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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Cheats and Tips

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Several cheats for you to check out and includes increasing the 'grip level', getting Sea Lice rank, unlocking Extreme difficulty mode and how to find hidden dog tags.

More Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 63 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty please send them in here. For more Codes for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty go to:
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At the time of writing we have not aware of any ..

At the time of writing we have not aware of any cheat codes being available for this game - by this we mean, something like up, down, left at the main page for infinite lives.

There is a rumour that you can get infinite ammo though. Try this... Collect all dog tags and complete the game and then save it. You then need to start a new game and equip the wig. With this item equipped you should have infinite ammo.

Although we have not tested this one ourselves, we have put this in as a recommended cheat as we have been asked by many users why we have no cheats for this great game.

Don't forget we have loads of hints for this game, submi..

Unlock Extreme difficulty mode

To unlock Extreme difficulty mode beat the game once.

Undercover... Don't rush through areas where th..


Don't rush through areas where there loads of cameras and guards.

You should take your time and figure out the best way past them. You are a lot less likely to be seen this way.

Reduce chance of being seen: When guards and..

Reduce chance of being seen:

When guards and cameras are in your way, take your time and do not rush. Taking your time and thinking of all the ways of bypassing them is the best way of getting past the guard or camera.

Attract and destroy enemies without being near them:

Attract enemies by stepping on things that make loud noises. They will investigate the noise. Note: Enemies have to be near your position to hear the noise. You can also knock on walls to lure enemies. Place C4 on the surface where the enemy will be coming from before he or she arrives. Hide, and when the enemy gets near the C4, blow it up.

Defeating enemies:

When faced with a single enemy, quickly go for his/o..

Dog Tag Know How Dog tags are hidden on many..

Dog Tag Know How

Dog tags are hidden on many of the soldiers. If an enemy has one, youll see a glowing spot on their chest where the tag would hang.

You'll need to surprise them at gunpoint (Hold Square when near them), then walk over (hold L1 while holding square) to stand in front of them. Point the gun at their face, and eventually they'll shake with fright and drop the tags.

Once you pick them up, you can view them from the title screen in the Special Menu. To obtain the tags from the 'persistent' soldiers, do the above, and then Shoot them in the hand or near their face. That will get them to co-operate.

Obtain Bandana (Unlimited ..

--------UNLOCKABLES---------- Bandana (gives yo..


Bandana (gives you infinite ammo)_-Beat the game,Select Tanker,Get over 30 dog tags.

Blue Wig (gives you infinite 02)_-Collect all the dog tags.

Brown Wig (unlimited ammo for Raiden)_-Beat normal mode with more than 100 dog tags.

Orange Wig (infinite grip)_-Beat the game with 150 dog tags.

Shaver_-Grip yourself over behind the caged fence when you start with Raiden.

Stealth Camo_- Beat the game. Select "Tanker". Get more than 60 dog tags.

Stealth Camo #2_-Beat the game with 120 dog tags.

Sunglasses for Snake and Raiden_-Complete the game twice on the same save file

Incrase 'Grip Level'

In Raiden's mission, go to Strut D (Sediment Pool) and go to the upper level.

Then stand near the railing (recommened to do it near a stairset) and press TRIANGLE to start climbing. Then press X to relese the rail and quickly tap TRIANGLE to catch the rail below. After that press TRIANGLE to climb up and quickly go back above. Do it a few times and your grip level will be incrased.

The maximum grip level is 3.

Have Fun Smile I hope it's helped...

1st cheat ever! Hear some cool things from..

1st cheat ever!

Hear some cool things from Emma Emerich!

At the part where you have to use the sniper rifle to protect Emma, quickly get out the D-microphone and point it at her. she will say loads of stuff about how she feels about what she is doing.Also, take the sniper rifle and shoot her with it. Then very quickly get out the D- mic to hear her insult you. Try it. ITs really amusing!

P.S. The site rocks! keep it up!

- Webby's note: Cheers mate - and thanks for sending the cheats in!

When you fight Olga Gurlokovich when she runs a..

When you fight Olga Gurlokovich when she runs across the screen shoot her in her armpits then you get a message from Otacon.

He says thats no way to treat a lady.

Do that again then she throws her gun in the water and walks towards you then shoot away, then when she is ninja and knocks you out when your in the torture part near the end.

She will say I'll come back after making love to solid snake.

*BOSSES* SNAKE Olga Difficulty: moderate Lo..




Difficulty: moderate

Location: navigational deck-wing

at the start shoot the canopy off by aiming at the string holding it on at the bottom, then shoot the spot light. shoot her once, and when she is walking away crawl to another bit of the place out of sight and shoot her again, repeat this and you will win easily.

Get into the holds

Difficulty: easy

Location: entrance to the holds

equip the thermal goggles straight away and run forwards as far as you can and hide behind the box. pop out and shoot like crazy, you should have loads of ammo, when they shoot out the lights you can still see them cos you have the thermal goggles..

Dog Tags

Collect 46 Dog Tags to get the Bandana

Collect 68 Dog Tags to get Stealth


When you have taken an Enemy Sentrie out, hold the square button when standing behind an enemy to hold them.

Drag them far enough and they will drop an item like ammo or ration.

Doing this a couple of times will get you some useful stuff.

Get Sea Lice rank

To do this crawl on the sea lice and let them eat your rations then go to your items menu and it will tell you about sea lice and if you complete the game with sea lice attached to your rations then you get the rank of SEA LICE.

Vamp domination

To easily kill vamp in the filtration chamber use stinger missiles. When the fight starts and hes bowing, GET HIM THEM!! Easy hit the when he jumps out after swimming hit him then as well.

Th kill vamp fater with the sniper rifle, get his head, you can kill him in about 3 shots this way.

....god I hate vamp

Infinity ammo and Stealth Camo

Item Description Dog Tags


Bandana Infinite ammo:..........collect 46

Stealth Stealth:................collect 78


Infinity Wig Infinite ammo:.........collect 73

Stealth Stealth:...............collect 121

Wig B Infinite grip:.........collect 170

Wig A Infinite O2:...........collect 218

Dog Tags:

1.To get a dog tag, go up to a sentry from behind or out of it's view.

2.Take out your gun, and you will Snake/Raiden say "freeze".

3. Run to his front, and go into first person view.

4. Point your gun to his head or lower abdomen.

5. He will shake and his Dog Tag will come out.

6. But Sometimes he doesn't yield. Then shoot hin in the foot or hand (if yo use a stinger missile..

Solidus (Extreme)

I Just Completed MGS2 On Extreme, And Beat Solidus Without Losing Any Health

All You Have To Do To Do This Is Simple

Kill Him Using Lethal("Red" Sharp Side Of The Blade) Methods As Each Attack Is Worth More Damage Than Non-Lethal("Blue" Back Side Of The Blade) Methods

At First, Solidus Won't Fire His Electro-Powered Missiles (He Will Only Do This When He Has Lost About 1/6th Of His Health) And When He Does, Flip-Attack Straight To Him (You Don't Need To Hit Him) And His Missiles Will Be Useless (And He Will Stop At 2 If You Get There Fast Enough) You Can Evade His Attacks By Using The Flip Attack (Running, X) And It's Also Useful When You're On Fire. It Can Also Be Used To Knock Solidus Off His Feet.

The Best Combos Are Horizontal Slice (Right ..

Hideo Kojimas Photo

On the Tanker mission, when you are in Hold 2, look at the projection screen on the right when it has the video projecting on it and take a photo with the Camera. When you do this the game directors face (Hideo Kojima) will appear on the screen.

Note: This will not work if you use the Digital Camera.

OK. do you know when you are jack and you are ab..

OK. do you know when you are jack and you are about to find ames? There is a chick in there (not the old ones) if you knock her out you can see her underware.

If you take a pic, with your dig. camera and save it, you can call up cornal and rose will chuw your ass out.


2 things No.1)In the tanker episode, go all..

2 things

No.1)In the tanker episode, go all the way up deck port 2 and when you see the gaurd coming down your way run into the nearest passageway (big thingie)and put your back up against the smallest wall which you see first the gaurd should then come down when you can see him peek around the corner and a pipe should fall then when it has pop your head back round.Stay in your position and ......thats all im saying youll find out :P

No.2)When you enter Hold no.2 (on the tanker chapter)go over to your left then press Triangle near the front of the flappy thing then snake should lift it up then you can crawl through to Hold no.3 easily. Different things happen when you crawl through

For all the people who are wondering where the..

For all the people who are wondering where the dog tags are in the tanker chapter well here they are. First off as soon as you start in hold 1 make sure you have full health if not use a ration then climb down the first ladder. Once your next to the second ladder hang over the edge and keep on moving until you can climb up. The guard is on the very end basically the other end of hold 1. The reason you need full health is because the less health you have the quicker the grip bar goes down and belive me you need all the grip you have. If you have infinate grip which i have it will be easy. Hold 2. No guards up here so hang over and keep shimmying until your on the other side like in hold one. Dont worry there are no guards on the second floor of Hold 2. Now your in hold 3 the guard who has..

BITTER ROSE: While leading Emma across the oil..


While leading Emma across the oil fence(Strut L - Strut E),take some timeout to shoot some of the seagulls flying overhead.

After you've shot enough you'll get a codec call from the colnel asking if you enjoy killing defeseless animals.

When the call ends call rose(140.96).she'll be really spiteful to you and say



Choose the top one and Raiden will apologise and Rose will save your data

P.S: If you do save you have to start the oil fence bit again.

I was wondering how do you get to the bomb in s..

I was wondering how do you get to the bomb in shell i right at the start in the romm where there is lots of pipes.

I knno where it is i just can't get over to it. please help.

If you see a camera or Cypher that you can't ge..

If you see a camera or Cypher that you can't get past, then instead of bothering using a Chaff Grenade that will only effect a limited amount of time, why not just break it all together. All you need to do is simply shoot it with a gun and it will be broken for the rest of the game.

Note: Cyphers do sometimes come back once you've left that area and when you shoot it makesure that it isn't your M9 as it won't work, any other gun will be fine.

Helpless gaurd This is really,..

Helpless gaurd

This is really, really funny. When you take a gaurd hostage(go behing and press and hold [])First shoot his radio, then in his right leg, then his right arm. Go in front of him and let go of your weapon without shooting(lightly release []) After a few seconds he will shout 'FREEZE' and point his gun at you. He wont be ablr to fire because you shot his arm. He will then try to call for back-up, but he wont be able to because you bust his radio. In a last resort he will limp off to find a gaurd and the caution mode will go off. Shoot him before this happens. This is really funny cheat, try it.

note:- i have only tried this on the tanker chapter.

Cant spot 2 dogtags. Can someone help me. Th..

Cant spot 2 dogtags.

Can someone help me. There supposed to be two dog tags in hold 1 of the tanker and two tags in hold 3.But i cant find more then 1 in each area.

Could someone give me the exact locations of the 4 tags.A few people add that you need thermal goggles for spotting tags,well you don't.

They shine as soon you stand before them and keep a gun to his head.Somethimes they do need some pain to change there minds so shoot at a wall or his hand or his leg.

Only use socom or usp,the m9 knocks them out where ever you shoot.

Hey gamers, when you are fighting Solidus he i..

Hey gamers, when you are fighting Solidus he is quite easy.

He will stick his octopus thingies in you so move around and when you get close to him use the blade and jab it into him.

This will make it very easy to defeat him if you do this continuosly.

Then you will have to listen to an forever ending long story, so grab a drink and snack. AC

Secret Items:Tanker: 46 Tags=Bandana 78 Tags=..

Secret Items:Tanker:

46 Tags=Bandana

78 Tags=Stealth

Secret Items:Plant:

73 Tags=Infinity Wig

121 Tags=Stealth

170 Tags=Wig A

218 Tags=Wig B

(To get all of the Items you'll have to complete the game on various difficulties)

Snake Has loads of Dog Tags:

On Very Easy he has: Iroquois Pliskin's

On Easy he has:Meryl Silverburgh's

On Normal he has: Solid Snakes's

On Hard he has: Liquid Snake's

On Extreme He has: Hideo Kojima's

Ok, a few of the tips in this section tell you ..

Ok, a few of the tips in this section tell you about holding up guards. But be careful - If you hold up a gaurd, then go around the front of him and then attempt to run, (Or go back behind him), you'll see his arms starting to lower slowly. He's reaching for his gun.

If this happens, quickly aim your gun at him again and shout 'Freeze!' and he'll put his hands back up.

And if you're out of ammo and you hold up an enemy, simply smack him about a few times untill he's dazed. If he gets up after the first few hits, just keep aiming your gun at him and he'll put his hands back up.

To get the Dog Tags from the gaurds who will ju..

To get the Dog Tags from the gaurds who will just say "Just try to pull the trigger!/Go ahead and kill me / Whould you shoot a prisioner?

/If your going to shoot , then shoot" point the gun at their head or dick.

They will say one of the lines above , shoot the wall behind him or one of his body parts then he will say "Don't shoot!" then he will shake out his Dog Tag.

Beat the "Tanker Chapter" and collect 30 dog ta..

Beat the "Tanker Chapter" and collect 30 dog tags. Look into your items and you should find "Solid Snake's Bandana"

put it on and you will have infinite ammo. Note:If you get shot the bandana will dissapear and you will have to put it on again. You will also have to reload.

Have you wandered where the first dog-tag for ..

Have you wandered where the first dog-tag for the plant chapter is located? Well if you trank Snake in Arsenal Gear, after the cut sequence of the cypher spotting you, you will get a dog-tag. You have to shake him like you do Olga on the ship. On very easy, you get Iroqouise Plisken. On easy, you Meryl Silverberg. Thats as far as I got.Do this before you engage the enemy, then wake him with the coolant spray.

When on board ship, you'll come to a hallway wh..

When on board ship, you'll come to a hallway where there are three sets of lasers. Take your scope, or use your camera if you don't have the scope, and look near the explosice charges that are set up in this hallway. Aim at the little dark green boxes, fire!!.. and the lasers go down one at a tine. You have to take out three green boxes to get all three lasers down!

In the demo that you get with Z.O.E. you have p..

In the demo that you get with Z.O.E. you have probably noticed some of the doors are locked for the demo but have no fear because you can get through them! How? EASY! ... This cheat will require some skill and patience. First of all put the difficulty level on hard (or very hard) and radar always off. Now you have to kill all, yes ALL, the guards on the outside decks first with your choking method. Once this is done head in the watertight door that leads to the lockers with the posters. Open the locker with the girl in a bikini and press up against it. Tap her pants part of the poster and guards should be alerted to the locker room.

Just as they are about to leave shoot them both on the head with your M9. Go up the next corridor and make the guard freeze. M..

Hold up: When U hold up a soldier by pointin..

Hold up:

When U hold up a soldier by pointing the hand gun to his head quietly move away from the guard and he will stay there thinking Ur still in his back pointing at him.

(U choose what to do with him) shoot his radio behind him because if U do it wrong he won't call the other soldiers.

Freeze!!! If you succeed to surprise an enem..


If you succeed to surprise an enemy soldier from a very close range and aim your gun up to his body he will drop his weapon, raise his hands when all his body is shaking with fear and will surrender! the next move is up to you...

Quicker Sleep: As you know, there is a tranq..

Quicker Sleep:

As you know, there is a tranqulizer gun

that drop down the enemies unconscious

without killing them.

So, if you like the shot will take effect quicker, you may aim the gun right to the head,neck or the chest but if you will aim to the other body parts the effect will apear much longer (like 10 seconds or so)

This isnt really a helping tip but fun anyway,..

This isnt really a helping tip but fun anyway, there are 7 easter island statues situated in mgs2 i can only find 4 though:

1. on the rail of strut d in the middle bit.

2. under the south west table in the computer room

3. fire a nikita in the vent but smash some grills and eventually you will find it

4. on extreme in the locker room where emma is hiding in the cupboard on the wall

If you find more, send it in....!

Hold 2

In hold 2,stand next to the projector and press triangle.If you do this enough,a video of a japanese girl will come on.Keep pressing and two more will come on at the same time! trust me it works!

Amusing timewasters

These hints won't help much in completing the game but the are funny:

When you get called on the radio while the colonel or who-ever is talking to you press the L or R buttons seperatly to hear Raiden speak out of turn.

When on the shell plant go onto the roof of strut A and go into first person mode, look directly up and after a while the seagull's will start taking dumps on you.

The dreaded birdcrap strikes again, run into the white patches on the floor of the roof and Raiden will slip over.

Now for revenge on those pesky birds!!! when they land on the fencing you can either shoot them or if your fast enough you can punch them if you keep on doing this Rose will contact you and tell you to stop being cruel!!!

When in the bathrooms..

Tanker bosses

This is part 2 of my boss guide enjoy!

note:I'm carrying on from where i left off I, left off on number 4 right?

5:Olga difficulty:easy/normal first lean against some boxes and press x and you'll duck.

Now jump out and shoot the light and on the right there's a brick shoot that to get rid of the tarp now whenever she's on the go aim and SHOOT!

Keep on doing that

note:watch out for her grenades

6:tanker guards difficulty:hard/uber normal lean against the box press x now just jump out and SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!

Keep doing this it's quite hard and ther's some stuff at the back of the corridor...

Note: one of the guards allways chucks grenades he's prety{sorry about spelling} well concealed too

I'll be back soon wi..

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