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Monster Hunter Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Monster Hunter

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Check out our cheats which includes item doubling, item combinations and recovering health on a mission.

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We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Monster Hunter please send them in here.

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Monster Hunter cheats

Town of Hunters:
Complete successfully all Offline Quests.
Recover Health on a Mission:
Find the hut that you start at and press 'X' by the bed and your character sleeps and recovers health.

Item combinations
Ancient Potion:
Kelbi Horn + Immunizer

Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom
Antidote Flute:
Flute + Antiseptic Stone

Antidote S:
Antidote Herb + Huskberry

Antiseptic Stone:
Earth Crystal + Bitterbug

Armor Flute:
Mega Armorskin + Med Monster Bone

Armor S:
Huskberry + Armor Seed
Catalyst + Armor Seed

Arrowana Bait:
Cricket + Bugbopper

Bomb Material:
Sap Plant + Stone..

easy money (lvl 3+ hunters)

(you have to be good at killing kut-ku 10- min.) kill him harvest him so that you get prise money and sell the items.(kut ku armor:attack up small)

Great Sword Combat #3

Combo #4 - The Circle
This combo alternates between the Vertical Slice and the Horizontal Slash.
However, unlike the Walk, this combo uses the Horizontal Slash's
ability to turn to the left to move in a circular fashion around the
wyvern. This is a good strategy if you don't really care what part
of the wyvern you hit so long as you keep hitting it. Another benefit of
this combo is that you don't have to stop and start again because you stay
close to the wyvern.
An excellent example of when to use this combo is against Yian Kut-Ku.

How to avoid from stealing of cats from you?

Just bring lots of FELVINES, if you will be hit by a cat they will get or steal your felvine first! This hint is not too important, but it is important, to avoid your rare items to be steal by cats.

Lots of money for begginers

First buy an iron pickaxe or two(160z or 320z, depending on how many you buy)from the store(because they can break suprisingly quickly, one broke after one use). Then go talk to the chief and take the third 1-star quest; item finding. When you start the quest only take the rations and first-aid kits.
Don't leave the starting area yet, go to the right side of the wooden jetty and catch all the fish you can. Now leave the area into area one and search through the dung by the waters edge on the right; if you only find dung discard it but if you find kut-ku scales KEEP THEM, if you sell them you get 250z each.
Now kill and carve every monster in that area, your not looking for meat your looking for sm monster bones(10z each). Now go to area 2; as soon as you enter the..

Easy kill on the basarios.

Ok you start off the quest with a gunbow when you first get into area two clear the ioprey and get the Basarios's attention get him to run into the explosive rocks. After he's run into them get him by the crack in the wall were you mine when he's there run behind the big pile of rocks so he's stuck on one
Side and your safe on the other. When he tries to charge he should just get jammed in place. Now have fun blasting away at him. The only thing you have to worry about is his fire beam and the vespoid. I hope this hint helped someone out their and if you need help on any other monsters or quests just ask.

Easy way to carve up a vespoid

I found out that instead of crafting the hydra bite and spending all that money all you need to do to be able to carve up a vespoid is to kick it until it falls. Saves you alot of money

How to lock with a lance or a great sword

To lock with a lance you'll need a lance with over 450 power or more (eg. Greayburg , black dragon spear)
When you get near 2 a wyverns head use the lance so you hit it's head and it sould stagger, time this right every hit and it will keep staggering and will not be able to move.
Eventually it will die and you will have sucesfully locked a wyvern
To lock with a greatsword you'll need a greatsword with over 500 power.
The same as the lance aproach the head and strike down with the lance , then swing it round the side , then up swing it.
Time it right and you'll keep making it stager.
Eventually it will die.
Congrats to those who manage locking it is not easy but is possible

Kut-Ku scales

Choose any one or two star quest. On the right-hand side of area one, you will see a pile of dung. Search it. Every other time you do a one or two star quest, and you search the dung, you will find a Kut-Ku scale. (Which is very valuable).

Items Cobinations #2

Herbal Medicine- Cactus Flower + Bitterbug
Immunizer Dragon- Toadstool + Catalyst
Lg. Barrel Bomb -Gunpowder + Lg. Barrel
Lifecrystals- Godbug + Wyvern Fang
Lifepowder- Lifecrystals + Wyvern Claw
Max Potion- Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool
Mega Armor -Skin Armorskin + Pale Extract
Mega Demon Drug- Demondrug + Khezu Extract
Mega Juice- Power Extract + Well-Done Steak
Mega Nutrients- Nutrients + Honey
Mega Potion- Potion + Honey
Net- Spiderweb + Ivy
Normal S Lv2- Huskberry + Needleberry
Normal S Lv3 -Huskberry + Rumblefish
Nutrients -Blue Mushroom + Godbug
Paint S -Paintberry + Huskberry
Paintball- Sap Plant + Paintberry
Pellet S Lv1- Huskberry + Scatternut
Pellet S Lv2 -Huskberry..

Unlock the dung stuff!

To unlock the dung bomb combine bomb material+dung.
To unlock the dung S combine dung+huskberry.

Kut ku scales farming

Everyone always says look throug the dung on forest and hills for easy scales. Well there is a way easier way.Sign up for a quest that takes place in the jungle area EX:Mushroom hunt. Once you start head to zone 6"The wyverns nest" and kill whatever is there.Now as I pointed out, head to the dung and start searching. Once you are done, head over to the eggs (on the ledge).Search the big root on the left of the eggs to get 4 kut ku scales.Now finish the quest and you will have many kut ku scales.

Item doubling

To double items you need to have at least another person to help u.
First go on a quest that you think will be easy to finish. Then give the other player as much as they want and then abonden the quest and let the other player finish the quest. When you get back to the tarevan you will stiff have the item and the other person has it to
Note:this only works with items that are 3 and lower

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