Back from the start, could it be much worse? 
Yes, Eileen is with you and this will cause you some problems.
You?ll see soon enough. Just continue through 
to hall and pick up the HOLY CANDLE next to the left door.
The doors here are either locked or broken, 
but you can open the locked door. 
Do so and enter.
Keep going down the hall and notice some monkey-freaks here. 
Kill them and head to the toilet.
Remember where the hole is? It?s in the womens room. 
Go in and enter the hole. 

Now, what the hell is happening in here? Take it easy, 
it?s just demons trying to take over your home (!).
This?ll give you problem, one, you cannot heal in your room anymore, 
two, you?ll recieve damage from the demons.
Take the note under your door, 
check the other paper to recive TOY KEY. 
So, back to the problem. If you put down a 
HOLY CANDLE near the area where the demons come from, you won?t get hurt. 
Remember this. By equipping a SAINTS MEDALLION, 
you can avoid damage from the demons. 

Take the LYNCHSTREET COIN from the storage box, 
if you have any SWORD OF OBEDIENCE in the box take at least one of them, 
and head for the hole. 
Back in the subway, keep going to where the turnstiles where. Cutscene. 
This freak is pretty freaky, 
knock it down and when you?ll be able to stamp on it, then, 
if you wish, use the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE on the freak, 
just stick it into the body. 
It will never bother you again...
If you don?t stab it with the sword the freak will cause you
trouble in the whole area. 
Now use your LYNCHSTREET COIN to get through the turnstile. 

Go down the stairs, go through the hall and meet up with two dogs, 
kill them and take the HEALTH DRINK here.
Save them, now when you?re room is infected with doom you will 
need every single health gaining item. 
I hope you still have the AMPOULE & A MEDICAL KIT in your 
inventory or in the storage box for later. Don?t use it! 
Head back for the stairs and  go down. Head for the 
door where you released Cynthia and go in, remember?
Now move to the rigth door, go up, then left, 
here you?ll see the coloured box that you coulnd?t open before.
Use the TOY KEY to open it. Take the FILTHY COIN. 
Go all the way back to the stairs, then head for 
the door at the end of the hall and go through the door. 
Take the HOLY CANDLE here and use the ladder, 
you?ll notice that Eileen can?t follow you but don?t mind. 
You?ll be better off without her. 
Use the hole and wash the coin in your kitchen, 
you can also use the HOLY CANDLE?s to prevent the demons.
Head to the laundry room again.

Use the coin on the vending machine to get the MURDER SCENE KEY. 
Go up in the stairs where you cannot continue and take the MEDICAL KIT. 
Remember the murder scene? Go back to Eileen and take the ladder down, 
moce foward and turn rigth.
Enter the door here, 
and go next to the train until you reach the escalator. 
The freaks in the wall are still here, so be alert. When you?re up, 
take to the left and kill the dog here, then take the NUTRITION DRINK. 
Use the stairs to go up, check the stuff on the floor, take the TRAIN PASS. 
Go through the door and explore.
Take the TRAIN HANDLE and go back out. Use the TRAIN PASS 
to get out in the turnstile, go to Lynch Street line and enter there. 
Here, go to help Eileen out. Go up the stairs again and 
head for the gate in the opposite direction. 
The place where you got the TRAIN PASS. 
Go down the escalator and avoid the freaks. 

Down here, take the path down to the first car of the train. 
Use the TRAIN HANDLE here and the train will move foward a car length. 
This way you?ll be able to get out, get going! 
Cutscene here, run to the door before the man with the coat attacks you. 
Back to the stairs again, continue down and enter 
the hole near the bottom to save, 
and to place HOLY CABDLE?s where the demons is. 
Go back and head down and enter the door here.


As you could guess, you now in the forest. 
The start location this time is where the coffin is.
Explore this room and se a Holy Fire burning, 
examine it and find a TORCH. This weapon will be
your absloute friend around here. Of you fire it up 
you?ll be able to see into dark places. 
Remember the wells? If you wish you can go back to 
your room and soak it with oil (the laundry room
where your official hole is), but actually it?s not neccessary. 
Equip the TORCH.
Go on, and notice that every weird red acrvings is now, 
thanks to Eileen, readable! 
Let?s get to the central area here, the house. 
On your way is some dogs so kill them, 
there is a holy flame so use the TORCH on it to fire it up, 
run to the well and find DOLL?s HEAD. Don?t forget to take the 
NUTRITION DRINK next to the lit up lamp here. 
Go through the door here to get into the next area, 
kill the dog here and go on.

If you notice the man with the coat running around after you, 
try to avoid him if you can.
But you could always knock him down with a charged hit if you wish. 
Don?t mind him, that?s the best choise.
Back to the house area, step up on the 
burned down house ground to find a doll in a wheelchair. 
This guys need his bodyparts back so he can \"show you the way\". 
Give him his head.
Near the cages there is some blue barrels, 
check around and find the CHAINS for Eileen, 
she is the only one that can use this weapon, so equip it. 
Let us head north-east for now.
Watch out for the double-headed baby freak here and
move to the next area. Notice the well, run to the next room 
and lit the TORCH on the holy flame, 
return to the well and take the bodypart from it. Go t
o the room with the holy flame again. 
Watch out for the freak here, run as hell to the next area. 
Keep going to the next door. 
Take the NUTRITION DRINK from this room and keep moving. 
Nothing in here so let?s head forward. In here is a new holy flame, 
don?t mind it now, keep going.
In the last area you?ll be rewarded. Just kill the monkey-freak first. 
Take the HOLY CANDLE and the NUTRITION DRINK, notice the well. 
Go back to the holy flame and lit your TORCH, 
head for the well and take the bodypartin it. 
Go back to the house, watch out for the monkey-freaks on the way, 
and give the doll his bodyparts. 

Head north-west to the cave and kill the double-headed baby freaks here. 
Next to the door is a NUTRITION DRINK, take it and go through. 
Even here is a NUTRITION DRINK and also a PICKAXE. 
Don?t equip the PICKAXE since it?s pretty slow to use, 
but it?s pretty damn powerfull. It?s your choise. 
I prefer the SPADE here, 
but you should have the TORCH equiped for the moment. 
Go ahead through the door. Cutscene. Head for the grave and take 
Go to the Holy flame and lit your TORCH up, 
run to the well to recive another one of the dolls bodyparts. 
Return to the doll and give him his rigth leg. 
Only one more area to check now, so go there.   

Notice the bats here, kill them. 
Search for the NUTRITION DRINK here, then grab it. 
Go on to the next room. Kill the bat here and keep going, 
if the man with the coat shows up here, try to avoid him. 
In the room where the hand-shaped roots are, grab the SILVER BULLETS there. 
Very powerfull stuff so use them wisely, Only when you?re in deep trouble.
Go on and notice a well and a holy flame. 
Lit the TORCH and run to the well to grab the bodypart.
There is also a NUTRITION DRINK here. 
You migth need it now. Now, let?s get back to the doll and the house.

Use the part/parts on the doll and a cutscene will appear.
Go down and check the books, use your CRESTED MEDALLION  on the door. 
Now, once again, the stairs leading down to the depths of otherworld. 
Save in your room if you wish, 
if that?s the case use you HOLY CANDELES here too. 
It may be a NUTRITION DRINK in your kitchen at this time in the game, 
if there is one take it! Them go back and open the door at the bottom floor.


Back at the prison again you?ll start from 
the door at the highest point in this buildning.
You could finish this area pretty quick but i suggest
that you head into all the cells to obtain items.
Go to the elevator and use it to get down. 
Back in this room you?ll see the man with the coat again. 
Try to avoid him and head for the exit, 
don?t leave Eileen here (You can leave her in the elevator,
but it?s pretty stupid since you have to go a long way to get
her later).
Run out to the spirial and head for 3F, 
go in and immediatly kill the double-headed baby freaks here. 
Let?s explore the rooms here once again. 
You could always check the PRISON section again to navigate 
better but it doesn?t matter. Just take them in order;
Room 1: Here is a the hole with the bloody bed.
Room 2: Pick up the HOLY CANDLE
Room 3: Nothing, just freaks.
Room 4: There is a hole here.
Room 5: Kill the freaks and take the NUTRITION DRINK.
Room 6: Take the PISTOL BULLETS.
Room 7: In here you?ll find books. 
Room 8: It?s empty.

Let?s go to the first room we have visited, leave Eileen here, 
she will be safe here, and jump down.
In the kitchen go left, watch out for the freaks, 
and into the room were we finished the prison last time.
Take the BLOODY SHIRT here. Head for the café ²oom and 
take the NUTRITION DRINK, also take the SAINT MEDALLION here. 
Now head out in the hall and let?s go to 
the shower room and take the PISTOL BULLETS. 
Go out and climb the ladder.On the highest floor you can 
find a new weapon for Eileen, the LEATHER SAP.
Go down again and head for the 1F to go through the hole here, 
but don?t forget to take the NUTRITION DRINK next to it. 
Back in your room, use the shirt in the bathroom, 
put it into the bloody bathtub and you?ll be able to see the writings on it. 
Go back in the hole again.
Go out and take the ladder to 2F, go in and kill the freaks here. 
Now, let?s explore the rooms;

Room 1: This one is locked.
Room 2: This one is also locked.
Room 3: ....this door is locked to.
Room 4: Before entering, be ready to kill, here is a diary & PISTOL BULLETS.
Room 5: This is it, check the bed and find a SWORD OF OBEDIENCE. 
Room 6: This room is locked, so don?t bother.
Room 7: This one is also locked.
Room 8: Kill the freak and take the HOLY CANDLE.

Let?s head back to 1F.
Save in your apartment if you must. If so, use the 
HOLY CANDLE you?ve you obatained here. 
Enter the prison area and kill the freaks here. 
Again, let?s explore the rooms. Here we go again; 

Room 1: This one is locked.
Room 2: Nothing here.
Room 3: This room is locked.
Room 4: In here you?ll find some PISTOL BULLETS.
Room 5: Here is a NUTRITION DRINK.  
Room 6: This room is also locked.
Room 7: Here is a HOLY CANDLE. 
Room 8: Totally empty room.

Finally, the worst room exploring is over. 
Let?s go to the basement. 
Here a cutscene will trigger. 
Equip yourself with some healing items and go down. 
In this basement you?ll encounter a fat freak, this guy is a pain.
He?s gonna escape from you when he can, when he?s transforming into
a rotating ball, try to hit him hard. Then he?ll stop. 
Hit him as hard as you can and when he?s on the ground trying to get up, 
use the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE on him,
just nail him to the ground! He?s holding a key so take it. 

Go back to the 3F prison area and catch Eileen in the first room. 
Equip her new weapon.
Head back to the basement again, 
and go all the way down to the door. 
In the engine room there is a MEDICAL KIT next to the hole. 
Open the locked door and prepare for a hard one here. 
There is six double-headed baby freaks here so equip your gun or revolver, 
if you have them in your inventory. 
It?s also good to use some golf-clubbin? here too. 
Anyway, when the freaks is dead go through the door.
The stairway again, keep going and use the hole to save and put 
some HOLY CANDLES in your apartment.
If you not have the Pistol in your inventory, get it and bring 
along any SILVER BULLETS (if you have some left), 
also take a SWORD OF OBEDIENCE. 
Go back and enter the door at the bottom.


Cutscene here. Notice the diary on the ground. 
Around here is a hard as hell freak so equip you Pistol and shoot him down, 
he?s pretty fast so try your best, 
when he?s down stick the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE in him and relax. 
If you don?t kill him here, the freak will cause you problems later.  
And this will also keep Eileen
safe from harm, since I suggest that you?re going to leave her down here. 
Go to the elevator and take it to the top and go through the hall, 
then go out.
In here is more freaks so do your 
stuff and take the REVOLVER BULLETS afterwards. 

Take the otherway door and go out. 
In here there will be two dogs so kill them. 
Take the NUTRITION DRINK near the damaged door. 
Go on and use the stairs to get to the sports room. Take the 3-WOOD. 
Explore the room and find a case with 
baseballs and some BIRTHDAY CANDLES. 
Take the door near the hole and get a HOLY CANDLE. 

Nothing more here so go back.
Enter the hole if you need to put some items in the storagebox. 
Go back and the the door near the hole again 
and go out through the next door. 
On your way through the hall your goal is the last door.  

Go up to the highest level here and take the door. 
Remember this room? 
Notice the birthday cake and place the BIRTHDAY CANDLES here. 
Take the STUFFED CAT and go out in the door at the end of this apartment. 
Stair traveling, on your way you?ll encounter some dogs. 
At the top of the stairs is also some dogs, 
explore this place and take the NUTRITION DRINK. 

Let?s go up in the next stairs and notice that the door here is broken. 
Take the REVOLER BULLETS from the car and notice that it?s 
some HOLY CANDLE?s here as well. 
Keep going and enter the corridor, watch out for the dogs. Find a DRIVER
here. There is another hole here as well.   
Now, when you have the STUFFED CAT and have finihed the 
exploring this area of the buildning, head back. 
Back to the sports room. Take the door we havn?t 
checked to get to the pet store. 
There is some stairs on the way. In here things get 
complicated since there is three undead freaks here. 
Avoid them, look around for a NUTRITION DRINK in the corner, 
and search for the empty cage, 
in this you can put the STUFFED CAT. 
Go through the door here and get down 
the stairs which will lead to you another door.
Don?t worry, you are not drunk, this room is just upside-down. 
Just explore it, kill the bats and take some PISTOL BULLETS, 
then head back to the elevator. 

Push the down-button in the elevator.
Outside you?ll find a HOLY CANDLE. Go inside again and take the ladder. 
Kill the freak down here and run to the ladder at the end of this corridor, 
here is a CUE BALL, now use that ladder.
In this corridor every door is broken, watch out for the bats around here. 
Continue down to see a cutscene. Take the MEDICAL KIT here and continue. 
Take the VOLLEY BALL on the ground near the door. 
Go through the door and go down the stairs. 
Down here is some crazy wheelchairs again. 
Hit them to stun them for a few seconds 
then take the next door and go through. 
Go down the stairs and take the door which isn?t broken. 
Back in the good old bar, place the CUE BALL on the pool table. 
Check the bartender?s last memo and go all the 
way back to the beginning where Eileen is. 
Take her and head for the sports room to place the VOLLEY BALL in the cage. 
Now, head through the hole and check the windows.

The bartender?s last memo told you that you?ll need a 
new number to enter the door in the bar. 
The sign with the phone-number is the same, 
so just call that number on your own phone and get the new number. 
Memorize it and get back.

Now, let?s go to the pet store again. 
Take the stairs down and go back to the upside-down room.
You?ll notice that this room is normal now. 
Go to the clock here and go through it. 
Go down this annoying corridor and don?t mind the doors, they?re broken. 
The the door at the bottom and go through, here is some 
monkey-freaks so kill them.
Explore this room to get a NUTRITION DRINK. 
Head for the door here and go through. 
Go down the stairs and head for the door. 
>From here, you should be able to get to the bar, do so. 
In the bar is now a monkey-freak.
Use the new phone-number to open the door here and get out.
Take the stairs here down, keep going and watch out for bats. 
Down at the bottom there is a MEDICAL KIT near the door. 
Go inside and watch the cutscene. 

Go the the door on the otherside and notice that you can?t get through. 
You must kill the real monster in this room to go on. 
That?s rigth there is only one you need to kill, the others are just fakes.
Hit a monster untill you notice that all the others recive damage, 
that?s the rigth monster to hit.
You?re lucky if the rigth monster is on the long side of the walls, 
you can use a charged up hit to damage at least two of them, 
if you stand near the door, 
this way you won?t recive damage.The pistol or revolver is pretty 
good to use here, but also the golf-clubs will work well. 
Kill the rigth one and you?ll be able to get through.
Go down the stairs here and see the room 302. 
Take the diary here and go inside.

12 / [ROOM 302 OF THE PAST]

Wow, back in your apartment! Nice. 
Check around and notice some books on the table. 
Read them and keep exploreing your home.
Read the carvings on the walls between the bathroom and the bedroom. 
In the bedroom is four notes. Go out and see the pile of blood, 
go to it and a cutscene starts. 

Go to the wall and take the PICKAXE OF HOPE, 
go through the hole and you?re back at your apartment. 
Go out and use some HOLY CANDLES where the demons emerges, 
then head for the same place where you found the 
pickaxe and use it there to get to another room. Cutscene.
This room is totally screwed up, so check around. 
Then check the body. Take the KEYS OF LIBERATION, 
and get back to your room. 
You?ll be able to unlock the chains from the door. 
The moment you?ve been waiting for is here!  
Now use the keys on your door and go out!


See Eileen and take her with you. 
Now it?s time to do some more room exploring. 
This is the final area in this game, 
which you can tell by hearing the wicked music i guess.
It?s pretty much the same as the A
partment world, but there is some changes. 
If you didn?t kill the ghost of the cop in the 
building world he will be here in some of the rooms chasing you. 
The only save spot in this area is in your apartment. 

Let?s start exploring in room 301, 
head for the chambers here to pick up a SAINT MEDALLION, 
there is also some double-headed baby freaks in this room. 
Let?s go down the stairs, take the NUTRITION DRINK
down here. Go out from this room and you?re now in the corridor. 
The man with the coat is also around here so watch it.

Let?s go through the door which leads you to room 202, 
take the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE and go to room 203, 
look around to find the BUG SPRAY.
Go to room 204 and take the NUTRITION DRINK here. Now leave. 
Go out through the door which leads you to the stairs-hall. 
Kill the burping freaks here. 
Go foward and head through that door.
Go to room 205, head for the bedroom which holds a NUTRITION DRINK. 
To room 206.
Here is a HOLY CANDLE pretty well hided in the bedroom, 
near one of the beds. Watch out for the man in the coat, 
since he can be here. 
There is a hole in the wall at the opposite hall from the bedroom, 
this hole leads you to room 207.Explore and take the PISTOL BULLETS here. 
Go out and watch out, there is some freaks here out in the hall. Take the
stairs down which will lead you to 1F.

Head for room 107 to find a NUTRITION DRINK, then let?s go to room 106. 
In here you?ll get an AMPOULE and a MEDCIAL KIT, 
try to save the ampoule for later. 
Go out in the hall again,going and you?ll notice 
that the superintendent?s room is chained. 
You?re goal is to unlock it. 
Continue forward and check the book on the floor 
before you head back to the entrance room. Then
head to the rigth door from here.
You?ll notice a freak hanging from the roof, 
examine it and it will vanish, now a chain will be gone from the super? room.  

Next room in line should be 104. 
In here you?ll find MEDICAL KIT and also another hanging freak, examine it. 
Go out in the hall again.
Kill the freaks here and go through the door to room 103. 
More freaks in here, kill them.
Take the NUTRITION DRINK, and check the hanging freak. Take room 102, 
and take the NUTRITION DRINK.
There is also a hanging freak here. Go to the last room, 
and explore it to find some PISTOL BULLETS, 
check the chambers here to find another hanging freak. 
Go out back in the hall and continue on, to see the last hanging freak, 
examine it. Let?s go back to the superitendent?s room,
the chains are now gone. 
In the entrance hall is now a cutscene for you to watch. 
In the super?s room you?ll find a NUTRITION DRINK. 
Go to the bookshelf and check the box, take the UMBECIAL CORD. 
Cutscene. Get out in the hall and another cutscene will start. 

Check the scary picture on the floor, now get back to 3F. 
There will be some new freak on the way back, so watch your back. 
On your way back, take the stairs to get into the hall whe
re room 303 and room 304. 
Take the door to room 303 and get in. 
There is some freaks here to kill, 
go into the bedroom and find a NUTRITION DRINK.
get back and go to room 303, 
take the REVOLVER BULLETS here and kill the burping one.
Now let?s go back to room 201, go through the hole in the wall, 
and continue to room 302.
Back in your room, put down all items except for the UMBECIAL CORD, 
and your favorite weapon. 
I would take the SPADE.I hope you got some kind of healing item left, 
if you have an AMPOULE left, save it, 
if you also have a MEDICAL KIT or a NUTRITION DRINK you can use 
them to recover yourself completly. Anyways, 
let?s use some HOLY CANDLES to destroy the demons in your apartment. 
Hopefully you have destroyed them all. Save your game. 
Now, go through the hole in the wall where the body is. 
The body is missing but there is a hole under it. 
Examine it to get inside.


#WARNING - This section will contain some MAJOR SPOILERS so watch it!#

In the red room, there is nothing except for another hole. 
Examnine it to get inside.
Now it?s time to meet the final boss. A cutscene will start.


Down here there is three unfriendly objects. And a friendly object.
The man with the coat Walter Sullivan, 
a monster and some kind of razor ball. 
Eileen will walk towards the razor ball and when she reaches 
it she will die. 
Notice the spears as well.
You cannot hurt Walter, 
so head for the monster and use the UMBECIAL CORD. 
Now it?s time to get the spears out, 
take as many as you can and stick them into the monsters body. 
When you have pierced the monster with all spears, 
you can now cause damage to the Walter.
Charge your weapon to inflict as much damage as possible. 
Use some healing items if you must, 
but watch out for Walter?s attacks. 
You should be fine just with something in your 
inventory which can heal you. The AMPOULE is the best choise.
I found out that if you can knock him down near 
the monster?s corner he will have some problem 
to rise since the monster is in his way. 
Evade his bullets with the evade button (default = L1)
This will save you some time to charge up your weapon again.
When you?ve kicked his ass the game is over.


If you are fast enough, Eileen will not die, 
so have so many slots in your inventory empty as you can. 
You can grab more spears and this will speed up this figth. 
Use the weapon you are most comfortable with. 
But, with the revolver or the pistol you have
to use your inventory slots for ammo. This is not a good idea. 
If you have the SILVER BULLETS here should be no problem.
If Eileen dies, you can still beat the game, 
but the ending won?t be that good. 
If you can keep Eileen unhurt or lesser damaged (she isn?t so
bloody), she will walk slower towards the razor ball.

Now, a confusing thing.
If you took the SHABBY DOLL from Walter in the Apartment world,
it seems like you don?t have to hit him so much to bring him down.
And it doesn?t matter if the doll is in your inventory or in
the box. The weird thing here is just that the process should be
the otherway around. If you don?t accept the doll he will be
easier to kill? Strange.
Since the SHABBY DOLL is the most mysterious item in the game
I am sure it will be good for more stuff.

If you didn?t take the SHABBY DOLL you won?t have to remove all
the demons (and you can let Eileen walk down) in your home 
to get a better ending. But remove as many as you can in any case.
Read more about this in the Secrets / Rumours / Other section.

There is another way to affect the ending as well, 
if you have driven all the demons away from your apartment 
and you have saved Eileen you will get the best ending. 
If she dies and your room is filled with demons you have 
to watch the bad ending. 
I guess that there is more endings as well, havn?t been able
to confirm these ending but hold on it will come.
If you have some info about this, e-mail me, and recive credit.

???????????????????? VII.[THANKS / UPDATE INFO] ??????????????????

Thanks to Konami, for doing the Silent Hill games.
Thanks to gameFAQS for running the best 
\"walktrough site\" on the net.
Thanks to IGN for running the best gaming-site on the net.
Thanks to John \"Juden\" Abrahamsson & Jonas \"Sudden\" Sundé® 
for giving me this game. 
Also thanks to Christian Fridell for his bad jokes when
we played this game!
Thanks to Alastair McGovern for his nice suggestions
and for the theory with the golf-clubs.
Thanks to Nepsa.

This guide will be updated with more info, 
some more sections and reader submissions.  
So, please mail me if you have some 
good information or about items that I have missed.
Of course you?ll recive credit.

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