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Silent Hill



by DHernandez

Silent Hill
Horror Adventure

Author:  Djoaniel S Hernandez
E-Mail:  [email protected]
Date  :  May 30, 2006
Site  :

Created 27 April 1999
Last Modified 04 April 2002

Updated the disclaimer
Checked wrong spellings
Probably the last update before I retire
Added contact
Changed credits

Updated May 30, 2006

Table of Contents

-|  disclaimer & contact
-|  walkthrough
--|  residential area
--|  the school
--|  school 2
--|  residential area 2
--|  the hospital
--|  residential area 3
--|  the sewer
--|  resort area
--|  amusement park
--|  nowhere
-|  other stuff
--|  basic FAQ
--|  personal hints
--|  closing remarks
--|  credits and discredits


To make the long story short, ripping off other people work or posting
it in your website without permission is punishable. However, if you intend
to give me full credit out of it, then by all means.


This walkthrough was posted in during the time that it the
website was still up. I was a fan so therefore, immediately took it there not
knowing that soon it will close down. It is well written. Who wrote it I don't

|-[Residential Area]-|

When the opening sequence plays, Harry Mason wakes up in his crashed
Jeep, without his daughter Cheryl beside him. Harry exits his Jeep and
Walks into town in search of Cheryl. As you take control of the game,
Harry walks forward until the demo takes aver. Watch as Harry sees a
Glimpse of a little girl from a distance. When the control of the game
Switches back to you, follow the little girl to the alley. Walk down
The alley through two gates. After the second gate, it begins to get
Dark. With the help of a lighter, continue down the alley to find
Cheryl. The alley ends with a few dead bodies hanging from the chain
Link fence. A couple of knives wielding demon babies attack Harry. When
He comes to, he's inside a cafe'; being tended to by a Policewoman
Named Cybil Bennett. Cybil gives Harry her for his protection then goes
Out to look for help. Gather all the collectibles in the cafe" and make
Your way through the door. As you prepare to leave, the radio begins
The make some kind of noise. Watch the video as the flying monster
Crashes through the glass window. Kill the winged creature with either
Your gun or your knife and grab the radio. The radio will later warn
You of upcoming trouble by emitting a strange noise whenever a monster
Is around. After exiting the cafe" and deciding to go back to the alley
Where you were attacked, grab the bullets from the bench on the left.
Check out your map to find your location in town. As you walk down the
Alley leading to the area where you were attacked, keep you gun in hand
And prepare to shoot some rabid dogs and flying monsters. Enter the
Gate at the end and follow the familiar alley. Through the second gate,
You will find a clue as to the whereabouts of Cheryl. Along the way,
Collect all the weapons and health revitalizers you may find. Now that
You know that Cheryl in at the school, look at your map to find the
Easiest way to get there. It may not be as easy as it seems, for all
The roads that lead to the school are blocked. Go towards the West End
Of Matheson St. To find the first clue. A piece of paper that says
"Doghouse Levin St." Is your clue. Run back and make a left on Levin
St. On the left side of the street is a doghouse, which holds the next
Item to collect. Grab the key from inside the doghouse and enter the
House behind it. Copy the map on the far wall and make a save. The door
At the other end leads to the blocked-off portion of town. With the
Help of the new information on your map, locate the three keys to open
The locks on the door. The Key of Lion, is in the trunk of a police car
At the end of Finney St. The Key of Scarecrow is in mailbox at the
South end of Eliroy St. You will need to cross the wooden plank on the
Right-hand-side of the road to get to the mailbox. The Key of Woodsman
Is located inside the fenced area in the alley, between Eliroy St. And
Bach man Rd. With all three keys collected, head back to the house on
Levin St. To un-lock the door. Through the door, you now enter the dark
Half of Silent Hill.

|-[The School]-|

The school is at the South End of Midwich St. Enter the school and pick
Up the school map on the left-hand side. As you enter the hallowed
Halls of this haunted school, you can save your progress in the
Infirmary on the left. To the right are more clues on the reception
Desk. Now, both doors at the end of the hallway are locked, so, head to
The Courtyard and look for the clues on the Clock Tower. At the other
End of the Courtyard enter the unlocked door to the other side of the
School. The door on the left side takes you to the west hall. All the
Doors are locked except for the bathrooms, which contain nothing
Interesting. Make your way up to the second floor to solve the puzzles
Of the clock tower. On the second floor, take the first door on the
Right. Enter the Lab equipment room and pick up the chemical. Next, go
Into the Chemistry Lab. Pour the Chemical on the hand on the table to
Get the gold medallion. Take the medallion to the Clock Tower and place
It on the left side. Go back up to the second floor, into the Music
Room. Read the clue on the board and look at the piano. Play the keys
In this order, D, A, A#, G, C#. After playing these notes, the silver
Medallion will fall from the clock. Pick up the musical reward and
Place it on the right side of the Clock Tower. Go to the basement and
Flip the switch. Run back to the Clock Tower and enter the door.

|-[School 2]-|

After noticing the symbol on the centre of the Courtyard, go forward to
The doors at the North End. Inside, make a right and enter the first
Door on your left. This is the Hall1 exit this room through the door on
The right to enter the West End of the School. As you exit the Hall,
Enter the classroom, and grab the picture card on the table. Take the
Picture Card and use it to open the Conference Room behind the
Reception Desk. Enter the Men's Room, find a dead body1 pick up a
Shotgun and read the message on the wall. Exit the bathroom, and enter
The door to the Teacher's Room. Go through the door at the other end to
The next Teacher's Room. Open the door on the other end and receive a
Phone call from Cheryl. Go to the Locker Room and grab the Library
Reserve Key from the dead body. Unlock the Library Reserve door and
Read the book entitled "The Monster Lurks". Enter the main Library and
Read the Book on the table. Head back down to the first floor, to the
Storage Room to find a rubber ball. Take the rubber ball to the Roof.
Check out the drainage, and look for a key. After noticing that the key
Is beyond your reach, plug the hole with the rubber ball. Turn the
Water valve, and flush the key down the drainpipe. Run down to the
Courtyard and grab the Classroom key on the ground. Use the key on the
North East End classroom on the second floor. Run through the
Classrooms to the south end, down the stairs and to the basement.
Create a path by turning the valves. The trick here is to know how many
Times the gates rotate when you turn each valve in each direction. Walk
On the path and take an elevator rides down. At the bottom of your ride,
A giant four-legged slug will greet you. Use the clue from the book
That you read in the library. With the shotgun, shoot the beast a
Couple of times on the head. When it opens its mouth fire off another
Few rounds into its throat. Watch the sequence that follows. After
Taking control of the game, pick up the Gordon key in the boiler room
And leave the school.

|-[Residential Area 2]-|

Upon exiting the school, you'll notice that the night has passed. Walk
Along Bradbury St. And make a right at the alley. The camera will
Switch angled towards the middle of the alley to let you know that
There is an open back yard door. Use the Gordon key to enter the house.
Make a save then go straight to the church. Listen to the conversation
Between Harry and Dahlia Gillespie. After the conversation, grab the
"Flauros" and the Drawbridge key on top of the altar. Head to the
Drawbridge control room at the East End of Bloch St. Use the key to let
Down the bridge, pick up the Shopping area map on the chair, and save
Your progress. Walk across the bridge and go to the Police Station.
Read the note in the office, and head to the hospital.

|-[The Hospital]-|

At the hospital lobby, go forward and make a left. Enter the first door
On the left and meet Kauffman. After the sequence, enter the door next
To the lobby door. In this small room there is another door that leads
To the front desk. At the front desk, grab the hospital map from the
Bulletin board and go back to the room where you met Kauffman. Go
Through the door at the other end and through another door. In this
Hallway, enter the Doctor's Office and pick up the hospital basement
Map. Grab the basement key from the conference room. Go inside the
Kitchen and get the plastic bottle. Take the bottle to the Hospital
Director's office and fill it up with the strange liquid. Run down to
The basement and turn "on" the hospital generator. Take the elevator to
The second floor. The hallway door is locked, so, go back in the
Elevator and press "3". On the third floor, you'll notice that just
Like the second floor the hallway door is locked. So, where do you go?
Get back on the elevator, and check out the buttons. Yes there is a
Fourth floor. You probably didn't notice it the first couple of rides.
Press the "4" button and exit to the fourth floor. Watch the sequence
Those follows then move on. Enter the double doors into this "L" shaped
Hallway. All the doors in this area are locked so, move on to the
Double doors at the other end. Run down the steps to the third floor
And start treasure hunting. Get the turtle plate in the men's bathroom,
The cat plate in room 306, and the transfusion pack in the storage.
Take the transfusion pack to room 204 to get the Hatter Plate. Go down
To the first floor to the director's office to find the Queen Plate.
Take all the plates back up to the second floor nurse centre. Read the
Clue on the wall. Place the plates on the locked door in this order;
Clockwise from the top-right, Turtle (blue), Hatter (green), Cat
(yellow), Queen (red). Run to the operating room and collect the
Storage key. Grab the alcohol in the ICU, the lighter in room 201.Take
The elevator down to the basement, move the shelves in the basement
Storage room. Look at the grating on the floor, and then pour the
Alcohol on the iron links. Use the lighter to ignite the links. Grab
The videotape in the basement. Take it to room 302 and place it on the
VCR. Watch the contents of the tape and go back to the basement
Hospital room. Grab the examination room key, look at the picture of
Alessa, and go to the examination room on the first floor. Watch the
Sequence with Usa Garland and Dahlia. When the sequence ends1 grab the
Antique shop key on the desk and head out.

|-[Residential Area 3]-|

After leaving the hospital, go straight to the antique shop at the end
Of Simmons St. Use the key to unlock the door and enter the shop. Push
The cabinet at the far end and watch the conversation between Harry and
Cybil. Enter the secret passage. In this room you'll find the "second
Church". Grab the axe on the wall, and exit through the hole in the
Wall. As Harry exits the shrine room, the altar begins to go up in
Flames. Watch the demo between Harry and Lisa. When Harry wakes up,
Leave the antique shop and make a right. Enter the Silent Hill Town
Centre through the opening in the gate. Walk up the escalator and watch
Cheryl on the big screen. Continue up the escalator and make a left.
Turn right at the end and keep walking forward you see a door on the
Left. Pick up the rifle shells in the jewellery store. Leave the store
And make a left. Walk forward until the floor falls from underneath
You. You now find yourself inside a sand-filled room. Get the Hunting
Rifle sitting on the floor. With the rifle in hand, wait for the giant
Maggot to come up from behind you. As you hear the worm coming up, run
Forward two steps, make a quick 180, and shoot the gruesome fella. A
Couple of rifle shots to the head and this guy is dead. As you look
Around for an exit, a second giant worm comes up and breaks through the
Glass door. Leave the sandy area and go back to the hospital. Talk to
Lisa in the room behind the front desk. Find Out about the sewers and
How to get there. Leave the hospital and kill the giant moth on top of
The building across the street.

|-[The Sewer]-|

When the moth finally dies, go towards the reservoir gate. Break the
Lock and walk in. Go down the ladder into the sewers. To get the map,
Follow these directions. Run down the tunnel and make a left. Follow
The path until it turns left. Take the first right and make another
Right at the end. Follow the path and make a right at the last
Junction, then an immediate left. Take the first left turn then the
First right-turn. Go through the gate and follow the path that will
Lead you to the map and sewer key. After obtaining the map and key,
Find your way back to the end of the tunnel you came out of. Make a
Left in front of the tunnel opening and then a right. Unlock the gate
Using the key, and find your way to the ladder. On the second floor,
Again use the map to locate the exit. The exit gate is locked, so go to
The lower left corner of the map to grab the sewer exit key from the
Water. Run back to the exit gate, unlock the door and climb the ladder.

|-[Resort Area]-|

At the top of your climb, you exit to the dark area of Silent Hill's
Resort. Straight-ahead is the Resort Area Map on a billboard. Take the
Map and proceed towards the pool hall inside Anne's Bar. Enter the pool
Hall and watch as Harry helps out Kauffman. After Kauffman exits the
Room, walk around and pick up his wallet. Go to the Indian Runner and
Use the combination on the receipt to unlock the door. Inside the
Hardware store, open the drawer and grab the key inside. Use the key to
Unlock the safe. After discovering the stash of drugs, read the memo on
The wall to get the code for the motel's back entrance. In the motel
Office, grab the magnet from the couch. Go into Kauffman's room, push
The drawer, and use the magnet to get the motorcycle key. Go back into
The office and enter the room behind the couch. Try to start the
Motorcycle and find the vial. Kauffman will appear and will take away
The vial away from you. Leave the motel and try to search for more
Clues in the West Side of the resort area. As you approach West
Sandford St. Harry's reality turns back into a nightmare. Head towards
The west garage to the boat at the end of the dock. Enter the boat and
Watch the demo with Cybil and Dahlia. After the demo, go to the
Lighthouse. Climb to the top and watch the demo with Alessa. Leave the
Lighthouse area and you will automatically be transported to the Boat.
Exit the boat through the door beside the save point. Climb the stairs
And make a left. Co to the sewer entrance that connects to the
Amusement park. Take the sewer map at the bottom of the ladder. Use the
Map to guide you to the amusement park.

|-[Amusement Park]-|

As you enter the park, go to the right and follow the path to the
Merry-go-round. Watch as Cybil gets up off the wheel chair and starts
To walk towards Harry. She points the gun and shoots Harry. Avoid
Cybil's shots. When she runs out of ammunition, she throws away her
Gun. When Cybil tries to choke Harry, use the strange fluid you found
In the hospital. After the demo and conversation with Cybil, Alessa and
Dahlia will appear. When Harry regains consciousness Lisa will be with
Him in the examination room.


Go down the elevator, to what looks like the hospital hallway. Walk
Down the steps to the basement. You'll enter a classroom with a door at
The other end. Enter the door and grab the pliers and the screwdriver.
Co back up the steps and into the room to the right of the elevator.
Use the pliers to loosen up the faucet. Get the key that falls and use
It on the locked door that says "Ophiel". Make a right on this "L"
Shaped hall, push "A, L, E, R, T" on the code box and enter. Go into
The next door and pick up the "Amulet of Solomon" form the back wall.
Leave the room and watch as Lisa starts to bleed. Now enter the door to
The Astrology puzzle. Each picture on the sidewall sits atop a number.
The number represents the number of extremities on each astrological
Sign. On the centre there are three pictures. The left is a picture of
Sagittarius. The centre is Taurus, and the right picture is of Gemini.
The code to get the stone of time is 6-4-8. Take the Time stone and
Break the clock in the Antique shop. Grab the key of "Hagith" from the
Clock. Exit the room and make a right. Enter the "Hagith" room and ride
The elevator to the second floor. Go through the double doors and enter
The third door way on your left. Take the 'rest of Mercury" and the
"Ring of Contract" in this room. As you leave, enter the double doors
At the end and open the furthest door on the left wall. Examine the
Pink plate screwed on to the wall. Use the screwdriver to remove the
Plate. Notice the key behind the plate and leave it there as you leave
The room. Make a right at the hallway and enter the door along the left
Wall. This is a small office with a camera on the desk. Pocket the
Camera and go through the double doors across the hall. The door
Somehow magically transported you to the first floor main hall. Go to
The elevator and take a ride to the third floor. The next room you find
Yourself in is like a makeshift church. There is an altar at the end
And a door on each wall. Each door has three boxes and nine buttons.
Look at the art works behind the altar. These are your clues for the
Next puzzle. Take out the camera and snap a picture to reveal the lines
In the paintings. Copy the lines over to the buttons on the door to
Unlock the moms. Grab the birdcage key from the left room. In the right
Room, is a book that is marked, read the book and head back to the
First floor? Enter the birdcage room and open the birdcage. Collect the
Key of "Phaleg". Open the door marked "Phaleg". This new room looks a
Lot like the Alchemia Hospital Basement. Enter the first door on the
Left. Place the "Ring of Contract" on the chain and take the "Dagger of
Meichior". As you prepare to leave the room, a noise comes out of the
Refrigerator. Good thing you locked the fridge. Back on Phaleg hall, go
Directly to the middle door on the left wall. Get the "Ankh" from the
Wall and leave the room. Another unlocked door awaits across the
Hallway. Through it is a small storage room, take the bag of jellybeans
And open it. Take the "Key of Bethor" that fell out of the package and
Open the double doors to the left. Take out the videotape from your
Inventory and pop it in the VCR. After watching the video, return to
Phaleg hall and go into the last room. This is Alessa's room. You can
Save your game here then read the inscription on the door at the rear
Of the room. Enter the Phaleg door then unlock the Bethor door to the
Left. Turn off the generator and head back to the room with the key
Connecting the two live wires. This is the Key of "Araton". Take it and
Backtrack to Phaleg Hall. The room on the far right is the room of
Araton. Listen to the four figures talking. Two of them you know as
Dahlia Gillespie and Dr. Kauffman. After the conversation, you find
Yourself in the room where Alessa was kept on life support. Pick up the
Disc or Ourboros and leave the room. Now take the five items in your
Inventory (Disc of Ourboros, Dagger of Melchior, Amulet of Solomon,
Crest of Mercury, and the Ankh) back to Alessa's room. In no particular
Order, place the items on the door at the far end of her room to unlock
The door. Save your game now and enter the door. Walk down the steps
And watch the demo that plays. After the demo, the battle begins
Against Samael. Get all your ammunition ready as well as your firs aid
Kits and health drinks. After the fight watch the ending sequence that
Plays. Hopefully, if you've followed the directions you would have
Gotten the good ending.


|-[personal hints]-|

If your off to get all the weapons, start with the easy mode coz the
time you get the hard mode well the enemies are the deadliest, believe
me I got stuck in the hard many times

Don't try to use the knife, if you're a hard core player and just
tripping on the game the use the knife but rather if you're a beginner
or just an average player, don't show off, just use a hand gun, there
are lots of ammo in the way

Try searching sidewalks and alleys for ammunition and items, in the
first residential area, there are tons of items lying around waiting to
be picked!

Being brave in silent hill is being stupid, donít kill everything, if
you can escape evade, run from the monsters, why not? They'll only
waste your ammo and if they hit u get damaged so play it on the safe

The katana must be seen in the score screen when you beat the game in
order to get it in the next fear game.

The weapons that can be obtained in the next fear game are shown in the
score screen. Donít ask me why it didnít showed up, it depends on your

To get an gold ending try making the ranking the best

Try turning off the lights when youíre on a sprint and when escaping
hordes of enemies, when you get in a safe area or can enter a building
go it, when the time you come out, they are all gone...

The chainsaw is better than the rock drill.

You'll use the channelling stone in these areas:
-- the roof top of school 2
-- just right outside the door of the hospital but IN the gate
-- just right outside the door of the motel but IN the compound
-- INSIDE the boat
-- the top of the tower


|-[special thanks]-|

All the girls I loved before.

You inspire you nurture you flourish. And you have to go...

Copyright Djoaniel Hernandez 2000
(c)2002-2003 Djoaniel Hernandez

Made in the Philippines