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Monster Hunter



by Peekuhchew9090


FAQ/WALKTHROUGH BY: Peekuhchew9090 (Paul Nguyen)
For: Playstation 2


1. Introduction                                       (AB)
2. Basics                                             (ABC)
3. Walkthrough                                        (ABCD)
	ONE STAR QUESTS                                 (1star)
		Basics:Finding Raw Meat                   (1a)
		Basics:Preparing Meat                     (1b)
		Basics:Searching for Items                (1c)
		Basics:Combining Items                    (1d)
		Basics:Fishing                            (1e)
	TWO STAR QUESTS                                 (2star)
		Your First Monster Hunt                   (2a)
		Mushroom Picking                          (2b)
		Present for the Armorer                   (2c)
		Help for the Festival                     (2d)
		Raid the Wyvern's Nest                    (2e)
	THREE STAR QUESTS                               (3star)
		The Formidable Velocidrome                (3a)
		Slay the Velociprey                       (3b)
		The Mushroom Hunt	                        (3c)
		Slay the Yian Kut-Ku                      (3d)
		Jungle Menace                             (3e)
		Liver of Legend                           (3f)
		Find the Wyvern Eggs                      (3g)
		Trouble in the Forest                     (3h)
	FOUR STAR QUESTS                                (4star)
		The Land Shark                            (4a)
		Catch a Yian Kut-Ku                       (4b)
		Slay the Velociprey Pack                  (4c)
		Velocidrome Redux	                        (4d)
		Bring Me Eggs                             (4e)
		Attack of the Giant Bugs                  (4f)
		Slay the Genprey                          (4g)
		Slay the Gendrome                         (4h)
		Ioprey Hunting                            (4i)
		Slay the Gypceros!                        (4j)
	FIVE STAR QUESTS                                (5star)
		Attack of the Rathalos                    (5a)
		Catch a Rathalos                          (5b)
		Deliver Three Wyvern Eggs                 (5c)
		Gendrome Redux                            (5d)
		Fang of the Iodrome                       (5e)
		Water Wyvern in the Desert                (5f)
		Basarios: Unseen Peril                    (5g)
		Queen of the Desert                       (5h)
		Slay the Rathian                          (5i)
		Horn of the Monoblos                      (5j)
	SECRET QUESTS                                   (6star)
		The Runaway Diablos                       (6a)
		The Shadow of the Cave                    (6b)
		Terror of the Gravios                     (6c)
		Handle with Care                          (6d)
		Troublesome Pair                          (OMG)
4. Weapons and Armor                                  (ABCDE)
5. Item Combinations                                  (ABCDEF)
6. Monsters                                           (ABCDEFG)
7. Versions and Thanks                                (ABCDEFGH)

1.(AB)     -----INTRODUCTION-----

     This is my first walkthrough, so don't blame me for some crap 
that I made a mistake on. This is based on the Monster Hunter game for 
PS2. It can also be played online, but I don't have a network adaptor, 
so ha, this is purely offline. My guide will cover the basics, 
controls, weapons, armor, item combinations, monsters, and quests. I 
have been playing for a total of about half a year now(i stopped and 
started a new file mid-way) so yeah. Hopefully my guide will help you 
people out there, so yeah. I used the letters of the alphabet in my 
search system, so have fun. (CTRL+F, type in search letters, find next) 
Okay, now that thats been done, we get to go on to the basics!

2.(ABC)     -----BASICS-----

     Alright, so Monster Hunter has been around for some time now, and 
now I feel like I should write a Walkthrough just because I'm bored. 
I've had this game since it came out, so yeah, I've been bored.
     This game requires you(the player) to attack with the right 
analog stick, so moving the camera around might be kinda difficult for 
you guys. To move the camera around, you use the directional pad, or 
arrow buttons. You can also auto-center the screen by using the L1 
button.Move around with the left analog stick. X button is the action 
button. It is used to search, climb, jump, talk, confirm, and deliver. 
The O button is used to dodge, or sidestep if you are using the lance. 
WILL GET OWNED IF YOU DON'T. The Square button is the "items" button, 
or it is used to use items. The triangle button brings up the "Wisdom 
of the Chief" menu, but can only be used in the earlier stages of the 
game. The R1 button is used to block(you can just click R1 with your 
weapon sheathed and you will automatically bring your weapon out and 
block). The R2 button is used to sprint your ass off. This consumes the 
yellow bar, or Stamina bar. If it gets into the red zone, then you will 
basically be walking. When you let go after it is depleted completely, 
you will stop and breathe for a moment before being able to control 
your character again. The L2 button is used to scroll through your 
usable items list. Hold down L2 and scroll with Square or O. Let go to 
set your current item and use with Square. R3 is used for online games, 
where your current location is revealed with a signal on the map. R3 is 
a kick attack, where your hunter kicks the ground. You can also kick an 
enemy monster. I killed a Kelbi in about 30-35 kicks :). Start brings 
up the menu, where you can do all sorts of things, and select isn't 
used.So if this is getting you confused, well here you go(i just though 
about it while I was typing and I didn't feel like erasing).

Left Analog Stick- Move your Hunter
Right Analog Stick- Attack
Directional Pad/Arrow Buttons- Camera
X Button- Search,climb,jump,talk,confirm,deliver
O Button- Dodge, back/sidestep(with lance)
Square Button- Use current equipped item
Triangle Button- Bring up "Wisdom of the Chief"
R1 Button- Block
R2 Button- Sprint
L1 Button- Center Camera
L2 Button- Enable scrolling of items list
Start Button- Brings up menu
Select Button- ~not used~

Now that you got the controls, you can now move on to the real 

3. (ABCD)     -----Walkthrough-----

     Now that you have gotten the controls in your head,you need to 
start a new game and character. If you already have, then let's get 
going. Basically, you start off in a village where nothing is really 
happening. Inside your house, you need to get to the village chief, so 
get the hell over there. He is the old man across from the weapons and 
armor shop next to the guy laying against the tree. Talk to him and he 
will give you 1500Z(zeni) to spend on armor. What I did was not use 
that money at all, but you can get whatever you like. Now go talk to 
him again and start the urgent quest.
     --NOTE--I have excluded the "URGENT QUEST" label, so the first 
quest in every star is the urgent quest.

     This is the first set of quests you will receive. These are 
obviously the easiest and are going to take the least amount of time. 
It has a total of 5 quests which teaches you the basics.


Gathering Quest

Reward: 50z 	Contract: 0z 	Time: 50 minutes 	
Area: Forest and Hills 		Special Conditions: None


     Requestor: Village Chief
First, a little trial. Hunt down an Aptonoth and harvest the meat. 
Deliver 2 pieces of Raw Meat and you'll complete your first quest!

Battle Plan.....

	Within the camp, you have a series of things that you might want 
to do. One would be to walk towards the blue box next to you. This will 
update your "Wisdom of the Chief". Push X to it and take out all the 
contents. Now use L2 and hold it down. Push Square or O to scroll to 
the rations(the meat). Let go of L2 and push Square to use it. Eat both 
rations to fill your stamina gauge to the max. You should do this at 
the beginning of EVERY quest. Then update your "Wisdom of the Chief" 
even further by walking to the bed inside the tent. Go out and approach 
the red box leaning against the tent. After updating, go through the 
little tunnel towards Area 1. Every time your leave an area and go to 
another one, it will bring up a screen with the map on it. This is 
Monster Hunter's load screen. I just thought you might want to know 
that. Once you gain control of your character again, run left all the 
by using the map until you get to the entrance to Area 2. Head there. 
From here, continue up on the map to Area 3 and in this area is the 
furthest you can go. At the top of Area 3 on the map are mushrooms that 
you might want to search. If you are having trouble locating it, it is 
past the small pathway that seems to shrink near the entrance. Go up 
ahead and keep going until it looks like you are going to fall 
off(which you can't). Now head left and you will see a massive boulder 
blocking the way to another Area and a set of rocks with mushrooms next 
to them. Search with X. Hopefully you will find the Nitroshroom, which 
you will need later on. Special Mushrooms are also helpful in getting 
you more zeni. 
	When you are searching, some messages might come up. These can 
show that you found something, you didn't find anything yet, or just 
that there isn't anything else to find. Use this to tell whether you 
are done or not. ALWAYS SEARCH UNTIL IT SAYS "There is nothing else 
here". That means you are done.

	Once you are done searching, go back to Area 2. In Area 2 you 
will find 2 big ledges where you can climb with X and a vine on the 
bigger ledge that you can also climb with X. Get onto the bigger ledge 
in whichever way you see fit and search in the set of vines at the top 
of the climbable vines. If you are smart, you will know that the area 
to search that i am talking about it that green pile of grass. Search 
and you will receive Ivy, another material you will need. Take as much 
as you can and then get your hunter back to the main level of Area 2. 
Near the bigger ledge is a tree with a small plant sprouting next to 
it. Search to get Herbs. When you get all that you can, head back to 
Area 1. Destroy the Aptonoth with your Hunter's Knife. Remember to 
attack using the Right Analog Stick and not the shape buttons(if you 
play Soul Calibur, Tekken, and all that jazz).
	If you are running and hit push the Right Analog Stick in any 
direction, you will get a dash attack, which is usually really strong. 
If you just stand still and push down on the Right Analog Stick, you 
will receive the same attack. Standing still and pushing the Right 
Analog Stick in any other way will just make your hunter unsheathe his 
or her weapon.

Down- Dash Attack
Up- Down-Slash
Left- Side-Slash
Right- Side Slash

Combos: DASH,up,up,up,left/right (use left/right when your hunter 
starts using the shield hit.

	Now that you are actually attacking for the first time, you will 
think about what you are doing. Your weapon is the beginner weapon. It 
is weak...REALLY you will be smart and aim for one Aptonoth 
at a time. Killing the smallest Aptonoth there is easiest, because he 
is the child. Now once you have killed him, sheathe your weapon(X or 
Square) and carve your kill(X). You can carve Aptonoth twice, so don't 
forget that. After carving, you might get 2 Raw Meats. If you do, don't 
stop killing them. Kill them all and carve them all until they are all 
gone. Remember, Aptonoth will run away when attacked or defend 
themselves for a while and then run, so keep your eyes on your prey and 
kick his ass. If you receive the message "Weapon Power has Decreased", 
then that is your cue that you have been attacking a lot and now you 
need to use a whetstone to restore your sharpness and power. Use the 
Mini Whetstone you got from the blue box and then kill some more. When 
you get all your carves, you should have more than 2, so go back to 
camp and deliver the meat by pushing X to the red box. Now you can just 
wait for 20 seconds.
	After every quest, you have the ability to take reward items and 
money. Take all the rewards that you can carry(sometimes, you get more 
than 5 crickets) and take the money, save if you like, and then come 
back home.


Now that you are back, go back inside your house and approach the 
little chest inside. Use Square to open up a menu. Pick Store Item and 
store all the unneccessary items in your bag(basically everything). Now 
quit out of that menu and go back outside and Accept quest 2.


Gathering Quest

Reward: 50z	Contract: 0z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Village Chief
You can't eat Raw Meat! You've got to cook it first! I want you to 
barbeque some meat and bring a piece back to the camp!

Battle Plan.....

HAVE TO COOK RAW MEAT. Take all the items in the blue box and go to 
Area 3 and get shrooms. Get Ivy from Area 2. Kill Aptonoth in Area 1 
and carve meat. Cook meat for Well-Done Steak.
	Cooking meat isn't that hard, but a person with HORRIBLE timing 
will get owned. First you need raw meat and a barbeque spit. You 
automatically get a barbeque spit from the supplies and you have to 
carve for the meat. After carving, Scroll through the usable items (L2) 
until you reach the BBQ SPIT item. Use it. I suggest you use it in a 
bright area and not a dark one because then you won't be able to see 
the change in color. You will hear a short tune. When the tune ends, 
the meat will change color really quick, and then shortly after, it 
will be black. If you push X too soon, you will get Rare Steak. Too 
late and you will receive a Burnt Meat. If you do it WAYWAYWAY too 
soon, it will still be a raw meat. At the precise time, you will 
receive a Well-Done Steak. Carve as many raw meats as you can and make 
a total of 10 Well-Done Steaks. Then deliver one and grab the rewards.


CARRY WITH YOU ARE THE BOOKS OF COMBOS (unless you are going to kill 


Gathering Quest

Reward: 50z	Contract: 0z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Village Chief
You can find all sorts of useful items during a hunt. Search around and 
bring me 2 Herbs and 1 Spiderweb.

Battle Plan.....

	Get your supplies(you don't need to take the Normal Lv.1 ammo 
anymore) and go out to Area 3 again. Gather, go to Area 2. Get the 
Herbs and climb to get the Ivy. At the top of the ledge, go into the 
newly-opened area to Area 6. Area 6 is a cliff area, where to get to 
the top, you need to climb....a lot. Now start at the right side and 
climb up 3 ledges. Then climb the Vines to the top and then another set 
of vines up. Climb up the next ledge and another set of vines and there 
you will see the Spiderweb right across from you. Grab as much as you 
can and then drop ALL THE WAY DOWN...(it won't hurt you). Go back to 
camp and deliver. You have just added another item that you will grab 
during every run around the Forest and Hills(unless you are doing quest 
level 3 and up).
Now that you have gotten more items, store them and go outside. You 
will see one lady with a basket on her head, a man and woman talking to 
each other about a famous gunner, and a woman across from your house 
selling goods. If you didn't buy any equipment at the beginning of the 
game, then you will be happy. From this lady, you can buy Old and Iron 
Pickaxes, items you will need to upgrade the most important weapons in 
the game including your current one. Buy 5 Iron Pickaxes (not old) and 
start your next quest.	



Gathering Quest

Reward: 50z	Contract: 0z	Time: 50 mintes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Village Chief
You can combine items to make new ones! Start with the basics: a 
Potion! You'll need a Blue Mushroom, and... Oh, what was the other....?

Battle Plan.....

	That other item he forgot would be the Herb. Go do the run again 
and once you get the Spiderweb from Area 6, stop. From here, turn your 
screen to face the spiderweb(like after climbing up the vines).Then 
turn 90 degrees to the left and you will see another ledge. Hug the 
right wall and RUN TOWARDS THAT LEDGE and your hunter will 
automatically jump. From this ditch, climb up the small ledge next to 
you and then up the other to get to the top. From here, you are going 
to want to walk up to that brown stain on the edge of the ground. From 
here, you want to drop down and then you will be in a massive hole. In 
this hole is a big crack in the wall, also being a giant letter X. 
Switch to your Pickaxes and use it against the mining spot to mine. 
Every X you see, you are going to want to mine. 
	If you are lucky, you will find an Earth Crystal, which is 
important for those Rust Weapons, or just to upgrade your weapon even 
further. Most likely, you will get Iron Ore, which you will need to 
bump your Hunters Knife up a level. Sometimes, your Pickaxe will break. 
This is common, but VERY common with the old pickaxe. If you are ever 
doing a run where you are mining, NEVER bring along bugnets and search 
for bugs. It will fill up your inventory VERY quickly, crowding 
everything. This also applies to searching for bugs. DONT MINE.
	When you can't mine anymore, drop to the bottom and head into 
Area 8(another new location). Here is where you will find your Blue 
Mushrooms, which you want a lot of. Search the big area of mushrooms up 
ahead and gather them. Once you are done searching, bring up the 
menu(start) and go to "Combine". From here, select your first 
material(doesn't matter which one). Pick Herb or Blue Mushroom, and 
then select the other material and combine. You will either get 
Garbage(you messed up) or a Potion. If you don't get any garbages, then 
you are lucky. Pat yourself on the back. Now get 2 Potions and then 
head out of there to the camp and deliver.

If you dropped down to 3 Pickaxes left, buy 2 more and then head out. 3 
is the least you want. If you mined an Iron Ore from the run, bring it 
to the weapons and armor dealer across from the village chief. Talk to 
the guy to the right(if you were facing them directly). Confirm 
"weapons" and then "improve weapon". Select the weapon you wish to 
improve(Hunters Knife) and select the weapon you wish to upgrade 
into(Hunter's Knife+). Almost every weapon has a  "+". It doesn't 
change the looks, but does change the power and sharpness. Upgrade and 
then move on.


Gathering Quest

Reward: 50z	Contract: 0z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Village Chief
You can use the fish you catch in all sorts of ways! Catch a Health-
restoring Sushifish and bring it back to the camp!

Battle Plan.....

	Grab the 10 worms from your supplies and go do the run. When you 
are done and are searching for mushrooms in Area 8, go up into Area 10 
when you are done. Area 9 is usually full of Melynx unless you are 
doing a Velociprey quest. At Area 10, between the entrance to Area 3 
and the pond is a tree with mushrooms next to it. This is another 
searching area added to the run. When done, go to Area 11 where you 
will fish for the Sushifish. The Bullfango in this area is very 
relentless, as all Bullfango are, but it will be no problem if you 
learn how to defend properly and know when to attack. As you enter, the 
Bullfango will start charging right away. You will know if you see him 
scratching the ground with his front right leg 3 times. Right after the 
third, he will attack. Sometimes when you hit him enough, he will 
stagger and shake his head. After shaking his head, he will attack 
right away, so thats your cue to block(R1). After slaying him and 
carving, go underneath the fallen tree and search. Sometimes, your 
hunter will just jump up and grab onto the tree, so just crouch with 
O(while standing still) and go underneath and then search. When done, 
Go past the fallen tree to the left and you can climb up the 
waterfall(ledges). Climb up 2 ledges, run up one and climb another one 
and you will find another area to mine(you won't see an X, but the X 
over the Iron Pickaxe icon will disappear). This will be the final 
addition to the Forest and Hills run. When you are done, drop back down 
and then start fishing at the edge of the water.
	The strategy to fishing is based on how you watch the fish. You 
can see small fish in the pond. Watch them closely as well as your 
bobber. When you see a fish coming towards the bobber, get ready to 
push the X button. If you see your bobber simply create a small ripple, 
then pushing X will get you nothing. If you are a beginner, then this 
is common. When you get the hang of it, you will know exactly when to 
push it. The right time to push it is when the bobber sinks below the 
surface and creates a big ripple. It will sink quickly, and will give 
you little time to react. Its kinda like barbequeing. If you are too 
early, you get nothing. Too late and you lose your bait (sometimes). At 
the right time, you win.

	When you use up all 10 worms, go back to camp. If you didn't 
catch a single Sushifish, then you better go back and grab the other 10 
worms and come back. If you did catch at least one, then grab the other 
worms and fish at the fishing point in the camp. Why you couldn't fish 
here was because there are no Sushifish here. When you are out of 
worms, deliver and you have just cleared Quest Level 1 Star!!!!!!!!! 


Note that there is also a mining point in Area 6, but it isn't 
neccessary to get it. You can get it if you want( i do), but you don't 
really need to. Now that we know the run for Forest and Hills, I will 
list it again in case you have forgotten. I am also going to include 
the Area 6 addition in another run you can do. The one I told you to do 
is the first one.

Run A
1. Area 3  Mushrooms
2. Area 2  Herbs
3. Area 2  Ivy
4. Area 6  Spiderwebs
5. Area 6  Mine
6. Area 8  Mushrooms
7. Area 10 Mushrooms
8. Area 11 Mine
9. Complete the Quest

Run B
1. Area 2  Herbs
2. Area 2  Ivy
3. Area 6  Spiderwebs
4. Area 6  Mine
5. Area 5  Mine
6. Area 3  Mushrooms
7. Area 10 Mushrooms
8. Area 11 Mine
9. Area 8 Mushrooms
10. Complete the Quest

	Both runs are effective and can earn you important supplies, so 
doing them over and over is very wise. Mining is the main thing in 
these runs, so don't forget to mine. If you run out of money, mine 
until you lose all your pickaxes. Then buy 5 at once when you get the 
 Now that you have completed Quest Level 1 Star, your next objective is 
the Urgent quest for quest level 2. Upgrade your weapon if you get the 
chance and then start the quest(if you go even further and get the 
chance to upgrade to either Serpent Bite or Hunter's Dagger, get enough 
supplies to get the Hunter's Dagger. Upgrade it completely until you 
get the Assassin's Dagger and then stop. You will not need to upgrade 
beyond there.

	These series of quests are particularly harder than the Quest 
Level 1 Star quests, but there are still only 5 quests, so it should be 
fairly short. Your first monster hunt is located in this level, so good 

(2a) Your First Monster Hunt!

Hunting Quest

Reward: 200z	Contract: 100z	Time: 40 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Village Guard
HELP! The children are being attacked by small, blue monsters called 
Velociprey! 3 of the beasts are outside! Do something!

Battle Plan.....

	Okay... Now this is your first monster hunt, so you will have to 
adapt quickly. Your objective is to kill 3 Velociprey. Nothing, hard 
right? Wrong. There are several reasons why it might be hard.

1. You are very early in the game, so not many weapons can be obtained.
2. Your weapon is very weak.
3. It will take long for you to kill one single Velociprey with that 
4. Your weapon probably won't have any sharpness.
5. 3 Velociprey in one area is scary.
6. You probably don't have any armor if you followed my walkthrough.

	So now that you understand why it might be hard, think of the 
advantages of taking this quest!

1. You will progress in the game.
2. You will be better than that gay Village Guard whose supposed to be 
protecting the kids.
3. You can finally get closer to that Rathalos quest.
4. You have more choices between armor and weapons.
5. You will get to kill Velociprey!

	Okay. Now all you have to do is go to Area 8 for that fight. For 
this quest, I suggest that you don't do any runs AT ALL. Just get it 
over with and then you can do it. If you were vigilant enough to 
acquire the Hunter's Dagger, then hurray for you. It's not that easy 
making all that money and mining all that ore early. But if you kicked 
it up a notch and got the Assassin's Dagger, then OH MY GOD, YOU WILL 
OWN THESE BLUE BITCHES! All you need to kill a Velociprey is 2 hits 
from the Assassin's Dagger, so good job. But most likely, you wouldn't 
have gotten that, so let's just stick with the plan. Grab the supplies 
and run to Area 8 for a cutscene. After watching these monsters eat and 
howl, its your turn. Move your hunter to the left side instead of the 
right(don't go towards the mushrooms). Climb up the 2 ledges and your 
first target will be in front of you. Remember to block and dodge using 
R1 and O. Velociprey are easily conquered, but they can hurt you if you 
suck and don't have any defense(which you don't have right now). Also, 
use the dash attack and then the shield attack and side-slash combo. If 
you can pull that move in, then good job. The other Velociprey should 
come pretty soon, so act fast. The Velociprey and all the preys(ioprey 
and genprey) disappear quickly after death, so getting a carve in with 
this much pressure is hard. Kill off the other 2 and you win.


	Now if you want, go back to the first few quests that let you 
mine and then mine for some more ore. The most you will need right now 
is Earth Crystal because they are very rare. Hopefully, you will get 
enough money to upgrade your weapon. Anyways, back to the game.

(2b) Mushroom Picking

Gathering Quest

Reward: 180z	Contract: 90z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Loving Sibling
I want to send some Special Mushrooms to my brother in town. But there 
are too many monsters. Please bring 7 Special Mushrooms to me.

Battle Plan.....

	First off, all those mushroom patches that I informed you of 
during the "runs" have special mushrooms now, so go do the runs. If you 
forgot, the patches are in Areas 3, 8 ,and 10. Go search there and then 
finish. You can also visit area 6 and observe the Mosswine. They always 
sniff out Special Mushrooms. If you need extra because you couldn't 
reach 7, go to Area 7 and search around the entire place for 
Felvine(unless you have it already) and Insect Husks. Talk to the old 
man if you have them and he'll trade you Special Mushrooms for them.


(2c) Present for the Armorer

Gathering Quest

Reward: 200z	Contract: 100z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Veteran Armorer
The decorations on Bowguns have always been made from the horns of 
Kelbi. But we're running out! Can you bring 5 Kelbi Horns to me?

Battle Plan.....


	Now here's a new run to add to your collection. Hopefully, you 
might have the Assassin's Dagger or something strong with nice green 
sharpness. If you don't then you will take just a bit longer. The 
Assassin's can kill a Kelbi in 2 hits and knock it back on the first 
hit, so it will be on the ground and you can just run up to it and hit 
again. So if you have anything like Hunter's Dagger, then that's still 
something. Start by grabbing the supplies and running to Area 1. From 
here, climb the left ledge to Area 8. Go to Area 10 and kill all the 
Kelbi you see. Don't worry they are nothing. When you finish, head into 
Area 11 and mine at the top of the waterfall. Once done, head back to 
10 and once again, kill the Kelbi. Head into Area 3.

A) Ditch all Kelbi in this area if you have at least 5 horns.
B) Kill all Kelbi in this area if you don't have at least 5 horns.

	Once done, head into Area 4 and then into 5. Kill the Velociprey 
and mine. Head into Area 6, drop down from the brown spot and mine. 
Head into Area 2 and then 1 and camp. FINISH!

Mining Run Kelbi

1. Area 10 Kelbi
2. Area 11 Mine
3. Area 10 Kelbi
4. Area 3 Kelbi (optional)
5. Area 5 Mine
6. Area 6 Mine


(2d) Help for the Festival

Gathering Quest

Reward: 180z	Contract: 90z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Town Chief
I'm cooking for a big festival in the town. But I'm running low on 
Well-Done Steaks. Can you bring me 5?

Battle Plan.....

	Now if you are smart, you might actually have some Well-Done 
Steaks as reserve. If not, simply take the BBQ Spit supply item, kill 
Aptonoth, cook, and return. You might even want to do the Mining Run on 
this quest.


(2e) Raid the Wyvern's Nest

Gathering Quest

Reward: 350z	Contract: 100z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Local Doctor
One of the village people has fallen ill. I need a Wyvern Egg to cure 
them. Please sneak into a nest and get an egg for me!

Battle Plan......

	Now to start this quest, you won't need much except for 1 Well-
Done Steak. This isn't necessary, but it might take some time off this 
quest. Make sure you don't eat the Rations if you didn't bring a Well 
Done Steak. Start off by grabbing the supplies and heading off to Area 
3 and then to Area 4. You will see the almighty Rathalos here. You 
might want to start by hiding behind that massive block of rock in 
front of you. When you see him flying up into the air, that's your cue 
to start running to Area 6, so you better run fast! If you made it, 
congrats. If not, you should start over. Now go into Area 6 and slay 
the Velociprey ( 2 hits with Assassin's). Then climb up onto the only 
ledge that you can climb up and find the set of eggs(some are cracked). 
Get near there and eat your rations (or Well-Done Steak, even if you 
just ate your Rations). Search and grab the eggs and move your hunter 
out to Area 4, 3, 10, 8, 1, camp. This is the safe way and requires no 
killing Velociprey and definitely not wasting time to find Rathalos. 
Every single time I did this quest, the only time I saw Rathalos was 
the first time I visited Area 4. If you actually want to go through the 
route 4, 3, 2, 1, camp, then you will have to find the egg and drop it 
right away. Doing this will make all Velociprey appear in Area 2. Go 
there and kill them and come back to Area 6 and go follow that route. 
You will receive an Egg Ticket after this quest. KEEP IT.


Now you must prepare for your very first boss battle! Carry all 
the necessaries and make sure you have the Assassin's Dagger for this 
quest to make it go by faster. If not, go back and do the Mining Run 
Kelbi I told you about. This ensures you have the most ore you can get 
from this level. When you do have the Assassin's, commence the quest. 
You also shouldn't have any armor, so if you have any extra money, just 
start with the 300z set of armor. That's 1500z, which is possible to 
earn quickly after doing the Kelbi quest. Everytime you do that quest, 
always grab all the Kelbi materials and sell them for extra Z.

(3a) The Formidable Velocidrome!

Hunting Quest

Reward: 400z	Contract: 150z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Young Guardsman
After you killed those Velociprey, theif leader showed up! It's bigger, 
and it has an orange crest. Find it and kill it!

Battle Plan......

	To start this quest, you should already have those healing items 
and that very strong Assassin's Dagger. You should also have armor 
items if you have the money. Grab the supplies and make sure you don't 
use those small barrel bombs because you don't need them on this quest. 
The only thing you actually need from the supplies are those paintballs 
and those flashbombs. Grab and go to Area 10, where you get a cut-scene 
of the dreadful monster. He will call many Velociprey to his area, so 
whip out your flashbomb and use 1. Then use your Assassin's Dagger to 
hit each and everyone of those Velociprey ONCE. After that, they should 
be very weak and you can just head for the Velocidrome. Plant as many 
hits as you can until he regains his eyesight. After this, he should 
have a fair amount of his health lost. Use this chance and put on some 
more hits until he leaves the area. This only happens when he is too 
weak to continue. While you are attacking him, some Velociprey should 
have died in the process, so good job. Also take note that when he 
leaves, his lackies follow him. Follow him to the next area (usually 
Area 3) and use that Flashbomb after he summons his allies. You should 
have no problem killing him now that he is this weak. Carve him twice 
and then kill off the remaining Velociprey and carve them if you have 
the time.


(3b) Slay the Velociprey

Hunting Quest

Reward: 300z	Contract: 130z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Proud Farmer
A pack of 10 Velociprey have been preying on my cows! They're too much 
for me to handle. Please get rid of them for me!

Battle Plan......

	Just go to Area 2 and 3 and kill, then to Area 5 and you should 
be done.


(3c) The Mushroom Hunt

Gathering Quest

Reward: 300z	Contract: 150z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Jungle	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Botanist
I finally made it! I have traveled long and far to find rare mushrooms. 
I need 10 Special Mushrooms for my researck. Please find them!

Battle Plan......

	Just head to Area 2 and watch the Mosswine. Every area with 
Mosswine, follow them until they stop and sniff thoroughly, then 
search. Make sure you get the mushrooms in Area 2, 4, 8, 9,10, and just 
trade with that old guy in Area 11 if you come up short.


	Now that you have a greater selection of quests to do, I suggest 
going back to the Mining Run Kelbi and gathering many items. Get enough 
money and go make yourself a Bone Blade. This is a big sword and 
requires lots of money to continue upgrading. Upgrade as much as you 
can until you can't any longer. You can also make the Iron Sword 
instead if you have enough Earth Crystals (which I doubt you do). The 
more ore, then your choice should be the Iron. If you have more bone 
than ore, then Bone should be your pick. Then buy yourself a new set of 
armor. Get the hunter set and if you can, get the following order:
Hunter Helm
Battle Mail
Battle Vambraces
Hunter Tasset
Battle Greaves

(3d) Slay the Yian Kut-Ku

Hunting Quest

Reward: 900z	Contract: 200z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Macho Guardsman
A bird'like Yian Kut-Ku is attacking people all over the place. Show me 
what you're made of by taking it out!

Battle Plan......

	Now this is a difficult task to be given to you. This is your 
first wyvern hunt. If you have the right weapons and armor, then you 
will prevail quickly. First off, you will need a decent set of armor, 
so if you can, make or buy yourself some. If not, then go do the Mining 
Run Kelbi. You should get at least the Velociprey set or Bone set. If 
you don't have it, this quest will be a lot tougher. Next you need the 
weapon. The weapon I suggest you use is the Serpentblade. You should be 
able to get that with the Velocidrome Claws and what not. Just make 
sure you have enough items to get it. You might even want the Vile 
Serpentblade if you want an easier wictory. That's just your option 
though, so go do what you have to do. If you plan doing this quest with 
an Assassin's Dagger, then you will have a longer fight, but hey. 
whatever floats your boat, right?
Now here are the things that you HAVE to have:

10 Potions
10 Mega Potions
10 Herbs (optional)
10 Well-Done Steaks
1 Pitfall Trap
2 Trap Tools (optional)
2 Nets (optional)
3 Large Barrel Bombs
3 Small Barrel Bombs

	The Trap Tools and nets are optional because you don't need to 
use them unless you want a quick fight. This will be discussed later 
on. You can also bring along your Books of Combos if you need, but you 
don't need it if you don't bring your Trap Tools and Nets. 


Start the quest by grabbing everything except the ammo and 
huskberries. You should have lots of things in your inventory, but no 
worries. Now what you do is go to Area 3 and you will see it there. 
Start the fight off by not letting it see you and setting up a Pitfall 
Trap close to the nearby tree but not too close. Then put 2 Large 
Barrel Bombs on it. Now run to the Kut-Ku and get it's attention by 
throwing a Paintball at it. It should look into the air and then you 
will get the Eye Icon that shows it knows you are here. The main 2 
areas you want to hit are the head and tail. You don't have the power 
to winglock or headlock, but hey... whatever. After you hit him, 
sheathe your weapon and lure him into your trap across the area. Once 
he is in, you can set a small barrel bomb and RUN AWAY. The blast will 
hurt you if you get hit. Now after the explosion, run up to him and 
just hit him completely in the face. When he escapes from the trap, you 
have to run away from him until he is about to land. Then throw a 
flashbombs at him and he will be stunned. Make sure he does his roar. 
You will know this when he scratches the ground with his leg. That's 
when you attack. When he regains conscience, run away and he should go 
berserk (breathes fire). Dodge his attacks until he turns to you. Throw 
a flashbomb and he will be stunned. Set up another Pitfall in front of 
him and put a large barrel bomb there. Now make sure you don't hit him. 
When he gets trapped, set off the bomb and just continue hitting him. 
If you were vigilant enough, he should die there. If not, he will 
retreat to Area 4. Go there when he starts limping and set up a trap 
beneath him (look for his shadow). When you are done setting it up, he 
should fall right in. This is when you set up a Large Barrel Bomb and 
set it off. Attack him like crazy and you should be done.


	Okay now this one is a little different. If you don't want to go 
through all the trouble and get 2 trap tools and nets, then just follow 
this. Remember that you still should take a Pitfall Trap with you. Go 
to Area 3 and get the Yian Kut-Ku's attention by painting him. Now 
attack him like crazy. If you need help on when to attack and when not 
to, refer to the Monsters section. Just attack him until he limps, then 
go to Area 4 and do whatever. If you take too long, Kut-Ku will do a 
"chicken run" and jump around when he stops, then he will fly to Area 
4. If he does this, it means that you took too long and he ISN'T as 
weak as when he limps. Just plant the Pitfall anyways and bomb him up.


	NOTE: Congratulations on your first wyvern kill. This is a quest 
that you might want to keep doing when you get the Vile or Great 
Serpentblade. It makes it easier and quicker, and you get plenty of 
money and materials for doing it.

(3e) Jungle Menace

Hunting Quest

Reward: 950z	Contract: 200z	Time: 50 minutes
Area : Jungle	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Jungle Envoy
My village is under attack by a large-eared, bird-like monster. I hear 
that its sensitive to noise. Please slay it for us!

Battle Plan......

	The Yian Kut-Ku starts in Area 2. You will get a cut scene and 
see what he looks like. Go to the bottom of Area 2 on the map and then 
paint him. Now flash him and back up and set up a Pitfall complete with 
2 Large Barrel Bombs. Now hit and lure him into it and do what you did 


(3f) Liver of Legend

Gathering Quest

Reward: 600z	Contract: 150z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Foreign Peddler
I deal in rare items that I find in the desert. I've got a buyer for 
Water Wyvern and Sand Wyvern livers. Deliver 3 livers to me!

Battle Plan......

	Okay. This quest is very annoying at this stage of the game. You 
have a weak weapon and you can probably kill one Cephalos in 5 minutes 
and lose your sharpness. The only thing I ask you to bring are Cool 
Drinks and Sonic Bombs. You only need 2 Cool Drinks because the quest 
supplies you with another 2. The Sonic Bombs will bring the Cephalos to 
the surface in no time if you throw it close enough to them. First, 
start off by eating the rations and drinking a cool drink. Then grab 
the other drinks and go out to Area 2. The Sand Wyverns, or Cephalos, 
are here and in Area 7. Just run up to them (with your GS, of course) 
and wait. When one comes near, throw a Sonic Bomb in that direction and 
it should pop right onto the surface. It should flop around for a 
while, allowing you to put in a few good hits to it's head. When it 
gets up, it has some techniques to do. Just read about the Cephalos in 
the Monsters section. First of all, you want to attack it when it spits 
the sand. Another thing you would like to note is that it only turns to 
it's right, so it is much like the Yian Kut-Ku. Dodge it as needed and 
hit it some more. It might take you some time to kill it, but that's 
why this quest sucks. When it dies, just hope that you carve a Piscine 
Liver. If you don't, just keep killing more Cephalos this way until you 
do. If you end up with no Piscine Livers after depleting your Sonic 
Bomb supply, start over.


(3g) Find the Wyvern Eggs!

Gathering Quest

Reward: 800z	Contract: 200z	Time: 30 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Village Doctor
One of the village people has fallen ill. With 2 Wyvern Eggs I could 
make a remedy. Please get me 2 eggs from a wyvern's nest!

Battle Plan......

	This quest is not much different from the previous egg quest. All 
you have to do is grab the egg and drop it right away. Then clear the 
enemies out of Areas 4, 3, 2, and 1. After doing so, go back and get 
another egg and follow that route to the camp. Now go back to Area 5 
and do the same thing again.


(3h) Trouble in the Forest

Hunting Quest

Reward: 450z	Contract: 150z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Lumberjack
These boar-monsters, the Bullfango, have been a lot of trouble lately. 
Can you thin the herd by 10 head? Much obliged.

Battle Plan......

	This quest is VERY annoying because of the Bullfango. They are so 
numerous an there are many in the same areas. Areas 8, 9, and 10 have 
Bullfango, but I suggest you just clear out areas 8 and 10 because they 
have a big area and not a long one. Make sure you don't stop moving. 
The Bullfango charge at you, so take advantage of this and let them 
charge each other. Then hit them with your GS or whatever weapon you 
have equipped. A sword for this mission is not suggested, but GS is. If 
need be, bring some bombs and set them next to you and when they are 
about to come, set a Small Barrel Bomb and run away. This is not 
recommended, but if you are having trouble, do it.


	This Quest Level features quite easy tasks. It is probably easier 
than Quest Level 3 because of the bigger variety of weapons you can 
make. Prepare for another 2 wyverns and a different type of quest. 
There will also be new enemies, so have fun with this one.

(4a) The Land Shark

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1200z	Contract: 250z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Town Chief
Our pack-animals were eaten by something in the desert. But nobody 
actually saw the monsters attack! Find and slay the alpha monster!

Battle Plan......

	This quest is similar to the "Liver of Legend" quest, but it 
features a stronger and more brutal foe. The Cephadrome is a very 
strong Sand Wyvern, and it releases a paralyzing toxin when it flies 
over you. Bring the Books of Combos with you on this one. Its going to 
get tough. Make sure you get Large Barrel Bombs and Small Barrel Bombs 
along with Large Barrels and Gunpowder. Don't forget to bring Cool 
Drinks because this might get a little hot. The Sonic Bomb number 
should be at 8 because the quest supplies you with 2 anyways and 10 is 
the max that you can hold at once. Now onto the quest!

	Head off to Area 7 to find the Cephadrome in all of its glory. 
The Cephadrome is the black one if you didn't know. It will 
automatically be up on the ground, so try as hard as you can to paint 
him. When he buries into the sand or swims by you, throw you Sonic Bomb 
and he will fly onto the ground. While he is flopping about, you should 
plant the Large Barrel Bombs and set them off. He should be up now, so 
run up to him and start attacking. His attacks are exactly like the 
Cephalos except stronger, and when he flies across the screen and hits 
you, you will be paralyzed. Just attack and bomb him until he is really 
weak. You will know this when he jumps into the sand and flees to Area 
3. Follow him and bomb him or just attack and he should die quickly.


(4b) Catch a Yian Kut-Ku

Capture Quest

Reward: 1000z	Contract: 220z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Stren Scholar
I would like you to find and capture a Yian Kut-Ku alive. I suggest 
using a Pitfall Trap. Good luck, and thanks in advance!

Battle Plan......

	Well, this is the new type of quest I was talking about earlier: 
a Capture quest. This time, you don't get to kill the Yian Kut-Ku, you 
get to catch him (pokemon!). All you need to bring are the healing 
items you usually bring and 2 nets and a trap tool. Also bring 3 Large 
Barrel Bombs and Small Barrel Bombs and the Books of Combos you have. 
Start the quest and grab the items in the supply box. What you don't 
need are the Huskberries and ammo. The other things you do need. Now go 
to Area 2 and clear the entire area out. You should have 5 Velociprey 
kills by now (I do this quest all the time). Now you have 2 choices:
A)	Stay here and wait until 3 minutes and 40 seconds have elapsed
B)	Go to Area 3 and fight right away

If you choose to do option "B", then there will be no point of 
clearing out Area 2, so ignore that and just head off to Area 3 
right away.
If you do what I do and stay at Area 2 until the time left is 
46:20, then the Yian Kut-Ku will come. It will land near the tree 
at the bottom of Area 2 on the map. Wait for him to land and 
paint him. He will look around but will still know you are here, 
so hurry and set up a Pitfall and 2 Large Barrel Bombs. When he 
turns around, lure him in and set them off. Then start beating 
him up. If you were good enough to get him to Fury Mode 
(breathing fire), then lure him away from the bottom of Area 2 
and towards the top. If you are far enough away from him, he will 
fly to you, so get him between the first climbable ledge and the 
nearby tree there. If he is here, run to the opposite end of the 
tree (next to Area 3) and wait for him to do the run attack or 
roar. That's when you attack. If you were good and kept him here 
long enough and weakened him enough, he will limp and fly to area 
4. If not, he will do the "Chicken Run" and fly to Area 4 
anyways. Either way, run there FAST (the reason why I told you to 
lure him to the opposite end of Area 2 is because the Yian Kut-Ku 
flys away ONLY when he reaches the place where he landed, giving 
you enough time to run to Area 4).
Place the Pitfall Trap beneath his shadow and when he is trapped, 
quickly throw your Tranquilier Bombs with extreme accuracy. You 
only need 2 to get him asleep.
Wait for the Kut-Ku to land and start hitting him. This is harder 
because you will have to capture him IN AREA 5! Attack until he 
limps and flies into Area 5 and follow him. Hurry and set up the 
Pitfall Trap and pray that the Velociprey won't bug you. When he 
is in the trap, throw the bombs and then run out of there (if you 
stay and the Velociprey hit Kut-Ku, he will awaken).


(3c) Slay the Velociprey Pack

Hunting Quest

Reward: 500z	Contract: 200z	Time: 20 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Proud Farmer
I had you kill those 10 Velociprey, but now they're back! There's 
20 of them this time. Please take care of it for me, hunter!

Battle Plan......

	Stick with the Assassin's Dagger and clear out areas 6 
first, then 5, 3, and last is 10. 10 is infinite spawn, so have 


(3d) Velocidrome Redux

Hunting Quest

Reward: 600z	Contract: 220z	Time: 30 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Young Guardsman
Another Velocidrome has shown up. Please take care of it for me. 
Wyverns have also been sighted nearby, so be very careful.

Battle Plan......

	The wyvern the guardsman is referring to happens to be the 
massive Rathalos. This wyvern is a deadly one, and it is flying 
around hoping to find you. Just grab some Flashbombs and start 
off in Area 3. Flash and attack. If the Rathalos shows up, paint 
and flash him. Then continue attacking the Velocidrome. When he 
dies, go to Area 10 and kill the other one.


(3e) Bring me Eggs!

Gathering Quest

Reward: 1500z	Contract: 200z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: The Lady Gourmet
I search the world for new tastes and flavors. Now I want to try 
Apceros Eggs. Let's start with 3. Thanks in advance!

Battle Plan......

	Well, this quest is probably the worst of them all. It is the 
first egg quest outside of the Forest and Hills zone, so it will feel 
different. Another reason why it is gay is that the Cephalos are still 
here and there are Genprey protecting Areas 2 and 7. You want to know 
the worst part aout this quest? The Genprey in Area 2 ALWAYS RESPAWN! 
YEAH! YOU HEARD ME! GAY! To start this quest off, you will need power 
or mega juices and well-done steaks. Plenty of well-done steaks. The 
least you should have for these 3 necessary items is 3. Now start off 
by grabbing all the supplies and head off to Area 8 (cave). Run up to 
the eggs and grab one. Now drop it and get out of the cave. Now search 
Area 7 for ANY Genprey and kill them ALL. When done, get back in Area 8 
and kill the Apceros. Now go up to the eggs and eat a Well-Done Steak 
and drink a juice. Now grab the egg and sprint all the way to Area 2. 
In Area 7, hug the right wall completely so the Cephalos don't bug you. 
Don't worry about it, just keep hugging the right wall until you see 
those small twin trees. That's where you will head. REMEMBER: HUG THE 
RIGHT WALL. Once you reach the twin trees, you will automatically reach 
just head to the right of area 2 (left on map). Keep sprinting and zig-
zagging until you reach the Area 6 cave. Go in it and come back out 
right away. This repositions the Genprey and you can just head off to 
the camp to deliver. Now go back to Area 8 and eat and drink again and 
go for a nother 2 times.


(3g) Attack of the Giant Bugs

Hunting Quest

Reward: 400z	Contract: 300z	Time: 50 mintes
Area: Jungle	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Jungle Envoy
My village is under attack by a swarm of 30 bug monsters. Please help! 
They're weak indicidually, but fomidable in a group.

Battle Plan......

	The Vespoid are annoying when together, so bring along that 
Assassin's Dagger and go to Area 9 (yup, skip the other areas). This 
area is big and full of respawning Vespoid, so killing them here is 
much easier. You can't carve them unless you deal the right amount of 
damage and not overkill, or poison them.


(3g) Slay the Genprey!

Hunting Quest

Reward: 600z	Contract: 200z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Swamp	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Injured Soldier
I'm too injured to go on. I'd like you to find and kill 20 Genprey in 
the swamp for me. Watch out, they can paralyze you...!

Battle Plan......

	These ferocious beasts are Velociprey on crack. They can paralyze 
you if they jump on you, so be careful. Just go through all the areas 
that aren't Areas 1, 2, and those cave areas and you will be done.


(3h) Slay the Gendrome

Hunting Quest

Reward: 800z	Contract: 250z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Swamp	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Ambitious Noble
My caravans are being hit by Genprey. 2 Gendrome are leading the pack. 
Kill them and make the roads safe again for all!

Battle Plan......

	This quest is full of surprises. The one thing the noble forgets 
to mentions is that the Gypceros is around here somewhere. If you 
happen to see it, paint it and run away. You don't want to fight 
something like that during a quest where you still have to kill 2 
Gendrome, right?
The Gendrome spawn at Area 8. Go there and kill them.


(3i) Ioprey Hunting

Hunting Quest

Reward: 700z	Contract: 220z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Jungle	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Mine Owner
We encountered a huge Iopre nest in a deep tunnel! We can't continue 
working unless you kill 20 of them for us!

Battle Plan......

	Bring your antidotes because you are now going to encounter the 
strongest of the preys. They take 3 hits with a Great Serpentblade to 
kill, so don't get yourself to high on strength. They are found in 
every Area. Literally everywhere. These preys have a new technique that 
the other 2 preys don't have: they can spit; spit poison that is...


(3j) Slay the Gypceros

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1400z	Contract: 300z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Swamp	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Guarded Merchant
I saw a gigantic bird-like monster deep in the swamp! I can't do 
business with a thing like that in there! Please find it and kill it!

Battle Plan......

	For this wyvern quest, you will be facing a foe who has an 
awesome power. He is completely poison based and spits poison rather 
than the Yian Kut-Ku's fire. His attacks are like the Kut-Ku but 
stronger. His crystal is useful only for him. It can be useful for you 
if you knock it off and complete the quest, but whatever... First of 
all, you will need that crystal to upgrade your Vile Serpentblade to 
the almighty Great Serpentblade (its not that mighty for you online 
players). Try your best to knock it off, but don't just hit it even 
though you know you are going to get hit. Attack like how you would 
attack the Kut-Ku, except in the face :]. Now bring a Pitfall Trap, 3 
Large Barrel Bombs and Small Barrel Bombs. Whatever you think you need, 
bring it.

=                          >>>!!READ THIS!!<<<                                =

	Yes, you don't know why I put this here. Well... you are gonna 
hate me for saying this, but...I have no choice but to help you guys 
and say it.


	Yeah...Let that soak into your skin for a bit. Don't you hate me? 
Well...I found out why the hard way. You see, this awesome skill that I 
told you about only belongs to the Gypceros...and the Melynx. Yes 
that's right. This wyvern can steal your items. The only difference 
between the Melynx stealing and the Gypceros stealing is that the 
Gypceros keeps your matter what.
End transmission
Now grab those items and go to Area 5. Don't forget that this is a 
wyvern we are dealing with, so go into battle with the Vile 
Serpentblade or whatever GS you might have. You will also learn to HATE 
this quest because these areas aren't protected by the all-so-weak 
Velociprey. They are indeed guarded by the all-so-annoying Bullfango. 
Now go to Area 5 and clear the Bullfango out. Then head to Area 3 and 
clear that out as well. Now start by looking around those 2 areas for 
the Gyp. When you see him, paint and run away. He should follow you. 
Pitfall and bomb him. If he starts snapping his mouth and spreading his 
wing and not fly, guard right away. He is going to flash you. Guard 
against it and attack some more. Keep at it until he dies.


	Yes that's right. Another gay skill of the Gyp. This thing fakes 
it's death before actually dying, so if you are close to him, you will 
get hurt...BAD. Just continue attacking and he will die. If you managed 
to knock the LightCrystal off, you will have a higher chance of getting 
it as a reward.


Now that you have finished the Quest Level 4 Star series, you 
will now experience the hardest of them all: The Rath Series. I call 
this the Rath series because you will receive 4 quests dealing with the 
2 Rath wyverns. You also get to meet your very first water wyvern: the 
Pleioth. Now you really need those Lightcrystals.  Make sure you get a 
Great Serpentblade or you will have lots of trouble. If you can get a 
stronger weapon than that (any type, it doesn't matter), use it. Also 
make sure that the set of armor you have is AT LEAST the Hunter, 
Battle, Battle, Hunter, Battle series. This set increases defense and 
HP by 10, so it will help a lot. Now go out there and make us proud!

(5a) Attack of the Rathalos

Hunting Quest

Reward: 2250z	Contract: 500z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Proud Soldier
It cannot be...But. My entire warband was wiped out by a wyvern. Now 
all rests upon your shoulders, monster hunter! Slay it!

Battle Plan......

	Ok. This is by far the hardest quest you will EVER play up until 
now. You will have the most trouble dealing with this quest if you 
still only have that simple Assassin's Dagger. This quest requires AT 
LEAST a Great Serpentblade. Just go do the Mining Run Kelbi and gather 
other materials to upgrade your GS to the highest it can be. Good luck 
on this one. It took me maybe 5 tries to finish this one with a Great 
Serpentblade. If you have a weapon strong enough to Headlock, then by 
all means, BRING IT! Now if you want a successful quest, you will need 
the Hunter Battle set I had. Any armor set combo that is stronger, then 
do us a favor and bring it. Now you will also need the following items 
to make your life a little easier:

Books of Combos (PLEASE BRING THESE!)
10 Potions
10 Mega Potions
10 Antidotes
5-10 Whetstones
10 Well-Done Steaks
3 Flash Bombs (there are 2 already)
3 Paintballs
1 Pitfall Trap
2 Trap Tools
2 Nets
3 Large Barrel Bombs
8 Small Barrel Bombs
     and as many Large Barrels and Small Barrels as you 
     have (if you can't handle the damage, bring your

     When you feel that you have the best armor and weapon that you can 
get (good luck with a gun and Sword and Shield), grab your 500z and start 
that quest.


     To start the quest off, grab all the supplies but the huskberries 
and ammo (unless you are using a gun). Now make sure you eat the Rations 
and then head off to Area 3. Here is where you will see the cut scene of
 Rathalos and he will be facing away from you (if this isn't your first
 time doing this quest, he will face you directly). Start it off by 
running up to him and painting him. Now, he has a number of things he 
will do:

1. Fly up (but stay in the same area)
2. Fly up (and out of the area)
3. Curve his neck upwards and look around to see what hit him
4. Turn around really fast

     If he chooses to fly up but stay in the same area, then stay here and 
wait next to the entrance to Area 4 (to the right of the incline next to
the rocks).
     If he chooses to fly to a different area, he will go to 9, 10, or 4.
     If he curves his neck to look around, he will do either of the other
 3 options.
     If he turns around really fast, he will execute his Run Attack, 
which hurts a lot. To counter this, just block (which will drop your
stamina dangerously along with some of your health), or run to the side.
Then, either

A) Wait for him to do his next attack
B) Run up and put in a few hits

     If you keep waiting for him, then just wait until he 
does his fireball.
     NOTE: The turn speed for the Raths show what they might do next. If 
the Rath turns really fast, they will Run (unless you are right next to them.
Then they will bite.). If they turn slow, they will do the Fireball attack.
This will help you tremendously. I know I didn't notice this until around
Try #3/5.

     One thing you don't want to do is follow him to Area 9. If you can 
handle the continuous respawning Melynx population there, then just do it. 
If you can't then just wait at Area 3. Besides, Area 9 is a VERY bad area to 
fight with the small narrow paths and what not. If he goes to Area 10, he 
will get all the Felyne on you. They will attack with no mercy, just like 
in Area 9. This is another bad area to fight, but hey..What the heck. If 
you can handle it, then do it. 
     The areas where you WILL HAVE to fight are Areas 3 and 4. I used 4 to 
kill him AND cut off his tail. You can cut off his tail with any weapon but 
hammers (that's what I'm told). What I suggest is Flashing him and when you 
KNOW that he is roaring (scratches the ground with foot), go for the tail. 
With enough hits, it'll come off like nothing, but you can still get 
poisoned by his claw attack.


O Execution |	Rate	  |	 When it happens            O
 Run Attack  Very Often  When it turns fast
 Fireball    Often       When it turns slow
 Fly Away    Very Often  Almost anytime during the quest
 Fly Up      Often       Almost anytime during the quest
 Claws (fly) Rare        Random
 Fireballs   Rare        Random
 Flying Rape Often       Anytime during the quest
 Roar        Rare        When he is hurt enough
O Explanations                                            O

Run Attack- VERY DEVASTATING ATTACK where the Rath turns it's head really fast 
            towards you, usually taking 2 turns and running at you. It requires 
            a block or dodge to prevent maximum damage. It is very common, so 
Fireball  - DEVASTATING ATTACK where the Rath turns it's head slowly towards 
            you, usually taking 2 turns and shooting a Fireball at you. The 
            Rathian can shoot 3 Fireballs at a time if it wants to and it 
            travels from (it's) middle, right, and left. Beware of this attack.
            It is also common after the Rath flys at you and lands.
Fly Away  - This is no silly move and it forces you to travel from area to area 
            just to catch it. The Rath executes this move FAR more than the 
            Rathian does. If you see that the Rath is about to flap it's wings, 
            prepare to move out.
Fly Up    - When you are far enough from the Rath and it is too far of a 
            distance to Run to you, so it will Fly to you. Get out of it's path
            and when it lands, strike or wait for the Fireball.
Claws(fly)- This attack is used only when the Rath is flying up. When it is 
            stationed in the same place but ascends, it will turn slowly 
            towards you, and can do this or the Fireballs (fly). This attack is
            used when you are close enough to it, so hide behind something or 
            block. When it is done, it will descend peacefully, letting you 
            throw a Flashbomb or something.
Fireballs - This attack is used only when the Rath is flying up. When it is 
(fly)       stationed in the same place but ascends, it will turn slowly 
            towards you, and can do this or the Claw (fly). This attack is used
            when you are too far for the Rath to do the Claws (fly). Just wait 
            for it to shoot 3 Fireballs and it will descend peacefully, letting
            you throw a Flashbomb or something.
Flying    - This attack is done when the Rath flys around the area, usually for 
Rape        the Rathalos. When it flys around Area 3, it will make 2 circles 
            and ALWAYS end up on Area 4 (on the map, but still in Area 3). 
            Then it will fly towards you location and swoop down and try to 
            rape you quickly. Hide behind something to dodge it. In Area 4, it 
            will execute this move at Area 2 (on map, but still in Area 4). 
            Hide behind the ginormous rock until it is done. For the other 
            areas, I have not tested it yet.
Roar      - This move is not lethal towards you, but can be very dangerous 
            because you will be open for a devastating attack from the Rath 
            if you are in range for the Roar. The Rath roars when it is:

            A) Attacked at the beginning of the Quest
            B) Hurt enough and is now in Berserk mode

     Now there are special moves that each Rath can do. The Rathalos can fly 
     into the air and shoot a fireball at the same time if you are close 
     enough. The Rathian will step backwards and execute a backflip, causing 
     the poison status effect if you are close enough. These attacks are both 
     unexpected for the weak ones, so get used to this quest.

     There is no easy way to explain this quest and help you because it depends 
     on how long you take and what you have on and with you. If you have what I 
     had(Hunter Battle set + Great Serpentblade), then it will still not end up 
     like how mine did because we obviously think differently. Just read this 
     carefully and then start the quest. If you still can't handle it, maybe 
     you need more practice. And don't forget, the Rathalos will sleep at Area 
     5 (it's nest). Pitfall and bomb it there for the win. If not, go to Area 
     4 and 6. The Rath uses EVERY area except Areas 1, 7, 8, 11, and 12. That 
     leaves Areas 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10 for you to check if your paintball 
     should have worn off. Also, when a wyvern (any wyvern) limps, that means 
     it is gonna die, so hurry up and follow it. Good luck, and if you need 
     anymore help, please e-mail and what not.


(5b) Catch a Rathalos

Capture Quest

Reward: 2500z  Contract: 500z Time: 50 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills   Special Conditions: None


     Requestor: Selfish Princess
I'm keeping that wyvern as a pet! So hands off! Now I want a male wyvern. 
And I want it ALIVE, OK?

Battle Plan......

     Ok, sure she wants it alive, and if it isn't there goes you money 
and all those items you used on this quest. First of all, this quest if 
easier than the "Attack of the Rathalos" quest in several ways. The first 
is that Area 2 is NOT filled with those pesky Velociprey. Then theres Area 
9, where Melynx have left. This means that Area 9 is now a new fighting area.
Although this might seem really easy, it's still the same enemy, so don't get 
too cocky. Start the battle off by bringing the SAME items you did for the 
"Attack of the Rathalos" quest EXCEPT for the Pitfall Trap and 2 Trap Tools. 
Just bring 1 Trap Tool and you should be good. Please don't forget the nets :[.
Now follow the above strategy except with a few exceptions.
1. Don't neglect Area 9. The Melynx are out of there now.
2. Always leave a Pitfall for the capture. Don't use them all.
3. When it limps, stop attacking it and go to Area 4 and 5.
4. When you get it in the Pitfall, throw your Tranq Bombs and make damn sure 
you hit it! It takes 2 to get it asleep.

     That's pretty much it. Make sure that you also restock on items before 
going on this quest.


(5c) Deliver Three Wyvern Eggs

Gathering Quest

Reward: 200z   Contract: 300z Time: 30 minutes
Area: Forest and Hills   Special Conditions: None


Battle Plan......

     This is a fairly decent quest and isn't as big of a pain as the Herbivore 
Egg quest in Quest Level 4 Star. Just bring as many Power and Mega juices as 
you have along with Well-Done Steaks. This took me up to 5 minutes left to 
complete because Rathalos kept showing up out of nowhere. If you catch him 
anywhere during the quest, make sure you paint him. Then go on with the egg 
dropping and clearing out areas 3, 2, 6, and 1. PLEASE clear out area 6 because
if you don't and Rathalos occupies area 3, then you will have to go through 
Area 6, where some Velociprey live. If you don't know how to get from the top 
to the bottom of the cliff without destroying your egg, then by all means, 
listen to what I have to say.

     If you are taking the fun but dangerous route (Area 6,2,1), please read 
     From the nest, eat your steak and drink your juice and head out to area 6.
     From here, you will have to get to the bottom without dropping it. This 
     might seem impossible to you, but if you were smart at anytime during the 
     entire game, you could see that at the very bottom, you can see a route 
     just by adjusting your camera twice (at the bottom of Area 6 during any 
     quest, adjust camera twice using up on d-pad. Look directly at the 
     cliffs) You can see short and long drops, but the longs drops are safe 
     enough to not break that egg. Now, this is what you are going to do.
     Get to Area 6 and look at the ground and you will see the blackish 
     brownish stain. From there, use the d-pad and push down until you are 
     right behind the head of your hunter. You see those short drops in front 
     of the stain. Use those to get to the big ditch where the mining point is.
     Now from here, go to the edge and drop again onto a short drop. Then you 
     will have to drop to the left (right on map). You might not be able to 
     see it, but its there. Drop left completely until you are at the bottom 
     (hug the wall) and remember: DON'T SPRINT AT ALL DURING THIS PART. Done! 
     You made it to the bottom. Now go out to Area 2 and drop down onto the 
     smaller ledge to the left and then to the ground and make your way to 
     camp. This should be done when Rathalos camps Area 3 and 2. When he is 
     at Area 2, he will most likely fly to Area 6, and you will already be 
     near the bottom of Area 6, so... good job.


(5d) Gendrome Redux

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1100z  Contract: 300z Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert   Special Conditions: None


     Requestor: Desert Lord
A pack of monsters led by Gendrome is causing trouble for us. Please hunt down 
and slay the 3 Gendrome.

Battle Plan......

     This is another easy Gendrome quest. Just look around the non-sandy 
areas (not in Area 2 and 7) first. You don't have to worry about the caves, 
they don't go there. If you can't find them, then resort to looking in the 
sand areas.


(5e) Fang of the Iodrome

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1200z  Contract: 300z Time: 50 minutes
Area: Jungle   Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Jungle Envoy
My village is under attack by a pack of Ioprey. The pack is led by 3 alpha 
monsters. Slay the poison-filled creatures for us!

Battle Plan......

     Ah...the Strongest Drome there is. The Iodrome is probably twice as 
difficult as the Velocidrome because of it's health and power. If this thing 
jumps on you, it'll deal a fair amount of damage. It also spits the poison 
more often than the Ioprey, so just watch out for big packs of Ioprey.


(5f) Water Wyvern in the Desert

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1400z  Contract: 300z Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert   Special Conditions: None


     Requestor: Proud Hunter
I found a giant water wyvern in a cave in the desert! I can't defeat it 
because it stays underwater. Slay it and the credit's yours!

Battle Plan......

     Oh boy. This quest is a very difficult one. You won't expect the Pleisoth 
to be that size, but it is. If you thought the Rathalos was big, good god you 
were wrong. If your hunter stood next to it, you would only be as tall as his 
legs. You were twice as tall as the Rathalos's legs. Now for this quest, you 
really want to bring all the Frogs you have. You cannot finish this quest 
without your frogs. Bring you Books of Combos, Pitfall Trap, Trap Tools, Nets,
and healing items. Also note that this is like a Cephalos, so those Sonic Bombs
 will be needed. This quest WILL get a little rough, so if you have bad armor, 
then I suggest you get a new set because this thing WILL kill you in 2 hits. 
Trust me. I know...
	Now if you don't have any frogs, then just head to Area 4 in the desert 
DURING the quest to find them. They are by the pond next to the small rocks. 
Grab them and go into Area 5. Watch the cut scene and you will wonder "Hrmmm. 
That is exactly like a Cephalos. What is Peekuhchew9090 thinking?!" Yeah. 
Well, take a closer look when he's on the ground. Drink you hot drink and drop 
down. Try to kill the Genprey without getting paralyzed, or you will suffer 
badly. The Plesioth can stay in the water and land, and shoots water BEAMS 
instead of just spitting sand at you. Lucky for you, it doesn't leave Area 5. 
It just goes to the back of the cave, and the area where you fight! That means 
you don't have to waste your paintballs :]! Alright, now start to lay down a 
pitfall and bombs around the middle of the island you are on. Now get near the 
edge and hope the Plesioth sees you. Now it will hopefully come halfway out of 
the water and shoot it's beam of water, so that's when you throw your sonic 
bomb. It will fly onto the land where you will meet it in a clash (I was 
bored). Hit it's head the entire time it is flopping until it stands up. 
That's when you will see the TRUE power of the Plesioth (how big IS that 
thing?!!!). Lure it into the Pitfall Trap you set. Blast the bombs and 
continue hitting the head. When it gets out, it will most likely get back into 
the water, so wait at the edge of the water when he jumps in. If the eye icon 
next to your name disappears, then you know its time...for Fishing. Use the 
frog and lure him out. Catch him and you will somehow pull the Plesioth out of 
the water. Run up and attack again. If you managed to damage him enough, then 
he will be a big ol' baby, so keep on attacking and hope you win!


(5g) Queen of the Desert

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1800z	Contract: 350z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Influential Noble
I have traveled far to find a hunter capable of ridding my lands of a 
troublesome wyvern. Please defeat the Rathian for us.

Battle Plan......

	Just bring the items you brought to fight Rathalos. This quest is much 
like that one except you have to fight almost everywhere but the sand areas. 
In each area you fight, there is always a troublesome minion, some being 
Genprey, the others being those Apceros. I died once because of those 
oversized cows...
	Now just go from area to area until you find her and paint her. You 
will fight her more than you would fight Rathalos, so that's the cool thing. 
Rathian makes up for this with her tri-ball attack, where she fires 3 
fireballs instead of 1. She can still fire 1 fireball at a time, but has the 
ability to give off 3, so be careful. When you get the chance, pitfall her. 
She runs around a lot, so you might not get the chance, but there's no 
problem in trying, right?... Yeah, I didn't think so. Now fight until you get 
her on berserk. Then you know that you now stand a chance. 


(5h) Slay the Rathian

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1900z	Contract: 350z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Swamp		Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Charitable Man
The monsters in the swamp zone are out of control, the Rathian in particular. 
I want you to hunt one down. Casualties are spiraling!

Battle Plan......

	Start this one off by clearing out the areas with Bullfango in them. 
Those are the only areas you can get cleared. The Io-Genprey combination areas 
are respawn areas, so try not to fight there. Follow the strategy above and 
you should be done, but incase you have to fight where the preys reside, 


(5i) Basarios: Unseen Peril

Hunting Quest

Reward: 1400z	Contract: 300z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Volcano	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Survivor
A wyvern attacked my expedition from out of the blue in the volcanic zone. 
Where did it come from? Please slay it!

Battle Plan......

	This quest is full of mining points, so bring your pickaxes and your 
antidotes. Mine at the areas you can find or just read Tidus 4:15's mining 
points faq. Now head over to Area 2 where you will meet you maker...i mean 
basarios. Now kill all the Ioprey here and head to the middle of the Area. 
You will see a small set of 3 rocks, the middle is the biggest (even though 
all 3 rocks are really small). Hit this (or throw a stone that you mined) and 
watch the fatty awaken. He is VERY slow, so you will have no trouble dodging 
his attacks. Just don't stay near him too long or he will poison you. If he 
happens to pull out his beam attack, say goodbye if you are in the way. This 
thing WILL hurt, so I suggest dodging immediately. The only thing I know for 
(DON'T STAY IN FRONT OF HIM!)! This will lead to you being cooked or trampled 
(beam or run attack). Until then, just attack and you will emerge victorious.


(5j) Horn of the Monoblos

Hunting Quest

Reward: 3400z	Contract: 800z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Royal Envoy
Rumor has it the hunters here are among the best. A Monoblos has laid our 
soldiers low. Now we need your help. Slay it for us!

Battle Plan......

	WOW I NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD GET THIS FAR!! Geez. Well, bring all the 
items you need INCLUDING Sonic Bombs and Large Barrel Bombs and Small Barrel 
Bombs and what not. Don't even think about bringing those 
Pitfalls because I didn't tell you to. They don't work on Monolos anyways. 
Now grab the supplies and clear out the areas that aren't sandy or caves. Now 
head off to Area 10 to meet your other maker.

     This quest will get you past the main game and reveal you as the Hero of 
Kokoto. Remember that this Monoblos is the last wyvern you will be fighting 
unless you get the secret quests, which means that it is obviously STRONGER
than the Rathalos. If you can't handle a Rathalos, then try your luck with a 
different game. Once you are ready, get your items and go start the quest.
     Well, this quest will suck if you don't have a great weapon, so get a
better weapon first! Now grab the supplies and it's OFF to Area 10! Here is
where you will see the Monoblos, the craziest wyvern you will ever meet for 
now. Just start off by taking a good look at him, then you will know what to 
do. Yup, that wyvern sure has a big horn. Maybe if you took it, you might get 
it? Yeah that's right. You are gonna have to knock that horn off of him so
you get it 1/1 times. Yup. 100% is a good percentile.
     Now right when you regain control of your hunter, pull out your paintballs
and paint him right away. This will help you from being raped from under the 
surface. Now if he does try to burrow and come up from under you, grab your 
sonic bombs quickly and throw one at him right when he fits his entire body 
underground. He should pop right up onto the land. This is your chance. Grab
your Large Barrel Bombs and set them nice and high. You don't have to spread 
them out because it will kill valuable time. Just blow them up and get ready
for his retaliation. One thing I suggest you do is run against the walls until
he runs for you, then dodge and he will get stuck in the wall. You can also
plant bombs this way and then aim for his tail. If it comes off and the nasty
wyvern pulls himself out of the wall, you will want to get him stuck again 
so that you will be safe for your carves. If he doesn't get out, quickly carve
it. After doing that quick carve strat, start on his horn and hit it while he 
is stuck in the wall. When that comes off, there's nothing much left but to aim
for his head. If he burrows again, use your Sonic Bombs. Continue this method
until your final wyvern is finally a finale :].

Now that you have finished the Monoblos quest, you can either go back and 
gather money for better weapons and armor, get ready for online play, or finish
the secret quests. These secret quests are somewhat difficult, hence the name
"Secret Quests." You won't get by them that easily, seeing that you have a
carry quest and 4 wyvern quests. You will also receive the Hunter's Citation
from the Village Chief, used to upgrade the Hunter's Blade. Upgrading this 
weapon is worth every zeni, and there is no other use for that Citation, so
what the heck. Now each secret quest requires something special to do. Here's
what you have to do.

|				S"E"C"R"E"T"Q"U"E"S"T"S"					|
|T"H"E"R"U"N"A"W"A"Y"D"I"A"B"L"O"S"  - Requires One piece of Monoblos armor	|
\                                                                             /
/                                                                             \
|T"H"E"S"H"A"D"O"W"I"N"T"H"E"C"A"V"E - Requires One piece of Vespoid armor	|
\                                                                             /
/                                                                             \
|T"E"R"R"O"R"O"F"T"H"E"G"R"A"V"I"O"S"- Requires One piece of Cephalos armor	|
\                                                                             /
/                                                                             \
|H"A"N"D"L"E"W"I"T"H"C"A"R"E"        - Requires "Terror of the Gravios" 	|
|						   COMPLETED!!!					|
\                                                                             /
/                                                                             \
|T"R"O"U"B"L"E"S"O"M"E"P"A"I"R"	 - Requires all quests and Secret quests 	|
\						   COMPLETED!!!					|
(6a) The Runaway Diablos

Hunting Quest

Reward: 3200z	Contract: 800z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Desert	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Border Captain
A giant wyvern smashed the border wall and ran into this area. We need to find 
and kill it before it causes anymore trouble!

Battle Plan......

	Just repeat the strategy used in the 5 star quest "Horn of the Monoblos."
The only difference is that the Diablos has 2 horns (cool) and gives less 


(6b) The Shadow of the Cave

Hunting Quest

Reward: 2250z	Contract: 700z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Swamp		Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Noble Lady
A child is lost in the caves. We want to rescue him, but a gray wyvern is in 
the area... Please slay the beast!

Battle Plan...

	This is really not a difficult task, but you are dealing with a VERY ugly
beast. This thing is like as ugly as your grandmother's feet! REALLY! Before 
beginning the mission, you will need as many healing items, bombs, sonicbombs,
and Hot Drinks as you can get. These will all come in handy while fighting the
horror, but to make your life easier, you can also bring a set of Lightning 
Resistant armor. The Khezu is very strong with it's lightning attacks, and can
slay you quickly. Lucky for you, that thing has a BIG weakness, which just so
happens to be Fire. Lucky for you, you killed the Rathalos once, basically
twice because you captured it already. That means you are tough enough to best
it, so the materials that Rath's give you will be helpful when upgrading
weapons into Fire Weapons. If you can make a fire weapon, MAKE IT. Even if you
show up with a Fire Sword and Shield, just go for it! It will help you! It
will probably be as effective as the Great Serpentblade against this thing!
Now that you know what you should have, enter the swamp and get to Area 8. 
Drink a Hot Drink before entering the cave. You will see it at the top of the 
cave unless it already bailed out on you for another cave.
	Once you reach it, paint it and start attacking it. There will NOT be an
eye icon next to your name because the Khezu doesn't have any eyes! This make
it harder for you to know if it knows you are here, so paint it to make it
easier. While you are attacking, the Khezu can do many things, and all of which
hurt you. These attacks will cause much pain, so I suggest that you dodge it to 
the best of your ability. Don't bother setting a Pitfall Trap because it will
rarely work because the Khezu often leaves the caves. If you see the Khezu at
the top (literally) of the cave and go directly underneath it, good luck,
because that will inflict loads of damage. If the Khezu sticks it's tail to the
ground, then start running away. It will generate a lightning shield, 
preventing you from getting any closer to it. When it is done, run in quickly
and set up a large barrel bomb. Detonate it with a small barrel bomb and 
continue attacking. It should give you enough time to set it up. If not, then
do it right when the Khezu inserts it's tail into the ground. If you choose to
do it this way, forget about detonating and just set up the large barrels and 
run away. The lightning shield will detonate the bombs for you, leaving you 
with extra small barrel bombs. Continue this strategy until you see the 
mutation limp. That's when you throw your sonic bombs. It will kill the wyvern
instantly (I have no idea why you couldn't just throw one at the beginning of
the quest).


(6c) Terror of the Gravios

Hunting Quest

Reward: 3800z	Contract: 800z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Volcano	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Troubled Noble
A fearsome Gravios has appeared amidst the magma and desolation of the
volcanic zone. Slay the firebreather for us!

Battle Plan......

	This beast is very similar to the Basarios but different in some ways.
One way is that it is not a big rock, so don't expect a slow wyvern. Another
difference between the 2 is that the Gravios is not a poison wyvern, but a
sleep wyvern. The gas it emits is completely sleep. The last reason is that the
Basarios never got the chance to use it's laser attack if you killed him quick.
Now you get to witness the laser of the Gravios a LOT more, and this quest
might take you some time, so you should expect to see the laser maybe once
every 2 minutes (jk). Head off to Areas 5 and 7 to search for him.
Just attack it's tail until it comes off, then Pitfall it if you want the 
carves right away. Now run up to it aim for the face. When it exits the 
Pitfall, run back and wait for his attack. After doing the attack, run up and 
attack. Pitfall if you need the extra damage and hope that he doesn't hit you 
with the laser. Until then, you might die because you aren't used to this 
torture. Anything else that I didn't mention should be in the 5 star quest 
"Basarios: Unseen Peril"(5g).


(6d) Handle with Care!

Gathering Quest

Reward: 3000z	Contract: 500z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Volcano	Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Royal Armorer
We need large amounts of explosives to make Bowgun ammo. I want you to bring
1 Powderstone here to me. And be careful about it!

Battle Plan......

	This is where the going gets tough. You won't actually get the chance to
finish this quest ever again, but in case you do, tell me how many times you 
finished it offline. This features the volcano area, where you will find a 
Powderstone in Area 8. From here, you get to carry it back to the camp and 
deliver it. Doesn't sound hard right? Well anyone who actually reads the quest
info would see that the time limit is 50 minutes. Why would you need 50 minutes
to deliver 1 Powderstone? Well, if you took some time to think about it, you
would realize that this quest might take some carries. You are looking at the
worst carry quest out there. If you thought the herbivore egg quest was gay,
oh dear lord, you have not seen ANYTHING yet. In this quest, you are looking at
maybe... dropping a total of 3 or more Powderstones. Yeah that's right.
	Now here's what you want to do. Bring your Cool Drinks and your Maga 
Juices. NO POWER JUICES ALLOWED. Mega Juices all the way for this quest. If you
happen to drop 5 Powderstones, then say goodbye to your Mega Juices :[. Start
actually reaching Area 8 and grabbing your Powderstone. Drop it immediately and
clear out areas 7, 6, and 1. If you are thinking about why I didn't include
area 4, then I will explain. That's because you CAN'T clear that area, and it 
is filled with Ioprey. Those things just keep on spitting poison at you until 
you get hit. How will you ever pass this quest? Well, just run through that
route unless you have a better idea. Then tell me ([email protected]).
Until then, live with it. You are never gonna unlock Troublesome Pair unless
you actually finish this, so good luck.


(OMG) Troublesome Pair

Hunting Quest

Reward: 6400z	Contract: 1240z	Time: 50 minutes
Area: Swamp		Special Conditions: None


	Requestor: Village Chief
My, how you've become a fine hunter! I have a job for you. I want you to hunt
down a pair of wyverns, a Rathalos and a Rathian.

Battle Plan......

	Witness the awesomely destructive power of MONSTER HUNTER! You will NEVER
EVER IN THE WORLD have to do a quest this difficult! If you actually think you
are up to it and know the hunter world that well, then you should step up to
this quest. If you can't handle beating a Rathalos or Rathian a second time, 
then please GOD go back and beat them. Even if you killed the Rathalos in less 
than 10 minutes, you will have a hard time with this quest. I didn't finish
this quest yet, so I'm hoping I will when I get back into this game.Just hope 
that you have a good enough weapon to headlock. If you need headlocking tips,
then you just got yourself a new teacher! This teacher is Terragen who 
submitted the Headlock FAQ. Try that on for size. Now just head to the 
Rathalos's location and start with him. If you want him to stop flying around, 
then kill him. Then find the Rathian and slay her.They are a VERY POWERFUL DUO, 
so if you don't want them meeting up together in Area 3, then I suggest you 
kill one first. If you have any Fire Resistant Armor, bring it. You WILL need 
it. Good luck and have fun. More tips are located on the 5 star quest "Attack 
of the Rathalos".


(ABCDE) Weapons and Armor

	These weapons are all for offline. The online weapons will not be listed
here. Please remember that. The weapons will be listed in the following order:

     1. Sword and Shield
     2. Great Sword
     3. Lance
     4. Hammer
     5. Dual Swords

      Guns will not be listed here*

-Hunter's Knife Series-

Hunter's Knife
Hunter's Knife+ -> Serpent Bite
      |                 |
Hunter's Dagger   Serpent Bite+ -> Hydra Bite
      |                 |             |
Hunter's Dagger+   Viper Bite     Hydra Bite+
      |                 |             |
Assassin's Dagger  Viper Bite+    Deadly Poison
      |        \        |
Poison Axe      \   Deathprize
      |          \
Poison Battleaxe  Twin Daggers(dual swords)

-Bone Kris Series-

                     Bone Kris
     Crimson Club <- Bone Kris+ -> Weary Finsword
           |             |               |
     Monoblos Club   Bonepick      Weary Finsword+
                         |               |
                     Bonepick+     Sandman Finsword
                     Bonespike -> Bone Scythe(dual swords)
                     Red Saber
                     Red Saber+
                   Flame Falchion
                  Blazing Falchion

-Hero's Blade Series-

Hero's Blade
Master's Blade

-Rusted Sword Series-

Rusted Sword
Tarnished Sword
Legendary Sword
Eternal Strife

-Iron Sword Series-

Iron Sword   Iron Katana
     |      /    |
Iron Sword+  Iron Katana(Grace)
     |           |
Buster Sword Iron Katana(Gospel)
     |           |
Buster Sword+ Eager Cleaver
Buster Blade -> Defender
     |             |
Ravager Blade   Defender+
     |             |
Ravager Blade+  Sentinel
     |        \
Lacerator Blade\
     |          Tactical Blade
Lacerator Blade+

-Bone Blade Series-

Bone Blade
Bone Blade+ -> Serpentblade
     |              |
   Agito     Vile Serpentblade
     |              |
   Agito+   Great Serpentblade
Dragon Agito -> Redwing
     |             |
Golem Blade  Rathalos Firesword
Golem Blade+ -> Siegmund
Valkyrie Blade

-Rusted Sword Series-

Rusted Great Sword
Tarnished Great Sword
Legendary Great Sword
   Ancient Blade

-Bone Series-

Large Bone

-Iron Lance Series-

Iron Lance
Iron Lance+ -> Bone Javelin
     |               |
Knight Lance   Bone Javelin+
     |               |
Knight Spear   Spiked Spear
Paladin Lance
Paladin Lance+
Babel Spear

-Bone Lance Series-

Bone Lance  Red Tail
    |      /   |
Bone Lance+ Red Tail+
    |          |     
Longhorn    Hellfire   
    |          |    
Longhorn+   Spear of Prominence   
Long Tusk -> Crimson Lance   
    |              |
Barbarian Tusk Crimson War Pike
Barbarian Tusk+
Barbaroi Tusk
Ogre Tusk

-Aqua Spear Series-

Aqua Spear
Aqua Spear+

-Lullaby Spear Series-

Lullaby Spear
Requiem Spear

-Rusted Lance Series-

Rusted Lance
Tarnished Lance
Legendary Lance

-Iron Hammer Series-

                     Iron Hammer
         Bone Axe <- Iron Hammer+ -> Spiked Hammer
             |            |                |
         Bone Axe+    War Hammer     Spiked Hammer
             |            |                |
       Bone Broadaxe  War Hammer+    Shell Hammer
                          |                |
                      War Mace      Graviton Hammer
                     Iron Striker
                     Iron Striker+
                     Iron Impact
                     Iron Impact+

-Bone Hammer Series-

                     Bone Hammer
    Diablo Hammer <- Bone Hammer+
          |               |
    Diablo Hammer+   Cyclo-Hammer
          |               |
    Diablos Maul     Cyclo-Hammer+
          |               |
   Finishing Hammer  Atlas Hammer -> Jail Hammer
                          |               |
                     Skullcrusher    Jail Hammer+
                          |               |
                     Skullcrusher+   Prison Hammer
                          |               |
                     Kut-Ku Chin     Binder Mace
                     Kut-Ku Jaw

-Rusted Hammer Series-

Rusted Hammer
Tarnished Hammer
Legendary Hammer
Breath Core Hammer

-Bone Club Series-

Bone Club
Great Bone Club

-Twin Dagger Series-
(from Assassin's Dagger)

Twin Dagger
Twin Dagger+

-Bone Scythe Series-
(from Bonespike)

Bone Scythe
Bone Scythe+ -> Cutlass
     |             |
Gradios         Cutlass+
Gradios Ultimus


     This won't actually be an area where a list of armor will be shown, but
I will tell you about my armor set. I had and still have a Hunter Battle set.
This consists of:

Hunter Helm
Battle Mail
Battle Vambraces
Hunter Tasset
Battle Greaves

     It allows a boost in HP and defense.
HP +10

     There are many other groups, but this one gives the defense that I want.
Some sets also give this boost, but they consist of weak armor. I prefer this
one. It helps me with almost everything I need to do. If you have an armor
set that is OFFLINE and you want to share, please do so. My AIM and e-mail are
posted everywhere on this walkthrough. Take your time and look through the 

(ABCDEF) Item Combinations

	Here is a list of the combinations in the game. It took some time to
discover them, but I still managed. Read 'em and weep. The ?'s mean that I
didn't get them, probably because they are online combinations or something.

$  #  $     ITEM       $   RARITY   $    MATERIALS                            $
   1    Potion               1        Herb, Blue Mushroom
   2    Mega Potion          2        Honey, Potion
   3    Nutrients            2        Blue Mushroom, Godbug
   4    Mega Nutrients       3        Honey, Nutrients
   5    Antidote             1        Antidote Herb, Blue Mushrooms
   6    Herbal Medicine      2        Bitterbug, Cactus Flower
   7    ??????????           ?        ??????????
   8    ??????????           ?        ??????????
   9    Catalyst             2        Bitterbug, Honey
  10    ?????????            ?        ??????????
  11    Power Juice          2        Rare Steak, Catalyst
  12    Mega Juice           3        Well-Done Steak, Power Extract
  13    Demondrug            4        Power Seed, Catalyst
  14    Mega Demondrug       5        Pale Extract, Demondrug
  15    Armorskin            4        Armor Seed, Catatlyst
  16    Mega Armorskin       5        Pale Extract, Armorskin
  17    Poisoned Meat        1        Raw Meat, Toadstool
  18    Tainted Meat         2        Raw Meat, Stunshroom
  19    Drugged Meat         1        Raw Meat, Sleep Herb
  20    Bomb Material        1        Ivy, Sap Plant
  21    Smoke Bomb           2        Ivy, Bomb Material
  22    Flash Bomb           2        Flashbug, Bomb Material
  23    Dung Bomb            2        Dung, Bomb Material
  24    Paintball            1        Paintberry, Sap Plant
  25    Gunpowder            2        Nitroshroom, Fire Herb
  26    Sm Barrel Bomb       2        Small Barrel, Fire Herb
  27    Lg Barrel Bomb       3        Large Barrel, Gunpowder
  28    Sonic Bomb           2        Screamer, Gunpowder
  29    Net                  2        Ivy, Spiderweb
  30    Pitfall Trap         3        Trap Tool, Net
  31    Tuna Bait            2        Worm, Yambug
  32    Arrowana Bait        2        Cricket, Bughopper
  33    Goldenfish Bait      4        Firefly, Snakebee Larve
  34    Antiseptic Stone     3        Bitterbug, Earth Crystal
  35    Lifecrystals         3        Wyvern Fang, Godbug
  36    Lifepowder           4        Wyvern Claw, Lifecrystals
  37    Health Flute         4        Flute, Lifepowder
  38    Antidote Flute       4        Flue, Antiseptic Stone
  39    Demon Flute          5        Med Monster Bone, Meda Demondrug
  40    Armor Flute          5        Med Monster Bone, Mega Armor Skin
  41    Normal   S Lv2       1        Huskberry, Needleberry
  42    Normal   S Lv3       2        Huskberry, Rumblefish
  43    Pierce   S Lv1       2        Huskberry, Velociprey Fang
  44    Pierce   S Lv2       2        Huskberry, Pin Tuna
  45    Pierce   S Lv3       3        Sm Bone Husk, Pin Tuna
  46    Pellet   S Lv1       2        Huskberry, Scatternut
  47    Pellet   S Lv2       2        Huskberry, Wyvern Fang
  48    Pellet   S Lv3       3        Sm Bone Husk, Wyvern Fang
  49    Crag     S Lv1       3        Huskberry, Burst Arrowana
  50    Crag     S Lv2       3        Sm Bone Husk, Burst Arrowana
  51    Crag     S Lv3       3        Lg Bone Husk, Bomb Arrowana
  52    Clust    S Lv1       2        Huskberry, Bomberry
  53    Clust    S Lv2       3        Sm Bone Husk, Wyvern Claw
  54    Clust    S Lv3       3        Lg Bone Husk, Scatterfish
  55    Disk     S           2        Huskerry, Disk Stone
  56    Recovery S Lv1       1        Huskberry, Herb
  57    Recovery S Lv2       2        Huskberry, Potion
  58    Poison   S Lv1       2        Huskberry, Toadstool
  59    Poison   S Lv2       3        Sm Bone Husk, Ioprey Fang
  60    Stun     S Lv1       3        Huskberry, Stunshroom
  61    Stun     S Lv2       4        Sm Bone Husk, Genprey Fang
  62    Sleep    S Lv1       3        Huskberry, Sleep Herb
  63    Sleep    S Lv2       4        Sm Bone Husk, Sleepyfish
  64    Paint    S           1        Huskberry, Paintberry
  65    Antidote S           2        Huskberry, Antidote Herb
  66    Demon    S           3        Huskberry, Power Seed
  67    Armor    S           3        Huskberry, Armor Seed
  68    Dragon   S           5        Lg Bone Husk, Dragon Seed
  69    Dung     S           1        Huskberry, Dung
(ABCDEFG) Monsters

 / #1                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  Wild pigs covered in moss and fungus. Sometimes you will even find 
mushrooms growing on them. Their meat is known as a delicacy. Though
normally docile, they will charge you if angered!
	Carve: Special Mushrooms, Blue Mushrooms, Raw Meat

 / #2                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  A large wild boar. Foul tempered. they will charge hunters on sight.
They are aggresive and powerful, so beware! They are often hunted for their
meat, which may hunters find delicious.
	Carve: Bullfango Pelt, Raw Meat

 / #3                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  A herbivorous deer-like monster. Valued for their horns, they tend to 
run away at the first hint of danger. They are also hunted for their meat,
which is chewy but flavorful.
	Carves: Kelbi Horn, Kelbi Hide, Raw Meat

 / #4                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  Hunted as a food source, these creatures are prayed upon by both hunter
and monster alike. Usually timid, but in packs they defend themselves with 
surprising strength.
	Carve: Small Monster Bone, Medium Monster Bone, Raw Meat

 / #5                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  Hunted for their meat, which is buried under a thick, armored hide. 
Aggresive compared to the Aptonoth, hunting them can be a challenge. Apceros
eggs are a valuable guild commodity.
	Carves: Small Monster Bone, Medium Monster Bone, Raw Meat

 / #6                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  Cat-like humanoids with white fur. Normally quiet unless angered,
in which case they may attack. Capable of speech, they are sometimes found in
the employ of humans.
	Carves: None

 / #7                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  Cat-like humanoids with black fur. Being sticky-fingered they won't pass
a chance to steal things and take them back to their willage. Easily destracted
by the sight of Felvine.
	Carves: None

 / #8                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  Aggressive, carnivorous monsters that often travel in packs. Even a
master hunter should take care not to become surrounded. Wide rangin, they
are found in many different climates.
	Carves: Velociprey Fang, Velociprey Scale, Velociprey Hide

 / #9                     \____________________________________________________
   \/  The alpha monster that leads a Velociprey pack. They are larger and have
a prominent crest. Highly territorial, but will retreat to a safe place when 
injured to recover.
	Carves: Velocidrome Claw, Velodiprey Scale, Velociprey Hide

 / #10                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  A subspecies of Velociprey found mainly in desert zones. Travelling in
packs, their large fangs and claws contain a neurotoxin that is used to stun
and paralyze prey.
	Carves: Genprey Fang, Genprey Scale, Genprey Hide

 / #11                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  The alpha monster that leads a Genprey pack. They are larger and have a
more prominent crest. Found in the desert, they can paralyze prey using their
toxic fangs and claws.
	Carves: Stun Sac, Genprey Scale, Genprey Hide

 / #12                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  The subspecies of Velociprey often found in subtropical zones. Sacs in 
their throat contatins a powerful poison that slowly drains the Health of their
prey.	Carves: Ioprey Fang, Ioprey Scale, Ioprey Hide

 / #13                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  The alpha monster that leads an Ioprey pack. They are larger and have a
more prominent crest. Found in tropical zones, they spit a poison that can sap
the life force of prey.
	Carves: Poison Sac, Ioprey Scale, Ioprey Hide

 / #14                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  Male wyvern that keeps a nest and patrols its patch of territory from
the air in search of prey. Its claws are filled with a poison that weakens its
	NOTE: By cutting off the tail, you can receive an extra carve.
	Carves: Rathalos Shell, Rathalos Scale, Rathalos Webbing, Flame Sac, 
Wyvern Marrow, Rathalos Tail

 / #15                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  Female version of the Rathalos wyvern. Unlike its male counterpart, it
usually patrols its territoy from the ground. Its tail spikes are filled with 
	NOTE: By cutting off the tail, you can receive an extra carve.
	Carves: Rathian Shell, Rathian Scale, Rathian Spike, Wyvern Marrow,
Flame Sac, Large Monster Bone

 / #16                    \____________________________________________________
 \Yian Kut-Ku____________O____3_____++___Carve(s)_/
   \/  A bird-like wyvern with a huge beak and large ears. They splay open when
it is angered. WIth its sensitive hearing it dislikes loud noises. It is 
smaller and faster than other wyverns.
	Carves: Kut-Ku Shell, Kut-Ku Scale, Kut-Ku Webbing, Kut-Ku Ear, 
Giant Beak

 / #17                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  A wyvern that can generate bright flashes of light with its prominent
head crest. Its rubbery hide resists damage, and it can spit a poisonous 
substance. It is quite timid, however.
	Carves: Rubbery Hide, Poison Sac, Lightcrystal, Power Extract

 / #18                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  An enormous wasp-like insectoid with a poisonous stinger that stuns
prey. Easily damaged, there are rarely and usable materials left to harvest
from them once killed.
	NOTE: The only way you can carve a Vespoid is if you slay it WITHOUT 
overkilling it, or if you poison it.
	Carves: Vespoid Wing, Vespoid Shell, Monster Fluid

 / #19                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  A Wespoid-like monster with a thicker shell. Easily damaged, there are
rarely any usable materials left to harvest from them once killed. But if you
could sap their Health gradually...
	NOTE: The only way you can carve a Hornetaur is if you slay it without
overkilling it, or if you poison it.
	Carves: Hornetaur Wing, Hornetaur Shell, Monster Fluid

 / #20                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  Loathsome wyverns that live inside caves. Near blind, they detect their
prey by smell. They are capable of generating electric shocks, which they use
to paralyze their prey.
	NOTE: You won't get an eye icon next to your name while you are
fighting Khezu because he is blind.
	Carves: Electro Sac, Flabby Hide, Pale Extract

 / #21                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  An enormous, flightless, aquatic wyvern with wings that have evolved
into fins for swimming. Although superficially fish-like, they can move on
land as well. They love frogs.
	Carves: Plesioth Scale, Plesioth Fin, Small Lobstershell

 / #22                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  Wyverns found only in the desert. They resemble a Plesioth, but live and
"swim" in the sand rather than water. They seldom appear above land, but when 
their hearing is disturbed...
	Carves: Cephalos Scale, Cephalos Fin, Piscine Fang, Piscine Liver

 / #23                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  The alpha monster form of Cephalos. Larger nad armored with black
scales. They fit the appearance of a leader perfectly. Their fins hold a
paralyzing toxin.
	Carves: Cephalos Scale, Cephalos Fin, Piscine Fnag, Piscine Liver

 / #24                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  A large-horned wyvern found in desert zones. Their giant horn makes 
their attacks very dangerous. While they have no breath attacks, their
ear-splitting roar is the bane of hunters.
	NOTE: By cutting off the tail, you can receive 2 extra carves.
	Carves: Monoblos Spine, Monoblos Shell, Blos Fang, Monoblos Heart

 / #25                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  A two-horned wyvern found in desert zones. They are capable of
burrowing into sand to attack prey from below. It has been confirmed that they
have a subspecies called Monoblos.
	NOTE: By cutting off the tail, you can receive an extra carve.
	Carves: Diablos Shell, Blos Fang, Diablos Tail

 / #26                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  A large wyvern found in volcanic zones. They possess a fiery
breath-attack and the abiolity to emit a sleeping gas. They also have extremely
hard scales that deflect most weapon attacks.
	NOTE: By cutting off the tail, you can receive 2 extra carves.
	Carves: Gravios Shell, Flame Sac, Sleep Sac, Large Monster Bone

 / #27                    \____________________________________________________
   \/  A large wyvern found in volcanic zones. They are the juvenile form of 
the Gravios, They have a steel-like carapace that requires powerful weapons to
crack. Emits poison gas.
	NOTE: By cutting off the tail, you can receive an extra carve.
	Carves: Machalite Ore, Large Monster Bone, Basarios Shell, Poison Sac
	As for the 3 other monsters, they are online only, which I don't have, so
you are gonna have to read someone else's walkthrough.

(ABCDEFGH) Versions and Thanks!

7.11.06 (0.10) - Started this FAQ, put in Table and 
7.12.06 (0.20) - Added Quest Level 1 Star quests
7.14.06 (0.30) - Added Quest Level 2 Star quests
7.25.06 (0.50) - Added Quest Level 3 and 4 Star quests
7.27.06 (0.53) - Added Rathalos quest and the versions
7.30.06 (0.65) - Added Rathalos strategy and more
7.31.06 (0.70) - Added Rathian, Plesioth, and Basarios quests
8.01.06 (0.90) - Finished Walkthrough and added dividers, Monsters
8.02.06 (1.00) - Finished the Walkthrough, fixed the charts (I hope)

	Thank you for reading this walkthrough. I would like to thank the 
following people:
-	Capcom for making such a great game
-	My parents for getting me this game
-	Myself, for writing this Walkthrough
-	Gamefaqs for accepting this Walkthrough

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
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	Please ask me first before actually using this anywhere I don't
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Once again.... Thank you.

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