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Mega Man Legends Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Mega Man Legends

We have 11 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man Legends please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PSP

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Unlock Extra Points:
Press R1 + L2 + X.

Unlock New Life:
Press X + R1 + L2.

Unlock Power Up:
Press X + Triangle + Square.

Unlock Level Jump:
Press X + R1 + Square when arriving at the island

Go to the Apple Market then kick the can into th..

Go to the Apple Market then kick the can into the Jetlag Bakery and you will get 1000 zenny (dollars).

Whow to have a lot of zennys:After defeating the..

Whow to have a lot of zennys:

After defeating the Bonnes for the first time you will be able to go to the west door, go inside and go to the T.V. station.

Talk to the girl in the desk and tell her you are going to participate in `Balloon fantasy´and after finishing that game (before the time stop)you will recive a lot of zennys make this all the times that you want.

Or you can kick the can in the Jettlag Bakery an you will recive 1000 zennys.

To get the ''Grand Grenade set'', head to the..

To get the ''Grand Grenade set'', head to the Flutter, (Only if it's fixed,) go to Gramps room and look between the wall and the bookcace.

There should be a trunk. Look inside it and there will be the grand grenade set! Give it to Roll and she will give you the grand grenade witch can destroy the cracked wall in the Sub Gate in the lake.

To defeat Mega Man Juno, I found it out after about 500 tries!!!!!!!!!!! Get the Spring Jump Shoes, buster gun with good range, raped, and attack. NOTHING ELSE!!!!

(I'm Not crazy,) Just run around the edge of the battle areana Firing and jumping when he/she/it attacks, and blow its head off 2 times. P.S. Their is NO time limit!

A good way to beat Juno First I came close to b..

A good way to beat Juno

First I came close to beating Juno.

You will need at least 20 energy canteen

.next your need grand gernade(fully up- graded)Then an shield repair,defense-

shield,and Hypercartridge.

AND somebody please E-mail me were

to find the drill armm.(special weapon)

Go to the hosipital and meet a girl named Ira.Ta..

Go to the hosipital and meet a girl named Ira.Talk to her and go to city hall.

Donate money to the hosipital and go to the hosipatal.Then ask the nurse to see her.

She will give you a new item

This can only be used after you defeat Bruno the..

This can only be used after you defeat Bruno the giant robot that is in the old city after you kick his ass go to the flutter and watch tv, it will say somthing about a robbery.

Go downtown and destroy the robbers car, as soon as you beat him run to the detective and he will tell you to look for the damn case.

Instead of giving it back you run away with the money by going to the nearest gate then say keep the money....

To repair the gang's clubhouse, first join their..

To repair the gang's clubhouse, first join their gang. Get a pick from
the worker by the bank. Give it to them. When they are finished, they will need
a saw. Talk to the worker, then search the garbage pails Downtown. Give them the
saw and when they are finished, you can recieve the marlwolf shell.

How to get the tele-lens.

You find it in a hole inside the third sub-gate.

easy cash

After destroying the bonnes in clozer woods, go through the west door from downtown that leads to uptown. Go into the big green and white building (the news station) and talk to the lady at the desk. Tell her you are part of the beast hunter game. After a while you'll find a pattern that works 4 you. I kick the ball every time the dog comes by and on the ~eleventh second a glowing dog will come by and I kick the ball at him instead and I end up with enough points to beat rank A.

HINT:NEVER move unless you have already reached your goal.

quick zenny

Once the main gate is opened you will find a room in there with a giant computer that is in a small cove. Open the next door using it and there will be horse looking reaverbots. Kill them and receive about a thousand zenny for each one. After killing all 3 enter a door from the first horse's room and then turn around and go back in for them to reappear.

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