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Follow the dark path or use the light


by miyako_houou

Dragon Quest VIII - Walkthrough
Author: Miyako
Last Updated: 02-12-05
Version .1: Skeleton

Version .2: added Introduction,  walkthrough up to port prospect.

Version .3 Added Legal Information, Changelog.  Updated Walkthrough to cover


This is a walkthrough for the US version of Dragon Quest VIII.  It is being 
written as I play through the game- so updates will come along every week or
so until I have finished with the game.  The focus of this guide is to help 
you progress through the story, and prepare you for the many challenges Dragon
Quest VIII offers.  This guide will not be cluttered with a great deal of
tables, charts, or ascii-art maps.  There are plenty of very good in-depth
FAQs available for alchemy, items and equipment.  I may, eventually,  add 
charts and tables to this guide, but it will be in a much later version.  I 
should also note that I'm doing a lot of this by memory,  so some of the names
of the enemies especially in the earlier part of this guide may not be exactly

This walkthrough is intended to be used in 2 main ways.  You can print this 
guide out (or keep it open on your screen) as you play through, and follow 
along step-by-step.  This will give you a good idea of where to go and when. 
I've tried my absolute best to keep spoilers out of this walkthrough, so as 
long as you do not read too far ahead you should be able to follow along with
the guide without having the story ruined for you.  The second way you can use
this guide is as a quick reference if you are having problems with a 
particular area.  If you find yourself lost without knowing what to do, or are
wanting to get some idea of what you face in a particular area, then you may 
look just at the relevant section of the guide.  If you are trying to find 
your specific location in this guide, try using CTRL-F and entering the name 
of the nearest town or current dungeon.  Sections are in ALL CAPS and named 
after the general area they take place in.  Major characters, items, and 
locations are also in all caps for your searching convenience.

Most of the legal stuff is at the bottom of this document, so be sure to read
that.  Just to summerize a few points though: This is a COPYLEFT document, so
you're free to copy and redestribute it under the terms of the Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. If you do decide to publish this guide
somewhere though please let me know- I would like to know who is finding
benefit from this work.

Although anyone is free to post this guide under the terms of license, here
is a list of sites that have been kind enough to inform me that they are
posting this guide:

GameFAQs -
NeoSeeker -
SuperCheats -

These are some general tips that apply to the game in general.  Keep these in
mind as you play through the game to have a much easier time of things.

*Save Money For Weapons and Armor
While nearly every town sells general goods such as healing supplies, you'll 
find that in general the game keeps you well stocked with basic recovery items

*Use Magic To Heal
The Hero learns the Heal spell early on.  By make sure to give Yangus a few 
points in Humanity early on you can be sure to have both characters able to 
cast healing magic.  Since a heal spell costs only 2MP you'll find that it's 
generally more cost effective to use healing magic instead of consumable 

*Hoard Old Equipment
While it might be temping to sell of that old equipment, you'll find that a 
lot of times older items can be used with the alchemy pot to create better 

*Level Up Early
The earlier you start leveling up your characters the better shape you'll be 
in later in the game.  A general rule of thumb that I use is to level up in an
area until the average experience you get from battle is less than 1/10th the
experience needed to level up your highest level character in order to stay at
an average level.  In english this means that if an average battle in an area
gives you 10 experience points, level up in that area until you require more 
than 1000 experience points to get to the next level.  In other words, level 
up until it takes you more than 10 to 15 battles to gain a level so that you 
can be sure that you are at an adequate level to survive whatever the next set
of challenges are.

*Level Up In The Field
While enemies in dungeons tend to come in larger groups and give better 
experience, it is wiser to level up in the field so that you can easily rest 
and resupply when needed.  Leveling up in the field also gives you a chance to
search the world map for hidden treasure chests.

*Save Often
Save every time you stay at the Inn, before and after every dungeon, and after
every series of cut scenes.


Average Party Level: 1
Fire Spirit

The enemies in this are are pretty strait forward.  Hit- Get Hit- Repeat.  At
this point the Hero and Yangus do about the same ammount of damage, so you 
should focus both of their attacks on a single enemy.  Bunnycorns are about 
the most dangerous common enemy you'll meet, so be sure to take them out first

The game opens with a cut scene introducing you to the the story so far.  
After the cut scene, you will find yourself in Faybury.  Your mission if you
choose to accept it: Find MASTER RYLUS.

The first thing you should do is wander around town and start searching for 
items.  Use X to pick up barrels and jars, press X again to throw them and 
find items hidden inside.  Along with barrels and jars, be sure to search
cabinents/dressers and bags on walls in the houses around town.

Book shelves can provide you will much useful information, so be sure to check
any bookshelf you come accross.  At this point in the game you'll mostly get
tutorial information, but later on you'll find a lot of useful things hidden 
in bookshelves.

Be sure to check out the church for items.  At the top of the belltower in the
church you can find a bit of paper on the ground that has a recipe for a 
THEIVES KEY.  File this away for later- you don't need to worry about it 
just yet.

Once you've managed to find all the items you can lying around head into the 
bar and start talking to patrons.  You'll find out some information and get a
cut scene that will move the story along.

Head out of FAYBURY and you'll get a cut scene with a young woman asking you 
to head to the WATERFALL CAVE.  Agree to help her out.

After you've agreed to help locate the CRYSTAL BALL and start heading SOUTH 
you'll quickly find that the local enemies can pretty much beat you into a 
fine paste.  Spend some time near the entrance to FAYBURY leveling up and 
healing at the inn when needed.

If you are low on HP try to rest at the INN instead of using Medicinal Herbs.

Once you get to Level 3 try wandering deeper into the forest around Faybury. 
You'll meet stronger enemies and gain expeience more quickly.

As soon as you've got the gold upgrade the hero and Yangus' armor and sheilds.
Be sure to give Yangus a better weapon too.  You can buy a Copper Sword for 
the Hero, but you'll find one in the waterfall cave so you might want to save
your money.

Once you get to level 5 or 6 head back to FAYBURY to rest in the Inn and stock
up on Medicinal Herbs (You should already have a few from the town and winning
them in battle.  Try to have 6 or 8 on hand for the upcoming dungeon.  Make 
sure that Yangus has a few in his Inventory.)

After you are stocked up and rested head directly SOUTH from the entrance to
FAYBURY.  Eventually you'll come across a lake and a cliff with a waterfall.
Head into the entrance to get to the....

Average Party Level: 5
Mecha Birds
Poisonous Slimes

Combat Strategy:
The enemies here hit a bit harder than the ones outside, so be sure to keep an
eye on your health. Watch out for the mole creatures.  They will occasionally
raise their Tension and deal some massive damage. If a creature begins to
raise it's Tension focus on it during the next round and try to take it out
before it can unleash a powered up attack.  Enemies here also seem to come in
larger groups, so be prepared to heal regularly.

The Waterfall cave is pretty simple.  Take a right at the first fork to get
some treasure chests.  On the second level take the left fork and you'll get
a Copper Sword.  A slime will tell you there is nothing down there- just
ignore him.

When you come to the hammer weilding guard he'll ask you if your going to
fight him.  If you say "YES" He'll step aside and let you through.  At this
point it's probably a good idea to avoid that particular fight since a pretty
tough boss battle is comming up.

Once you make your way through the waterfall cave you'll eventually find the
crystal ball.  When you go to grab it though a mermish looking creature with a
severe speech impediment will ask you if the crystal ball is yours.  Answer
"YES" to get on with the conversation and your first boss fight.

Gyeser isn't exactly the most ruthlessly difficult boss you'll come across in
the game, but he can be tricky.  Gyser generally hits for about half your
characters HP, and he's fast, so he generally attacks at the beginning of a
round.  At this point the only things you can really do are Attack and Heal,
so have Yangus attack every round, and have the Hero heal every round.  You
can have Yangus raise his tension if you want.  Raising it 3 times in a row
and it will go up by 50, which will allow you to inflict some pretty heavy

After around 6 to 10 rounds GYESER will eventually give up and let you take
the crystal ball.

Heal your characters back up and then head back out of the dungeon.  If your
in bad need of rest or restocking, use a Chimera wing to head back to Faybury.
Otherwise head west around the back of the cliff and up the path that leads to
the top.  Enter the cabin at the top and find a woeful carpenter.  He'll ask
you to retrieve a tool bag he left underneat a red tree.  Check the cabin for
a good item, and then head back down the cliff and due west.

Continue due west until you get to a bridge crossing the river.  Head across
that and look around for the red tree.  Grab the tool bag and return it to
it's owner to get 8 slices of cheese for munchie.

Keep the cheese in the bag for now.  Later on you'll be able to use it to
create much better cheeses for Munchie.

Head back to Faybury.  Back in Faybury head up the steps and into the house by
the well. After a touching cut scene you'll be given directions on where to
head next.  Rest and Restock if needed, and then follow the road outside of
Faybury across the checkpoint and to...

Average Party Level: 9
Bodkin Archer
Spiked Hare

The enemies in the region around ALEXANDRIA are getting more powerful.  You
are now more likely to run into enemies that will cast spells or cause status
effects on your party.  Be careful of the Hammerhoods, who will occasionally
raise their tension by 100 and cause massive damage.  Beetleboys can also
cause trouble by knocking your characters over and taking them out of
comission for a couple of rounds.  Spiked Hairs can do a fair bit of damage to
a single character as well.

Head down the road from FAYBURY and take the path to the CHECKPOINT.  After a
cutscene continue down the road for a bit until you find ALEXANDRIA on the
left.  Head into town to be greeted to another cutscene.  Search the town for
items, rest, and save your game.  Stop by the weapon and item shops at the
front of the town.  Upgrade your armor first and then upgrade Yangus's weapon
and get the Hero a Boomarang when you have the gold.  Spend some time outside
of ALEXANDRIA leveling up.  Your character should probably be near level 7 or
8 by the time you get to ALEXANDRIA.  Try to get your characters up to at
least level 11 before continuing to make your life easier.

This is a good spot to level up.  If you find the enemies close to Alexandria
are a bit weak, try heading toward the beat and PORT PROSPECT to fight some
more powerful enemies.  If you can get the Hero up to about level 13 it will
come in handy in upcomming battles.

Once you've stocked up on items and leveled up a bit, head into ALEXANDRIA
and head to the large mansion set in the back of town.  Talk to the people in
the mansion for a bit of background story, and then head up to the storage
area on the top level and talk to the maid.  After the cut scene, send Munchie
through the mouse hole.  Navigate down the stairs and climb up the broom
handle onto the desk to get the JESSICA'S LETTER.  Take the Letter to Bangers
and Mash who are standing guard outside Jessica's room.  Use the letter to
read it aloud and convince Bangers to Open the doorway to ALEXANDRIA TOWER.

Average Party Level: 12
Bubble Slime

Enemies in the TOWER OF ALEXANDRIA tend to use more magic than enemies in the
field around ALEXANDRIA.  Imps are by far the easiest enemies in the area,
they tend to try to use a lot of magic, except they don't have enough MP to
cast any of the spells, so they waste a lot of turns.  Bubble Slimes have low
HP, but they can poison your characters if your not careful.  Healslimes are
easy enough to defeat, but can heal other enemies.  Frogfaces are the most
difficult enemies in the area.  Once you hit one, they show their true face
and will use a fire based attack that can hit all party members for about 15hp
as well as a more powerful standard attack.  If you got a Boomerang then you
should be able to take out a group of enemies fairly easily.  Since the
Boomerang will deal more damage to the leftmost enemies, and less damage to
the rightmost enemies, a good tactic is to have Yangus target the rightmost

This dungeon is fairly straightforward.  There are a few good items insome of
the jars, as well as a couple of chests to find out of the way.  When you get
to the upper levels you will find some locked barred doors.  Find the faces on
the walls with glowing blue eyes.  Examine these faces to get through the wall

When you get to the top of the tower you'll be treated to another cutscene.

Head back out of the tower,  be sure to search for any treasure you might have
missed on the way to the top of the tower.  After you've cleaned out the tower
head back to ALEXANDRIA.

About half-way up the tower on the outside there is a stone bridge with no
railing.  On the way out of the tower you can walk off this ledge to find a
handy shotcut to the bottom of the tower.


Once you get back to ALEXANDRIA head back to the mansion at the back of the
town.  Head upstairs to get a cutscene, and talk to the characters up there
to get a bit more background information.  Head back out of town and you'll
get another cutscene.  Rest at the Inn and stock up on supplies if you want,
when you're ready head out of town and toward PORT PROSPECT.

Average Party Level: 13
Sea Urchin
Man 'o War

You can find some new enemies on the beach near PORT PROSPECT.  Most of the
enemies in this area are slightly more powerful than the enemies around
ALEXANDRIA.  Nothing here should be much more of a challenge than anything
you're already used to.

Take the fork toward PORT PROSPECT from ALEXANDRIA and head down toward the
beach.  Go down onto the beach and look to the left to find a good item in a
chest.  Level up in this area for a bit if you want, or follow the path into
port prospect.

Once you get into town you can rest at the Inn and upgrade your equipment if
you want.  You can upgrade the Hero's weapon here if you want.  The Boomerang
will hit multiple enemies, so think hard about which weapon you'd prefer.
Hold onto the Boomerang either way.

Talk to the inhabitants of the town to get an idea of what's going on, and
when you're ready head down the stairs to the pier and enter.  Head to the
back of the building to get a cut scene.

Save your game and then Talk to Jessica to head out.

This is a fairly easy boss fight if you've been leveling up.  The strategy
for this fight is similar to that you used with GYESER.  Have Yangus raise
tension and attack while the Hero heals.  You might be able to get away with
having the Hero heal every other turn, and attack on alternate turns.  Be 
careful that you don't let your HP get too low though.


After putting a stop to KALAMARI you are returned to PORT PROSPECT.  After a
cut scene you're given a chance to stock back up on supplies and rest at the
inn.  When you're ready go talk to Jessica again on the Pier to head to
Paraguin Quay.


Watch the cut scene on the ship to get some background information on your
characters.  Afterwords talk to Jessica and the ship hands.  Once your ready
head down stairs into the ship.  Break open the barrels in the cargo hold to
get some good items, and then proceed through the doors to find King Troad.
Talk to the king to get another cut scene and access to the ALCHEMY POT.

Another short cut scene and then you'll find yourself in...

Average Party Level: 13
She Slime
Lump Mage
Giant Moth
Morphean Mushroom
Hell Hornet
Tree Face

The enemies around PARAGUIN QUAY are a bit more difficult than those you've
faced thus far.  Chainines will throw a collar around your charcters making
them unable to move for several rounds.  Scorpions are dangersous because they
can poision your characters.  Scoripons will also cast Buff to raise their
already high defences even higher.  Brownies are the new versions of the
familiar hammer weilding enemies.  As before watch out for them, they will
often raise their tension and deal massive damage.  Jargons have high HP and
will deal upwards of 25HP worth of damage each round.  Dingalings are easy to
kill, but they have a nasty habbit of calling Jargons into battle.

There isn't a whole lot to do in PARAGUIN QUAY when you arrive.  Stop by the
shops and upgrade weapons and armor for your team if you want.  Be sure to buy
at least 3 BRONZE DAGGERs from the weapons dealer for use in Alchemy.  Buy a
new weapon for Jessica, but be sure to keep her current whip for use in
Alchemy.  Enter the INN and talk to the man at the table on your left to get an
IRON NAIL. By the time you're ready to head out of town, you should have the
following for alchemy projects:

3xBronze Dagger
3xScale Shield
3xChimera Wing
3xLeather Hat

optionally, you might also want

1xBandit's Grass Skirt
1xHeadband (Comes in Jessica's Inventory)
1xBunny Tale (occasionally dropped by Bunnycorns and Spiked Hares)

Head through the Inn from PARAGUIN QUAY and through the door on the other side
to get out to the field.

Now's a good time to start experimenting with the Alchemy Pot.  Open up the
Menu and choose the Misc. option to access the alchemy pot.  Select the items
you want to combine and press [] to get the process started.  Combining items
in the Alchemy Pot takes a little time.  When the pot is finished you will hear
a bell ding.  Select alchemy pot again from the menu to see what you've made.

You have to move around to get the alchemy pot to work.  It seems to be based
on the steps you take, so don't stand still waiting for it to finish.

Although you can't use the Alchemy Pot while your in dungeons, it will still be
chugging away at your creations.  Try to put things that take particularly long
into the pot before you go into a dungeon.

The bell that tells you the pot is finished can be hard to notice some times, 
if it seems like it's been a while, check the pot.  If it's not finished King
Troad will give you the option to cancel or wait a while longer.

As you've probably noticed, Jessica's level is quite a bit lower than the Hero
and Yangus's.  Take this time to level Jessica up while you run the Alchemy Pot

The first thing you you do is put a bronze dagger and iron nail into the
alchemy pot.  After a few battles check the pot to get the THIEVES KEY. Head
back into PARAGUIN QUAY and help the young man across the way from the weapons

Head back out into the field and spend some time leveing up while you make a
Feathered Hat for each of your party members by tossing a LEATHER HAT and a
CHIMERA WING into the alchemy pot.  After you've created your new hats work on
some BRONZE SHIELDs for the Hero and Yangus by combining SCALE SHIELDs and
BRONZE KNIFE.  If you managed to find a Bunny Tale then you should combine this
with Jessica's HEAD BAND.

Hold on to the bunny ears, If you equip Jessica with these and a few other
items, you can get a special outfit for her.

If you've been using the BOOMERANG then you can combine the IRON NAIL with the
BOOMERANG you can get the REENFORCED BOOMERANG.  This will give you some extra
power in a forthcomming dungeon- but you won't be able to get some items
without the THEIFS KEY.

One you've gotten your character up to level 14 or 15 head down the road
outside of PARAGUIN QUAY until you come to a stone bridge over the river and
arrive at...

Average Party Level: 15
She Slime
Lump Mage
Giant Moth
Morphean Mushroom
Hell Hornet
Tree Face

Enemies in this area are the same as those around PARAGUIN QUAY, and the same
strategies should serve you well.

Talk to the monk outside the entrace to MARCELLA ABBEY if you want to save.
Head inside and chat with the people in the abbey to get an idea of what's
going on.  After chatting it up with the locals, head to the back of the abbey
and approach the soldiers guarding the double doors in the courtyard.  After a
cutscene head out of MARCELLA ABBEY and take the road to SIMPLETON.

Average Party Level: 15
She Slime
Lump Mage
Giant Moth
Morphean Mushroom
Hell Hornet
Tree Face

Same enemies, same strategy.

SIMPLETON is a very simple town.  The entire town consists of an Inn, a church,
and a very large bar.  Walk around and chat with a few of the townies, and have
a rest until evening if it's daytime when you arrive.  When you feel ready to
continue, head into the bar.  Talk to some of the people in the bar to get an
idea of what is going on.  Talk to ANGELO in the red, and the burly masked man
playing cards at the table to the right of the entrance near the stairs to view
a very funny cut scene.  After the cut scene save at the church if you want,
and head out of town and back toward MARCELLA ABBEY.

Show the guards who told you off earlier ANGELO's RING to gain entrance to the
Templars Quarters.  You can have a look around and bust some barrels to get a
few items, then head down stairs into the dungeons.  Take the corridor down and
find your way to the antachamber to the Torture Room to see ANGELO and MARCELLO
having a discussion through another cut scene.

After the cut scene, head back upstaris and through the double doors down the
hall across from the entrance to the templars quarters.  Talk to the guards on
the bridge and then head back out of the Abbey to get another cut scene with
ANGELO and to get your next mission...head to the...

Average Party Level: 16
Bag O' Laughs
Metal Slime
Fly Guy
Mummy Boy
Walking Corpse

The enemies in the RUINED ABBEY are stronger than any you've faced thus far.
If you've been leveing up as recommended they shouldn't prove an insurmountable
challenge however.  The HERO and Jessica should both be able to hit multiple
enemies at once.  The Walking Corpses have high hit points, but do not seem to
do a great deal of damage.  Mummy Boys are among the more enemies, with high HP
and a strong attack- plus they can paralize your party.  Skeletons tend to do a
decent amount of damage, and come in large groups.  The Metal Slime is a rare
enemy in this dungeon, but is definitely worth fighting if you can find one.

The Metal Slime is worth over 1300 EXP if you can kill one.  They are immune to
Magic that you can use at this point, and have a very high agility and tend to
doge most attacks.  Have Jessica cast Accellerate to give your party a few more
shots before the slime flees.  Don't bother to use abilities or tension, as you
will still whiff most of the time.  Instead use a standard attack every round.
If you connect you will deal 1hp of damage, but the Metal Slime only has 4hp,
so you only need to hit a few times.

On the path to the RUINED ABBEY you might run across your first infamous
creature.  There have been a few of these creatures you might have found before
now, but this particular is unavoidable.  Infamous Creatures are monsters that
you can see walking around in the field.  Approach or Be Charged by one to
initiate a battle.  Infamous Creatures are more powerful versions of standard
monsters that you may find in random encounters, and their levels increase with
the level of your party.  For this particular creature, try to put it to sleep
with a spell from Jessica.  Then have your party members psyche up and unleash
more powerful attacks.

Save at Marcella Abbey and then follow the directions given by ANGELO to get to
the Ruined Abbey.  Turn left outside of the Abbey and follow the river to find
a narrow way running along side the river.  Follow this path until it curves
around to the right and follow it to find yourself in a small clearing with a
pedestal.  Examine the Pedestal and use the TEMPLAR RING to reveal a set of
stairs leading down into the RUINED ABBEY.

The RUINED ABBEY is mostly straitforward.  As you enter the first area, head
forward and down one of the curving staircases.  In the next area, do not take
the stairs strait forward at the end of the room.  Instead, look in the chamber
on your left, on the east side of the room.  The right chest contains a Map.
The left chest isn't a chest at all however.  If you try to open it you'll face
the powerful Cannibox.  This battle enemy isn't worth much exp or gold, so you
may just choose to avoid it.

Next head across the room to the small chamber on the other side.  Check the
cabinent for an Iron Nail, then head down the ladder.  Run down the hallway and
smash the jars in the chamber at the end to get an item, then return to the
room half-way down the hallway.  Open the chest to get a good item, and then
head out the other door in this room.

Take the stairs down in here and head forward into a small room with some book
shelves.  Check the shelves for some good information and an Alchemy Recipe.
Head forward and carefully walk on the debris to cross the next room without
touching the evil purple sludge.

You'll loose HP if you walk through the purple muck.  Use the digital control
pad to walk across it slowly if your not sure of your walking accuracy.

Head up the stairs and check the rooms on either side of you for a couple of
items.  Make sure to heal your party to full health, and then proceed down the
corridor and into the room strait down from the stairs.  Approach the creature
in here to get a short scene, and then prepare for battle against...

The restless spirit is part skeleton, and part mage.  He can cause some pretty
heavy damage to the part, as well as a few status effects.  Start off the
battle by having Yangus raise his tension.  Have Jessica cast accellerate on
the party, and the Hero can use standard attacks or abilities.  This boss does
not seem to be vulnrable to sleep, but you can use some of Jessicas offensive
spells.  Have the Hero and Yangus heal as necessary.  If you've been keep up
on your levels you should only have to heal every other round, or ever third
round if you're lucky.  Use the HEAL spell instead of items to recover HP,
because your HP and MP will both be fully restored after this battle is over.

After putting the spirit to rest, check the cabinent behind you for an item,
and then head down the tunnel avoiding more poisionous sludge, and ascend the
latter to find yourself back in...


Walk around the Abbot's cabin and enter from the front for a brief scene.
Talk to the soldiers and then head up stairs for another cut scene.

Check the many bookshelves in the first floor of the Abbot's cabinent for some
humerous texts and a couple of Alchemy recipes.

After the cut scene, head back downstairs and out of the cabin.  Walk across
the bridge toward the rest of the Abbey for another cutscene.

Head down the tunnel and climb the ladder for another cut scene.

You'll find yourself in the small cabin just outside of the main entrance of
MARCELLA ABBEY.  Run down the path and back into the Abbey.  Head into the
Templars quarters, through the double doors down the hallway, and back to the
Abbot's cabin.

Another cut scene triggers, and you'll find yourself back in the Templars 
quarters.  After a brief conversation with ANGELO, head out of your room and
talk to the guards to gain entrance to MARCELLOs room.  Talk to MARCELLO for
another scene.  Check the bookshelves for some more jokes and alchemy recipes.

Head back to the exit of the Abbey and have a chat with ANGELO.  Save your game
outside the Abbey, then head left down the path to...

Average Party Level: 16
She Slime
Bag O' Laughs
Pan Piper
Giant Moth
Morphean Mushroom
Fly Guy
Night Sneaker
Mummy Boy
Slime Knight
Spiked Hare
Hell Hornent
Metal Slime
Khalamari Kid
See Urchin
King Kelp
Clockwork Cukoo
Fat Bat
Bodkin Bower

This is a large area, and the fruther west you travel the stronger the enemies
become.  A lot of the enemies you'll come across are the same, or more powerful
versions of the same enemies you've been facing.  As in the RUINED ABBEY, metal
slimes are a great way to get experience if you can manage to take them out.
Treefaces will use healing herbs on enemies, and have a decent attack, so take
them our early if you can.  Puppeteers will cause your character to laugh
uncontrolably, so they are also of concern.  The Diemon can cause a lot of
trouble for your party when it rolls dice.  It will occasionally cast a spell
that can do 60hp of damage in one hit.  If you run into a group of them they
can very easily wipe out two characters in a single round if your unlucky.
Clockwork Cukoo can also cause trouble.  They have a high defence, and can hit
your entire party at once for about 25hp.  Chimeras are easy to kill, but will
use a fire based attack that hits multiple enemies.

Continue down the path for a long way.  There are a few chests in the area, but
you'll need to create something better than the theives key before you can open
them, so stick to the path just now.  About half-way down the path, you'll come
across a lonely cabin and a church sitting near a river.  Head into the cabin
and talk to the old woman there for some information that might come in handy
later.  Head over to the church and save your game, then talk to the woman
there to get a free nights rest, and a cut scene.

Behind the church there is a cow.  Approach the cow and press X to milk it. You
can now create some cheese with the alchemy pot.

With a Iron nail and the Holy Lance you got from the RUINED ABBEY you can now
create two new weapons for the Hero.  Combine the HOLY LANCE with the LONG
SPEAR to get a new spear.  Combine the Iron Nail with the Boomerang to get the
Reenforced Boomerang.  If you already created the Reenforced Boomerang, then
use the Iron nail and the Bronze Dagger to create a Theives key.

Save your game and continue down the path a ways until you come to a large

When you get into town climb down the well to find a nice item sparkling on the
ground. Head into town and upgrade your equipment, search for items in the
houses, rest up, and save your game.  This is a good spot to level up too if 
the enemies around here have been giving you too much trouble.

As soon as you're ready to continue on with the story, head into the castle
during the daylight hours.  Search around the castle for items and chat up the
guards to get an idea of what's going on.  Climb all the way up to the top of
the castle, and walk around the top tower to get a cutscene.  Head down stairs
into the throne room and talk with the maid to get another cut scene, and then
head off to the Inn to rest until evening.

In the night, head back into the castle, and to the throne room and talk to the
king.  After you've spoken to him, head back out of the castle, and get another
cut scene.  At this point, if you haven't done so, be sure to check the books
in the Church for a couple of clues on what's coming up next, and a couple of
good Alchemy recipes.

Trek back to the little chaple on the river and save your game, then enter the
house across the way.  Chat it up with the people in the house to get an idea
of where you're supposed to go, and then head back out and around to the back
of the house.

Head down the slope in the back of the house and follow it around to the path
that goes alongside the river.  Follow the path up for distance until you come
to the cavernous entrance to...

Average Party Level: 17
Bodkin Bowyer
Mummy Boy
Hell Hornet
Slime Knight
Walking Corpse
Fat Bat

No knew enemies here, so you should be prepared for anything you run across.
The groups of enemies here seem less dangerous than what you might have found
closer to Ascanthea, so you can be greatful for the reprieve.  As always, watch
out for the Diemon.  Walking Corpses have a lot of HP, so be careful of that.


When you enter the cavernous entrance to WISHERS PEAK, you'll immediately see
that your path right has been blocked by an unfortunate cave-in.  Head forward
into the save, and follow the tunnel strait back to get a staff that you should
equip on Jessica.  Backtrack and find a small tunnel that shoots off from the
tunnel you were in, and follow it around to get past the boulders blocking your
path.  This will take you onto the mountain part of Wisher's Peak.

Walk up the path from the stairway, and enter the small cracked hole in the
wall near the steps.  Run into the area and that the first left you see into
a small chamber where you can get a MAP for the area.  Backtrack and head out
of the well.

If you are trying to get through the area quickly, you can climb up the rope
and find yourself nearly at the top of the peak.  You'll miss some items though

The path to the peak is really quite simple.  Just head right and continue
to spiral up to the top.  There is a chest containing an item that you will
most certainly find useful a little ways out of the way, so check the
side-paths well.

Dusk should be setting as you arrive at the top of the peak.  Give it a few
minutes and watch the shadow of the window inching it's way to the wall.  Wait
a minute more and you'll get a cut scene.  Enter the door to find yourself in
a strange world.

Head up the path on the invisible bridges connecting the platforms to the
building at the center of the strange universe, and get a cut scene.  After the
scene, talk to the strange fellow who greeted you for another cut scene.

You'll be asked to take Isimari back to Ascanthea, but worry not, you won't
actually have to make the journey.  As soon as you exit the strange realm you
will find yourself just outside...



You'll find yourself facing the double doors leading into the castle of
ASCANTHEA.  Head into the castle and up the series of staircases that leads to
the throne room.  You'll get a very long and touching cut scene before Ishimari

Another cut scene fires up which is certainly more light hearted than the last.
Stand up from the table and chat with the king and your party, then head out of
the castle.  Finish up any business you have in ASCANTHEA, save your game and
head out of town.  You'll get another short and funny cut scene with the party
and directions on where to head next.  So set off due south off the path for...

Average Party Level: 20
Clockwork Cukoo
Walking Corpse
Night Fox
Khalamari Kid
King Kelp

The enemies around Pickham are a bit easier than the ones around Ascanthea
mainly because they attack the entire party less often.  Hoods will some times
throw stones at the party, which generally does between 7 and 15 hp of damage
to each character.  Headhunters are pretty common, and tend to come in large
groups.  Their HP isn't too high, but they will ocassionaly guard with their
shields, which makes their DEF go up.  Mums tend to show up alone, and are
very easy to deal with.

Head south from Ascanthea.  When the path forks, you can walk along the beach
to the east, or you can take the western side of the cliff and find a small
cabin that will give you a chance to rest and save your game.  This is a good
area to level up for a while.  You should try to get the Hero and Yangus up to
about level 20, which should put Jessica and Angelo around level 17.  Once you
have gotten your characters sufficently leveled, head south to find a road that
you can follow strait into Pickham.

When you get into Pickham, you'll have a cut scene.  Walk around town a bit
and chat up the locals to get a feel for the place.  There are some decent
items hidden in the houses if you want to look for them.  There are also a few
good alchemy recipes in thee bookshelves you should get.  You should stop by
the weapons and armor shops and upgrade everyone's equipment.  If you're
running low on gold, head out of Pickham and fight some enemies until you can
afford the best for everyone.

You may want to keep the Boomerang for the Hero.  At this point it's quite a
bit less powerful than the weapons you can buy, but it still has the great
advantage of being able to hit many enemies at once.

Once you are ready to get on with the story, head down the central street of 
the town, and turn right.  Circle around and head back down the alleyway and
you'll find a staircase leading up.  Check the building infront of the stairs
for a good item, and then travel along the rooftops for a set of stairs leading
down.  Approach the door to get a cut scene.  After the scene, enter the room
to search for items, then head to the back of town and the Inn/Pub.

Enter the pub to talk to king Troad, and get another cut scene.  Travel back
down the central street in Pickham, and turn right, run past the casino and
enter the small house next to it.  Run through the rubble and get another cut

Head back to the bar next to the stairs you used to get to the upper level of
the town, and chat with the barman to get access to the back room.  Talk to the
rather large man at the counter to get another cut scene. Time to head out of

Travel south from Pickham until you can go due west.  Travel southwest and up
the slop through the trees and you'll enter a small area with a house.  Chat up
the man guarding the doorway for a cut scene.

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