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Follow the dark path or use the light
Digimon World Pack Shot

Digimon World


Hints and Tips on Digimon World Bosses

by Raj21994


                        -= Tips and Hints on Bosses  =-


The chart below will tell you the HP of every boss Digimon in the game. They are
listed Alphabetical Order:

=-_-=-_-==-_-=-_-=   =-_-=-_-=-_-=
  Boss Name             Boss HP
=-_-=-_-==-_-=-_-=   =-_-=-_-=-_-=
   Agumon           |     400
   Airdramon @      |    4400
   Birdramon        |    3700
   Devimon          |    6800
   Digitamamon      |    9999
   Drimogeomon      |    1200
   Etemon           |    5600
   Gabumon          |    2000
   Garurumon        |    4200
   Giromon          |    5700
   Greymon @        |    4800
   Kokatorimon      |    4200
   Kunemon          |     900
   Machinedramon*   |    9400
   Machinedramon**  |    9999
   Machinedramon*** |	 9999
   Machinedramon****|	 9999
   Mamemon          |    4800
   MegaDramon +     |    7500
   Meramon          |    2600
   MetalGreymon     |    8600
   MetalMamemon     |    5600
   Meteormon        |    3700
   Ninjamon         |    3800
   Numemon          |     200
   Ogremon*         |    3600
   Ogremon**        |    4000
   Ogremon***       |    4400
   Ogremon****      |    3600
   Otamamon         |    1100
   Palmon           |     900
   Patamon          |    1000
   Piximon          |    5200
   SkullGreymon     |    5800
   Tekkamon         |    4800
   Tyrannamon       |    3100
   WaruMonzaemon ~  |    5200
   WaruSeadramon ~  |	 4800


Digimon marked with * are Digimon that you fight more then 1 time. The * mean the
number of the battle.

Digimon marked with + are Digimon that you choose to fight if you want in Mt.Infinity
but I would recommend that you don't because you have to go back to Mt.Infinity later
after you defeat Machinedramon because you have to fight Machinedramon's Digitama
which is Digitamamon who is also in the last room and you can fight and 
recruit the others when you return.

Digimon marked with @ are Digimon that come to you to fight after talking to Jijimon. 
For Greymon, you need 15-20 Posperity Points and for Airdramon, you 45-55 Posperity Points.
When you have that much save you game and then talk to Jijimon and when you leave, 
they will come to you. 
Greymon is slow take advantage of that but Airdramon attacks you
ehn you come out so make sure your digimon have been fully recovered and for both, 
you need quick powerful attcks and high speed.

Digimon marked with ~ are Digimon that you cannot recruit. This is because, they are 
not real Digimon, just Dark versions of another.
To fight WaruMonzaemon, who is a Drak version of Monzaemon, you need a Monzaemon which is in the Costume House in 
Toy Town but you have to go there with Numemon to get him, ironic, huh. And then travel
to the Mansion and click on the big Question Mark on the back wall.
To fight WaruSeadramon you need to do the first two battles with Orgemon and then go to Freezeland,
go to where the Moyjamon and go right to the bottem and talk to Whamon. 
After doing the thrid  Ogemon battle,
you will also recuit Whamon who takes you to Secret Beach Cave, which has digivolving item in it but don't
use it and Whamon also takes you to Factorial Town, both of which is free.


Ogremon* = the first battle with him. (At Great Canyon)
Ogremon** = the second battle with him. (At Ogremon's Fortress)
Ogremon*** = the third battle with him. (At Secret Beach Cave)
Ogremon**** = the fourth battle with him. (At Drill Tunnel)


Machinedramon* = the first battle with him. (Last Room in Mt.Infinity)
Machinedramon** = the second battle with him. (Back Dimension - Greylord's Mansion - Virus type not needed)
Machinedramon*** = the third battle with him. (Back Dimension - Orge Fortress)
Machinedramon**** = the forth battle with him. (Back Dimension - Ice Sanctuary - Vaccine type not needed)


The Third and Forth battle are random. Jijimon says something about a 
strange disturbance and then you go to the Second Battle. If he repeats, 
then do the Third Battle and if the same thing happens again, do the Fourth Battle.

You don't need to get the correct Digimon type if the place has become Back Dimention.
It will allow you to go in without problems. If it doesn't, then the place has not become Back Dimension.

When fighting Machinedramon, I suggest getting a Digimon with high stats, over 8000 HP and MP 
and 700 Offence, Defence, Speed and Brains. However, keep your defence the highest of all
because Machinedramon's attacks cause alot of damage. 
Also, make sure your Digimon knows Ice attacks like Ice Statue. I recommend Megadramon since 
he can learn Ice, Fighting and Machine Attacks.