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Final Fantasy X-2



by Blackestmage

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 ##::::::: ##.... ##: ##:. ###:::: ##:::: ##.... ##:'##::: ##:::: ##::::
 ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##::. ##:::: ##:::: ##:::: ##:. ######::::: ##::::
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::. ###::::'#######::'#######::
:: ## ##:::........:'##::::::::
: ##:. ##::::::::::: ##::::::::
 ##:::. ##:::::::::: #########:

Game: Final Fantasy X-2 (North American version) by Square-Enix
Platform: Playstation2

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

FAQ/walkthrough by Blackestmage, copyright 2006

Legal stuff: This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission (see e-mail section).
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Table of contents

1- Introduction
2- E-mail
3- The characters
4- The battle system
 A) Dressphere list
 B) Garment Grid list
 C) Special Dresspheres
5- Walkthrough
6- The endings
7- General tips
8- Conclusion
9- Credits

Before reading: Please note that using this guide while you haven't beaten
Final Fantasy X first is not a good idea due to the numerous references I will
be making in order to explain several aspects (the story, especially) of Final
Fantasy X-2.


1- Introduction


Hello there! Me contributor name is Blackestmage and it's a pleasure to meet
you! My college session is finally over so I have two months of total liberty
ahead of me! Summer, to me, equals FAQing season, but I wasn't feeling like
starting a new project. I checked out my contributor page and spotted this
walkthrough. Since I wanted to get back into Final Fantasy X-2 (made over a
year that I haven't played the game), I decided to update this FAQ as well.
Personally, I prefer Final Fantasy X over Final Fantasy X-2, but this title is
still a strong and solid sequel. While the concept of this game is totally
different, Final Fantasy X-2 is definitely for those interested in obtaining
MORE from Final Fantasy X's universe, to actually see what happens after the
dramatic Final Fantasy X ending. With that said, I hope you will enjoy the game!


2- E-mail


In order to contact me, you can write me an e-mail at blackestmage (at) yahoo
(dot) fr (at = @ and dot = .). Please, use this feature for stuff about the
game only. While it may sound mean, I'm a little bit busy and I don't have much
time to chat with my readers. If you have problems with the game, it will be a
pleasure for me to help you out. If you want to use my FAQ on your website,
e-mail me for permission. Before e-mailing me for questions though, make sure
you can't find your answers in my guide. Also, please be clear. I'm not asking
you to speak perfect English, heck, my English is far from being perfect, but
just make sense in your sentences so I can understand what your message is
about. On the subject of the language, je suis francophone alors mes camarades
français n'hésitez pas à m'écrire dans notre langue! Last thing, include the
game title in the topic of your message or else it will be automatically put in
the Spam trash. Thanks a lot!


3- The characters


Just like in every games of the series, Final Fantasy X-2 contains a vaste
variety of characters.

First, there are the three playable characters.

Yuna: She is the protagonist, the main character of the game. Two years ago,
she fought and defeated Sin with the help of her six guardians. Though she did
her pilgrimage to complete the task, Yuna didn't obtain the Final Aeon.
Destroying Sin with the Final Summoning costs the life of the summoner and only
results in a temporary Calm, because Sin is always reborn with the fayth of the
Final Aeon. Instead of following Yevon's teachings, Yuna and her friends took
on Sin by themselves and won the battle after they defeated Yu Yevon, the one
that was summoning Sin for a a millenium. With such a victory, the Eternal Calm
was brought to Spira and so Yuna became the most successful summoner of the
planet's history. Back in Final Fantasy X, Yuna was quite the model woman,
doing her prayers, following Yevon's teachings, etc. Now, she changed a lot.
She threw away her summoner attire to put on new clothes that, huh, "reveal"
more about her personality. She is part of a group called "Gullwings", which
consists of a team of sphere hunters. Remember those spheres you could use to
view recorded scenes in Final Fantasy X? Well, sphere hunters travel all around
the world in order to search for these spheres.

Rikku: The cutest character of the serie! More energetic than ever, Rikku
brings the funniest scenes to the game. In Final Fantasy X, she was quite the
party girl. In Final Fantasy X-2, she is... well, still quite the party girl!
She was one of Yuna's guardians so she also did her part to save Spira from
Sin. She is the High Summoner's cousin as well, but both are acting as if they
were sisters. In two years, Rikku changed physically, to the gamer's pleasure.
Though it doesn't seem like it from her way of acting, she is also more mature.
She is a member of the Gullwings so she too, just like Yuna, is a sphere hunter.

Paine: A new character, Paine is a mysterious person. She isn't as sociable as
Yuna, and she's absolutely not goofy like Rikku. On contrary, it's rare that
she even smiles. She is more of a mix between Lulu and Squall. Paine doesn't
reveal much about herself until later in the game, and even then, she keeps her
initial role. But she is strong in combat and can be somewhat seen as the
strength of the Gullwings, because she is also part of the group as a sphere

Then, there are the playable characters of Final Fantasy X, which you can't
control anymore in the sequel.

Wakka: Former coach of the Besaid Aurochs, Wakka was also one of Yuna's allies
in the last showdown with Sin. Though Spira is in peace, he considers himself
to be the guardian of Besaid. That is because he has things to protect, like a
pregnant wife. Who's that woman? Take a guess...

Lulu: Of course, Lulu is the pregnant woman! She finally moved on with Chappu
and fell for Wakka. She was very mature in Final Fantasy X, now she has grown
up even more since she will be a mother soon. Lulu doesn't combat fiends
anymore, but she is still a strong ally for Yuna as a confident and a counselor.

Kimahri: Though Kimahri is at least seven feet tall, he is considered a small
individual because of the fact that he is from the Ronso Tribe, tribe in which
the children are as tall (if not taller) than human adults. He used to be
Yuna's main guardian and participated well in the victory against Sin. He is
now the Elder of Mount Gagazet, which gives him even more credibility as one of
the saviors of Spira.

And finally, the new characters.

Leblanc: She, with her two acolytes, is a sphere hunter. She is far from being
a member of the Gullwings though. Her team is actually a rival to Yuna's group.
Using her sex appeal as her main weapon, don't worry if you're seduced the very
first minute you see her in the game.

Ormi: One of Leblanc's two acolytes, Ormi is the "strong but dumb" type of bad
guy. He doesn't think much by himself, which is probably why Leblanc hired him.
However, his style can still be seen as a source of credibility for his

Logos: Unlike Ormi, Logos is brilliant and under the control of Leblanc because
of her ideology and not because of her Lady Luck clothes. Many Final Fantasy
X-2 gamers are fans of him for the mystery of his personality. He is a bad guy,
but he's fighting for the benefit of his team and not to simply annoy the

Brother: Remember him? He is Cid's son, which also makes him Rikku's brother.
He is part of the Gullwings as the driver of the Celsius (the airship). Brother
is now learning how to speak in our language, so you will finally be able to
understand him when he speaks his mind (though there isn't much to say about
it- sorry Brother!). Another information to add about him is the fact that he
seems to have a "crush" Yuna. That is a little bit scary, since they're cousins.

Buddy: His name is Buddy for the very simple reason that he's a cool buddy to
have with while you're hunting spheres in Spira. Is there something else to say
about him? Probably, but since nobody is reading this, I guess I'll just move
to the next character. Har!

Shinra: The youngest member of the Gullwings, he is ironically the most
intelligent one. He knows about everything there is to know (except the fact
that he looks kind of dumb in his costume...). Shinra is simply the "brain" of
the team.


4- The battle system


Square-Enix decided to play oldschool for the battle system of Final Fantasy
X-2. Remember the Job system from Final Fantasy V? Well, Final Fantasy X-2's
dressphere system is a lot like it. If we get back to the basic concept of the
Final Fantasy universe, each abilities that you can use are normally linked to
a certain type of in-battle character. For example, Fire is a black magic spell
used by Black Mages. Well, in Final Fantasy X-2, dresspheres are these types of
in-battle characters. When you equip one of your girls with the Black Mage
dressphere, you gain the abilities of a Black Mage. You can also learn new ones
by obtaining AP from the fiends you defeat using that dressphere. The
interesting aspect about this system is that it's possible to change your
dressphere WHILE you're in a battle. Dresspheres are dispatched on nodes of a
grid called Garment Grid. You customize these grids by yourself, putting the
dresspheres you want on its nodes. When you're in combat, press the R1 button
to open your Garment Grid and select the dressphere next to the one you're
currently wearing to have your character switch to it. Some grids will also
give you bonuses, like stats or skills (which are granted to your character for
the battle).

For the level-up system, it's back to the old one. When you win a battle, you
gain EXP for the enemies you defeated. When you have obtained enough EXP, your
character level up and her stats increase.

As for the enemies, they also see their stats increased while they're under
Oversoul status, which is a form they morph into once you killed ten fiends of
their species.

a) Dressphere list


Dressphere: Gunner

Abilities: Attack, Trigger Happy, Potshot, Cheap shot, Enchanted Ammo, Target
MP, Quarter Pounder, On the level, Burst shot, Tableturner, Scattershot,
Scatterburst, Darkproof, sleeproof, Trigger Happy Lv.2, Trigger Happy Lv.3.


Dressphere: Thief

Abilities: Attack, Steal, Pilfer Gil, Borrowed Time, Pilfer HP, Pilfer MP,
Sticky Fingers, Master Thief, Soul Swipe, Steal Will, Flee, Item Hunter, First
Strike, Initiative, SLowproof, Stopproof.


Dressphere: Gun Mage

Abilities: Attack, Blue Bullet, Scan, Shell Cracker, Anti-Aircraft, Silver
Bullet, Flan eater, Elementillery, Killasaurus, Drake Slayer, Dismantler, Mech
Destroyer, Demon Muzzle, Fiend Hunter Lv.2, Scan Lv.2, Scan Lv.3

Blue Bullet Abilities: Fire Breath, Seed Cannon, Stone Breath, Absorb, White
Wind, Bad Breath, Mighty Guard, Supernova, Cry in te Night, Drill Shot, Mortar,
Annihilator, Heaven's Cataract, 1000 Needles, Storm Cannon, Blaster.


Dressphere: Warrior

Abilities: Attack, Sentinel, Flametongue, Ice Brand, Thunder Blade, Liquid
Steel, Demi Sword, Excalibur, Power Break, Armor Break, Magic Break, Mental
Break, Delay Attack, Delay Buster, Assault, SOS Protect.


Dressphere: Alchemist

Abilities: Attack, Mix, Potion, Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion, X-potion, Remedy,
Dispel Tonic, Phoenix Down, Mega Phoenix, Ether, Elixir, Items Lv.2, Chemist,
Elementalist, Physicist.


Dressphere: Samurai

Abilities: Attack, Spare Change, Mirror of Equity, Magicide, Dismissal,
Fingersnap, Sparkler, Fireworks, Momentum, Shin-Zantetsu, Nonpareil, No Fear,
Clean Slate, Hayate, Zantetsu, SOS critical.


Dressphere: Dark Knight

Abilities: Attack, Darkness, Drain, Demi, Confuse, Break, Bio, Doom, Death,
Black Sky, Charon, Poisonproof, Stoneproof, Confuseproof, Curseproof,


Dressphere: Berserker

Abilities: Attack, Berserk, Cripple, Mad Rush, Crackdown, Eject, Unhinge,
Intimidate, Envenom, Hurt, Howl, Itchproof, Counterattack, Magic Counter, Evade
& Counter, Auto-Regen.


Dressphere: Songstress

Abilities: Darkness Dance, Samba of Silence, MP Mambo, Magical Masque, Sleepy
Shuffle, Carnival Cancan, Slow Dance, Brakedance, Jitterbug, Dirty Dancing,
Battle Cry, Cantus Firmus, Esoteric Melody, Disenchant, Perfect Pitch,
Matador's Song.


Dressphere: Black Mage

Abilities: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Water, Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Watera,
Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Waterga, Focus, MP absorb, Black Magic Lv.2, Black
Magic Lv.3.


Dressphere: White Mage

Abilities: Pray, Vigor, Cure, Cura, Curaga, Regen, Esuna, Dispel, Life,
Full-Life, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Full-Cure, White Magic Lv.2, White Magic


Dressphere: Lady Luck

Abilities: Attack, Bribe, Two Dice, Four Dice, Attack Reels, Magic Reels, Item
Reels, Random Reels, Luck, Felicity, Tantalize, Critical, Double EXP, SOS
spellspring, Gillionaire, Double Items.


Dressphere: Trainer

Yuna's abilities: Attack, Holy Kogoro, Kogoro Blaze, Kogoro Freeze, Kogoro
Shock, Kogoro Deluge, Kogoro Strike, Doom Kogoro, Kogoro Cure, Kogoro Remedy,
Pound!, Half MP cost, HP stroll, MP stroll, Kogoro Lv.2, Kogoro Lv.3.

Rikku's abilities: Attack, Sneaky Ghiki, Ghiki Gourge, Ghiki Gag, Mugger Ghiki,
Pesky Ghiki, Bully Ghiki, Ghiki Meds, Ghiki Pep, Ghiki Cheer, Swarm, Swarm!,
Half MP cost, HP stroll, MP stroll, Ghiki Lv.2, Ghiki Lv.3.

Paine's abilities: Attack, Carrier Flurry, Poison Flurry, Stone Flurry, Death
Flurry, Flurry Guard, Flurry Speed, Flurry Shield, HP Flurry, Recovery Flurry,
Maulwings!, Half MP cost, HP stroll, MP stroll, Flurry Lv.2, Flurry Lv.3.


Dressphere: Mascot

Yuna's abilities(Moogle): Attack, Moogle Jolt, Moogle Cure, Moogle Regen,
Moogle Wall, Moogle Life, Moogle Curema, Moogle Regenja, Moogle Wallja, Moogle
Lifeja, Moogle Beam, Ribbon, Auto-Shell, Auto-Protect, Swordplay, Arcana.

Rikku's abilities(Cait Sith): Attack, Cait Fire, Cait Thunder, Cait Blizzard,
Cait Water, Power Eraser, Armor Eraser, Magic Eraser, Mental Eraser, Speed
Eraser, PuPu Platter, Ribbon, Auto-Shell, Auto-Protect, Instinct, White Magic.

Paine's abilities(Tonberry): Attack, Dark Knife, Silence Knife, Sleep Knife,
Berserk Knife, Poison Knife, Stone Knife, Stop Knife, Quartet Knife, Arsenic
Knife, Cactling Gun, Ribbon, Auto-Shell, Auto-Protect, Bushido, Black Magic.


B) Garment Grid list

As I said it earlier, there are 60 Garment Grids, listed below.

First Steps
Bum Rush
Undying Storm
Flash of Steel
Protection Halo
Hours of Need
Undwavering Guard
Valiant Lustre
Highroad Winds
Mounted Assault
Heart of Flame
Ice Queen
Thunder Spawn
Menace of the Deep
Sacred Beast
Tetra Master
Restless Sleep
Still of Night
Mortal Coil
Raging Giant
Bitter Farewell
Selene Guard
Helios Guard
Shining Mirror
Disaster In Bloom
Healing Wind
Heart Reborn
Healing Light
Immortal Soul
Strength of One
Seething Cauldron
Enigma Plate
Howling Wind
Ray of Hope
Pride of the Sword
Samurai's Honor
Blood of the Beast
Chaos Maelstrom
White Signet
Black Tabard
Mercurial Strike
Tricks of the Trade
Horn of Plenty
Treasure Hunt
Tempered Will
Covenant of Growth
Salvation Promised
Supreme Light
Unerring Path
Font of Power
Higher Power
The End

C) Special Dressphere

Since Final Fantasy VII, the characters have special attacks that they can use
when they're in limit break, Trance, or Overdrive mode. In Final Fantasy X-2,
the formula is a little bit different. Each girl has a unique dressphere that
only her can use: a "Special Dressphere". With it, the girl has "superior"
(easily arguable, but let's not take away the credit of this feature already
=P) abilities. In order to have your character dressed with the "Special
Dressphere", you must have worn every dresspheres of his (actually her) Garment
Grid in the battle. At that point, press the L1 button and the girl will put it
on. You must do that every times you want to equip the "Special Dressphere".

Below is the list of the Special Dresspheres' abilities. To learn them, it's
the same concept of the normal dresspheres: select an ability that you want to
learn and win battles wearing the Special Dressphere in order to gain the
required AP.


Special Dressphere: Yuna's Floral Fallal

Abilities: Attack, Libra, Heat Whirl, Ice Whirl, Electric Whirl, Aqua Whirl,
Barrier, Shield, Flare Whirl, Great Whirl, All-Life, Ribbon, Double HP, Triple
HP, Break HP limit, Break Damage limit.

Rignt pistil's abilities: White Pollen, White Honey, Hard Leaves, Tough Nuts,
Mirror Petals, Floral Rush, Floral Bomb, Fallal Bomb, Floral Magisol, Fallal
Magisol, Right Stigma, Ribbon, Double HP, Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break
Damage limit.

Left pistil's abilities: Dream Pollen, Mad Seeds, Sticky Honey, Halfdeath
Petals, Poison Leaves, Death Petals, Silent White, Congealed Honey, Panic
Floralysis, Left Stigma, Ribbon, Double HP, Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break
Damage limit.


Special Dressphere: Rikku's Machina Maw

Abilities: Attack, Revival, Death Missile, Bio Missile, Break Missile, Berserk
Missile, Stop Missile, Confuse Missile, Shockwave, Shockstorm, Vajra, Ribbon,
Double HP, Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break Damage limit.

Smasher-R's abilities: Howitzer, Sleep Shell, Slow Shell, Anti-Power Shell,
Anti-Armor Shell, Scan, Shellter, Protector, HP repair, MP repair, Homing Ray,
Ribbon, Double HP, Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break Damage limit.

Crusher-L's abilities: Howitzer, Blind Shell, Silence Shell, Anti-Magic Shell,
Anti-Mental Shell, Booster, Offense, Defense, HP repair, MP repair, Homing Ray,
Ribbon, Double HP, Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break Damage limit.


Special Dressphere: Paine's Full Throttle

Abilities: Attack, Fright, Aestus, Winterkill, Whelmen, Levin, Wisenen, Fiers,
Deeth, Assoil, Sword Dance, Ribbon, Double HP, Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break
Damage limit.

Dextral Wing: Venom Wing, Blind Wing, Mute Wing, Rock Wing, Lazy Wing, Violent
Wing, Still Wing, Crazy Wing, Stamina, Mettle, Reboot, Ribbon, Double HP,
Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break Damage limit.

Sinistral Wing: Steel Feather, Diamond Feather, White Feather, Buckle Feather,
Cloudy Feather, Pointed Feather, Pumice Feather, Ma'at's Feather, Stamina,
Mettle, Reboot, Ribbon, Double HP, Triple HP, Break HP limit, Break Damage


5- Walkthrough


The main section of this guide. Using it, you should be able to obtain every
percentage points in the game. However, before reading, let me warn you once
again that it is not a good idea to use this walkthrough if you haven't beaten
Final Fantasy X. Since Final Fantasy X-2 is the sequel to it, I will be making
a lot of references to the first previous title.

Something else you need to know before taking on the game is the fact that you
can now skip scenes with the Square button while your game is paused. However,
doing so isn't much of a good idea because not only will it make you miss out
on the story, you also won't get the % points that you would normally obtain by
viewing those scenes. And how are % points important? Well, having 100%
completion when you beat the game is a prerequisite for the Perfect Ending.

With that said, let's start!

Chapter 1

Pop in your Final Fantasy X-2 disc in your PS2 and listen to the song at the
main menu. Beautiful isn't it? When you're done, make sure you have room on
your memory card and select "New Game".

The FMV intro takes place at Luca, where Yuna is singing and dancing in front
of a huge audience. Rikku and Paine are introduced to you as they take care of
goons that are trying to arrest them. When the musical show is over, Rikku and
Paine get on the scene to take on Yuna, or should I say, to take on the
Yuna-looking woman; from her voice, you can tell it's an imposteur!

Bosses: ?????
        2 X Goons
HPs: 82
     29 each
EXP: 3
     1 each
Difficulty: Easy

Your first battle is, indeed, very easy. Take that as an opportunity to make
yourself familiar with the controls and the battle system of the game. Your
opponents aren't doing much: the goons' physical attacks are so weak their
damages are not even worthy of being typed here. Rikku is equipped with the
Thief dressphere so make full use of her Steal command to mug items from your
three opponents. Paine is wearing the Warrior dressphere, which makes her your
offensive character. Use her to deplete your enemies' HP in a few attacks.
Don't even bother healing Rikku and Paine, just finish this battle quickly once
you're friendly enough with the gameplay.

When the battle is over, the Yuna-looking woman will be fleeing on the docks
outside of the stadium. When you obtain the control of Rikku, goons will be
after you. Follow the screen north and battle the enemies that dare to
challenge you in battle. Steal them with Rikku and kill them with Paine:
they're very weak, one hit or two and they're history. When you reach the next
screen, examine that person disguised as a moogle to regen your HP/MP. Do it
even if you do not need to replenish your health, because it gives % points. On
the next dock, you meet up with two stronger enemies: Logos and Ormi. Just
before taking on them though, the real Yuna joins the scene to form the YRP
(which stands for Yuna, Rikku and Paine).

Your second boss battle begins!

Bosses: Logos & Ormi
HPs: 86 each
EXP: 3 each
Difficulty: Easy

Well, though this battle is harder than the previous ones, it's still
relatively easy. I would suggest you use Rikku to support your party once she's
done stealing both targets while Yuna and Paine will be taking care of Logos
and Ormi, physically attacking them both at the same time for chained damages.
Being the unprofessional contributor that I am, I took absolutely no notes of
the bosses' attacks, but it's not like you needed to learn something about them
anyway. This battle will be over before you can say "Fuck Capitalism!".

They're defeated, but it isn't over yet. The fake Yuna will give the Garment
Grid she stole back to Yuna, revealing her identity: Leblanc.

One more boss battle!

Boss: Leblanc
HP: 130
EXP: 8
Difficulty: Easy

Now that Yuna got her Garment Grid back, you have the privilege of receiving a
mini-tutorial on how to use it. Press the R1 button to open your Garment Grid.
With it, you can select a new dressphere for your character to wear, so switch
Yuna's Gunner dressphere for the Songstress dressphere. Afterward, use the
Dance of Darkness from her Dance command in order to blind Leblanc with the
Darkness status. Because of it, Leblanc won't be able to attack you physically
for the simple reason that she will miss every time until the Darkness status
is off (it will take a few turns, just re-cast the Dance of Darkness to blind
her again). Leblanc will cast Thunder (lightning elemental black magic) but it
won't deal much damage. Steal some Silver Braces with Rikku and have Paine
physically attack the boss until her 130 points of health are depleted.

Victory! Leblanc and her two acolytes quit and leave the area: congratulations
Gullwings! Yuna can now introduce herself to you: she sure changed a lot in two
years didn't she. It's the same woman that you were controlling in Final
Fantasy X, yet "same" doesn't seem to fit. Oh well, the Celsius arrives at Luca
so everyone aboard!


You witness a scene in which Brother makes a fool out of himself, begging Yuna
for a dance. When you can control your character, I suggest you speak to
everybody on the bridge for a few lines of introduction about the group.
Talking to Rikku, you learn that Yuna became a sphere hunter because of a
certain sphere that caught her attention. When you talk to Paine, Yuna says
that nobody knows her very well for the simple reason that she isn't the
talkative type. These two women are Yuna's partners in battle for the whole
game. But you can talk to the other members of the team too; Brother, Rikku's
brother that you met in Final Fantasy X; Buddy, a guy that was supposedly
aboard Cid's airship two years ago; and Shinra, the smart kid that knows
everything. Use his tutorials to learn the basics of the game (battle system,
dresspheres, Garment Grids, etc).

When you're done, leave the bridge up the stairs south of the screen to meet a
Save Sphere. You can use these to replenish your HP/MP and to save your game.
Enter the elevator and select "Engine room" to be taken to the... well, engine
room of the airship. There, you will find four chests on the lower level. Open
them to obtain the next items: Phoenix Down (X 4), Remedy (X 3, Potion ( X 4)
and an Ether. These four treasure chests are refilled with different items at
the beginning of each chapters, so come back to this level whenever you
complete a chapter to claim new treasures.

Back at the elevator, use it to go up to the cabin. There, speak to the Hypello
behind the counter to learn that he is the barkeep of the Celsius, named
Barkeep (Al Bhed originality right there!). You can shop with him, buying or
selling items. The stairs to your left lead to the bedroom where you can take a
nap by selecting the "Rest" option from Barkeep's list. In order to trigger a
certain scene much later in the game, rest at least once during each chapters.
If you don't, the scene won't be triggered and you won't obtain the % points
linked to it. When you're ready to continue on with the game, accept to take a
nap. Good night!

When Yuna wakes up, leave the cabin and Brother will be requesting Yuna's
presence at the bridge. Use the elevator to access it and Buddy will inform the
team that a sphere has been detected at Mount Gagazet. Sacred mount, here we

Mount Gagazet- Floating Ruins

The YRP is dropped on the floating ruins, which are floating (oh really?) over
the top of the mountains. For some reason, this place reminds me of Fort
Dragonia from Chrono Cross.

Oh well, when you can control Yuna, you will have to get through this area by
following the mini-tutorials about jumping and climbing. Nothing complicated,
it is just practice for future areas. At the second point that you have to jump
from a gap to another, let yourself fall on the level below to find a chest.
Open it for a Yellow Ring and climb back up the higher ledge and jump across to
the other side. Go down the stairs and use the Save sphere if you wish,
otherwise just go left to the switch and use it to take the elevator down. When
it's stopped, jump down from it. From now on, you can run into random
encounters. Set your dresspheres with the abilities you want to learn so you
can get AP for them while winning the battles you be will obviously running
into. With your jump ability, make your way past the waterfall to your left
until you reach a platform with a treasure chest on it. Open it to obtain an
Elixir. Afterward, just climb the ledges to your right to make your way up the
area, where you will run into Leblanc and her two allies.

Once they exchanged a few words, both teams are engage in battle.

Bosses: Leblanc
HPs: 120
EXP: 20
Difficulty: Easy

Meh, an easy battle once again. There isn't much to say about it really...
Stealing them, you can obtain a Tiara (Leblanc), Gauntlets (Ormi) and a White
Cap (Logos). Afterward, basically just attack them physically with chained
attacks. You could use the Songstress's Dance of Darkness in order to blind the
enemies, but the battle is so insignificant that you should just deplete their
HP quickly and be done with it.

When you're victorious, Leblanc decides to ignore the fact that she lost and
attempts to steal the sphere you're seeking in the ruins.

Mission time!

Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate

You have a six minutes timer on your screen, along with a bar featuring the
Leblanc Syndicate running from left to right. When the six minutes have passed,
the Leblanc Syndicate will have reached the top of the ruins before you. You
don't have to win the race, but if you don't, you won't be able to obtain a
Muscle Belt accessory, so since you're here, let's win!

Quickly proceed forward on the path and run passed the ramp leading up to a
treasure chest. Open it for a Mega-Phoenix item and get back to the ramp and
use it to reach an higher level. Drop down on the other side and jump over the
gap to the temple entrance, where Logos ambushes the party with goons. Defeat
them in a few attacks and enter the temple. Inside, head north and stop at the
intersection. Take a left turn to meet up with a switch. Touch it and get back
to the intersection. Take the right path now to meet a new switch. Touch it as
well before running back to the intersection to follow the north path. Drop in
the pit on the way to find a chest with a White Ring inside. Climb back up and
continue north until you reach the next intersection. Take the right path to
proceed into a new screen. There, just follow the way and jump over the gap
using the column that appeared when you activated both switches a few seconds
ago. Keep running until you find an exit out, which leads to a balcony outside.
Open the treasure chest there for a Red Ring and get all the way back to the
intersection, taking the north path there.

Back outside, follow the balcony to the left until you reach the end of the
road, where Ormi summons a few fiends for you to kill. Climb the ledges
afterward and jump on the central structure. Follow the tight path around to
your right to find another treasure chest, this one containing a Star Pendant
acessory. Back to the ledges, climb them up to reach the top of the ruins. If
you arrived here before the Leblanc Syndicate, you'll see them hanging from the
plateform with a chest on it. Open it to obtain the Muscle Belt. Use the save
sphere and climb up to the summit of the structure. The sphere isn't yours
though, because an enemy is guarding it.

Boss: Boris
HP: 480
EXP: 26
Difficulty: Easy

Compared to the enemies you fought before, Boris is actually decent. But this
battle is still not offering much of a challenge. The boss will use some strong
physical attacks, striking one target twice in the offence. Use the
Songstress's Dance of Darkness to fix this problem. The other attack you should
worry about from Boris is Sticky End, which inflicts Stop on one target. If it
does happen, steal him with a Thief for a Remedy, ideal to reverse the spell.
For your offence, basically just pummel him with the attacks you have at this
point and the battle will be over rather quickly.

The Gullwings can now claim the sphere they've been seeking. Too bad it doesn't
seem to be in superb conditions. Leblanc, unhappy with her lost, will laugh at
you for finding a "dull" sphere. Oh well, mission complete!



Brother, in the excitement, jumped out of the ship to go at Yuna's rescue. Well
there he is, laying on the floor, nearly unconscious. Go to him with Yuna and
comfort him for a scene (which gives % points so... do it!). Talk to Shinra in
order to view the contents of the sphere you just found in Gagazet.
Unfortunately, the sphere is very old so the image quality is low. To summarize
it, it shows Zanarkand, the city destroyed a thousand years ago. You can also
hear the voice of a man happy that he finally shook someone's hand.

While Paine qualifies the sphere as "junk", it still can be used as a
dressphere: the Black Mage Dressphere! Afterward, Buddy locates some new
spheres around the world. You get a mini-tutorial on the Hotspots. To explain
it quickly, you have a list of locations from all over Spira. You can travel to
them with the Celsius while you select them from Buddy's list. Some of them are
marked though, as "Hotspots". When a location has an Hotspot marker, it means
that you must do the events there in order to advance in the story, to progress
to the next chapter. At this point, Besaid and Zanarkand are marked as
Hotspots, which means you could just visit them both to progress in the
chapter. However, it isn't because a location isn't marked as an Hotspot that
there is nothing interesting over there. During each chapter, it is a good idea
to do a world tour, visiting every locations of Spira in order to take on
optional missions, viewing scenes and acquiring tons of goodies like items,
Garment Grids, etc. For now, head to Besaid.

Besaid Island

Nostalgia... From the save sphere, proceed to the village down the road.

The girls meet Wakka, who seems pretty nervous: he is going to be a father
soon! Once Yuna introduced Paine to him, Wakka gives you the advice of visiting
Lulu. Before that, you can explore the village a bit but if you do, do not
visit the shop in the tent southwest, nor the chambers in the temple. Just
don't. Enter the tent to your right and talk to Lulu. As Rikku points it out,
Lulu doesn't look pregnant one bit... I guess the creators of the game got lazy
and decided not to bother designing a pregnant Lulu. That, or another cultural
reason I ignore. Oh well, Lulu suggests that a walk outside of the village
would be appropriated to discuss the good old times with Yuna.

In the conversation, Yuna shows Lulu the contents of the sphere Kimahri found
on Gagazet. From his voice (check the sphere from Shinra's list to hear it) and
physical appearance, the prisonner looks relatively familiar. He actually looks
just like Final Fantasy X's main hero: Tidus (default name)!

That is quite a shock. How? Well, last warning for those who are reading this
walkthrough while they haven't beaten Final Fantasy X first: I'm about to spoil
its ending so unless you don't mind having your endings spoiled to you, stop
reading here!

Two years ago, Yuna and her six guardians (Tidus, Wakka, Auron, Kimahri, Lulu
and Rikku) defeated Sin all by themselves, without the use of Yevon's
teachings, which consisted of summoning the Final Aeon to slay Sin for a short
amount of time only. They entered Sin's body to find its core, Yu Yevon, who
had been summoning his evil armor for a thousand years. Problem with it is the
fact that Tidus was a citizen of Dream Zanarkand, meaning he was a dream
himself. Defeating Yu Yevon, the fayths (who where summoning Dream Zanarkand)
would finally be able to rest in peace, and therefore the dream city, along
with its citizens, would disappear. Yuna and her guardians did defeat Yu Yevon,
which brought the Eternal Calm to Spira, but unfortunately the vanquishing of
Tidus as well.

Seeing him recorded in the contents of a sphere two years later is, especially
for Yuna (Tidus' lover), a shocking event. Back to the village, Lulu suggests
you take a nap. Enter her tent and accept to rest. Once Yuna woke up, head out
of the hut and go talk to Lulu. You will learn that Wakka left the village by
himself without saying anything. While she isn't worried about Wakka's safety
(he's strong enough to defend himself on the island), it isn't like him to act
like this, so accept to take on the mission of searching for Wakka!

Where's Wakka?

Your goal is to find Wakka. From what Lulu told you, it's likely that he left
to visit a hidden cave somewhere on the island. If you talk to the woman
standing near the tent southeast in the village, she will confirm the existence
of that mysterious cavern. If you talk to the man walking around wearing yellow
shorts, you learn about the four ciphers, which can be used as a password when
combined. These ciphers can be found somewhere on the island. Let's find their
locations. See that woman walking around with her dog? Talk to her to learn
about the locations of the second and third ciphers. Inside the Crusader Lodge
(third blue tent on the left), talk to Jassu to learn about the first cipher,
then go to Keepa for the fourth cipher.

You can now leave the village to find the ciphers on the island, using the
villagers' hints. OR, you could just read this walkthrough if you want the
exact locations.

- Outside of the village, walk up the road passed the save sphere to access the
next screen, where you meet an intersection. There, you can see a red dot on
your map. Examine it to get the first cipher number.

- From here, head north to enter the area with multiple ruined pillars (where
Tidus and Kimahri had a duel back in FFX). See that broken pillar on the right
of your screen? Climb it with the Circle button and mash the X button on top of
it until you obtain one more cipher (this one being the fourth of the

- Continue north to the next screen, which is the waterfall area. There, as you
reach the first bridge, run beside it (to the left) and let yourself down in
the water under the bridge. Open the chest for Chocobo Wing items (two of
them). Back up the bridge, cross it and follow the path to the next screen. In
this area is located the cave (to your left), but you don't have all of the
ciphers so take the south path to access the beach. Check your map for a red
dot, which seems to be on the higher level. See that little girl playing with
her friend? Press the Circle button near her to climb up the level. Bypass the
ruins to your right and jump down on the other side where you will find two
chests for the next treasures: Hi-Potion and 1000 gil. Climb back up the level
and search the ruins mashing the X button until you obtain the third cipher.

- Jump down the level back on the beach and head to the dock. Run passed it (to
the left) until you reach a rock. Climb it and search around on the level to
find the last cipher.

Head back to the cave (to the left in the the intersection area just between
the beach and the waterfalls) and enter your ciphers to open yourself a path.
Inside the cave, you find Wakka sitting on the ground, troubled with his mind.
He informs you of the presence of an old sphere in this cave, but he isn't sure
if he wants to see its contents. Well, I know WE want the sphere, so we will
search this cave to find it. Walk north and take a left turn at the
intersection to find a chest with Potions inside. Back at the intersection,
take the right path and jump across the gap using the elevated rocks. On the
other side, use the save sphere and check out the sphere at the end of the
path. Just like in Gagazet, you are not getting it without a fight.

Boss: Flame Dragon
HP: 980
EXP: 60
Difficulty: Toughest one yet!

Finally, a somewhat solid battle. While this boss isn't hard, he's still
offering a bigger challenge than the previous enemies you fought. His flame
breath offence attacks the whole party for 150-200 points. His physical attacks
aren't bad either. To win, make full use of the Flame Dragon's weakness: ice.
Therefore, attack it with ice elemental abilities only. The Black Mage's
Blizzard is a superb spell to use here. Have one or two girls equiped with that
dressphere, constantly casting Blizzard. If you want, switch a Black Mage for a
Warrior with the Ice Brand attack, which can do pretty good damages as well.
Your last character should be supporting the party with Potions. Keep in mind
that since the Flame Dragon can attack the whole party for up to 200 points of
damage in one attack, you could lose the battle with overall HP below ~ 200. If
you wish, you can steal an Hi-Potion from the boss but playing around with a
Thief isn't the greatest idea in this combat. Just conclude this encounter as
soon as possible.

Congratulations! You now have the White Mage Dressphere! Use the save sphere to
replenish your health but don't board the airship yet! Head back to Wakka for a
scene. Outside of the cave, the group checks out the contents of the sphere. It
shows various images of the island. Wakka then reveals the reason why he went
into this cave. Back when he was younger, he fought with Chappu (his little
brother that joined the Crusaders only to be killed by Sin shortly after) and
to upset him, the defunt brother told him that he found a sphere in which their
parents could be seen. Wakka doesn't remember what they looked like due to the
fact that they were killed by Sin when he was very young, so the opportunity of
seeing them in the sphere was very tempting. Chappu accepted to reveal the
location of that sphere only if Wakka would apologize. Indeed, he didn't
because of his pride, so he never got to see it and forgot about it until
today. But right now, he doesn't care anymore about what his parents looked
like. He always imagined them in a certain way, and that is the image he wants
to think about them, real or not.

Well, mission complete! You obtain the Protection Halo Garment Grid as a reward!


For now, board the Celsius. You could take on one more quest in Besaid but
doing it in Chapter 1 won't be much of a benefit, so let's just wait until


Pick Luca from Buddy's list. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Kilika
Island, but we'll visit it later.


A few citizens are congratulating Yuna for her concert. But as you know
already, it was Leblanc using Yuna's physical appearance. Visiting Luca now,
you will learn what really happened during these events.

Mission time!

Behind the scenes

The Gullwings knew that someone would take Yuna's appearance for a concert in
the Blitzball stadium. Their plan consisted of unmasking the impostor, which
would've been the task of Rikku and Paine only. Yuna had to stay outside of the
stadium meanwhile, disguised as a moogle. This way, she wouldn't be recognized
(because if she was seen while another Yuna was singing inside the stadium, the
Gullwings' plan would've failed).

Controlling Yuna while's she wearing the moogle disguise, head down the stairs
to enter the plaza. Here, since Yuna is like a mascot in her costume, some
employee will think that she is promoting the concert, so he will give her the
task of giving 10 balloons away to the peoples in here. Basically just speak to
everyone in the area, giving them balloons. Note that two persons are sitting
behind the window left of the entrance to the café. Examine it to raise it,
allowing you to speak with them, giving them balloons.

When you're done with this quest (it was kind of silly, wasn't it?), you get to
view the scenes revealing what happened with the real Yuna during the intro
movie of the game. Still disguised as a moogle, she went to the ticket counter
in order to enter the stadium. Some Goon refuses to let her in though, because
it's full already. At that moment, another Goon arrives to inform his collegue
that there is an invasion of sphere hunters in the stadium (Rikku and Paine
taking care of the guards), so both goons leave. A few seconds later, Leblanc
attempts to escape from the stadium after being defeated by Rikku and Paine, so
Yuna hides from her on one of the docks. Remember that moogle you could examine
to have your health replenished as Rikku and Paine earlier? Well, it was Yuna!
As she sees Logos afterward, she realizes that things could get ugly for the
Gullwings, so she finally removes her costume and goes at the rescue of her
friends, joining them in the battle with the Leblanc Syndicate. You know what

Well, mission complete! You obtain the Healing Wind Garment Grid as a reward.


The YRP boards the Celsius automatically after completing the mission, but head
back to Luca. From the save sphere, head right and go down the stairs. Before
entering the plaza, jump in the grass to find a chest with Light Curtain X2

Head to the stadium entrance (at the ticket counter/information booth) and
enter the right passage (as if you wanted to visit the Aurochs' locker room in
Final Fantasy X) to meet with Rin. He is Al Bhed, as well as the owner of the
Rin Travel Agency shops established all around Spira. He will introduce his new
business: Sphere Break.

Sphere Break is a FFX-2 mini-game, a little bit like the card games were for
Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX. While Sphere Break is entirely
different concept-wise, you will have to deal with a tournament in a future
chapter, forcing you practice yourself playing the mini-game. As you can see
from my Table of Contents, I have no section explaining the mini-game for the
simple reason that... huh, wait, I don't have any valuable reason. I'm just too
lazy to make one while you could use the Sphere Break FAQ found in the In-Depth
FAQ list on, or simply the tutorials from the little midget in
the passage to the left of the ticket counter/information booth. Using his
tutorial, you can learn the basics of the game. You can even obtain a couple of
coins with which you can practice playing the mini-game.

Well, when you're done with Sphere Break (remember, there is a tournament in
Chapter 3 so make sure you practice your skills with the mini-game), head back
to the save sphere you were dropped to by the Celsius and ascend the stairs to
enter Mi'ihen.

Mi'ihen Highroad

Yuna recalls having crossed this road during her pilgrimage. Before the Yevon
church fell, the teachings accused the machinas of being the reason why Sin was
created. The Yevonites, who were ruling Spira, said that Sin was a punishment.
But now as you can see, humans are using machines without any second thoughts.
While the Mi'ihen Highroad used to be crossed by mounting a chocobo, the hovers
are now pretty popular. Consequence? There are no chocobos anymore around here

Well, at this chapter, you just need to follow the Highroad until you reach the
next location on the map. If you wish, you could just use an hover to be taken
there in an instant, but I suggest you cross it by foot. This way, you can run
into random encounters, gaining EXP for your characters. You could also obtain
the various treasures found on the road (both Highroad and Oldroad). What ever
you do, enter the gates at the end of the Highroad to penetrate into what
served as the battlefield for operation Mi'ihen two years ago.

Mushroom Rockroad

Go forward to meet Yaibal, member of the Youth League. After he's done giving
you information about his clan, head north and take a left turn when you can.
Press the X button on the elevator to be lifted on the higher level. Search
behind the statue of Mi'ihen to find a chest with 1000 gil inside. Back to
Yaibal, speak to Clasko. Do you remember him? He was with Lucil and Elma in
Final Fantasy X. He seems down, as always. Well, head into the next screen to
begin a mission.

Foggy Fiend Frenzy

The mission is fairly simple: cross the Mushroom Rockroad. Up the elevator,
follow the road. At a certain point, the YRP spots Ormi and Logos, fleeing into
the ravine. Jump down there and proceed north on the map until you reach the
save sphere. Enter the next area afterward. Logos and Ormi are examining a
mysterious door when the YRP joins the scene. Seeing them, the two villains
flee using a smoke bomb. They drop a sphere though, named Crimson Sphere 9. If
you try to leave, you meet Maroda. Remember him? He was one of Isaaru's
guardians in Final Fantasy X! He and Pacce are now members of the Youth league.
But as for Isaaru, he will avoid the subject, ignoring Yuna's questions about
the former summoner. Seems like he is hiding something... Well, he informs you
that this area is known as the Den of Woe. For now, he asks you to leave
because the Den still needs to be explored. You can't open the door now anyway,
so obey and leave.

Back in the previous screen, climb your way out of the ravine and follow the
Rockroad to the north until you reach the elevator. You meet Elma there, who
also joined the Youth league. After exchanging a few words, you get your
"Mission Complete!" screen.

You receive a Glass Buckle and the Heart of Flame Garment Grid as rewards.


You aren't done here yet though. Open the chest south for a Favourite Outfit
accessory and ride up the elevator to the higher level.

Youth League headquarters

Welcome to the Youth league headquarters! Down the small path to your right is
a chest with the Restless Sleep Garment Grid inside. Proceed forward in the
headquarters after and speak to Lucil at the entrance. She was the captain of
the Chocobo Knights in Final Fantasy X. Talking to her twice will allow you to
learn more about the Youth League, mainly about the clan leader: Mevyn Nooj,
who was once a Crusader (those who protected Spira from Sin's attacks when no
summoner with a completed pilgrimage was around). Right to Lucil is Maechen, a
scholar you could chat with at many different points back in Final Fantasy X.
Since he knew so much about Spira, you could learn a lot of interesting facts
listening to his stories. Talk to him now and accept to listen to his story.
Meanwhile, options such as "Please go on" and "Enough, enough!" will appear on
your screen. Do not select any! Even if you're bored, let Maechen speak and do
not interrupt him so you can get the % points linked to the scene. Paying
attention, you can learn about a man named Trema. When he's done, Maechen will
have one last request: to shake Yuna's hand. Accept, which is important for
later on.

Well, you have one last thing to do here before leaving. Back to the entrance
to the Mushroom Rockroad, speak to Clasko to notice the fact that he isn't
feeling too well. Troubled by his career, he is just not happy with his life.
Odd, because back in Final Fantasy X it was possible to take on a mini-quest
that consisted of suggesting Clasko to become a Chocobo Breeder instead of a
Chocobo Knight. When convinced, he would tell Lucil and Elma about his new
ambitions to finally find inner peace. Now in Final Fantasy X-2, it seems that
it never happened. But meh, accept to let him aboard the Celsius so he can
travel with you in order to search for his real place.


You can find Clasko in the cabin if you want to talk to him, but he doesn't
have anything pertinent to say in particular. The point of going aboard the
Celsius now is to check out the sphere Logos and Ormi dropped in the Den of
Woe. Its contents are rather scary. The sphere is basically showing dead bodies
with pyreflies while two guys are saying that no one survived during the
execution of some operation.

Hm, I guess we will learn more about it later on in the game. Let's keep going
with our Spira tour. Next destination: Djose!

Djose Temple

The Al Bhed are using the temple of Djose for the business of the Machina
Faction, which is a group of people that dig treasures in the Bikanel desert.
The individuals hanging around in front of the temple will all be impressed by
the presence of Yuna: this place isn't very interesting for the High Summoner
who brought the Eternal Calm to Spira. Only one individual will totally ignore
Yuna: Gippal. He seems to be the boss around here, since he is the one handling
the interviews.

To get one, you must enter the shop to your right, but there is a line of
people waiting in front of it already. Meanwhile, grab the chest to the left of
the screen for a Phoenix Down and speak to the people standing around until the
line in front of the shop is no more, allowing you to get in and obtain
permission to enter the temple. Inside, Gippal finishes interviewing a
candidate before getting to you. When he leaves the temple, follow him outside
and head to the bridge south. There, Gippal exchanges a few words with the YRP
in general before accepting to give Yuna her digging license. He hands over a
Letter of Introduction, which must be given to Nadhala in Bikanel Desert. We
will do that later.


Use the Celsius to enter the Mooflow so you can be dropped at the bank, where
you will meet Tobli, a nervous midget. Talk to him and he will ask you to help
out his friend at the entrance of the Moonflow. Head there to meet the troubled
Hypello. He wants to cross the Moonflow with his wagon, but without having his
cargo stealed by the numerous bandits on the road. Well, let's help him out!
Mission time!

Shave the Hypello?

What you have to do is extremely simple: chocobos are pulling the wagon,
walking north on the road to reach the banks. Just follow it, staying close to
it. At various points, the wagon is stopped because of thieves attempting to
steal the Hypello's cargo. Just run up to them to start a battle. Dealing with
them is relatively easy, one turn should be enough to end the encounter.
Afterward, chocobos will be pulling the wagon again. So basically just follow
the road, staying close to the wagon, punishing every bandits that dare
appearing. You must not let a single one get away with a box. When you reach
the banks, Tobli rewards you with the Gun Mage dressphere, a Circlet and the
Helios Guard Garment Grid. What a generous midget!

Mission complete!


Ride the shoopuf to cross the river, taking you to the northern part of the
Moonflow. There, simply proceed west, following the road to the Guadosalam.


As you can see, the Guadosalam is now a hangout for Sphere Hunters. The Guado
were forced to leave due to everything they did to Spira as Yevonites, or I
should say due to everything Lord Seymour did to Spira as a Maester,
controlling his people like puppets to attack the Al Bhed, attempting to use
Yuna to become the next Sin, etc. There isn't much to do here during Chapter 1.
Seymour's manor became Leblanc's chateau, and two goons are guarding it. Go to
the Farplane entrance (highest level of the Guadosalam) and talk to the guy
guarding it to learn that the area is off-limit. However, Yuna admits that she
wouldn't have entered even if she could. The thought of seeing "him" there
scares her. Well, you can now leave via the path to the Thunder Plains (on the
bottom level).

Thunder Plains

Impressive how the creators of the game messed up the Thunder Plains in Final
Fantasy X-2 when you think about the amazing atmosphere it had in Final Fantasy
X. First, the Al Bhed found a way to protect the plains from the thunder, which
means you don't have any more lightning bolts to dodge. Then, they replaced the
original theme with some new dull generic music.

Oh well, as you enter the place, Yuna informs you that Rikku finally managed to
get rid of her lightning phobia when she camped in the plains. Other than that,
there are no scenes to view at this point, so just cross the plains heading
north, stopping at the Inn in the middle left part of the place for old time's
sake. There are a few chests to open on the way, though none of them contain
very interesting items.

Macalania Wood

This place is as beautiful as it was two years ago, but the musician predict
that the wood will soon be no more. Get on the tree branch path and follow it
to the next screen. You must cross the Macalania Wood, which can also be done
by following the shimmering path left of the tree branch path. However, doing
so is taking a short-cut. Handy in a way, but you won't get much EXP using that
route. The other one is much longer, thus forcing you to run into more random
encounters, which means more EXP and AP for you. Plus, you will meet Pukutake
on the way, who is another musician you have to talk to during this chapter
(you talked to the first one when you entered the place) in order to trigger a
mission later on in the game. Also, you can obtain the White Ring from a chest
by following the tree branch path. Finally, I'm simply saying that you're not
being very wise if you take the short, shimmering path =).

After crossing the wood, you find yourself in the four paths area (a bit like
an "X"). Take the upper right one to access the place where you fought
Spherimorph in Final Fantasy X. In there, you finally get to meet a few Guado.
Proceed forward in the area to spot an old enemy: Tromell. He isn't hostile
anymore though. Speaking to him four times, you learn about how the Guado were
kicked out of Guadosalam. Two years ago on Mount Gagazet, Seymour was searching
for Yuna and her guardians. However, the Ronso were guarding the gates and
attempted to block Seymour. As a result, the powerful Maester killed them. Now,
the remaining Ronso seek revenge on the Guado, which explains why they left
Guadosalam to hide in the wood. Tromell, while being aware of the fact that the
grief he caused to Yuna cannot be forgiven, wishes to help the Gullwings in
their quest as he gives Paine her special Dressphere, the Full Throttle, along
with the Unerring Path Garment Grid.

Well, you can leave afterward. Back in the X area, take the upper left path. A
few Al Bhed are at the Rin Travel Agency, searching for someone. But, hey! Look
behind you, it's O'aka! As soon as he sees the Al Bhed, he just runs off in the
wood! Before following him, open the chest right of the agency to obtain an
Hi-Potion. The Macalania Temple can't be visited anymore, just get back in the
wood. In the X area, you get the "Mission Time!" screen.

Follow that O'aka!

Extremely simple mission here, you just have to follow O'aka, as the title
says. Take the lower right path to access the shimmering path I informed you of
earlier. It is a shortcut that will allow you to get back to the other side of
Macalania Wood, near the entrance to the Thunder Plains (where you came from).
In the second screen on this shimmering path, you can obtain a Turbo Ether from
a chest near the Celestial plant. Enter the next screen (to the west) to access
the end of the shimmering path, back to the save sphere. Use it if you need and
follow the road to the right, passed the Guado. In the next screen is an
intersection. The path to the north leads to Bevelle, but we aren't heading
there now. Take the other path to enter yet another intersection, this one with
four paths. Take the south one to access the beautiful lake. You talk to Donga
there, the last of the three musicians. Back to the intersection, take the
north path to enter a small area. Search behind the Guado to find O'aka, who's
hiding on an higher level. We finally caught him! He explains his goofy story.
He purchased the Rin Travel Agency of Macalania (the one you were at a few
minutes ago) but the temple of Macalania sank (which is why you couldn't visit
it). As a result, O'aka's business sank along with the temple as there were no
tourists visiting the place anymore, using O'aka's agency. The Al Bhed are now
after him because of his debts. Well, since he's an old pal, let's help him out
by accepting him on the Celsius!

Mission complete! You get the Ice Queen Garment Grid as a reward!




O'aka can now be found in the cabin. As you know, he has a debt to pay if he
wants his shop back. He owes a total of 100 000 gil to the Al Bhed. To obtain
such an amount, he will count on the Gullwings to shop with him. Whenever you
buy an item from O'aka, the price it costs is subtracked from his debt. From
now on, do your shopping with him! In order to have him re-open his shop at the
Rin Travel Agency in Macalania during Chapter 5, you must free him of his debt
before Chapter 3. If you can't achieve it, his debt will be carried over in
your New Game+. However, 1000 gil will be added to the amount, as a penalty.

Well, let's go on with the world tour! Bikanel Island here we come!

Bikanel Desert

Home, which was the home of the Al Bhed (they like original names don't they?),
used to be here. However, the Guado attacked it and Cid (leader of the Al Bhed,
he is also Rikku and Brother's father) blew it up with his airship's missiles
to have the last word on the Yevonites. There are still Al Bhed in the desert
though, digging in the sand for treasures. Rikku will attempt to lead the team
there, as she knows the Sanubia desert pretty well. Unfortunately, she won't
find her way this time. After hours of searching, the YRP will collapse,
exhausted. Luckily, a flying machine patrolling the sand will spot the girls.
When Yuna wakes up, you find yourself in the Al Bhed camp. Rikku and Paine are
talking with some Al Bhed to the right, so join the conversation to learn about
what happened. Rikku couldn't find the camp for the simple reason that the Al
Bhed had to move it to avoid a sandstorm.

Oh well, here we are at least. Time to dig now! Talk to the guy sanding near
the hover to your left and reveal him that you are unexperienced in the domain.
He will respond that you need Nadhala's permission before going out there in
the desert to dig. Speak to the two Al Bhed just left of the hover to trigger
the arrival of Nadhala. Controlling Yuna, go to her and give her the Letter of
Introduction that you obtained from Gippal. Once she read it, you now have the
permission to dig for items! Mission time!

Can you dig it?

Ask the pilot near the hover to take you to the Western Expanse. There, let me
explain how you proceed. It's very simple: on your map, you have a bunch of
X's. These represent the points where you can dig in order to find treasures
such as Sphere Break coins, Al Bhed Primers, machina parts, gil, etc. You
simply run to one of them, position Yuna on it (helping yourself with the map)
and press the X button to have her dig. Sometime, you will be ambushed by a
fiend. In that case, just defeat it. Note that you can also go into random
encounters while running around in the area. Finally, be aware of the fact that
you are timed. For some reason, a digging session has a 60 seconds timer. You
must head back to the hover before the 60 seconds are expired.

Alright, let's get started!

For your first digging session, look on your map for a yellow X. Dig there.
Yellow X's contain the best items, so they should always be your first targets.
Once you obtain the item at the yellow X point, run back to the hover.

Back at the camp, you get your mission complete screen, along with the Still of
Night Garment Grid and an Elixir.

You're done at Bikanel for this chapter. You could dig some more if you want,
but I wouldn't recommend it, because digging too much before the last chapter
could actually result in a failure. Finally, I have one last thing to inform
you about. While you're digging (if you still decide to do so despite my
warning), Picket could spot an unidentified object approaching you: Angra
Mainyu. At this point of the game, fighting him is a waste of time so simply
escape from battle. Don't worry, we will take care of him, but later.

Board the Celsius via the save sphere near the merchent.


Shop with O'aka if you need items (remember, freeing him of his debt before the
third chapter will be rewarding later!) and pick Bevelle from Buddy's list.


Yuna grew up in Besaid, but she was born in Bevelle. Coming back here is never
a pleasure for her though. It was here that Mika, Grand Maester of Yevon, lived
before vanishing. That regrettable man contributed a lot to the corruption of
Yevon, as every Grand Maesters did before him. Two years ago, Yuna and her
guardians were judged here in Bevelle for the murder of Seymour. What Spira
ignored is the fact that Seymour was actually the villain when he fought them
in Macalania temple. He simply got what he deserved for murdering his father
and attempting to crush Yuna's guardians to then use the summoner in order to
become the next Sin. Yuna and her guardians managed to escape from the
Yevonites, but visiting Bevelle brings back a lot of bad memories for Yuna,
even now that the Yevon church has fallen.

Hm... I talk a lot huh? That's what my girlfriend keeps telling me. Wait, I
don't have a girlfriend at the moment. I wonder why?

Ahem. So, in Bevelle, follow the highbridge to the north. Enter the gates to
proceed inside the city. At the entrance to the temple, a monk will summon the
praetor of New Yevon for you: Baralai. He will explain the latest events that
occured in New Yevon. The chairman and his son seeked too much power so Baralai
told them off, asking them to leave. He is on top of New Yevon now, and he
would be very proud and honored to have Yuna join his clan. Once he left,
follow him into the temple. There, ride the lift in front of you to be taken up
the gallery on which is Baralai. Talk to him to receive a Tiara accessory.

You can now head back to the save sphere. There, don't board the Celsius. Just
enter the screen to the south.

Macalania Wood

In the intersection, take the path to the right. In the next area, take the
right path again and enter the...

Calm Lands

The Calm Lands have changed a lot in two years. While it used to be mainly a
battlefield on which the summoners would fight Sin once they had the Final
Aeon, it nearly became an attraction park. The creators of the game picked the
right song to express how commercial this place is now as well.

Go down the path to your left to access the plains. There, run to the right,
hugging the higher level until you reach the southeast corner of the plains.
Open the treasure chest there for an Ether. Afterward, you could just leave the
Calm Lands. However, doing so would make you miss out on the opportunity of
starting a quest. During the intro scene to the Calm Lands, Rikku and Paine
talked about "Argent" and "Open Air" credits. These are the names of the two
companies in competition for the monopoly of the commercial attraction that the
Calm Lands became. The quest consists of you making the publicity of the
campaign you're representing. To sum it up quickly, you simply try to convince
people around Spira to use the campaign you're working for when they're seeking
entertaintment in the Calm Lands. Once you chose a campaign (Argent or Open
Air), press the Square button on a random person around the world and a list of
five options will appear if he/she is involved in the mission. Depending on the
option you pick, the interest of said random person will be go up or down. You
have to pick the right option.

Another very similar quest you can take on is the Marriage mission. In the
central shop (in the center of the Calm Lands), a poor guy is seeking a wife.
Talk to his father and accept to help out his son by attempting to find him a
wife. The concept of this quest is the same as in the PR mission, just that
only women are involved. You approach women around Spira and press the Square
button and select the Marriage option. Afterward, you must pick one of the five
options available to interest the woman in meeting the homebody in the Calm

To know which person to talk to and which option to pick, I suggest you use
Shuuin X2's very helpful PR mission guide found in the In-Depth FAQ list for
Final Fantasy X-2 at The guide covers which person you have
to talk to, and which option to choose in order to build up your Publicity
level. It also covers the Marriage mission. Before Chapter 5, you must obtain
at least 400 points as a prerequisite to obtain a certain dressphere. If you
need more help regarding these missions, feel free to e-mail me.

Cross the plains to the northeast part of the Calm Lands to reach the passage
leading to the next location we're headed. At this point, the Monster Arena can
only be visited for nostalgia matter, since there is nothing to do there right

Mount Gagazet

You meet Kimahri here. He was one of Yuna's guardians two years ago, but he had
also been her personal bodyguard ever since they met when Yuna was still very
young. He is now the Elder of Gagazet, which is why he isn't travelling with
Yuna anymore. A gigantic Ronso named Garik will interrupt the conversation,
reporting the disappearance of Lyan and Ayde to Kimahri. From what he heard,
they left the mountains to search for a way to restore the Elder's horn. The
scene ends with the next sentence:

"Garik know Yuna save Spira, but Ronso not saved yet."

To this, you must reply one of the three options that appear in your screen.
Pick the middle one: "We'll take care of Lian and Ayde". Though he walks away
without saying anything, you just added one point to your compability with the
Ronso. As Tromell told you in the Macalania Wood, the Ronso are still angry at
the Guado for what Seymour did to them two years ago. As it's been stated
earlier, Seymour murdered the Ronso that tried to stop him from getting to Yuna
and her group. If you remember Biran and Yenke, the Gagazet warriors that
Kimahri defeated to regain his long lost Ronso pride, they were also killed at
the hand of the furious dark mage.

Your goal here is to raise your compability level enough with the Ronso to
convince them that seeking revenge on the Guado for what Seymour did won't lead
them to inner peace, on contrary. To achieve this task, you must chat with the
Ronso around and pick the right replies to their comments. You have third
options each time: one that adds a point to your compability level with the
Ronso, another one that decrease your compability level with them by one point,
and the last one being neutral to the compability level.

Indeed, since you want to build up your relationship with them, you must reply
with the option increasing your compability level. These are listed below:

1- "Ronso youth grown horns of hatred for Guado." by Kimahri.
Answer: Second one.

2- "Must ask High Summoner Yuna: Find Lian and Ayde." by the female standing
beside Kimahri.
Answer: First one.

3- "Many friends and kin die two years ago. Ronso grief deeper than mountain
snow." by the tall Ronso near Garik.
Answer: Second one.

4- "Never forgive Seymour, never forgive Guado!" by the Ronso in red walking
around at left of Kimahri.
Answer: Second one.

5- "Guado leave Guadosalam. Guado plan dark schemes!" by the female near Garik.
Answer: Second one.

6- "Many Ronso lost live in battle to defend High Summoner Yuna." by the Ronso
walking around at the right of Kimahri.
Answer: Second one.

7- "Power of the fayth wane, cave water disapears. Change will come to Ronso,
too." by the Ronso in the Cave of Gagazet.
Answer: Second one.

Note: There is no particular order to follow.

As you can see, the last Ronso in the list is found in the cave of Gagazet,
which means you have to climb the mountain to reach him. You could use the
teleport pad to be transported to him in an instant, but I'd suggest you cross
the moutain by foot, fighting fiends for EXP and AP, admiring the atmosphere
for nostalgia matter.

Our next destination...

Zanarkand Ruins

The most sacred of all places has become a vulgar tourist attraction. Yuna, who
lived her most memorable moment here, isn't pleased with the fact that the
peace she brought to Spira is actually used as an opportunity to turn
everything into commercial matters.

On this, you get a "Mission Time!" screen.

Claim the treasure sphere!

The radar on the Celsius detected the presence of a sphere here. You guessed
it, your mission is to find it. When you can control Yuna, head up the slop to
your right to meet an old friend: Isaaru. He is employed by Cid to bring
excitement to the tourists. Yes, turning Zanarkand in a tourist attraction was
the idea of Cid.

After the conversation, head out to the left. In the next area, you can see a
trio of kids. Follow them into the dome. Do you recognize the leader? It's
Pacce! As Maroda told you in the Den of Woe, the young man is in the Youth
League. Better yet, he has his own group: the Kinderguardians! In the scene,
you are informed that the password is "key". Once they left, follow the curving
path to reach the Goon that was spying on your conversation with the
Kinderguardians. While he is tele-communicating with one of his comrades, you
can hear him talking about the password being actually "mon". If you combine
the two passwords you heard of so far, you obtain the word "Monkey"! After
stomping the goon, follow the path to the right. At the intersection, follow
the upper right passage to a chest with a Mega Phoenix inside. Proceed north
afterward, then to the right. On the way, another goon will try to take you
out. Silly goons... Once he's out of the picture, keep going to the right to
meet yet another g- oh sorry, it's a fem-goon! Hihi, this will be EVEN easier.
*gets slapped* Oh come on female gamers, it was just a joke! But even then...
females on the internet? Meh, there is no such thing. Okay, bad sense of
humour, I'm sorry. Ahem, back on the FAQ. Beat down the fem-goon's back up and
enter the temple.

In the next room, there are even more tourists. Just proceed north into the
cloister. There, enter the passage to the left, leading to the elevator room.
The Kinderguardians are there, happy to have found a chest with four potions
inside. Ride the elevator down to the lower level.

In the antechamber, meet up with Cid. Rikku, who's angry at her father, will
ask him about the point of his idea. When you get the chance, pick the "You bet
I do!" option. If you don't, certain events won't be triggered later.
Afterward, enter the door north to access Yunalesca's old throne room. In here,
there are six treasure chests for you to open, containg the next items: Elixir,
Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, Ether and Remedy (three of them). The catch for such
generosity from the game? Monkeys! There are plenty of them in the room, and as
you might have experienced it already, they snatch gil from you if you get too
close. Make sure you don't approach any of them while going for the chests.
Once you're done, climb up the stairs to enter the chamber of the Fayth.

Memories... It was here that Yuna and her guardians fought Yunalesca two years
ago. A mysterious voice will emerge from the dark, asking for a password. As
Rikku yells "Monkey!", the mysterious seems shocked. For the second question,
you obtain a list of options. Pick the last one "Isaaru, is that you?" and the
ex-summoner will reveal himself, ashamed. It's his job to "entertain" the
tourists this way, litteraly making a clown out of himself. As a summoner, he
wasn't able to reach the ruined city. Being here, even if it's to act like such
a fool, is somehow a way for him to satisfy his wish. To apologize, he gives
the Heart Reborn Garment Grid.

Well, your mission isn't over yet. Head down the stairs north of you to
penetrate into the next area. In there, just follow the passage until you reach
its end. We found the sphere, but indeed, we have to earn it.

Boss: Guardian Beast
HP: 2886
EXP: 170
Difficulty: Medium

This boss looks just like Sanctuary Keeper from Final Fantasy X, but from the
difficulty of this battle, we can assume that he's just a weaker version. To
win, use the strongest black magic you have (level.2 grade, higher would be
even better), along with your best abilities from the Warrior Dressphere. To
talk about his attacks, he will mostly use repeated swipes for moderated
damages. He could use Curse too, which inflicts several abnormal statuses. He
has other attacks, but they aren't really worthy of being typed here. What?
Okay, I admit I didn't bother writing them down. In all honesty though, this
battle isn't hard. While he may be the highest HP user you met so far, he
shouldn't cause too much trouble. Don't forget to steal a Defense Veil from him
before finishing him off.

The sphere is actually only half of one. But we didn't do this for nothing,
taking it won't do any harm, as Rikku says it.

Mission complete!



The radar detected an "awesome" sphere in Kilika, the place we have yet to
visit. Well, let's go!

Kilika Island

If you remember, Sin destroyed Kilika in Final Fantasy X. But two years later,
it has been rebuilt by the Youth League. They did an impressive job!

When you can control Yuna, turn around and jump on the canoe behind you, then
jump a second time on the dock to find a chest with an Ether inside. Back at
the starting point, jump across another canoe in front of you (north in the
screen) to a plateform with a chest on it. Open it for a Mana Tablet. Back at
the save sphere, proceed east, up the second level to your left. Cross the
canal using the bridge north in your screen to reach the dock on the other side
of the port. There, follow the dock south, grabbing the chests on the way,
until you meet a woman with a monkey. Talk to her to learn about the Squatter
Monkeys. 13 of them can be found in the wood. Once you found them, you can talk
to her for a reward. We are not taking on this mission RIGHT NOW though, but in
a few minutes. Also, we won't be able to come back until Chapter 3, so we will
only get the reward later. Don't sweat it though, there is no alternative
anyway. Head back to the dock on the other side and keep going north for a
scene. Looks like Yuna and Rikku can't wait to see the Awesome Sphere. Keep
going for the next screen.

Head up the higher level to your left and attempt to enter the hut. Barthello
will emerge from it, troubled. Once he left, head inside the hut to meet with
Dona. She was one of Yuna's rivals in Final Fantasy X, and she doesn't seem to
be very pleased to see Yuna. Dona will still explain the deal with Barthello
though. He is with New Yevon while she is with the Youth League. Since then,
their relation went downhill. Oh well, up the stairs is a chest with 1500 gil
inside. Leave the hut afterwards and cross the bridge to your right to access
the dock on the other side. There, spot a few persons on a boat to the east
staring at the construction of a certain base. Talk to the one with a camera to
learn that the Youth League are working on a base, then accept to take a look
at it using his gadget. You will understand why later.

Well, once you're done with the goodies on the port (like opening the few
chests found on the docks and leveling up your levels for the PR and Marriage
missions), proceed north to the gates. You will witness a scene there, in which
you finally get to see the leader of the Youth League: Nooj. Indeed, a
charismatic man he is. Cool looking, his physical appearance is. Talking like
Yoda, why am I? Not respectful, this is. Offended, he would be. A lightsaber up
my ass, he would cram. Er... To get back on Nooj, the speech he is giving to
the members of his clan is basically about the plan they have. The Awesome
sphere contains an important part of Spira's past and New Yevon would be trying
to hide it from the world, keeping it for themselves. Nooj wants the Youth
League to take that sphere by force.

That is his plan though. The YRP isn't going to just sit here...

Mission time!

Awesome Sphere Heist

The goal? To grab the awesome sphere before the Youth League! Proceed inside
the wood.


Kilika Wood

                        |  |
                        |  |______
                        |_______  \
                  ________      \  \
                |_____M   \      \  \
                       \   \      |  |
                  ______\   \_____|M |
                 |   __ M_     M__   M
                 |  |     |   |___|  /
          _______|  |_____|    _____/
          \   ___   _____    |
           M  \   |M     |   |
            \  \  |M     M   |
             \  \ ||     |   |
              M   ||____ M   |___________
                \_________    ______    M
                          |  |      \___
                          |  M

M: Monkeys
SP: Save Spgere

Above is the map representing the locations of all 13 Squatter Monkeys. Yes, I
know, it's a shitty map. I do have an excuse though: this is my only guide in
which I draw maps using a keyboard, so I don't have any experience in the
domain. Oh well, you should still be able to understand it and find your way in
the wood, grabbing all 13 Squatter Monkeys. If you proceed via the main path,
you will witness an altercation between New Yevonites and Youth League members,
blocking the way. Following the path to the left, stop halfway and check for a
narrow passage inside the forest. Follow it to the other side. There, keep
going north deeper in the forest and take a right turn when you can. At the
intersection, follow the path to the north and you will get the option "Just a
little peak". Select it to peak on New Yevon guards revealing their passwords.
When the number of guards is ODD, the password is "Carved Monkey". When the
number of guards is EVEN, the password becomes "Craven Monkey". Back at the
last intersection, take a right turn and follow it to the next intersection,
where you shall take the path leading north. At the end of it is a save sphere
for you to use. Proceed to the next screen after.

You will have to climb the stairs, stopping at the four checkpoints to give
away the passwords. Here is the point where you must use what you've learned by
peaking on the guards a few minutes earlier. If you don't feel like playing the
mini-game by yourself, just use the answers below.

First checkpoint: Craven Monkey
Second Checkpoint: Carved Monkey
Third Checkpoint: Craven Monkey
Fourth Checkpoint: Carved Monkey
Fourth Checkpoint(again): Carved Monkey.

If you succeeded in giving every passwords correctly, you obtain the next
items: Hi-Potion, Ether, Turbo-Ether and Menace of the Deep Garment Grid.

Upstairs, Dona is arguing with the New Yevonites for the Awesome sphere. A few
Youth League members will arrive from the temple, holding the sphere. The monk
won't let them get away though, as he summons an intimidating mech enemy. Guess
who will be its first target?

HP: 1935
EXP: 350
Difficulty: Medium

Why hello there Defender Z/X-looking boss! YSLS-ZERO's most dangerous attack is
Blast Punch, which takes away half of the target's HP. His Haymaker, while less
dangerous, should also be considered since it can take away a decent amount of
HP. A fine party for this battle would be made of two Warriors and a White
Mage. While the Warriors use their best abilities to deplete the enemy's HP,
the White Mage will support the party with the best white magics you have at
this point (Cura, for example, should do the trick). Steal the Mythril Gloves
from YSLS-ZERO before finishing the battle!

Once the enemy has been taken care of, Yuna reveals the fact that she's a
sphere hunter and the YRP grabs the awesome sphere before Dona to then quickly
proceed to escape on the Celsius.

Mission complete!

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Yuna, Rikku and Paine are happy for the way they outperformed the Youth League
by grabbing the Awesome sphere before them, but they're still feeling a bit
ashamed. The way they behave isn't very mature. When you can control Yuna,
speak to Shinra in order to check the sphere. Its contents are very mysterious,
yet scary. You can see Tidus, or that Tidus-looking guy, walking toward an
enormous, intimidating machina. From what we can understand, he's intending on
using the monster to save a girl named "Lenne".

From Brother's point of view, keeping the sphere isn't a good idea. It's true
that the machina seen in it looks very dangerous. The group comes to the
conclusion that giving it back would be smart. But then, they decide to do a
party. Hm, though I like this game, some parts are just... strangely written.
Meh, controlling Yuna, go to the engine room to collect the refilled contents
of the four chests (Remedy X 4, Ether X 2, Potion X 8, Phoenix Down X 5). When
that is done, ride the elevator up to the cabin. From Barkeep's list of
options, take a nap by selecting "Rest" (remember, you must sleep in the cabin
at least once during each chapter in order to trigger a scene later). Back in
the corridor before the elevator, there are three musicians. Talk to the third
one and let him know that you're ready for the concert. You must then push all
three musicians in the elevator (...yes, the one who came up with this idea for
a mini-quest was probably... under the influence of a certain substance).

When that is done, the screen switches to the Gullwings on the deck of the
Celsius. Yuna, musically accompagnied by the three musicians, is singing for
the other members of the Gullwings. If you accepted to take Clasko and O'aka on
the airship, they will be here, clapping their hands. During the concert, Yuna
leaves the group temporary to have a seat, alone. She and Tidus were in love.
Now, she just saw a guy looking just like him who's seeking the control of a
machina weapon in order to save a girl named "Lenne". In the Journey's Start
sphere given by Kimahri, the same guy looked like he had been put in a cell for
trying to save his "girl" using a weapon. The fact that she wasn't that "girl"
makes her jealous, which explains why she asks, out loud, who the heck is Lenne.

Well, she goes to bed afterwards. Poor Yuna, her misfortune isn't over for now.
She has a dream, or actually a nightmare in which she's running with Tidus,
fleeing from a group of monks. They are finally caught in front of that
scary-looking weapon, where they are shot by their pursuers. The next morning,
Paine and Rikku are at Yuna's bed when the poor thing wakes up, rushed because
of her bad dream. On the bridge, the group is wondering about what to do with
the Awesome sphere. Which clan to choose? New Yevon or the Youth League?
Baralai looked credible, but so did Lord Seymour. Nooj seemed thrustworthy, yet
the Youth League likes to pick fights with everything that moves.

To the Youth League: Nooj receives the Gullwings in his command center and
reveal that the machina seen in the sphere is called Vegnagun. It's a weapon so
strong that just thinking about using it is dangerous. It's being kept in the
underground base of Bevelle, which is why he's worried: if they wanted, the New
Yevonites could try to control it, and that would be very bad for the future of
Spira. He doesn't know about the young man's identity seen in front of Vegnagun
though. Choosing this route, you make yourself an enemy of New Yevon. Also, you
can obtain 100% in your very first playthrough by giving the Awesome sphere to
Youth League.

To New Yevon: The New Yevonites bow to the Gullwings, who are then welcome in
the temple by Baralai. The praetor admits that Vegnagun is being kept in
Bevelle, and that would be to prevent the Youth League from using it. From his
version, they are the ones seeking the powers of the colossus. But just like
Nooj, Baralai ignores who is the Tidus-looking man. Giving the Awesomesphere to
New Yevon, the Youth League are now against you. Plus, you can only get 99% in
your first playthrough. This shouldn't influence your choice though, because I
strongly advice you not to aim for 100% in your first save file anyway.

After the scene with the group you chose, your presence is requested aboard the


The half of a sphere you found in Zanarkand temple was robbed. The thieves let
a sphere that reveal their identities: Leblanc and her two acolytes. How evil...

Now, in that sphere, I need you, dear readers, to tell me if I'm insane or not.
Watching the sphere (Leblanc's last laugh), you can see Leblanc (duh). Look at
her chest (yes, her CHEST!): there is a nipple slip right? Tell me I'm not the
only one seeing this! If I'm correct, that is totally wrong. A nipple slip in a
video game? Come on, why not a thong shot while we're at it? Oh wait, what
about Rikku you ask?


Ahem, sorry for that. Back on the FAQ, Brother comes up with a smart plan (yes,
that is odd). The YRP will put on fem-goons uniforms so they can enter Chateau
Leblanc without being recognized. That's your main mission for this chapter.

Strip Search?

While we could find these three fem-goons right now to grab their syndicates in
order to complete this mission quickly, leading to the next chapter, it would
be smarter to do yet another world tour.

Starting with Besaid.

Besaid Island

Speak to one of the Besaid Aurochs for a scene. While the girls are chatting
with the Blitzers, some stiff individual arrives. You learn that he is Beclem,
from the Youth League. He is the new Aurochs' coach, and let's say that he's
one of the meanest characters in the game. After snobbing the Aurochs, Beclem
picks on Yuna, calling the summoners "worthless". What an ungrateful
individual. To make him regret his words, pick the first option when you have
the choice.

Mission time!

Run the Gunner's Gun Gauntlet!

This mission consists of a simple shooting mini-game. You have seven minutes to
reach the beach from the point you are initially, gunning down the fiends on
the road with your gun in order to score at least 500 points (to successfully
complete the mission).

You have various types of ammos, listed below.

Normal ammo: Deals 1 point of damage per shot. Aims one target.
Dual shot ammo: Same as Normal ammo, but aims for two targets.
Death ammo: Best ammo, instantly kills the target.

I've heard of Quick ammos too, but I've never found any of these. To obtain
ammos, you open the chests dropped by the fiends you gunned down. Use the L1 or
R1 button to switch between the ammos you have. Something else you need to know
is about the combo bar in the bottom of your screen. It will be charged as you
kill enemies. The points you score will be multipled by the number of times
that you charged up the combo bar. It can be filled three times, which means
you can triple the points you score by killing fiends. Should you be attacked
by an enemy, the bar will be reset to 0. For more information regarding this
mini-game, check out Beclem's tutorial.

On this, let's start! As the game begins, Yuna is standing in the intersection
area up the path from Besaid village. Gun down the two fiends in here and open
the chests they drop for ammos. Proceed in the north path afterward, entering
the area with the ruined pillars. Simply follow it to the next screen, gunning
down the fiends on the way, doing your best to stay un-touched. In the
waterfall area, run until the point from which you have a good view of the wood
bridges. Stand there and gun down the fiends coming from the waterfalls. When
you killed about three of them and that the path seems safe, proceed to the
chests they drop and open them for ammos. Head back to where you were standing
and wait for new enemies to come. The idea is to stock up on ammos and to
charge up your combo bar to the maximum. When that is done, clear the bridges
of fiends and follow the road to the waterfalls (stand between the first and
the second one). At this point, it's business time. Gun down every enemies that
dare trying to lay a hand on you. Use your Dual shot ammos for best results.
Only use your Death ammos as a last resort (when too many fiends are getting
close) since they're relatively rare. It shouldn't take long before your score
is up to about 450 points. When that occures, proceed to the next area, where
you meet a solid mech enemy. No sweat, one Death ammo and he's gone, giving
about 70 points. Make sure you have 500 points and proceed to the beach. Talk
to Beclem there to end the mission.

Mission complete!


If you're doing the PR/Marriage missions, it would be wise to start the second
level of these in Besaid.

Once you're done (or if you aren't interested in these missions), travel to

Kilika Island

Whether you joined the Youth League or New Yevon, you can't visit Kilika in
this chapter. Simply grab both chests from the plateforms left and right of the
starting dock for items and use the save sphere to board the Celsius after.


From the save sphere, run to the stairs to the right. Down them, jump over the
ramp to reach the chest with Light Curtain items (two of them) inside. Proceed
south to the bazaar.

Shelinda is there, doing an interview about the various clans formed since the
Eternal Calm began. You can switch view with the recording sphere, using the L1
and R1 buttons (L1 for left, R1 for right). Shelinda will ask you a question or
two as well, but the answers you pick won't have any impact on the game. After
the interview, Shelinda explains how she became an interviewer. She leaves
rather quickly though, as her presence is requested somewhere. Once the scene
is over, you can leave Luca, assuming you've done everything you wanted to do
regarding the PR/Mariage missions (or Sphere Break if you need to practice).

Mi'ihen Highroad

If you're doing the PR/Mariage missions, I suggest you enter Mi'ihen via
Mushroom Rockroad. This way, you will be able to gather the points from the
people found in the Oldroad (the right path from the gates to Mushroom
Rockroad). Proceed to the Rin Travel Agency afterward. Inside, a young girl is
searching for a Chocobo. Unfortunately, the woman at the counter informs her
that no chocobos can be ridden right now. Disappointed, the girl leaves. Follow
her out of the agency to meet her. Can you remember her? It's Calli! You saw
her on the Highroad two years ago while Yuna was crossing Mi'ihen with her
guardians. She was such a little girl, very impressive to see how she has
changed. I mean, if you compare her to Pacce, who hasn't even grown an inch...
Oh well, let's not be picky =). Calli is feeling sad because of the way that
Mi'ihen has changed since the start of the Eternal Calm. Nowadays, hovers and
machinas are all over the place, no room for the chocobos.

Ironically, a big yellow bird passes by at the same moment: a chocobo! Accept
to help Calli to trigger the next mission.

Cuckoo for Chocobos!

The mission is divided into three "mini-games" (if I may call them that way).
The first one is in the area south of the agency. There, you just have to
follow Rikku south on the Highroad. Feathers of the creature that you're
chasing can be seen on the ground. You can collect these in order to obtain a
treasure, which will be based on the number of feathers you picked up in this
first area.

0 feather: Nothing
1-8 feathers: Gold Hourglass
9 to 15 feathers: Chocobo Feather
16 to 20 feathers: Chocobo Feather x 2

You can obtain another treasure, though this one could cost you the achievement
of this mission. On the road, Rikku stops by three side areas to inform you
that the chocobo changed route. She's wrong in all cases, but if you do accept
to change route, you find a chest with the contents based on the number of
feathers you collected, listed below.

0 feather: Nothing
1-3 feathers: Chocobo Feather x 2
4-14 feathers: Chocobo Feather x 3
15-17 feathers: Chocobo Wing x 2
18-21: Chocobo Wing x 3

Basically, you just need to follow Rikku. If you stop, she may lose sight of
the chocobo, which won't do any good to your mission. Just make sure that
you're always after her.

In the next area, the girls change their strategy once they spotted the
chocobo. Rikku will block one side of the road while Paine will be standing at
the other one, which leaves Yuna to catch the bird. Run to it to start the
mini-game. The chocobo is trapped on the road, but it will still try to dodge
Yuna. While she's standing in front of it, it will run you by using the left,
center, or right. You must guess which one it's going to take. When you do, you
can hear a "ting" sound, which means you were able to guess which way it tried
to go. You must be successful four times in order to move on with the mission.
It may be hard at first, but after a while, the chocobo will lose its
concentration. At that point, you can easily guess which way it's intending to
go. If you miss it too many times, you fail the mission.

In the last area, the rest of the mission is all about triggering scenes. You
don't need my help here, simply head to the arrow-dots you can see on the map.
At the end of the road (the entrance to Luca), the YRP is just tired of chasing
the chocobo. When you can control Yuna, speak to the woman near the hover and
request her help. Thanks to her machine blocking the path, the girls are able
to finally catch the chocobo!

No time to celebrate though, because some guy runs to you, requesting your
presence at the Oldroad: Calli is stuck over there with a Chocobo Eater after
her! From the agency, head north on the bridge. You can see Calli lying
unconscious on top of a ruin. It isn't possible to access her from here though.
Clasko joins the scene with a bunch of chocobos in order to make a distraction,
which gives you some time.

When you can control Yuna, quickly follow the bridge north (you have two
minutes). At the gates to the Mushroom Rockroad, take the right path south and
follow the Oldroad until you reach Calli, or should I say, the Chocobo Eater.

Boss: Chocobo Eater
HP: 2350
EXP: 350
Difficulty: Medium

This guy can cause some serious damages with his massive fists. I'd suggest you
use Mental Break on him with a Warrior to cut down his Magic Defense a bit,
allowing your Black Mages to deal better damages with their best magics. Just
like in FFX, the Chocobo Eater can also fall on his back, making him more
vulnerable to your physical attacks. There isn't much of a strategy here, other
than attacking the boss while regulary healing your party. Before finishing him
off, steal two X-Potions from him with the Masterthief ability (from the Thief

Calli is saved! She can now safely ride her chocobo!

Mission complete, you obtain the Selena Garment Grid as a well deserved reward.


The girls board the Celsius automatically, but visit Mi'ihen again and speak to
Calli and Clasko north of the agency to take them aboard (along with the

Mushroom Rockroad

If you sided with the Youth League, your visit in the Mushroom Rockroad will be
a pleasure, thanks to the guards located there and there on the road that will
protect you from random encounters. If you gave the Awesome sphere to New Yevon
though, get ready to meet some hostility, as these guards will attack you
instead. As for Yaibal, he still has faith in the Gullwings and cancels the red
alert you enhanced if you sided with his rivals.

Follow the road on the way to the Youth League headquarters. Like I just told
you, you won't even need to worry about random encounters if you're with the
Youth League. Halfway, the YRP receives a message from the Celsius, saying that
vibrations of a sphere can be felt in the ravine. Well, let's check it out!
Jump down there and follow the map to the north. Use the save sphere if you
wish and enter the Den of Woe. You meet with Nooj there. The conversation with
him depends on which clan you picked when you wanted to give back the Awesome
sphere. If you're with him, he will explain the reason why he's here to then
offer you a sphere (Crimson Sphere 7). If you're with Baralai however, his
attitude will be totally different, as he will be very arrogant with the girls.
You will still receive the Crimson sphere though. When he's gone, you witness a
scene between the young women. As you could notice, Nooj and Paine seemed to
know each other. The mysterious character won't reveal anything to Rikku or
Yuna though, other than the fact that something DID happen in the past. You
just won't know what it is, for now.

Leave the Den of Woe when you can control Yuna and climb back up the higher
level. Keep going north on the Mushroom Rockroad, fighting the Ochu fiends on
the way (you could avoid them but I suggest you battle them for the generous
EXP that they give). Once you reached the blue elevator, the events are, once
again, based on which clan you gave the Awesome sphere to. If you sided with
New Yevon, Elma won't let you pass.

Bosses: Elma
        League Warriors X 2
HPs: 1640
EXP: 200
Difficulty: Easy

Talk about easy boss battles... Focus on the guards first (you can take them
out very easily) and simply pummel Elma with your physical attacks. If you have
the Masterthief ability from the Thief dressphere, mug her for Mega Phoenix
items (two of them).

If you picked the route of New Yevon, your trip on the Mushroom Rockroad stops
here. You obtain a Kinesis Badge and the Shining Mirror Garment Grid.

Otherwise, ride the elevator up to the headquarters.

Youth League Headquarters

You get to see a scene with Commander Lucil and Elma. They realize that while
the Gullwings are supporting their cause, they aren't official members of the
Youth League. Afterward, you could speak to Yaibal to learn that a war is about
to begin with New Yevon. Hm, looks like serious matters are finally starting.
Once you opened the chest of the area, you can board the Celsius.


Check out the mysterious contents of the Crimson sphere you obtained in the Den
of Woe. Rather scary...

Well, to Djose!


There is nothing to do at the temple so exit to the bridge south. A female goon
can be seen there, so follow her to the next screen. At the intersection, take
the west path for a scene. It seems that two female goons lost something on the
Djose highroad. Mission time!

Two birds, one stone

Yet another very simple mission, you just have to find the sphere that the
female goons are seeking before them. Thing is, I'm not even sure if it's
possible to fail in this mission. Oh well, just follow the road to the west and
eventually, you should spot a glowing sphere on the ground. Examine it to
receive Yuna's Floral Fallal (her Special Dressphere). Congratula... Ah indeed,
this mission could not be THAT easy huh...

Bosses: Ormi
HPs: 1150
EXP: 80
Difficulty: Easy

Well, though you aren't completing this mission without a fight, this battle is
a walk in the park. Take down the Fem-Goon first, since she will support her
partners with her magic skills (but even then, she isn't very effective).
Afterwards, you can concentrate on Ormi and Logos, once you stole them with the
Thief's Masterthief ability that is (which will add two Elixir items to your

The enemies run off after the battle and you obtain your first Syndicate

Mission complete!


At the banks, little Tobli's in hot water! He has a show organized for the
night, but he wasn't able to sell any tickets! Well, Gullwings to the rescue!

Mission time!

YRP, the Scalpers Three!

Let me explain yet another very simple mission. You have ten tickets for
Tobli's show. You must sell them to the people located in the Moonflow so that
Tobli can have an audience tonight. When you approach somebody with the Square
button, a list of prices appears. Depending on the offer you choose, the person
will accept or refuse the ticket. Whether he/she accepts or not, it's called a
pitch. You have ten of them. To complete this mission, you must sell at least
six tickets. However, selling all ten tickets is a prerequisite for a great
reward much later in the game. Plus, you can make profit out of this mission. A
ticket is 1000 Gil, so if you sell it to someone for 2000 Gil, you just made a
1000 Gil profit. If you talked to Tobli before taking on the mission "Shave the
Hypello?" back in Chapter 1, the tickets are 500 Gil each, meaning you can make
even more profits. Use the information below to make the highest profit

200 gil:

- Offer to a guy wearing brown and yellow on the right side of the path hallway
on the Moonflow road.

500 gil (and less):

- Near the entrance to the Guadosalam you'll see a guy talking to a woman that
will trade you.

- The sleeping guard standing next to the bench on the northern portion of the

1000 gil (and less):

- Left of Tobli in the bank, there's a young lady standing beside her kid that
will trade you.

- There is a guy sitting on a bench left of the only save sphere of the
Moonflow that will trade you.

1500 gil (and less):

- Near the entrance to the banks while you enter from the southway, there's a
woman with a red bandana that will accept your offer.

- At the beginning of the road in the Moonflow, there's a girl wearing red
clothes. She'll trade you too.

- In the save sphere area, there's a woman wearing some yellow dress across
from the bench.

- In the area with the shoopuf, there's a guy in green sitting on the stairs to
the dock.

- On the road to the Guadosalam there is a guy with a blue shirt standing on
the left side of the path.

2000 gil (and less)

- The little boy standing near the Hypello in the northern part of the Moonflow.

- The person standing at the top of the ramp to the right of the little boy
mentioned just above.

- There's a guy wearing green clothes standing near the dock in the shoopuf

- In the bench area in the northern part of the Moonflow, there is a woman
wearing green.

Indeed, the 2000 gil and 1500 gil crew should be your targets. Dealing your
tickets with them will help you obtain the best profits. The rewards you get
for completing this mission are based on a few different factors. If you
followed my walkthrough and did the right actions, which are the next ones:
completing the mission "Shave the Hypello?" in the first chapter, sold all ten
tickets in "YRP, the Scalpers Three" (this mission) and made profits, you get
these rewards: a Muscle Belt, the Seething Cauldron Garment Grid, along with
your profits.

Mission complete!


You can proceed to the Guadosalam afterwards.


If you were playing Final Fantasy X-2 without a walkthrough, the Guadosalam
would be the best place for you to get hints about the locations of the Leblanc
Syndicate uniforms. For the rest, there isn't much to do here in Chapter 2.
Approach Leblanc's chateau for a scene with the goons. You can then leave.
However, we could stay and take on a mini side-quest in order to boost our gil
amount. If you speak to the guy behind the counter at the Inn, you have the
option "Got any data?". Select it and accept to buy his datas for 10 000 gil.
What's the point to this item? You can sell it back for profits. The seller of
the datas will give you an hint on the individual that will accept to buy the
datas from you. The buyer is randomly chosen though. Below are the three best
deals you can obtain.


- "It is a woman": There's a room you can enter on the second level. Right to
the door, there is a woman standing still, talking with an Hypello. She'll
offer 70 000 Gil for the datas.

- "This guy's in a place you wouldn't expect": In the shop just above the Inn
(on the second level again), the merchant behind the counter will offer 80 000
Gil for the datas.

- "It's the last person you'd expect, no question": This one's the funniest.
It's the guy who sold you the datas himself, behind the counter of the Inn!
Selling some datas for 10 000 gil to then buy them back for 100 000, quite a
smart one.

There are other buyers, but the ones above should be your targets. Simply save
before buying the datas from the merchant in the Inn and reset until you get
one of these three hints.

Thunder Plains

In the southern part of the plains, you can see a red X on your map. It
represents the location of Cid, talk to him for a short scene. You won't find
him if you didn't tell him about your anger in Zanarkand though (back in
Chapter 1).

At the first tower in the Thunder Plains, you can see an Al Bhed beside it, on
his knees. Talk to him twice and accept to help him out in his quest, which
consists of caliberating all ten towers of the Thunder Plains. You walk up to a
tower and examine it with the X button. A mini-game ensues, in which the point
is to click the right buttons on your screen, following the directives of the
mini-game in question (there are four different kinds of them). To successfully
caliberate a tower, you must obtain 30 hits with under three missed hits (if
you miss the trials three times, you fail to caliberate the tower). You don't
absolutely have to successfully caliberate these ten towers, just attempting to
will be enough to obtain the reward we are seeking, which is the Samurai's
Honor Garment Grid (given by the Al Bhed in the Rin Travel Agency once you
attempted to caliberate all ten towers). However, caliberating the first three
towers would also lead to a few interesting items much later in the game.

To talk about the locations of these ten towers, nine of them are shown on the
map as green dots. For the tenth one, you must find it by yourself. Or
actually, simply by following this walkthrough =). From the agency, head north,
hugging the left. At a certain point, Yuna spots a tower, but it's out of reach
for caliberation. Just keep running north, hugging the limit to your left,
mashing the X button. Eventually, the tower will be within your reach, allowing
you to caliberate it.

Once you caliberated all ten towers (or at least attempted to), you can claim
your well deserved Garment Grid at the agency.

To Macalania!

Macalania Wood

Up the tree branch path is Tobli's assistant, that Hypello you helped back in
Chapter 1. He has a new request! All tickets for the show are sold, but Tobli
hasn't been able to recruit any musicians. Well, guess who's going to land a
hand again? You receive a letter for the musicians from the Hypello.

When you can control Yuna, proceed to the area where you met Tromell in Chapter
1 (use the shimmering short cut) and talk to Bayra. Mission time!

Track down the troupe!

Backtrack to the intersection of the shimmering path and notice a circle of
butterflies, right in the middle of the path. Examine it to reveal Donga, one
of the three musicians! He accepts to be part of Tobli's show. Controlling
Yuna, head back to the save sphere at the entrance to the Thunder Plains and
follow the path east. In the next screen, keep going east to the next area,
which forks in four different paths. Take the south one to the lake, where you
can spot a second circle of butterflies. Examine it to reveal Pukutak. Just
like Donga, she's interested in helping out Tobli.

You are automatically brought back to the spring, where the three musicians are
having a reunion. Speak to Bayra to learn that they will happily handle Tobli's
concert. However, this will be their final concert, as they're meeting their
end soon, or so as they say.

Well, mission complete! An Haste Bangle accessory  is your reward.


You are offered to board the Celsius but decline the offer. Instead, head back
to Tobli's assistant (the Hypello) at the start of the tree branch path and
talk to him to receive the Bitter Farewell Garment Grid. In addition, you also
obtain a Minerva's plate for helping him out in Chapter 1 in the Moonflow.

Well, once you're done with the PR/Marriage mission (if you care about them
that is, =P), we can proceed to our next destination.


Whether you gave the Awesome sphere to New Yevon or to the Youth League, there
isn't much to do in Bevelle right now. If you sided with the Youth League, the
monks scattered around will attack you as you advance on the highbridge. At the
gates, you are forced to retreat as the guards summon their arsenal.

If you sided with New Yevon, you will be allowed through the gates, though you
will be prevented from entering the temple. Just talk to Pacce, who's with his
crew, in order to receive a Cat's Bell.

That's it for now, to the Calm Lands!

Calm Lands

If you accepted Clasko to travel with you on the Celsius (as I told you to),
you witness a short scene in which he finally leaves on his own. Well, let's
follow him!

You find yourself in the Monster Arena, or actually, what USED to be the
Monster Arena in Final Fantasy X. As you could've witnessed in Chapter 1, this
place is now deserted. Oh actually, it isn't. Fiends took over, which is
causing an obstacle for Clasko's plan. YRP to the rescue!

Clean sweep

Clasko was right, there are a lot of fiends around here. One in each stable of
the area, which has two levels. However, there is a trick! Not every fiends
found in here is real. In fact, only ONE of them is. The other ones are
illusions that you can't touch. To locate the real fiend, you must pay
attention to the positions of the illusions, as they are looking at its
direction. You can't tell with the elemental fiends, so simply pay attention to
the other kinds of fiends. When you see a fiend that isn't facing the direction
that the other fiends are, run into it and defeat it. If you touch three fake
fiends, the location of the real fiend changes.

After you managed to find and defeat the five real fiends of the place, three
blue elementals appear in the first stable (right of the save sphere). They're
no threat though, especially while you're using a party made of Black Mages.

When you're victorious, the mission is complete. You obtain the Alchemist
Dressphere and the Highroad Winds Garment Grid as rewards.


Now that you cleared this place, Clasko can use it as a ranch to finally
fulfill his dream of breeding chocobos! There is one problem though: he cannot
raise anything without a chocobo. Looks like it is going to be our job to catch
one for him! Since the beginning of the game, you might have met chocobos in
random encounters, though they probably always fled before you could do
anything. From now on, you have the stuff (given by Clasko) to catch them:
greens. In an encounter with a chocobo, feed it with a Gyschal Green once all
enemies are defeated. As a result, the chocobo will be captured and put
(automatically) in one of the stables of Clasko's ranch. You can also feed it
with a different kind of green at the start of the battle, which will give you
more time to defeat the fiends before the escape of the chocobo. You must have
caught at least one of them before the end of Chapter 3.

Back in the Calm Lands, head to the central shop (in the middle of the plains).
You meet two young Ronso there, Lian and Ayde. They left Mount Gagazet to
search for a way to restore Kimahri's horn. Though they are very kind to care
so much for their Elder, the Ronso are also worried about their safety. The
girls suggest that they take them back home, but meanwhile, they run off. Too

Check out the PR/Marriage points that you gathered during Chapter 2 and leave
for the mountains.

Mount Gagazet

Head to Kimahri and talk to him to learn about a few people that he just
spotted climbing the Fayth Scar area. Like Payne says, they were probably
Leblanc's goons. Going after them would be a good plan, but before that, let's
converse with the Ronso like we did in the first chapter. Again, I will list
the concerns of the Ronso around, along with the replies to pick in order to
increase your compability's level with them.

1- "Kimahri doesn't know what to do!" by Kimahri.
Answer: Second one.

2- "Worry is great burden on Elder's shoulders." by the female standing beside
Answer: First one.

3- "Al Bhed, too, suffer at hands of Guado. Guado is source of much chaos!" by
tall Ronso near Garik.
Answer: Second one.

4- "Elder is weakling, Garik move too slow! Guado will escape us!" by the Ronso
in red walking around at left of Kimahri.
Answer: Second one.

5- "Guado must die for Ronso future!" by the female near Garik.
Answer: Second one.

6- "Garik will march, fight Ronso enemies. Fight Guado!" by the Ronso walking
around at the right of Kimahri.
Answer: Second one.

7- "Many people come to scared mountain uninvited. Sphere hunters are problem!"
by the Ronso in the Cave of Gagazet.
Answer: Second one.

8- "Ronso youth grow strong, destroy hated Guado. Garik swear to mountain!
Garik avenge murdered Ronso!" by Garik.
Answer: Second one.

Quick note: There is no order to follow in particular.

Well, now that your relation with the Ronso got even better than it was before
entering Gagazet, let's move on.

Step on that teleport pad and select "Moutain Trail" to get transported there.
Again, just like in the first chapter, climbing the moutain to that point by
yourself is also an option (so you can get some EXP and AP). Either way, head
to the screen north once you're on top of the moutain. Speak to the female
Guado in the place if you wish, and then follow the path passed the pillars.
The girls arrive to the wall you couldn't climb back in Chapter 1 and spot the
Fem-Goon that Kimahri was talking about earlier. Mission time!

Spring into action

You have the choice between two scenarios as for how the mission goes. Which
one to pick? Simple. One sucks, the other one rocks. I'll be covering the one
that rocks, and that's that, which means you're forced to follow that one or
else you have to use another walkthrough. Yes, you can call me a dictator =).

Climb the ledges to reach an higher level and run to the right, passed the
entrance. Actually, WALK. See that rock pillar with a chest on it? It goes out
of your reach if you're too fast, so slowly walk toward it and jump on it to
access the chest (with an Elixir inside). Back on the level, enter the cave and
make your way to the other side to exit back outside. Follow the goon until she
jumps over a certain ledge. From that point, stop chasing her and climb the
ledges up to an higher level instead. There, proceed to the left and slowly
approach once again a pillar that you won't be able to access if you're running
to it. As you did earlier, just walk to it and jump on it for a chest
containing a White Cap. Back on the level, follow the path to the right and
head inside the entrance on the way. Get the Phoenix-Down from the treasure
chest found in this room and get back outside the cavern. Keep following the
path on your map until you can't climb higher because of the wind. Follow the
pathway to the left for a scene.

The YRP spies on the two female goons that just found out about some hot
spring. They seem scared about it though, since Gagazet is also known as
"Sacred moutains". You have to admit that the word "sacred" is terrifying, ah
yes. Well, Ormi joins them but for a few seconds only, as the Leblancists run
off when the level on which the Gullwings are standing crumbles.

The girls find themselves in the spring, which seems comfortable enough for
them to get in bikinis and have a girly fight. This scene shocked a few gamers,
though I don't understand exactly how it could be considered offensive, unless
you're a monk or something. Alright, that was the last cheap shot taken at

You obtain a Syndicate uniform left by one of the Fem-Goons. The mission isn't
over yet, though. Leave the spring to meet up with the goons. They will try to
take you down so show them who you are and have them bite the dust. After the
battle, it's Ormi's turn.

Boss: Ormi
HP: 1350
EXP: 180
Difficulty: Easy

The man is way better than before, but so should you be with all those
abilities learned and levels obtained during the adventure. Ormi's physical
attacks still consist of a charge offence with his shield, which does from
about 200 to 300 points of damage on one target. He will also use the Pirouette
Pitch, which does about as much damage. Use your best attacks to quickly end
this battle before he gets to use the Concussive Shock, which harms the whole
party. Do not forget to steal an Elixir from him though, using the Masterthief
ability from the Thief dressphere.

Congratulations, now you get your "Mission Complete!" screen, along with the
Stonehewn Garment Grid.


Zanarkand Ruins

This place is still a tourist attraction, though you learn something
interesting from Isaaru (travel through the stadium to meet him in the dome).
Because of the monkeys, he was forced to clear the dome of the tourists. Since
those animals are thieves, they kept snatching Gil from the visitors. The girls
have an idea: if they could find a way to increase even more the number of
monkeys, the attraction would surely meet its end in an instant as no tourists
would be interested in coming anymore.

Here we go for the "Operation: Monkey" mini-game. Your task is very simple: you
must match the monkeys found in the dome area so that they can have babies
together. Thing is, there is an order to follow because of the fact that each
monkey has its own soul mate. There is a grand total of 24 monkeys: 12 males
and 12 females.

I will draw a map for all five areas of the dome, locating the monkeys on them
with numbers:

        |  |
        |  |
        |  |
       /    |
       | '10|
       \    /
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
        /   \
         \ _|
        _| |_
        \   |
         | |__
        /   \ \
       /      /
       |    _/
       |12   \
        \  '7|
        |    |
        |  '9|
        |    /
        /   |
        |3  |
        |_  |_
        |    |

That is the first area, the great hall before the two rooms that used to be the
Cloister of Trials back in FFX, drawn below:

 ______|5 '6|______
|                  \______________
|                   ___________   |____
|     8  O         |           |       |
|      O   O       |           |'2     |
|      O   O       |           |       |
|        O         |           |       |
|_10______________'4            \     /
                                 |   |

By the way, sorry for the mediocre quality of my maps: you remember how good I
am in the ASCII domain =). In this area, riding the elevator down (in the
middle of the O platforms) brings you to the Chamber of the Fayth:

             _   _/   \
            /     7 |_/
           |    __  \
        __/    |  \__/
      _/        |_
    _/        '1  \
    \             /
     \11       '8/
      \___    _/
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
         /    \
         |    |

Heh, this one looks like a tropical bird. Oh well, as long as you can locate
the monkeys =P. Exiting this area via the door to the north leads to what used
to be Yunalesca's throne, which is the map below:

            |     |
            |     |
            |     |
        ____|     |____
       |      9        |
       _\          4  /_
      | '12             |
      |_               _|
        /  6          \
       |               |
        \____    2____/
            |     |
            |     |
            |     |
            |     |

Finally, the last room of the dome is that roof-like area where you beat Isaaru
at his own game in the first chapter. It also used to be the battlefield to
duel Yunalesca two years ago:

         /             |
        |              |_
      __/                |
     |         ___      |__
 ____|        /   \        |
|             \___/        |
|                     '5   |
 \                         |
  \                        |
  |                        |
  |        1              _|
  |___                  '3|
      \                   |_
      /                     |
      |                     |
______|                     |
            _       _       |
_______    / |     | \      |
       \___| |     | |______|
             |     |
             |     |

Well there you go for the maps, now onto the instructions. As I said earlier,
the numbers on the map represent the locations of the monkeys, along with the
corresponding soul mates for each. The number of a monkey with ' in front of it
represents the soul mate of the monkey with the same number, minus the '. Say
Birch, the number 1 monkey on the map of the last area of the dome. Its soul
mate is Sequoia, the monkey number '1 found in the Chamber of the Fayth. Get
it? Here's the list:

1: Birch with '1: Sequoia
2: Spring with '2: Autumn
3: Dusky with '3: Dawne
4: Rosemary with '4: Thyme
5: Terran with '5: Skye
6: Minni with '6: Maxx
7: Summer with '7: Winter
8: Peke with '8: Valli
9: Canis with '9: Felina
10: Arroh with '10: Quivrr
11: Golde with '11: Sylva
12: Luna with '12: Sol

After matching every monkeys in this order, you are rewarded with the Soul of
Thamasa accessory. Youpi-doo, watch what'll happen to your little tourist
attraction, Cid!

Bikanel Desert

Go talk to Nadhala to be informed about something that could interest the
Gullwings in Oasis. Mission time!

Water we doing here?

Go to the pilot and ask him to take you to the Oasis area of the desert.

There, check out the lake and the girls spot a glowing sphere in the sand. Pick
it up to find out that it's Rikku's special Dressphere: Machina Maw. Uh oh,
looks like you aren't taking this sphere without a fight.

Bosses: Logos
        2 x Fem-Goons
HPs: 1220
     160 each
EXP: 160
     10 each
Difficulty: Easy

The best thing to do in the start of the battle consists of taking out both
Fem-Goons. Since they can cast supportive spells on Logos, let's just get rid
of them quick. When they're defeated, use the Masterthief ability from the
Thief dressphere to steal an Elixir from Logos to then proceed to pummel him
with your best attacks. His "Hail of Bullets" harms all targets multiple times
but for relatively weak damages. Unless you really didn't put much time in
leveling up your characters, the attacks from the boss shouldn't be dangerous.
This battle will be over in a few turns.

Logos run off, again, and you're rewarded with the "Mission Complete!" screen.
Congratulations! You obtain the last Syndicate uniform along with the Hour of
Need Garment Grid.



Now that the girls can disguise themselves as female Goons with the three
Syndicate uniforms that you needed, the big mission of Chapter 2 is completed!
Your reward is the Bum Rush Garment Grid.

We can take on the last events of this chapter.


Head toward the door to the chateau (where Seymour's manor used to be) and
accept to put on the uniforms when you have the opportunity. You won't be able
to board the airship for a while but that's okay. Mission time!

Faking and entering

Once the girls are disguised as Fem-Goons, they can proceed inside the door
guarded by the two goons. You witness a scene in which Nooj's leaving the
chateau. You hear him say that he knows about Vegnagun's location currently,
and it looks like he has an affair with Leblanc, as the woman seems to be
deeply in love with him (she calls him "Noojie-Woojie"...). When the Youth
League's leader is gone, Leblanc leaves for her room (which used to be
Seymour's room. Why do I keep making references to FFX you ask? I don't know,
nostalgia matters probably).

As you gain control of Yuna, you can check out the foyer a bit. This place
hasn't changed in two years, the decoration on the walls is still made of the
Guado Maesters portraits. Either Leblanc likes them, either the creators of the
game were too lazy to modify the atmosphere a bit, or both. Oh well, enter the
purple door between the staircases to penetrate into the living room. Talk to
Logos and Ormi and they will order you (since you're currently a female goon)
to go to Leblanc. With your "talents", you should be able to relax her. I
wonder what talents are they refering to. So far, it seems that Fem-Goons' only
talent consists of having their HP depleted in a turn or two during battles.
Meh, let's find out.

Back in the foyer, head up the stairs and take the door to the left, which is
Leblanc's bedroom. Inside, speak to her for a scene. After, it's mini-game
time! You must give her a massage using a nine-cases grid. When you select a
case on the grid (using the X button and the joystick), a colored heart is
highlighted. The colors define the success of the spot on which you pressed:

Blue heart: You hear a bone-cracking spot, meaning you're absolutely not on the
right spot.

Green heart: Leblanc informs you that you're not on the right spot yet, however
you're getting closer.

Yellow heart: Still not on the right spot, though you're very close to it.

Red heart: This one's good, you hit the spot! Leblanc will loudly react to it,
with particular words...

Yes, anybody who isn't in front of the TV screen in your house would be curious
about what kind of games you're playing while hearing the sounds made by
Leblanc, especially when you hit the right spot. First time I took on this
mini-game, I had the volume to the max for some reason and my sister looked at
me in an odd way when I met her in the kitchen after.

Back on the mini-game instructions, you must score 32 points in 15 attempts in
order to satisfy Leblanc. Though it's random, this game is easy. Just pay
attention to the colors of the hearts and you should do it.

When you successfully satisfy her, Leblanc falls asleep. Logos and Ormi come in
and order you to go check for some secret switch panel so exit the room and get
back on the first level. Inside the living room (enter the purple door from the
foyer), run to where Logos and Ormi were standing earlier and look for a door
to the left. Right to it (and left to some pedestal), examine the wall with the
X button to reveal a panel. A door is revealed, in which the YRP enters. The
girls put back on their original clothes at Paine's request, but Brother
contacts you from the airship and expose your presence in the chateau by
yelling like the dork that he is. Thanks to him, the girls are caught by Ormi.

Bosses: Ormi
HPs: 1640
EXP: 220
Difficulty: Easy

You know the drill: take down Ormi's comrades first with your physical attacks
and use your Masterthief ability from the Thief dressphere afterward to steal
the main boss, which will add one more Elixir to your inventory. Using Black
Mages or Warriors, deplete Ormi's HP with your best attacks. If you wish, have
an Alchemist supporting the party. Again, this battle is no threat.

Keep going north in the passage to meet a save sphere. Use it if you wish and
follow the way north to enter the purple doors at the end. You find yourself in
Ormi's room, where a treasure chest can be opened. Its contents are based on
the results of the massage mini-game with Leblanc. If you were able to satisfy
her with 32 points (or more) in one try, you obtain the Gold Hairpin. If you,
however, couldn't get the job done with the first 15 rounds and had to retry,
your reward is the Heady Perfume.

Back outside the room, keep following the passage until you reach some new
purple doors. Behind, you find the Crimson Sphere 10. While it isn't the one
that Leblanc's crew stole, the girls are curious. Its contents are scary
though, it seems like the recording of victims caused by some operation. Oh
well, Ormi is back, this time with Logos. Looks like he isn't happy to find us
in his room. Bah...

Bosses: Logos & Ormi
HPs: 1432
EXP: 240
Difficulty: Easy

Steal them both for Elixirs using the Masterthief ability. Afterward, end this
battle as fast as you can. While the combat is not hard at all, Logos can be
annoying with his abnormal statuses. Ormi, as always, concentrates on using
physical offences with his shield and his "Pirouette Pitch". You can weaken
them both with abnormal statuses as well, and otherwise use your best attacks.

Once you're victorious, an alarm about the booby trap is started. The bad guys
flee as always, leaving you in the middle of this mess. No sweat, it'll be over
in an instant. Out of Logos room, follow the left passage to its left. At the
intersection, take a left turn and climb on the higher level. There are two
pits, but don't jump over them. Let yourself fall in them instead so you can
access two switches (one in each). Touch them both and get back on the higher
level, where you should proceed toward the wall at the end. Oh crap, it
magically turns in a wall of dangerous spikes. Run for your life in the
opposite direction, jumping on the pits. When you reach the intersection, do
not take a left turn though. Let the wall catch up with you instead. If I'm
insane? No, or at least I don't think so... yet. In a scene, the girls jump
into the hole to avoid the wall and land on an secret level, where you find the
last switch. Touch it to deactivate the booby traps.

Jump off to the lower level and head back to the wall that just tried to kill
you. Don't worry, the trap has been deactivated. Touch the switch on it and a
secret passage is revealed to your left. Follow the path and enter the purple
doors on the way in order to penetrate into Leblanc's room. The girls find the
half-sphere stolen by Leblanc, along with the OTHER half-sphere. You're
confronted by her and her acolytes however. Ready for one last showdown with

Bosses: Leblanc
HPs: 1380
EXP: 380
Difficulty: Medium

This battle can be pretty rough if you didn't take the time to work on your
characters' developpements enough. If you did though, then this is just another
easy battle. As you may have guessed already, you can add three more Elixirs to
your inventory by stealing all three enemies with the Masterthief ability.
Ormi, just like everytime you fought him, uses his strength to physically harm
you. He's no threat compared to Leblanc and Logos though. The latter still uses
his status ailments, which can get ugly for the battle. Leblanc can be
dangerous too though, since she will support her party with Mighty Guard
(Not-So-Mighty-Guard), a spell that casts Protect, Shell and Regen on
everybody. She can also cast Haste. As for her attacks however, she never
caused me any troubles. For your offence, I like Warriors with physical
attacks. An Alchemist could help if the situation requires a character
supporting the party.

Victory! You get the Healing Light Garment Grid!


Leblanc gives you both half-spheres, which are reunited to make one sphere. The
YRP gets to watch it, and needless to say, they're speechless. The contents
consist of monks guarding some gigantic, intimidating, scary-looking machina.
You're informed by Leblanc about this enormous machine: it's the colossus
Vegnagun, which you saw in the Awesome sphere earlier.

It was Nooj who asked Leblanc to go after this sphere, and from what he knows,
Vegnagun would be underneath Bevelle. Har, bad news ALWAYS come from Yevon. The
two clans of sphere hunters decide to join forces: like Leblanc and Nooj said,
this story about Vegnagun could mean the end of Spira. Something must be done,
so Leblanc and her acolytes board the Celsius. Rikku follows them, but Yuna and
Paine stay. The Grand summoner is a little bit depressed. With Sin defeated for
good, she thought that the Eternal Calm would be, well, eternal. Thanks to the
combat between the Youth League and New Yevon for the colossus, Spira is in for
a rough ride again.


On the bridge, the newly formed team of the Gullwings and Leblanc's Syndicate
wonders about what to do next. Nooj is going after Vegnagun in Bevelle's
underground, so Leblanc wants to go with him. The Gullwings accept to follow
them, using the "there might be some spheres down there!" excuse. We can all
agree on the fact that Yuna is actually going to learn more about this affair:
what if Tidus was really involved with Vegnagun?

Well, here we go for the final destination of Chapter 2.


On the Highbridge, Ormi suggests that the Syndicate goes after New Yevon's
praetor, Baralai. Paine tells them to watch out though: he's strong. How does
she know? Oh well, if you sided with New Yevon, the monks will welcome you. If
you are with the Youth League however, you'll be attacked. Well, mission time!

Infiltrate Bevelle

Proceed to the gate of Bevelle (fighting your way through the monks on the
Highbridge if you're with Nooj) and enter the interior of Bevelle to the
temple. Here, the praetors seem troubled because of Baralai's absence. Well, we
want to go in the underground of the temple. For that, we need to mess around
with the lift (that you would normally use to access the higher level) so that
it can transport you to a lower level. How to proceed? In the temple, there is
a room at the end of the path to the right. Head there and step on the platform
with a glowing sign on it. By doing so, you see a scene in which a wall opens
in another room, that room being the one on the opposite side of the temple.
Head there and access the secret chamber in the opening of the wall. You have
two pillars with lifts at your disposal here. Examine the one closest to the
screen (to Yuna's right) and exit the room. The central pillar is now charged,
you can ride it to a lower level.

The girls find themselves in what should be a familiar area: the Cloister of
Trials. Remember that machina maze made of two loop-like tunnels back in FFX?
Well no worries, you don't have to solve a puzzle this time; you just need to
cross the area. There are treasure chests containing interesting items on the
level though, so search for them. As the girls noticed when they arrived here
however, fiends seem to have invaded the cloister. You won't meet them in
random encounters, they will just pop up at certain spots in the tunnels. Once
you obtained all items of the area and reached the other side of the cloister
(at the end of the second loop to the right), proceed to the next screen. Climb
the stairs in front of you and follow the path to the right at the top.

In the antechamber, you find Barkeep and his store. Open the chest that you can
see in your screen for a Chocobo Feather and use the save sphere to save your
progress. Buy some supplies from Barkeep if you need and when you're ready,
enter the Chamber of the Fayth.

The glowing part of the ground on which the Fayth used to be is no more.
Instead is an hole. The YRP jumps in, ready for action. You find yourself on
some balcony from which you have a nice view of the gigantic area. In the
middle is a platform with towers. Bevellians kept bashing on the Al Bhed during
Yevon's reign because of their machinery, what irony when you see the
underground of the city.

Upon entering the place, an alarm was enhanced. Guess what, we will have to
stop it. You didn't see that coming, did you? When you can control Yuna, slide
down the chain to the north in order to reach the middle platform. Arriving
here, you're attacked by two machinas. Once you dispatched them, let's start.
First, let me draw a map of the platform:

                                      /  \
                                      \  /
                                      |  |
                              _______/ 1  \_______
                             /     6  ____  2     \
                             \____   |    |   ____/
                              ____|  |    |  |____
                             /     5 |__->| 3     \
                             \_______      _______/
                                     \ 4  /
                                      |  |
                                      /  \

This is not a perfect representation of the platform but you can still
understand that there are six towers on it, numbered on the map (from one to
six). You need to use them in order to stop the alarm triggered earlier. Three
of these towers are red, the other three being blue. Each time you touch the
panel of a tower, the girls are ambushed by machina or Mech enemies, which can
be easily beaten with Gun Mages. Whenever you touch a panel and destroy the
enemy defending it, the tower is locked. Do that for all six towers. Note that
every time you lock a tower, a smaller plaform appears in the middle of the
main platform you're standing on.

After locking three red towers, you get to fight a certain enemy.

Boss: Georapella
HP: 4420
EXP: 800
Difficulty: Medium

I'm not sure if we can call this enemy a "boss", but let's just say that it's
not an enemy like the ones you've been meeting in random encounters so far.
Remember Geosgaeno in FFX? Georapella seems to be in the same family, just that
he's a weaker version of the original predator. His physical attacks are
somewhat decent, as they can take away a good portion of the target's HP. He
can also cast the Aga spells (Firaga, Thundaga, etc) for varying damages.
Georapella is pretty weak to Holy so if you managed to learn the Excalibur
ability with the Warrior Dressphere, make full use of it. While it does cost a
certain amount of MP, it's very effective against the boss. You may need a
White Mage or an Alchemist to support the party, and you can steal the enemy
for a Water Gem (two with the Masterthief ability).

When three blue towers are locked, another enemy must be fought.

Boss: Precepts Guard
HP: 3680
EXP: 700
Difficulty: Medium

In my opinion, Precepts Guard is harder than Georapella. Or actually, not
harder but more annoying. He will use spells such as Demi, which takes away 1/4
of your party's HP, and Bio, which inflicts Poison. Also, he can use Slow,
which slows down one target, and Death, which is instant-kill for the victim.
Prepare the curing spells (such as Esuna and Life) or items (Phoenix-Downs,
Antitodes, etc) because you WILL need them. Precepts Guard, a weaker version of
Spectral Keeper from FFX, is weak to Holy just like the previous boss so make
full use of Excalibur from your Warrior(s). Chain attacks are good to rely on
once your MP has been drained by the holy attack. An Alchemist with the
Mega-Potion ability from the Stash command is ideal, though you can support
your party's HP with other technics. If you like those Mana Tablets, Precepts
Guard has them for you to snatch with the Thief dressphere.

After the battle, the alarm is stopped and the security lock up is fixed.
Hurray! Now, see those mini-platforms in the hole surrounded by the towers?
Using the three first ones (the immobile ones), you can descend to access the
path that you want to follow in order to progress in the mission. You don't
want to do that yet though, as a certain item can be obtained by playing with
the five other ledges down there, these mini-platforms being mobiles, meaning
that you can position them so you can descend them and get to the level on
which we will find the optional item that we seek.

Follow my instructions to solve this "puzzle". On the map of the area, I put an
arrow at the tower number three. The point was to orientate you: the
mini-platform in the pit that you can jump on is located in front of this
tower. I numbered the other towers in a clockwise fashion starting from that

Knowing this, go touch the red panel of the fourth tower, then the blue panel
of the third tower. Doing so, you are attacked by a Georapella or a Precepts
Guard. After you defeated it, activate the blue panel of the tower number five,
then the red panel of tower number six. Back to the blue panel of the fifth
tower, activate it again. Proceed to touch the red panel of tower number two,
then the blue panel of tower number one. A Precepts Guard or Georapella goes
after you at that point. When the battle is over, activate the blue panel of
tower number five for a last time and there you go, you can descend the eight
ledges to access the level on which you will find the treasure chest containing
a Ribbon, which is a great accessory for you to equip.

Yay, we can continue on with the story. I still wouldn't advice that yet,
though. As you may have noticed, those Precepts Guard and Georapella are good
for EXP. It is true that they're somewhat tough, but that shouldn't scare you
from killing a couple of them in order to gain a few levels. Precepts Guard
gives 700 EXP, 1400 when Oversouled. Georapella is even more generous, giving
800 EXP normally and 1600 when Oversouled. Since you can fight an infinite
amount of them (touch a red panel then a blue panel to spawn one of them), I
suggest you stay here for a while and build up your characters a bit.

Something else to do while you're here would be exploring the area for
additionnal treasures. Behind the fifth tower is a chain leading to a balcony.
There is a treasure chest there, guarded by an YSLS-99. Dispose of the enemy
and open the box for a Pearl Necklace accessory. Another balcony can be
accessed the same way behind tower number one, where you will find a chest and
another enemy guarding it. You can dogde the thing if you wish while going for
the treasure chest but meh, you could crush it for an extra EXP. The item found
here is a Glass Buckle accessory.

When you're ready, descend the first three mini-platforms to access the level
you need to go to to go on with the mission (wow, that was a sexy sentence).
Hm... Creepy music. In the new screen, follow the path and jump on the platform
on the way to access a treasure chest. Keep going north and open a new treasure
chest at the intersection. Take a right turn and follow the path in the next
screen until you reach a pit. Step on the edge of the ground and a lift will
appear. Use it to reach the other side across the pit and enter the next screen
where you'll find yourself on a platform. Open the chest there for the
Downtrodder Garment Grid. Back in the previous passage, ride the lift across
the pit again and follow the way south. At the intersection, take the path to
the left, which leads to a new passage with a pit. Climb on both pillars that
you see (one after another) to create a bridge, which you can use to reach the
other side.

Enter the next screen where the Gullwings and the Leblanc Syndicate arrive to
some huge machine. That is the Gaol. Rikku notices that this area is just like
the one where you could see you-know-who (that Tidus-looking guy) in the
Awesome sphere. Oh well, when you can control Yuna, let's take on this machine.
Not like you can fight it, but you can use it to reach two useful items.

Here, Alexander Krivács Schrøder was kind enough to provide a well made
explanation on how to fulfill this quest:

Gaol formations and states
Formations are in brackets, numbered from [1] to [5]. These are cyclic, i.e.
they go from 1 to 5 and then back to 1. The arms's states are put on the
"pentagram" surrounding the formations. D denotes that the arm is down, C that
it is centered, and U that it is up. Arms are referred to by numbers as well,
albeit without the brackets, like so:

   3   4

2   [F]   5


This drawing is so that arm 1 is the arm that you can enter from the ground,
and arms 3 and 4 are the arms which allow you access to the ledges in the
background. Arm 1 can only be accessed when in state D, i.e. in formation [5].
The formations are as follows:


   C   C

C   [1]   C


   D   D

C   [2]   U


   U   C

C   [3]   C


   U   D

D   [4]   U


   C   U

D   [5]   U



The first time you enter the Gaol, Rikku will mess up whatever you set it to,
so you're likely to be having to fix it again. Anyway, my formula for getting
both items is this:

To get Bloodlust: Start at the ground. (After Rikku's mess-up.) Put the machine
in formation [5] and get on the Gaol on arm 1. Get off at arm 4, and run all
the way to the left of the ledge, to find the bloodlust in a chest.

To get Wring: After fetching bloodlust, tell Rikku to start the Gaol, and have
her stop it in formation [4]. Get on at arm 3, which is now U, and go off on
arm 4, which is now D. Go into the exit to get the Wring. When you come back,
the machine may not be in the formation you left it. At least it wasn't for me
(It was back in formation [1]) So, you'll need to have Rikku set it to
formations [2] or [4] to get on, and finally, jump off arm 1, to get back to
the ground.

Tada, you got both items.

By Alexander Krivács Schrøder

Thanks a lot for the contribution!

In the next screen, follow the corridor until you reach a wall, which opens by
itself when you walk toward it. You can see three lifts: one in front of you,
the other two on the sides. Take one of these two to be taken to a certain
level. Open the chest there for an Hi-Potion and get back in the previous
screen by jumping in the pit south of that treasure chest. The lift you used is
gone, so jump on the front one to be taken to an hidden platform where you can
step on a square, causing two pillars to appear somewhere toward a platform
with a chest on it. Get back on the previous level and take the side lift in
order to access the level on which you obtained the Hi-Potion. There, run
directly to the lift across the one you just used to get there to get back on
the previous level. Use the middle lift there to be taken on a new hidden level
where you can step on another glowing square, which summons the last two
pillars to access the platform with a chest on it. Get back on the previous
level and use the side lift again. On this level (again, the one where you
obtained the Hi-Potion earlier), step on the elevated platform closest to the
screen, then on the other one far from the screen. Doing so, a bridge to the
lift north is created, allowing you to access it.

You are taken to the area where four pillars were summoned so you could access
the platform with a treasure chest on it. Open it to obtain the Dark Knight
dressphere, which is one of the best dresspheres of the game. Youpi-doo! Use
the save sphere after to save your progress, adjust your characters with their
best dresspheres, and follow the path north to meet up with a certain
individual: Baralai, the praetor of New Yevon.

In the cutscene, Baralai politely informs you that Nooj cannot be trusted.
Also, he demands that the girls stay away from Vegnagun, what ever happens. As
you can see, he's guarding the colossus right now because it would be a tragedy
if someone tried to use it. Baralai would've destroyed it a long time ago if it
was possible, but it isn't. Vegnagun must remain untouched, and especially
unharmed, for the sake of Spira. His goal now is to eliminate those after the
weapon, whoever they are. On these words, the battle is inevitable. Paine goes
after the praetor, followed by Yuna and Rikku.

Boss: Baralai
HP: 3380
EXP: 1000
Difficulty: Tough

Paine wasn't lying when she affirmed that Baralai was strong: this is probably
the toughest opponent you've encoutered so far. First thing to do consists of
stealing the praetor for a Charm Bangle: thanks to the No-Encounter ability on
that accessory, you can peacefully walk in hostile areas without running into
random encounters while one of your characters is equiped with it. Now onto the
strategy, I will first talk about the enemy's attacks. Baralai is very fast as
he can easily strike you once every turn. Other than physical offences, he uses
Glint, which is physical as well, and the Drill Shot, also dealing pure
damages. The boss can cast Demi too, reducing the whole party's HP by 1/4. His
roughest move is the Looming Glacier, which completely depletes the target's MP
and inflicts Stop. To win, just use your greatest attacks. Level 3 black magics
are good, same thing can be said about the Warrior's swordskills. If you're
intending to defeat Baralai with chained attacks though, I suggest you try out
your brand new Dark Knight dressphere. In this case, you could throw a Chocobo
Wing item on the party in order to Haste your characters, allowing them to get
their turns faster. To heal, White Mages are alright but I prefer Alchemists
with the Stash ability for some reason.

When you can control Yuna, proceed to the next screen. There, follow the long
ramp until you reach the end of it. Looks like you finally reached the area
where you could see Tidus in the Awesome sphere. Problem is, there is no
Vegnagun. Don't be disappointed however, because while the colossus seems to
have vanished, a very special and familiar creature joins the scene: the king
of Dragons, Bahamut!

Unfortunately for you, he isn't here so Yuna can acquire him in a cute reunion
scene. If you wanted some action though, your will shall be fulfill as he goes
after the YRP.

Boss: Dark Bahamut
HP: 8400
EXP: 1300
Difficulty: Medium

Bahamut was obtained as an Aeon for Yuna in the Chamber of the Fayth two years
ago. This time, it seems like we're in front of a darker version of him. The
song playing is good but it doesn't suit the scene well in my opinion. I
would've wanted something more "Oh crap, this monster's going to annihilate my
characters in an instant!"-ish. Bleh, you're right, I'm not writing this
walkthrough to cry about the aspects of the game, otherwise I would've written
a review. HAR! Cheap shot at you reviewers out there! Woops, I just remembered
that I also write reviews. Oh well... Hum, what was I talking about before
being so roughly interrupted by my own self? Ah yes, the strategy for Dark
Bahamut. As you can see, he has a nice amount of HP. Also, his Defense stat is
relatively good, which means that this battle will take a little while to be
won. Bahamut's attacks aren't too dangerous though, luckily for us. He starts
the battle using Curse on one target. Afterward, he will focus on physical
attacks and Impulse. From what I understood, the latter does gravitationnal
damages though I don't know what is the % of HP drained by it. His strategy is
simple: using Impulse, he weakens your party's HP. Then, after a five rounds
countdown, the Dark Aeon unleashes Mega-Flare, which deals around 200 to 500
damage on the party (or higher if your Magic Defense stat is low). The strategy
I use is not very complicated, actually it's extremely simple: two Dark Knights
and an Alchemist. The Dark Knights chain their attacks on the boss while the
Alchemist supports them with her curing abilities. For better results, have the
Dark Knights under Haste status. Basically, the dangerous attack from Dark
Bahamut is Impulse, as it weakens your party so Mega-Flare can wipe you out
more easily. As long as you heal back each time the gravitionnal offence is
used by the enemy, you should be able to win this battle.

After the Gullwings defeated Bahamut, Yuna feels sad. Why did the Aeon attack
them? Why was he serving the dark side? Rikku, on her side, spots an enormous
hole where Vegnagun used to be. Was it done by the weapon so it could get away?
If that's the case, Spira's in danger. Brother contacts you while Yuna's
thinking about the now not so Eternal Calm. From the sound of his voice,
something terrible has happened. Your presence is requested aboard the airship.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3


On the bridge, you learn that there are fiends coming from the temples
attacking the people of Spira. This means Gullwings to the rescue! When their
world needed them, they answered the call. No, I wasn't making a reference to
that shitty commercial for some war game. Right now, Besaid and Kilika are
Hotspots in Buddy's list. The third location to be marked as an Hotspot is
either Bevelle or the Mushroom Rockroad, depending on the clan you joined in
the previous chapter (New Yevon or the Youth League). Do not start travelling
now however, as we have a few things to do on the Celsius.

Near Shinra's post is a sphere on the ground. Examine it to learn that it's his
newest invention: the CommSphere. He will be placing them in every (or nearly)
location of Spira so we can check them in the next chapter. To put it simple, a
CommSphere is like a camera. With it, you can watch what's happening in direct,
from the Celsius, at the places where a Commesphere was put on the planet. That
is for later on though. Use the elevator to be taken to the Engine Room, where
you can collect the items from the four treasure chests. Ride the elevator to
the Cabin after so you can rest there, like I told you to in the previous

Back on the bridge, pick Luca as your next destination.


Remember what I affirmed earlier? There is a Sphere Break tournament in Chapter
3, and here we are. After the scene in which Rin wishes good luck to the
participants, the game starts. You will be walking around in Luca, along with
other players. When you talk to them, if they're in the tournament, you can
choose to challenge them. You must beat three different players in order to get
in the final for the ultimate Sphere Break challenge. If you lose three times
during the tournament though, you're out. Basically, the goal consists of
playing with three easy participants. What I mean by "easy" is a player that
requires a quota of 20 to be beaten, this quota needing to be reached in 15
turns. Knowing this, always check out your opponents' stats before challenging
them. Make full use of Echos to advance in the tournament.

After getting three victories against three different players, you witness a
scene in the bazaar where Rikku lost to the champion, who is none other than
Shinra. Looks like we have no other choice than to fight one of our buddies. As
you probably figured already, Shinra is hard to beat. You have 15 rounds, 45
seconds each, to reach his quota of 50. He is still very beatable though. With
Echos of three coins, you can reach the quota in 10 turns. You just have to be
fast and, indeed, effective.

Just like in FFX for the Blitzball match, the scene after the tournament
depends on whether you won or lost.

If you lost: Shinra gets the prize, which is a dressphere (not stated which).
While he's a member of the Gullwings, he keeps the sphere for himself instead
of sharing. Insolence.

If you won: Shelinda congratulates Yuna with a trophee. Afterwards, Rin himself
hands over the prize of the tournament: the Lady Luck dressphere.

As you can see, it's in your best interest to win this tournament. If you
really can't at this point, you could always do it in Chapter 5. I wouldn't
recommend it however, because Shinra will be even harder at that point. The
Lady Luck dressphere is very good as well so obtaining it at this point would
be ideal.

Something else to do here other than Sphere Break is continueing the PR and
Marriage mission by taking on its third level in Chapter 3.

When you're ready, our next destination is Mi'ihen.

Mi'ihen Highroad

The citizens here thought that replacing the Chocobos with machinas was a good
idea: uh han, looks like they fucked up. OH, I just dropped the F bomb!
Alright, I'll make sure not to use it anymore. So, on to this fucking mission,
the machines suddenly went kaput and started to attack the people in Mi'ihen.
Nobody knows why, but something must be done, right? Accept to the take on the
mission when prompted to.

Machina Mayhem!

13 machinas (excluding the ones met in random encouters) can be found on both
the High and Oldroad, attacking the poor citizens. On the subject of random
encounters, you will meet enemies called "Watchers" from this point onward.
These enemies watch your attacks in order to report them to a certain boss
later on in the game. Destroy them with physical attacks whenever you see them
because the abilities they report to that boss will be locked in the fight,
something you want to avoid as the difficulty of that enemy is based on your
handicaps. Well, back on the mission, the Al Bhed are already working on
destroying them, and your goal is to help them out. Thing is, it would be wise
to beat them in the quest and dismantle even more machines than them. How to
locate these? They are represented by green dots on your map. Basically, just
destroy every machinas you meet while crossing the Highroad (from Luca to the
Mushroom Rockroad gates). At the gates, follow the path to the south in order
to access the Oldroad, where even more machinas can be found.

When all 13 machinas are down (make sure you were able to destroy at least 7 of
them, meaning you beat the Al Bhed), the mission is complete. Your reward is 10
000 gil and the superb Undying Storm Garment Grid.


After the mission, you automatically board the airship. I suggest you get back
in Mi'ihen and collect the items from the treasure chests you couldn't open
during the "Machina Mayhem!" mission. Also, do not forget about the PR/Marriage
missions if you're collecting points for your compaign.

Mushroom Rockroad

There isn't much to do here in Chapter 3. At the entrance to the Rockroad, you
meet up with Yaibal. The Youth League doesn't need your assistance against the
fiends coming out of the temple as the Al Bhed from Djose gave them machinas.
Rikku will ask about Gippal, since he is the "leader" of that crew from Djose.
Yaibal affirms that he spoke with him, and the man suggested that they should
defend Spira without the help of Yuna so the citizens of the world learn how to
defend themselves without relying on the High Summoner whenever something
happens. The guy makes sense. He's smart. And... He got an eye patch. I mean,
what's cooler than an eye patch?

Lucil joins the conversation and wants to talk with the YRP in private. As
Buddy told you earlier, both clan leaders of the Youth League and New Yevon
seem to have disappeared. The Commander asks about Nooj because her clan's
worried about the absence of their boss. Well, last time we saw him was in
Chateau Leblanc. He was supposedly leaving to go after Vegnagun, however we
didn't see him during our trip underneath Bevelle. Yes, something's going on,
but we don't know anything for now.

Let's continue our third world tour then.


I suggest you enter here from the Rockroad. This way, you can cross the
highroad of Djose by foot (do not use a lift) and attempt to catch a chocobo.
Like I told you, you must have caught one by the end of this third chapter. For
some reason, I always catch mine here on the Djose highroad. At the temple, the
girls meet up with The Gipp. He starts by messing with Rikku as he informs Yuna
that they were once a couple. Is he kidding? From Rikku's reaction, we could
say that he is. However, girls absolutely love to hide things, DON'T THEY? Heh,
my FAQs are always filled with cheap shots. Well, on a more serious note,
Gippal confirms what he said to Yaibal. Spira needs to rely on its own and not
always expect Yuna to arrive and save the day. Besides, he's that kind of guy
who likes to watch his back by himself. Meh, we won't complain if he can take
care of the temple without us!

Our next destination is the Moonflow's center (where Tobli can be found). I
suggest we head there via ourselves without the Celsius. As you might have
noticed since the beginning of the chapter, the fiends are tougher now. While
this may provide a bigger challenge, you generally get way more EXP in battles.
Having higher levels always help against bosses, and bah... It's fun to have
high leveled characters anyway!

On this note, here we go for the Moonflow!


At the lake, talk to Tobli. As you can see, he is finally having his show.
Thing is, it kind of sucks. Talk to him a second time and he will get an idea.
To attract more spectators, he would need a celebrity, and not any kind of
celebrity. The celebrity of all celebrities, the one that defeated Sin, the
High Summoner, the greatest sphere hunter of all time, Yuna! While Paine isn't
very pleased by the idea, the cousins seem up for making the publicity of
Tobli's next show. This is to be continued, as nothing else can be done at this

Before leaving for the Guadosalam however, I suggest you collect your points
for the PR/Marriage missions.


Collect your points for the PR and Marriage missions here as well and head to
the manor. The Gullwings and the Leblanc Syndicate are allies now, remember?
This partnership means that the guards happily welcome you in the chateau. Head
into the living room to meet Logos and Ormi. You learn that the members of the
Youth League are not the only ones worried about Nooj suddenly vanishing:
Leblanc's been deeply depressed ever since it was reported. Well, she's a
friend of the Gullwings now so let's try to cheer her up. Head upstairs and
enter her room. Talk to her to find out that nothing can be done other than
bringing her her Noojie-Woojie. Leblanc even lost all interest for sphere
hunting as she doesn't mind to be outperformed by the Gullwings. Nooj certainly
got secret talents so a woman can be that dependant to him.

Go back to what used to be the conference room when Lord Seymour owned the
manor (I've been calling it the living room but I thought I'd make one more
reference to FFX so you could think I'm really that cool) and talk to Logos and
Ormi again. Underneath Bevelle, they took the time to bring back a piece of
their adventure with spheres, which may interest the YRP. Logos invites you to
his room so we can have a peek at his findings. Enter the path behind them to
access the secret area of the chateau and head to Logos' room. When he joins
you, you get to see the recorded contents of a sphere he hasn't checked yet. It
starts with certain shots of Yuna and Paine. Logos swears that he wasn't the
one recording but he is screwed when Ormi is seen with the girls. The area in
which the sphere hunters find themselves seem to be the Gaol chamber. On the
other side, Yuna spots someone. Thanks to the zoom, the group can identify the
person: NOOJ!

Logos asks the girls to not tell Leblanc about what they just witnessed. While
the Gullwings are free to do what they want, he would appreciate if his boss,
and friend, could avoid getting involved with Vegnagun. Seeing Nooj, Leblanc
wouldn't hesitate to follow him after the colossus and Logos cares too much for
her to let her expose herself to such danger. As you gain control of Yuna,
examine that orange sphere on his desk. Logos didn't record this one, he found
it in Bevelle. Indeed, the girls are curious about its contents. Good thing
because its contents are intriguing. In it, we can see Tidus trapped in his
prison, just like in the Journey's Start sphere. The guys that seem to be
guarding him are talking about some war, and our hero just snaps and accuses
them for the war that seem to be terrifying the world.

Maechen arrives- not in the sphere but in Logos's room- and informs the party
that the young man is probably referring to the machina war of a thousand years
ago between Bevelle and Zanarkand. Like one of the fayths informed you in FFX,
Bevelle doomed Zanarkand to oblivion (yes, I'm using the same words he used,
man!) with their machinas a thousand years ago. This means that the individual
seen in the sphere cannot be Tidus as it was recorded 1000 years ago. That is
unless Tidus could be that old, but I think I speak for everyone when I affirm
that Rikku is a very cute chick- huh I mean, that Tidus just cannot be 1000
years old. You are free to leave after the scene, but don't. It is important,
for later, that you talk to Maechen again and accept to hear what he has to
say. From the rumors circuling around Spira, the old man learned that Yuna used
to be travelling with someone from another world, from a Zanarkand city that
wasn't made of ruins. In fact, Maechen remembers Tidus since he talked to him a
few times during Yuna's pilgrimage. He would like to talk to him again, but he
is informed about the fact that Tidus is no more. Since he was from Dream
Zanarkand, Tidus was a dream of the Fayth and vanished when Yu Yevon was
defeated two years ago. The fact that he looks just like that guy in the old
spheres cannot be a coincidence however. Just as he gets what seems to be an
incredible idea to solve the mystery, he... forgets at the same time. He
confirms what Yuna felt in the end of Chapter 2 though: everything is
connected. There just might be a way to reunite with the lost ones. On this
note, he leaves reminding the girls that his thoughts can be considered as
ramblings from an old man.

When the scene is over, leave Logos's room and head to Leblanc's. Open the
treasure chest there for a Tetra Band. Use the box to the left afterwards in
order to access the balcony, where another chest can be found (containing the
Crimson Sphere 4).

That is all, you can exit the chateau and proceed to the Thunder Plains from
the Guadosalam.

Thunder Plains

You can calibrate towers if you wish, then simply cross the plains. In the
southern area, a red X can be seen on your map (to the west). Just like in the
previous chapters, the X represents the location of Cid. Talk to him to hear
that he is sorry about the tourist attraction in Zanarkand. Continue on in the
plain when you can control Yuna. Fight enemies for EXP and open the treasure
chests on the way and keep going north in the nothern part. At the rest area
(under a huge tower where Yuna informed her party that she would accept
Seymour's proposal two years ago), the YRP meets up with Lian and Ayde, the
young Ronso you met in the Calm Lands! They are still searching for a way to
restore Kimahri's horn. Lian is interested by Yuna's opinion. Since she
explored Spira so many times, she might know a location where the two Ronso
could search for their quest. You have the choice to pick between Kilika, Djose
and the Moonflow. It doesn't really matter which one you suggest, the location
you choose will simply be the place where you will meet them later on in the

After they left, open the chest near the tower (to your left) and head north to
the next destination.

Macalania Wood

If you paid O'aka's dept before the end of Chapter 2 like I told you to, head
to the Rin Travel Agency at the lake of Macalania (use the shimmering path as a
shortcut) and you'll find out that the Al Bhed are being attacked by the fiends
coming from the temple. Though the structure sank, fiends managed to get out.
Indeed, the YRP is here to save the day.

Secure the agency!

Very simple mission here. You have to take on six battles and you can't heal
between each. That's no problem really, you should be able to easily dispatch
the fiends attacking you. This is like winning six random encounters without
having the time to adjust your party between each battles, nothing else.

After you won all six battles, the mission is complete. Your reward is the
Pride of the Sword Garment Grid.


The girls enter the agency to check on the Al Bhed. Damn, we're too late. The
last one alive confirms that the fiends came from the lake, where the temple
sank. He gives the Berserker dressphere before dying. O'aka comes in at the
same moment to find out about the tragedy. In honor of these Al Bhed, he will
stay and run his shop here in Macalania.

Use the save sphere to board the airship.


Go to Shinra and check out that Crimson Sphere 4 you found in Leblanc's room
earlier. You can see Kinoc in it, doing the briefing for some operation. The
crew in front of him contains three familiar individuals: Baralai, Nooj and
Gippal. The sphere switches to members of the group going crazy and shooting
everywhere blindly, and our three friends seem to be watching each others'
backs. This is very intriguing... Just like every other Crimson Spheres. I
guess we will learn more about them later.

Pick Bikanel from Buddy's list, our next destination.

Bikanel Desert

In a scene, Nadhala explains her current trouble. While the Al Bhed are in good
terms with a certain Nation of Cactuars, they can't go to the meeting summoned
by the leader now. Yuna would be of a great help if she accepted to represent
them at that meeting. Well, since she's half Al Bhed, why not? You are
introduced to Benzo, a young man capable of speaking the Cactuars' language. He
will come with you as a translator.

Go to the pilot and ask him to take you to the Nation. Upon arriving there, you
find out that the Cactuar Nation is actually the Cactuar village where we could
obtain the Mercury Sigil in FFX! The party meets Marnela, a Cacti. She informs
you (Benzo is translating so you can understand) about her race and asks if
you're believing her. Well, yeah. It seems that the creators of the game were
on one heck of a trip when they made this part of the game, but meh. This
sounds fun and Marnela is very kind. Select the second option ("That makes
perfect sense!") and speak to her again in order to trigger a mission.

The cactuar connection

Marnela explains the situation. She senses that a certain fiend her ancestors
defeated a long time ago will be returning soon seeking revenge on the Nation.
To protect themselves, the Cacti would need to summon the Great Haboob. For
that, however, the Ten Gatekeepers are needed. To learn about the locations of
these gatekeepers, you must speak to their mothers here in the Cactuar Nation.
If you check your map, you can see three green dots: one that represents
Marnela, a second one corresponding to a Cacti near the cave to the north and
the last one being the mother of the first gatekeeper. The fact that you can
locate her on the map means that she is awake while the other Cacti are asleep.
If you talk to that mother, you get an hint about the location of her kid, the
first Gatekeeper. When you find that cactuar, bring it back to her and she will
be satisfied. As a result, she can sleep in peace and another Cacti mother
wakes up in the village so you can talk to her in order to get an hint on the
next gatekeeper.

At this point, six gatekeepers can be found. I'm not covering this quest right
now though, and I'm not advicing you to complete it now anyway. We'll do it in
Chapter 5, when it can be done in one sitting. Leave the village and return to
the camp. If you want to dig, go ahead, but remember what I told you earlier:
do not dig too much or else you will screw yourself in a mission later on in
the game.

This is it for Chapter 3!

Calm Lands

From Buddy's list on the Celsius, you can see that there are two missions in
the Calm Lands: one about problems happening at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth,
the other about Clasko's ranch. While there is no order to follow in
particular, let's pick the ranch first. There, go to Clasko to the right of the
save sphere (if he isn't there, call him with the Chocobo figurine) for a talk
about his projects. As you know, you must catch a chocobo before the end of
this chapter (I reminded you during our trip on the Djose highroad). What, you
forgot how to capture a chocobo? Alright alright... In certain locations of
Spira (such as Djose and the Macanalia Wood for examples), you can meet
chocobos in random encounters. Avoid attacking them at any cost and feed them
with a Gysahl Green once you took care of the fiends. Unless they manage to
escape, they will be caught and put in one of Clasko's stables. The main reason
why we must visit this ranch during this chapter is so that Shinra can place
one of his CommSpheres here. Simply check out the stables in the back so you
can witness our friend setting his sphere.

That's that for our chocobo breeder. Now, onto the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
Remember that place? We didn't get to visit it yet but now is the time as it
seems that troubling events are happening over there. Leave the ranch and
travel through the plains to the north. In the next screen over there, do not
cross the second bridge to Gagazet and take the path underneath instead. Before
going to the people here, follow the trail southeast on the map in order to
find a treasure chest with a few Mega Pheonix items inside. Back in the
previous area, head to the tourists for a scene. Since the citizens of Spira
decided to turn everything into a tourist attraction, they found themselves in
big doo-doo when the fiends got out of the secret temple here. Though Yuna
isn't very pleased by the idea of rescueing these people, accept to take on
this mission.

Tourist Trap

15 tourists are trapped in this cave, waiting for you to save them. Thing is,
you can't just go to them and bring them back like that, as they all have
preferences on how they want to be saved. Yes, that makes them a bunch of cry
babies but oh well, this is the charm of this mission =). Their preferences
vary from a tourist to another. Sometimes they don't want to be in big groups
unless they're in the front lines, or, on contrary, they only want to be
rescued if they are to travel with a lot of people. You could always save them
one after another, bringing them back alone one at a time. Or... you could just
follow this walkthrough for a solution on how to get them all back at once.

First tourist: In the cavern, you start in some rounded area. This will be the
starting point. From here, follow the path to the north until you reach a
second large area (with a green lighted ground). You can see a tourist lying
down here, unconscious (or asleep. Bah...) wearing some brown attires. Take him
with you.

Second tourist: Continue north of the current area until you reach a small
alcove directly in front of the path you're coming from. A depressed woman in
blue can be found in it, take her with you.

Third tourist: This one's a little bit tricky, follow the path curving to your
left and as you reach the next interesection, take a left turn. At the end of
the passage, mash the X button until you get to talk to someone who's hiding.
Invite him.

Fourth tourist: Back near the starting point, take an east turn while on a path
connecting two large chambers and you'll get to some woman. Add her to the

Fifth tourist: At the first right turn you can take from the starting point,
you will meet a very, very, very brave tourist that is running around in
circles like an idiot. Accept to rescue him.

Sixth tourist: Remember the area where you took the very first tourist? Head
back there to find a guy wearing white pants, exchausted. Take him with you.

Seventh and eight tourists: Continue north and just keep going forward directly
to the north until you reach a dead end. You find a treasure chest there (with
a Blue Ring inside) along with two tourists. They are a couple so take them
both with you.

Ninth and tenth tourists: In the nothernmost area of the cavern (just before
the Chamber of the Fayth which cannot be accessed right now), you will see two
kids messing around. Add them to the group.

11th, 12th and 13th tourists: Back at the starting point, follow the path north
to the second intersection and take a right turn to reach a woman and two
children. Take them with you once you opened the chest for a White Ring

Bring back this group of tourists to the entrance so they can finally leave and
you will rewarded by a few of them with a Besaid Key and a couple of energy
cores. Outside of the cavern, talk to that man in a green shirt to receive one
more energy core. Get back in and use the teleport pad (they are now
functionnal thanks to these energy cores) on the ground of the first area to be
taken to another pad in the cave just before the Chamber of the Fayth. Step on
it and have the arrow point to the east with the D-pad from your controller.
Press the X button to be teleported in an hidden chamber. Open the treasure
chest for a Lightning Gleam and rescue the tourist here, who only accepts to be
saved if he's alone. Bring him back to the entrance and he hands over the last
energy core. Youpi-doo! Return to the teleport pad in the area before the
Chamber of the Fayth and use it to be taken west this time, allowing you to
access another hidden room. Open the chest here for a Wall Ring and rescue the
last tourist. Bring him back to the exit and voilà!

The mission isn't over though. We saved these tourists alright, but what about
the Gullwings? We deserve a little bit of entertaintment don't we? Back in the
cavern, enter the Chamber of the Fayth (using the teleport pad) in order to
meet up with the same Aeon we could meet here in FFX: Yojimbo. Just like
Bahamut however, he seems to be possessed.

Boss: Dark Yojimbo
HP: 22 000
EXP: 2000
Difficulty: Rough

Yojimbo can be a challenge if you aren't ready. He will use the same attacks he
used in FFX; Daigoro, which is when his dog charges on one target for moderated
damage; Kozuka, which damages one target's MP and inflicts Poison; Wakizashi,
which can harm one target like it can harm all and last but not least; Zanmato,
which reduces the whole party's HP/MP to 1. I don't know if Yojimbo has an
attack pattern, but he seems to start using Zanmato late in the battle. The
strategy I like for him consists of using a party made of an Alchemist and two
Dark Knights. You guessed it, the Alchemist has the role of supporting the
party. With Mega-Potion learned from the Stash ability, healing becomes very
simple. The fact that Kozuka inflicts Poison isn't troublesome since your Dark
Knights are immune to it (considering you had them learn PoisonProof). In case
you didn't, then the Alchemist can mix Remedy items to cast Panacea, which is
like an Antidote thrown on the party. About the offensive side, chained attacks
from the Dark Knights is good if the girls wearing this dressphere have decent
Strength stats. Darkness can be good too as it does relatively good damages but
watch out on this one because it also drains the HP of its caster. What you
ever do, keep healing and attacking every turns. Yojimbo is the highest HP user
you've met so far so be patient. As long as you can counter Zanmato with your
Alchemist's healing abilities, you shouldn't die. Don't hesitate on using
Pheonix-Down when a character is KO'd, and steal a Powerwrist accessory (20 to
Strength) from the boss if you'd like.

When you're victorious, you're back outside the cavern. The tourists thank you
for your help and swear to leave this place alone from now on. Mission
complete! You get your reward: the Tetra Master Garment Grid!


SonOfJecht sent this:

You can go back to where you fought Yojimbo for a treasure chest. Open it for
the Star Bracer accessory.

Thanks a lot for the contribution!

Now, to Bevelle.


If you gave the Awesome sphere to New Yevon in the second chapter, the New
Yevonites will be arguing about Baralai at the entrance to the temple. Just
like the Youth League with Nooj, they are panicking about Baralai's
disappearance. The YRP automatically boards the Celsius after, but return to
Bevelle and go to the room where Vegnagun is supposed to be located (where you
fought Dark Bahamut). Yes, you must go all the way down the underground of the
city just like you did in Chapter 2. Don't worry, doing so leads to something
worthy. You meet up with the Kinderguardians there, who were able to sneak in
here while the New Yevonites were fighting. Answer what ever you want when
Pacce asks if it would be idea to tell the Youth League about this place and
the group will hand over the Blood of the Beast Garment Grid. How kind.

If you sided with the Youth League, there isn't much you can do here for now.
Visit the Highbridge still so Shinra can come and set his CommSphere at the

Mount Gagazet

Go talk to Kimahri in order to learn about the situation here: Garik left for
the mountains where he's intending on informing them about his plan, which
consists of invading the wood of Macalania to annihilate the Guado. Our Elder
is against him however and won't hesitate to stop the Ronso Youth by himself to
prevent them from seeking revenge on those Guado. If you answered Kimahri's
questions correctly in the previous chapters, you receive the Trainer
dressphere from him.

Yuna wonders about Garik afterwards. Maybe we could change Garik's mind. Accept
to take on this mission.

Battle blockade

Another simple mission, you just have to meet Garik at the summit of the mount.
You cannot use the teleport pad though since he deactivated them to make sure
that nobody would bother him while he's chatting with the mountains. Oh no,
looks like the Gullwings will have to climb the mount by themselves. While
doing so, speak to the Ronso that are also walking to the summit in order to
add more credibility to the drama.

At the top, walk right passed the wall you climbed in Chapter 2 (for a Leblanc
Syndicate uniform) and enter the cavern. Head to the save sphere on the other
side and proceed outside (where Yuna and her guardians fought the Sanctuary
Keeper two years ago) to find Garik. The hatred he has for the Guado is
understandable when you think about how their leader assassinated all Ronso
that fought him to protect Yuna. Meanwhile, the Guado simply followed him like
blinded zombies and slaughtered many innocents as well. Thing is, Seymour was
slain once and for all by Yuna and his people was forced to escape in the wood
when the Yevon church fell. When you talk to them in Macalania, they all regret
what they did, especially Tromell. Letting the Ronso Youth punish them by
killing them will only lead to more violence and nothing else. For that, and
for Kimahri, Yuna gets in the giant's way. Garik accepts to quit his project
but only if he is defeated. As Rikku says it in the scene: we all knew it would
come down to this.

Bosses: Garik
        Ronso Youth(1 or 2)
HPs: 6880
EXP: 380
Difficulty: Medium

The difficulty of this battle depends on your compability level with the Ronso.
Remember in Chapter 1 and 2, you had the chance to select Yuna's lines when you
talked with them at the gates. If you have an hostile relation with them, Garik
will be tougher and he will be teaming with two other comrades. Following this
walkthrough however, you could make sure to have a positive relation with them
by selecting the right answers to their concerns. In this case, Garik isn't as
strong and he is only teaming with one Ronso Youth, making this battle easier.
Instead of using Mighty Guard, he will cast Protect and Shell one at a time. To
counter this, simply cast Dispel with a White Mage or use a Dispel Tonic item
on him. Take care of the Ronso Youth first (a few turns should be enough) and
focus on the main boss after. I don't recommend an offence in particular, Dark
Knights and Warriors do the trick with chained attacks. Garik's spear isn't too
dangerous since it only harms one target. Just keep an eye on your HP, don't
let the giant intimidate you and the victory is yours.

Be happy after the battle because Garik drops the Shining Bracer accessory
(which has the Auto-Protect ability). The Ronso thanks Yuna for stopping him
since he was going against the mount's will by seeking revenge on the Guado.

Mission complete! Your reward is the Wishbringer Garment Grid.



Hm, looks like this place has been emptied. I wonder why =). Go to the dome and
speak to Isaaru. He is forced to close the attraction since the tourists
stopped coming, mainly because of the increasing number of monkeys in the
ruins. Thanks to the mini-game in the previous chapter, we managed to keep
Zanarkand a sacred place. Hurray! You can leave, that is all there is to do
here for Chapter 3.

By the way, you might have to face Flailing Ochu enemies in random encounters
here. Make sure to have ConfuseProof equipments when you fight them since they
can inflict that status ailment, and you know how evil it is.

Besaid Island

Head into the village and meet Lulu in her tent. Fiends came out of the temple
in Besaid too but Wakka (and the others) took care of them. There might still
be a few of them out there though so the villagers need to be cautious. Leave
the tent for a conversation with Shinra. He explains, in a scene, what his
CommSpheres are about. Too bad we're already informed since like forever =).
Yuna tries out the invention and Brother makes a fool out of himself. Bah, you
should be used to it now. Then, Rikku comes running to inform Yuna about Wakka
and Beclem. They're arguing about something. Beclem wants to torch down the
temple while the guardian of Besaid is entirely against the idea. Our Wakka
runs in the temple, followed by the mean Beclem.

When you can control Yuna, enter the temple as well and speak to the coach of
the Aurochs. Wakka is already in the cloister and Beclem is planning to burn
the temple soon so... we have to hurry!

Mission time!

Protect Besaid Temple!

In the cloister, descend the stairs to the very last level and follow the
corridor until you reach an intersection. Enter the room to your right for a
treasure chest with two Mana Spring items inside and get back out to follow the
path to the elevator. You meet Wakka, who seems exhausted. Looks like he's
getting rusty! That, or he's faking because he's too lazy to go check the
Chamber of the Fayth by himself. He was my best character in FFX so the second
option seems credible. Hrm, these comments are really useless aren't they? Well
guess what... I don't care! The girls go down the elevator automatically in the

When you can control Yuna, proceed to the antechamber to meet up with... you
guessed it.

Boss: Dark Valefor
HP: 8430
EXP: 1500
Difficulty: Medium

Another possessed Aeon! This battle can be kind of rough, but nothing too hard.
Dark Valefor will mostly use swipe attacks with her wings. Also, she will use
the Sonic Wings, which damages one target's MP. Of course, what would be this
battle if the Aeon didn't use her overdrive, the Energy Ray, which deals around
200 to 300 damage on all targets. The word "overdrive" may take an S in the
previous sentence, as I heard the boss can also use Energy Blast. Well, start
off by stealing six Healing Spring items from Valefor using the Masterthief
ability (or four of these items if you're attempting to steal normally, though
I ignore why you would do this). For your offence, I like chained attacks from
Dark Knights as always. Berserkers and Warriors can do the trick as well if,
for some reason, you don't like these Dark Knights. You might need an Alchemist
or a White Mage to support your party, too.

When you're victorious, the YRP and Wakka head back out of the cloister. Beclem
shows, for the first time, a little bit of humanity as he reminds Wakka that he
will be a father soon and that his future family needs him. When he leaves,
Rikku is reminded about her own saying, which I'll quote: memories are nice,
but that's all they are. Bah, I just wanted to plug it somewhere in my FAQ.
Mission complete!


You automatically board the airship after the scene, but come back to Besaid as
we aren't done on the island. In Chapter 1, you could buy some key for 900 000
gil from the owner of the shop in the village. I didn't tell you about it
however because the same key could be obtained for free. Remember when you
completed the "Tourist trap" mission earlier? Some tourist showed his gratitude
by handing over a Besaid Key. With this key, head inside the temple and enter
the room to the right of the cloister's staircase. Open the treasure chest
there (with the Besaid Key) to obtain the Search Sphere. Using this sphere, you
can detect buried CommSpheres by searching at the right spots with the Circle
button. These CommSpheres serve the purpose of locating new cipher numbers,
which we'll use to enter a second password in the cave we visited during
Chapter 1. Alright, you didn't understand a word of what I just said? Just read
on, you'll see =).

First cipher number: In the village, check the ground between the two tents on
the left using the Circle button. When the Search Sphere reacts to something,
press the X button so Yuna can dig a mini CommSphere. With it, zoom on top of
the temple to locate a sphere with a number on it. This is the first cipher
number of the password. Write it down.

Second cipher number: Outside of the village where the Aurochs are training
with Beclem. Near Letty, use the Search Sphere to locate the CommSphere, just
like we did in the village. Press the X button at the right spot and dig the
camera. With it, check out the ridge toward the next screen in the opposite
direction of the village and use the zoom until you can spot a second sphere
with the second cipher number on it.

Third cipher number: Right from the start of the path in the waterfall area,
hug the right of the trail and use the O button to locate a third CommSphere.
Mash the X button where the sphere's reacting to find our camera. Use it to
zoom in on the waterfalls and search for the third cipher number.

Fourth cipher number: In the area where we can enter the secret cave, take the
path to the right. There, search the last CommSphere on the left (near the
edge) and dig it. With it, zoom in on the palm tree on the other side of the
lake (pretty high in the sky) to spot the last cipher number.

With all four second cipher numbers, enter the cave. Then, check out the path
to your right. It's blocked for now, but in an instant, it will be opened!
When? Once you inserted the second password on the wall to the left, this
password being made of the cipher numbers we just collected with the
CommSpheres. With the hidden path revealed, proceed to its exit (opening the
chest on the way for three Ethers). Outside, you find yourself on top of the
waterfalls. Run to the far left of the edge until you reach another treasure
chest. Open it for the Raging Giant Garment Grid.

There we go! Mission accomplished! Well... it wasn't really a mission but meh,
we got a Garment Grid, which is, like, ultra-cool.

After collecting your points for the PR/Marriage missions, we're done here for
this chapter.

Kilika Port

Start off by opening the two treasure chests that you can reach using the
canoes near the save sphere. After, follow the dock and take the second
staircase to your left, which allows you to access the bridge leading to the
other dock on the other side of the water. Run toward the screen once you
crossed that bridge and meet that woman wearing blue that told you about the
Squatter Monkeys in Chapter 1. You can finally claim your reward: the Chaos
Maelstrom Garment Grid. Get back on the dock to the left after opening the
various treasure chests on the way and proceed to the next screen. There, climb
the stairs to your right (do not go in Dona's tent yet) and cross the bridge
leading to the dock on the other side of this second screen. Go to the camera
guy we talked to in Chapter 1 and accept to take a new look at the Youth
League's base. Looks like its construction is going fine. Well, open the
treasure chests around for goodies, collect your points for the PR/Marriage
missions and afterward, pay a visit to Dona in her tent.

As you might have learned by talking to the people on the port, the Youth
League members in Kilika aren't believing the New Yevonites about those fiends
coming out of the temple. They think it's an ambush, a plan to gain territory
on their clan. Thing is, Youth League members aren't helping as they're
blocking the path to the wood. Dona isn't informed about anything else. She
says she doesn't care anyway, though she will STILL help out the Gullwings pass
that gate. Dona doesn't admit it but I think it's safe to affirm that she's
dying to make sure that Barthello, who's with New Yevon, isn't in danger =).
When you can control Yuna, climb the stairs to access the balcony of the hut up
there for a chest containing gil. Get back inside and follow Dona out for a

The point is to sneak in the gates without being seen by the guard who's being
distracted by Dona. Yes, I can already hear your question from here: how can
you be caught if he's being distracted? Because the man is insecure enough to
check out the gates EVEN while he's talking with Dona. The strategy isn't
complicated still, the key is the R1 button, which allows you to switch screen.
Regulary, someone tries to pass the gates. Usually, villagers are refused while
those wearing combat attires are accepted. When the gates are being opened to
let someone in, use the R1 button to check out the guard speaking with Dona and
if he isn't looking, quickly press the X button to sneak in. Successfully
entering without being seen allows you to open a treasure chest with a Bushido
Lore accessory inside. If you are caught, you still get to enter the wood but
you cannot open the treasure chest. Don't sweat it, you can practice as much as
you want before taking on the real mini-game.

Kilika Wood

Use the save sphere and proceed north in the wood for a scene in which the
Youth League members are cursing at a fence blocking the path, set up by New
Yevon. Backtrack to the intersection and follow the leftmost passage from the
intersection until you reach another point where another fence is preventing
the Youth League members of going any further. Backtrack again in the passage
and break through via the hidden trail in the forest. Doh, this one's also
leading to a barricade. Viewing these scenes triggered the solution however, as
the girls remember Dona's advice (which consists of using the treetop). With
it, the YRP can use a short cut to cross the wood. On the other side, you find
yourself at the stairs leading to the temple. Up there, New Yevonites are
fighting the fiends coming from the temple. Mission time!

Pest control

Enter the temple to see a few machinas set for action. Heh, New Yevon's
arsenal. Reminds me of when it was Yuna and her guardians that were enemies of
Yevon. Use that save sphere to your right and head in the cloister of trials.
Down the elevator, charge into the next screen to meet up with Barthello who
gets thrown on the ground by a Laeva. Rescue him by killing off the enemy and
witness a scene in which the fact that the fiends are coming from the Chamber
of the Fayth is confirmed. Something must be done there, or... in other words,
someone must be defeated there. We all know who we're about to meet eventually
in the temple, right? =).

When you can control Yuna, try to enter the door north. You are confronted by a
Laeva. Take care of it and continue on. In the next room, the three recesses
are in fire. Touch them in the next order: right, then left and finally the one
in the middle. You must fight a Laeva each times. When the door is opened, go
in and battle two more of these Laeva fiends to get rid of the fire in the pit.
Down the stairs afterwards, grab the Samurai dressphere on the ground and climb
up the stairs to access the antechamber.

Salut Ifrit.

Boss: Dark Ifrit
HP: 8820
EXP: 1800
Difficulty: Tough

Harder than Valefor, Dark Ifrit's a pretty tough customer. He's still very
beatable though, no worries. He's very fast, allowing him to attack you about
once every round. He will use his claw to physically harm one target for about
300 damage and his Meteor Strike can take away up to 500 points. Ifrit will
also cast Firaga on your party to deal damages based on your characters' Magic
Defenses. His strongest attack is, you guessed it, Hell Fire. The overdrive can
deal pretty decent damages on all targets. However, this battle is a walk in a
park with equipments protecting you against the fire element. Don't use them if
you're up for a little challenge :). Since Ifrit is the fire Aeon, he is weak
to ice elemental attacks so Blizzaga from the Black Mage dressphere can deal
very effective damages, especially if the girl wearing the dressphere has a
good Magic stat. You could also use Ice Brand ability from the Warrior's sword
skills. Just avoid any fire elemental offences or else you will heal the boss.
An Alchemist and a White Mage to support the party is good, as always. Try out
your new Samurai dressphere if you'd like, too.

After the battle, the girls notice a hole where the Fayth used to be just like
in every other temples you've been to during the chapter.

Mission complete!



Back on the airship, the Gullwings do a brainstorming about what they witnessed
in the chapter so far. The fiends always come from the Chamber of the Fayths
and once the Aeons of the temples are defeated, the situation is back to
normal. Also, the YRP spotted a magical hole in every chambers they visited.

You don't have much time to think though as the Celsius receives a call from
Gippal: looks like Djose's in trouble. Before heading there however, let's take
care of some other business.


As Djose becomes an Hotspot, we can visit Bevelle's underground again for a
couple of pourcentage points. While going deeper and deeper underneath the
city, the girls spot Gippal a few times. In Vegnagun's chamber, you understand
he had a meeting with...

Baralai and Nooj! The three men seem to know each other well, at such a point
that it wouldn't be exagerating to affirm that they're friends. In the scene,
you learn something interesting about Vegnagun: it has emotions. Not only that,
the colossus can SENSE others' emotions as well. Should someone try to approach
it with bad intentions, it can go berserk and use its strength to defend
itself. As you know, Nooj was intending on going after it in the end of Chapter
2. Baralai suspects him to be the reason why Vegnagun left and Nooj confirms
the New Yevon leader' thought: he wanted to both control and destroy the
weapon. On this, Baralai points a gun toward the Youth League leader and says
he doesn't trust him anymore. Two years ago, Nooj would've shot Baralai and
Gippal in the back. The Gipp tries to calm the situation and at this moment,
Nooj changes. His body starts shining and his voice is doubled with another
that should sound familiar. He admits he shot his two friends AND Paine. What
the hell? You don't have much to realize the gravity of the information as the
Youth Leader weakens and pyreflies get out of his body to go into Baralai's.
Now, it's Baralai who seems possessed and his voice changes as well. Just as he
tries to shoot down the weakened Nooj, Paine gets out of the YRP's hideout to
prevent the fatality from happening. When he sees her, the Youth League leader
orders her to escape but the girls can't as a Malboro comes out of nowhere
looking for a fight.

Easy battle, not much of a strategy other than watching out for the fiend's Bad
Breath attack. When you're victorious, the three men left. Baralai, or should I
say the possessed Baralai, escaped while Nooj and Gippal went after him. Rikku
asks about what she witnessed during the scene. Paine admits she used to be
with all three men and one day, Nooj backstabbed them.

When you can control Yuna, grab that Crimson Sphere 1 on the ground and board
the Celsius to watch it. It contains what seems to be the first time Nooj,
Baralai and Gippal met.


Since Gippal is after Baralai with Nooj, the Al Bhed of the Machina Faction
here are left without their leader. Guess who's going to save the day again?

No way, Djose!

Penetrate into the Cloister of Trials for a scene; the Al Bhed aren't doing
much against the fiends. In the third chamber, enter the door to the north and
jump over the pit to reach a chest with a Stamina Spring inside. Jump back in
the previous room and press the X button while standing on the platform on the
ground. Once the elevator took you to the upper level, check out the stairs
leading to the antechamber. A barrier of lightning is blocking the path, let's
get rid of it. Head in the room to the north and push the pedestals. One of
them, when pushed, disable the lightning wall. Since that pedestal is random,
just push them all until you get the right one. Whenever you're wrong, a fiend
attacks you.

When the lightning barrage is gone, climb the stairs to reach the antechamber
where Ixion is rocking two Al Bhed. He attacks the girls afterwards.

Boss: Dark Ixion
HP: 12 380
EXP: 2600
Difficulty: Tough

Another rough but very beatable boss here. Dark Ixion casts Thundara on your
characters for damages based on their lightning resists. He will also use
Aerospark, which deals gravitionnal damages on one target. I don't know how
much it affects the victim's HP however. On my 5000 HP Paine, it took away
about 3400 points. Of course, Ixion will unleash use his overdrive as well,
Thor's Hammer, for high lightning damages. Start off by stealing the Spring
Shoes accessory from the boss. Then, focus on using Water elemental offences.
Liquid Steel from the Warrior dressphere for example, or Waterga from the Black
Mage dressphere. These kind of attacks are really good to damage Ixion. Sans
elements, you could always use chained attacks from the Dark Knights. Just like
I suggest in every boss battles, use the Alchemist dressphere to support your

Mission complete! You get the Unwavering Guard Garment Grid as a reward.


The girls enter the Chamber of the Fayth and notice a magical hole here too.
Though Yuna isn't up to check it out, she is forced to as Ixion unleashes one
last attack to propulse her in the hole.

Our main character falls into a blank space and lands in a beautiful world. CG
sequence time! Yuna wakes up in her Songtress dressphere. Out of the fog behind
her emerges... Tidus!!! Finally, there he is!!! Thing is, he calls himself
Shuyin. Also, he approaches Yuna by calling her "Lenne". He sure seems weird...
He says he's sick of humanity, of the world. From his opinion, Vegnagun is the
key. With it, he will put an end to the suffering of Spira. These ambitions
remind me those of another individual who also wanted to "heal" the planet by
destroying it... As the man hugs Yuna, Nooj and Gippal join the scene. At that
point, Tidus, er, Shuyin, turns into Baralai. Well shit. He leaves in the
magical pit. Nooj and the Gipp give their spheres to Yuna, which are for Paine,
and they follow Baralai in that magical pit.

Now, read carefully as it is very important for later. Yuna will express her
anger about the last events. As she says "I'm all alone", quickly press the X
button to hear a whistling. A ghost will appear, keep mashing the X button to
hear three more whistling. In total, you must have heard the whistling four

Yuna wakes up in Vegnagun's room after.

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4


The Gullwings were really worried about Yuna. Once she explained everything she
saw down there, you gain control of her. Head to the elevator to be halted by
Rikku, who wants to know about Shuyin, if he was like Tidus other than for his
physical appearance. In the engine room, collect the contain of the four
treasure chests. Ride the elevator to the cabin after, where you should rest
using Barkeep's command. Head to the deck finally and go to Paine for a scene.

She finally reveals a little bit more about herself. From the Crimson Spheres
you checked out so far, you could understand that Gippal, Nooj and Baralai were
in some crew, doing missions. You learn that they were actually training to be
part of an elite force called the Crimson Squad, which would reunite the best
warriors in the world to protect the people of Spira. An accident happened
however and the concept met its end, causing the seperation of the four
friends. They all went in different actions: Baralai as New Yevon's praetor,
Nooj as the Youth League leader, Gippal as the head of the Al Bhed machina
faction and Paine as a sphere hunter in the Gullwings. Rikku joins the two
girls for a funny scene and you eventually gain control Yuna.

Back at the bridge, you witness one last scene in which Paine reveals one more
thing about her: she speaks Al Bhed. Before taking on the CommSpheres, check
out Crimson Sphere 2 and 3. To summarize them a bit, the first is about Nooj's
determination. The other one contains a discussion of the four friends on a
boat (looks like the SS Winno or SS Likki) about the machina that the Al Bhed
tried to use to beat down Sin during Operation Mi'ihen (that big canon that Sin
took care of in an instant, remember it?).

Alright, on the CommSpheres now. Select it from Shinra's options and pick
Besaid. You have a view of the village from the CommSphere set by Shinra. Wakka
comes out of his tent (to your right) to give you an update on the situation in
Besaid. When he's done talking, the volume of the background music dominates
over the general sound. That means the scene is over so you can press the
Square button. The next location to check is Kilika. You see that the sphere is
being carried on the port and brought in Dona's tent. There, the ex-summoner
tells you about the fact that she was proposed to become the new leader of the
Youth League. Press the Square button when she said her piece and select
Mushroom Rockroad. If you sided with New Yevon in Chapter 2, you find out that
the CommSphere installed by Shinra in the Rockroad was thrown into the ocean.
Otherwise (if you sided with the Youth League), you get to see Yaibal in the
camp. He informs you about what's happening between the two clans currently.
Pick Bevelle finally for a scene with Maroda. Since he's in the Youth League,
he is an enemy of the place, yet he still likes to hang around the gates and
mock the guards. He leaves when they spot him.

On the bridge, go talk to Buddy to decide what the Gullwings do next. In the
magical hole of Djose, Nooj told Yuna to "take care of things topside". A
confrontation between the Youth League and New Yevon may happen in the future,
so something must be done. Our heroe isn't feeling like fighting however, so
she gets an idea: a concert. Tobli could be of a great help for this project!
Before going to the Moonflow however, let's keep messing around with these
CommSpheres. Thanks to them, you can obtain a few pourcentage points by
watching the scenes available there and there in Spira.

Use the following information to view every scenes possible. When you're done
seeing a scene, disconnect and re-connect to the location in the network for
the following scene.



- Kids play around in the village.
- The dot usually walking with its female master examines the CommSphere.
- Wakka comes out of his tent and runs around in circle, nervousely.
- The Aurochs practice blitzball.
- Botta kicks the ball right in Keepa's stomatch by accident and then hides in
a tent.
- Beclem plays his Seifer-wannabe character.
- You can see the Aurochs in training, and if you use the D pad to look away
with the sphere, the ball is thrown, accidentaly, on it.


Kilika Port

- Dona shows you the port's situation.
- Dona is sleeping and dreaming of Barthello.
- You can have a view of the port from the window.


Kilika Temple

- Zoom to the stairs leading to the temple and Barthello will emerge from the
doors. He'll talk with you a bit, and then he'll get angry for not being with
Dona anymore and get carried away, as he break the CommSphere. You can't use it



- Interview
- Interview
- Interview


Mi'ihen Highroad

In Mi'ihen, the CommSphere feature of Chapter 4 allows you to take on a side
quest. You see, Rin wants to know who's the culprit of the incident of Chapter
2 (that we took care of with the ("Machina Mayhem!" mission). By accepting to
help him, you start on this fun mini-game.

I'll explain how it works a bit just so you can have the basics to understand
its mechanic. You can point your finger toward five different suspects: baby
Chocobo Eater, the prophet, Calli, Rikku, or Rin himself. To suspect someone,
you need to complete pre-requirements. For exemple, you can only suspect Rin if
you destroyed seven (or more) machinas in the "Machina Mayhem!" mission. Also,
Calli and Rikku cannot be both suspected in your game. Why? Because to suspect
Calli, you need to fail in the "Cuckoo for Chocobos!" mission while you
actually need to invite her aboard, meaning successfully completing the
mission, if you want to suspect Rikku.

So now, let's finally attack the heart of this mini-game. There are seven
Commspheres set in seven different locations in Mi'ihen, and with these
spheres, you can witness evidences (you can switch between them using the R2
Button). Whenever you do, you can call Rin (using the Circle button) and he'll
come to investigate (and take note of it). That particular evidence will add
points to the guilt of a certain suspect. There are three "runs" of
evidence-taking, and in the three of them you can check a certain number of
evidences. Once you witnessed a certain amount of these, Rin comes in to inform
you that he's getting closer to the solving of the mystery.

Depending on which culprit you catch, you get different items;

Baby Chocobo Eater- Granted to ride chocobos on the Highroad/Oldroad.

Prophet- Nothing.

Calli- Granted to ride chocobos on the Highroad/Oldroad.

Rikku- Granted to ride chocobos on the Highroad/Oldroad, and you get the
Ragnarok Accessory.

Rin- Granted to ride chocobos on the Highroad/Oldroad, and you get the Gippal

That's the rewards list, but you can only get them in Chapter 5, because as you
end the third part of the events, Rin tells you to come back later. Something
you should know is the fact that you can only obtain an "Episode Complete!"
screen here in Mi'ihen during Chapter 5 if the culprit you pick is Rikku, Calli
or the baby Chocobo Eater.

With that said, you should be able to understand the mechanic of the mini-game.
I suggest you use the excellent Rin's mystery FAQ on (or any
other guides/sites in which you can find information on this mini-game) to
choose your culprits correctly (depending on the rewards that interest you the


Mushroom Rockroad

- Zoom in on the face of the guard patrolling.
- Blabla with the guard.
- Blabla with the guard.
- Blabla with the guard.
- Blabla with the guard.
- Blabla with the guard.
- He has a seat on the ground.

*You can see these wonderful scenes only if you gave the Awesome sphere to
Youth League. If you haven't, then as you know the CommSphere is in the ocean.


Djose Temple

- You recieve an Al Bhed primer as an Al Bhed talk to you in his language.
- In Al Bhed, you hear a teaser about the famous powerful fiend in Bikanel
- Blabla in Al Bhed.
- Blabla in Al Bhed.
- Blabla in Al Bhed.
- An Al Bhed woman comes to you and you get another Al Bhed Primer as she's
done talking in her language.
- The CommSphere is offline.



- Tobli is nowhere to be found, as the Hypello tells you.
- An Hypello is playing with a musical instrument.
- Three Hypello in a conversashion yesh?
- Hypello messing around.



- Ormi tells you that Leblanc went away.
- Hypello talks to the goons guarding the entrance to the chateau.
- Guards talking about Leblanc.
- Guards talking about the future of the Syndicate.
- Guards having a conversation again, and this time you'll learn their real
identities. The one to the left is actually an Al Bhed who has been hidding
since Home was destroyed by Cid. The one to the right is a former Crusader, and
he's known as a proud fighter who died at the hands of Sin in the Operation
- Ormi messing around.


Thunder Plains

- When you hear a chocobo, zoom in on it and Shinra will catch it with the
- You spot another chocobo, but this time the Chocoporter doesn't work.
- The CommSphere is offline.


Macalania Wood Entrance

- You see the three musicians of earlier appear and talk about a dream they had.
- If you couldn't stop Garik earlier, the Ronso arrive here to go after the
- Once again, if you couldn't stop Garik earlier, you have a small view of the
- If you were able to stop Garik, you'll see Guado having a talk.


Macalania Wood O'aka's Travel Agency

- If you haven't paid O'aka's debt, you get an Al Bhed Primer as an Al Bhed
female leaves the shop.
*The next scenes occure if O'aka was freed of his debt.
- Zoom in on the door of the shop and he'll emerge out of it, saying business
isn't going so well.
- O'aka feels alone.
- O'aka talks about someone who has been missing for a year.
- His little brother, Wantz, finally arrive.
- Fiend attacks the agency.
- ''                     ''
- ''                     ''


Bikanel Desert excavation Camp

- The Al Bheds are working while Nadhala's walking around. Eventually, she
comes to you and invites you to come lend a hand on fighting a huge fiend that
they've been scared of for a while now.
- Nothing.

Bikanel Desert Cactuar Nation

- You can't talk to the Cacti without Benzo really...



- If you sided with the Youth League, a soldier shoots the CommSphere to put it
out of service for good.
*If the Awesome sphere was given to New Yevon you'll be able to see the next
- A captain scolds his guards for being too slow (they couldn't catch Maroda).
- The Kinderguardians are caught by Bevelle guards, but Pacce will defend his
crew and own them all.
- The Kinderguardians stare at the CommSphere, and they exchange a few words
with Shinra.


Calm Lands Travel Agency

- Business.
- The poor homebody starts to cry and his father consoles him.
- The father places 50 000 Gil in a chest behind the Agency. You'll be able to
open it and get the bounty in Chapter 5.
- Fiend attacks the Commsphere.


Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch

- If you couldn't catch a chocobo before the end of Chapter 3, Clasko is alone
(sadly) in his empty ranch.
*The next scenes can be viewed only if you could catch a chocobo before the end
of Chapter 3.
- Clasko feeds a chocobo.
- Clasko talks to you about how's his ranch going.
- Clasko doing his work.
- ''                  ''
- Clasko takes a break.


Mount Gagazet Mountain Gate

- Yuna invites Kimahri to her concert but he unfortunately cannot come because
he can't leave the mountain.
- Kimahri receives a massage from a female ronso.


Mount Gagazet Hot Spring

- A Ronso has a bath.
- You spot a cactuar to your right.
- Tobli emerges from the spring.
- A massive group of Hypello comes out of the water.
- Shoopuf are bathing.
- A dude is swimming in the spring.
- Buddy (the heck) comes out of nowhere and receive a massage from Barkeep.
- O'aka is bathing.
- Wantz being a good boy.
- Ex-summoner Isaaru bathes with his ex-guardians; Maroda and Pacce.
- Lucil and Elma are talking about Clasko.
- Maechen tries to teach a monkey a few things.
- If you captured a chocobo before the end of chapter 3, Clasko will be bathing
with it.
- Rin, Cid and Nadhala are bathing.
- Dona is bathing.



- Nothing.


You are dropped at the beginning of the road due to a mistake made by Buddy.
Well, the mission here is to find Tobli. If you're doing the PR/Marriage
missions, collect your points during it.

Where's Tobli?

Head north to meet a couple of tough guys. They're debt collectors and they
are, just like us, after Tobli, though it's for a different purpose. The little
midget emerges from the grass and runs off, chased by the debt collectors.
Follow them and watch the scenes on the way. In the screen passed Tobli's usual
spot, the debt collectors are told that Tobli hasn't been seen around. Go back
on the road and run south until one more debt collector is punked out by the
little midget as he passes by riding an hover. Go back to the wagon and cross
the Moonflow with the shoopuf. On the other side, continue on the road to
Guadosalam. There, the debt collectors lost the little midget again, and one
wonders if he climbed in a tree. Big mistake, because as he pounds on one,
Tobli falls from it to land on his head, knocking him out. The last pursuer
goes after him in the next screen and learns his lesson as the midget
intimidate him with a shoopuf. Heh, silly mission really. Talk to Tobli and he
will, of course, accept to land a hand for Yuna's concert. From his point of
view, the Thunder Plains would be ideal for the project. To gather people, we
can leave it to him as well thanks to... an horde of Hypello coming from

On this, you get your "Mission Complete!" screen, along with the Black Tabard
Garment Grid.



Funny scene here as you see the horde of Hypello jumping from the airship's
deck. I guess we can trust them for the promotion of the concert =). On the
bridge, go talk to Shinra and check out the CommSphere feature again.

Below is the list of scenes to watch.



- Zoom in on Beclem's head to start a conversation about Chappu.
- Speak with Wakka and Lulu.
- Yuna talks to the Aurochs.
- Wakka and the Aurochs messing around.
- "                                  ".
- Wakka walking around.


Kilika Port

- Dona tries to pratice an apology for Barthello.
- Dona tries harder.
- Dona uses the CommSphere as a balloon to reach the temple.
- Barthello does receive the Commsphere sent by Dona but crushes it.



Random scenes containing Logos and goons messing around.


Mushroom Rockroad

* The next scenes occure only if you gave the Awesome sphere to the Youth

- Yuna talks to Lucil.
- Yuna talks to Yaibal.
- Yaibal is plotting something.
- Yuna talks to a guard.
- The guard wants to assist to Yuna's concert.
- Dansh with the Hypello yesh?



All scenes you haven't seen in the first CommSphere wave.



- Lian and Ayde are here. if you told them to come here in Chapter 3.
- The shoopuf driver prevents Elma from taking her chocobo on the shoopuf.
- The CommSphere is smashed by a shoopuf.



- Yuna invites Ormi to the concert.
- An Hypello promoting Yuna's concert.
- Two Fem-Goons talking.
- "                   ".
- A goon and a Fem-Goon talking about what to do if Leblanc never shows up
- Fem-Goon enters the castle.
- Hypello tries harder.
- Ormi messing around.


Thunder Plains

- The audience for the concert is waiting.


Macalania Wood

- The three legendary musicians appear and wish Yuna luck for her concert.
- Pukutak says good bye.
- Dona says good bye.
- Bayra says good bye.


Macalania Travel Agency

*The next scenes occure only if O'aka was fred from his debts.

- O'aka accepts Yuna's invitation.
- An Hypello tries to give tickets here but he runs off (or actually simply
walks away...) as he sees the fiends.
- Fiends attack the agency.
- "                      ".
- "                      ".
- "                      ".


Bikanel Excavation Camp

- As you're speaking with Nadhala, the camp is attacked and the CommSphere is
out of service.


Bikanel Desert Cactuar Nation

- A funny scene occures with Marnela, Benzo, Yuna and Shinra.



All scenes you haven't seen in the first CommSphere wave.


Calm Lands Travel Agency

All scenes you haven't seen in the first CommSphere wave.


Calm Lands Chocobo ranch

All scenes you haven't seen in the first CommSphere wave.


Mount Gagazet

* The next scenes only occure if you couldn't stop Garik.

- You see a conversation between two Ronso.
- You see a conversation between Kimahri and a female Ronso.
- The female Ronso talks to Yuna.

* The next scenes only occure if you could stop Garik.

- You talk to Garik.
- A Ronso tells Yuna that his race will come to her concert.
- The CommSphere is covered with snow.
- Kimahri talks to his people.
- You talks with the female Ronso.
- You talks with Garik.
- Kimahri receives a massage.


Mount Gagazet Hot Springs

All scenes you haven't seen in the first CommSphere wave.



- Yuna talks to Isaaru.
- "                      ".
- Use the D pad to turn the screen left in order to see Isaaru speaking to
- Nothing.

* Make sure you watch these without skipping them as they're important for

When you're done with the network, head to the cabin to dance with Rikku. The
goal of this mini-game is to mash the buttons as fast as you can to make the
highest amount of points possible. Below are the prizes you can obtain
depending on your score.

Pearl Necklace- 0-49 points
Safety Bit- 50-99 points
Sublimator- 100-149 points
Shmooth Shailing- 150+ points

Once you saved your game, proceed to the Thunder Plains.

Thunder Plains

Let's get ready for one hell of a concert! Ah crap, looks like some giant
lizard fiend is here to ruin our fun. Well, we'll have to take care of it.

Concert Clean-Up

Follow the map to reach the red dot, which is the entrance to the cavern where
the fiend went. Inside, take a right turn at the first intersection and follow
the path until you reach a dead end. Open that treasure chest for an X-Potion.
Back at the intersection, follow the left path and proceed north on the map to
reach a second treasure chest, this time containing an Haste-Bangle accessory.
Cool but kind of useless compared to those Sprint Shoes we stole from Garik in
the previous chapter. Backtrack a bit in the passage and look out for two rocks
on your right. Climb them to reach an higher level, allowing you to spot the
giant lizard to the north. Make your way to it for a boss battle.

Boss: Zalamander
HP: 12 850
EXP: 1200
Difficulty: Medium

Zalamander can be somewhat credible with his arsenal of offences, but with
equipments protecting you from fire elemental attacks and by putting him under
Darkness status, he becomes a joke. His physical attacks can deal up to 1000
points on one target (depending on the victim's Defense stat) and the Flame
Breath harms the whole party for 300 to 600 points. Just as I said it however,
you can prevent Zalamander from damaging you with the right stuff. Take care of
him with the best attacks you got. Since he gives a fair amount of EXP, it
would be wise to end this battle while having your characters wearing the Lady
Luck dressphere, assuming you learned its Double-EXP ability.


After the battle, take the Black Ring from the treasure chest that the lizard
was guarding and get back on the trail. Take a right turn on your map (to
Yuna's left), climb the rocks, open the last chest of the cave on the way for
an Elixir, jump back on the lower level and make your way out of the cave.


The YRP is back aboard the Celsius. You see a scene in which the Gullwings are
chatting about the Youth League and New Yevon. These two clans really seem
determined, as they're currently fighting in the plains. When Tobli arrives,
talk to him and select the first option to finally get started with this

After a speech from the deck of the Celsius, Yuna sings in a great FMV (though
I would've prefered to hear her sing a rock song... meh =P). During the
spectacle however, something quite disturbing happens: her shadow becomes
Lenne. Then, in a flashback, you see her and Shuyin getting shot by the monks
while in front of Vegnagun, just like in Yuna's dream earlier in the game.

As the scene ends, Yuna is aboard the Celsius, resting in the cabin. Go to the
bridge to hear Lenne's story from Maechen. She was a very popular songstress in
Zanarkand a thousand years ago. Because of the fact that she was a summoner,
she was sent to the front lines in the Machina War. Shuyin, who was Lenne's
lover, didn't want this to happen. He wanted to take care of the war by
himself, using Vegnagun. As you've just seen however, his plan failed as he was
killed by the monks. Once Maechen left, the Gullwings talk about Shuyin. While
attempting to control Vegnagun was foolish, Yuna can still understand his
anger: Lenne was killed before she could tell him about her love.

Buddy informs you that Leblanc is in the engine room so get there to meet up
with her. She hands over the Crimson Sphere 5. Head back to the bridge after
and speak to Shinra to see, via a CommSphere, Nooj and Gippal in the Farplane.
They're using the CommSphere thrown by the Gullwings in the magical hole of
Djose temple! Indeed, at the sight of her Noojie-Woojie, Leblanc cannot hold it
anymore and decides to go after him. On this scene, Chapter 4 is complete!

End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5

On the deck of the airship, the girls are having a talk when Brother requests
their presences on the bridge. There, the Gullwings talk about their next move.
To get into the Farplane, they need to jump into one of the magical holes in
the Chambers of the Fayth of Besaid, Kilika, Djose, Bevelle or the cavern in
the northern part of the Calm Lands. The choice is yours!

Do not head there for now though, as it leads to the end of the game. There are
so many things to do in Chapter 5, finishing the game now would be missing out
on the best part =). Go to Shinra and watch that Crimson Sphere given by
Leblanc at the end of Chapter 4. It contains what seems to be the start of the
"accident" Paine talked about earlier. It's the operation that made the victims
seen in the last Crimson spheres. You see the volunteers for the Crimson Squad
going berserk and killing everything they see. Nooj, Baralai and Gippal
eventually start attacking each other as well, but are stopped by Paine. I
guess we need the other Crimson Spheres for more on this...

Ride the elevator to the cabin and rest one last time. If you took a nap here
at least once each chapter since the beginning of the game (like I told you
to), Brother will be sitting at the bar, talking to Barkeep about his love for
Yuna. A sad scene it is, as the man knows friendship is the only thing Yuna can
give him. Barkeep then presents his darling, named Darling. Funny, but Brother
leaves with an unhappy smile on his face. Poor him... If you go talk to Calli
however, she admits that she thinks Brother's pretty cute. His mohawk reminds
her of a chocobo. Oh oh oh, the Celsius driver might have a possible date on
the airship! If you go talk to Barkeep & Darling, a new option is available:
Pet Shop. With it, you can rename your pets of the Trainer dressphere.

Leave for the engine room, where you can collect your items for the last time
from the four treasure chests. Buddy comes in as you try to leave and explains
how he and Brother found the Celsius. It was during a trip on a sea of ice.

Well, you can go back on the bridge after. Check out Buddy's list of locations
and if you followed this walkthrough, they should all become Hotspots. That is
a good thing, don't worry =). While an Hotspot means that you must complete a
task there (like a mission, for example), it allows you to obtain the "Episode
Complete!" screen for that location of Spira. Otherwise, you get an "Episode
Conclude" screen, which is, without wanting to sound childish, poop. If you get
an "Episode Complete!" screen in all 15 locations of Spira, you obtain the
Mascot dressphere, which is one of the greatest dresspheres in the game. Just
like I said in the beginning of this paragraph, all of these locations should
be marked as Hotspots if you followed this walkthrough.

On this, let's take on our last world tour, this one being the best in the game!


Yes, while Zanarkand is "normally" the last location to visit (if you follow
Yuna's pilgrimage in FFX), it is our first for this world tour. Because of some
glitch, we can't obtain the Mascot dressphere if we get our last "Episode
Complete!" screen here. That is why we'll get done with it right now so then we
can be sure that nothing drastic happens.

The ruins are finally deserted and Isaaru closes the tourist attraction. Yuna's
memories are saved... Yay! You obtain your first "Episode Complete!" screen.

However, we aren't done here yet. As you can see, Maechen is standing near the
fire works. Go talk to him and accept to hear his story about Vegnagun. You
learn that the colossus was never used actually, neither in the Machina War,
neither against Sin. Though the machine can sense emotions, it cannot sense the
difference between an innocent and a fiend. Letting loose such a monster in the
nature would've been an insane move, as it would have been like confronting
Spira to a second Sin and nothing else. Vegnagun was locked underneath Bevelle,
hidden from the people. Until now at least... When he's done, the party asks
Maechen, for the very first time, where did he learn all these stories. He is a
scholar, true. But really, he seems to know everything about everything. The
old man reveals his secret: he is an unsent. Remember when you watched the
contents of the Black Mage dressphere after finding it in the floating ruins at
the beginning of the game? You could hear a young man happy because he was able
to shake someone's hand. Well, it was Maechen when he was young, just after he
shook Lenne's hand a thousand years ago. In Chapter 1, he remembered the fact
that he was unsent as he shook Yuna's hand: she has the same handshake.

The scholar can finally rest in peace as he departs to the Farplane. Good bye
Maechen, your stories rocked. When he's disappearing, you see a quick flashback
of Yuna's father, Braska, when he was here 12 years ago with Jecht and Auron.

We're done with Zanarkand for good on this scene.

Besaid Island

It's a boy! He's born! Wakka informs you that his son is born! Let's meet him
=). Follow Daddy to the village and go to the temple's entrance to see the cute
baby. Wakka hasn't found a name yet though... When you can control Yuna, leave
the village and head to the beach. On the way, in the waterfalls area, jump
down the bridge and open the treasure chest for the Twilight Rain key item. To
me, it's useless but meh... You can always collect it.

At the beach, go to Beclem at the boat. As you learned during the second
CommSphere session in Chapter 4, his presence is requested at the Youth League
headquarters. He gives the War Buddy sphere before leaving. It's for Wakka. A
Blitzball is thrown near him by accident by the Aurochs. While Keepa
apologizes, Beclem shows his skills as he does a very impressive move with the

Go back toward the village and meet Wakka on the way. You get to see the sad
contents of the War Buddy sphere. It features Chappu talking to his brother,
who's too busy praying at the statue. It's probably the last time they were
together, as Chappu was about to leave with the Crusaders to die, crushed by
Sin. Back in reality, Wakka seems to realize something.

Well, it's time to celebrate! In the night at the village, our daddy finally
found a name for his son: Vidina, which means future in Al Bhed. Wakka decides
that though he's been a guardian, a Blitzball player, a Yevon follower, and now
a father, he just needs to be himself. Cheesy, but meh, this is a sacred moment
for him =).

The scene ends on a conversation between Wakka and Lulu. They're in this
together now, as the mother says.

Episode complete for Besaid!

Kilika Port & Wood

Head to the gates where the guard finally lets the villagers in the wood,
thanks to Dona. The girls follow them in the wood, and as you can control Yuna,
proceed north to the temple. Dona and Barthello reunite there as they put the
whole New Yevon/Youth League conflict aside. Yuna's concert really helped as we
can see =). It's party time as you get your "Episode Complete!" screen! You get
a reward on the same occasion: the Tricks of the Trade Garment Grid.

The girls automically board the Celsius but get back in Kilika as we aren't
done there. Go to the second screen of the port and cross that bridge to access
the east dock. Get on that boat to the right and talk to the camera guy. Accept
to check out the Youth League base again to see that they're done working on
it. If you accepted to check out its construction in Chapter 1 and 3 as I told
you to, the camera guy will propose you to visit it. Go for it and a ferryman
will take you there. As you can see, you're controlling Yuna from the view of
the camera and the visiblity isn't superb. Make full use of your map and go to
that white X to find a treasure chest. Open it to find the Invincible accessory
inside, which allows the user to break the damage limit (to exceed the 9999
points limit). Check out your map again and notice a yellow X moving from left
to right. Go to it to find out that it's some kid. He hands over a couple of
Georapella coins (five of them) as you talk to him. Well, get back to the
ferryman (represented by the last X on the map) and get back to the port.

Collect your PR/Marriage points if you're doing these missions and leave for
our next destination.


Upon arriving here, you learn that Blitzball is back as the season's starting.
It's not like in FFX however because you're now coaching the players. Read a
Blitzball FAQ for more information about it.

Controlling Yuna, head to the stairs leading to Mi'ihen. Do not climb them
though. Instead, check out the place where Tidus and Yuna had that laughing
scene in FFX. Doing so, you see the vanished hero in a flashback. Then, Yuna
sees the ghost of a... moogle. Hm, someone at Square-Enix was high when he made
certain parts of the game, that's for sure... Oh well, mission time!

Follow that moogle!

A very simple mission, you just have to follow the ghost of the moogle around
in Luca in order to view various flashbacks of the time Yuna spent with Tidus
two years ago. The last scene is at the docks, where Yuna tells Rikku and Paine
about the fact that she cannot call Tidus a "memory".

Episode complete for Luca on this note!


If you go in the corridor right of the counter at the stadium, you can find a
woman with a dog. While playing Sphere Break with this pet, you can obtain the
White Signet Garment Grid. Also, you can challenge Shinra here if you weren't
able to beat him in the tournament during Chapter 3. He's tougher though, like
I told you. Still, go ahead and do your best to win so you can receive the Lady
Luck dressphere as it's really useful. You can also score the Treasure Hunt
Garment Grid while playing against Shinra.

Calm Lands

If you took on the PR mission and managed to score 400 (or more) points for one
of the two companies before coming here at this chapter, Tobli becomes the boss
around here as he stomps on competition by reuniting "Open Air" and "Argent"
(the two companies) in one big association for tourism. This accomplishment
nets you stuff for the attractions in the plains, along with what we really
seeked: an "Episode Complete!" screen for the Calm Lands.

If you took on the marriage side quest as well and scored enough points, talk
to the father to find out that his son is now pretty popular among a couple of
women. You receive your reward: a Speed Bracer accessory! Also, remember when
the father hid a treasure chest just behind the shop (you could see him via the
CommSphere)? Well go find that treasure chest and open it for 50 000 gil. Go
back to the man right after and admit you took the content of the chest. For
your honesty, he hands over a Sword Lore accessory.

We aren't done here yet! Go to Clasko's ranch and raise your chocobos in the
stables to the highest levels possible (normally, you should have at least one,
but I suggest you capture three more of them), using the greens. Dispatch them
to Mi'ihen afterwards. Exit the ranch and battle enemies in random encounters.
After winning a couple of them (seven is the right number I believe), visit the
ranch again and speak to Clasko for an update on what happened with the
chocobos you dispatched in Mi'ihen. Some of them may have escaped, some others
may have found items. With some luck, one of them will have discovered a secret
cavern on the Oldroad. That is what we wanted! Like I just said, it isn't
automatic that a chocobo finds the cavern when sent in Mi'ihen. Capture new
chocobos if the ones you dispatch don't come back and keep trying.

There is another interesting quest we could undertake now. It is once again
about dispatching chocobos to find a secret area, this time in the back of the
ranch. While this side quest is a little bit more time consuming, it leads to
great treasures. There is one just down side to it: I'm not sure EXACTLY how
you're supposed to proceed in order to find that secret dungeon! After checking
there and there on the internet, I haven't found ONE universal strategy. Many
of them can be found, but they're all uniques. That is why I'll simply type
what MINE and that's it. Simply follow my instructions and you should find your
way =).

First, dispatch four lvl.1 chocobos to four random locations of Spira. Not once
did I pay attention to the types (Normal, Timid or Bold) of the chocobos during
the quest, by the way. After running into seven random encounters outside of
the ranch, come back and save your progress. Then, go to Clasko and check out
the results of your dispatching session. Make sure that all four chocobos came
back. If one (or more) ran away, reload (L1+L2+R1+R2+Start+Select) and speak to
Clasko again. Do that until all four chocobos are back. After, we need four
chocobos lvl.2. Raise the ones that you already have to this level and as for
those that lvl.1 is the maximum they can be, release them and just capture new
chocobos that you can raise to lvl.2. When you have your four chocobos lvl.2,
dispatch them to random locations of Spira and proceed as you did with the four
lvl.1 chocobos earlier (going outside for a bunch of random encounters, come
back, save, check out Clasko, reload until all four lvl.2 chocobos came back).
Did it? Yay, do the same thing with four lvl.3 chocobos and four lvl.4 chocobos.

Now when the process comes to the lvl.5 chocobos, this is where I... screwed up
a little bit. I had three chocobos lvl.5, and my last one was only lvl.4. I
couldn't raise it to the ultimate level then because I didn't have enough
greens. To get more of these, you need to win random encounters so I just told
myself what the heck and dispatched these four chocobos to random locations so
they could get me some items by the time I returned to raise the lvl.4 chocobo
to lvl.5 with the restored greens. At that point, when I came back, I raised my
last chocobo to lvl.5 and dispatched all four lvl.5 chocobos to Djose highroad
(I just randomly decided to send them all there for some reason). After winning
seven random encounters, I came back to the ranch and got to view the scene
about the secret dungeon found by the chocobos.

The reason why I kind of messed up is because of the fact that I don't know
what, exactly, triggered the discovery of the dungeon in the end! Maybe you DO
need to dispatch four lvl.5 chocobos, but that isn't certain. There is a
possibility that you only need to dispatch three lvl.5 chocobos and one lvl.4,
or screw this bird lvl.4 and only the lvl.5s matter... Maybe it has something
to do with the chocobos you have in reserve (I had, like, eight of them), since
they seem to be the ones that find the secret hole in the ranch as you can see
in the scene. I can't check as I saved the moment after the secret dungeon was
found (that's how goofy I can be). I say just do what I did and see what works
for you. E-mail me if you'd like to share your results, that would just
increase the awesomeness of this FAQ even more =P.

Meh, what ever the EXACT method is, we at least found the secret dungeon! The
scene introducing it features a clueless Clasko about the discovery of his
chocobos. Paine mocks him as she imitates him to expose the fact that he would
be very curious to know what's in the secret dungeon but that he's scared on
the same occasion. Hm, this looks like a job for the YRP then, doesn't it? Make
sure your characters are well equiped though, the fiends found in here seem
somewhat nervous. You may even want to equip a Charm Bangle to completely
prevent random encounters. Keep in mind that doing so is missing out on a lot
of EXP however.

How to conquer the dungeon? Well you see, the thing with it is the fact that
there is no map for you to consult in your screen. Because of this, it's harder
to explain with words how to find your way than to actually simply find your
way by yourself. This isn't very professionnal from the contributor that I am,
but as soon as you step in the dungeon, you'll understand what I mean. I will
still provide explanations on what you have to do, though. The first thing to
do consists of fighting a certain optional boss in the dungeon. To reach him,
follow the path to the north and just keep going forward until you reach a dead
end (made of a wall). Turn right, then immediately left at the intersection.
Again, just keep going north until you reach another dead end (also made of a
wall). As you did earlier, turn right then immediately left at the intersection
and now just keep following the path, using two platforms to jump over a gap at
a point. You are in front of a new wall. This one opens as you approach it. You
find the optional boss behind it.

Boss: Anything Eater
HP: 11 600
EXP: 3400
Difficulty: Hard

First time I rate the difficulty of a boss "hard"! As you can see, Anything
Eater doesn't have an incredible amount of HP but some of his attacks are
actually dangerous enough to kill off your party in an instant if you aren't
ready. His elemental black magics (these being Firaga, Blizzaga and Waterga. He
never casted Thundaga on me but I'm sure he has it in his list) are nothing to
worry about as they won't deal much damages, for level 3 spells at least.
Flare, however, can cause a problem. For me, it dealed over 3000 points of
damage on Yuna even though she was protected by Shell. Depending on the Magic
Defense stat and the victim's status (if she has Shell casted on her or not),
it can totally deplete the girl's HP. You cannot protect yourself against the
boss' black magic spells as he casts them on himself. Thanks to his
Auto-Reflect ability, it bounces back on one of your characters. You could
always "eat" his elemental black magics but that would be wasting an accessory
slot and like I told you, they aren't much of a threat anyway. Another
dangerous offence is Anything Eater's simple physical attack, which inflicts

Death and thus automatically KOs the target. What tops the boss' power is the
fact that he's pretty fast, especially for such a large pile of crap. For your
strategy, it depends on how you're feeling. For a safe victory, start off with
three Dark Knights and make sure they have the DeathProof ability learned,
which will guard your characters against the Death touch from Anything Eater's
punches. Throw a Lunar Curtain as well so your party can be under Shell status,
cutting Flare's damage by half. Chain your attacks afterward and assuming you
have decent Strength (use accessories that increase it), the battle will be
over in a relatively short amount of time as the boss' Defense stat is pretty
low for such a solid-looking body. If you want to risk getting KO'd by that
physical attack so you can obtain twice the EXP you would normally earn, have
your characters wearing the Lady Luck dressphere. Stealing Anything Eater with
the Masterthief ability nets you two Mega-Potions if you, again, do not mind
exposing yourself.

When you're victorious, check out that second wall in front of you to see that
it also opens itself to you. If you proceed further, you find yourself in a
corridor that connects all five paths leading here. The one you used to reach
Anything Eater is one of these five paths. The other walls can be opened now
that you took care of the boss. The catch is that you cannot open them from
here. You have to reach them from the other side. Just explore the dungeon
(with the Charm Bangle if you aren't feeling like running into random
encouters) and follow the passages leading to these walls. A bunch of treasure
chests can be found in the area as well, and you will find one trapped between
the two walls at the end of the four paths.

Once you managed to open these walls (eight of them in total), go to the last
wall directly in front of the spot where you met Anything Eater in the corridor
connecting all five paths and it will open itself to reveal a chocobo. This one
seems special though: notice how it's shining? Scared, the golden chocobo
attempts to escape but is calmed down by Clasko. With his talent, he tames the
creature. Hurray! You get a second "Episode Complete!" screen! I don't know
exactly what's the point seeing as how you already had one for the Calm Lands
but let's be happy anyway since you obtain a reward: the Higher Power Garment
Grid, which is one sexy Garment Grid.

You automatically board the Celsius but you can pay a visit to the ranch anew
if you'd like in order to check out that shining chocobo we found in the
dungeon. Go to it (you will find it on the second level of stables, directly to
the north) and check out its features. Very impressive indeed. This seems to be
the best chocobo in Spira =).

Well, I don't know for you but I'd like to check out that other secret dungeon
in Mi'ihen as well =).

Mi'ihen Highroad

Uh-oh, thanks to the evidences you brought via the CommSpheres in Chapter 4,
Rin knows who's the culprit! Like I told you during the previous chapter, that
culprit can be Rikku, Calli, the baby Chocobo Eater, the prophet or Rin
himself. Your rewards are based on the one you chose. If the culprit is the
Chocobo Eater, Rikku, or Calli, you get your "Episode Complete!" screen.

Now, let's check out that secret cavern found by the chocobo from Clasko's
ranch! Head to the area of the Oldroad where you saved Calli from the Chocobo
Eater in Chapter 1. Enter the cave near the ruins.

Below is a map of the area, and as you can see, there is a boss in this cave.
You need to make your way to him and destroy him to obtain your reward. It's
easier said than done however. See, this cave is full of walls. Some of them
can be destroyed with bombs. There are three types of bombs: S-Bombs, M-Bombs
and L-Bombs. These bombs can be found in the treasure chests of the cavern.
Also, the enemies around here will drop them as you defeat them. The reason why
there are different types of bombs is because there are different types of
walls. Some of them are more solid than others as they require more powerful
bombs to be destroyed. Since the L-bombs are rarer than others, you must keep
them for the hard walls because they're powerful enough to take care of them.
How to know if a wall can be destroyed or not? Position Yuna in front of one
and check out her skirt. If it seems to be lifted up as if it was blown by the
wind coming from the wall, you can use a bomb to destroy it. Basically just use
my map to make your way through the cave. On it, I didn't include the walls
that can be destroyed so you can find your way in the passages.

                                           |_ B  __|
                      __                     |  |
                  ___|  |______   __         |  |
                 |TC_     _____| |  |_______ |  |
                  ¯¯ |   |_______|   _____TC||  |___
                  ___|    _____      ___|    |   _TC|
                 |TC_    |    |TC|   ___|____|  |________
                 |¯¯_    |     ¯¯|_______________________|
                  ¯¯_|   |______
                 |¯¯_     ____TC|    ___
                  ¯¯_|   |____    __|TC |__
                   |______    |  |   __    |    _________
                          |   |__|  |__|   |___|   _____TC|
                     _____|    _____    ______    |
                    |_____  |  |    |   |     |TC |
                          |_|  |    |   |     |   |
                            |  |    |___|     |   |
                            |  |              |   |
                        ____|  |______________|   |___
                       |TC___                       __|
                            |_________________|   |
                                              |   |
                                              |TC |
                                              |  S|

S: Start
B: Boss
TC: Treasure chests

There are a few chests to grab in the dungeon, use my map to locate them. When
you reach the boss, it's battle time.

Boss: King VERMIN!
HP: 39 857
EXP: 5000
Difficulty: Medium

Heh, "King VERMIN!" is the way Barret calls the Shinra president in Final
Fantasy VII. Just thought I'd point it out, you know how I like references =P.
On the boss battle, there is nothing hard here. The reason why I rate the
difficulty "Medium" is because of the fact that King VERMIN! is the highest HP
user you've met so far (if you've been following this walkthrough that is). To
talk about his attacks, the boss will use fire elemental attacks as it seems to
be its element. This means you must not use any of these types of attacks
against King VERMIN! as it'll just heal him. The enemy uses physical attacks
that can inflict Sleep as well. I'm sure his arsenal isn't limited to two
offences only but oh well, that is because they should be the only ones he can

unleash before you annihilate him with your best attacks. Blizzaga and any
other ice elemental offences work well, or you could just get the job done with
chained physical attacks from a party made of Dark Knights or Berserkers.

When you're victorious, you obtain your well deserved reward: the Font of Power
Garment Grid.


Just like for Zanarkand and the Calm Lands, coming to Bevelle at this point
instead of following the usual trail might seem a little bit odd but oh well,
pretend you don't mind it =).

Follow the highbridge to the gates and enter the city. Head to the entrance of
the temple to meet Maroda. If you did as I told you and watched the scenes in
Zanarkand with the CommSphere network, Isaaru will be here in Bevelle, back
with his former guardians. The Kinderguardians are there as well, more
determined than ever. The sequence ends on a funny scene with Yuna. You get
your "Episode Complete!" screen afterwards, along with the Scourgebane Garment

The Gullwings automatically boards the Celsius, which is kind of dumb from
their part as they didn't ask us if we were done in Bevelle. Not only that they
didn't bother asking, but we really AREN'T done here yet. Do you remember Via
Purifico, that dungeon in which Yuna and her guardians were trapped two years
ago? Well, there is another "Via" dungeon underneath Bevelle, this one being
called "Via Infinito". Believe me when I say that the the fact that it is
called "Infinito" isn't for silly reasons. The thing is made of 100 floors, all
stacked. Each of these floors are cloisters on which you must complete a
certain task to get passed it. Calling them "tasks" isn't exactly right
however, as some of them are very simple and only require to follow a path from
a point to another. The deeper you go in the dungeon however, the harder these
cloisters become due to the fiends found on them. On the first floors, random
encounters are a breeze. It's another story for the fiends met on the chambers
passed 60 though. Then, even deeper in the dungeon resides the toughest enemies
you'll ever face in this game. Hm, what did you say? Charm Bangle? Nope, sorry.
These accessories won't work in this dungeon. Oh and, that's not all by the
way! Random encounters and cloisters aren't your only concerns in Via Infinito.
At each 20 levels, you find yourself on a special floor called "Great
cloister". These contain wandering unsents that should be familiar to you. To
get passed these cloisters (there are five of them in total), you must battle
the morphed forms of the unsents. To save (you can, luckily =P), you can use
pads on some levels of the dungeon that will teleport you back up to Bevelle's
city level where you can use the save sphere. Afterwards, you can go back down
to the floor you were at and continue to descend deeper and deeper in the
depths of Bevelle.

The point of this dungeon? Well I could easily use a plural form of the word
"point" as Via Infinito is a side quest that nets you tons of great items, a
great place to level-up your party and of course, last but not least, a very
interesting challenge. This is like the "Monster Arena" in FFX or the hunt of
the Weapons in FF7: the idea is to test your skills so you can see if you can
really call yourself a master of FFX-2 or not. Some of the bosses found in Via
Infinito are so ridiculousely strong, it's not even funny. Or actually, yes it
is. While they're very hard, you get so happy when you find a way to defeat
them that you start jumping around in your room yelling "I'VE DONE IT! I OWNED


What, you never do that? You're saying I'm... the only one? Hphm, poor liars I


Now, I'm sure I convinced you with my speech, right =)? Meh, even if I didn't,
we still need to pay a visit to a couple of floors in the dungeon so we can
obtain two items that are a must if you want an "Episode Complete!" screen in
Mushroom Rockoad.

To get in the dungeon, head inside the temple and enter the chamber to the
right. There, the Kinderguardians found a magical platform. Save your game and
step on it to be taken inside Via Infinito. On the level, proceed north for a
scene. Brrrr... those Yevon flags everywhere and all the pyreflies, creepy
place. An old man appears and talks about someone named Trema. Long ago, he
entered the dungeon and never came back. Suddenly, the old geezer vanishes. The
Kinderguardians are so scared they go right back up to the surface. That isn't
what we are going to do: pyreflies and Yevon flags are far from being enough to
scare us!

Grab that Crimson Sphere 6 on the ground and watch it. With it, you can see the
scene when Nooj, Baralai, Gippal and Paine got out of the cavern. They report
what they saw inside: recruits going crazy and killing each others. Note what
Gippal says: he felt like if someone hijacked his brain. Strangely, they passed
the test and are ordered to go protect the Maester at the command center as
members of the Crimson Squad. Yay..? No, because when they leave, Paine warns
them to watch out as the guards start shooting them. That's the gist of it.
Can't wait to see the last Crimson Sphere huh? Well, let's go find it!

Head north and let yourself fall in the hole at the end. You find yourself on
the first cloister. Just make your way to the north on the level and jump at
the end to fall deeper in the dungeon: on the second cloister. Simply keep
going this way. There is no map here in Via Infinito, but that's no biggy for
now as the levels are very straight forward. Also, like I said earlier, the
enemies that you will meet in random encounters on the 20 first levels are
jokes. You may run into bosses you faced in Chapter 1 as well but with your
levels you can easily take care of them in one attack.

The only threat at this point consists of Elder Drakes. On some cloisters, you
might meet huge red scary fiends from the Drake species. You meet them OUTSIDE
of random encounters as they jump back and forth on the path of the cloister,
and they're easily the hardest enemies you've met so far. Fighting them can be
incredibly humiliating as they have the potential to kill you off in a few
seconds. The irony is, they're weaklings if you got the right stuff. With a
party made of Berserkers, make sure you have the ability "Evade & Counter"
learned for everyone. Equip accessories that boost your Strength and, though
you probably don't have any at this point, Luck. Then, voluntarily run into
them. In battle, the Elder Drake will attempt to attack your characters but
should fail as they will evade to then counter immediately after, using that
Berserker dressphere's ability. All you have to do meanwhile is to chain your
attacks and let your party automatically counterattack after evading the
enemy's offences. It will probably take a little while for the battle to be won
as Elder Drakes have high Defense, high HP (38 500 points) and are constantly
under Protect status. It should work however. If it doesn't, it's simply
because of your levels that aren't high enough OR that you were unlucky and the
enemy's attacks connected on the targets. Do not sweat it, you can completely
avoid fighting them. See when they jump back and forth in the path? Just
quickly pass during the second that they're into their hideout and voilà.

There is another enemy that you can meet outside of random encounters:
Tonberries. They're nothing to worry about compared to Elder Drakes however,
and they're even easier to avoid should you be too lazy to fight them.

When you reach level 20, you find yourself on your first Great cloister.
Proceed forward to meet Wen Kinoc, former Maester of Yevon and leader of the
Crusaders before being assassinated by Seymour. He morphs into Aranea, the
first boss.

Boss: Aranea
HP: 18 280
EXP: 4000
Difficulty: Fair

Nothing hard, but this can get ugly if things get out of hands. Aranea's
physical attacks harm one target twice, but its damages are pretty low. The
creature can also bite one target, this time dealing damages of around 1000
points. Like I just said, this isn't an hard boss. I added something though,
that this battle could get ugly. Using some spitting attack, Aranea can
paralyze your party by inflicting Stop and Poison. That's when it gets
dangerous, as you are then vulnerable to the boss for a couple of turns.
Fortunately, your characters can be immune to these two abnormal statuses with
accessories and abilities (PoisonProof from the Dark Knight for example). For
your victory, go ahead and use your best attacks to dispatch the boss quickly.

After the short cutscene, take the Crimson Sphere 8 on the ground and watch its
contents. You can see Nooj, Baralai and Gippal in Mi'ihen while Paine's
recording. They speak about what they saw in the cave and decide to split up as
they're then enemies of Yevon. When they do however, Nooj shoots Baralai,
Gippal and finally Paine. So that's the event Baralai was talking about when he
accused Nooj of being a backstabber.

As you gain Yuna's control, you can leave Bevelle to take on the Hotspot of
Mushroom Rockroad now that you have all 10 Crimson Spheres. I wouldn't advice
you to do that yet, though. Like I said earlier, you can obtain very useful
items in Via Infinito and five of these can be found on the next Greater
cloister, twenty levels deeper into the dungeon. Let's get them now since
collecting these items at this point will be very handy as we progress further
in our last Spira tour.

The 20 next cloisters are somewhat a little bit harder than the 20 firsts, but
they're still relatively simple. From now on, you will have to deal with a
second type of cloister featuring an Elder Drake, the fiend being located
between two pillars. If you still cannot beat them with my strategy, don't
worry as there is, again, a way to avoid them. In this type of cloister, do not
proceed north to the pillars. Instead, turn around and run toward the screen to
find a secret intersection. Follow the path to the left and activate the
mechanism at the end of it. Doing so triggers a scene in which you can see two
platforms appearing over the Elder Drake, allowing you to jump over the fiend
without running into it. Last thing you need to be informed of about these
Elder Drakes is that there are now two of them jumping back and forth in the
first type of cloister on which you can find them.

When you reach the 40th floor, you find yourself on the second Great cloister.
Go back to the surface and save your game to then come back and proceed to the
unsent. It's Lord Jyscal, Seymour's father! When you want to be positive about
Yevon, you think about this individual. Married to a human female, he devoted
his life to unite the humans and the Guado. Just like the previous unsent
though, he was also killed by Seymour. His morphed form is the next boss
standing in your path.

Boss: Black Elemental
HP: 9999
EXP: 770
Difficulty: Very easy to very hard.

This battle won't last long as you can kill Black Elemental in one turn. Thing
is, it can also annihilate your party in an instant! The encounter depends on
who's faster between your party and the enemy. Black Elemental is, indeed, a
magic caster. Its Flare can deal up to 8500 points on one target, and that's
without Magic Up. When it does increase its magic stat, you're confronted by an
even more dangerous Flare. Impressed? You shouldn't, as that attack from the
boss is a breather compared to its best black magic: Ultima. When Black
Elemental casts it, you can easily get a Game Over screen. The strategy I like
consists of using Dark Knights. NO, do not even think about attacking with
physical offences as it will deal only a few points of damage on the enemy.
Plus, it will then counter with Berserk, making the girl useless. What seems
pretty decent is Darkness. Considering you can deal over 5000 points with it by
now, use it to win the battle in two turns. On the defence side, you could
throw a Lunar Curtain item on your party to protect your characters with Shell.
Like I said earlier, this battle is a race, kind of. It's all about destroying
the boss before it destroys you.

Open the treasure chest to receive five accessories: Moon Bracer, Shining
Bracer, Speed Bracer, Recovery Bracer, and Cat Nip. See, I'm a man of my word:
this dungeon isn't easy but it's really generous =). Check out the seventh
section of this guide (7- General tips) for more information about the tricks
you can do with this Cat Nip accessory.

From now on, I suggest you go back to the surface and leave Bevelle to continue
on with the collect of "Episode Complete!" screens in Spira. Via Infinito will
only get harder and harder from here so it would be a good idea to leave it for
now and to come back later, after you're done getting goodies from all over
Spira. Below, you will find the rest of the walkthrough covering the dungeon so
just skip to Mushroom Rockroad and come back here before going to the Farplane.
If you really insist on finishing the dungeon now before doing anything else,
then go ahead but as I told you, it would be wise to stay away from it for now.

The 20 next cloisters contain better enemies and new types of cloisters that
take require more time to be conquered. Also, the levels on which you could see
Elder Drakes jumping back and forth on the path seem to change once you got
under the 50th floor, in a way that you just can't avoid running into them at
the end (or at least I wasn't able to find a way). Meaning of this, you must
beat them. Go ahead with the Berserker strategy I suggested earlier, or read
the seventh section of my guide for cheap tricks with which you can beat about
every enemies of the game.

On the 60th level, here we go for another Great cloister. The unsent here is
the corrupted Mika, former Grand Maester of Spira. When Yuna and her guardians
defeated Yunalesca two years ago, he freaked out and sent himself. Well,
payback now then!

Boss: Concherer
HP: 343 280
EXP: 6000
Difficulty: Hard

Woah, nice HP there. Plus the fact that the Concherer has pretty good Defense
and is constantly under Protect status, this battle will take a while. To list
his attacks, the boss uses physical attacks for certain points of damage and
Gunk, which damages the target's MP, inflicting Poison on the same occasion.
His best offence is Megaton Press, a deadly attack that damages the victim for
over 60 000 points of damage EVEN when said target has decent Defense stat. My
strategy is probably not the best out there but it worked well with me: I just
did about exactly what I do to defeat Elder Drakes. A party of Berserkers with
Evade & Counter learned along with accessories that boost Strength and Luck.
Since the Concherer only attacks one target at a time, you can heal his victims
with your unharmed characters. Megaton Press is an instant-kill but nothing
stops you from throwing Pheonix Down items to revive the KO'd girls. About
Gunk, you can just cure Poison with Antidotes. The fact that it damages your MP
doesn't matter as you don't need any. Finally, his physical attacks shouldn't
even hit you if your Luck's high enough. Just chain your attacks, use your
turns to heal the harmed characters whenever the boss gets a move, make full
use of Evade & Counter and last but not least, don't feel guilty about using a
Chocobo Wing so your party can have a speed advantage. Something else you
shouldn't feel guilty about: retrying. This is a pretty hard battle, perhaps
the toughest until this point. If something goes wrong, don't hesitate on
coming back for more.

Paine talks about Trema once the battle is over. The man would be the founder
of New Yevon. It was a year ago that he got in Via Infinito and never came
back. Is he dead by now, or was he already dead at the time...? Only way to
find out is to proceed deeper into the dungeon. From now on, things are getting
serious. The next cloisters are generally harder, just like the fiends met in
random encounters. Still, take this as an opportunity to level up your
characters to the maximum if you haven't already.

On the 80th level, make sure to go back to the surface in order to save your
progress and come back down the Great cloister to advance toward the unsent, or
should I say, unsentS: Lady Yunalesca and her husband, Lord Zaon. Once the man
left, she morphes into...

Boss: Chac
HP: 437 850
EXP: 2200
Difficulty: Hard

... one tough opponent: Chac. You thought Concherer was hard? It was actually a
walk in the park compared to the boss we have here. It isn't an exageration to
say that this is one of the hardest battles in the entire game. Chac is pretty
quick and his HP isn't very fun to look at. To talk about his attacks, he will
use Stony Glare, which inflicts Petrify on one target. Thing is, you cannot
protect yourself against it. The victim is stoned no matter what. Chac can also
use physical attacks that surpass the damage limit, and if the targeted girl is
unfortunate enough to be Petrify'd, she is shattered and cannot be brought back
on the battlefield. Yet, these attacks aren't much of a threat as they only
harm single targets. Well, here comes Chac's most vicious move: Heaven's
Cataract, damages the whole party AND lowers the victims' stats. After fighting
the boss a couple of times, it was pretty clear to me that this attack is, in
fact, the reason why Chac's so tough. You can always reduce its damages greatly
with the right stuff, but you can't do crap about the fact that it lowers your
stats and that at a point of the battle, your party becomes so weak you
eventually die no matter what. Since there isn't much we can do against
Heaven's Cataract, we have to completely prevent Chac from using it. Here's the
strategy I use. It is certainly not the best but it worked for me. Have two
Warriors with Delay Buster learned along with Sword Tome accessories equiped.
The third girl must be an Alchemist with a Speed Bracer and some Sprint Shoes.
Finally, use the Font of Power Garment Grid for your Warriors. There, you're
set. In the battle, put the Warriors under Haste status with the Alchemist so
you can have a speed advantage on Chac, plus the bonus given by the Sword Tome
accessories. Then, keep on using Delay Buster with these two Warriors in order
to delay Chac's turns. This way, the boss won't ever get to attack! If he does,
make sure to constantly have your Alchemist's turn ready during the battle to
put the situation back to normal. About MP, Delay Buster from the Warriors will
require less than normally thanks to the Font of Power Garment Grid. Your
Alchemist can throw Ethers as well. The battle will take a while but don't give
up, you should be victorious unless something goes wrong.

Yay, only 19 levels left until we reach the last Great cloister of the dungeon!
These levels are pretty hard though, as the sets of enemies met in random
encounters contain bosses you fought before in Via Infinito (like Concherer and
Chac) and sometimes combinations of tough opponents (like an Elder Drake with a
Black Elemental, for example). You can just escape if you aren't feeling like
going through such battles.

When you reach the 100th level, go back to the surface so we can gear up. Equip
your characters with Champion Belt and Power Gloves (or Kaiser Knuckles for
even better results) accessories. Also, have them use the Valiant Lustre
Garment Grid (obtained after beating Humbaba at the Thunder Plains) and arrange
it in a way that the girl switching from Berserker to Dark Knight and Berserker
to Alchemist can benefit of the Defense +20 bonus. Make sure you got a Stamina
Tonic item and a couple of Light Curtain, Healing Spring and Mana Stoïc items
along with tons of Mega-Potions. SAVE. I repeat, SAVE. Then, back to the bottom
of the dungeon, proceed north to meet Zaon. In a scene, he morphes into the
ultimate opponent.

Boss: Paragon
HP: 200 000
EXP: 9000
Difficulty: Hard.

Paragon is just a monster. I actually never found a way to beat him other than
with cheap tricks such as the Cat Nip accessory plus Gunner dressphere combo.
However, that is for normal Paragon. Strangely, he is way easier while under
Oversoul status as he seems to choke and miss whenever he physically attacks a
target. Using three Berserkers with boosted Strength stats thanks to the
accessories you equiped, enter the battle and throw a Chocobo Wing item on
party. Then, put two of your characters in Berserk status (using the Berserk
command) and just mash the X button with your last character to physically harm
the enemy. Assuming your characters are level 99 (or near), you should be able
to deplete Paragon's total HP before getting struck by his best attacks, which
are usually deadly. Final Impact for example, an offence that harms all targets
for multiple damages. While it may not neccessarly kill you, it leaves your
characters in bad shapes, something we want to avoid in our situation (you'll
understand soon enough). An other deadly attack from a Paragon under Oversoul
status is Big Bang, an attack so strong I'm not even sure if there's a way to
survive it. The boss should only get the time to start casting lvl.3 black
magic spells before dying at the hands of your violent Berserkers. As Paragon
dies, heal your party with the Berserker that isn't under Berserk status.
Again, you will get why in a few instants =).

The old man you met as you entered Via Infinito earlier appears and gives the
coup de grâce to Paragon in quite an impressive scene. He is Trema, the founder
of New Yevon. He explains himself about the way he acted to then challenge the
YRP to a fight.

Boss: Trema
HP: 999 999
EXP: 10 000
Difficulty: Ugh...

Notice how you weren't given a single second to adjust your party a bit between
Paragon and Trema? That is why I told you to make sure that your characters
were fully healed before ending the previous battle. While Trema is initially a
pretty tough customer, defeating him is just time-consuming and nothing else if
you know what you're doing (just like for Nemesis from FFX). As soon as the
battle starts, change two of your Berserkers into Dark Knights and the third
one into an Alchemist. Then, with all three characters of yours, focus on
completing the next tasks: taking Trema's MP away with the Mana Tonic items,
maxing your party's HP with a Stamina Tonic, casting Protect, Regen and Haste
on your party with Light Curtain, Healing Spring and Chocobo Wing items. There,
you're set. Trema cannot use the black magic spells from his evil arsenal since
you took care of his MP so only his physical attacks remain. While they're
pretty vicious, they shouldn't do much to your characters as your Defense is
well boosted by your Garment Grid and your accessories, and also by the fact
that your characters are under Protect status. Have your Dark Knights focus on
using Darkness on the enemy. Meanwhile, the Alchemist will use her supportive
skills to heal them with Mega-Potions, the effect of the items being doubled
thanks to the Chemist ability of the dressphere. Regen will do a part of the
job as well, and Haste will put you on Trema's level of agility. Twice in the
battle will the boss get to cast Meteor even though he doesn't have any MP.
Don't worry about it however, it shouldn't kill you. Make sure to fully heal
your characters after and just keep on using Darkness with your two Dark
Knights while the Alchemist takes care of the damages caused by the boss'
constant physical offences. Trema has a million points of HP so you can expect
a long fight. Be patient and eventually, the opponent will fall.

Yuna informs Trema about the reason why she fights: memories of the time spent
with her friends. The old man vanishes and you receive an Iron Duke, the
greatest accessory of the game. Proceed north and let yourself fall into the
hole to get out of the dungeon. Congratulations, you conquered Via Infinito!

Mushroom Rockroad

The event here for Chapter 5 depends on which clan you sided with.

If you gave the Awesome sphere to the Youth League, you're qualified to
participate in a tournament. Since the Youth League is now in good terms with
New Yevon, its members are in need of new opponents. The YRP can take it,
right? Go talk to Yaibal and select the first option. Mission time!

Youth League Tournament!

Very simple, simply follow Lucil on the Rockroad and battle the rows of
soldiers that get in your way. The first one contains Yaibal, who's honored to
fight the almighty High Summoner. In the last row of soldiers, you get to
battle Elma. Once you took care of her, one last opponent remains to determine
the winner of the tournament.

Boss: Lucil
HP: 7234
EXP: 370
Difficulty: Fair

Wow, Commander Lucil is actually pretty good! She should still be no match to
you however. Assuming you worked on your levels properly, it won't take much
time for this battle to be won. Lucil uses her sword to physically attack and
relies on gems to cast lvl.3 elemental magics on your party. She can throw a
Gold Hourglass on your characters as well, which inflicts Slow. Another attack
I've seen her use is a physical one that inflicts Doom on one target. I forgot
how it's spelled however, "H" something. Oh well, Doom kills the victim after
three turns. Fix this with a Pheonix Down. On the defence side, Lucil will use
Light Curtain and Lunar Curtain items for Protect and Shell respectively. Well,
you could use a party of Berserkers to win this battle without even touching
your controller, thanks to the dressphere's abilities such as Evade & Counter
and Magic Counter. If you haven't been working on these, just use your best
attacks. As long as you watch out for Doom, the victory will be yours in no

After the battle, the YRP is crowned winner of the tournament. Mission complete!


At the headquarters, Lucil gives a great speech on the future of Spira. You

obtain your "Episode Complete!" screen as she ends it.

The YRP goes aboard the Celsius, but come back to the Rockroad and visit the
Youth League headquarters. In there, passed the conference room is the
observatory. Talk to Lucil there in order to receive Nooj's sphere, which is
about the man's nickname: "Deathseeker". He has a conversation with Lucil and
affirms that death should get him as he isn't alive anymore, due to his
half-machina body.

That's for those who joined the Youth League. If you sided with New Yevon
however, you're not invited to be part of the tournament. Also, you cannot
enter the headquarters to get Nooj's sphere. Don't worry, you can still get
your "Episode Complete!" screen. Just go to the elevator at the end of the
Rockroad and speak to Yaibal for a scene. You get your screen right after.

Well, that's that for the completion of the episode in the Mushroom Rockroad.
Now, how about we pay a little visit to the Den of Woe? Jump in the ravine in
the middle of the road and proceed to the save sphere. Save your progress, then
enter the den. If you followed this walkthrough, you should have all ten
Crimson Spheres. Approach the door and the spheres will be activated
automatically, opening it. The girls enter, to face Paine's past...

You find yourself in a dark, scary cave. The enemies you meet here are shadows
of former warriors. The visibilty isn't superb, but you can still use your map
to make your way into the area and reach the dot. A scene is triggered there as
the YRP meets Nooj, Baralai and Gippal. Wait, how can they can be here while
they're supposed to be in the Farplane? Yuna explains that they're just
memories. She once experienced something very similar in another area where
there were many pyreflies: the ruined Blitzball stadium in Zanarkand. Remember
that time in FFX when Yuna and her guardians got to see memories created by
pyreflies such as Jecht, Braska, a young Seymour, a former High Summoner, etc?
The same thing seems to have happened here in the Den of Woe. Someone's
feelings were so strong they were kept in this cave, the despair felt by that
person being enough for the visitors to go insane and start attacking
everything blindly. You guessed it: we're talking about Shuyin here. He appears
and goes after Rikku, making her lose control of her body. He goes on Paine
after, who reacts just like Rikku. Finally, he goes to Yuna to show her a part
of his past.

In an FMV, you see him at some magical keyboard in Vegnagun's room. Lenne
arrives and begs him to stop. As he goes to her, the monks arrive and... you
know the rest. Back in the cavern, Yuna is confronted by her cousin.

Boss: Rikku
HP: 7800
EXP: 800
Difficulty: Easy

Phew, Rikku isn't as good as the one you have in your party. Considering you've
been working on Yuna's stats and abilities correctly, this battle will be won
pretty easily. Rikku's physical attacks connect twice and the grenades she
throws deal about 200 points. As you can see, nothing dangerous. If your levels
are THAT low, you can rely on Hi-Potions but really, this fight will be ended
in a turn or two. The only tough thing here is to accept to press on the X
button to attack Rikku >_>.

Looks like Paine is next.

Boss: Paine
HP: 9200
EXP: 800
Difficulty: Fair

Paine is tougher than Rikku as she has more HP and her sword attacks seem more
vicious but once again, with a decent Yuna, this battle will be ended pretty
easily. Use those Hi-Potions again if you're having troubles.

Rikku and Paine get their minds back. Shuyin explains that he decided to use
Baralai, Nooj and The Gipp as he saw how ideal their minds were for him to take
control of. You get to face them on this affirmation.

Boss: Baralai
HP: 12 220
EXP: 1200
Difficulty: Fair

Baralai VS YRP part II. Simply use the same strategy we used to beat him when
we met him underneath Bevelle during Chapter 2. You can steal a Nature's Lore
from him, so make sure to get the item before finishing him off.

Oh come on, not Gippal! I don't want to hurt him!

Boss: Gippal
HP: 14 800
EXP: 1200
Difficulty: Medium

Tougher battle here, Gippal uses Grinder, which takes away about 500 points
from one target. His kick harms one target for about same damage. Gippal will
also throw Hush grenades on your party to inflict Silence (dealing a bonus of a
few points of damages on the same occasion). While Gippal is somewhat stronger
than Baralai, this battle is still far from hard. Just use your best attacks
and steal a White Lore before delivering the final blow.

Indeed, now that Baralai and Gippal are defeated, one last opponent remains...

Boss: Nooj
HP: 23 800
EXP: 1800
Difficulty: Tough

Ugh, it's not that the mevyn is hard, but if you're not cautious while fighting
him, Nooj can dangerously harm you. First, his regular arsenal consist of
draining your MP with his aura attack and his mighty gun shot can deal 1000 to
2000 points of damage on one girl. As his HP gets below 3000 however, Nooj will
unleash an attack that takes away 5000 points of HP from the whole party. You
cannot reduce its damage, so if your characters have under 5000 HP the moment
the mevyn strikes you with the move, it's Game Over. Don't let that happen!
How? By calculating the damage you deal on him. Make sure that your final blow
can take him away when he has over 3000 HP. If you're intending on stealing
Nooj, you will obtain the Arcane Lore accessory.

After the battle, the girls decide to get out of the cave as soon as possible.
Back at the entrance outside, Paine finally understands what really happened.
It wasn't Shuyin we just met but his hatred, his despair. You can see the
adventures of Paine, Nooj, Baralai and Gippal by watching the Crimson Spheres.
First, they met on Bikanel Island as the three men were trying out for the
squad. Paine was assigned to them to record their actions. The four comrades
got to be tested by Wen Kinoc in the Den of Woe eventually, where the tragedy
happened. The recruits for the operation all went crazy, this including Nooj,
Gippal and Baralai. It was Shuyin's emotions concentrated in the area that
"attacked" and prompted them to act the way they did, causing the death of
everybody- except for our four friends. They managed to escape, first out of
the cave, then away from that Yevonite (you can see the scene in Crimson Sphere
6 as he orders the guards to execute them). Thing is, they hadn't escaped from
Shuyin as his emotions were still in Nooj's mind. That is why the man shot his
three comrades in the back: it was Shuyin's hatred controlling him. Nooj, the
Deathseeker, was the perfect candidate for Shuyin to pursue his plan of getting
to Vegnagun. As Rikku points it out however, Nooj is back to himself now. As we
could see in the colossus' room in Chapter 3, Shuyin's concentration of
negative emotions left the mevyn's body to go into Baralai's. This means the
praetor is now the one being controlled by Shuyin.

The scene ends when Yuna and Rikku affirm to Paine that she can count on them
even more now. On this, you get a second "Episode Complete!" screen for the
Mushroom Rockroad. Odd, but let's not cry about it as you also obtain a reward:
the Supreme Light Garment Grid.

Djose Temple

Enter the temple and the Al Bhed will propose you battle their newest
invention: the Experiment. Accept to take on the machina.

Boss: Experiment
HP: ???
EXP: 0
Difficulty: Easy

At this point, considering you did NOT dig in Bikanel too much (like I adviced
you to), the Experiment is a joke. Just attack it a couple of times and it
shouldn't last more than a few rounds.

The Al Bhed, disappointed, see that their invention isn't superb. However,
there is a way for them to actually repair the Experiment and increase its
potential on the same occasion. First, about repairing. You need to bring them
a manual and with it, they put the machina back to a fonctionnal status,
allowing you to fight it again.

There are five manuals in total, listed below:

- At the gates to Mushroom Rockroad from Mi'ihen, examine the machina in the
area to receive one of the five manuals.

- In the northern chamber of Djose Temple, speak to the Al Bhed seated on the
floor to obtain another manual.

- On the second level of the temple (use the elevator to get there), go to the
Al Bhed in the pedestal room and he will ask for a password. Insert
M-A-R-N-E-L-A and he'll give you one.

- Outside of the temple, head into the area to the right (north of the shop)
and spot three monkeys. When they jump all at the same time, press the X button
for a fourth manual.

- In the secret dungeon of the Chocobo ranch, the fifth manual can be found in
one of the treasure chests trapped between two walls. To be exact, it's at the
end of the rightmost path.

Then, on the subject of increasing the Experiment's power, you might have
noticed that it has three stats: Attack, Defense and Special. These have
levels, from 1 to 5. You guessed it, they determine how good the Experiment is
in battle. When you dig on Bikanel Island, you can increase their levels by
finding Assembly sets for the three components of the machine. They are those
yellow X's on the map that make your digging session a succes as you get back
at the main camp.
There are three types of sets for the three assemblies:

A- 1 point
S- 3 points
Z- 5 points

These "points" are like EXP for the levels of the Experiment's stats. As you
gathered enough points for, example, the Attack of the machina, it levels up.
Below is the level-up mechanic of the Al Bhed's invention:

Level 1: 0-3 points
Level 2: 4-9 points
Level 3: 10-19 points
Level 4: 20-37 points
Level 5: 38 points

Basically, you just have to dig an hour or two in Bikanel Desert in order to
find enough Assembly sets to power up all of the Experiment's stats to lvl.5,
the maximum level. Yes, the concept kind of sucks as it's somewhat
time-consuming for a pretty dull activity (running to X's on a map where items
can be digged by pressing X to then get back to an hover under 60 seconds, and
that process having to be done dozens of times...), but you have to do it if
you want to complete the episode in Djose.

On a positive note, you can obtain interesting items out of this quest. If,
from Clasko's ranch, you sent a chocobo to Bikanel, you'll lose it as it'll
escape. The advantage is, it discovers the Central Expanse, which is a new
location of the desert where you can dig while mounted on a chocobo. Very handy
as you avoid random encounters and, of course, the bird runs faster than Yuna.
Also, while searching for Assembly sets, you should eventually dig a Desert
Key. With it, you can open that treasure chest in the main camp (the one that
was locked since the day you came here for the first time during Chapter 1) to
receive the Horn of Plenty Garment Grid.

Last thing you should know about this quest: going to Bikanel at this point
(considering you followed the trail of this walkthrough) triggers a scene about
Marnela's prediction happening as fiends are coming from the desert to attack
the Cactuar Nation. Benzo makes it drastic as if Marnela, who's fighting the
fiends, cannot hold them forever. Don't worry, she's tough enough to handle
them until we decide to come back here by ourselves to complete Bikanel's

Well, go back to Djose temple once you found enough Assembly sets to find out
that the Experiment is now out of control when its stats are maxed out. Heh,
looks like the Al Bhed screwed up big time. Indeed, the YRP will have to pay
for their mistake by facing the machina. The battle will be harder than the
first, of course, as the Experiment's stats allow it to strike your party for
bigger damages and its lvl.5 Defense makes it way more resistant to physical
attacks. However, you should still be victorious without a single drop of sweat.

After battle, you witness a cutscene in which Paine thanks Yuna and Rikku for
giving her the opportunity of exploring the world like that. It gets funny as
she admits that at first, she thought they were just loud and nothing else.
Learning this, Yuna fakes being sad about it with Rikku.

You get your "Episode Complete!" screen after.


While completing the episode here is extremely simple, gamers can still easily
screw up as the game is very picky on what defines doing the prerequesites
correctly. In Chapter 1, you needed to perfectly complete the mission "Shave
the Hypello?" by making sure that ALL boxes of the cargo reached Tobli. In
Chapter 2, you needed to sell ALL ten tickets in the mission "YRP, the Scalpers
Three". Then, in Macalania, you had to reunite the musicians for Tobli's
assistant so the midget could have his concert in Chapter 3. Well, to sum it
up, you had to follow this walkthrough =).

At the banks, you can see that Tobli's concert is finally a big success thanks
to the YRP. The stage is actually a shoopuf and the three musicians are
performing on it for a great audience as a lot of people came. When Tobli asks
you, accept to get onstage. Play around with the camera angles with the R1 and
L2 buttons for different views of the girls and press the circle button once
you're done.

The episode is complete for the Moonflow as Tobli leaves after thanking you for
all your help.


Since we prevented Garik from attacking the Guado in Chapter 3, they're back
home in Guadosalam. Bayra, Donga and Pukutak are here, playing a modified
version of the main melody of the game for magnificent results. Tromell
explains that the song is the source of his people's sudden determination to
come back here in the Guadosalam. Talk to him a second time to learn that he's
ready to die at the hand of the Ronso for Seymour's actions, that if they come
here now, he will assume what his people did during the time of the Yevon
church instead of escaping. Rikku assures him that it won't be necessary as
Kimahri's taking care of the Ronso Youth right now. Happy, he will realize that
they, Guado, would also need a leader. Rikku suggests he jumps on the
opportunity as he would be qualified for the role. After thinking about it,
Tromell admits it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

The scene ends as you get your "Episode Complete!" screen.

The girls board the Celsius after, but come back as we can obtain a few items
here. Go speak to Tromell on the second level (to the left) and he'll let you
in the door that was locked until now. Inside, you find a young Guado who's a
friend of Lian and Ayde. After telling you about his ambition of meeting
Kimahri, you receive a gift on the part of Lian: the Tempered Will Garment
Grid. When you can control Yuna, open the two chests in the room for Baralai's
Sphere and the Tetra Bracelet accessory.

Back outside, head to the other locked door east of the Guadosalam to find out
that you can open it now. Inside, you find a chest containing a Kaiser Knuckles
accessory. That's the item you obtain following this walkthrough. However, the
content of the treasure chest could be two other items, depending on what you
did in the previous chapters. If you didn't stop Garik but still completed
every missions assigned by Tobli perfectly, you obtain the Key to Sucess. If
you did defeat Garik but missed on doing the midget's missions correctly, the
accessory will be a Crystal Bangle.

We can now proceed to the Thunder Plains.

Thunder Plains

Because of Shinra's special effects during Yuna's concert at the end of Chapter
4, fiends suddenly went on an rampage and started to gather at the calibration
towers. Mission time!

A fallen genius?

You have to defeat the chimera fiends named Rhyos found at the towers of the
plains. They aren't tough but make sure to heal the victims of their physical
attacks (as they reduce the target's HP to 1) when they attack you. Also, open
the treasure chests they leave once you defeat them. The contents of these are
based on your caliberation history. In Chapter 1, I told you to at least
caliberate the first three towers as they lead to an Elixir and two Megalixirs.
Pretty useful items. Once you defeated the nine Rhyos found at the nine towers
of the plains, the girls wonder about the last tower. On your map, it will be
represented by a red dot. Go to it and accept to approach it when asked so you
can face one more enemy.

Boss: Humbaba
HP: 27 772
EXP: 1800
Difficulty: Fair

You might have met one of these during our trip in Via Infinito. Well, Humbaba
shouldn't be too hard if you worked on your skills properly. Since it's from
the Behemoth species, it might decide to protect itself behind Mighty Guard,
but that should only lenghten the time required to beat him, nothing else.
Before taking Humbaba's life however, make sure that your characters are fully
healed as it'll use Meteor as a final attack.

Mission complete! Your reward is the Valiant Lustre Garment Grid.


The Al Bhed from the caliberation towers informs you about another secret
cavern in the Thunder Plains. Select the first option in order to visit it.

In there, head to the red dot on your map. I know the place is strangely
designed but you should find your way and reach... Cid! There he is! He seems
wounded... As the girls attempt to help him out, a machina looking just like
the Crawler from FFX attacks them.

Boss: Machina Panzer
HP: 30 500
EXP: 4300
Difficulty: Medium

Say "Hi" to the machina responsable for the Watchers that have been checking
your technics since Chapter 3! They won't be able to report one single ability
of yours to then have it locked for the battle if you followed my advice, which
consisted of destroying the Watchers before doing anything whenever you met
them in random encounters. About the boss itself, Machina Panzer has, among
many gamers, the reputation of being an hard boss but I never had a tough time
beating it, whether I had high levels or not. It will use some machine gun
attack that harms all target for multiple damages and elemental black magics.
Start off by destroying the Watchers to clear the screen a little bit. Darkness
from the Dark Knights is good for that as it hits all targets. Then, take care
of Machina Panzer with everything you've got. I like chained attacks, but
notice how I always talk about them in my bosses' strategies? Yes, I'm not a
very original guy. Except for when I flash my behind to grannies on the street,
now THAT'S original, pretend you never read this.

After the battle, Brother accepts to take his father aboard the airship once he
apologized. Episode complete for the Thunder Plains!


Access the deck using the elevator to meet Cid. Follow him to the bridge for
quite a scene between him and his children. Brother is mature enough to handle
an airship by himself, or so he says. When Cid leaves, let's check out
Baralai's Sphere while we're here! Go to Shinra and select "Yevon's Secret" to
view its very interesting contents. It features Baralai after getting shot by
Nooj when he visits... Seymour! You see him in the manor, asking for help.
Since Kinoc pretty much screwed him over, he decided to go to "an enemy of the
enemy". As he leaves, Seymour reveals his plan of using the young man. So
that's how Baralai became the leader of New Yevon...

Technically, we are done for the Thunder Plains. However, you could visit the
secret cavern in which we fought Machina Panzer again to take on a certain side
quest requiring an awake state of mind and a lot of concentration from you.
Explaining it with words on a keyboard takes guts I don't have, and I'm not
ashamed of admitting it. The thing, while very complicated at first, becomes
ironically pretty simple once you got the hang of it. You just need, as I said
earlier, to be concentrated and to take note of the hints given by the game on
a piece of paper. Having a Charm Bangle equiped also helps tremendously, you
would understand why should you attempt to conquer the cave. You aren't forced
to do this quest as you don't gain any pourcentage points from it (as there are
no scenes for you to view in there) nor complete any prerequesite for the
Mascot dressphere (since you already completed the episode in the Thunder
Plains). However, you can still obtain a couple of good items out of it, such
as the Salvation Promised Garment Grid and the Force of Nature accessory. For
the latter, you must complete the quest a second time. Yes, time-consuming but
very doable because of the previously mentionned fact that the thing's pretty
easy once you understood its basics. Just carefully read the tutorial and
you'll be taking over the cave and its passages in a few minutes.

Macalania Wood

Cross the woods using the shimmering shortcut and go the spring area where you
met Tromell in the first chapter. As you know, the woods are fading so this
place was emptied. Only one Guado stayed, and as you talk to him, he leaves for
the Guadosalam thanks to the fact that we stopped the Ronso Youth. Once Rikku
pointed how sad it is to realize that this place will soon be more, leave and
get back on the other side of the woods. From the save sphere, proceed east
until you reach the screen with four paths (passed the one with the two Bevelle
monks). Take the south one to enter the spring in which Yuna and Tidus had a
memorial moment in FFX. After the scene, you get your "Episode Complete!"

Grr, the YRP goes aboard the Celsius again, without asking. How impolite. Get
back here in Macalania and visit the agency. O'aka is angry at his brother,
Wantz, as he left him for a year without giving any reason. However, he accepts
to train his younger brother and to teach him how to become the XXIVth of their
famous family. You get a second "Episode Complete!" screen on this funny scene.

When you can control Yuna, open that treasure chest to your right for an Elixir
and enter the agency. Since we completed the episode here and helped out O'aka
during the game, you can now shop at this agency and obtain pretty rare
accessories. The down side is the high price, but meh. Gil is so easy to earn
in this game =).


If you beat the Experiment and obtained your "Episode Complete!" screen in
Djose, you surely came here already and witnessed the scene with the fiends
coming from the desert to attack the Cactuar Nation. If you didn't, well
then... Watch it now.

So, let's help out Marnela and go after the ten Gatekeepers. Though you already
got your mission time screen in Chapter 3, the game reminds us, as if we gamers
were idiots, about the fact that saving the Cactuar Nation is... a mission.
Since I'm no better than them, I'll also remind you about the fact that saving
the Cactuar Nation is... well, you know... a mission.

The cactuar connection

Use the list below to locate the Gatekeepers.

First cactuar: Lobivia. At the Oasis (here in Bikanel).

Second cactuar: Toumeya. On the beach of Besaid Island.

Third cactuar: Lobeir. Ormi's room in Leblanc's Chateau.

Fourth and fifth cactuar: Areg & Arroja. In the northern part of the Calm
Lands, before entering Mount Gagazet.

Sixth cactuar: Islaya. Near the ninth tower in Thunder plains (just south of

Seventh cactuar: Chiapa. In Kilika Wood on the east path at the second
intersection, search for a tree that can be climbed to reach an upper level.

Eight cactuar: Erio. On the snowy trail in the area south of the summit in
Mount Gagazet (where you fought Seymour Flux in FFX).

Ninth cactuar: Bartschella. In Dona's hut (Kilika Island).

To find a Gatekeeper, you need to get an hint on his whereabouts from his
mother in the Cactuar Nation. You cannot go after more than one cactuar at a
time (meaning you must bring them back individually each time) and you must
follow the order of the list above. When you find a Gatekeeper, you must
complete a gunner mini-game in which the point is to time yourself in a way
that you successfully shoot it to score points and eventually beat it at its
own trial. You're not forced to win the mini-game as you still get the
gatekeeper to follow you if you lose, but winning allows you to... feel proud
for your trouble. Also, you receive a certain Garment Grid if you can beat the
last Gatekeeper.

By last, I mean tenth. If you check the above list, there are nine Gatekeepers
only. Well, after bringing them all back to the Cactuar Nation, go talk to the
last mother to learn that her son Fraiela is a "bum", as he likes to hang out
with baddies. Go to Marnela and accept to go after him to find out that
Fraiela's actually here in the Cactuar Nation. See that cave to the north? Well
that is where he's located. Mission time!

The Last Cactuar

In the cave, follow the linear path and at a certain point, you will meet a
Sallet enemy in a random encounter from which you cannot escape. One hit and it
should be dead, but then, the cactuars will grow its size until it becomes a
Heavy Sallet, a gigantic fiend. It's still easy easy to dispatch though, you
just need to be patient while dealing with its high Defense. After the battle,
the random encounters in the cave feature fiends you fought before, but in
larger versions (such as Wasp Queen and Sahagin Chief, for examples). Well,
follow the path to the right to reach a certain trial. The passage will slowly
be flooded with sand and you must reach its end before Yuna passes out. When
she does, she wakes up on a platform at the sandfall just before the trial,
allowing you to try again. Take this as an opportunity to collect all items in
the flooded passage as some of them are pretty cool (Mega Pheonix and

At the end of the path in the cavern, you find the Gatekeeper. You obtain the
Covenant of Growth Garment Grid should you be able to take him out with your
gun. Once you're done with the mini-game, the cactuars rogue arrive and join
force to create the next boss.

Boss: Jumbo Cactuar
HP: 22 222
EXP: 0
Difficulty: Easy

Don't let the Jumbo Cactuar's size intimidate you. Once you used Darkness with
a Dark Knight, the battle is won as the two Cactuars will (or should) be
defeated. What about the main boss you say? It will focus on casting Hastega.
And... Well, that's it =). You can then simply pummel it until it collapses,
you don't have to worry about anything!


Bring Fraiela back to his mother out of the cave for a scene in which the ten
Gatekeepers summon the Great Haboob. Yay, the fiends are forced to withdraw!
The Cactuar Nation is saved!!! But... Oh no, Marnela seems to be... The drama
is stopped in an instant as Picket arrives in a hurry to inform the girls about
something terrible. The enemy of the Cacti's ancestors is now attacking the Al
Bhed camp!

Showdown in the Sands

You are asked to board the Celsius so you can adjust your party. The reason why
you're given such opportunity is because of the fact that the fiend in question
is one of the toughest in the game. Don't worry though, as my strategy should
be more than enough to defeat it in one try =).

Back at the camp, the monster emerges from a dune.

Bosses: Angra Mainyu
HPs: 333 444
EXP: 5000
Difficulty: Hard

Angra Mainyu is no ordinary boss, fact. However, compared to some of the
enemies found in Via Infinito, he's a push over. Let's first talk about his
attacks. His two arms, Tawrich and Zarich, are individual targets as they have
their respective arsenals. Though I don't know which move is used by which arm,
here comes the offences that they can use; physical attacks, for moderated
damages; AGA spells (Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga and Waterga), read physical
attacks' damages; Bloody Breath, inflicts abnormal statuses (in other words, a
Malboro Bad Breath's rip-off); Glimmer of Despair, damages the party's MP. To
talk about Angra Mainyu himself, he will use several spells like Flare and
Demi. When his two arms are KO'd, he can revive them with Full-Life. His most
vicious attack is Perdition's Flame, used when his arms are present on the
battlefield, hurting all targets for multiple damages. Now, here comes the
pretty simple strategy, or at least that's what I do when I trade punches with
this boss. Have two Dark Knights with a Darkness capable of dealing over 6000
points of damage. Your third character should be an Alchemist with the
Mega-Potion ability learned from the Stash command. In the battle, have the
Alchemist mix a Lunar Curtain with a Light Curtain so Wall can be casted on the
party. This way, the physical attacks and the black magics used by the arms
will be reduced. Then, have one of your characters throw a Chocobo Wing item so
all your characters can be under Haste status. You're set to start some ass
kicking at this point. Have your Dark Knights use their turns to cast Darkness
on the enemy. Thanks to the fact that you can deal over 6000 points with this
attack, the arms will be destroyed whenever the move is used. Plus, Angra
Mainyu's HP will be damaged as well. With your Alchemist, focus on using
Mega-Potion with the Stash command so you can make sure that the party stays
healthy (since Darkness takes HP from the caster) constantly, which is very
important as you don't want Perdition's Flame to struck your characters when
they're weakened or else it could pretty much mean Game Over. If the enemy gets
to use Bloody Breath, the Dark Knights shouldn't mind it as they have the
abilities to be immune to its abnormal statuses. It is a different story for
your Alchemist though, so heal the girl wearing that dressphere if she does get
affected by the boss' offence. That, or equip a Ribbon so the supporter of the
battle can be backed up constantly. Should Perdition's Flame be used, counter
with a round consisting of healing your party (and reviving the KO'd victims if
there are any). Keep following this pattern with your Dark Knights, killing off
the arms whenever they're revived by Full-Life and damaging the main boss until
you can pick up the win. Haste from the Chocobo Wing item thrown at the
beginning of the battle should be very helpful as it gives a great speed
advantage. You could grab the opportunity of stealing him to obtain a Megalixir
item for a bonus. Be patient since Angra Mainyu got a nice amount of HP.

When you're victorious, the Gullwings get their rewards: a lunch with the Al
Bhed plus the Mercurial Strike Garment Grid and finally an "Episode Complete!"
screen for Bikanel. 'grats!

If you go back to the Cactuar Nation at this point, you can view a scene with
Benzo about Marnela. The Cacti, while dead, is regenerating so it can come back
to life eventually. Yay! Also, you can play the gunner mini-game with the
Gatekeepers as much as you want as they're all hanging around in the village
now. If you weren't able to beat Fraiela, go ahead now. He's hard, yes, but the
trick is to check the wall behind the cactuars. As the game starts, you can see
Fraiela, the target. Examine the details on the wall behind him and memorize
them, which should be of a great help to identify the right cactuar while
playing the mini-game. Winning against Fraiela nets you the Covenant of Growth
Garment Grid like I told you earlier, which is a pretty good grid.

Mount Gagazet

Head toward the entrance for a scene between Kimahri and Garik. While we
stopped the Ronso Youth, the gigantic Ronso is still seeking answers for the
future of the tribe. He leaves once he accused our Elder of being a no good
leader for the Ronso. Go to Kimahri once you gained Yuna's control for one more
scene featuring the return of Lian and Ayde. Though they weren't able to find a
way to restore the Elder's horn, they're still happy for the trip they had in
Spira. Talking to them, Kimahri thinks of something and leaves for the mount.
Follow him and progress on the map until you reach him near the summit, where
he finds himself in front of Garik. The gigantic Ronso, more agressive than
ever, physically provokes him. Kimahri finally snaps as he decides to use his
strength to knock Garik out with a ferious punch. Afterwards, he scolds the
Ronso and orders him to start thinking for himself instead of waiting for
answers from his leader, as Lian and Ayde did when they travelled around Spira.

After, the scene switches to the tribe admiring the statue of Kimahri built on
top of the mount. Yuna thinks about Kimahri's speech, and the episode in
Gagazet is completed on this scene. You obtain the Sacred Best Garment Grid.

Back aboard the Celsius, you should now obtain the Mascot dressphere in a quick
sequence if you've been following this walkthrough as we just completed the
last episode. Hurrah for the Gullwings! Hurrah for you as well, since you just
obtained a pretty nice dressphere.

You guessed it though, we aren't done in Gagazet yet. Get back there to find
yourself at the summit of the mount. Climb to the area where the statue of
Kimahri was built to find Lian and Ayde. If you followed their adventure during
the game, they hand over the Conflagration Garment Grid given by that Guado kid
you met in the Guadosalam earlier. Pretty cool gift there!


Well, here we are now. We're done with our last world tour, and so we can take
on the final events of the game. If you followed my advice and quit the quest
in Via Infinito on the 40th level earlier in the chapter, now is the perfect
time to get back there in order to conquer the dungeon once and for all. The
walkthrough covering it can be found in the part of the FAQ about Bevelle for
Chapter 5.

When you're ready, go to Brother and check out his list of options. Pick Besaid
in order to have the Gullwings proceeding inside the Farplane using the magical
hole from the island's temple.


Hm, so Vegnagun would be down there somewhere... Follow the path until you
reach a platform. Music, here comes a Dark Aeon!

Boss: Dark Shiva
HP: 14 800
EXP: 8000
Difficulty: Easy

Three Black Mages under Haste status focusing on casting Firaga will take Shiva
down pretty quickly since she's pretty weak to fire elemental attacks. Her
Heavenly Strike can be somewhat annoying for your MP but really, the battle
will be over before anything drastic happens.

A save sphere appears so use it if you'd like and follow the path until you
reach a second platform similar to the one on which you fought the last boss.

Here comes another Dark Aeon... Or should I say, Dark AeonS.

Bosses: Magus Sisters(Cindy, Sandy, Mindy).
HPs: 12 240
     10 330
EXP: 6000 at all
Difficulty: Medium

Nothing TOO tough here though many players seem to have an hard time beating
these Magus Sisters down. Darkness works pretty well here, but you could just
take care of the enemies individually with chained attacks from a strong
dressphere. I say take care of Mindy first in this case, since her Passado can
be somewhat damaging. You may need an healer if your levels aren't high enough.

When you're victorious, get back on the trail and follow the path to eventually
find yourself on a third platform. The last Aeon remaining appears for a

Boss: Dark Anima
HP: 36 000
EXP: 6000
Difficulty: Medium

Aaah, how cool-looking. I can never get tired of the way the creators of the
game designed her! Oh well, Anima uses Pain, which inflicts Death on one
target. She can also physically harm one target for a certain amount of damage.
She can probably use Oblivion as well though I was never struck by it. That is
because she dies pretty easily to chained attacks from Dark Knights. The fact
that this dressphere protects you from Pain is pretty cool as well.

You score the Immortal Soul Garment Grid once Anima's defeated and the Fayth
appears to inform you of a few facts about Shuyin. Interesting, but we already
know all of this thanks to our trip into the Den of Woe.

Farplane Abyss

The Gullwings find themselves close to the magical pit in which Baralai went,
followed by Nooj and Gippal. Go to Leblanc (and her two acolytes) for a scene.
Nooj asked her to stay here so here she is, obeying to her Noojie-Woojie. When
you can control Yuna, go the save sphere to your right to save your progress.
Now, let's go aboard the Celsius.


Using Brother's list, you could take the routes of the other temples' magical
holes to the Farplane Glen in order to obtain the Megiddo Garment Grid. We just
did Besaid so four other routes remain. While the Djose and Cavern of the
Stolen Fayth's magical holes leads to somewhat tricky trails, they can all be
done pretty easily overall. Once you reached the Farplane Glen using the last
route, you find a treasure chest with the Garment Grid inside.

Well, aboard the airship, go to Shinra to find out about what he just
discovered. The Farplane would be an infinite source of energy with which we
could create a city that never sleeps. When you can control Yuna, leave the
bridge and ride the elevator to the engine room. Talk to Cid there several
times and then, use the elevator to get on the deck in order to spot Brother
and Buddy talking about recruiting new members for the Gullwings. The scene
gets amusing as Cid arrives and scolds them. Back inside the Celsius, ride the
elevator down to the cabin for one more funny scene, this time starring Cid and
his children, Rikku and Brother. As the scene ends, let's get back to Vegnagun.
Humor is fun, but we got a planet to save. Go back to the abyss using Brother's

Farplane Abyss

Head to the magical pit to be teleported to a new area. In front of you is a
pathway with a temporary lightning wall. Should you try to pass while the
barrier's activated, you're thrown on the ground and ambushed in a battle with
a fiend. You could always avoid getting punked in such an humiliating way for
an High Summoner by timing yourself, or you could just disable the lightning
wall. To do so, step on the colored platform pad to your left and notes will be
displayed (So Mi* Re*). Play these notes on the magical keyboard by the pad and
the lightning wall will be deactivated. Now, there are other temporary
lightning walls around, along with a different type of magical barrier at the
end of this area's portion. If you run into this one, if you're forced to
battle an Azi Daharka, which is quite an opponent. To disable it, you must play
a melody on the other keyboard to the north, this melody being made of the
notes you can gather by stepping on the other platform pads found in this area.
Two of them can be found pretty easily, but the third one is somewhat hidden.
At the keyboard with a chest (open it for a Megalixir), let yourself fall to
the right to land on a path leading to it.

Once you played the notes on the keyboard, the magical barrier is deactivated,
allowing you to get into the second portion of this area. Again, you have to
deal with a magical barrier to the north. Disable it with the keyboard in the
area as you did previously once you found the notes of the melody by stepping
on the platform pads. You could just run into it to battle an Azi Dahaka, but
keep in mind that it is a pretty strong fiend and deactivating the barrier is
more amusing =). Open the treasure chest near the keyboard and proceed into the
third area. The girls meet Gippal there, who seems injured. He got "careless"
as he says, and Nooj kept going. Leblanc and her acolytes arrive and accept to
take care of The Gipp while the YRP goes ahead. The man hands over Paine's
sphere, which contains an happy ending for the adventures of the four comrades.

Well, you got one last magical barrier to take care of, however this one's
different. You got a bunch of elevated platforms in front of you, and some of
them play notes when you reach them. In order to disable the magical barrier,
you must step on these platforms in a certain order to play Shuyin's melody.
It's kind of hard for me to explain how to proceed and it wouldn't be worth the
trouble as you can just go to Picket (left of the save sphere). With it, you
can see the order in which you must activate the musical pads on the elevated
platforms. Go to the magical barrier as you're done and step in front of it to
play the melody. Follow the path once it opened itself to you and on the way,
Rikku says there's no turning back.

In the next screen, you meet Nooj. His plan consists of taking out Baralai,
avoiding to kill him if possible. Shuyin would then leave his body to go back
in Nooj's, who will sacrifice himself. Yuna isn't for such a plan however. Two
years ago, she had to do sacrifices as well to defeat Sin and this time, for
Vegnagun, she wants to get the job done without wasting one's life. She wants
to detroy the colossus and confront Shuyin with Lenne's love. Gippal, Leblanc,
Logos and Ormi join the group to provide help. At this point however, Shuyin
makes his move with Baralai and activates the weapon.

Boss: Vegnagun's tail
HP: 34 200
EXP: 5000
Difficulty: Medium

Alright so the final confrontation starts with the machine's tail. While it can
attack your party for over 1000 points of damage, this battle isn't hard. If
your characters are low on HP, you can easily heal with an Alchemist or a White
Mage. Steal X-Potions from the boss (you can obtain six of them with the
Masterthief ability) and pummel it with your greatest attacks.

Uh-oh, looks like Leblanc and her two acolytes need some help. Go to them in
order to take it from here.

Bosses: Vegnagun's leg
        Node A
        Node B
        Node C
HPs: 18 220
     30 000 each nodes
EXP: 30 000 at all
Difficulty: Medium

This battle is over as you deplete the leg's HP. However, you miss the
opportunity of obtaining a couple of goodies by winning this way. See those
nodes? They drop interesting items and give a good amount of EXP when you
destroy them. Taking on this task is easier said than done though, as they are
pretty solid. I say go ahead and use your gil to damage these nodes with the
Throw command from the Samurai dressphere.

When you're victorious, proceed north to find out about Nooj, Leblanc and

Gippal having trouble with Vegnagun's core. Here, the Gullwings will show them
how it's done =).

Bosses: Vegnagun's core
        Right Bulwark
        Left Bulwark
HPs: 33 040
EXP: 7400 at all
Difficulty: Easy

Can you hear these voices encouraging you during your battles with Vegnagun?
They're Jecht, Auron and Braska's! For the battle, you must take care of the
Bulwarks before being able to harm the core. This is pretty easy with Darkness
from the Dark Knight dressphere. About the core, just pummel it with chained
attacks (or offences of your choice, as long as it's effective) until you can
pick up the win.

We did it! Oh... actually not. Shuyin also got a plan B as a gigantic canon
emerges from Vegnagun's head. Well, let's not be intimidated. Like Auron says,
finish the job now!

Bosses: Vegnagun's head
        Right Redoubt
        Left Redoubt
HPs: 38 420
EXP: 0
Difficulty: Medium

The thing with this battle is that you're timed. See, Vegnagun's attacks don't
really matter. What should draw your attention is the fact that Shuyin talks
during the fight. If he gets to talk seven times, he'll have Vegnagun shoot
Spira with this huge canon on which you're standing, which nets you the Bad
Ending. We want to avoid this ending, so we'll have to be quick and beat down
Vegnagun before Shuyin gets to talk seven times. In order to be able to target
the colossus' head, you have to deplete the Redoubts' HP. Once you did that,
have your characters under Haste status and attack the main enemy with
everything you got. Basically, you just need to take down 38 420 points of HP
before Shuyin gets to insert his lines.

After the battle, Yuna executes her famous plan B. Wearing the Songstress
dressphere, she will talk to Shuyin as if she was Lenne. The man, or should I
say, the man's shadow, will finally leave Baralai's body to approach his love.
Unfortunately, he realizes that it isn't Lenne. Needless to say, he isn't happy.

Final Boss: Shuyin
HP: Meh
EXP: Meh
Difficulty: Meh

Here we go for the last battle of the game. Shuyin's fighting style is nearly
identic to Tidus' as he'll use the same technics, just that they have different
names. To list them, he has the Spin Cut, which is just like Tidus' Spiral Cut.
It harms one target. A second attack is Hit & Run, corresponding to the Slice &
Dice Overdrive. The move targets the whole party for multiple hits. Shuyin also
uses Force Rain, which is, you guessed it, just like Energy Rain. This one
harms all target once. Finally, the final boss has Terror of Zanarkand- Tidus'
Blitz Ace-, which attacks the victim brutally. If you're having an hard time
dealing with the enemy, you may need to use supportive spells like Protect and
Haste but seriously, this is pretty easy for a final battle. Steal an Hero
Drink item from Shuyin if you'd like and just give everything you've got until
you're victorious.

As the battle ends, Lenne's shadow emerges from Yuna's body to reunite with
Shuyin. The two lovers can finally rest in peace.

End of Chapter 5

The heroes leave the Farplane now that Spira is saved. As the Gullwings find
themselves at the abyss, press the X button. Assuming you followed this
walkthrough and did the prerequisites during the game, you should hear a
whistling. The Fayth appears on this note and asks if you want to meet "him".
Select the first option ("Yes!") so you can watch the Good Ending once the
credits rolled after the Common Ending. Read the next section for more about
these endings (how many of these can be viewed, what to do to get them, what do
they contain, etc).

Congratulations dear readers! You beat Final Fantasy X-2!


6- The endings


This section is about the various endings that you can watch as you beat the
game. I'll list them and cover what you have to do in order to view them. Also,
I will describe their contents so you can associate them. Do not read these
descriptions if you haven't seen them first though, or else you'll be spoiled,
something we absolutely want to avoid as some of them are just fabulous when
you don't know what to expect.

The Bad Ending: To get this one, you just have to let Shuyin speak seven times
when you face Vegnagun's head. Spira is destroyed by that huge canon as the
shadow fires the planet with it.

The Common Ending: Defeat Vegnagun's head and then Shuyin to view this ending,
which is the one you get when you normally beat the game. It contains Nooj,
Baralai and Gippal at the stadium in Luca. Spira listens to their speech, which
consists of a summary of everything that happened during FFX-2: the two clans
(the Youth League and New Yevon), Vegnagun, and so on. It ends with the YRP on
the deck of the Celsius as Yuna says that it's her story.

The Good Ending: You have a few pre-requirements to complete in order to get
this ending. First, you have to talk to Maechen every times he appears in the
game (which is included in my walkthrough). Also, you need to whistle four
times at the end of Chapter 3 (when Yuna's stuck in the Farplane because of
Ixion) using the X button (press it four times). Finally, once you defeated
Shuyin and obtained the "Chapter 5 Complete!" screen, press the X button as the
Gullwings are at the abyss and accept to see "him" when the Fayth gives you the
opportunity (by selecting the first option). To describe this ending, it's the
return of Tidus. Out of the ocean he emerges to find himself at the island of
Besaid. The Celsius arrives (probably from the stadium in Luca as the Good
Ending must take place right after the Common Ending) and Yuna jumps from the
airship to land close to her love. They can finally reunite, applauded by the
Besaid villagers, including Wakka, Lulu, the Besaid Aurochs, and so on.

The Perfect Ending: To view this one, you must watch the Good Ending first
(meaning completing its pre-requirements), and you must have 100% points of
completion when you end the game. The Perfect Ending is not an FMV but a
sequence of two-three minutes in which Tidus and Yuna, the young lovers, are at
Zanarkand with the sunset of FFX's intro. They talk about everything that
happened, about how they could finally reunite. Tidus has a theory: the Fayth
made him with his memories. That, or he's a dream again. In any case, they
cannot know and instead of thinking about it, they decide to just be together.
You get a good old "The End" screen on this.

That's that for the endings!


7- General tips


This section is devoted to general tips for the game, as the section's title
says it.

- Whenever you equip a dressphere, don't forget to check its abilities and
select the one you want to learn. The computer choses them for you if you do
not check them, and it may not pick the ones you want.

- There are a lot of Garment Grids in the game (60 of them), so check your list
once in a while for a quick update on the ones you got so you can be informed
about what alternatives you have. Same for the accessories.

- On the subject of Garment Grids, you obtain the 60th one named The End once
you collected all other grids.

- Do not be scared by fiends under Oversoul status. While they're usually
harder, they provide more EXP and different items. Also, some fiends are
actually easier when Oversouled (Paragon and Chac, for examples).

- Hotspots lead to progression in the story, but only focusing on them is
missing out on so much as FFX-2 got so many side quests. That's why you should
do world tours during the chapters.

- You can skip certain scenes in the game using the Square button while the
screen is paused. Doing so prevents you from obtaining the % points of said
scenes though, so stay away from it I say.

- While I already included it in my walkthrough, the engine room contains four
treasure chests that are refilled at the start of each chapter.

- You can do an infinite gil trick when O'aka is aboard the Celsius. Once you
paid his debt, he sells items for very cheap prices. Buy them and sell them
back to make profits, allowing you to get as much gil as you want.

- On the 40th level of Via Infinito, you obtain the Cat Nip accessory when you
beat the boss of the cloister (Black Elemental). With this accessory, you can
deal 9999 points of damage when your character's HP is in yellow. Combining the
Trigger Happy Lv.3 ability from the Gunner dressphere with this accessory
allows the girl to attack for over a dozen of times for 9999 points, allowing
you to beat about every enemies in the game. This is quite a cheap trick but oh
well, if you want an easy way out of the challenges offered by the game.

- Another cheap trick is the one consisting of obtaining "CONGRATS!" with the
Random Reels ability of the Lady Luck dressphere in a non-random way. Just
pause your game and you can easily get three 7s in a line, which triggers the
use of the move. With it, you can get tons of gil, items, and "defeat" some of
the greatest fiends in an instant.


8- Conclusion


Well, this concludes my FAQ. I hope you found everything you needed and managed
to conquer Final Fantasy X-2. Writing a guide for a game is such a wonderful
experience, I'm honored if you liked reading it. I really suck at conclusions
so I'll just say au revoir and see you in another guide! Take care all!


9- Credits


- All of you readers.
- CJayC
- Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy guide by Dan Birley for the Bestiary
- Alexander Krivács Schroder
- SonOfJecht
- Square-Enix


Game: Final Fantasy X-2 (North American version) by Square-Enix
Platform: Playstation2

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