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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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Several cheats for you to check out including easy Exp, easy level ups, alchemy recipes and unlockables like fishnet stockings and a posh waistcoat.

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We have 34 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : 3DS

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Casino Items and Dodgy Dave Trades

Casino Items
To get the following items when you're playing the Casino games you have to spend the indicated amount of tokens.
Magic Water: 100 Tokens at Pickham
Silver Platter: 500 Tokens at Pickham
Agility Ring: 1,000 Tokens at Pickham
Titan Belt: 1,500 Tokens at Pickham
Rune Staff: 3,000 Tokens at Pickham
Platinum Headgear: 5,000 Tokens at Pickham
Prayer Ring: 1,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Spangled Dress: 3,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Saint's Ashes: 5,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Falcon Blade: 10,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Liquid Metal Armor: 50,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Gringham Whip: 200,000 Tokens at Baccarat

Dodgy Dave Trades
You get..


Medal Rewards:
The following is a list of the rewards when you cash in your Mini Medals to Princess Minnie.
28 Mini Medals - Fishnet Stockings
36 Mini Medals - Posh Waistcoat
45 Mini Medals - Staff of Divine Wrath
52 Mini Medals - Gold Nugget
60 Mini Medals - Meteroite Bracer
68 Mini Medals - Miracle Sword
75 Mini Medals - Sacred Armour
83 Mini Medals - Orichalcum
90 Mini Medals - Metal King Helmet
99 Mini Medals - Dangerous Bustier

110 Mini Medals - Flail of Destruction

Monster Arena Prizes
The following is a list of rewards you get from Morrie when you reach a certain Rank in the Monster Arena.

Reach Rank A - Unlock..


Unlock Alternate Costumes
Magic Bikini (Jessica):
Equip the Magic Bikini on Jessica.

Jessica's Outfit (Jessica):
Equip Jessica's Outfit on Jessica.
Divine Bustier (Jessica):
Equip the Divine Bustier on Jessica.
Dancer's Costume (Jessica):
Equip the Dancer's Costume on Jessica.

Dangerous Bustier (Jessica):
Equip the Dangerous Bustier on Jessica.
Bunny Girl (Jessica):
Equip the Bunny Ears, Bunny Suit and Fishnet Stockings on Jessica.

Dragovian Armor (Hero):
Equip the Dragovian Armor and Dragovian Helmet on Hero.

Dodgy Dave's Hidden Shop
Bandit Axe:
Give Dodgy Dave Ring of Immunity

Big Boss Shield:
Give Dodgy Dave Crimson Robe

Ultrus The Ultra Slime

Find the 3 small slimes scattered across the world. Theres one by Trodain, one by the autumn chruch, and one near Empyychu. Now put them all in your monster team.
Sounds stupid right? WRONG! Now enter any rank you can in the monster arena. The 3 slimes will most likely merge into Ultrus the ultra slime.
I beat rank C, B, and A. Now I'm working on S. So when your stuck on a rank, just remember this cheat. Alos, after every moinster area battle, your slimes and Ultrus will be fully healed!


Alchemy Recipe for Hammers
Megaton hammer = Uber war hammer + Conquerer's axe + Orichalcum
Sledgehammer = Giant mallet + Iron helmet + Iron helmet
Uber war hammer = War hammre + Mighty armlet
Alchemy Recipe for Helmets
Bronze helmet = Stone hardhat + Bronze knife + Bronze knife
Bunny ears = Hairband + Bunny tail
Feathered cap = Leather hat + Chimaera wing
Fur hood = Feathered cap + Fur poncho
Golden tiara = Thinking cap + Silver tiara + Gold nugger
Hades' helm = Mythril helm + Saint's ashes
Happy hat = Feathered cap + Elevating shoes
Hermes' hat = Feathered cap + Mercury's bandana
Mercury's bandana = Bandana + Agility ring
Mythril helm = Hades' helm + Saint's ashes
Phantom Mask = Iron headgear ..

Alchemy Pot Recipes

Result I tem 1 Item 2 Item 3
Agility Ring= Seed of Agility Prayer Ring
Amor Seco Essence= Strong Medicine Holy Water
Angel Cheese= Fresh Milk Premium Mould Yggdrasil Dew
Angel Robe= Flowing Dress Magical Skirt
Assassin's Dagger= Eagle Dagger Poison Needle
Bandit Axe=Thief's Key Battle Axe
Bandit Mail= Heavy Armor Bandit Axe Bandit's Grass Skirt
Blizzard Blade= Bastard Sword Cold Cheese Icicle Dirk
Boxer Shorts= Bandit's Grass Skirt Bandana
Bronze Armor =Chain Mail Bronze Shield
Bronze Helme=t Stone Hard Hat Bronze Knife Bronze Knife
Bronze Shield= Leather Shield Bronze Knife
Bunny Ears= Hairband Bunny Tail
Bunny Suit= Silk Bustier Bunny Tail
C-c-cool Cheese= Cold Cheese Premium..

The Ultimate sword

Dude you guys want this sword it's call the dragovian King sword. All you need is a liquid metal sword and the dragovian sword.
Liquid metal sword + dragovian sword= dragovian king sword Attack:137

Secret level

There IS a level after Rhapthorne, and I will tell you where:
1:Use the Zoom spell to go to Baccarat.
2:Use the Godbird's Soulstone and fly where you found the tree of styx[the Glowing Tree]
3:On top of the mountain, there is a GIANT platform [FLY there] and land.
4:Up there, is a stele with a wierd symbol on it, hit X to activate a cut-scene.
5:Keep following the winding path to a gate.
6:And BOOM! A new area called the Dragovian Sanctuary.

Yangus' best weapon

First find the Conqueror's axe in the hill next Rydon's Tower (get soulbird to get there) then if you haven't already make the Uber War hammer with a War hammer + a mighty armlet then mix them in with a piece of Orichalcum, and BOOM you get the Megaton hammer A.K.A Yangus' best weapon

Easy lvl ups

Walk through the path to the ruined abbey untill you encounter a dingaling. Or use yangus's whistle. Then in battle keep pshycin up untill dingaling calls for jargon backup, then atackt it. Keep doing it as long as you want because when you reach to jargon m you have earned 1000 not attack the dingalings.

how to get Hero's best weapon

once you beat the Lord of the Dragovians you can do the Dragovian trials you can win a Dragovian sword then if you haven't already make the Liquid metal sword (this is also good for killing Liquid metal slimes) by mixing Rusty Old Sword + Orichalcum + Slime Crown in the alchemy pot and after that mix the Liquid metal sword in with the Dragovian sword and BOOM you got the Dragovian king sword A.K.A Hero's best weapon


First of all if you want to beat him your hero must be at lvl 30(HE MUST LEARN FULLHEAL) and had learned miracle slash. And yangus 29 and angelo lvl 27-29 (HE MUST LEARN FULL HEAL!) and jessica lvl 27-29.
Dhoulmagus has about ???1000???-???1600??? Health
In his first form:
Use your first turn send in your monster team to attack dhoulmagus. When dhoulmagus summons 2 dopplegangers and throws debris to your weakest character on his first turn I think , increase the party's defense(kabuff) and hero's offense (oomph)dont bother with sap fuddle etc. As the boss is immune to it. Dont attakc the clones just focus your attak on the real one .. Because hes the one that causes the bigger damage. Start increasing your tension every turn with the hero and yangus, once you..

A lot of Exp.

In order to gain exp. Quickly, go to black Citidel and fight the metal king slimes (very easy)
and you will gain about 30,000 exp each

Angelo's best weapon

After Marta is killed you get the ultimate key and you can use this on the locked door in Trodain and in one of the chests is the Rusty old sword and if you kept the Slime crown from the slimes in the well you can mix it with a piece of Orichalcum which you can get in a barrel in troll maze then it should be,
Rusty Old Sword + Orichalcum + Slime Crown = Liquid Metal Sword
And thats Angelo's best weapon (and Jessica's best sword weapon)

Timbrell of Tension and Sage`s stone

I think that these are most useful items in the game. First Timbrell of Tension. Items you need: sun crown, magic beast hide and tough guy tattoo. You can find magic beast hide in the Trodains castle or sometimes bullfinch can drop it. At Argonia you can buy tough guy tattoo. But the sun crown is the hardest item to make. First you need a skull helm and you can find it in the Dragonvian Trials. And then you need Saints Ashes. You can win this item at the Monster Arena or find it some treasure chests.
Timbrell of Tension = Sun Crown + Magic Beast Hide + Tough guy Tattoo
You can find Sage`s stone at the Black Citadel or make it:
Sage`s stone = Gold nugget + Orichalcum + Yggrassil dew

Weakest weapons you shoud equip if you are fighting Rapthorne

Hero: Liquid Metal Sword
Yangus: Hell Scythe
Angelo: Uber Falcon Blade
Jessica: Demon Whip

Good trick for starters

I found a good way for starters to beat bosses
As soon as you get jesica give all her skill points to knife skill
She will learn toxic dagger after an amount of skill points
Every time you poison a boss he will lose a lot of hp in 1 turn you can have in down in 3 turns
Hope I helpt the newbies in this game

Argon Lizard

Start your turn with angelo kabuffing your team and with hero and yangus phsyching up. Then use jessica to increase the hero's and yangus's attack by oomph. Then when hero and yangus reach 50 atack with their best ability or magic or normal atack it doesnt matter.

Easy EXP

For easy experience, try to find metla slimes,(1000 expierience points) liquid metal slimes (10,000 expierience points) and metal king slimes (30,010 experience points!) This is the easiest way to level up at any point in the game. The easiest way to beat them is to use Yangus' Executioner and the Hero's lightning thrust. They both have a 50% change of killing any of those 3 enemies in one hit. Also, the metal king slime gives more experience points than ANY boss in the game, so it's worth the time trying to find and kill them.

Getting Talos

To get Talos he is in Neos you need to complete monster arena 1 rank before rank C if I was you I would call your monster team to get a boost of killing him onto your team!
Needed monsters would help:

Angelo's best weapon.......

It's the Shamshir of Light
The Recipie is
Shimmering Dress, Rune Staff, Light Shield.

Secret equipment

In Farebury, there is a well near Valentina's house. Hit X on it to jump down it. Open the chest and you will receive a leather shield.
And in the cave where you fight the giant lobster like creature, there is a slime bouncing in a fork in the path. Talk to him and say no. Walk down the path that hes on and go in the cave. Here you will receice a copper sword for free instead of paying your hard earned money in the weapon shop.


All right this will be very easy if you have kafrizzle with jessica. All you got to do is psyche up jessica all the way and used Kafrizzle and it will do more than 500 damage!
You would probably Beat it in 4 turns.

The best weapon in the game is really hard to ge..

The best weapon in the game is really hard to get if you could you would be grateful:
It's called the Heavenly King Sword
To make it you need the GOSPEL RING;you get it if you killed all 250 monsters in the game: Here is the Recipe
Heavenly King Sword=Gospel Ring+Slime Crown+Rusty Old Sword
P.S- abilitites for the sword(instinte kill power,3x money,its worth 100,000gold

How to get Steropes

I think to get it you NEED to complete Rank B as I completed it on lvl 34 I was terribly lucky
Ok teleport to princess's minnys castle go to it's beach so when out of castle go to your right and you will see a Gigantes and when your lvl 44 you can release him v him again for him 895 hp
0 Mp
Battle him but do not lose because he is quite hard...

How to defeat a boss the easy way

Well put your team on fight wisely for Aneglo and Jessica for Yangus use fight wisely, psche self up, show no mercy.

Strong robe or good money.

Mix a Sage's Robe + Magic Water + Nook Grass to make a crimson robe it sells for $11,250. It's defence is 82.

Easy exp

You will need godbirds soulstone for this , go west of the tower that had the baby of emperya captive at night. Theres a patch of land there then us whistle and you will encounter liquid metal slimes about after every 3 times you engage combat.

Easy peasy exp

You need 2 have defeated gemon 2 do this, coz you need godbird soulstone (you kill gemon sometime in the game after defeating empyrea) fly 2 the hill near raidons tower (soz if I did bad speling) and you will end up at a place called howlwind hill (slime hill) there you will fin d the conquerors axe for yangus and all enemies you bumpimto will be an ememy of the slime family ( later on you will find dark sabrecat for some reason) you will need yangus conquerors axe and have learned executioner hero metal king or hero spear and have learned lightning thrust jessica have staff skills lv1 and have learned accelerate and angelo uber falcon blade and metal slash when you come into a battle get jessica to cast accelerate hero use lightning thrust and yangus use executioner on a metal slime, l..

If you want to get 2 yggdrasil leaves from the g..

If you want to get 2 yggdrasil leaves from the girl at the bazzare in argonia this is what you got to do
Buy 1 then put it in the alchermy pot with holy water
Then buy another from the girl
Then take the 1 you put in the alchomy pot out
Then you will have 2.

Easy beginning

I just started today and already found this out. When you start after your done doing everything your suposed to and before going out to get the crystal ball do this. Talk to the girl in up stairs in the inn. Not the girl sitting down but the other girl in the morning. She will give you hints where you can find money and other items. If you collect all of the stuff you get around 300 dollar and tons of stuff. Before you go to the cave I would say you should be level 5 it makes it soooo much easier. Also you can get a free copper sword (its usually 270) by going in the cave and instead of going to where the crystal ball is go straight and open the teasure chest and there it is

Make money with the alchemy pot.

Well, here are some good combinations to make money.
Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb = Strong Medicine (Sold: 88)
Badana + Bandana = Turbant (Sold: 205)
Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb = Moon's Mercy (Sold: 308)
Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder + Rock Salt = Soft Cheese (Sold: 600)

Super saiyan hero

If you scyche hero all the way up to 100 he'll look like from dbz>

Where to find Dumbking

Zoom to Argonia when you see the bridge cross it go upwards NOT following the path then you will see him on the otherside so go on the otherside

It uses:
Monsters to kill it easily:
Well you could just use your team

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