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Silent Hill


Hard Mode Speed Guide

by Ghidrah


Version 1.1

Title: Silent Hill
Producer: Konami
For: Sony Playstation
Created: 8/16/02
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]
Revision Date: 3/25/08

If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I 
don't have a problem with its use by others on gaming forums, FAQ sites or 
being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site, 
just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered.



1. Introduction
2. Insights
3. Controller
4. Contractions
5. Amendments
6. Walkthrough



If you're a speeder, there's no need for character or weapons intros. 
If you're reading this at all, you're looking to cut more time off your game. 
You're hanging around 45 minutes and more this may help. 

Are you slamming into walls and debris? 
Are you killing more than 3 Uglies not including Bosses? 
Are you taking too many hits from uglies? 
Do you pick up too much junk? 
Have you eliminated all unnecessary backtracking? 

These are the best places to look for cutting time.
Maybe I found junk you missed or haven't considered. 

If you have something slick I missed, please e-mail me and let me know, if I 
can duplicate to verify, I'll put it into the guide, giving the sender full 
credit for the tidbit.



This guide is for a Hard Mode 9th Next Fear Game. I assume the few 
differences in AI position and actions from lower "Next Fear" games are 
common to the difficulty mode evolution in the game. 
All the bonus junk is useless. All the killing tools minus the SG are counter 
productive in a speed game eh! 

As for the 1st rendition of the SH1 speed guide, at the time, I though it was 
pretty good with enough detail to allow everyone who used it success. 
However, picking the game up 5 to 6 years later I discovered I suck. I used 
my guide and considered it lacking. 
I'm changing some junk; (routes, pick-ups and combat) adding significantly 
much more detail as in Flashlight (L2) use and baiting Uglies. The effort is 
producing a faster game and longer guide. 

I finally completed all the endings, (after all those yrs. YEEESH!). Maxing 
the Bullet adjust to 6X helps a lot. Minus the 6 to 7 pistol rnds on the Dac 
in the Cafe, all ammo use is SG. 

I pretty much have the SG ammo use down to a low of "61" to a high of "81" 

I use walk more. This change has lowered med use, and the need for "HD" pick-
ups. I'm counting on this translating into a faster game. 
Due to the frequency of "WALK", I highlight it in quote marks and caps.

1. There isn't much walking in Silent Hill! Always run, rarely walk. 

2. Whenever you have to do an about face, use the (L1/R1), we're talking a 
second plus for slow turns. How many turn rounds in this game?

3. Ignore all pistol and rifle ammo in the game.

4. Flashlight use: 
You need FLO to unlock doors and pick-up important junk. How you use the 
light can mean the difference between damage and none, translating into saved 
time. Flipping it on and off at strategic moments most times allows one to 
continue running.

5. (L2/R2) for Boss combat, I have grown accustomed to using it on Deryll, 
Larry and Sammy, Harry's movements are simple and holding (L2) helps me 
secure the controller. It allows you to see Sammy when he begins to spark. 

As for Mothra, one trick to avoid damage (it's a problem for me) as soon as 
you XCS on the roof for the event, use "Menu Access Trick", enter options and 
change to reverse view. 
This allows one to clearly see when Manny is rotating in to face Harry giving 
the cue to SSL/R opposite its rotation. Exit options and press continue to 
return to the roof. Once complete, return to menu, options and switch back to 
normal view. No time is lost in menu/options before using continue. 

6. Menu Access Trick; press and hold all 4 shoulder buttons, Select and Start 
at the same time and you jump to the Game Menu.
7. There are tonza Cut Scenes in Silent Hill, get used to XCS, although a few 
are unavoidable.

8. Always try for the leading edge of doors; it may only save a 10th of a 
second per door, but consider you've already passed through doors 75 times 
upon exiting the school to the church. 45 can be hit on the leading edge 
translating into savings. There's a crap load of doors in this game hitting 
every door possible on the leading edge may scrape half a minute off the 

9. An immediate brutal truth, being away for so long means I suck at playing 
SH1. The PSX console is 9 yrs. old and the only remaining controller is long 
in the tooth and way sloppy to boot. So, I bought a PS2 but I don't like the 
controller the towers get in the way of the Inventory and Select buttons. I 
clipped off the towers, I like it better.

10. A line from an old Burns poem, (To a Mouse), "The best laid schemes of 
mice and men often go astray!" As good an axiom as there is. With all the 
added detail provided here, you may/will suffer. The hard mode next fear game 
has more AI with heightened aggression and agility. The game also allows for 
slight variations in AI positioning, so be off a smidgen and you'll take a 
stabbing and lose precious time.

11. (L2), (L2) is very useful for navigating through debris and tight rms., 
Hlwys and locating and orienting to objects. When camera angles blow chunks 
and or you need to make a pick-up. It can help you locate doors and line up 
for items better than the 3rd person view. 
The one drawback is that when you approach AI and or object the game deems 
interesting the camera focuses on it instead of your intended goal. So, be 
steadfast push through the visual confusion to your goal and reap the time 
saving benefit. 


This is how I have the PS2 controller set for SH1. Everyone has their 
preferences, this works best for me

Brightness -7- 
It doesn't seem to matter much. Setting the TV's bright to the max didn't 
have any effect at all. I had hoped it would improve FLOF running

Controller Config -type 1-

Walk/Run Control -Reverse-
It took a bit to get used to, however, it frees up a thumb and hitting 
"SQUARE" when I need to walk wasn't hard to adjust to.
A second benny of the reverse set-up is the Side Step; it's at a run now 
which comes in handy for some maneuvers.

Bullet Adjust -6X-.

Sony controllers are too small for my manly hands. I'm all cramped up after 
20 minutes of playing making intense speed play frustrating at best.



An alphabetical listing of oft used words and phrases residing in front of 
the walkthrough the list simplifies things for me at least.

Black Key= "BLKKY"
Ceiling Clicker/s= "CCLKR/s"
Ground Clicker/s= "GCLKR/s"
Crazed Zombie Knifer/s= "CZK/s"
Cut Scene/s= "CS/s" 
Dac/s= "Dac/s"
Double Doors= "DDs"
Flashlight On= "FLO"
Flashlight Off= "FLOF"
Floor= "Fl."
Hallway/s= "Hlwy/s"
Health Drink= "HD"
Phantom Stabber Baby Thing= "PSTBT"
Phantom Squeaker Baby Thing= "PSBT"
Sidestep Left= "SSL"
Sidestep Right= "SSR"
White Key= "WHTKY"
White Pedestrian Crossing Lines= "WPCLs"
X the Cut Scene/s= "XCS/s"



Long story short, haven't played SH1 since writing the first guide. I just 
ordered SH4, (I know, what took me so long! Cheap, lazy, heard it vacuumed, 
all the above.) 
I began thinking about SH1, and whether there was any way for me to brain out 
more time. I've heard of a few peeps killing the game time, so I pulled SH1 
out, began playing again, and discovered a few time saving refinements. Not a 
lot, but enough to slice "X" off the speed game. 

An (*) will appear at the beginning and end where the change takes place, to 
eliminate confusion, the old route will be edited out.



Put the CD and memcard in and start up the PSX/PS2. Load a Next Fear.



Arm Harry with the pistol and move left to the right end of the counter for 
the Map, Flashlight and HD. Turn left, if you stay along the tables on 
Harry's left, you'll get a better line up with the knife and HD at the 
opposite end of the counter. Turn right and run to the door. 

The unavoidable cut scene will move Harry back to the table with the Radio, 
once free, shoot the Dac. Take the radio and exit the Cafe.


(Route change)
XCSs, you're on Bachman Rd., turn right and run to the corner of Bachman and 
Finney. Turn right, stay on the sidewalk run to and down the alley on the 
right to the chain link fence and enter. Use (L2) to locate and retrieve the 
Key, (L1/R1) and return to the alley and then back to Finney. Turn right on 
Finney and continue to the Police cruiser on the bridge for the 2nd Key. 

(L1/R1) once you have the Lion Key run back to Elroy, cut left over the grass 
to the sidewalk. Remain on the sidewalk till you pass the second parked car 
then gradually cross over through the Elroy/ Matheson intersection. Cross 
over Matheson, once past the Dac press (L2) to line up with the plank bridge, 
release run and begin fast pressing action about 3 running steps from the end 
of the plank to the 3rd Key in the mail box. 

Momentum will carry you to the mailbox.

(L1/R1) Return to Matheson turn left, cross over the sidewalk into the 
street, and continue running along the edge of the street. I prefer to stay 
on the left side of the street, no Uglies. 

Note the WPCLs as you cross Bachman Rd., once you pass over the 2nd set of 
WPCLs at the intersection of Levin and Matheson slide out to the right side 
of the middle of the street, the "Doghouse/Levin" pages are coming up. 

Press (L2) and hold after crossing Levin, to locate and line up with the 
pages. Once lined up and about 4 running steps from the pages release (L2) 
and begin fast tapping Action for the pages. 
(L1/R1), head to and turn left at the corner of Levin and Matheson. Stay on 
the right side of the sidewalk; ignore the dog on your right. Once passed the 
dog press and hold (L2), turn toward and line up squarely with the doghouse, 
release (L2) and begin fast tapping Action about 4 running steps from the 
doghouse. Once you have the key, press and release SSL. You'll shoot up over 
the steps onto the platform, press turn and enter the house. 

Depending on your skill level, this change from my original route will knock 
a couple minutes off the clock to the Dog House. 
Originally, I believed you needed the School messages to access the same. 
Recently, I began to consider that the next fear game assumes the school 
pages are already acquired. So, only the Levin/doghouse info is required to 
access the house and school.

Run to the rear of the house, quickly unlock the back door and exit the 

(Unavoidable cut scene) 
Exit the yard through the gate leading to the alley. Enter the alley, turn 
left and stay to the right side of the alley. There's a Dac and 2 dogs before 
the 1st intersection. 

It doesn't matter whether you cross Matheson to Midwich or continue running 
along the alley and cross over at Block St. the distance is virtually the 
same to the School entrance if you utilize nice straight diagonal lines 
through the streets. Both routes have Dogs and Dacs.

As you turn onto school grounds, avoid the 2 Dogs and occasional Dac.




Run through the Lobby into the Reception/Infirmary Hlwy.


Take the DDs in the Reception/Infirmary Hlwy to the Courtyard. Cross to the 
opposite side of the Courtyard; run between the 1st, (on the right) and 2nd 
CZK, (on the left) on your way to the other DDs and the 1st Fl. Hlwy. 

Enter the Hlwy, as soon as the rm. begins to appear press Forward/Left to 
avoid the 1st of 2 CZKs and start running along the left side of the Hlwy. 
CZK#2 will now be in front and to your right at the Storage Rm. end of the 
Hlwy. Run to and through the DDs. Diagonal right to the 2nd fl. stairs.

2nd Fl. Hlwy; run to and through the DDs on the left to the Chemistry Hlwy. 
Ignore CZK#1, angle left and enter the 1st door. Get the Acid, exit the 
Storage Rm. with a hard left to the Chemistry Rm. Stop squarely in front of 
the Hand and use the acid. XCS take the Gold Medallion turn and run to exit 
the rm.

Enter the Hlwy at a run, angle out left to the opposite side of the Hlwy 
"JUST" into the big opened area with the benches. Stay on the right side of 
the Hlwy and continue running toward the lockers. 2 CZKs will come into view 
on Harry's left as he approaches the far corner of the open area. Do a gentle 
swing left back into the Hlwy grazing the Lockers on Harry's right and 
proceed to the end of the Hlwy.

Swing wide right to the left side of the Hlwy and run along the benches. Look 
for CZK#1 approaching, (most times) same side along the benches. Once 
identified, FLOF, move to the right side of the Hlwy along the lockers and 
continue running past CZK#1. 
Remain on the right side of the Hlwy, same line as the lockers. Most times 
CZK#2 is advancing from the leftish/middle of the Hlwy. If you maintain a 
tight and straight line you'll pass CZK#2 cleanly.

Descend the staircase to the 1st fl. Watch out for the CZK on your left, bear 
right and pass it for the DDs to the Reception/Infirmary Hlwy. Unlock the DDs 
and enter where you began the school horror. The Hlwy is still empty, exit to 
the courtyard; put the Gold Medal into the left side slot at the Clock tower, 
turn left, press and hold (L2) while running to orient to the stairs and 
return to the Reception/Infirmary Hlwy. 


Once back in the Hlwy, turn left, pass through the DDs, to the opposite wall, 
slide right along the wall to the stairs and return to the 2nd Fl. Enter the 
2nd Fl. at a run, a CZK will be ahead and to the right leaving ample rm. to 
pass it by sliding along the Lockers to the Music Rm. Hlwy DDs. 
There are 2 CZKs about midway and together. Stay left along the wall and run 
to the Music Rm., (sometimes one is close enough to swing the knife). 

Enter the Music Rm., move to the piano access the keyboard and press the keys 
in following sequence from left to right.

"2nd White Key, 6th White Key, Last Black Key, 5th White Key, 1st Black Key". 

XCS; Get the Silver Medallion and approach the exit door.

Exit Music Rm., turn right and run along the wall on the left side of the 
Hlwy. The 2 CZKs, (the majority of times) will pass on your right; once past, 
move back into the middle and exit through the DDs. 
Press and hold "Forward/Right/WALK" as you enter the Hlwy, release "WALK" and 
slide past the CZK along the lockers and head for the stairs.

Enter the 1st fl., at a run and quickly bear right at the base of the stairs 
avoiding the CZK to the DDs.

Infirmary Hlwy, 2 CZKs. CZK#2 will almost always be advancing from the 
middle/right side of the Hlwy and kind of lined up between the two exterior 
DDs. CZK#1 can be pretty much anywhere on the right around the Courtyard DDs. 
Most times CZK#1 is close on the right just past the lockers at the corner. 

There's no safe method but this one works most of the time.

(L2/Run), enter the Infirmary Hlwy, move to the right, slide along the 
lockers, You may see CZK#1 in front moving away from and or turning left from 
the corner back toward Harry, turn hard right at the corner and slide by 
Jumbled visuals; continue to hold (L2) and begin pressing "Action" for the 

Turn hard right once in the Courtyard promptly place the medallion in the 
right side slot on the Tower and return to the Reception/Infirmary Hlwy. 
Enter the Hlwy, As soon as the rm. begins to appear angle left and run 
between the 2 CZKs to the DDs.

Enter the Hlwy at a run, swing wide right to the opposite wall and run past 
the 2nd fl. stairs to the basement stairs. 


Down into the basement, enter the Boiler rm. on the right and activate the 
boiler. Exit the Boiler rm, and return to the 1st fl.

(L2) enter the 1st fl. at a "WALK", turn right and locate the CZK. As you 
advance on the CZK it will begin turning right to track Harry. Release 
"WALK", run to the left and past the CZK along the lockers to the DDs.

Follow the same route and instructions as on the 1st pass this direction 
through the Hlwy.

Exit to the Courtyard and enter the Clock Tower.


(Continue Point)



Turn right and run to the courtyard DDs. 
2 CZKs,

Bear right to the Cockroach door and enter. 

This rm. is full of cockroaches, hard right, ignore them and run straight for 
the exit door. Enter the Hlwy, access the 1st door on the left. (L2)/Hard 
right entering the rm. for the Key/Picture Card at the end of the table and 
then approach the next classroom door. 

FLO, (crazy I know, but it seems to work with (L2).
4 CZKs
(L2), enter the Classroom at a run, continue forward till you pass "CZK#1" on 
the right, bear right past CZK#1 and CZK#2 will appear ahead and to the 
right. Pass between it and the chairs to the door. 

(Push past the jumbled visuals. You should easily miss CZK#2 on the right 
side of the rm. unless you spaz out) 

Once through the 2nd DD, run into the Hlwy, stay left of center, swing right 
between Dopey and Grumpy. 

(Try not to run into the wall near the court yard doors, Grumpy likes to 

Swing left toward the Reception office and to the wall to the left of the 
Office doorway. Squeeze by Sleepy as he exits the Office and continue to the 
door at the rear of the Office and pass enter the Lounge. 

Once inside, move to the "CARD" door, use the Key/Picture Card on it and 
enter the Hlwy.

Two Bathroom doors in front of you enter the one on the right. Grab the 
Shotgun from the stall. (L2) and head for the door.  Back to the Hlwy; run to 
and enter the 2nd door on the left, the 1st Teacher's Rm. Run to the next 
door on your right and enter. 

(L2)/Run diagonally across the 2nd Teacher's Rm. to the door on the opposite 
At the door, quickly press "X", "START", (L1/R1) and run back to the door. 

Exit the rm. and run straight across the Hlwy to the DDs. Make a hard left 
into the Rubber ball Rm., acquire the ball and exit back into the Hlwy. Make 
a hard right and pass through the DDs. Hit the opposite wall, slide right to 
the 2nd fl. stairs and make your way to the roof.


Run and bear right after passing through the roof door, locate the key in the 
drain and then move to and plug the 2nd drain with the ball. 

(To minimize Inventory usage arm with the SG as you enter Inventory and then 
access the Ball.) 

Move to the valve and run the water. Exit roof and return to 2nd Fl. Hlwy.


At the 2nd Fl., turn right and get HD on bench. 

Slide along the benches and begin pressing "Action" about 4 steps from the 
HD, it keeps Harry lined up with the door on the right and he won't miss a 
step to it.

Enter the rm. to the right, stay left, along the wall avoiding the CZK to the 
next classroom door. 

(L2), cross the rm. diagonally to the SG ammo chair, take the ammo and move 
to the exit door.

Taking the SG shells here allows you to ignore the SG rnds in the Basement.
Exit to and cross the Hlwy to the DDs and enter the Music/Locker Rm. Hlwy. 
Stay right, slide along the wall till you pass the CZK on your left. 

Enter the Locker rm, open the blood covered locker, XCS move to blood 
stain/Red spot on Fl., take Library Reserve Key from the corpse and head for 
the Locker Rm. door.

Exit rm., turn left and stay along left side of Hlwy, (avoiding the CZK) on 
your way to the DDs.

Exit to the Hlwy and run wide right around the CZK.

Locate the door on the left at the end of the Hlwy. 

Enter the classroom at a run, there are 4 or 5 CZKs in here, 4 at this end of 
the rm. and CZK#1 is in front of you. Proceed into the rm., pass the metal 
shelf; once CZK#1 is located move right back to the wall. Pass CZK#1 to the 

Exit the classroom.

It's very important to hit your mark on the door, otherwise prepare for some 
serious stabbing. Turning FLO "AFTER" passing CZK#1 is dangerous but makes 
hitting the door much easier.

This rm. has 3 CZKs, turn hard right hugging the wall all the way to the same 
door you used on your way through here to the Locker Rm. Use the staircase 
and return to the first Fl.


3 CZKs at the base of the stairs bear right off the stairs to and through the 
(This is the Hlwy where you acquired the Rubber Ball)

From this door, CZK#1 will be ahead at the corner on the right, (before the 
DDs) or further left out into the Hlwy.
In either case, decide which side to pass it on to the DDs. Exit to the 
Courtyard and get the Classroom Key at the drain.

Return to the 2nd Fl. Chemistry Hlwy by backtracking through the Rubber ball 
Hlwy. Enter the Hlwy from the Courtyard and hit the opposite wall, turn left 
and slide along the wall to the DDs. 

Pass through the DDs, hit the opposite wall at a run and slide right to the 
2nd Fl. Stairs.


Thankfully the 2nd Fl. Hlwy is clear to the DDs.

Chemistry Hlwy, 2 CZKs, stay left of center, swing right, passing between 
CZK#1 and 2, swing back passing between CZK#2 and the wall. 

(Try not to hit the corner of the wall, it invites a stabbing) 

Enter the Library Reserve, exit to the next rm. and pass through it to the 
In the Hlwy, unlock the 1st door on the left. Enter the rm. at a "WALK"; take 
4 steps into the rm., come to a full stop to sucker the CZKs and book. 

Keep Harry's left side to the wall and begin running the perimeter to the 
next classroom door. 

Hold (L2) to the opposite door, diagonal across the rm. and exit near the 
staircase. It's now a clear run down to basement.

Once in the basement enter the Boiler Rm/New Valve Puzzle Rm.
(L2) enter the rm. at a "WALK" to the left valve and turn it "RIGHT" once and 
exit. SSR to the right side valve, turn it left twice. Take the elevator to 
sub basement, jump the cut-scene.


(Continue Point)

As soon as you're free press run and move up tight to the left side of the 
central hub. 
(At the 9:00 o'clock position)
Press and hold (R2/Fire) and begin firing. Quickly press and hold (DOWN) as 
Deryll approaches Harry and complete the six rounds into his face as you back 

Deryll will walk into the Hub slowing him down and giving you time to shoot 
all 6 rnds. For this to work you must stay close to the hub and Deryll. 
Likewise, when he stops advancing, stop retreating. 

After you release the 6th rnd, Deryll will stop advancing and begin drooling 
white junk onto the floor. 
Release and press (R2) and move up to his Maw. While holding down (R2) ready 
both thumbs over the (X) and (DOWN). As Deryll begins to open up, press 
(X/DOWN) and pump 2 more rnds into his big pink thingy as you back away. Move 
back to his face and repeat the aforementioned process again at the 2nd 
opening. If you're playing a 9th next fear or higher be very alert, he has a 
stronger faster lunge and will gobble Harry up. 
When Deryll opens up for the 3rd time 1 rnd will do the trick.

Deryll 0:0:22, (low 0:0:20.5)
11 rnds, 
-0- meds

(Continue Point)

XCSs pick up the Gordon House Key and exit the school. 



Exit the school, run out to the street and diagonal right over the crosswalk 
to the other side. Once on the other side of the street, stay to the left on 
the sidewalk along the grass edge. Take the first alleyway on your left. Move 
to the right side of the alley along the storage buildings. Continue straight 
till you see the dog run at you, run between it and the garage with the blood 
on it into the short alley on the right. Enter the Gordon's backyard. Enter 
the house, exit the house. Run southeast to the intersection of Bradbury and 
Levin. A tres aggressive Dac may pursue Harry, (sometimes halfway down the 
next ally). 

Continue east till you approach the 2nd bench on the left side of the street 
and turn left into the ally. Move to the right side of the alley along the 
structures and run north till you get to Bloch St, you may be hassled by 2 
Dacs; the 2nd one is most aggressive and may dog you out into the street 
halfway to the Church. 

Turn east, run to and enter the Church. XCSs get the key, Flauros, (L1/R1), 
exit the Church and head east to the bridge.


Move out into the street along the sidewalk, once past the intersection 
you'll likely be hassled by one to two Dacs to the Control Rm., the street 
affords maneuvering room. 
Just before the Control Rm. there's a break in the railing to squeeze 
through. Run up and into the Bridge Control Rm., get the HD, use the Key, 
start the bridge moving and exit. Continue crossing the bridge to Central SH; 
stay on the sidewalk. 
Once off the bridge you may be severely dogged by at least one Dac wrecking 
your running time.
Diagonal right on Crichton St. and run diagonally across Crichton to Koontz 
St., turn onto Koontz swing over to the right side of the street and enter 
the Hospital gate.
Run to and enter the Hospital doors before the dog things get you.

My best time from the Cafe to the Hospital save pad is 0:14:14. I'm in the 
green. The 1st speed game file was a continuous run from start to end, so I 
don't know where the old time stands against this revision.

More often than not I take a stab at the school and or a smack from a Dac to 
the Hospital.




Once inside the hospital; locate Kaufmann in the Examination rm. and quickly 
XCSs. (L1/R1), (L2), Proceed to the 1st Fl. Hlwy via the Medicine rm. 
Once in the Hlwy, hard left, head for the third door on the right, (the 
Doctor's Office, now in front of you). Pass through the 1st Office and into 
the Conference rm. Tap "WALK" as you round the 2nd corner of the table near 
the shelves for control. Pick up the Basement Rm. Key from the table. Return 
to 1st Fl. Hlwy; hard right to the (Kitchen), the next door on the right. Get 
the Bottle, (L1/R1), (L2) and return to the Hlwy. 
Next door on right, (Director's Office), press "WALK" as you round the far 
end of the desk to stop in the liquid, (any flopping around here kills time). 
Put the red liquid in Bottle, exit and take the next door on the right to the 
Basement and enter.
Turn HARD left enter 1st door on left, (Generator rm.), run straight to the 
generator, start it, (L1/R1) and exit to the Hlwy. Enter the Elevator, Hard 
left to the control panel each time you enter an elevator. Check out the 
Double doors on floors 2 and 3 (in that order) rattle each DD. This unlocks 
the hidden 4th Fl. Enter the elevator and press for the 4th Fl. 


(Continue point) 

Once the music stops in the elevator begin pressing "START" to XCS of Alessa 
and the Antique shop.

Exit the Elevator; pass through both sets of DDs, to the stairs and descend 
to the 3rd Fl., Enter the 3rd fl. at a run, turn right and go through the 

3rd Floor
Turn right, enter first door on the right, (Bathroom), (L2) and get the 
Turtle block. (L1/R1), (L2) exit at a run, turn right and pass through the 
DDs. 1st door on the right, (L2), run left between shelves 2 and 4 and up 
between shelves 3 and 4 for the "BLOOD PACK". (L2), return to the Hlwy 
reversing the route.

Exit to Hlwy at a run; turn right, run to the wall and around the missing 
parts on the fl. to the door on the right with the schlumping Zombie Nurse.

(Danger point)
If she's in front of but not between the door and you; slam her and enter the 
If she's between you and the door, there's no way to remove her before the 
other nurse moves in for a Grab & Stab. Use a "Continue" from the 4th fl. 
Take the Cat block, (L1/R1), (L2), exit, turn right, run to and unlock the 
Elevator doors. Take the elevator down to the first Fl.

1st Floor
Hold (L2), exit the elevator at a run, and bear left around the debris and 
release. Locate the Zombie Doc and the door to the "DIRECTOR'S OFFICE" and 
enter. Maneuver around the desk to the Queen Block. Tap "WALK" as you reach 
the far corner for control to the block. Exit, turn left, run to and through 
the DDs separating the two sides of the 1st Fl. Run to and up the stairs to 
the 2nd fl.

2nd Floor
Turn right at the top of the stairs and pass through the DDs. Enter the Hlwy 
at a run/hard left, (to scrape along the wall to the 1st door on the left. 
Run straight to the operating table; (start pressing action before you get to 
the table) quickly; grab the lighter, (L1/R1) run past the Nurse and exit the 

It's important to hit the quick turn the nurse could still be to the left, 
behind the gurney, directly in front of and or bearing down on Harry. The 
slow turn gives her too much advantage. Once she's in front of Harry there's 
not enough time to decide whether to bear left or right to the door so you'll 
have to wing it.

Once back in the Hlwy, run/hard left to the last door on the left at the end 
of the Hlwy. Stop just pass the 1st set of beds in the Worm Rm., access 
Inventory, use the Blood Pack and get the Hatter block. (L1/R1), (L2) to the 
door and exit the rm. 
Hard right out the door and enter 1st door on the left, "The Block Rm.". (L2) 
and run square into the blocks door. Quickly enter inventory, (in order for 
insertion, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow). 

Quickly select the Red block from inventory, hold down (Up/Left) and begin 
fast tapping Action. The block will shoot diagonally up and into the upper 
left slot. This type of action works for all the blocks and probably shaves a 
couple of seconds off the event. 

Exit the rm., ignore the Nurse, and enter the DDs in front of you. Run 
clockwise up to the nurse blocking the DDs. Fire 2 rnds into her and push her 

About 25% of the time this combined action pushes the nurse back far enough 
to run past her to the DDs, otherwise, she falls forward pushing Harry back. 

Enter the door, quickly run straight to the table, ignore the Nurse and take 
the Basement Store Rm. Key. (L1/R1), return to the Hlwy. On your way to the 
Hlwy, the Nurse might still be there; although 65% of the time she's not 
there. If there, you'll have to spank her again. Once back in the Hlwy, make 
a tight swing around the nurse and enter the next door on the right. Get the 
Alcohol from cart, (L1/R1) and exit the rm.  

Exit to the Hlwy, turn right, run to the left of both nurses to the 
Elevator's foyer doors and unlock the doors. 
If you slow down for any reason you're in for a Grab-N-Stab 

Elevator, to the Basement 

I exit the elevator with (L2), run out and around the 1st nurse, and then 
release (L2). Locate, run to and unlock the 2nd door on the right. Press and 
hold (L2), run to the opposite end of the rm. and left around the metal 
shelving to the movable wooden shelf, quickly release (L2) and tap Action.  
Move the shelf for the hidden door and enter the next rm. Pour the Alcohol on 
the trapdoor, and then light it. Enter sub Basement 

Sub Basement
Very slow Nurses waiting in the next two "Hlwys". Pass the first nurse to the 
right and swing left past the 2nd one; enter the door beside her on your 
left. Stay to the right, pass both nurses to the last door on the left for 
the Examination Rm. Key. 
Take the key, (L1/R1); pass through both doors to the narrow Hlwy. Press and 
hold (L2,) run back up to and through the secret basement rm. to the Store 
Rm. Take the SG ammo and exit the Store Rm. 
Locate the door to the stairs and climb to the 1st floor. Turn left and run 
to the Medicine Rm. door. As you approach the door take note to the position 
of the Doc, if it's closer to the corner than the DDs swing wide around its 
back side to the Medicine Rm. door. If closer to the DDs then swing a tight 
right to the door and enter.
Enter the rm., ignore the slow doctor and enter the Examination Rm. (Jump the 
FMV and CSs). Grab the Antique Shop Key from the desk on your way out. 
Stop at the Save pad.





Once outside the hospital quickly exit through the gates at the leading edge 
and turn right onto Koontz St. Run diagonally across Koontz and turn left 
onto Wilson St. Continue running diagonally across Wilson to Sagan St. Turn 
right onto Sagan and run diagonally across to Simmons St. Turn left onto 
Simmons, cut out into the street in front of the car and run Diagonal across 
to the right side all the way to the Antique Shop. Try to stay in a straight 
diagonal line out in the street until you hear the irritating noise 
signifying the Dac and Antique Shop. 

The Antique Shop is just a bunch of CSs X them out ASAP!
Run to and through the Shop door.
Run to and move the wooden shelves at the rear of the shop. 
XCSs, (Cybil and Lisa add more detail to the story). 

Enter the Secret Church behind the wooden shelf XCSs to the alternate shop 
floor and exit to Simmons St. 

Hold (L2), swing left out of the Shop's street level door; avoid the Dry 
Humper near the door and the dogs near the Mall entrance. Cut hard into the 
Mall entrance, continue to hold (L2), locate and climb the escalator, quickly 
XCSs. (L1/R1), (L2), run to and up the right side of the escalator. 

Bear left at the top of the escalator, pass the Jewelry Shop and the bench to 
the broken Fl. where the 2 mini larvae are mouing on Mr. Corpse.


(Continue Point)

Listen for the sound Larry makes as he begins to rise out of the sand, it's 
an imperative to avoid damage. 
Larry appears to rise 180 degrees behind Harry on the 1st confrontation; (98% 
of the time, so far) however he can rise up from most any direction if a 2nd 
set of rnds is required. Do not run off either side of the damaged flooring.
You must be directly in front of Larry for the head shots to post max damage.
Drop through the floor.

You start out facing the rifle, turn right toward the future "EXIT POINT", 
line up lengthwise with the flooring and wait for the sound. After the 3rd 
beat Larry begins to rise, immediately run to and stop at the end of the 
(L2/R2/Fire); press "X" as Larry advances and back step while completing 5 or 
6 SG rnds into Larry's larvae head. 
Larry goes fetal curling up into a cute ball; wait for the screen to blink 
then press "START" to take control of Harry.

Larry 0:0:11
6 Rnds (Best 5 rnds)
-0- meds

Exit to the street, turn right and begin running. It's a long dark run back 
to the Hospital, dogs, Dacs and Humpers are all over the place.

As you approach the windmills, turn right onto Sagan St. Quickly drift left 
over to the edge of the grated street close to the buildings.

The street lamps should come into view on your left, gently drift left so 
that the street lamps are now on your right maintain that line to Crichton 
St. Endeavor to remain in a straight line, don't waver left or right. Flip 
the flashlight on and off to verify location only.

Look for the "Galaxy" store front sign, shortly you'll be turning left onto 
Crichton St. at the intersection of Sagan and Crichton. Maintain Lights out 
and a straight line, there can be 2 or 3 Dacs coming up at the corner of 
Crichton and Koontz. Once on Koontz run diagonally across to the Hospital 
gates and enter the Hospital.

Run into the Examining rm., XCSs with Lisa, exit the room and the Hospital 
for the Post Office roof and to the Manny.


(Continue Point)

Manny is the superlative boss of SH1, the hardest to kill, (absorbing the 
most rounds and time to kill) and the most dangerous, (can't afford med use). 
You may take a spray during the entire event, but no significant damage; you 
won't be still long enough to be stung.
I once used the rifle, (about 2 rnds less than the SG) but the refire rate is 
too slow and the time used to pick up the ammo in the Jewelry shop is saved.

If you flip back and forth between SSL, SSR too much you'll likely 
zigzag yourself into a stairwell or corner. So, every 4th set of "SSs" 
just run past him fire and then repeat the SSL and SSR maneuver.

Never fire more than 1 round. Regardless of the firing method, the best time 
is never below 00:00:41:5 

The main objective is to stay away from the stinger and the best way to do 
this is to side-step in the opposite direction of his rotation. Once he 
begins spinning toward Harry he's committed to that direction.

To maintain quality targeting and minimize time consumption do not move far 
from Manny. If you can see his entire moth body move back into thorax licking 
Do not run into the moth, you waste time pushing it around instead of 
shooting allowing him to line up quicker for a sting or spray.

As soon as you hit the 2nd set of stairs to the Post Office roof, XCSs.

Run at Manny and to his right, fire 1 rnd, SSL, for 1 rnd and then SSR for 1. 
SSL and SSR 4 times, firing between moves then run past Manny; spin around 
behind him for rnd. and then repeat the process. 
If while in a fire position I see the full side of the penthouse I will SSR 
and fire or SSL and fire 4 or 5 times in a row to circle him. 

Manny 0:0:42
20 SG rnds 
-0- meds

Exit the roof.

Run to the Bridge cross it and reappear at the Water Pump Sta. Examine the 
lock, shoot it off with the SG enter the enclosure and drop down into the 




(Continue Point)

Get a jump on the sewer, press and hold run after you XCS then bear right 
into the first tunnel section. 
The Sewer Access Tunnel is straight with 3 arch segments; at the end you must 
turn left at the waterway. There are 2 GCLKRs #1 is to the left and #3 is on 
the right. 

(Hence known as Ground Clickers from the sound they make on the stone Fls. 
These puppies can book so don't flop around or run into junk. They're 
numbered in the order you meet them.)

"FLO/FLOF" doesn't seem to change the odds enough to notice. 

1. (50/50) once you pass under the 3rd arch move over to the left side of the 
tunnel, as you bear left out into the sewer area; remain pointed diagonally 
to the right, if GCLKR#1 is out of position just a smidgen, you can push by 
unharmed and continue running.

2. (9/10) just after passing under the 3rd arch, move over to the left side 
of the tunnel. About 3/4 through the last segment FLOF and drop to "WALK" 
stopping just before the tunnel exit, (you can see the change in the 
GCLKR#1 and 3 will converge at the mouth of the tunnel, #1 most often appears 
1st and passes in front of Harry providing the room to continue left into the 

Continue running to the corner ahead, bear left and then wide loop right over 
bridge#1 after it comes into view on your right. There are 3 bridges in this 
sewer level.
From this point, it's safe to the peg board for the KEY, (ensure that you 
swing around the 1st sewer pump and between the 2nd pump and the waterway.

Be aware that travel from the Peg board through the next 3 gates and bridges 
will likely be quite frustrating, so, you may elect to use the "SAVE PAD".


There are no discernable absolutes passing through the next 3 gates and 
bridges. The info used works most of the time, about 70%, better if you 
assume GCLKR#2 is on the other side of bridge #1.

Use the key on the gates, once through the 2nd gate tap (L2) to orient. Pass 
by bridge#3 for #2, cross over bridge#2, bear hard left and run toward 

There are two Clickers waiting for you one hanging above the bridge and one 
on the other side of it. GCLKR#2 can be pretty much anywhere across the 
bridge ranging from the edge of the bridge to past the corner.
Once you've crossed over Bridge #2 listen for clicking. If you hear clicking 
halfway to Bridge#1 don't drop to "WALK" at the edge of Bridge#1 keep running 
GCLKR#2 is away from the bridge.

One step before bridge#1, drop to "WALK", turn hard left, take no more than 2 
steps onto the bridge staying tight to its left side and resume the run.
GCLKR#2 will either remain on the opposite side far enough away allowing you 
to pass it, or in most cases it will charge onto the bridge out of attack 

Ahead GCLKRs#1 and #3 sit on either side of the tunnel entrance that brought 
you to the waterway. 
Run along the narrow passageway as soon as you see the wall bump-out, FLOF, 
pass the bump-out drift right to the wall, pass GCLKR#1 and hook left back 
onto the narrow passageway. Stay tight to the left edge of the narrow 
passageway as you cross the Sewer Access Tunnel opening. Turn diagonal left 
as you approach GCLKR#3. Slam GCLKR#3 pushing it back to the open area. If 
lucky you may slide past GCLKR#3. Less lucky, (more likely), you should only 
take one hit pushing it back before getting free.

If Harry approaches with the FLO GCLKR#3 charges Harry. So far with FLOF he 
rarely charges. 
To date, I believe it is worth the damage received during the push for the 
time saved in shooting or baiting.

Continue over to the chain link barrier, unlock the gate and pass through. 

Press (L2) to orient with the narrow bridge. Continue over the narrow bridge, 
count to 4 and FLO. Bear right across the floor avoiding the cockroaches on 
your way to the ladder and climb out of the lower sewer.



SSR to the corner and begin running. You'll complete a right and then a left 
across the large tunnel to the long straight and narrow tunnel section. 
(Yellow splotches on floor).
Maintain a straight line in the center of the tunnel, after passing under the 
3rd arch FLOF. Once up the short ramp FLO, (L2) and ready for the turn ahead.

Turn right at the end of this tunnel; avoid the roaches and one more right at 
the end of the short tunnel. A short run to the 1st of 3 gates, try to stay 
FLOF as much as possible to avoid the cockroaches. An actual bite kills time 
and Harry's health.

The 1st gate is on the right, pass through it and diagonal left to the 1st of 
the narrow blue grated bridges. Cross back over to the right side of the 
tunnel for the 2nd bridge and remain on this side to the 2nd gate. 

Run diagonally left and remain on this side for the 3rd and last gate to the 
"KEY". Once through the 3rd gate proceed to the end of the flooring and stop 
on the red spot on the floor and press action for the Key.
Once you attain the key the place will be crawling with GCLKRs. The 1st 3 are 
relatively easy to out maneuver. (L1/R1) and run, there's one more GCLKR in 
this area blocking your path to the gate you just went through. You must loop 
right around it and then left to avoid the chain link fence to the gate. 

Once you've retraced your steps back through the three gates, continue on to 
the "EXIT" gate. There are at least 3 GCLKRs in the area one guarding and one 
near the gate. Swing wide right after passing through the 3rd gate, this 
sometimes draws the Gate GCLKR away clearing it up for your exit from the 
sewers and your return to the street level. If not, you may take a hit before 
passing through the gate.

I'm still in the green; I took a hit from GCLKR#3 and heard at least 2 munch 
sounds from roaches, but was never held up by them.

Locate and climb the exit ladder to the streets of the Resort area of Silent 



Press and hold RUN before the CS ends, run out and right brushing by the 
fence onto Bachman Rd. Diagonal left across the road toward the intersection 
lights and continue across Craig St. Enter the parking lot for Annie's bar, 
avoid the Humper to the front door of the Bar and enter. 

Kaufmann is getting jiggy on the floor with a skinless thingy. Skip the 
horror, pick up the Key, receipt and exit the Bar. 

Bear left out of Annie's, scrape the hedges as you turn onto Bachman Rd. Bear 
left at the end of the hedges into the Park. (L2), cut right through the 
middle of the 3 bushes as they come into view. 

Stay close and just to the right of the low Yellow thing, there may be a Dac 
and then pass the benches on your right to the walkway. Once out on Weaver St 
turn right onto the street side of the sidewalk. Continue to hold (L2) as the 
door comes into view turn toward the wall and begin pressing Action for 
access to the Security Pad. 

Quickly press the numbers 0886 and enter the building before the Dac gets 
you. I enter at a run and press "WALK" as the scene clears for the magnet on 
the sofa. 
(L2), turn left, tight loop into the Office area and to the exterior door. 
Exit, turn right, then tap (L2) to orient and run to rm. #3, (Kaufmann's 
Rm.). Push the bureau; use the magnet to get the Key. 
Return to the Office and the sitting rm. in the rear. (L2), enter the Garage, 
swing around the bike and press "WALK" and turn into the bike and use the Key 
on the bike. 
Exit the Garage, hard right to the exit door head South on Weaver then west 
on Sandford St. Cross over the bridge and XCS through the Event change.


(Continue Point)



It's pretty much a convoluted back and forth run to the Light House all the 
while being harassed by Humpers, dogs and one or more Dacs. You'll need to 
flip the flashlight off and on a number of times in an attempt to avoid the 

Stay in the middle of the road; note the wide solid lines crossing the 
grating as you run, once I reach the 3rd line I give the directional pad a 
slight nudge left. It sort of has Harry drift slowly left over the road. When 
the end of the West Garage comes into view adjust to cut in front of the 
corner and head south to the long pier. A Dac and one or two dogs will harass 
Harry down to the docks and barge. 

As soon as you start running down the steps to the Barge gangplank press and 
hold (L2) until you've entered the barge's aft doors.

Once on the gangplank press hard left, it allows Harry to slide off the 
bulkhead. As you begin to slide along the bulkhead, quickly press "WALK" and 
hard right for a controlled turn to the doors. 
Enter, continue to the pilot house XCSs, exit the pilot house and make your 
way to the top of the pier. 
Once off the barge, FLOF and hold (L2) until you are back up on the pier. 

Continue to flip the flashlight off and on as needed to confuse the 
Dacs/Humpers/Dogs till the Lighthouse is in view.

Run forward to and down the stairs ahead and on the right. Traverse the 
floating docks to the next pier section. 

As you turn onto the last plank heading back to the pier hold (L2). Press 
hard right off the end of the last plank to avoid hitting the pier's bulkhead 
and the barrels, continue to hold (L2) till you see the next set of steps up 
to the top of the pier.
Once back up on top of the pier you'll produce an "S" turn to the next set of 
steps back down to water level. At the base of the steps turn south again to 
the next set up that will bring you to the base of the Lighthouse. 

As you climb the spiral staircase Harry flakes and may stop running. A very 
slow and frustrating event, however, if you press and hold "WALK" for second 
or two as he's running, he will straighten up and appear to run faster. 

XCS at the top of the lighthouse then return to the base.

I'm saving here so I can make a 2 runs for Cybil, the cheat and dealing with 


Exit the Lighthouse, holding (Ready/Forward) and chunk the leaping dog as you 
move out onto the steps with 1 rnd. 
Return to the barge, XCS and leave the barge for the pier. As you exit from 
the aft doors press and hold (L2) until Harry is on top of the pier. Press 
hard left to the gangplank and then hard right off it to avoid slamming the 
pier bulkhead. Once at street level, move left over to the railing.

Return to the street, take a left and angle across the street to the fenced 
in area.

Enter the fenced in area and the last sewer run. 


(Continue Point)

No need for the map here, the Uglies are few and spread out. A simple right, 
right and left gets you into the last tunnel, once in the last, you'll make a 
right, left, right series of jogs past missing floor grating to the manhole 
in front of the Park. 
Sometimes there can be one of those skinless mini Wolverine things before the 
1st jog. While running in the sewer, look for the telltale yellow splotches 
on the Fl., this is your cue to turn. 

(Continue Point) 

I'll be giving the route and times for personally dealing with Cybil and the 
PSBT cheat.

The Dealing;
Enter the Park; bear right keeping the fence to the left and the empty 
blackness to Harry's right till you spot the Octopus Merry-Go-Round on the 
right. Bear left, (about 11:00) the building with Magic written on it appears 
in front of you; pass to the right. A lamp post appears, stay to the right 
side of it and drift right. Do a gentle curve right, the Carrousel will 
appear in front of and to the left of Harry. Enter it, press start three 
times to bring up the Cybil event. Once free from the CSs, run right at 
Cybil, access inventory and chuck the Apple Glottis at her. Jump all the CSs 
to nowhere.

The Cheat; 
Enter the Park and proceed as if you're going after Ms. Cybil MacMuffin. Bear 
right through the gate, and then left around the missing floor grating. There 
will be 2 PSBTs, one on the right near the fence; and the one you want on the 
left near the missing floor grating. Run into it and quickly press Inventory 
grab the bottle and use it. Once done begin fast pressing START to XCSs, when 
completed, you end up in the Examination Rm. 



The game and everyone else that plays SH calls this "Nowhere", so for a 
change who an I to argue!
X out the junk, head for the elevator. CXS and end up on the first Fl. Hlwy.
Turn left at the corner for the last door on the right, "Basement door". Pass 
through the classroom, for the door on the left and collect the hand tools. 
(L1/R1) and return to the 1st fl. Hlwy. 2 slow Nurses, turn left; backtrack 
to the door to the right of the DDs separating the two sides of the 1st Fl. 

Press "WALK" just before contacting the door to avoid sliding past it. Enter 
and hold (L2), orient to the oddly placed plumbing and use the Pliers for the 
Ophiel key. 
(L2), turn and exit. Once in the Hlwy turn left, for the Ophiel door on the 
right, (just past the Nurse). Run to and enter the 2nd door on the left. Hold 
(L2) aim for a corner between the Bull and either of the other signs then 
press walk to stop at contact.

After stopping, ensure that you turn left or right to access the rear "Twins" 
or "Centaur" signs 1st. I prefer right to left 8, 4, 6 and Time Stone. 

Take the stone, hold (L2), turn, exit and run to the DDs with the ALERT 
puzzle. Do it and run through both rms. for the star. (L1/R1); exit the rm. 
and XCSs with Lisa.

Once back in the Hlwy, (L1/R1), and go through the 2nd door on the left. Turn 
left enter the Antique Shop door, last one on the left; press and hold "WALK" 
as you enter the rm. for 2 steps and turn to the clock. Do the clock and take 
the Hagith Key. Exit, turn right and run to and through the DDs to the 
elevator foyer. Enter the elevator, third Fl.; go to the left side door. 

1. Top grid: Upside down triangle left
2. Bottom left: Backwards L
3. Bottom right: Arrow, pointing lower left corner

Enter the rm.; press and hold (L2), locate and pick up the Bird Cage Key on 
chair and then return to the elevator and press for the 2nd Fl. Once on the 
2nd fl. Hlwy enter the third door on the left, blocked by the Nurse, pump 2 
rounds into her and enter the "Jewelry Shop". Press and hold (L2) until out 
of the Jewelry shop. Round the front counter and weave between the 2 rear 
glass cases, for the Ring of Contract, turn and stop at the front counter for 
the Crest of Mercury and exit the rm. 

Exit, turn left and go through the DDs at the end of the Hlwy. Head straight 
for the next set of DDs in front of you and unlock them. This brings you back 
to the 1st fl. Hlwy. Turn left, run to and enter the Birdcage Rm.; it's the 
last door on left before the DDs. 
(L2), run squarely to the cage and press action for the Phaleg key. Exit hard 
right out the door to and unlock the Phaleg door. 

Quickly go to the door immediately to Harry's right, "Hospital Kitchen". (L2) 
to the fridge, take the Dagger of Melchior and use the Ring of Contract. 
(L1/R1), "CS" and exit, hard right and slide along the wall to the next door 
on the right. 
(There are 2 "PSTBTs" just left of the door)
Enter, (L2) and navigate through the shelving to the Jelly Beans. Take the 
Bethor key from the beans, (L2) to the door and exit. Run straight across the 
hall to the EYES Rm.  XCS, get the Ankh and exit. 

Exit at a run straight across the hall and run a large loop right to the 
Bethor Door. Turn the Generator off, exit back to the 1st fl. Hlwy and enter 
the (Antique Shop) 

SAVE PAD 00:34:59

If you've taken hits and are not slow green pick up the MP on the other side 
of save pad. Exit, hard right and enter the DDs on the right. 

Reason for the above save.
The next bit is/can be the most frustrating event in the entire game, much 
more frustrating than the 1st sewer. There are 3 PSTBTs; PSTBTs#1 & 2 are 
quite predictable. The starting position and movement of PSTBT#3 however is 
not, having the widest range of all AI in the game as far as I can tell.
Basically, PSTBT#3 could be moving anywhere between the far end of the Hlwy 
to just a few steps behind PSTBTs #1 & 2 depending on your route and timing.

With this maneuver PSTBT#3 is about 8 steps behind #1 & 2.
Enter the Hlwy at a "WALK" hard right into the corner. Turn left so that 
Harry is positioned diagonally with his back in the corner and facing the 
corner to the left of the DDs across the Hlwy. Hover your forefinger and 
thumb over (L2) and "Run" and wait for PSTBTs 1 & 2 to appear in your field 
of view.
Once you start running, you'll hold (L2) until you pass through the last door 
on the left. 

As soon as the PSTBTs pop into view press and hold "Run" then (L2) and left 
to scrape along the opposite wall. 
Bear left just before the debris slipping between it and PSTBT#3. Swing right 
around the debris, locate and enter the last door on the left. 
This works most of the time, (85%) and eliminates any shooting of the PSTBTs.

(L2) locate the wall plate and use the screwdriver to get the key. (L1/R1) 
and head for the door. 

Exit bear a lazy right into the Hlwy, (sliding along the missing flooring on 
the left) and then back between PSTBs#1 & 2 to the wall. 

(Sounds mental but it works, I think it's because PSTBT#1 is facing away from 
Harry when he passes) 

Exit the Hlwy, turn left to the Phaleg door. 

Enter the Phaleg door. Bear right scraping along the wall to the 2nd door on 
the right. 

Once at the 2nd door on the right hard left to the opposite side of the Hlwy 
to swing around the debris and enter the last door on the right.

XCS; run around the chair, tap "WALK" as you turn left to the bed, pick up 
the last artifact on the small bedside table, (L1/R1), (L2) and exit the rm. 
Run across the Hlwy enter the rm. and set all the artifacts in the door 
slots. Enter, XCS and take stairs to wherever.


Jump the CS with the girls and Kaufmann.
After you X through all the cut scenes and are being transported to the final 
conflict, press and hold (L2) and run. 

You're going to charge Sammy for a few feet before stopping at the floor grid 
line about 8 feet in front of him. You want to be close enough to clearly see 
the splatter.

(L2/R2/Fire), if you passed over the line back step to the line as you send 
lead up to Sammy. Ensure that you keep count of the rnds fired so that you 
can release and enter Inventory after the 6th rnd. Take 1 or 2 HDs and exit. 
Be holding (L2/R2/Fire) for your return, you may get up to 3 more rnds off 
before Sammy hits you with the 1st series of lighting bolts. 
Continue to hold (L2), release, repress and hold (R2), absorb the full jolt 
and continue firing off another 6 rnds. Enter inventory as the 2nd jolt hits 

Take all 2 or 3 remaining HDs exit Inventory, (L2/R2/Fire) and absorb the 3rd 
Once Harry has absorbed the 3rd strike he'll begin firing the next salvo. To 
date it has never taken more than 18 rnds to chunk Sammy.

Sammy, 00:00:22 to 0:0:26
15 to 18 rnds 
3 to 4 "HDs" 


To date, I have brought the time down to 00:36:21 using the above route, 
maneuvers and Cybil cheat. 
I still botch things, pressing action too many times and getting the ever 
pissy quote "There's nothing of interest here!", or any other dreary 
statement reminding you that you've already picked something up or missed it 
by a pixel. 
Oh and there's always, "#&%@!!! I slid past another @$&!*^# door", or bumped 
into another zombie whatever thing." So it could always be better. 
I'd like to think I could do a 00:36:00. 

Bear in mind it took 5 saves spread out over the game. Each save was the best 
out of 5 to 6 tries each. I'm dimes to dollars "I" couldn't come close to 
this time in a straight or 1 save run, too many things to go wrong at the 
pace this game was run at. 

I made the one save at the Lighthouse so I could do the 2 Cybil events. Doing 
the Cybil cheat shaves 25 seconds off the game time. That said; this time 
could be easily accomplished in 3 or 4 saves.

Cybil Cheat Time:		00:36:21
Cybil Non Cheat Time:	00:36:46

Saves 5

Continues 2

61 items

4 HDs 

3 boxes SG ammo

All but 7 of the 61 items, keys emblems and medals are necessary to complete 
the game and ensure the Good + ending.

I picked up a 3rd box of SG ammo at the Hospital for the Moth combat, I can't 
tell if the approximately 3 seconds saved dealing with Manny is worth the 
time used for the pick up.