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Digimon World Cheats and Tips

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Find out how to get Giromon easily, unlock medals and defeat Bakemon or Birdramon. We'll also tell you how to raise HP, attack and defense and get lots of money early in the game.

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We have 127 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon World please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Digimon World Questions & Answers page.

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Unlockable Medals

Complete the followng tasks to unlock the corresponding medals.
Unlock Card Complete Medal:
Collect ALL the Digimon cards
Unlock Digimon Master Medal:
Raised ALL Digimon on chart
Unlock Max Abilities Medal:
Maxed ALL of your Digimons parameters
Unlock Perfect Curling Medal:
Get a perfect score in curling
Unock Technique Master Medal:
Mastered ALL techniques
Unlock Town Flourishing Medal:
Recruit ALL Digimon
Unlock 10 Years Medal:
Survive for 300 days

Unlock 100 Fish Medal:
Catch 100 fishes
Unlock Bits Maxed:
Collect 999,999 bits
Unlock Ending Medal:
Finish the game
Unlock Grade Cup:
Win in cup C, D, B, A, S..

How to get to Factorial Town

Deafeat Ogremon two times then go to the ice place up north.Go to iceburg beach.Go to the bottom of the beach and there will be a Whamon.Talk to him and he will take you to secret beach cave.
Ogremon will be there.Beat him.You will then follow him to were Whamon is.He will say he is going to the city but he is lying.Then you talk to Whamon and he says he's going to the city.Go to the city.He will be by Bidra Transport.Talk to him and he will ask where to go.One that you can selections is Factorial Town.Select it and you will be in Factorial Town


If your like me and like a challenge, then I would say yes and I always get an ultimate within the first 7 - 10 days of the game. And usually a powerful.
I recently started a new Digimon World game and started with Agumon, digivolved it to Centarumon and then digivolved it to Giromon. Took about a total of 9 days.
If you need help just ask and I will tell you some tips and tricks I learnt in acquiring a few of my ultimates.

Get Agumon in the city

Go down first then left and you'll see Agumon and vs him.

Where do you find all digimon?

Native forest:
-coelamon(coela point)
Misty trees:
-cherrymon(he do not come to file city)
Gear savanna:
Great canyon:
-metal greymon
-machinedramon (he do not come to file city)
Drill tunnel:
Dino region:
-skull greymon(fights in the battl..

MetalGreymon and a true way of getting him

Well hello freinds of supercheats and players of DigimonWorld...I have found how to get MetalGreymon...rather easily. So here it is
1.Get a Greymon-(In order to get greymon train an agumon 900 hp 900 mp and all others 100+ but they all have to be REALLY CLOSE eg: atk 113 def 115 spd 109 brains 114 and between 30kg and 35kg)
2.Once you have greymon get 4k HP 3.5k MP 500 attk 500 def 350 spd 350 brains...OH NO BY THE TIME YOU GET THAT CHANCES ARE GREYMON FADES lets back track...
0.5. After you get Agumon's stats done do not train at all anymore go to the first dragon eye lake with an amazing rod and about 80+ normal meat, now go all the way to the end fod ragoneye lake screen and fish out the guys on the far left side b..

Easy money

Work for monachromon make sure you don't get 3000 profit and your getting money on the tips of your fingers....


My tamer level is 10,legend and my prosperity is 98. now let me get started on some of these requests.
To get leomon in the city:
first, you need 45+ prosperity.
Next go to drill tunell third floor and talk to the drimogemon that never finishes digging.
He has finished and dug a tunnell containing leomons tablet - talk to leomon and he will join the city.

Digimon and functions

Heya guys!
Here is the list of digimons and their functions in the city
agumon-item keeper
andromon-no function,birdra transport
angemon-jijimons assistant,tells you wat to do
bakemon-in the city at night,no function
betamon-opens item shop,in the fountain
birdramon-birdra transport
biyomon-item shop
centarumon-centar clinic
coelamon-item stand in centar clinic
devimon-sells devil chips in secret item shop
digitamamon-in the restaurant
drimogemon-in treasure hunt
elecmon-makes electricity in the city
etemon-sells golden banana,was kicked out the city
frigimon-in restaurant
gabumon-in treasure hunt
garurumon-in restaurant
gekomon-at the arena
giromon-in the resta..

Some more hints.

How to raise a really strong Tyrannomon.
First to get a Tyrannomon raise an Agumons parametres to
Hp 1000+
Mp 1000+
The rest must be over 100. Defence must be 150.(Thats what it was for me.)
Then when it digivolves(you can raise it's parametres higher while it is a rookie. But no more than 1500 and 150)Make it's parametres like so
Off,Def,Spd,Brains 400 each(brains can be anything, but you might need the the extra commands)
Then go and beat ogremon 1 and 2. Use both of the HP chips on Tyrannomon.
Then beat Meramon, take the Off chip out of the pc. Pick up the Off chip off the floor.
Use both on tyrannomon.
Your Tyrannomon's parametres should now be.
HP 4000
MP 3000
OFF 500
DEF 400

Stats to digivolve

To get achampion get hp and mp to 1000 all the rest to 100 fora ultimate a champion must have the same stats but have a 2 instead of a 1

Raise HP, Attack and Defense and get lots of money early in the

OK, first of all, go to drill tunnel. Fight the Goburimon at the entrance to try and learn Magma Bomb or Sonic Jab if you have an Agumon, if you want. Then go down the stairs. DON'T fight the Goburimon there, unless you fancy your odds in a 3-on-1 fight with what our probably the toughest normal Digimon in the early game. Go left, and you'll come to a room with a Drimogemon rolling about on the floor. Talk to him, and he'll complain about the heat, then challenge you to a battle. He knows the powerful Megaton Punch and Dynamite Kick (as well as the not so strong Sonic Jab), but they shouldn't deplete your health by more than half, so as long as you've got a few SM recoveries handy, he shouldn't be too much of a problem. He's also pretty slow, so you shouldn't have too much trouble winnin..

Hard to learn moves?

So, your finding it hard to learn moves? I did until I saw the kabuterimon's in beetle land PS:Your must of caught seadramon to do this. One of the kabuterimon's say what you need to train your stats in, do that and you will learn some moves. NOTE: in this progress, when you get to seadramon you can learn moves of ice/water. Only do this when you know your aiming for an ice digimon or if you just want them for later.
Please rate, game on, tommomon

Easy Bits

A good way to get a LOT of bits very quickly is to do the following steps.
1. Make sure you have a strong Champion or higher Digimon.
2. Wait for when the sun is out (Or anytime the ModokiBetamon or RedVegiemon are out in Native Forest)
3. Buy Bandages
4. Finally, go to the Native Forest area just to the west of Kunemon's Bed is (The place with the toilet) and fight the RedVegiemon nearest to Kunemon's Bed. He gives you 500 Bits every fight but as long as you consistently go back and forth and fight him, you'll be rich!

How to get these digimon into your city. Patamo..

How to get these digimon into your city.

Patamon-o to gear savana and on the next screen near Elecmon you will see Patamon beat himm aprox 3 times.

Ogremon-1st beat him at great canyon,then go to his hideout at the bottom of great canyon.Then go to freezland,and near mojyamon and you will see Whamon speak to him and he will take you to Ogremon,beat Ogremon AGAIN,and go back to Whamon who willgo to your city.

Finaly go to drill tunnel and beat Ogremon,and he will go to your city.

Giromon-go to Factorial Town [must have Whamon in your city]go down the sewer

and speak to numemon,go up to the two Gardromon,then go back to Andromon and come back at 12 o'clock to the gardromon

To get bakemon to join your city go to the overd..

To get bakemon to join your city go to the overdell cemetary and talk to him.

He will ask you some things that you can't understand since there in Bakemon tounge.

Just reply yes yes and then no. If you mess up just leave the cemetary and then enter it again he will be there again.

He is not the best digimon to join the city but who cares!?!?!?!?

MAKE MONEY - To make tonnes of cash dead qu..


To make tonnes of cash dead quick, all ya need to do is buy a load a cards from the vending machine in the shop, and when you have some decent ones, (a few hundred pointers: megaseadramon, shogungekomon,myotismon,herculekabuterimon, take em to geko swamp, down to volume villa and swap em for merit points.


when you have swapped all of em, (try to get at least 1000 merit points) trade in your merit points for as many SUPER RECOVERYS as possible.

part3 -

Next use an auto pilot to return to the city and sell all the super recoverys for 1250 bits each!!

So if you spend 20 000 bits on cards and get some good stuff, b..

Yo tyrannomon, trainer I know where u find uni..

Yo tyrannomon, trainer I know where u find unimon.

When you have cenarumon in the city go to mount panorama spore area and you should find a wounded unimon.

Talk to it and give it one of your recovery items such as a small recovery floppy and it will join your crew and will work in the item shop.

How to get a megadramon To get a megadramon..

How to get a megadramon

To get a megadramon you need an airdramon and your tamer level must be level 9. now train its stats to

3000 hp

5000 mp

500 defence

400 speed

500 offence

400 brain

It must weight 55kg

10 or less care mistakes

If done corectly it will digivolve at eleven dayes old.

Fast Training

This is simple all you have to do is go to a gym, any gym. Then when your Digimon is training just press triangle and it will end. A hour will have passed and the Digimon's stats will have changed to what it would be if you waited.
Hope this helped:D

To Get Leomon

This is for that raidremon 12yr old kid.
to get leomon, you must have atleast 45 prosperity rate.
In drill tunnel theres that useless drimogemon, ya know, \\\"today were digging....tomorrow were digging..... daey.uh!!!\\\" well, go to him and YAY!!! hes actually FINISHED!!!
Go into the tunnel beside him and in there you find this leomon ancestor thingy.
Go to Leomonb and he takes it .( he does nothing in the city, though!!)
hope I helped!!(I dont know what you mean by the tunnel being closed off)

Recruiting Digimon

Palmon:Go south of native forest toilet, talk to the flower.
Keep talking to it and it will fight you.
Kunemon:Go east of native forest toilet.
Talk to kunemon, give him some food then he will fight you.
Coelamon:Go to coela point and talk to him.
Then you will be in tropical jungle. Head left and cross the digital bridge. Go back down to coela point talk to coelamon and he will join the city.
Centarumon:Go to the amida forest. Centarumon will shoot you so bring sm.recoveries. Make it to the zone maked O and he will join the city.
Greymon:After you talk to jijimon when you have a prosperity rate of 12 or more greymon will battle you.
Hope this helps some begginers.
PS:I need help recruiting ninjamon and v..

how to get digimon

To get Centrerumon you have to get an Agumon withthese stats:
You don't have to get them the same. And make sure you don't have care mistake, it's okay but I hate them.

A problem to get Vademon.

Ok, you know how to get Vademon but some of you might ask, why must I takecare for 15 days. Anyway, I can't keep it for fifteen days.
It will eventually die. Well, when your virus are almost full, don't give it poop anymore.
Wait till it become baby form again then poop on the ground. The baby digimon when 0 years old will turn into Sukamon. REMEMBER: Sukamon is a champion form.
So now you won't have any problem getting Vademon cause there's enough time to spent with your champion.
If you have ever expirience getting Vademon you will realize that to take care of the champion digimon to make it turn to Vademon requires about 3-3.30 hrs.
When it is about 15 years old you will be sick and tired of your champion. Anyway, to remind yo..

Get Meramon

HP 1000
MP 1000
Off 100
Def 100
Speed 100
Brain 100

Get a good champion

Have these stats
HP 1000

Get Megadramon in the city

Beta him at Mount Infinity


When you get Giromon in the city don't go to the Karioke Machine because your game will STUFF UP!!!

How to have a lot of money?

1) first don't give your sirloins to your digimon, but feed him with digisnappers,meats,and more... When you have a lot of sirloins, sell them in the item shop!
2) go with a very strong digimon to factorial town in de afternoon or evening, and defeat the first silver sukamon's. You earned 6600 bits. One sukamon is worth 3300 bits. You can also go to toy town AFTER you defeat warumonzeamon and defeat in the toy mansion the clearagumon. Per agumon: 4500 bits. There are 3 clearagumon in that room, so if you defeat them all three, you earn 13500 bits.

How to get a byomon as rookie digimon?(very easy!!!!)

Look, you have to take the egg with de orange stripes. Next you have to train speed all the time, then you've become a byomon, if you done it correctly...

How To Get Meramon

First you need an agumon so choose the orange egg then train it's offense non stop Whenever it is tired let it go to sleep in front of the toilet once it is about 4 - 6 years old it should digivolve into meramon it has worked for me 100s of times
Another way to get meramon is with these stats:
Off: 300 +
Def: 100 +
Speed: 100 +
Brains: 100 +
Hp & Mp: 1000 +
1 Care Mistake
& make sure you sleep in front of the toilet
L8R Folks I am a new member and have clocked the game so look out for master aarons hints & cheats

Easy monzemon trick

Ok I know how everyone hates nunumons so I found out a way to change that
(considering you know where that toy town is)anyway go there you will find a costume place take your nunumon in there then go to a big bear looking suit your nunumon will charge into the suit digivolving into monzemon although he is yellow and gay looking he is verry powerfull

Easy Money!!!!!!

Using a Digimushroom, trade a Medium Recovery from Mojyamon at the 1st from left...Then trade Medium Recovery for a Super defense disk from Mojyamon at the thrid from left ......Each Super defense disk is 2000 bit if you sell it......Or just buy a Medium Recovery from shop at File City and trade it.......By trading 99 Medium Recoverys that can buy at 500 bit each, you will get a total 198000 bits by selling a 99 Super Defense doing this 5 times, you will get a medal for a max bits.

how to get an ultimate digimon faster than traing and battling

it's very simple all you do is make him super happy and dicaplined ( that's what says disc. when you check your digimons stats

Bakemon (in a few steps)

1.first get either digimon as you know Gabumon and Agumon, I'd rather have Agumon for this
2.kill the other Agumon don't train... As you know first battle if your making a new one
3.go vs Medokibetamon, let your digimon die
And as soon as you finish talkin to jijimon again he should digivolve
Im really sorry if this didn't work

A good start off

Bla bla, how boring is it to talk to jijimon! Well your going to get a good start if you do exactly what I say! Ok, first of all go to the meat farm just above jijimons house and get some meat so you've got 3 meat, Well if you wanna get more stuff which a recommend you do go back into jijimons house and talk to Tokomon, nice now you have got 6 meat, 3 small recoverys, 2 mp floppys, medicine and a bandage, now you've got a good start off but no prospirity points, Dear me, but it's all going to change, straight away go left of the toilet and into the green gym, this is where you can train, but we are not training yet, first go to the koromon don't worry about talkin so then go down, you will find an Agumon, another if you got one at the start, so if you got Gabumon you will only have sonic..

Get 5 pieces of Meat/Giant Meat/Sirloin from the meat farm every

OK, as you probably know, occassionally, the Digimon in charge of the meat farm will give 5 pices of Meat/Giant Meat/Sirloin instead of 3. Well, here's a way to get 5 every day. (Useful if you're trying to raise a heavy Digimon.)
1) Make sure you have the maximum number of items you can hold NONE OF WHICH MUST BE THE TYPE OF MEAT YOU'LL BE GETTING FROM THE MEAT FARM.
2) SAVE YOUR GAME! This is crucial.
3) Talk to the Digimon at the meat farm. S/he'll try to give you meat (whichever type you'd be getting), but then say you have too many items.
4) Keep doing this, and count the number of times until s/he gives you 5 pieces.
5) Reset your console.
6) Repeat step 3+4, but this time stop just before the time s/he gives you 5 pi..

Seadramon frustrating?

Are you wondering how to catch this beast? Well I found a cheat and thought it was a dumb way to catch him so... I try it anyway and guess what! He was caught!
Ok now I'm telling you how!
1.get the amazing rod from shogungekomon
2.get some meat (easy)
3.go to the south dragon eye lake when it's all orange (the screen)
4. Watch the biggest fish there (near the end of lake)
5.get him on your rod and relax!dont pull him till your guage is light blue then tug till yellow
6.if it doesn't work repeat!
7.ask him to be friends!
8. You will get a flute
9. Whenever you want to talk to him come back anytime! on!

Mini Walkthrough

Hey people, I know I have not posted for a long time so listen up!
PART 1, Hello my name is Jijimon, Yeah Yeah now if you want Agumon answer with this answer, Do you have a Digivice?
What do you like better, Day or Night?
Now I you want Gabumon (his name is pronounced as Gar-Bu-Mon)
Do you have a digivice?
What do you like better, Day or Night?
Now that you have had your digimon selected you talk with Jijimon.
He talks about Digimon losing heart, Today you and your digimon are going to save the DAY! |
First of all go left and you will enter the green gym, on your way there you will find a toilet, these are the places you will mostly be in yor digimon life!
Now I will talk about ..


This may be common knowledge or it may be a one off thing but I had Angemon then I lost a fight (piximon I think) and he turned into devimon (this is kind of weird as they're both champion level). Devimon was way more powerful than angemon but unfortunately this did mean losing a heart so he died at only 14 days. If this doesn't work for you please accept my apologies, it may have been something else that triggered it e.g. Dissatisfaction.
Hope this helps!

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