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Silent Hill Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Silent Hill please send them in here. For more Codes for Silent Hill go to:
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All Silent Hill Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

How to achieve all endings + save Cybil and Dr. Kaufmann

Save Cybil - After you first meet Dr. Kaufmann in the hospital, head to the kitchen and grab a Plastic Bottle. After you have done so, head into the director's office and use the Plastic Bottle to scoop up what's left of the Red Liquid on the floor.

Towards the end of the game, when you have to fight a possessed Cybil, use the Red Liquid on her (but be careful as her attacks are quite damaging). This will cause the parasite possessing her to drop off, and Harry will stamp on it. A cut-scene will follow in which Harry will discuss Cheryl's origins with Cybil.

Save Dr. Kaufmann and complete the Kaufmann sidequest - This is known as the Kaufmann sidequest. Once you enter the Resort Area, head to Annie's Bar. Inside, Kaufmann is being attacked by a Mumbler. Harry will kill it, saving Kaufmann's life. Kaufmann is thankful, but leaves. After he has left, check the floor around where he was being attacked and you will find his dropped wallet, and inside is the Kaufmann Key and a Receipt from the Indian Runner with the combination '0473' written on.

After this, head to the Indian Runner store. Use the numbers written on the receipt as the combination for the numerical lock on the door, and it will open. Inside you will find a Safe Key, which you (obviously) use to open the safe behind the desk. Inside are packs of drugs. On the wall next to the safe is a message from Norman Young, the owner of Norman's Motel, which states the code to the rear entrance of the Motel is '0886'.

Head to the Motel, but don't enter into the courtyard. Head around the side of it, where the rear entrance is, and use the code on the numerical lock. You will find a Magnet on one of the desks. One of the doors is also an entrance to a garage, which contains a rather suspicious motorcycle, but don't worry about that just yet. Head to the front entrance and unlock the door.

You'll now be in the Motel courtyard. Examine the Kaufmann Key. It reads 'Room 003'. Head to Room 003 and Harry will unlock the door with the Kaufmann Key. There doesn't seem to be much inside, but if you move the shelf there will be a small crack in the floor where a key has been placed, although it is out of reach. Use the Magnet to obtain it. The key is the Motorcycle Key.

Go back to the garage and open the Motorcycle's gas tank. Inside you will find a bottle of the same red liquid you need to save Cybil, although this triggers a cut-scene with Kaufmann, in which he will angrily snatch the bottle from Harry and warns him not to meddle in what's none of his business. At the time, Harry concludes that Kaufmann must be involved in the drag trafficking going on in the town, but that it wasn't important and he wasted his time.

Okay, now for the endings:

Bad ending - Don't save Cybil and don't complete the Kaufmann sidequest.

Bad+ ending - Save Cybil but don't complete the Kaufmann sidequest.

Good ending - Complete the Kaufmann sidequest but don't save Cybil.

Good+ ending - You guessed it. Save Cybil and complete the Kaufmann sidequest.

UFO ending - This can only be obtain in the 'Next Fear' games. Obtain the Channeling Stone from the convenience store, which is located directly north of the Cafe where you met Cybil. Use it in the following locations:

- Alternative school roof

- Alternate hospital courtyard (before the fight with the giant moth)

- Motel courtyard

- Inside the boat where the cut-scene between Harry, Cybil and Dahlia occurs

- On top of the lighthouse

Unlock Silent Hill Extra Options

During game play press the Select button to bring up the Item screen and then go to Options. Press any shoulder button and if done correctly a small menu opens where you can turn off auto-aim, change the colour of the blood and reverse some of the controls.

Speacial ending

Get the Channeling stone at the convenience store.

Use it at the:

Hospital Courtyard after killing the Moth

Top of the Lighthouse

Motel Park Lot

Alternatice school roof

Save Cybil

Get a empty bottle from the kitchen in the hospital and then go to the director's room in the hospital. Fill the empty bottle with the red liquid. Now when she turns into a monster at the end, don't kill her, just get close to her and use the bottle.

Don't use your bullets

At the start of the game when you've just regained conciousness and Cybil gives you the handgun don't shoot anything unless you have to. Run away unless you are trapped or you'll lose your bullets quickly.

For all weapons at title screen press down,up,..

For all weapons at title screen press down,up,down,down,tri,cir,cir,

& hold down L1,L2,R1,R2,& this should give you all weapons

Yo does anybody know what I do with the pik ball..

yo does anybody know what I do with the pik ball??

I'm stuck I did the piano thing and the old hand thing to get the gold and silver medallions and know I can't solve the last riddle about the lizard and stuff when you read the books.

Someone help me!!

The Wooden Steak Passageway. The passway is fou..

The Wooden Steak Passageway. The passway is found in the messed up school.Note the messed up school is the

weird looking one on the another side of

the clock tower.

The answer is...

TURN right valve

left 2times 1ST

Turn left valve

right onces 2nd

When you get to the school that is like Hell yo..

When you get to the school that is like Hell you will find a find a pink rubber ball later in the game. go on the roof and you will find a spot with blood and a drain.

Click x next to that drain. then it will say there is a key but not in reach. then go to the valve and turn it. then the water will go in the wrong hole. then in the hole the water is going into put the rubber ball.

Then turn the valve again. then go into the courtyard and next to the building will be a key next to the drain. it is on the grass...!

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