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Digimon World

Game Reviews for Digimon World


Quick Reviews

A very good game Added 16 Jul 2005, ID #12997
Digimon is a good game it lasts a long time the sounds are good its 3D brilliant game anyone who likes digimon will love this theres a way to change it into pokemon but I don\'t think you can undo it my freind agreed to swap it for digimon 3 for a week! it is a game you never get bored at because if you don\'t like fighting you can just raise youre digimon the graphics are good the only probelm is you can\'t tell what they are saying (especially bakemon knowone knows what he is trying to say I\'d give it a rating of 99/100
Super cool game! Added 3 Sep 2004, ID #12153
I love this game! Its so cool! These are the scores I give this game:

Graphics: 10/10
Music: 9/10
Digimons: 10/10
Enemy digimons and bosses: 10/10
Cards: 10/10
Battles: 10/10
Techniques: 10/10
Digivolutions: 10/10
Locations: 10/10
Items: 10/10

Total: 99/100

P.S: I like all Digimon games, but this one is COOL!

THE BEST Added 17 Aug 2004, ID #12104
DIGIMON is the best game on PS1 and it's a MUST HAVE and it's so challanging and it's so FUN. I give this 10/10
Brilliant, pure Digimon. Added 21 Feb 2004, ID #11246
When I first bought this game, I wasn't very experienced so I thought it was crummy.

But with the help of my walkthrough, SuperCheats and the fact I like Digimon I became better. Then I realised ITS BRILLIANT!

I love the storyline, I love the music, the graphics are decent for PS1 and I love the way I can cream my brother in battle mode! 10/10!
ID #1656
ID #1655


this game is really cool you can battle in battle mode and kinda gamble and i give it these ratings (out of ten)

graphics 10 out 10

sound 9 out of 10

lastability 10 out of 10

controls 10 out of 10 (there really easy)

overall 10 out of 10

this game is fun even though i didnt finish it yet my strongest so far is metalmammon my favourite attack is buster dive it takes 1000 damage to all the rookie digimon (and nunemon) also i really wanna know HOW you get past the gaurds in factorial town and what time do you fight ninjamon?? please send it on the digimon or digimon world cheats section

ID #1654
ID #1653

Incredible Game!


SOUND 100/100

GRAPHICS 100/100

OVERALL 100/100

UNBEATABLE SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID #1473

Digimon is so cool! You can battle digimon for money or just raise and digivolve your digimon.

You never know when a digmon will come to the city that your trying to save!

Making digimon come to the city is hard but when that digimon comes to the city it can be very helpful..

ID #1472

Digimon is so cool I got my Digimon world when I was 9 I've now completed the game and I'm now 11 well I completed last year and machinedramon was hard and my digimon was a metelgreymon.

Cool huh!

It took ages to get him i digivolved drimogemon to him ill tell you a secret i found a dead palmon lying around in gear savana spooky!

Tell me about it it came back to life when i touched it it said devimon killed me but your angemon brought me back to life.

Super cool i did not beilive it at first but i was about to faint until it said that he was going to rid the world of analogman so i searched for devimon but i found analogman and machinedramon.

Then I bet him and it said you saved file island good for you and that it so goodbye folks.I hope you enjoyed my litte secret.

Bye and i am in the crystal version on pokemon gameboy so try to find me in there ok so bye bye.

ID #1471

I think Digimon World is a good game and it never makes you tired.


10/10 The graphics in this game are fabulous, they look really realistic as if you are in the game. Bandai have done themselves proud.


4/10 Needs a little improvement as it is dull and boring.


8/10 This game is quite complicated to figure out at first, KEEP TRYING!!!


10/10 This game will last you a lifetime it really is good and not boring.


9/10 This game needs work but it is very good and interesting.

ID #1470

It is a realy good game but it's a lot harder than i thaugt congratialations to everybody who has got everiting in the game you people are amezing my rate:8/10

ID #1469

The game is good but too long

I'll give it a 10/10 for graghficks

6/10 for andventure, too pointless

2/10 for sounds,can't understand a word!

and 8/10 overall

see ya!

ID #1468

This is my stats (out of 100) for Digimon.

Sound 65/100

Graphics 75/100

Adventure 80/100

(Its gets a bit boring sometimes)

OVERALL 75/100

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