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Glitches FAQ

by ColinC10

Tomb Raider Glitches FAQ
Version 1.6

By Colin Chalmers
[email protected]

                              1. Introduction

1.1  About This FAQ

Tomb Raider is one of my all time favourite games.  I've come across a lot of
interesting things while playing it, and so I decided it was about time to
write an FAQ listing them all.  This FAQ is the first I've written, so I'd love
to hear any comments you have - just e-mail me or post in the Tomb Raider

I've called this a Glitches FAQ because that's what the majority of it is
about, but that's not all it's confined to.  I've tried to include as much as
possible that I think may be of interest.  There are shortcuts, hidden things
you might not notice, and even some ramblings on what the level designers get
up to behind your back.

This guide refers to the PlayStation version of the original Tomb Raider.  I
know at least some of this stuff works on other platforms, and on later
versions of the game, but I won't cover those here.

SPOILERS: I'll assume that anyone reading this has completed the game at least
once, and has found all the secrets.  It'll also be easier to understand what
I'm talking about if you can actually remember the levels!

Finally, if you'd like to see some of what's here in action, here's a video I

1.2  Legal Information

Copyright 2005-2009 Colin Chalmers.

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

The following sites have permission to use this FAQ: (and affiliates)

1.3  Version History

Version 1.6 - 26/10/09

      Added:  5.2.4  Ghost Ceiling 1
              5.2.6  Inactive Wolf
              5.4.4  Qualopec Switch Texture
              5.7.4  Trap Pierre

    Changed:  5.6.4  Second Secret - Guaranteed Method

Version 1.5 - 02/02/08

      Added:  5.2.1  Get Stuck in the Wall
              5.2.2  Skip to the Final Room
              5.7.1  Jump Through the Wall
              5.8.6  Inactive Lion 1
              5.8.7  Walk on Midas's Hand
              5.11.3  Glitchy Movable Block
              5.11.8  Ghost Trapdoor 2
              5.11.9  Easy Secret

Version 1.4 - 04/07/07

      Added:  5.1.3  Ark of the Covenant
              5.3.1  Real Artifacts
              5.4.3  Ghost Ceiling
              5.5.1  Break the Level
              5.13.1  Dodgy Collisions
              5.13.2  Well-Hidden Medipack
              7.2  Pistols Only, No Medipacks

    Changed:  4.29  The Load Game Bug

Version 1.3 - 30/10/06

      Added:  4.11  Enemies Can Climb on Blocks
              4.23  See Items Through Ledges
              4.30  Lara's Passport
              5.2.2  Mayan Calendar
              5.4.1  Black Screen 1
              5.5.1  Room With Movable Pillars Shortcut
              5.6.8  Falling Block Trick
              5.7.1  Illegal Slope 3
              5.7.2  First Room Alternate Route
              5.7.6  Same Shortcut, Yet Another Way
              5.8.3  How the Spike Room and the Pillar Room Work
              5.8.5  Aqueduct Shortcut
              5.10.2  Strange Camera
              5.10.3  The Floating Block Prison
              5.10.4  Avoid Reversing the Current
              5.10.7  Overlapping Rooms
              5.11.4  Black Screen 2
              5.11.6  Ghost Trapdoor
              5.14.4  Black Screen 3
              5.15.1  Disappearing Texture

    Changed:  5.12.1  Return to City of Khamoon ...

Version 1.2 - 11/01/06

      Added:  5.5.3  The Fifth and Sixth Pieces of the Scion
              5.9.4  Get Trapped in the Gold Key Room
              5.14.3  Missing Sound Effect
              5.14.4  Squeeze Past Boulders
              5.14.5  Re-open the Boulder Room Gate
              5.14.8  Cabin Glitch
              5.14.10  Beat the Annoying Door

    Changed:  4.25  Hear Music/See Camera Changes Again
              5.14.6  Lara's Spare Pistols

    Removed:  5.8.3  Broken Pillar Glitch

Version 1.1 - 14/07/05

      Added:  4.12  Fast-Forward Lara
              5.4.4  Illegal Slopes
              5.4.5  Pointless Cogs
              5.6.2  Skip the Gorilla Room and Pierre
              5.6.3  First Secret - Guaranteed Method
              5.6.4  Second Secret - Guaranteed Method
              5.6.7  Fourth Secret - Cheat Method
              5.10.1  Jump in Mid-air

    Changed:  4.24  Missing Music Tracks
              5.12.5  Skip the Blue Room

Version 1.0 - 23/04/05

                                2. Contents

The main information in this FAQ is divided into three sections.  The first
part contains things you probably already know, but I just wanted to include
here for completeness.  The second part lists any glitches and tricks that can
be applied to lots of places.  Finally, the third part is a kind of
walkthrough, taking you through anything of interest in the order that it
occurs in the game.

To jump to anything in the contents, just do a search for the appropriate
number and title.

1. Introduction
  1.1  About This FAQ
  1.2  Legal Information
  1.3  Version History

2. Contents

3. The Basics
  3.1  Level Skip Cheat
  3.2  All Guns Cheat
  3.3  All Guns/Infinite Ammo
  3.4  Swan Dive
  3.5  Handstand
  3.6  Extra Use For Sidestep Buttons
  3.7  Holding Buttons
  3.8  Underwater Objects
  3.9  Walk Through Spikes
  3.10  Survive Longer Underwater/On Fire

4. General Glitches
  4.1  The Corner Bug
  4.2  The Safety Drop Bug
  4.3  The Hole Bug
  4.4  The Fence Bug
  4.5  The Movable Block Bug
  4.6  Collapsing Floor Glitch 1
  4.7  Collapsing Floor Glitch 2
  4.8  Survive Any Drop
  4.9  Send Creatures to the Top of the Level 1
  4.10  Send Creatures to the Top of the Level 2
  4.11  Enemies Can Climb on Blocks
  4.12  Fun With Movable Blocks
  4.13  Fast-Forward Lara
  4.14  Look Through Doors
  4.15  The Door Test
  4.16  Jump Through Open Doors
  4.17  Delayed Keyhole
  4.18  Fire Backwards
  4.19  Access Inventory When Dead
  4.20  Inactive Enemies
  4.21  Floating Bodies
  4.22  Enemy Overload
  4.23  See Items Through Ledges
  4.24  Weird Textures
  4.25  Stop Pierre Appearing
  4.26  Missing Music Tracks
  4.27  Hear Music/See Camera Changes Again
  4.28  The Restart Level Bug
  4.29  The Load Game Bug
  4.30  Lara's Passport
  4.31  What Happens When the Level Changes

5. The Alternative Walkthrough
  5.1  Lara's Home
    5.1.1  Blue Compass
    5.1.2  Missing Tutorial Messages
    5.1.3  Ark of the Covenant
    5.1.4  Continue After Exiting Pool

  5.2  Caves
    5.2.1  Get Stuck in the Wall
    5.2.2  Skip to the Final Room
    5.2.3  Bridge Glitch
    5.2.4  Ghost Ceiling 1
    5.2.5  Mayan Calendar
    5.2.6  Inactive Wolf

  5.3  City of Vilcabamba
    5.3.1  Real Artifacts

  5.4  Lost Valley
    5.4.1  Black Screen 1
    5.4.2  Repeating Waterfall Glitch
    5.4.3  Ghost Ceiling 2
    5.4.4  Qualopec Switch Texture
    5.4.5  Peek at the T-Rex
    5.4.6  Stand Inside a Bridge Section
    5.4.7  Illegal Slopes
    5.4.8  Pointless Cogs

  5.5  Tomb of Qualopec
    5.5.1  Break the Level
    5.5.2  Room With Movable Pillars Shortcut
    5.5.3  Falling Mummy
    5.5.4  The Fourth Piece of the Scion
    5.5.5  The Fifth and Sixth Pieces of the Scion

  5.6  St. Francis' Folly
    5.6.1  Keyhole Texture
    5.6.2  Skip the Gorilla Room and Pierre
    5.6.3  First Secret - Guaranteed Method
    5.6.4  Second Secret - Guaranteed Method
    5.6.5  Wall of Water 1
    5.6.6  Shimmy Glitch 1
    5.6.7  Fourth Secret - Cheat Method
    5.6.8  Falling Block Trick

  5.7  Colosseum
    5.7.1  Jump Through the Wall
    5.7.2  Illegal Slope 3
    5.7.3  First Room Alternate Route
    5.7.4  Trap Pierre
    5.7.5  Palace Midas Textures
    5.7.6  The Worst Spike Pit Ever
    5.7.7  Same Shortcut, Different Way
    5.7.8  Same Shortcut, Yet Another Way

  5.8  Palace Midas
    5.8.1  The Unreachable Medipack
    5.8.2  Quick Way Onto Switch Platform
    5.8.3  How the Spike Room and the Pillar Room Work
    5.8.4  Invisible Creature Barrier
    5.8.5  Aqueduct Shortcut
    5.8.6  Inactive Lion 1
    5.8.7  Walk on Midas's Hand
    5.8.8  Inactive Lion 2

  5.9 The Cistern
    5.9.1  Inactive Water Rats
    5.9.2  Shimmy Glitch 2
    5.9.3  Room With Two Crocodiles Shortcut
    5.9.4  Get Trapped in the Gold Key Room

  5.10  Tomb of Tihocan
    5.10.1  Jump in Mid-air
    5.10.2  Strange Camera
    5.10.3  The Floating Block Prison
    5.10.4  Avoid Reversing the Current
    5.10.5  Wall of Water 2
    5.10.6  Watch the Floating Blocks Appear
    5.10.7  Overlapping Rooms
    5.10.8  Make the Level Impossible

  5.11  City of Khamoon
    5.11.1  How the City of Khamoon Works
    5.11.2  "Saphire" Key
    5.11.3  Glitchy Movable Block
    5.11.4  Skip the Statues Room
    5.11.5  Black Screen 2
    5.11.6  Skip to the End of the Level
    5.11.7  Ghost Trapdoor 1
    5.11.8  Ghost Trapdoor 2
    5.11.9  Easy Secret

  5.12  Obelisk of Khamoon
    5.12.1  Return to City of Khamoon ...
    5.12.2  ... Then Skip to the End of Obelisk of Khamoon ...
    5.12.3  ... Then Get Trapped in Darkness
    5.12.4  Skip the Brown Room
    5.12.5  Skip the Blue Room

  5.13  Sanctuary of the Scion
    5.13.1  Dodgy Collisions
    5.13.2  Well-Hidden Medipack
    5.13.3  Larson Doesn't Attack

  5.14  Natla's Mines
    5.14.1  Massive Shortcut Part 1
    5.14.2  Massive Shortcut Part 2
    5.14.3  Missing Sound Effect
    5.14.4  Black Screen 3
    5.14.5  Squeeze Past Boulders
    5.14.6  Re-open the Boulder Room Gate
    5.14.7  Rubbish Shortcut
    5.14.8  Lara's Spare Pistols
    5.14.9  Cabin Glitch
    5.14.10  Skip Some of the Final Section
    5.14.11  Beat the Annoying Door

  5.15  Atlantis
    5.15.1  Disappearing Texture
    5.15.2  Invisible Wall 1 and Shortcut
    5.15.3  Avoid Releasing the Lava
    5.15.4  Skip the Boulder Room
    5.15.5  Inactive Flying Mutant 1
    5.15.6  Inactive Flying Mutant 2
    5.15.7  Skip Half of the White Ridge Room
    5.15.8  Invisible Wall 2
    5.15.9  Atlantean Lara Glitch
    5.15.10  Hidden Door
    5.15.11  Spot the Difference

  5.16  The Great Pyramid
    5.16.1  The Scion Pedestal
    5.16.2  Final Secret Glitch

6. Historical Information
  6.1  Thor
  6.2  Atlas
  6.3  Neptune
  6.4  Damocles
  6.5  Midas

7. Challenges
  7.1  No Medipacks
  7.2  Pistols Only, No Medipacks
  7.3  No Guns

8. Credits

9. The End

                               3. The Basics

3.1  Level Skip Cheat

Open the inventory screen and enter one of the following codes:

NTSC version: L2, R2, L1, Circle, Triangle, L1, R2, L2
PAL version:  L2, R2, Triangle, L1, L1, Circle, R2, L2

This will immediately end the current level.

3.2  All Guns Cheat

Open the inventory screen and press either of the following:

NTSC version: L1, Triangle, R2, L2, L2, R2, Circle, L1
PAL version:  L1, Triangle, L2, R2, R2, L2, Circle, L1

This will give you the Shotgun with 166 shells and the Magnums and Uzis with
999 rounds each.  Note that this ammo isn't added to what you had before, it
replaces it.  Also, these values aren't the maximums - you can collect more
than this in the normal way.

3.3  All Guns/Infinite Ammo

Complete the game and save when it asks.  Now when you load any level you will
have all the guns with infinite ammo (even on Natla's Mines, where you normally
start without weapons).  This also applies to any new games you start.  To
remove the effect and start a new game as normal you will have to reset the
game or load an incomplete file first.

3.4  Swan Dive

Hold Walk while doing a forward jump (standing or running).  It has very little
use other than saving time when swimming to the bottom of deep pools.  Lara can
only survive very short drops when diving.

3.5  Handstand

Hold Walk while pulling up after grabbing a ledge.  It has no purpose
whatsoever other than looking cool.

3.6  Extra Use For Sidestep Buttons

While hanging onto a ledge, instead of using left/right to shimmy you can use

3.7  Holding Buttons

When you want Lara to do something as soon as possible simply hold the required
button down and she will do it as soon as she's finished what she's currently
doing.  This works with every command in the game, and is very useful for doing
a series of jumps, drawing guns quickly, or even jumping off a trapdoor before
it opens.

3.8  Underwater Objects

There's an easy method to pick up items or use levers while underwater.  All
you have to do is get Lara into the "cube" that contains the object, then keep
holding X.  She will automatically drift towards the item or lever until she
reaches it.

3.9  Walk Through Spikes

Hardly worth pointing out, but since it isn't in the instructions and you never
actually have to do it in the game I thought I'd include it.  Just keep holding
Walk and you won't take any damage from spikes.

3.10  Survive Longer Underwater/On Fire

If your air has run out while underwater and you're losing health, keep using
medipacks to stay alive until you get to the surface.  You can also use this
trick while on fire, to buy yourself enough time to get to some water (you
might need a lot of medipacks for this to be useful, though).

                            4. General Glitches

4.1  The Corner Bug

This is used to get Lara onto otherwise unreachable ledges.  For this to work,
you need a convex corner with a clear surface on top.  If possible there should
be no overhanging arch or ceiling; however, I have managed to perform this bug
with an arch in the way so it's not completely essential.  You'll also find
this easier to do if there's a drop to the side.

As an example, I'll use the "Unreachable Medipack" in the switch room of Palace
Midas, which this glitch is perfect for.  Stand on the ledge next to the pillar
with the medipack on top.  Now use walk and sidestep to get Lara as close as
possible to the convex corner, and turn at about 45 degrees.  You should be
facing the switch platform.

Now jump.  Lara should move forward a little.  Keep jumping and she should move
slightly into the pillar.  If not, change the direction you're facing and try
again.  When you eventually get the positioning right, keep jumping and Lara
should end up far enough inside the pillar that the game considers this illegal
and repositions her on top.

If you get Lara to the perfect position and angle you can get this to work in
just two jumps.  You usually need about four or five, however.  If you've
jumped more than five times without any effect you're not in the right place -
adjust the direction Lara's facing and try again.

Once you've got the bug to work with a drop to the side, try it on flat ground.
It's harder this way because you don't have an edge to line up against to get
the positioning right, but in theory it should work in exactly the same way.

It's possible to do a similar trick while swimming underwater in later versions
of the game, but I've never managed to do this in Tomb Raider 1.

4.2  The Safety Drop Bug

This useful glitch allows you to reach a ledge directly below the one you're
standing on, where the fall is too far to use the usual "drop and grab" method.
An example of where to use this is the series of platforms in the middle of the
gods room in St Francis' Folly.

Stand with your back to the ledge, then tap backwards and hold X as if you were
going to do the normal safety drop.  Instead, immediately release X so that
Lara doesn't get the chance to grab the ledge.  She should now fall at a slight
angle and land on the ledge below.

4.3  The Hole Bug

The Hole Bug works in a very similar way to the Safety Drop Bug above.  Instead
of dropping backwards from above the ledge you want to get to, you jump from
the other side of the hole.  For example, you can use it to easily reach the
ledge with the Magnum clips at the end of the room with two gorillas and Pierre
in The Cistern.

Do a forward jump and hold X as if to grab a ledge (there doesn't actually have
to be a ledge there for this to work, however).  Now release X and let Lara
fall as before, and she should land in the opening.

4.4  The Fence Bug

Use this bug to walk through fences.  A fence is any two-dimensional surface at
the edge of a square: the ones in City/Obelisk of Khamoon are perfect.

Find a spot where two fences meet in a straight line (not where one fence meets
a wall).  Now simply run at the gap at a certain angle and Lara should pass
through.  The hardest part is finding the right angle - try following the steps
below to get it right.

Stand directly in front of the place where the two fences join.  Hop back, and
sidestep to the side.  Turn to face the join again, then run at it.  If Lara
collides with the fence as normal, try sidestepping the other way or running
from slightly further back.  If she collides with the fence and slides along it
slightly you're on the right lines - try some minor changes of angle.  If she
falls through the fence but then reappears on the same side again you're
practically there - just try again.

I find the technique above works reasonably well, but feel free to try and find
a better one.  Once you've got the hang of it you could probably manage to run
straight through fences without stopping to line yourself up first.

4.5  The Movable Block Bug

This simple glitch lets you squeeze through the gap between a movable block and
a wall.  The block must be touching the wall corner-to-corner, with free space
on the two remaining squares.  For example, the four blocks in the first room
of the Obelisk of Khamoon are in the right position.

Now stand at an angle of 45 degrees to the corner and do a sideways jump
towards it.  Lara will somehow get through this tiny gap and land on the other


The five glitches listed above are described on various websites, but the one I
found most useful was  I've used the same names for the
glitches here as on that site.  There are pictures and animations there which
will be helpful if you have difficulty following the instructions I've given.

4.6  Collapsing Floor Glitch 1

Stand on any tile that crumbles when you step on it.  Immediately hop backwards
and grab hold of the edge of the tile before it falls.  Lara will be left
holding on to nothing, and will be unable to shimmy or pull up.  If you drop
down, she will "teleport" to the ground, regardless of the distance.

* Thanks to joe042293 for this glitch.

4.7  Collapsing Floor Glitch 2

This is almost the same as the above glitch, but is easier to do.  Stand on a
crumbling tile, then before it falls take a backward step (hold Walk).  Instead
of falling, Lara will immediately appear on the ground unharmed.

4.8  Survive Any Drop

Not quite as good as it sounds, unfortunately, because for this to work you
need an enemy nearby.  Stand with your back to the drop you want to make, and
keep holding Walk and Back.  Now wait for the enemy to hit Lara - with a bit of
luck she should teleport to the ground below.

The more force the creature hits Lara with, the more chance this has of
working.  Bats aren't big enough to knock her backwards but the Atlantean
mutants (and their fireballs) work well.

4.9  Send Creatures to the Top of the Level 1

This one's great fun.  Whenever an enemy walks onto a square with a movable
block on it (or if you push the block onto the enemy), it reappears on top of
the block.  However, if there is a ceiling directly above the block, the enemy
will get placed right at the top of the level (i.e. deep inside the ceiling).

If you look around you at the ground, you will still be able to see its shadow.
It will move around as usual, without going anywhere it couldn't get to
normally, with the exception that it can't touch you.  While the enemy is
running around like this it is slowly "sinking" back down through the ceiling,
until it eventually falls back into the room.

Some good places to try this are in the Tomb of Qualopec, with the raptors, and
in the City of Khamoon, with the first mummy you come across.

4.10  Send Creatures to the Top of the Level 2

You can achieve exactly the same effect as the glitch above, but with a save
crystal instead of a movable block.  Find a save crystal with a ceiling
directly above it and stand next to it.  When a creature moves onto the same
square as you, save your game.  Now whenever you reload from that point the
creature will get stuck in the ceiling as before.

You can try this in the Tomb of Qualopec, with the raptors again, at the save
point after the three gates.  This also works in several of the narrow
corridors in Atlantis.

4.11  Enemies Can Climb on Blocks

Normally if you climb on top of a movable block you're safe from any hungry
animals on the ground below.  This isn't always the case, however.  Movable
blocks seem to have a special zone assigned that they're "supposed" to be in,
and if you take one out of this zone creatures can step up onto it easily.

You can try this at the start of Obelisk of Khamoon by pushing the right-most
block into the corridor with the panther, or by taking any of the blocks out
the front entrance to that room.  You can also do it with the first and last
blocks in the Cistern, the one in Tomb of Tihocan you push onto different tiles
to open doors, and probably many other places.

* Thanks to guido37 for this glitch and the explanation.

4.12  Fun With Movable Blocks

Move a block into a position such that there is a fence or closed door between
it and you.  Now push the block forwards.  Lara will pass through the fence or
door, then when she finishes pushing she will reappear back outside the door

However, it's not always quite as simple as that - sometimes you get treated to
quite strange camera movements, sometimes the screen goes black for a while,
and so on.  Try doing this trick on the first door to the right in the Tomb of
Qualopec (you'll have to use the Movable Block Bug to get a block there).  You
can push the block multiple times by keeping X pressed, despite the screen
going completely black, and when you let go sometimes Lara doesn't reappear...

4.13  Fast-Forward Lara

Holding X in front of a movable block makes Lara go into her "ready" stance.
If you do this while Lara is still doing something (like getting up after a
jump, for example), she will finish what she's doing first, but at about twice
the speed.

The best way to see this is to stand in front of a block, take two hops back,
then dive forwards.  If you hold X you'll get to see Lara collide with the
block then stand up in fast-forward.

4.14  Look Through Doors

I had to include this classic.  Simply use the Look button to get the camera to
touch a door.  By experimenting with the camera you can sometimes see quite a
lot of what's beyond it.  Try looking to see what's behind the doors at the
start of St Francis' Folly and Atlantis.

4.15  The Door Test

If you ever want to know whether something is just a wall or is actually a
hidden door, just run into it.  If it's a wall, Lara will crash into it and
stop, but if it's a door she'll keep running on the spot.

4.16  Jump Through Open Doors

Well, obviously you can jump through the space left behind by an open door, but
I'm talking about the actual door, okay?  Simply stand where the hinges would
be, turn to 45 degrees, and do a sideways jump.  Lara should jump through the
gap between the door and the wall in the same sort of way as with the Movable
Block Bug.

* Thanks again, joe042293.

4.17  Delayed Keyhole

When inserting a key into a keyhole or an item into a holder, keep holding
Triangle.  When Lara is done she will immediately draw her guns, and whatever
would have happened will not take place (the door will not open, for example).
When you press Triangle again to put your guns away the door will open.

If you keep your guns drawn and leave the square containing the keyhole the
door will not open, even if you then put them away.  You can do anything you
like and the door will stay shut - it will only open when you return to the
square with your guns away.

Finally, if you draw your guns to stop the door opening then go and save your
game and reload, the game will have forgotten that you put the key in and the
door will stay permanently closed.

* Credit goes to Joaquim Vale for this one.

4.18  Fire Backwards

Find a long drop, such as the one at the beginning of the Great Pyramid.  Do a
dive off it with your guns drawn and fire as you fall.  The bullets will hit
the wall as if Lara was falling normally, but since she's diving this means she
must be firing backwards.

4.19  Access Inventory When Dead

When Lara dies, keep holding left or right.  The passport will appear but the
item ring will start circling before it can open.  Release the direction you're
holding while something other than the passport is selected, then press Square
to go back.  You are now free to check your inventory.

You can equip guns and use medipacks like this, but nothing will actually
happen.  Each time you use something, remember to hold left or right if you
want to get back to your inventory.  It's possible to use the level skip cheat
from here too.

4.20  Inactive Enemies

Enemies placed on the map start off in an inactive state, which basically means
they don't move and Lara won't try to shoot them.  This is so that the animals
don't all rush you when the level begins, and instead wait for the right time
to attack.  They are usually triggered either by walking over a certain patch
of floor, or when a door opens.

However, if you manage to bypass whatever triggers them you will be able to
walk right up to them without them attacking you.  If you use one of the
glitches or shortcuts listed here to skip part of a level there's a good chance
you'll catch one or two enemies still "sleeping".  I've only included in the
walkthrough the ones where you have to do something specific in order to see

4.21  Floating Bodies

Kill a crocodile or rat underwater, then lower the water level.  The dead body
will stay floating in mid air.

4.22  Enemy Overload

If there are too many enemies on the screen at once, the ones furthest away
from Lara will flicker in and out of existence.  You can see this easily in
Palace Midas by luring all of the animals on the lower level through to the
room with the five switches, then standing on the central platform and watching

4.23  See Items Through Ledges

Items that are sitting on a ledge one block in thickness (i.e. the thinnest
ledge possible in Tomb Raider) can be seen through the bottom of the ledge from
over a certain distance away.  Examples include the large medipack above the
cave at the top of the aqueduct in Palace Midas, the Magnum clips in the room
with two gorillas and Pierre in The Cistern, and the small medipack half-way up
the gods room in St Francis' Folly.

* Guido37 was the first to notice this.

4.24  Weird Textures

Some surfaces don't have textures assigned to them, and appear as black or see-
through areas.  Other times, the designers have assigned the wrong texture to a
particular area.  This occurs throughout the game, but I'll only mention the
more interesting of these in the walkthrough.

4.25  Stop Pierre Appearing

Pierre "Litterbug" Du Pont appears in two places in St Francis' Folly, the same
spot twice in the Colosseum, three places in The Cistern and then twice in the
Tomb of Tihocan.  You can't kill him at any of these times except the last -
you just keep shooting him until he runs away.

However, if you simply run past him without making him run away he will stay at
that spot for the rest of the level and won't reappear anywhere else (except at
the end of the Tomb of Tihocan, where you have to fight him).  For example, if
you go to the room in The Cistern with the switch to change the water level,
Pierre will appear there.  Now just leave him alone and he won't bother you in
either of his other two locations.

4.26  Missing Music Tracks

By playing the Tomb Raider CD as a music CD you'll be able to hear all of the
music in the game.  Two of these tracks are never actually played anywhere,
though.  These are:

Track 14 (sounds like a slow version of the secret chime)
Track 19 (an excerpt of the title screen music, starting at 1:42)

4.27  Hear Music/See Camera Changes Again

If you trigger one of the music tracks or camera movements in a level, then
save your game and reload, you'll be able to trigger the same one again.  This
also applies to the things that Natla's henchmen say to you, so if you do this
after killing one of them you'll still be able to hear him taunt you if you re-
enter the room.

4.28  The Restart Level Bug

Selecting Restart Level from the passport should have exactly the same effect
as choosing Load Game then selecting your Current Position.  Except it doesn't!

When you select Restart Level (either after dying or from the inventory), all
of the data that appear on the statistics after the level will include your
"previous life".  In other words, your time taken, kills, pickups and secrets
will NOT be reset back to what they were at the save point.  In fact, if you
keep replaying the same section of the level your kills and pickups could end
up being much higher than the number of enemies and items in the level.

This glitch is useful when you're trying to collect secrets, because if you die
you won't need to bother getting any of the same ones all over again.  However,
it's not so great if you want to get a fast time.  If you want your end level
statistics to display correctly you should always load your Current Position
instead of choosing Restart Level.

Note that this only applies when restarting from a save point, not from the
beginning of the level.

4.29  The Load Game Bug

At any time during play, open the passport and select Load Game.  When the
level select screen appears, press Square to cancel, and carry on playing.  It
appears that nothing has happened, but the game did actually load something.
Yes, it's the end-of-level statistics data again!  (Did you ever get the
feeling that something was added to a game at the last minute?)

When you select Load Game without choosing a level, your time taken, kills,
pickups and secrets will be set to what they were at the Current Position in
that file.  If there is no Current Position, they will become what they were at
the end of the last level completed, but without any secrets.  This trick is
easier to do with two files on separate memory cards, but it works just as well
if you reload the same file.

Here's something to try: go to Lost Valley, collect four secrets and save your
game.  Now go to any level with three secrets, do the Load Game Bug, then
complete the level or use the level skip cheat.  Voila: "Secrets: 4 of 3".

This technique can also be used to get the infamous final secret (see "Final
Secret Glitch").  Just go to Caves, collect secret number 3 and save.  Now
start up The Great Pyramid and do the Load Game Bug at any point before secret
1 (it's best to do it just before the first save point so you don't have to do
it again if you die).  You can now play through the level normally, getting the
other two secrets, and this time all three will register on the statistics

4.30  Lara's Passport

I don't think a guide about strange things in Tomb Raider would be complete
without a mention of Lara's passport.  When you start a new level, sometimes a
stamp has been added to the middle pages, which are visible when you highlight
Restart Level.  I'm going to ignore the obvious point that she is unlikely to
run into international customs in an undiscovered tomb, but what is more
interesting is the levels that she gets a stamp for.  She gets one for each of
the first ten levels, with the exception of Tomb of Qualopec and Tomb of
Tihocan.  After City of Khamoon she doesn't get any more, except at Natla's
Mines where she gets two.  This sounds completely random, but it actually makes
perfect sense if you put the Tomb Raider CD into a PC and check what the
filenames of the levels are:

LEVEL1.PSX   - Caves
LEVEL2.PSX   - City of Vilcabamba
LEVEL3A.PSX  - Lost Valley
LEVEL3B.PSX  - Tomb of Qualopec
LEVEL4.PSX   - St. Francis' Folly
LEVEL5.PSX   - Colosseum
LEVEL6.PSX   - Palace Midas
LEVEL7A.PSX  - The Cistern
LEVEL7B.PSX  - Tomb of Tihocan
LEVEL8A.PSX  - City of Khamoon
LEVEL8B.PSX  - Obelisk of Khamoon
LEVEL8C.PSX  - Sanctuary of the Scion
LEVEL10A.PSX - Natla's Mines
LEVEL10B.PSX - Atlantis
LEVEL10C.PSX - The Great Pyramid

As you can see, the designers considered some levels to be two or three pieces
of one larger level.  That's why some levels seem to stop suddenly, like The
Cistern or City of Khamoon, and also why you go back to areas that were in
previous levels, like in Tomb of Qualopec.  Perhaps these were originally one
big level, but were split up due to technical limitations.

What I find most interesting is level 9, or the lack of it.  The mysterious
second stamp Lara receives in Natla's Mines obviously comes from this level.
Was a level removed at the last minute?  Or, more likely, was Sanctuary of the
Scion simply changed from Level 9 to Level 8C?  I guess we'll never know...

4.31  What Happens When the Level Changes

Pulling a switch or standing on a button will usually alter your surroundings
in some way, and there are three ways this can happen.  The most common one is
a door opening or closing.  Sometimes an object will move, like the sliding
blocks in Tomb of Qualopec or the boat in Natla's Mines.  The third way is for
the actual structure of the level to change, like when activating the dam in
Lost Valley.  This is what I'm referring to when I say the level "changes".

The game does this by having two different versions of the level stored, which
it then alternates between as necessary.  This works fine for levels with only
one changeable section, but what if the level can change in more than one
place?  The game can only store two versions of the level, so it can't change
each area separately.  The answer is: they all change at once!  This means
doing something at one end of the level can alter another completely unrelated
thing at the other end of the level.  The reason it isn't obvious that this
happens is down to clever design.

For a demonstration of how this affects the game, see the section on "How the
City of Khamoon Works".

                       5. The Alternative Walkthrough

5.1  Lara's Home

5.1.1  Blue Compass

In Lara's Home, the letters on the compass are blue instead of yellow.  This
might be something to do with the different colours used for Lara's clothes in
this level.

5.1.2  Missing Tutorial Messages

By playing the Tomb Raider CD as a music CD, you'll be able to hear everything
Lara says in the tutorial.  However, two of the messages on the disc can never
actually be heard in the game.  These are:

Track 44: "Great!  If there is a long drop and I don't want to hurt myself
          jumping off, I can let myself down carefully."

Track 46: "Then let go."

5.1.3  Ark of the Covenant

Next to Lara's front door is the Ark of the Covenant, the artifact featured in
the first Indiana Jones film!

* Thanks to Data for pointing this out (and Toby Gard in the Tomb Raider:
Anniversary director's commentary for confirming it).

5.1.4  Continue After Exiting Pool

Soon after getting out of the swimming pool at the end of Lara's Home the level
ends.  You can stop this happening by getting out on the same side as the
entrance and immediately running out of the room.

5.2  Caves

5.2.1  Get Stuck in the Wall

Near the start of the level, just after the darts, there is small ledge you
have to climb up that Lara automatically looks at.  From here, turn round and
go to the cave wall directly opposite this ledge.  In the back right corner
there is a tall, grey section of wall.  Stand up against this and jump forward
- Lara will get trapped inside the wall and will only be able to turn on the
spot and fire her weapons.

* Thanks to Joaquim Vale for finding this.

5.2.2  Skip to the Final Room

Go to the wooden gate about a third of the way through the level (in the cave
after the very first door) that allows you to see through to the final room.
Stand against the wall on the left side of this gate, near the corner.  Face at
about 45 degrees towards the gate and start jumping on the spot, exactly as if
you were doing the corner bug.  Keep doing this until Lara passes partly into
the wall - you can tell this has happened when the shadows on her suddenly get
much darker.  Now hold the left sidestep button and Lara will magically glide
through the gate!

Once on the other side, head for the far end of the room you now find yourself
in, where the big door is.  You can carry on the level as normal by climbing up
the rocks to the left of the door.  Instead, though, you can continue this
shortcut by using a glitch.  On the right side of the big door, above the steep
slope where the darts come from, there is a small grey ledge.  To get to this
you need to jump and collide with the triangular piece of wall just below it,
but as far to the right as you can.  About a third of the way along seems to
work.  It's tricky, but with a bit of luck Lara will teleport up onto the
ledge, where it is an easy jump over to the room where the wolf attacks you.
This time, however, you get to catch him napping in the corner of the room!

* Very nice work from Mitjitsu in putting this huge shortcut together.  You can
see the video at

5.2.3  Bridge Glitch

Enter the room with two bridges and stand on the rocks under the nearest one.
Do a running jump towards the middle of the bridge, and Lara will pass through
the bridge and land on top of it.

5.2.4  Ghost Ceiling 1

Just before the first save crystal there is a chasm with a bear in it.  If you
fall down this you have to open a door that lets you back out into the room
with the bridges.  The ceiling above the rocks to the right of this door allows
you to jump through it.

* Credit to Joaquim Vale.

5.2.5  Mayan Calendar

At the back of the room containing the third secret is a design that you don't
see anywhere else in the game.  This is actually the Mayan Calendar (you can do
a Google image search to compare).

* Thanks to Data for noticing this.

5.2.6  Inactive Wolf

At the very end of this level you have to pull a switch to open the large set
of doors.  As you approach the room with this switch in it there is a wolf that
attacks you.  You can avoiding waking this wolf by taking a little bit of
evasive action.  Just after you jump over the gap at the end of the room
opposite the large doors, but before you enter the darker area with the large
medipack, stop and look to the left.  There is a series of small openings down
the length of the room.  Jump past the first of these openings and enter the
second one, and the wolf in the next room will remain asleep.

* Thanks for this one, Joaquim Vale.

5.3  City of Vilcabamba

5.3.1  Real Artifacts

Like the Mayan Calendar in the first level, City of Vilcabamba contains a few
real-life artifacts that you may not be familiar with.  Try doing a Google
image search for the following (without the quotes) to see where the Tomb
Raider team got some of their art ideas from:

"aztec turquoise serpent" - the stone snakes beside the pool outside one of the
secret rooms.
"atlantean warriors" - the large standing statues in various places in this
level and Tomb of Qualopec.

* Thanks to DeathsoulXIV2 for this info.

5.4  Lost Valley

5.4.1  Black Screen 1

From the start of the level, follow the tunnel out and immediately turn left.
Keep following the left wall and you'll come to a corner with a low ceiling.
Turn to face the river and use sidestep and walk to get as far into the corner
as possible.  Now jump straight up and the screen will go completely black.
You can still draw your guns and check your inventory, but you're trapped until
you reload.

This seems to happen when you've done something the game wasn't expecting and
as a result it places you outside the boundary of the level.  It can happen
surprisingly often in the game, as you'll see later, but since you only really
need to do it once I suggest you try this one because it's the easiest.

* Thanks go to Nox13last for finding this one.

5.4.2  Repeating Waterfall Glitch

Jump into the river and try to swim against the direction of the current.
Don't press any directions and Lara will move into a vertical position as she
moves towards the waterfall.  Keep holding Square as she goes over the edge and
Lara will teleport to the roof of the cavern then fall back down to the top of
the waterfall.  If you keep holding Square the glitch will occur again and
again in a loop.

* Thanks to SiReNz wAiL for pointing this out.

5.4.3  Ghost Ceiling 2

In the secret area at the very top of the river, one of the ceiling sections
allows you to pass through it.

* Thanks, Joaquim Vale.

5.4.4  Qualopec Switch Texture

As soon as you enter the grassy, dinosaury section of the level, look up and to
the right.  At the very top of the level boundary there is a texture used for
the switches in the next level.

* And again, Joaquim Vale.

5.4.5  Peek at the T-Rex

After entering the valley with the dinosaurs, follow the left rock face until
you reach a waterfall.  Stand near this waterfall and try to look through it -
it helps if you keep pressing and releasing the Look button.  If you get the
angle right you should be able to catch a glimpse of the Tyrannosaurus as he
waits for you to come round the corner.

5.4.6  Stand Inside a Bridge Section

One of the broken bridge sections lying against a rock in the valley allows you
to walk through it.

5.4.7  Illegal Slopes 1 and 2

This level contains two steep slopes that lead directly into a wall.  One is on
the right side of the valley just after you go under the bridge; the other is
to your right as you climb up to the secret on the temple roof.

If you try to slide down one of these slopes, Lara will get trapped between the
slope and the wall (so you might want to save your game first).  Holding Jump
while you're trapped like this makes Lara do some funny-looking spasms.  Hold
Look and the camera will go totally insane.

* Thanks to joe042293 for telling me about this.

5.4.8  Pointless Cogs

When you insert the three cogs into the dam mechanism and pull the lever, the
cogs you put in don't actually spin.  Looks like all that work to get them was
just a waste of time...

5.5  Tomb of Qualopec

5.5.1  Break the Level

At the very beginning of the level, run towards the bend in the passage.  When
you reach it, you should hear the waterfall from Lost Valley in the background.
But wait a minute - didn't you stop the waterfall in order to reach this level?
Run back and forth for a bit while listening carefully and you'll notice that
the waterfall is triggered by a specific tile: the one on the corner of the
very first turn in the passage.

To make the glitch work, you must avoid this trigger by jumping slightly
through the corner of the tunnel so that you don't pass over the corner tile.
If you get it right, you will continue to hear the waterfall as you enter the
main hallway.  Have a look around and you'll see that the ceiling above you has
crumbled away, and the level now behaves as though you have picked up the
Scion.  You can now run straight up the central passage (avoiding the boulder),
pick up the Scion and exit the level!

The reason for this strange behaviour is because of the way Lost Valley and
Tomb of Qualopec are linked.  If it wasn't for that, there would be no reason
to have triggers to switch the level between its two states - it would only
need to change once, when you pick up the Scion (see "What Happens When the
Level Changes").  However, because the level has to be set back to the layout
with no waterfall in order for Lara to be able to get out, there need to be
hidden triggers to ensure that happens.

Of course, it would make far more sense to simply remove the waterfall from
Tomb of Qualopec altogether - I'm guessing the reason this didn't happen is
because Lost Valley and Tomb of Qualopec were originally one big level and were
split up quite late in development (see "Lara's Passport").

* Thanks to MMAN2 for discovering this amazing glitch while attempting a speed
run.  You can see his 0:59 run at

5.5.2  Room With Movable Pillars Shortcut

In the large room with two pillars that can be moved, you can save a bit of
time with some carefully directed jumps.  There are a few ways you can do this,
but the quickest is as follows.  Upon entering the room, leave the first switch
and do a running jump to the right so that you land on the closest pillar.
Jump up into the alcove and pull the switch to move the other pillar.  Now drop
down onto the floor, go up the passage leading to the second pillar and do
another tightly angled jump onto it.  From here it's a simple jump over the

* Thank you to guido37 for suggesting this.

5.5.3  Falling Mummy

In the Scion chamber, the mummy on the left of the throne watches you as you
move, and will fall over if you go near it or shoot it.

5.5.4  The Fourth Piece of the Scion

Pick up the Scion, leave the tomb and save your game at the save point just
before the fight with Larson.  Now reload and go back inside.  The Scion will
be back, allowing you to pick it up again.  If you continue through the game
until the end of the Sanctuary of the Scion you will have four pieces.

Doing this trick also has a slightly strange effect on the falling ceiling
tiles in the main hallway: if there were any still left intact before you
reloaded they will now just teleport to the ground when activated instead of

5.5.5  The Fifth and Sixth Pieces of the Scion

This trick uses exactly the same method as above - it just requires a little
bit more effort.  Complete the level up until you pick up the Scion, without
using either of the two save points you come across.  Normally when you grab
the Scion and run back down to the main hallway the doors to the left and right
have closed, so you can't go back to either of these two save points.  The
reason the doors close is because you stand on a pressure pad halfway down the
slope with the boulder.

It's difficult to describe where this button is because there are no obvious
markings, but I've worked out an easy method to get down the slope without
hitting it.  At the top of the slope is a red strip of floor.  Stand exactly on
the join between the red and yellow sections of floor.  Do a standing jump
followed by a series of running jumps all the way to the bottom.  Turn left and
the door should be open - save then restart at the save crystal.

Now go back to pick up the Scion again, but remember to dodge the pressure pad
on the way back up!  My method works exactly the same way going up: stand on
the border between the red and yellow floor at the bottom of the slope, then do
a standing jump followed by running jumps up to the top.  Grab the Scion and
come back down, once again avoiding the button.

This time turn right after the slope.  The three gates should be open, but for
some reason the third gate occasionally decides to close.  If this is the case,
simply go and pull the switch to re-open it.  Go through the gates and
save/restart at the save crystal just beyond.  Run up the stairs and check out
the blocked-off passage if you want, then go back up the slope once more to
pick up the Scion.

Adding together the real piece, the three glitch pieces you get from the three
save crystals in this level, and the other two you pick up during the game,
that makes a grand total of six pieces of the Scion.

* Thanks to Joaquim Vale for discovering that the doors in the main room don't
always close.

5.6  St. Francis' Folly

5.6.1  Keyhole Texture

In the first room, go to the last orange pillar on the left and look directly
down at it; you should be able to see through its base.  There is a keyhole in
the ground underneath it.  It looks like one of the keyholes at the end of the
level, except flat.

* Phantom Stranger gets the credit for this discovery.

5.6.2  Skip the Gorilla Room and Pierre

Shortly after starting this level, you open a door at the far end of the first
room.  The door closes behind you when you enter, and some gorillas attack.
The reason the door closes is because you stand on a button in front of the
door - with a careful jump you can avoid this button and not get locked in.
Now you just have to pull the switch then jump back over the button to leave.

As an added bonus, Pierre will not attack you afterwards because he is
triggered by the switch that lets you back out of that room.

5.6.3  First Secret - Guaranteed Method

This secret is in a small room high up on the right-hand wall as you enter the
first room of the level.  Once inside, the hardest part is getting the jumps
right in order to reach the first ledge.  The following method seems a little
complicated, but as far as I know it works every time: give it a go if you're
finding this secret difficult.

Go to the ledge at the entrance to the secret room, then grab on to the edge so
that you're facing towards where you start this level.  Shimmy left as far as
you can, then pull yourself up.  Press Circle to roll, then jump to the right.
Sidestep twice to the right (don't release R2 between sidesteps), then press
Circle to roll again.  You're now in the perfect jumping position.

Do a backflip, and keep holding both Jump and Walk afterwards.  Lara should
collide with the back wall, rebound off both slopes, then dive onto the ledge.

5.6.4  Second Secret - Guaranteed Method

The second secret in St Francis' Folly is across from a long slope that leads
down into some water.  This can be difficult to get because if you fail you
have to restart the level.  Don't worry, though, because there is a 100%
successful way to reach it.

Get to the top of the slope, turn round and slide down it backwards.  Keep
holding X so that you grab on at the bottom.  Now pull yourself up, but don't
press anything, so that you immediately drop back off the slope again.  Hold
Square as you fall and you'll rebound off the lower slope and land on the
secret ledge.

* Thanks go to Free Storage for finding this method, which is a big improvement
on my previous version.

5.6.5  Wall of Water 1

In the first pool of water you come across, turn round and immediately swim
towards the gate before the current takes you too far.  The aim is to squeeze
through the gap in the top of the gate.  There is a technique to this, but the
simplest way is probably just to keep swimming against it and moving up and

Once you're through to the other side, swim towards the passage that leads to
the main room - the water suddenly stops leaving a cool liquid wall for you to
play with.

5.6.6  Shimmy Glitch 1

Go to any of the platforms in the centre of the gods room, other than the top
one.  Stand with your back to the edge, facing north.  To your left should be a
pillar that runs from the ground all the way up to the top platform.  Now hop
backwards, grab the ledge, and keep shimmying left.  You should be able to
shimmy into the pillar despite there being nothing to hold on to.  Release X
and Lara will appear at the very top of the pillar then fall to her death.

5.6.7  Fourth Secret - Cheat Method

The fourth and final secret in this level is behind a hidden door at the very
bottom of the gods room.  When you press a button on top of the Atlas door, the
hidden door opens for a short period of time.

If you press the button but don't manage to get to the secret in time (or you
can't be bothered trying), just save your game and reload.  The hidden door
will now be open, and will stay open for as long as you need to get inside.

* Thanks to greybeard for this one.

5.6.8  Falling Block Trick

Here's a simple one: go into Thor's room and make the hammer fall.  Stand under
where the movable block lands and Lara will reappear on top of it instead of
being crushed.

* Thanks, guido37.

5.7  Colosseum

5.7.1  Jump Through the Wall

As soon as the level begins, run directly forward until you reach a cave wall
consisting of four sections.  Stand in front of either of the two sections on
the left, then jump forwards.  Lara will pass through the wall and land in the
water on the other side.

* Credit to Joaquim Vale for finding another dodgy wall.

5.7.2  Illegal Slope 3

Cross the pool of water at the very start of the level and turn left.  Near the
water, in the rocks beside you, is a steep slope leading directly into a wall.
As with illegal slopes 1 and 2, if you try to slide on it Lara will get trapped
and you'll have to reload.

* Thanks for this one, guido37.

5.7.3  First Room Alternate Route

This is a shortcut, but it's much harder to do than the easy section it
replaces and the designers clearly knew about it (they put a secret in it) so
I'm calling it an alternate route.  After the water at the start of the level,
turn right and you'll see a ledge.  Climb on it and jump to the right over to
where the secret is.  Now continue round the top of the rocks until you get to
the exit, or continue round the building to get the medipack and laugh at the
inactive lion waiting in the far corner.

* And again, guido37!

5.7.4  Trap Pierre

Is Monsieur Du Pont causing you trouble in this level?  Get him out of your way
by using this simple tactic.  Okay, so it's not as simple as shooting him to
pieces, but this way you won't take any damage.  Before you enter the large
central area there is a gate that leads back out towards the start of the
level.  Pull the switch that opens it, and watch out for the lion that will
attack you unless you've already been to that corridor from the other side.
Now go and fetch Pierre (standing on the second step from the top will activate
him).  Run back through the gate you've just opened and complete the first part
of the level again, up until you're back on the other side of that gate again.

Can you guess what comes next?  Pull the switch to close the gate, and if all
goes well Pierre should be trapped on the other side and will leave you alone
for the rest of the level.  Of course, instead of doing the first part of the
level again you could just run through the gate, wait for Pierre to catch up,
then run back past him to quickly close it.  This works fine if you don't mind
taking a bit of damage.

* Joaquim Vale takes credit for this interesting tactic.

5.7.5  Palace Midas Textures

In the large central area, look up at the top of the wall in any of the
corners.  You'll see some of the lettering that appears on the Midas statue in
the next level.

5.7.6  The Worst Spike Pit Ever

Look for the spike pit in the large central area.  If you jump down it you
should get splattered - or at least that's what the designers hoped, because if
you manage to survive the fall you can skip a chunk of the level.  Luckily it
is actually very easy to get down that pit alive.

You could use either the Safety Drop Bug or the Hole Bug to slip past the
spikes and land inside the opening.  You could also use the "Survive Any Drop"
glitch to teleport into the spikes then walk to safety.

A third way is to try and land in the very centre of the spike pit - you'll
notice there is a slight gap there.  If you're feeling brave just aim carefully
and jump, but there is a far easier method: walk to the middle of the edge of
the pit that has no rocks, then tap forwards.  You should land right in the
safe spot.

5.7.7  Same Shortcut, Different Way

Go into the large central area again and make your way round the wall to the
right until some rocks block your path.  Stand on the second white ledge from
the top and face the platform to the left of this rock wall.  Do a running jump
(without a grab) as close to the rock wall as you can, and you should make it
onto the platform without sliding back down.  This shortcut skips almost
exactly the same amount of the level as the one above.

5.7.8  Same Shortcut, Yet Another Way

This method of skipping the rooms under the main arena is harder than the other
two (in my opinion), but has the advantage of avoiding fighting the two
gorillas on the balcony and looks to be the quickest for people doing speed
runs.  When you first enter the main area, go round the left side until you
reach a dead end.  Now do a curved running jump and grab the edge of the royal
viewing box that overlooks the arena.  One small step back from the wall seems
to be a good place to jump from.

* Credit to guido37 for this one.

5.8  Palace Midas

5.8.1  The Unreachable Medipack

In the room with five switches, look at the very top of the white structure to
the left as you face the switch platform.  There is a large medipack that you
cannot reach.  You can get it, however, by using the Corner Bug described in
section 4.

The question now is: did the designers mean to put it there, or was it just a
slip of the mouse?  And if it's supposed to be there, was it meant to be
impossible to get, or did the game makers know about the Corner Bug all along?

5.8.2  Quick Way Onto Switch Platform

This lets you get up to the five switches without having to work your way round
the pillars first.  Go to the white structure to the right of the switch
platform and climb as far up it as you can.  Now face the platform and do a
running jump without a grab.

5.8.3  How the Spike Room and the Pillar Room Work

There are four doors that lead off from the main room with the switches.
Behind one of these is a room with a pillar in the centre.  You normally break
this pillar and release some sand by going underneath it and pulling a block.
Behind another door is a room with spikes, and platforms that can be raised by
pulling a switch.  Both of these involve changing the level (see "What Happens
When the Level Changes").

The first layout the level can have corresponds to the platforms in the spike
room being lowered and the large pillar in the other room being intact.  In
layout 2, the platforms are raised and the big pillar has broken.  The game
manages to switch between these two layouts at the right time by using a series
of triggers.  If you stand on or pass over one of these triggers, it has an
effect.  Here's where they all are, assuming you are standing at the main
entrance to the room:

Trigger A: The middle three steps of the staircase leading up the centre of the
           switch platform.
Trigger B: The row of squares starting at the front left corner of the entrance
           and finishing at the front left corner of the switch platform,
           including the pillar in the middle.
Trigger C: The row of squares immediately to the left of Trigger B, going from
           the front of the room to the back.
Trigger D: The top three steps of the staircase leading up the centre of the
           switch platform.
Trigger E: The row of squares starting at the front right corner of the
           entrance and finishing at the edge of the switch platform.
Trigger F: The row of squares immediately to the right of Trigger E, going from
           the front of the room to the front right corner of the switch
           platform, including the pillar in the middle; AND the row of squares
           immediately to the right of that, going from the front of the room
           to the back.

As you can imagine, finding those took a very long afternoon!  Here's what they
all do:

Triggers A and B: If the switch in the spike room has been pulled, change to
                  layout 1.
Trigger C:        If the switch in the spike room has been pulled, change to
                  layout 2.
Triggers D and E: If the block under the large pillar has been pulled, change
                  to layout 1.
Trigger F:        If the block under the large pillar has been pulled, change
                  to layout 2.

All that sounds incredibly confusing, but if you load up the level and take a
minute to look around it actually makes perfect sense.  Well, almost - there
are a couple of flaws in the design.  Firstly, the triggers that make the sand
appear and disappear are within view of the room with the sand in it.  This
means that once you've pulled the block from under the pillar you can sidestep
back and forth between Triggers E and F and watch the sand appear and disappear
in front of your eyes.

Secondly, it's possible to avoid pulling either the switch in the spike room or
the block in the pillar room by making a quick detour to touch one of the
triggers.  Get onto the switch platform and open the door to the room you want
to complete.  Go to the side of the platform opposite that door, then briefly
dangle off the side or jump to one of the pillars and back again.  This will
activate Trigger C or F, changing the room to layout 2 and saving you a bit of

By the way, you can avoid walking up the stairs in the pillar room by standing
on the pile of sand then doing a backflip and rebounding forward to grab the

* Thanks to matthew_16 for letting me know that the previous version of this
glitch (Broken Pillar Glitch) didn't work.

5.8.4  Invisible Creature Barrier

Enter the room with the pillar mentioned above and go through the passage at
the far end.  Make sure an animal comes in with you.  For some reason, there is
an invisible wall that blocks the creature from following you through this
passage.  However, the barrier is removed when you pull the block to break the
pillar (or use the glitch to achieve the same effect).

5.8.5  Aqueduct Shortcut

Go to the top floor of the large structure with water at the top.  At the far
end is a cave with water, two crocodiles and a secret.  Stand near this cave
and look off the edge of the building.  You can see the part where you jump
from the floor below you over to a small hole in the rock with a medipack,
shimmy sideways for a bit then jump back over to the exit of the room.

To do the shortcut, simply take a running jump from where you are off the side
of the building towards this exit.  You should slide off a rock and land
without much damage, skipping a few jumps and gorillas in the process.  The
best part is the two bats sleeping while hanging in mid-air.

5.8.6  Inactive Lion 1

At the beginning of the level, where the pool of water is, there is a ledge
running round the top of the room.  When you get to this ledge a lion attacks
you from the other end, but you can avoid this fight by bypassing the square
that triggers it.  When you come out of the rock corridor, the ledge goes
forward for three squares before turning to the right.  If you stand on or jump
over the second square the lion attacks, so stop at the first square, turn and
grab the edge of the ledge.  Shimmy left and pull up onto the third square,
then continue through into the next passage, remembering to pet the lion on the
way by.

* Joaquim Vale found this one.

5.8.7  Walk on Midas's Hand

As I'm sure you're well aware, the broken hand from Midas's statue turns Lara
to gold if she stands on it.  In fact, the designers have thoughtfully placed a
save crystal right next to it so you can do it as often as you like!  However,
it's possible to stand and move around safely on the hand under certain

Try standing behind the wrist and jumping forwards onto the palm.  Keep holding
Forward and Lara will run across the surface of the hand then collide with the
fingers.  As long as you keep holding Forward the game will think Lara is
moving and therefore won't turn her to gold - you can tell she's not standing
normally because she doesn't appear to be breathing.

If you now hold either Sidestep button then release Forward, Lara will be able
to sidestep around on the hand.  Sidestep over to an edge, start holding a
different direction (Walk and Back, for example), then release Sidestep to make
Lara move again.  You can move around the hand in any way you like as long as
she's continuously moving, or trying to move against the edge of the hand.
With a bit of practice it's surprising how much Lara can get away with without
becoming a statue.

* Credit to DeathsoulXIV2 for discovering this.

5.8.8  Inactive Lion 2

Open the door that leads to the final room where you place the gold bars.  A
lion normally attacks you when you enter, because the very first square on the
other side of the door activates the lion when you stand on or jump over it.
By doing a carefully positioned jump as close to the corner as possible you can
bypass this square and catch the lion napping.

5.9  The Cistern

5.9.1  Inactive Water Rats

I think the designers were a bit careless here.  Simply run into the room with
the switch that changes the water level and fall straight down the left hole.
There should be two motionless (and extremely scary looking) rats on the
surface of the water.

5.9.2  Shimmy Glitch 2

Go through the first rusty key door into the room containing two gorillas and
Pierre.  At the far end of this room are two ledges, one of which has Magnum
clips on it.  Jump onto either of these ledges (it's easiest to do this using
the Hole Bug), then grab the edge and shimmy left.  The same thing will happen
as with "Shimmy Glitch 1".

* I don't know how you found this, DSkillz, but thanks for telling me about it!

5.9.3  Room With Two Crocodiles Shortcut

Go through to the room after the one mentioned above.  You'll find yourself at
the top of a series of slopes leading down to a room with two crocodiles, a
save point and some ledges round the walls.  After sliding down the first short
slope, do a running jump to the right and you'll end up on the last ledge
before the exit.

5.9.4  Get Trapped in the Gold Key Room

In the second rusty key door to the left when you enter the main room there is
a spike pit.  To get past the spikes you should raise the water level so that
you can swim over them, but it's possible to get down when the water is low.
Just shimmy all the way to either side then drop.  You can pick up the gold
key, but you're now trapped because the exit door refuses to open.

* Thank you, Stunning SteveAustin.

5.10  Tomb of Tihocan

5.10.1  Jump in Mid-air

At the beginning of this level, Lara immediately falls down into some water.
Keep holding the Jump button just as the level starts and Lara will jump
straight up in the air before falling.

* Another glitch courtesy of joe042293.

5.10.2  Strange Camera

When the level starts, go and pull the lever to lower the water then go back to
the beginning again.  You'll be treated to a weird camera position that shows
mostly blackness.

* Thanks to guido37.

5.10.3  The Floating Block Prison

In the second room there is a block that rises up and down with the water
level.  If you use the Movable Block Bug to get into the passage behind it
you'll see that the designers haven't bothered assigning a texture to the side
of the block now facing you, because you're never supposed to see it - you can
see back out into a weird, glitchy version of the room you just came from
instead.  Also, for some reason, the Movable Block Bug only works one way here,
so you're now trapped.

* Thanks again, guido37.

5.10.4  Avoid Reversing the Current

Make your way to the top of the second room, where there is a switch to raise
the water level so that you can stand on a floating block.  Don't pull it:
instead, stand at the very edge of the passage with the switch at the end, with
your back to the room.  Sidestep into the left corner of this passage and turn
at a slight angle.  Now do the Safety Drop Bug, by tapping backwards then
holding X, but not grabbing anything.  It's more difficult than the Safety Drop
Bug normally is because it's at an angle, but you should be able to miss the
ledge below you and land inside the exit.

Continue through to the part where there is normally a strong current pushing
against you.  However, because the current direction is connected to the water
height, it will now be moving with you and you won't have to pull the lever.

* Thanks to guido37 for suggesting a shortcut might be possible here.

5.10.5  Wall of Water 2

This is one of my favourite glitches because it was the result of planning,
rather than just an accident.  It has exactly the same effect as in St
Francis' Folly, but the way to get it is much more difficult.  I recommend you
read the section on "What Happens When the Level Changes" before carrying on.

Play through the Tomb of Tihocan up until the room containing a swinging blade
and a save crystal, but don't save yet.  Go through the right passage (with
Pierre) and follow it down to the room with the crocodile - there will be no
water.  Step on all three floor tiles to open the secret door.  The reason we
opened that door is because the level's designers probably didn't bother adding
water to the other side of it.  Therefore, if we can raise the water level in
this room the water should stop abruptly where the door used to be.

At this point I suggest you have a look around to remind yourself where the
exit to this room is (you'd normally be able to reach it with the water level
up).  Go back up the stairs and save your game, then go through the left
passage this time.  Since we want to bring the water level up, the obvious
thing to do now would be to shimmy over and pull the switch.  However, the
designers have thought of that!  If you try doing that you'll hear the secret
door closing before you can even get to the switch.  We'll have to try
something else.

Stand at the edge, quite near to the left side of the opening, and turn as far
right as possible without actually facing the wall.  Now jump off the edge,
turn in mid-air and land inside the exit.  This jump is tricky, which is why
it's best to save just before trying it.  When you finally manage it, don't
pause for celebrations because a rat will attack you and it might push you off
(I speak from experience).

With that done, carry on through to the next room, kill the lion, and continue
to the pool with the floating blocks.  This is where the "Changing the Level"
bit comes in.  When the water level is up, as it normally would be at this
point, the blocks are submerged.  With the water down, the blocks should have
risen - but they haven't.  This is because, once again, the designers are one
step ahead of us.  They've added a trigger that makes the blocks submerge at
this point, so that if somebody actually managed to come through here with the
water level down they wouldn't be able to take a shortcut.

Never mind though, because by denying us a shortcut the designers have revealed
a glitch instead.  Now that the blocks are down, the water level back in the
previous room must have risen.  Go back through and you'll see that this is the
case.  Swim over to the secret door and you'll receive the reward for all your
hard work: a wall of water.

5.10.6  Watch the Floating Blocks Appear

Somewhere in the middle of this level you are required to put a gold key in a
keyhole, which makes some blocks float up to the surface allowing you to cross
a pool.  Normally you wouldn't be able to see this happen, but by making use of
the "Delayed Keyhole" glitch you can watch the blocks teleport to the surface.

5.10.7  Overlapping Rooms

This is an interesting one.  Go to the room with several doors round the edge
and a block that you can move onto different tiles to open them.  We're
interested in the room with the boulders and the one next door to it.  If
you're standing at the entrance to the main room, these are the two doors on
the left-hand wall.  The buttons to open them are the one nearest you and the
one to the left of that.

Once you've opened these rooms and activated the boulders, take a second to
think about where the rooms are in relation to each other.  The doors to these
rooms are four squares apart, and the one on the right uses one of those
squares, so even if the dividing wall was paper-thin, the boulder room must be
three squares long.  However, this room is actually five squares long - it
extends well inside the other room!  You can even see the door to the other
room through the wall.

The reason this is acceptable and doesn't cause hideous glitches is due to the
way the game's engine works.  Put simply, the game doesn't need to waste time
drawing a room that the player can't even see any part of, so rooms are only
visible when you're looking at them.  You can see what I mean with the
following test.  From inside the boulder room, look at the door to the small
boring room protruding through the wall.  Move around and you'll see it appears
and disappears.  This isn't a simple graphical glitch - the door really is
vanishing, along with the entire room outside with the block in it and the door
to this room.  Experiment with the camera and you'll find that the door to the
other room is only visible if you're looking at the entrance to this room too
(or nearly looking at it).  The only way having two rooms on top of each other
would cause a mess would be if you could somehow see inside both rooms at once,
which isn't possible.

This also explains the extremely common glitch of doors disappearing as you
walk past them.  Look closely and you'll notice this only happens in one
direction.  That's because the door is considered part of one room but not the
other, so if you're leaving the room that the door belongs to, the game decides
it doesn't need to draw the room any more and so anything attached to the room
disappears too.  Next time a door beside you vanishes, just remember the entire
room behind you has vanished too!

* A round of applause, please, for guido37's observation skills!

5.10.8  Make the Level Impossible

Kill Pierre at the end of the level, then go and save your game without picking
up any of the items he drops.  When you reload they will be gone, and without
the gold key you're stuck.

5.11  City of Khamoon

5.11.1  How the City of Khamoon Works

Before reading this, check out "What Happens When the Level Changes".  What
follows is a kind of walkthrough of the City of Khamoon, to try and show you
what I'm talking about with this level changing stuff.  If you're interested in
all the things the designers get up to without you noticing then try playing
through it - you don't even need to do any glitches or shortcuts.

In this level there are four changeable sections: a gold platform that comes
out of the wall in the room with water at the bottom, a staircase that changes
to a slope when you step on it, a room with lots of panthers that can be made
dark or light, and a big pile of sand that falls through to a room below.  When
the level starts, each of these is in the same position as when you first come
across it.

Okay, let's begin - complete the first part of the level as normal, up until
the room with the statues along both walls.  In the corridor after this room,
look through the little window just to check that the sand in the final room is
in the top position.

Now keep going until the room with water at the bottom.  Pull the switch to
make the gold platform appear, then move the block and go through to the bridge
with the mummy on it.  From here you can see the final room again through the
orange partition.  Now that you've changed one part of the level all the others
changed too, so this time the sand appears to have fallen through to the lower
room despite the trapdoors still being shut.

Go back through, carry on up to the very top of the room and open the trapdoors
around the cat statue.  Make your way down to the area you just opened, but
don't drop down.  From here you should be able to see the stairs that change to
a slope when you step on them.  Because the gold platform and the sand are in
their secondary positions you'd expect the steps to be too, but they aren't.
Somewhere on the way we must have activated a trigger to set the level back to
its original position.  To check this, go over to the metal fence (watch out
for the boulder) and look for the gold platform that you extended earlier -
it's gone back into the wall.  If you go back through to that room, however,
the platform comes back out again.

Okay, on to the next part.  Drop down the pit you opened, open the trapdoor to
make the next room light, and go through to the final section with the sand -
it's in the upper room as it should be.  Pull the switch to make the sand fall
through to the lower room.  Instead of going back through, drop back down to
the statues room below you then make your way back to the large cavern.

Now that the sand has fallen down, the triggers that we encountered in this
room earlier have gone.  Go over to the pit with the "surprise steps" at the
bottom (again, don't drop down yet), and you'll see they're in the sloping
position this time.

There's just one more thing to check now: the changeable light in the room with
lots of panthers.  Go to the room with water at the bottom and pull the switch
to make the gold platform retract into the wall.  Now go over and look down the
small trapdoor into the panther room - it's gone completely dark, even though
the trapdoor is open.

Finally, drop down into the pit with the cat statue that leads to the dark
room.  Walk slowly towards the room, watching the brightness in it carefully.
As you reach a certain point in the corridor, the room will light up.  This
must mean the trick steps behind you have also changed to the sloping position,
but unfortunately the level has been designed so that you can't quite see the
change.  You can still make out something, though: if you turn round and walk
slowly back through to the area containing the steps you should be able to see
the wall nearby change brightness slightly.

That's the end of that slightly strange walkthrough of the City of Khamoon - I
hope it was of interest if, like me, you have completed that level numerous
times but haven't noticed all the weird things happening around you!

5.11.2  "Saphire" Key

This is a spelling mistake - the word is "sapphire".

5.11.3  Glitchy Movable Block

It's possible to have a bit of fun with the movable block that you can pull out
from under the sphinx in this level.  Keep pulling it as far as you can and
you'll notice that Lara will be able to carry on pulling even when she's on a
slope, which she shouldn't normally be able to do.  Pull the block once more
(or go round the other side and push if you released X), and the block will end
up on a slope so that one side is raised off the ground.  Climb on the block
and move around on it and you'll see that the top of the block actually behaves
like the slope underneath.

Try to push or pull the block again and it will sink into the slope and get
stuck.  Lara will either continue to pull at the air or push through the block
and then reappear on top.

* Thanks very much for this one, Joaquim Vale.

5.11.4  Skip the Statues Room

In the first large cavern with the sphinx, make your way over to the corner
with the obelisk then climb up to the fence separating this area from the next.
Use the fence bug here to pass through to the next cavern.

5.11.5  Black Screen 2

Go to the room with a pool of water and a cat statue surrounded by trapdoors.
At the wall furthest from the entrance is a statue of a person.  Try to squeeze
between this statue and the wall a few times and you'll eventually go to a
black screen.

* Another glitch by guido37.

5.11.6  Skip to the End of the Level

While working your way up the room with water at the bottom, there is a block
you must push out of the way which lets you get onto a bridge with a switch on
it.  A mummy attacks you at this point, but leave it alive.  Go to the opposite
corner, where there is an orange partition covering an opening onto another
room.  If you're lucky the mummy will push you straight through to the other
side.  Otherwise, stand with your back to the partition and keep holding Walk
and Back.  If the mummy hits you the right way you should pass through to the
last room of the level.

5.11.7  Ghost Trapdoor 1

After doing the shortcut described above, go over to the trapdoor, which will
still be closed even though the sand has fallen through.  This trapdoor isn't
designed to be walked on, so you can fall through it as if it isn't there.

* Thanks for noticing this, guido37.

5.11.8  Ghost Trapdoor 2

Back in the room with the water at the bottom, there is a gold trapdoor at the
top that you must open by pulling the switch on the bridge.  This isn't
necessary, though, because you can actually climb through this trapdoor even
when it's closed (and fall back through it again, if you're not careful!)

* Nice find, toastmaster.

5.11.9  Easy Secret

After climbing through the trapdoor mentioned above, you find yourself on a
high balcony overlooking an earlier area.  I think the route you're supposed to
take is to work your way around the edge of this room to the left, which
eventually takes you to the roof of the blue structure.  From here, you can
jump over to the secret directly below the balcony, then down onto the ground.

However, it's far quicker and easier to simply drop down to the secret from the
balcony and skip this route altogether.  Alternatively, if you don't want to
lose so much health from the drop, you can hang onto the edge of the balcony to
register the secret then pull back up and find another way down.

* Thanks for pointing this out too, toastmaster.

5.12  Obelisk of Khamoon

5.12.1  Return to City of Khamoon ...

As soon as the level begins, turn left and use the Fence Bug to get back
through to the previous level.  This room is actually slightly different now:
for instance, the fence you just came through was only one square wide before
(which is why you can't do this in the City of Khamoon).  Also notice the two
sets of Magnum clips showing through the wall behind the statues, in a similar
way to the "See Items Through Ledges" glitch.  These are from the room next
door, which is where you get out of the water once you swim under the obelisk.

By using the Corner Bug you can get up to the upper level of this room and pull
the switch, but it doesn't do anything and the exit is blocked by a black wall.
You can leave the room through the lower exit and see some more of the City of
Khamoon before the level ends in another black wall.

* Thanks to guido37 for pointing out where you could pick up the Magnum clips
mentioned above.  I hadn't thought of that because I had never noticed that
ledge or those clips before!  (It seems so obvious now...)  Isn't it great when
you learn something new in an old game?

5.12.2  ... Then Skip to the End of Obelisk of Khamoon ...

Following on from above, you can now use the Fence Bug again to fall down into
the sphinx cavern.  It's trickier to do this time because in order to be on a
flat surface you have to stand in the narrow corridor, which means it's
difficult to line yourself up properly.

Once you've managed this there's not much you can do because you need the four
plaques to finish the level.  If you had picked them up beforehand you could
now exit the level as normal, but it's not much of a shortcut.  Another thing
to try is to bring the sapphire key through with you, which you can then use on
the door under the sphinx.

5.12.3  ... Then Get Trapped in Darkness

To finish this triple glitch combo, go through the opening beside the sphinx
that you'd normally come out of at the end of this level.  Make your way back
through the next two rooms, passing two sleeping mummies, until you get to the
water.  You might want to save your game here.

Jump into the water and swim back towards the bottom of the obelisk.  Shortly
before you'd expect to see the locked door, the screen will suddenly go black.
Except from occasional flickering images of Lara swimming in darkness, nothing
will happen until Lara eventually drowns.

5.12.4  Skip the Brown Room

The room I'm talking about is the large brown brick room that you have to work
your way round the walls of in order to lower one of the bridges.  The exit to
the room is directly below the entrance.  This means you can use the Safety
Drop Bug to fall straight in, avoiding all that tedious shimmying.

To get back out again without touching the floor (you'll be attacked by two
mummies if you do), do a running jump over to the ledge that you'd climb on to
get back out if you were on the floor.  Alternatively, use the Fence Bug to
drop back through into the main area.

5.12.5  Skip the Blue Room

Once you've lowered the first bridge, stand on it then do a running jump
towards one of the raised bridges.  Turn slightly in mid-air so that you land
behind it.  Alternatively, do a standing jump and grab the ledge, then pull
yourself up through the bridge.

Now go through the opening opposite the first bridge (it doesn't matter whether
you pull the nearby switch or not) - you have successfully skipped half of the
room with the stairs.  Continue upwards as normal and lower the bridge when you
get to the top.  You can then immediately go through the door to the top of the
blue room and activate that bridge too.

5.13  Sanctuary of the Scion

5.13.1  Dodgy Collisions

Any object that isn't made up of regular blocks is likely to make Lara behave
strangely when she gets near to it.  I'm not going to list every single one, so
instead I'll only include the worst offenders: the faces of the two submerged
statues in the second half of this level.  Standing on either head and jumping
off the front will, depending on the position and type of jump, make Lara
either teleport back to where she started or collide with an invisible wall in
mid-air.  You can also hop backwards and grab the ledge to make Lara dangle
through the statue, and when you let go she teleports up to the ledge you just

* Thanks, everybody who suggested variations of this glitch.

5.13.2  Well-Hidden Medipack

In the large cave with two submerged statues, the statue on the right as you
face them has a large medipack embedded in its right ear.  I'm not sure whether
it's deliberate or not, but it's very easy to miss so I thought I'd mention it.
You can't get it when it's under water, but after lowering the water level you
can jump over to it and pick it up by standing as close to it as possible.

* Credit to joe042293 for pointing this out (and to the others who also
mentioned it).

5.13.3  Larson Doesn't Attack

Climb into the opening that leads to the final room of the level.  Don't drop
into the room just yet, though.  Instead, walk to the very corner of the square
you're standing on, and turn as far as you can towards the wall without
actually facing it.  Now do a standing forward jump into the room.  If this
works you'll hear Larson tell you he's going to shoot you to hell, but he'll be
standing still just round the next corner.

5.14  Natla's Mines

5.14.1  Massive Shortcut Part 1

In the very first cavern, there is an alcove containing some crates that you
normally can't reach until you move the boat closer to it.  It is possible to
get to this area as soon as the level starts, however.  Climb out of the water
and stand with the alcove on your left.  Then do a sideways jump, land on the
slope, slide backwards and grab the edge.  Now shimmy left and climb up once
the slope isn't too steep.

The switch inside moves a drilling machine so that you can go through to the
cavern where the first of Natla's henchmen is.  If you've completed the game
before and already have all the guns (or you've done the All Guns cheat), kill
him and carry on as normal.  If you don't have any guns, but you have a
reasonable number of medipacks, just ignore him and carry on anyway.  On the
other hand, you can skip even more of the level by continuing with ...

5.14.2  Massive Shortcut Part 2

Enter the large cavern with Natla's first henchman and kill him if you can.  Go
over to the left-hand edge of the lava pit.  You should be able to see the
rocky platform with a switch on it that activates the TNT.  Now all you have to
do is do a running jump and grab the edge of this platform.  You can then pull
the switch to blow up the TNT crate (it'll stay intact, though) and continue
the level.

Now for the bad news: this jump is extremely tricky!  It's made even harder by
the fact that if you did "Massive Shortcut Part 1" you will have had no save
points so far.  If you're trying this for the first time, I suggest you do the
level as normal, kill the guy with the Magnums, then go back and use the save
crystal by the waterfall.

I found the best place to stand when trying this was about five or six
sidesteps left from where the cliff juts out slightly.  Face more to the right
than usual to allow yourself space to turn in mid-air so that the angle isn't
too narrow.

If you attempt this jump and fail, but you want to carry on anyway, just keep
holding X.  Lara will grab some sloping rocks at the bottom - now just drop and
grab the narrow slit then shimmy to the right.

5.14.3  Missing Sound Effect

When pulling a movable block there are normally four "dragging" noises, but on
this level there is no fourth sound effect when pulling any crates except the
metal "Natla" ones.

5.14.4  Black Screen 3

Make your way to the cabin surrounded by barriers and push the nearby crate as
close as you can to it.  Now do a running jump from the crate, along the short
edge of the cabin, landing at the cave wall between the cabin and the barriers.
The screen will immediately go black, as with the previous glitches of this

* Guido37 gets the credit for this one.

5.14.5  Squeeze Past Boulders

Next to the area with the suspended cabin is a room where you have to get to
the other side before the exit is blocked by a boulder.  If you don't make it
in time you have to leave the room and try again.  There is a similar situation
with the second secret - if you don't push a crate out of the way quickly
enough a boulder blocks the way in.

If you fail in either of these situations you avoid repeating a section by
simply jumping at the gap between the wall and the boulder until Lara squeezes

* Thanks to greybeard for pointing this out.

5.14.6  Re-open the Boulder Room Gate

The room I'm referring to is the one next to the area with the suspended cabin.
When you enter, the gate closes behind you, so once you've got the fuse you
have to get out by a slightly longer way.  However, if you save just after
picking up the fuse then restart, the gate will be open and you can just go
straight back out.

Saving and reloading probably takes longer than just taking the usual route, so
it's not much of a shortcut, but it's worth remembering if you happen to
restart from that point.

5.14.7  Rubbish Shortcut

It's difficult to do and it only skips a tiny portion of the level, but it's
still a shortcut!  The one advantage it does have is the save point right next
to it.

Go to the large room where you meet Natla's first henchman and drop down to the
save crystal.  Look over to the other side of the lava - you should be able to
see a slope that leads down to the right and onto a safe bit of land.  The aim
is to do a running jump and land on this slope, but the rocks directly above it
make this difficult to do.  In fact, I've never actually managed the shortcut
this way.  Instead, if you grab the rock as near to this slope as possible you
should be able to shimmy to the right slightly.  Now when you pull up you
should slide onto the land instead of backwards into the lava.

5.14.8  Lara's Spare Pistols

Make sure you don't have All Guns/Infinite Ammo activated, so that you have no
weapons as normal.  Complete the first part of the level without picking up the
Pistols, then go to the second secret (the one where you have to push the block
away before the boulder reaches you).  Pick up the Shotgun and waste all the
ammo in it - when Lara runs out of bullets she'll automatically put it away and
draw the Pistols.  You can now use this pair of Pistols normally, despite them
not appearing in your inventory.

Alternatively, do the All Guns Cheat when you start the level and waste all the
ammo in any of the three guns (Uzis are quickest).

5.14.9  Cabin Glitch

Here's another good one, once again caused by the strange way that certain
things are linked.  In the case of Natla's Mines, it's the suspended cabin, the
conveyor belt, the boat, and the rocks that the TNT blows up that are all

Complete this level up until you pull the TNT lever, without having inserted
all the fuses to make the cabin fall.  It's more interesting if you leave both
the conveyor belt and the boat as they are when you start the level, but it's
not essential.  After blowing up the TNT, jump back down onto the area with the
cowboy on it and make your way back up to the suspended cabin.  Continue
through to the room with the conveyor belt.  The belt is now moving and the
fuse has disappeared.  If you want, you can pull the switch that activates the
belt and the fuse will appear.

Now go back through to where the cabin is and you'll see that a second cabin
has appeared on the ground below the first.  This cabin doesn't contain the
pistols, but if you go and put all three fuses into the crane they will
magically appear.

If you already pulled the switch to make the boat move then skip this
paragraph.  Otherwise, go back through to where the waterfall is and look down
at the boat - it seems to have drifted over to the left even though you haven't
pulled the lever to make it do that yet.  Now run back and pull the lever.  The
camera will show the boat moving over to the left, even though it was already
there.  When you return to the main room the mysterious second cabin will have
vanished again.

You can make the second cabin reappear simply by going back to the conveyor
belt (actually, halfway along the passage is enough).  Go out to the cave with
the boat to make it disappear again.

The fun's not over yet.  Make the second cabin appear, then put a fuse in the
crane.  It doesn't do anything, but its effect is "stored".  Once the second
cabin has gone, just stand in front of the fuse holder to make the suspended
cabin drop as normal.  If you try to activate the third fuse in this way while
the cabin is still moving from the second fuse it won't register, but the
pistols will still appear.

One final thing to try.  Insert a fuse while the second cabin is there, then
save and restart from the save crystal nearby.  When the game reloads there
will be nothing in the fuse holder, but when you try to insert another fuse
Lara will say "no".  Go down to the cabin on the ground - even if that wasn't
the third fuse, the pistols will have appeared!

* I've had a few people tell me this was possible, but credit goes to matthew_
16 for working out the correct method.

5.14.10  Skip Some of the Final Section

Near the end of the level, at the part where there are lots of movable blocks
inside an orangey-brown structure, you can save yourself a lot of pushing and
pulling by using the Movable Block Bug whenever possible.

5.14.11  Beat the Annoying Door

In the final part of the level where you're inside some kind of brown structure
there is a corridor with a gold door at the end.  This door opens when you're
at the opposite end of the corridor to reveal what looks like the way out, but
if you try to get through it the door always closes before you get to it.  You
have to just ignore it and find a different way.  Until now, that is!

After you've pushed the block to reveal the corridor, turn left to face the
door.  The square immediately in front of you opens the door, and every other
square closes it.  Once you've learned where the two different buttons are,
stand near the front of the "open" one on the left-hand side and wait until the
door is fully open.

Jump forward then immediately back again.  The door is now closing, but you're
standing on the "open" button.  Timing is important for the next bit.  All you
have to do is a forward jump, then break into a series of running jumps.
However, you have to jump forward at the right time so that you leave the
"open" button just as the door closes.  That way you are at full speed and have
the time it takes for the door to fully open then fully close again to get to
the other side.  If you jump too early, the door will close but won't start
opening again because you're not on the "open" button.  If you jump too late,
you won't make it through before the door closes for the second time.

Once you've managed that, it's time for your reward!  Go over to the pyramid
doors and you'll see that you've caught Natla's henchman napping.  Admire his
scary eyes and his weird orange bits (I think they're meant to be gloves and a
balaclava).  How come his Shotgun is twice the size of Lara's?

5.15  Atlantis

5.15.1  Disappearing Texture

As soon as the level starts, run forward and look up at the top of the left-
hand wall a few squares in front of you.  There is a texture there that doesn't
fit with its surroundings.  There's nothing special about that, but watch
closely as the lights turn on, and you'll see that it disappears.

Obviously, (as I'm sure you know by now!), the room with the lights on is
considered a different room to the one where they are off.  Whoever was doing
the textures fixed the out-of-place one in the light room but forgot to do it
for the dark room.

5.15.2  Invisible Wall 1 and Shortcut

After getting past the room with water on one side and a large brown slope on
the other, you'd normally go through to a room with a raised path in the
middle.  Instead, you can do a running jump from just before the door, over the
water to the opposite side.  From here, try turning left and walking into the
closed door - an invisible wall will stop you before you can reach it.

Doing this jump is also a shortcut, because if you now turn right and continue
as normal the door will open automatically when you release the lava in the
next room.

5.15.3  Avoid Releasing the Lava

Enter the room with a raised path in the middle that was described above.
Normally you'd have to pull the switch and then go back to the previous room to
release some lava and move this path closer to the exit.  You can, however,
make the jump from the path to the exit without having to release the lava.
It's tricky to do at first, but it shouldn't take more than a few attempts to
get the hang of.

5.15.4  Skip the Boulder Room

After the water section you'll come to a room with a boulder that rolls down
and blocks the exit.  You're then supposed to push a block so that the boulder
doesn't roll down the next time.  However, you can stop the boulder from even
moving the first time.  At the entrance, face to the right and jump forward as
close to the wall as possible.  If you get it just right, you'll bypass the
tile in front of the door that makes the boulder roll.

If it didn't work, don't worry.  Stand at the far wall, face the gap between
the boulder and the exit and jump at it.  With a bit of trial and error you
should be able to get past the boulder quite easily.

5.15.5  Inactive Flying Mutant 1

After the boulder room mentioned above, you will return to the huge central
shaft.  Standing on the ledge that juts out will activate a flying Atlantean
above you, just as with all the other ledges below.  However, with this one you
can avoid the ledge by jumping as close to the wall as possible.  If you get it
right, your winged friend will be waiting for you the next time you enter the
central shaft.

5.15.6  Inactive Flying Mutant 2

Make your way to the room with lava at the bottom, a jagged white ridge across
the middle and some metal jaws at the far end.  Shortly after entering this
room you are usually attacked by a winged Atlantean, but with some careful
jumps you can avoid activating it.

Don't go to the right, because the square at the far right of the platform
you're on wakes it up.  Jump onto the rocky ledge to the left.  The square at
the far end of this ledge also activates the winged mutant, so in order to
reach the next ledge you'll have to stand further back than usual when jumping.
Make sure you completely bypass this square - simply jumping over it isn't good
enough.  Once you've done this you can jump over to the white ridge and look up
at the mutant without it attacking you.

5.15.7  Skip Half of the White Ridge Room

This shortcut starts from exactly the point that the previous glitch left off:
in the middle of the white jagged ridge running across the pit of lava.  You'll
currently be under fire from two mutants at the room's exit, but try to ignore
them.  Face the red sloping part of the white ridge that is nearest to the
exit.  Now do a running jump towards the very bottom of this slope, rebound to
the left and grab the opening.  Pull yourself up and get ready to fight (or run
away from) the two mutants.

5.15.8  Invisible Wall 2

This is the same as the previous invisible wall, but even weirder.  Go into the
room with a pit of lava and various pillars that can be raised or lowered to
make a path to the other side.  The door will close behind you as enter.  Turn
round and try to leave - an invisible wall will block you from even getting to
the door.

If you try to leave the room quickly before the door closes the invisible wall
will materialise on top of you.  The screen will go black and you'll be stuck.

5.15.9  Atlantean Lara Glitch

This is one of the few glitches listed in this FAQ that you don't want to
happen!  Sometimes when you first slide down into the room with Lara's freaky
double it is lying dead on the floor, making it impossible to continue.  You
might even see it fall off a ledge and die while you're in the room.

I've heard that it's possible to remedy this by jumping back out the entrance
and sliding in again, but this has never worked for me.  Luckily there's a save
point just before this room, and as far as I know reloading the game fixes the

If the copycat Lara is dead (either because of the glitch or by dropping it
into the lava), try drawing your weapons: it will still be able to draw its
guns and fire them.

5.15.10  Hidden Door

At the very end of the level, if you jump down onto the platform where the boss
battle takes place a door will open up to allow you back up again.  This
passage is still there in the next level, but the bottom door has been blocked
off and the top door is gone.

5.15.11  Spot the Difference

At the end of the level, notice that you can see through the door below the
giant yellow egg.  In the cutscene that follows, the door is missing
completely, and then when the next level begins this door is solid.  Also, the
small gold box above the Scion that creates the lightning only appears in the
next level.

5.16  The Great Pyramid

5.16.1  The Scion Pedestal

Begin the level and kill the huge mutant.  Now look up at the pedestal that
holds the Scion: it isn't turning or making a noise.  The reason for this is
because in this level the Scion and the platform that holds it have been
assigned as an enemy.  This allows Lara to shoot the Scion - you can tell it's
a "creature" because it bleeds, and adds one to your kill count.

Like every other enemy in the game, it must be activated before it can move and
Lara can shoot at it.  You can hear this happening as you walk up the first
slope with a boulder on it.  The designers didn't make the Scion pedestal
activate as soon as the level begins because if it did you'd be able to shoot
it from the platform below - try jumping back down before shooting it and
you'll see that it's in range.

So what?  Well, now that you've destroyed the Scion and are standing on the
lower platform, there's something else you can try.  Work your way back up to
the Scion pedestal again.  When you get there, you'll find that it's causing
much larger explosions than usual.  In fact, if you look carefully you'll
notice that these explosions are the same ones that are made for the few
seconds immediately after you shoot the Scion.

I'm not entirely sure why this happens, but I'd guess it's to do with
activating the Scion as I just mentioned.  Completing the first section of the
level again seems to fool the game into re-activating the Scion, but since
you've already destroyed it there's a bit of confusion and this glitch is the

5.16.2  Final Secret Glitch

The third and final secret in this level is the one past the swinging blade
above the long drop into water.  If you've tried to collect all the secrets in
the game you'll have been disappointed, because this one won't have registered.
This happens because whoever designed the level accidentally assigned it as
secret number 2, instead of number 3.  Since The Great Pyramid already contains
a secret number 2, the game thinks you're trying to collect the same secret
twice.  The third secret will therefore only register if you don't get the
second secret.

There is a cheat way to get around this, however: check out "The Load Game
Bug".  I've never bothered to get all the secrets in the game using this
method, but I highly doubt that anything special will happen.

                          6. Historical Information

6.1  Thor

Thor is probably the best known of all the ancient characters depicted in the
game.  He was the god of thunder, and would create it with his huge hammer.
He's also where Thursday gets its name from ("Thor's Day").  Although St
Francis' Folly is meant to be in Greece, Thor is actually a Norse god.  The
Greeks would have known him as Jupiter.

6.2  Atlas

In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan - a race of giants.  When the Titans were
defeated in a war against the Olympic gods, Atlas was condemned to hold the
heavens on his shoulders for all eternity.  He is usually depicted as holding a
globe (which is why the name "atlas" is used for a book of maps), so presumably
that's what the boulder in the Atlas room is meant to represent.

6.3  Neptune

Neptune, in Roman religion and mythology, was the god of the sea: hence the
rather watery theme of his room.  In Greece he would more likely have been
known as Poseidon.

6.4  Damocles

Unlike the other three mythical figures represented in St Francis' Folly,
Damocles was not a god but a servant of the tyrant Dionysius.  He praised his
master's power and wealth so often that Dionysius gave a banquet and had a
sword suspended above the head of Damocles by a single hair.  The idea of this
was to show the precariousness of rank and power, and is where the phrase "the
sword of Damocles" comes from.  In Tomb Raider, the saying is taken slightly
more literally!

6.5  Midas

In Greek folklore, Midas was the king of Phrygia.  Because of his hospitality
towards the satyr Silenius, he was granted one wish by Dionysus, the god of
fertility.  Midas asked that everything he touched turned to gold.  Of course,
he begged for the gift to be removed as soon as he realised that he couldn't
eat or drink.  Luckily for Lara, the statue in Midas's palace still has this

                               7. Challenges

If you've completed the game and found all the secrets, but you're looking for
an excuse to play it again, here are some challenges you can try.  There are
only three so far, so if you can think of one then I'd love to hear it.  In all
of these challenges you may not use any glitches, shortcuts, cheats, etc.

7.1  No Medipacks

Complete the game without using medipacks.  It's not as hard as it sounds if
you're careful - always reload if you take too much damage, rather than trying
to struggle on.  To make it a bit harder, try collecting every medipack as you
go so that you have the maximum when you finish.

7.2  Pistols Only, No Medipacks

Very similar to the above challenge, but I've included it because these are the
rules for submitting a speed run, so they're quite often used.  With this
challenge it's even more important to keep your distance from enemies by
finding a safe ledge to shoot them from or avoiding them entirely.

7.3  No Guns

This one's a bit harder.  You have to complete the game without shooting
anything, except when absolutely necessary.  You can't avoid killing the

Larson (Tomb of Qualopec)
Pierre (end of Tomb of Tihocan)
The giant mutant (The Great Pyramid)
The Scion (The Great Pyramid)

Some levels are just a case of running as quickly as possible (The City of
Vilcabamba is particularly annoying).  However, some require a little more
thought, such as St Francis' Folly.  Here's a quick hint to avoid frustration:
you'll need to set aside the equivalent of around six small medipacks for the
mutants at the end of Sanctuary of the Scion.  That part was a "Game Over" for
me on my first try at this!  On my second try I finished the game with 13 of
each type of medipack.

For an added challenge, or if you can't be bothered completing the whole game
in this way, try the levels individually.  Start with no medipacks each time,
and only use ones you pick up in the level.  Not all levels are possible like
this, but most can be done.

                                8. Credits

* Stella's Tomb Raider Site (, for some helpful glitch
explanations.  I've tried to expand on the descriptions there as much as
possible, but if you have difficulty getting the first five bugs in section 4
to work then that site is well worth a visit.  It's also got glitches for the
later games.

* Phantom Stranger, SiReNz wAiL, joe042293, DSkillz, Joaquim Vale, greybeard,
matthew_16, Stunning SteveAustin, Data, Nox13last, guido37, MMAN2,
DeathsoulXIV2, toastmaster, Mitjitsu and Free Storage for their input.  I'd
also like to thank everybody else who has suggested something which,
unfortunately, I already knew or decided not to include.

                                9. The End

Thanks for reading!  I hope there was something in this FAQ that made you want
to play this game again, whether it's to try out some glitches, to search for
some more, or simply to remind yourself what a classic it is.

If you know of anything that isn't included here, or you have any comments or
questions about the FAQ, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or post on
the Tomb Raider board.