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Silent Hill


Silent Hill Game Script

by Conquerer

 _____   _   _       _____   _    _   _____    _    _   _   _       _
|  ___| | | | |     |  ___| | \  | | |_   _|  | |  | | | | | |     | |
| |___  | | | |     | |___  |  \ | |   | |    | |__| | | | | |     | |
|___  | | | | |     |  ___| |   \| |   | |    |  __  | | | | |     | |
 ___| | | | | |___  | |___  | |\   |   | |    | |  | | | | | |___  | |___
|_____| |_| |_____| |_____| |_| \__|   |_|    |_|  |_| |_| |_____| |_____|

                  __   __      __  __  __  __    __  ___
                 |  _ |__||\/||__ |__ |   |__|| |__|  |
                 |__| |  ||  ||__  __||__ | \ | |     |

|Silent Hill Game Script   |
|Platform: PlayStation     |
| Copyright 2003 Conquerer|

FAQ Disclaimer
This FAQ is copyright 2003 by Conquerer. Permission from me is required
for this to be posted anywhere else, unless I send it it to you.

Questions and Comments
If you have any questions or comments about this FAQ, e-mail me if you 
wish, but make sure you make the subject name have SH1 in it. Or you
can add me to you MSN list and ask me there. My e-mail is below. 

Want to Rate My FAQ?
If you feel that this FAQ has helped you in anyway and you'd like to
thank me, what you can do is give this FAQ a good rating. It's your
decision, though.

E-mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

2.  FAQS

1.                            U P D A T E S
Most Recent Updates:

[12/03/03] - 36 KB
First sent in. Script is about 90-95% complete. This FAQ was already
almost done but never posted it until now after changing the script layout.

2.                               F A Q S
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did you include when Harry talks to himslef and the words don't come
out in this script?
A: Yes.

Q: How did you do this script?
A: I played the game and wrote down what the characters said. Many cases,
I had to watch the video many times to get it all.

Any questions? Send them in to me at [email protected] and I will
answer it personally and maybe post it here.

3.                         G A M E  S C R I P T

                       O L D  S I L E N T  H I L L

North Bachman Road
[Harry wakes up from his crashed Jeep to find Cheryl missing and then
starts looking around]

[Harry thinks to himself]

Harry: Cheryl. Where could you be?

       It's strange...

       It's quiet. Too quiet. This place is like a ghost town.

[As you move forward, footsteps are heard]

[Harry thinks to himself]

Harry: Footsteps?

[Harry follows the footsteps to find a little girl across the street]

Harry: Cheryl? Is that Cheryl!?

       Where are you going?

[Little girl starts to run away]

Harry: Hey wait... stop!

Bachman Road - Alley
[Alarm is heard in the background]

[Gets darker and Harry pulls out a Flare and lights it]

[Harry thinks to himself]

Harry: ...... better than nothing, I guess.

[As you continue, Harry finds a corpse hanging on the fence]

Harry: What is this? What's going on here!?

[Demon Children come out of nowhere and kill Harry]

Cafe 5.2
[Harry wakes up in the Cafe and a woman that appears to be a Police 
Officer walks up to him and crosses her arms]

Harry: Was I dreaming?

Cybil: How do you feel?

Harry: Ugh... Like I've been run over by a truck, but I'm alright, I guess.

Cybil: Glad to hear it.

       You from around here? Why don't you tell me what happened?

Harry: Wait a second. I'm just a tourist. I came here for a vacation. I
       just got here...

       I don't know what happened. I'd like to find out myself.

Cybil: Uh-huh?

Harry: Have you seen a little girl? Just turned seven last month... Short,
       black hair... My daughter.

Cybil: Sorry. The only person I've seen is this town is you.

Harry: Where is everybody?

Cybil: I'd tell you if I knew, believe me. But from what I can tell,
       something bizarre is going on. That's all I know.

Harry: Hmmm...

Cybil: What's your name?

Harry: Harry... Harry Mason.

Cybil: Cybil Bennet. I'm a a police officer from Brahams, the next town
       over. The phones are all dead, and the radio, too. I'm going back
       to call in some reinforcements.

Harry: Hmph.

[Harry gets up and heads towards the door]

Cybil: Hold it! Where do you think you're going?

Harry: My daughter... I've gotta find her.

Cybil: No way! It's dangerous out there.

Harry: In that case, I need to find her now. Cheryl's my little girl. I
       can't just leave her by herself.

Cybil: Have you got a gun?

Harry: Ummm... no.

[Cybil hands Harry her gun]

Cybil: Take this. And hope you don't have to use it.

       Now listen to me, before you pull the trigger, know who you're
       shooting. And don't do it unless you have to. And don't go blasting
       me by mistake.

       Got it?

Harry: Yeah. Thanks.

Cybil: You'd do best to stay nearby. I'll be back with help as quick as I

[After you collect all the items and try to head out the door, static is
heard from the Radio]

Harry: What's that?

       Huh? Radio? What's going on with that radio?

[Harry walks over to the Radio and some glass breaks and then a Flying
Demon enters comes into the Cafe]

[After you kill the Flying Demon]

Harry: This is not a dream! What's happening to this place!?

Bachman Road - Outside Cafe 5.2
[Harry thinks to himself]

Harry: Where could Cheryl have gone? I guess I'll check that alley again.

Bachman Road - Alley
[Harry find some items on the ground at the end of the alley]

Harry: Isn't this Cheryl's sketchbook?

       Hmmm... She's at the school...

01 // m i d w i c h  e l e m e n t a r y  s c h o o l

Locker Room 2F
[After you open the locker that's making noises, a cat comes out and
scares Harry]

[Harry thing's to himself]

Harry: Just a cat...

[Cat runs towards the door, exits and a gruesome noise is heard]

02 // n i g h t m a r e  s c h o o l
After you exit the Clock Tower from the other side, you seem to be in the
same place, only different]

Harry: Where am I? Have I been here before?

[Harry spots a weird mark on the ground]

Harry: Hmmm... I don't remember this being here before.

Northwest Teacher's Room 1F
[When you try to exit the room through the far door, the phone rings and
he picks it up]

Cheryl: Daddy---- help me!---------Daddy----where are you----?

Harry: Cheryl!

[Phone cuts off and Harry hangs up]

Rooftop RF
[If you have the Channeling Stone and you use it, Harry hears a weird

Harry: What?

[Harry notices a light in the air]

[Harry thinks to himself]

Harry: That light!?

[The light then disappears]

Boiler Room BF
[After you defeat the Lizard Boss, the school returns to normal and you are
nw in the Boiler Room]

[Harry sees an image of Alessa and then she disappears, looking at him]

Harry: Huh? What was that!? Who in the hell was that!?

[Harry thinks to himself]

Harry: Where am I? This is a... boiler room? What is going on here?

[A bell then starts sounding off]

Hallway 1F
[After Harry comes up to 1F from the room]

[Harry thinks to himself]

Harry: I hear a... a church bell? Where is it coming from? Who's
       ringing that bell


Balkan Church
[When Harry enters the Church to find a woman standing in front of the
altar and a question comes to his mind]

Harry: Were you ringing that bell?

Woman: I've been expecting you. It was for told by Gyromancy.

Harry: What are you talking about?

Woman: I knew you'd come. You want the girl, right?

Harry: The girl!? You're talking about Cheryl?

Woman: I see everything.

Harry: You know something? Tell me!

Woman: Stay back! Nothing's to be gained from floundering about at random.
       You must follow the path. The path of the Hermit can seal by

Harry: What!? What are you talking about?

Woman: Here, The Flauros, A cage of piece. It can break through the walls
       of darkness and counteract the wrath of the underworld. These will
       help you. Make haste to the hospital before it's too late.

[The woman heads for the door]

Harry: Wait! Don't go yet.

[The woman exits the Church]

                    C E N T R A L  S I L E N T  H I L L
03 // a l c h e m i l l a  h o s p i t a l

Examination Room 1F
[As Harry enters the room for the first time, he sees a man sitting in a
chair and he shoots Harry]

[Harry gets blown back from the shot and then crouches by the door]

Harry: Hold it! [Gasp] Stop! Don't shoot. Wait... I'm not her to fight. My
       name is Harry Mason. I'm in town on vacation.

Kaufmann: Thank god. Another human being.

Harry: Do you work here?

Kaufmann: I'm Doctor Michael Kaufmann. I work at this hospital.

Harry: So maybe you can tell me what's going on.

Kaufmann: I really can't say. I was taking a nap in this staff room, when
          I woke up, it was like this. Everyone seems to have disappeared.
          And it's snowing out - This time a year. Soemthing's gone
          seriously wrong. Did you see those monsters? Have you ever seen
          such aberrations? Ever even heard of such things? You and I both
          know creatures like that don't exist.

Harry: Yeah. Have you seen a little girl anywhere? I'm lookign for my
       daughter. She's only seven. Short. Black hair.

Kaufmann: She's missing? I'm sorry. But with all those monsters around, I
          nighly doubt that she's...

Harry: [Sigh]

Kaufmann: Sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you. Your wife, she's here with

Harry: She died four years ago. Now it's just me and my daughter.

Kaufmann: I see. I'm sorry. Well, I'd better be going. I can't just sit
          around here doing nothing.

Harry: So long. Good luck out there.

04 // n i g h t m a r e  h o s p i t a l

Examination Room 1F
[As Harry enters the room, he spots a young woman under a table,with his
Flashlight and she gets up and hugs him]

Lisa: Finaly, someone else who's OK.

Harry: Who are you?

Lisa: My name's Lisa Garland. What's yours

Harry: Harry Mason.

Lisa: Harry, tell me what's happenning here. Where is everybody? I must
      have gotten knocked out. When I came to, everyone was gone. It's

Harry: So, you don't know anything, either. Great... I just don't get it.
       It's like this all is some kind of bad dream.

Lisa: Yeah, a living nightmare.

Harry: Let me ask you, have you seen a little girl around here? Short.
       Black hair. Seven years old.

Lisa: A seven year old girl. What, she's your daughter?

Harry: Yes.

Lisa: A seven year old girl. I can't say that I have. I was unconscious
      all this time. I'm sorry.

Harry: [Sigh] That's alright. Do you know anything about all that weird
       stuff in the basement?

Lisa: No. Why? Is there something down there?

Harry: You don't know? Don't you work here?

Lisa: We're under strict orders never to enter the basement storeroom. So,
      I really don't know. What did you say was down there?

Harry: Well, it's... [Alarm sounds off] UPH... DAMN! My head!

Lisa: What's wrong? Harry? Harry. Let me help you. [Echos] Harry...


Examination Room 1F
[After talking to Lisa, Harry is now in the normal hospital and Dahlia is

Harry: Was I dreaming?

Woman: You were too late.

Harry: It's you.

Woman: Yes. Dahia Gillespie.

Harry: Tell me everything you know. What's going on?

Dahlia: Darkness. The town is being devoured by darkness. Strength must
        overcome petty desire. Childish sleep talk. I knew this day would

Harry: What are you talking about? I don't understand a word of this.

Dahlia: Believe the evidence of your eyes. The other church in this town,
        that is your destination. This is beyond my abilities. Only you
        can stop it now. Have you not seen the crest mark on the ground,
        all over town?

Harry: So, that's what I saw in the schoolyard. What does it mean?

Dahlia: It is The Mark of Samael. Don't let it be completed.

[Dahlia heads for the door and exits]

Harry: Hey, wait!


Antique Shop
[Harry moves a cupboard to reveal and pathway through the wall]

Harry: What's this?

Cybil: Harry!

[Harry turns around to find Cybil behind him]

Harry: Cybil?

Cybil: [huagh] I'm glad you're ok. I shouldn't've left you. Things are
       worse than I thought. It's nuts!

Harry: What are you doing here? I thought you left town. 

Cybil: I saw you go in here, so I followed you. I couldn't get out! All
       the roads out of town are blocked. Cars have completely stopped
       running. The phones and radios are still out, too.

Harry: What about my daughter? Did you see her?

Cybil: I did see a girl.

Harry: Was it Cheryl?

Cybil: I only caught a glimpse of her through the fog. I wnet after her,
       but she vanished! I don't know about your daughter, but-

[Harry cuts her off]

Harry: And you just let her go!? Where was it?

Cybil: On Bachman Road. She was heading towards the lake. Now don't get
       excited, it wasn't like she ran off exactly. There was no place for
       her to go. The road has been obliterated. 

Harry: What? So then Cheryl...

Cybil: It was like she was walking on thin air.

Harry: Hmm...?

Cybil: What about you? Anything?

Harry: Yeah. I met this bizarre woman. Her name's Dahlia Gillespie. Do you
       know her?

Cybil: Dahlia Gillespie. No. And?

Harry: She said something about the town being devoured by darkness.
       Gibberish like that. Any idea what it means?

Cybil: Darkness devouring the town? Must be on drugs. They sell 'em to the
       tourists. The force still can't figure out who's behind it. None of
       out lead have panned out, and the investigation is stalled.

Harry: What could drug trafficking have to do with all this?

Cybil: Hmm... I really don't know. But, maybe that's the darkness she was
       talking about. That's all I can think of.

Harry: Hmm...

[Cybil refers to the opening Harry found]

Cybil: What's this?

Harry: Just discovered it. Maybe there's something back there.

Cybil: Let's have a look.

Harry: Wait! We don't know what's back there. I'd better check it out

Cybil: I'm a cop, I should go.

Harry: No! I'm going.

Cybil: Alright. I'll cover you from here. Be careful. If anything looks
       fishy, get back here on the double.

Harry: Ok.


Cybil: Yeah?

Harry: Do you know anyhting about, well... like some other world? It's
       like some kind of bad dream.

Cybil: What are you talking about?

Harry: I'm not quite sure. I try to make sense of it, but then my mind
       goes blank. Everything's dark there, and I here sirens in the
       distance. I met this nurse, Lisa. It's like I was there, but not
       really. It's all a blur. Like some kind of hallucination. You know?

Cybil: I have no idea what you're talking about, Harry.

Harry: Oh... I was just wondering. [Sigh} Nevermind.

Cybil: Harry, you're tired.

Harry: Yeah. Maybe.

Antique Shop - Secret Room
[Harry enters the small secret room to find an altar]

Harry: What's this...? Some kind of altar...? Never seen anythign like
       this before. Maybe this is the "other" church. Huh! What the!?

Cybil: Harry? Are you ok? Harry? (Echos] Harry...

Alchemilla Hospital - Examination Room 1F
[Harry awakes and he's in the hospital with Lisa]

Harry: Where am I?

       Lisa? Then I'm at the hospital?

Lisa: You were having a bad dream.

Hary: Was I? Hey, you don't look too good. Are you ok?

Lisa: I'm fine. Nothing you need to worry about.

Harry: Well, if you're sure. Lisa. Do you know a woman named Dahlia

Lisa: Oh yeah, that crazy Gillespie lady. She's kind of famous around here.
      She never sees anyody, so I don't know that much about her. But, I
      heard her kid died in a fire and supposively she's been crazy ever

Harry: Well, she says the town is being devoured by "the darkness." Do you
       have any idea what she's talking about?

Lisa: The town devoured by the darkness... Yes, I think I do. Before this
      place was turned into a resort, the townspeople here were on the
      quiet side. Everybody followed some kind of queer religion. Weird
      occult stuff. Black Magic, That kind of thing. As the young people
      moved away, the people figured they'd been summoned by the Gods.
      Evidently, things like that used to happen around here all the time.
      Before the resort, there wasn't really anything else out here.
      Everyone was so flipped out. Gotta blame it on something. Then a lot
      of new people came in and everybody clammed up about it.

Harry: Occult...

Lisa: Last time I heard anything about it was...gosh, years ago. When
      several people connected with developing the town, died in accidents.
      People said it was a curse. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm rambling. I'll shut

Antique Shop
[Harry awakes again and he's in a different version of the Antique Shop]

Harry: Was that another dream? Did I pass out again?

Silent Hill Town Center
[When Harry tries to go up the broken escalator, the TV's behind him start
displaying a video with static - It's Cheryl]

Cheryl: Daddy---- help me!---------Daddy----where are you?----

Harry: Cheryl!

[TV's just start playing static after the message is over]

Alchemilla Hospital - Examination Room 1F
[As you make your way back to the hospital to ask Lisa something, you find
her in the same room]

Lisa: Harry!

Harry: Glad you're ok.

Lisa: Thank god you came back! I was scared to be here all alone!

Harry: I'm here now. [Chuckles a little] I was worried, too. I'm real
       happy to see you.

       Lisa, can you tell me how to get to the lake?

Lisa: The lake? You take Bachman Road.

Harry: The road's block.

Lisa: Well, that's the only way out there.

Harry: Are you sure? There's gotta be another way!

Lisa: WAIT! I just remembered something!

Harry: What?

Lisa: There's a waterworks over by my old elementary school. It's been
      abandoned for years. There's an underground tunnel used for
      inspections or something. I remember hearing it runs all the way to
      the lake.

Harry: Really? You think I can get to the lake from there?

Lisa: I've never been down in there myself, so I'm not positive. Besides,
      it's all fenced off to keep people out.

Harry: If there's a chance, I've got to try.

Lisa: Harry, don't go! I don't wanna be alone. It's so scary, I can't
      stand it!

Harry: How about coming with me? This may not be the safest place in the
       world, either. I can't promise you anything, but I'll do my best to
       protect you.

Lisa: No, somehow I feel I'm not supposed to leave this place. Oh, Harry,
      I'm so scared! I'm cold.

Harry: Look, just wait here a little longer I'll be back as soon as I find
       my daughter.

Lisa: Harry!

[Harry leaves]

               S I L E N T  H I L L  R E S O R T  A R E A

Annie's Bar
[When Harry enters Annie's Bar, he finds Kaufmann being attacked by a
Demon Dog and he's struggling]

[Harry kills the Demon Dog and walks over to Kaufmann and helps him up]

Harry: Are you ok?

Kaufmann: Yeah, I guess so. But, I'm beat. I thought I was a goner there.

          So, how'd it go? Did you find a way out?

[Sounding disappointing, Harry answers]

Harry: No, not yet. How about you?

Kaufmann: Zip. But, it's too soon to give up. This crazyness can't go on
          forever. A Military Rescue Squad should be here anytime now. If
          they come through the town, we're home free.

Harry: I hope so.

Kaufmann: I'd better get going. This isn't the time to stand around
          flapping our gums.

Harry: Do you know a girl called Alessa?

Kaufmann: No.

[Kaufmann leaves]

Sandford Street
[Road and surroundings turn to the "Nightmare" version]

Harry: What's this? Uoh oh, huh?

Lake View Pier - Boat
Harry: Cybil!

Cybil: Harry!

Harry: How did you get back here?

Cybil: I followed the sewer. Were you the one who cut the fence?

Harry: Yeah. I'm glad you made it. I was worried about you.

Cybil: You were worried!? Where did you disappear to? Nevermind, I want to
       know what's going on here. What is with this town?

Harry: This may sound really off the wall, but listen to me, you've got to
       believe me. I haven't gone crazy and I'm not fooling around. At
       first, I thought I was losing my mind. But now I know I'm not. It's
       not me. This whole town - It's being evaded by the other world. By
       a world of someone's nightmarish delusions, coming to life. Little
       by little, the evasion is spreading. Trying to swallow up
       everything in darkness. I think I'm finally beginning to understand
       what that lady was talking about.

Cybil: Harry, hold on a minute. I don't get it.

Harry: Look, I don't understand it all myself. I guess I can't explain it.

Cybil: Well, what's making this happen?

Harry: I don't know that, either, but I do know Cheryl is there.

Cybil: There?

Harry: Under... whoever created this darkness. Cheryl is somewhere and she
       needs my help.

Cybil: Harry, this whole thing's been a major blow to you. You need to

Harry: Cybil, I-

[Dahlia appears and interrups]

Dahlia: The demon is awakening! Spreading those wings!

Harry: Dahlia Gillespie.

Dahlia: Was it not as I said? I see it all now. Yes, everything. Hungry
        for sacrifice, the demon will swallow up the land! I knew this day
        would come! And what's more, the task is almost finished! There's
        only 2 left... to seal this town to the abyss, The Mark of Samael.
        When it is completed, all is lost. Even in daytime, darkness will
        cover the sun! The dead will walk and mortars will burn in the
        fires of hell! Everyone will DIE!

Harry: So, what am I supposed to do!? I've got to save Cheryl.

Dahlia: It is simple - Stop the demon! The demon! The demon taking that
        child's form! Stop it before your daughter becomes a sacrifice.
        Before it is too late! Stop it! Stop it!

Harry: What do I do?

Dahlia: Go to the lighthouse on the lake, and to the center of the
        amusement park. Make haste, you are the only hope.

Cybil: Look Harry, I really don't get what's going on. But if there's a
       chance we can save your daughter, I'm in. I'll check out the
       amusment park, you go to the lighthouse.

Harry: Cybil, thanks.

Dahlia: You will need to use it.

Harry: Use what?

Dahlia: The Flauros. Only with that can you stop it.

Harry: What about Cybil!?

Lake View Pier - Lighthouse
[Harry gets to the top of the Lighthouse and sees Alessa disappear]

Harry: Wait! Damn, I was to late! 

05 // a m u s e m e n t  p a r k

Carousel - Cybil Boss Fight
[After you use the Red Liquid on Cybil she turns back normal]

Harry: Cybil, wake up! Snap out of it! Cybil!

Cybil: Harry... what happened?

Harry: Shh... Don't talk, I'll take care of you.

Cybil: Harry... why did they take your daughter? Why her?

Harry: I'm not sure myslef. But, you know, Cheryl isn't my biological
       daughter. I actually haven't told her yet. She probably already
       knows anyway, though. We found her abandoned on the side of the
       highway. Nobody knew where she came from. We didn't have any kids
       of our own, my wife was sick, and it didn't look like she was
       getting any better. So we took Cheryl in.

Cybil: So in that case...

Harry: There might be some connection between Cheryl and this town.

Cybil: So what do you do now?

Harry: Cheryl is my daughter. I will save her no matter what.

Amusement Park - Dark Area
[Hary encounters Alessa again and this time she doesn't leave right away]

Harry: I figured you'd show.

[Alessa start walking away]

       Hold it right there. I don't know who you are or what you're trying
       to do, and I don't care. Just one thing. Let Cheryl go. That's all
       I ask.

[Alessa uses her powers on Harry]

       What? Damn!

[Flauros comes out of Harry's pocket and starts protecting Harry]

       What is this?

Alessa: AHHH!!!!

[Alessa falls to the floor]

Harry: Where's Cheryl? Give me back my daughter.

[Dahlia walks in the screen]

Dahlia: We meet at last, Alessa.

Alessa: Huh!

Harry: Dahlia Gillespie? Where's Cheryl? Where is she!?

Dahlia: Alessa, this is the end of your little game.

Alessa: Mama? Huh...

Harry: Could she be...

Dahlia: You've been a ghastly litle pest, haven't you Alessa? I was
        careless thinking couldn't escape from our spell. But, mommy
        didn't know how much you'd grown. That's why I couldn't catch you
        all by myself. But, what a pity, yes? Now you're half indebted
        this man for his help.

Harry: Hey, what are you talking about!?

[Dahlia ignores Harry and continues with Alessa]

Dahlia: Alessa, my dear little girl, there is one thing left that I need
        you to do for me.

Alessa: No! Get away from me!

Dahlia: Bad girl! Everything is ready. Let's go home now, uh-hmm...?

Harry: What's going on here!?

Alessa: OHH!!!!!

[Harry, Dahlia, and Alessa then disappear]

06 // n o w h e r e

Examination Room 1F
[Harry appears back in the hospital Examination Room with Lisa]

Lisa: Harry.

Harry: Lisa. What happened? Where's Alessa, and Dahlia?

Lisa: Harry, listen. Something you said before has been bothering me. I
      just can't get it out of my head.

Harry: What is it, Lisa?

Lisa: So I went to look in the basement, even though I was scared as hell.
      Like you said, there were these creepy rooms, but nothing really
      unusual down there. But, whole I was down there, I got this weird
      feeling. Like I'd been there before. Like something happened there.
      But, I can't quite remember somehow, what was it. Harry, help me.
      I'm so scared! I can't take this!

Harry: It's only a temporary thing. You're in shock from when you were
       knocked out. Don't fret about it. You'll remember after awhile.

Lisa: No! You don't understand!

[Lisa heads for the door]

Harry: Wait! Where do you think you're going!?

[Lisa exits the room]

Elevator 1F
[Harry aproaches the elevator and the door opens]

Harry: I'm being summoned. What happened in this town? What could be
       making things like this? I have a feeling if I take the elevator
       down, I'll find it.

[Harry enters the elevator]

Harry: Cheryl...

[The elevator doors close and it goes down]

Storage Room 1F
[After you enter the Storage Room, Lisa is in a corner behind you]

Lisa: Harry.

[Harry turns around to face Lisa]

Harry: Lisa... What's the matter with you?

Lisa: I get it now. Why I'm still alive, even though everyone else is dead.
      I'm not the only one who's still walking around. I'm the same as
      them. I just hadn't noticed it before.

Harry: Lisa...

Lisa: Stay by me, Harry! Please! I'm so scared! Help me! Save me from them!
      Please... Harry... [Starts crying]

[Lisa starts bleeding from her head as she transforms into a Demon]

Harry: Huh!

[Harry exits the room and trys his best to keep the door closed]

[Lisa knocks on the door]

Harry: Lisa...

Aratron Room 1F
[4 ghosts, including Dahlia, Kaufmann, another person and Alessa on the 

Dahlia: Everything is going according to plan. Sheltered in the womb. 

Unkown Guy: But it's not done yet. Half the soul is lost. That is why
            the seed lies dormant.

Kaufmann: But what so remains captured in that husk, ... is buried deep
          down in the subconcious. 

          Are you trying to say it won't work?
          That wasn't our agreement.

Dahlia: No, no. These are just stalling tactics. If we lend a hand, we
        will be able to get power. Never fear. The promise shall not be 

Unknown Guy: But, the power we could draw now would be very weak; almost 
             nothing. Unless we get the other half of the soul...

Dahlia: We'll use a magical spell. Feeling this child's pain, it's sure to 

Kaufmann: But, that will take time.

The Gillespie Home
[Dahlia is pulling little Alessa up from the ground and she struggles]

Dahlia: Come on! Come on!

Alessa: No! No! I don't want to!

Dahlia: Do as mommy tells you, now. I just want you to lend me a teeny bit 
        of your power, that's all.

Alessa: No! I don't want to do it!

Dahlia: It will make everyone happy... and it's for your own good too.

Alessa: No! But mommy, I just want to be with you. Just two of us. Please 

Dahlia: You really mean it, yes, I see. Maybe mommy has been wrong.

Alessa: Mommy...

Dahlia: Why didn't I see this before. There's no reason to wait. Herein 
        lies the mother's womb. To obtain the power to create life. I 
        could have done it all myself.

Alessa: Mommy!?


Final Boss Fight Room - Good+ Ending
[Dahlia, Alessa, a demon in a wheel chair and Cybil are in an open dark 

Dahlia: I was shocked to realize the talisman of Metratron was being used.
        In spite of the lost soul returning at last. Just a little longer
        and all would've been for naught. 

        It's all because of that man. We must bne thankful to him.

        Even though Alessa has been stopped, his little girl has to go.
        What a pity... ha ha ha ha ha ha... [Laugh fades away]

[Cybil raises her gun and points it at Dahlia]

Cybil: Freeze!

[Cybil shoots Dahlia but nothing happens]

Cybil: What in the devil's name...!

[Dahlia knocks out Cybil]

[Harry steps into the area]

Harry: Dahlia!

Dahlia: Well, well, well. To think you'd make it this far.

Harry: Where's Cheryl!? What have you done to her!?

Dahlia: What are you talking about? You've seen her many times. Restored 
        to her former self.

Harry: I'm in no mood for jokes

Dahlia: Can't you see? She's right there. [Points to monster in wheel

Harry: That's absurd.

Dahlia: You are the only one who thinks so.

Harry: Why? Why are you doing this?

Dahlia: It's been a long seven years. ...For the 7 years since that 
        terrible day, ... Alessa has been kept alive, ... sufferring a 
        fate worse than death. Alessa has been trapped in an endless
        nightmare from which she never awakens.

        He has been nurtured by that nightmare. Waiting for the day to be
        born. That day has finally come. 

        The time is neigh. Everyone will be released, from pain and 
        sufferring. Our salvation is at hand. This is the day of reckoning.
        When all our sorrows will be washed away. When we return to the
        true paradise!

        My daughter will be the mother of God!

[Dahlia is shot and Michael Kaufmann walks in the area, holding a gun]

Kaufmann: Quit screwing around! Return things to how they were before!

Harry: Kaufmann!

Kaufmann: Did I ask for this! Nobody uses me! You won't get away with this!

[Dahlia is on the floor and gets up on her knees and hands]

Dahlia: Your role is over. We don't need you anymore. What do you think
        you can accomplish by coming here?

Kaufmann: My, aren't we getting cocky?

          Bet you can't see this and keep your cool.

[Kaufmann takes out glass vial]

Dahlia: Aglaophotis! I thought I got rid of that!

Kaufmann: All I had to do was plant it somewhere for you to find. You all,
          well, it kept you busy.

          Ha! You're easy!

          And there's more where this came from!

Dahlia: Stop it!!

[Kaufmann throws glass vial at Alessa in slow motion]

Alessa: Ah!

[Alessa falls from her knees]

[Alessa turns into The Great Demon]

Harry: Huh? What the!?

Dahlia: Ha ha ha ha ha ha... [Laughs around 20 times and then fades away]

Kaufmann: What on earth? It's not supposed to... [In quiet voice]

[The Great Demon shocks Dahlia and she dies]

[After you beat The Great Demon, it turns back into Alessa]

Alessa: Ah!

[Demon noises are heard and then Harry get's up]

Voice: Daddy!

[Heavy breathing is heard in the background and a bright star appears in
the screen]

[Cybil gets up and then Kaufmann gets up]

[All are looking at the bright star and Lisa comes from under the gated
floor and grabs Kaufmann from behind]

Kaufmann: ah eh ahhhh........ [Fades away]

[Harry takes Cheryl from Alessa and Harry and Cybil start running way,
as Alessa dies, and then an explosion is heard and the screen goes white]

[Harry and Cybil are running with Cheryl in the streets and then it's over.


4.                           C R E D I T S
1. Thanks to me for writing this FAQ.
2. Thanks to Konami and Konami TYO for developing and publishing this game.
3. Thanks to CJayC for positng this FAQ on GameFAQs.
4. Thanks to IGN for accepting this FAQ.