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Shadow of the Colossus PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Check out our cheats which includes unlocking Dormin, unlocking Brown Agro and unlocking Hard mode.

More Shadow of the Colossus PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Shadow of the Colossus please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PlayStation 4

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Unlock Dormin

Defeal ALL 16 Colossi to unlock Dormin, the demon Colossus.

Unlock Brown Agro:

PS2_Shadow of the Colosus

Unlock Dormin:

Defeal ALL 16 Colossi to unlock Dormin, the demon Colossus.

Unlock Brown Agro:

Defeat ALL 16 Colossi and get ALL items in Normal Time Attack mode. Then at the 'Title' screen hold 'Square'.

Unlock White Agro:

Defeat ALL 16 Colossi and get ALL items in Hard Time Attack mode. Then at the 'Title' screen hold 'Circle'.

Unlock Reminisce Mode:

Go to the corpse of the Colossi and press 'Circle' to pray. The graphics in this mode will change to an old film appearance.

Unlock 'Hard' Mode:

When you have beaten the game you will get the option of starting a new ga..

Various unlockables

Unlock 'Hard' mode:

Beat the game to get the option of starting a new game in 'Hard' mode on the 'Title' screen.

Unlock 'Time Attack' mode:

Beat the game and load your save data then pray in front of any Colossus statue by pressing the 'O' button to unlock 'Time Attack' mode.

Time Attack Rewards - Normal mode

Whistling Arrow: Defeat 2 Colossi

Cloak of Force: Defeat 4 Colossi

Mask of Strength: Defeat 6 Colossi

Lizard Detection Stone: Defeat 8 Colossi

Fruit Tree Map: Defeat 10 Colossi

Mask of Power: Defeat 12 Colossi

Cloak of Deception: Defeat 14 Colossi

Flash Arrow/Brown Agro: Defeat all Colossi

Time Attack Rewards - Hard mode

The white taled lizerds and the 17th colossus

The white taled lizerds:

You know the white talled lizerds at every save point? Well to start things off... DON'T KILL THEM!!!

Just shoot the talles and walk up to them the, lizerds will run away but there tales will be pined down by your arrow and if you come back after some time there talles will grow back, you can do this over and over and over as much as you want! This is a great idea to max yourself out

17th colossus:

Besides the 16 colossusi you have to kill in the game there is a 17th one. To git to the beast you must first beat hard time attack mode and make sure you have a fairly big grip bar.

OK know that thats over with ride all the way to the back of the shrine tell you come to some moss growing on the wall. Now this is where it gi..

The main thing people talk about with this game ..

The main thing people talk about with this game is the colossi but there are alot of small things that make this game that little bit more special.

Take argo your trusty horse you have loads of things to do with him you can do the western start of were argo stands on his hind legs while writhing his hend then jump off into an amazing gallop at unprecidented speed.

Then for the best trick hold down r1 push forward on your left analogue stick and stand on argos saddle then head in the flight path of an oversoaring eagle then jump and hold r1 to grap hold of it's legs and fly round and one of my favorite tricks is to turn round and land back on argos saddle.

Argo can also help with a bit of target practise just draw your bow and fire an arrow full pelt at hi..

Hint on the last boss

You know how there is like a big glowing ring on his arm that you can't get past?

Well all you have to do is get on his hand by stabing him in the back and jumping on his hand. Then you have to jump (run) up his arm and stab him in the area that has a piece of armor missing.

Then you jump on his hand when he brings it over and grab, last you have to shoot him with your bow in the shoulder and the boss will bring his hand over and then jump on to his shoulder and then climb on his head and stab!!!

Things to do and get in Shadow of the colossus

There's actually more things to do than you think in shadow of the Colossus, You can get more items which well make it much easier to beat the colossi (plus they're pretty cool)

You must have beat the game at least one to do this (since you need to have unlocked time attack mode).

Go in front of a colossi statue and pray to start to time attack mode. Here are the items you get and what they do:

Whistling arrow: averts the colosises attention

Cloak of Force: Inncreases your strength to inflict greater wounds upon a Colosi

Mask of Strength: basically the same as Cloak of force exept it is a mask

Fruit tree map: displays all the fruit trees in the land on your map

Lizard detection stone: Detects Lizards with white tails and displays their area on your map

Recover health faster

Here all you have to do is tap R1 so that your player sits down and stands up. Do this again and again and believe me that you will be able to recover faster and your health will be at it's maximum in no time.

The 3rd colossus

If you are having troble getting on to the colossus well read this.

Theres 4 steps

Step one: see the stone in the shape of an 0 get him to smash his sword on the it then his stone plating will break living you a path to his head and stomach

Step two:get him to smash his sword on the ground(not on the stone).

Step three: after he smashs his sword in the ground run up it.ohh and hold on.then get his head after go to his stomach

Hope it help!

Damage with out sword

When ever you are not on the colossus shoot arrows or explosive arrows at it's weak points to cause damage so you won't have to do that amount while on the weak points this is very useful during time attack

Don't Eat The Fruit!

When you get to the secret garden above the castle where (Traveler)Mono's loved one sleeps,do NOT I repeat do NOT eat the fruit on the trees in the "Secret Garden".If you eat the fruit your Stamina Meter (Red Circle)will be the same as it was when you started the game.(It will be really small)

Look for Giants

To look for giants hold O and it will hold up your sword and the ray of the light will direct it to the Colossus you have to fight.

The secret garden

You can get to the secret garden without owning the pal version.

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