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Final Fantasy X-2

Game Reviews for Final Fantasy X-2


Full Reviews

Gagglebaggle31st May 2005, ID #51
This game is one of the best final fantasy games I've played. It may not be as good as Final Fantasy X but it comes second on my list totaly. This is my complete review on Finaly Fantasy X-2 so I ho..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

Which Hunter Robin11th Jun 2005, ID #67
This is another good game form Square Enix and yet another good game in the Final Fantasy Franchise. If your into RPGs, this game is for you. One sidenote though, don't play this game if you haven't..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

Yuna165th Feb 2010, ID #1210
This is the sequel to the game Final Fantasy X, but this time it's Yuna's turn for some action. With Rikku, and a new friend Paine, Yuna is in search for a lost friend who may still be alive. She be..

Rating: 34%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Good GameAdded 3 Apr 2012, ID #33986
Its a good game all and all but some parts are a little slow and the 100% completion is agonizing to do as you have to do everything and get everything.It goes in Chapters and Chapter 4 is a freebie Chapter that you can relax for a while before the agonizingly long Chapter 5. Other than that the change of Jobs to Dresspheres was pretty good as it shone on some new gameplay we have not yet experienced. Good Game.

Review of Final Fantasy X-2Added 17 Jul 2008, ID #30541
Final Fantasy X-2 is the sequel to Final Fantasy X, this time around you are mainly controlling Yuna, Riku and a new character Paine. The game starts 2 years after you defeated Sin and Yuna is now a sphere Hunter with the Gullwings. She wants to find Tidus and believes that he is still alive somewhere. The battle system is very different from previous titles and it has it strengths and weaknesses. The dressphere system adds a new dimension to the game. The game is also a lot less liner than previous titles however it still follows a very in depth story line.

A very good game and a must have for any Final Fantasy fan however it does not quite live up to it's predecessors and some people my be disappointed when comparing it to previous titles.

Ffx-2 reviewAdded 4 Dec 2006, ID #24633
Final Fantasy x-2 is 1 of my favorites in the final fantasy siries the graphics are great and are far better than aloth of the other final fantasys.

From start to end there is a great soundtrack that many people enjoy as far as I know most people have enjoyed the songs that yuna sings in the game (1000 words and real emotion both proformed by jade from sweetbox).

this game continues on with yunas storie with tidus disappering at the end of ffx yuna is searching for him or at least answers for what happened to him with an old friend rikku and a new friend paine they are all members of the gull wings whos travel the world searching for valuable spheres, during the quest for spheres yuna uncovers a conspiracy by new yevon who have a weapon that cannot be controled.

this game has a great storie line and I would give it a 10/10 and I urge people to go out and get a copy to play.

This is not disasterificAdded 6 Apr 2005, ID #14237
This may be one of the best Final Fantasys ever. All of the music is good and it gets really good when you hear Yuna sing. Some parts of the game are funny and some parts a really sad. If you like drama games then you would like this game. This whole game seems like a side mission . The game might not be better then Final Fantasy 10 but it comes really close. Thats why i'm giving this great game a 9/10.

ThrillerAdded 1 Feb 2005, ID #12838
FFX-2 is another great game by Squaresoft.

The fighting style and ability learning and level up styles are far greater than FFX, and the three main characters are girls!

The BestAdded 16 May 2004, ID #8656
This is the best Final Fantasy that they have made. FF7 and Crystal Chronicals come close but this is just better.

I've played for 23 hours and I don't even have 40%. Square Enix have hit the jackpot.

Not as good a FFX but really goodAdded 9 Apr 2004, ID #8012
I must say this is not as good as FFX but still really good it can be quite exiting that you can see "him" again

Good points: You see "him", Cool dresspheres, New game+ etc.
Bad points: Can be annoying, too easy to complete ,too hard to get 100%

It's not that bad!Added 22 Mar 2004, ID #7632
For people who did not like the game they are no final fantasy fan even if they say so.

Its a great game to play! Even though some final fantasy games might have been better (SOME) it is a great game.

Decent but definitely not the best.....Added 20 Feb 2004, ID #6993
Starting off, I am a huge final fantasy fan. I love everyone of them. I enjoy how deep every game and story is.

7 and 8 are by far my favorites.

I thoroughly enjoyed X. but what happened to X-2.

I like it in one sense cause its got a little of final fantasy tactics in it with all the different jobs and stuff. but wheres the big stuff at.

There's no summoning and overdrives, which i understand why theres no aeons. but theres nothing there to replace big moves like that.

All you have is these little moves. theres nothing visually there to catch your eye except for when your changing dresspheres.

I would of thought that at least the special dresspheres would have something to them but they dont, they're just like the rest of them.

Thats what I've really enjoyed since theyve moved FF to playstation. i really like the storyline.

Thats the only thing thats keeping me going at this, aside from maxing them out on the dresspheres.

My whole spew on this and I hope XII has some better gameplay.

My Sincerest Redneck ApologiesAdded 1 Feb 2004, ID #6668
I am very sorry for the review I submitted some time ago.

I hadn't beaten the game by 48% and no right to down a squaresoft game like that.

I should've known better than that.

This truly is one of the greatest games I've ever played.

I ask the forgiveness of all Squaresoft fans out there and want you to know all rednecks aren't hot heads, just Sephiroth.

SephirothAdded 1 Jan 2004, ID #5811
Dear sephiroth,

I agree I mean it's to boring but if you r x fan you do have to beat to see what happens to Tidus Yuna but still I would not recommend that if you want a really fun game it's not ff X-2.

Let DownAdded 30 Dec 2003, ID #5765
Final Fantasy fans should all be able to agree, this was not Squaresoft's greatest work.

It lacked much in the way of a story line and gave a little too much freedom to the player's, resulting in something that was quick to lose the gamer's interest.

Though I've been a huge fan of Squaresoft for some time, I've yet to be dissapointed by them until now.

On the other hand, if you were looking for a more mission, Metal Gear Solid type game from them, this game is perfect, though die-hard role playing game(rpg) fans shouldn't splurge on this game.

If they're looking forward to the same, almost unbeatable storyline of F.F.X. All in all on a scale from 1 to 5 I rate this game an alright 3.

Bye ya'll, keep it real 'til next time.

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