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Follow the dark path or use the light

Jak II: Renegade

Game Reviews for Jak II: Renegade


Quick Reviews

This game is awesome! Added 1 Apr 2006, ID #20452
I can't believe how much of an advance Jak 2 has made from Jak and Daxter. It is so complex compared to the prequel. Jak and Daxter was so easy, I beat it in under 8 hours. But with Jak 2, it has taken me 21 hours, and i am still not done! I need to collect the last 30 something orbs and then beat hero mode. But congradulations on a job well done creators from Naughty Dog! I still need to get Jak 3, so you can count on another review from me. Peace out!
Added 17 Jul 2005, ID #16212
jak 2 is a huge improvement from the first of the series the precurser legacy in this there is a new feature you can turn into dark jak because of 2 years of torture with dark echo done by baron praxis and thats the story line you want revenge on him for what he did but then you gat caught up in a war against the metal heads and help take them out nest by nest until the end when you take down the metal head leader so i recomend this game even though it is very difficult
Jak 2 rocks! Added 31 Oct 2004, ID #11366
Jak 2 is so cool and it's way better than jak 1. I like the way that their is 3 wars going on between the Krimzon Guards, the Underground and the Metal Heads. Jak looks better with a goatee, long hair and talking.

I heard in Jak 3 Jak has short hair again. Oh Well. I think it's weird that their is 2 Samos's, a young one and an old one. The old one has been in every Jak so far. The young one is only in Jak 2. At least i think so anyway. I reckon Daxter looks different than in Jak 1. So does Jak as well.I'll let you all in on a secret. Kor is the Metalhead Leader, That boy that's got Mar's symbol is Jak when he was young. Mar is Jak's father as well.
Here comes Jak! Added 25 Oct 2004, ID #11263
This game is the turn of the revolution at naughty dog. It marks a new era. Many people have agreed that the original wasnt anything really special But this will have your fingers glued to the controller.

Jak 2 is one of those games you can just keep on playing and will never let you down. I have been playing for what seems months and ive only just reached the end, and still the game keeps on demanding more. It isnt all that strict you dont really have to do the missions straight away, you can just go around town killing people Grand Theft Auto style but i can reassure you that if you buy this game you wont be dissapointed.
Its sequel is suppose to be the best game yet (out 26th Nov 04!!)

So if you want to be part of the revolution, buy the Jak series now!
A great game Added 2 Jul 2004, ID #9622
Jak 2 : Renegade is a fun and adventurous game, the creators have added many new thing which fit well into the games set up.

The graphics are great and the difficulty is also good.

overall this game is given an eight out of ten......
Sweet and Addicting Added 12 Mar 2004, ID #7384
I couldn't set this game down until I finished it, It is awesome. Jak is no longer a mute, the game is rated T (OH the possibilities) and it Jak is a thousand times cooler.

It's like GTA meets Jak and Daxter (first one) meets any good cart game. The guns are sweet (however there are only 4) this game is a definate buy for anyone that even SOMEWHAT likes platformers.

By the way the ending, Like daxter says "the more you think about it, the more it hurts your head" I can't wait for the next game that's for sure.
jak 2 Added 4 Feb 2004, ID #6712
Jak is a great game that you should get.

It is a version of G.T.A but without swearing. Some missions are not good. Thats all from

Will the pokemon champion!
Game of the Century Added 9 Jan 2004, ID #6186
This game is fantastic, it has everything. from a hoverboard to a furry friend named Daxteer.

If you have ever played on "Crash Bandicoot" or "Banjo Kazooie" then you'll like this game.

It's like these but with guns, racing, a big city to drive around in a jetbike and some of the funniest cutscenes i've ever seen.

There's also Jaks Dark powers which totally kick ass when you have enough dark eco (energy) to use them.

If you haven't got this game then buy it now cos its mint.
That would be the french... latin based of course Added 3 Jan 2004, ID #5914
Yo, this my first submission and I wanna make it interesting

This game is amazing because it has great graphics and it plays well with a dualshock 2 controller.

But the part that im stuck on is where you have to race in the stadium but that doesn`t matter.

To all of you thinking of getting this game I suggest you get it as soon as possible before it disappears for ever off the face of the world of gaming history!!!
Po-Boy Gives 8 out of 10 Added 10 Nov 2003, ID #4791
This game is pretty sweet! The graphics are tight and Jak looks great in this new adventure!

If you have the 1st one, you can agree that it was not the greatest game in the world.

But now that there is guns, a HUGE world to go around in, and a frisker osttle (Daxter) and hillarious cutsenes and an awsome story line, it makes the critics happy,and that my frind, is hard to do!!!

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