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Game Reviews for Final Fantasy IX


Full Reviews

Scorponis20th Nov 2006, ID #455
Ah, Final Fantasy IX. It was the first Final Fantasy game that I've ever played thanks to my cousin who let me watch him play so that I got interested in it as well. Final Fantasy IX was made in res..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review
cheating1014th Jul 2007, ID #657
Final Fantasy IX is the greatest game you will ever play. I love it more than every other game I've played and treasure it's subtle jokes, as well as it's amazing use of character and making it feel..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Added 29 Jun 2004, ID #11864
This is the best game ever!

I've beat the game only once, but one is enough to see how cool it was!

I loved the ending! Zidane left Dagger/garnet at the end, but and the play, they got together!

So romantic and so wonderful!

10 stars!!!
10 out of 10 Added 3 Jun 2004, ID #11733
This is the best game I have got and the best Final Fantasy of the lot, thats why I give this game 10 out of 10...
Simply the best Added 1 Feb 2004, ID #11157
Final fantsy is simply enchanting. It's got a good story, a lot of action and charactars with human personalities.

It simply is the best of all, I give it ten stars.
Nani? not another review!!! Added 12 Aug 2003, ID #10244
Hey I know I already reviewed this game at least twice before, but it just feels so kami-danged good to review it again! ^-^.

As I said b4, Kuja is the overall best battle (not including Necron, he's a real challenge @[email protected]). I also wanted to mention, I had Cinna's hammer, but I didn't get an extra scene at the end!

Buu: Calm down or no more Ask Buu chatshow >Smile

Trunks: Hey you know that's not fair, Cat CAN'T calm down, especially after that deal with that boy and all...

Cat: @[email protected]
ID #2719
This is the greatest game ever made. It's graphics are best ever, better than the PS2.

You have the greatest story with tons of side quests. Plus dagger is so hot.

ID #2718

Final fantasy 9 is the easiest games ever and the final boss necron is not that hard compared to fianl fantasy 7.

I completed it in 45 hours and you should do it in 60 and if you buy a guide then u shou;d float through it

ID #2717

This has the best graphics ever and dagger is the best even better than Rinoa.

It has a great end sequence and such a good tune i cried and it had a great twist in the tale.

I think that it is the best game ever every time i play it it gets better.

Final fantasy 10 is coming out on ps2 so you either get one or you get it on the computer.

P.S: If you like that then make sure you play FFVIII it has real people.

ID #2716
Wow what a game! It was much better than the two predecesors. Although going back to the old format I think it really works, just like number 7 did.

It has an intriguing story line and the characters are perfect to go with it. Zidane fits the role of the heroe amazingly, just like Cloud did in 7.

If following the story line gets tedious (which I can't see how it could) you can get lost in one of the sub - quests, which if completed thoroughly can take the game time to over 100 hours.

This is definately the best instalement yet, so what are you waiting for go and buy it now!!!!

ID #2715
The perfect RPG. Every character has a goal in the game, but Final Fantasy IX is more difficult than Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

Every character can use different attacks and learn different abilities. And there are only two characters who can cast summon spells witch are strong magic attacks.

In FF7 and FF8 everyone could cast everything you want to, but in FF9 only Dagger and Eiko can cast summons.

But it's a very good and big game, so that doesn't matter.

ID #2714

I've played lots of games and by far this is the best one I've seen.

If your a RPG fan you'll have to consider buying this one.

The plot is wicked cool.

The grapics in this game are some of the best on the playstation and the cutsceans have grapics that are better than the playstation 2.

If you rent it you'll defintley buy it in most cases.

The subquests are defently the bigest subquests you'll ever find in any video game.

My personal favorite is the chocobo digging minigame.

I rate it a perfect 10.

ID #2713

Final fantasy 9 was a very good game but seemed to short and not as free as the past games. FF7 for example was humongous and it was only 3 discs.

This game is 4 discs long and i beat the game in under 20 hours.........

I love this game and the series, but their is one thing im still confused about, WHAT THE HECK IS THE ISLAND IN THE CORNER OF THE MAP...


ID #2712

Before I start this review I would like to say How Much I have Enjoyed The series. Final Fantasy 9 Really Puts the Cherry on Top.

Once again Excellent FMV Sequences and Brilliant Graphics. Unfortantly this game has no Arcade or fun Bonus games (except for Blackjack) it's more in a Adult Theme.

Once again The Ending is touching once again I,ve seen All Final Fantasy Endings And this by Far is the Best one. At the End I would rate it 9.0. Still my personal Fav Is 7!

ID #2711


First you need to have dagger and eiko learn all of the eidolons.then you need to complete all of the sidequests, then after that you must learn all abilities and spells with all the characters.

After you do those go back to ipsen's castle, in the room where you get the item that lets dagger learn odin's sword(i can't remember it's name)then you'll fight omega-ozma,it is alot stronger than normal ozma.

You'll need to be at least at level 90.when you beat it you'll receive pumice,robe of lords,excalibur2,and a omegastone.

Take the stone to hades(if you have beat him in memoria)he'll tell you to synthesize it with a pumice(plus it'll cost 500,000 gil)and it'll create the ?????? item.

You equipt it to dagger to summon omega-ozma(it does about 50,000 damage and even causes all bad status effects even if they have a block from a certain status effects.

ID #2710

I think that Final Fantasy IX was the best in the series.

It had excellent graphics and F.M.Vs and brilliant gameplay.

Also, the plot was marvellous and the characters were just magnificent. I give it a 9.8(97%).

ID #2709

Been a long time since I've seen a game of such caliber.

I've seen all great games come and go, but, Squaresoft really outdid themselves this time.

The minute I began playing, I was hooked (although technically it took me a while to get into it!)

The first disk sets the scene. Who everyone is and what's going on.

The second disk blended it all together.

Humour, relief, but a touching moment, at the end, when Queen Brahane was killed.

The third disk shows drastic operation, when Dagger loses her voice, and all is well until you enter Terra. The game then picks up, and you need to be light on your feet, towards the end.

The final disk is the entrance into the third world, that is Memoria. Here you go to the past, and fight to stay alive.

It's all worth it, though. I mean, the ending is spectacular. I thought the ending brought everyone together.

Although it does quite run on a bit, it's great, none the less.

I have spent a lot of time searching for a game like this, and I found it. I'm at the end of the game, and have done practically everything, and I mean everything!

Congratulations to everyone involved in making the game, especially, the people who composed the music, and designed the FMVs.

They should be proud of themselves, as well as everyone who had something to do with the game........

I salute you all!!!!

ID #2708

This game is totally heavy! The only thing i don't like is that the characters have to speak with speech bubbles instead of talking with actual sound.

Music's gr8 aswell!

ID #2707

Pure Brilliance!

Fantastically engineered and executed. This game has a magnificantly mastered story from beginning to end.

The game gets deeper and darker as you get further into it and always has many new and interesting things to do where ether you are in the game.

The videos have been supurbly designed with mind blowingly brilliant graphics.

There are literally hundreds of different fun and amusing sidequests to do each adding to the games magnificance.

A superb masterpiece and there is no doubt about that.

Pure Brilliance!

ID #2706

I thought FF9 was an excellent game that definently surpasses the ones before it. It has excellent graphics and a good plot and storyline. However it was a little easy but it is still fun to play it over and over.

From TK the master of Final Fantasy

ID #2705

This game is simply awesome! The story is brilliant, the characters have strong personalities and i simply adore the music especially the trance kuja music!!!

I bet u think im weird cos kuja is strange and so is his music!

The only other FF game i have is FFVI and it isnt that good cos the characters are pathetic and meaningless, the graphics are poor and the game is too confusing I recommend this game to anyone who likes action/adventure games happy battling!!! ^_^

ID #2704
This is my favorite game of all time and I've played it for over 500 hours!!!

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