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RuneScape Cheats

Cheats and Tips for RuneScape

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A huge collection of cheats for you to look through and try, these include money making, getting lots Of anti- dragon shields and getting a free iron axe.

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We have 229 cheats and tips on PC.If you have any cheats or tips for RuneScape please send them in here. For more Codes for RuneScape go to:
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Chatting Styles

Ever noticed when in the Grand Exchange, people are talking in green and other coulers instead of yellow? Well...heres how you do it...
Red-red: Green-green: Purple-purple: flash-type in flash1:, flash2: or flash3: wave:(wave is yellow) white-white:
When you try the wave style, type in any writing style (NOT WAVE!!!),then write wave:, and then type whatever you are going to say. Eg. Red:wave: Flash3:wave:

Defeating Hard Level Creatures

The easiest way to defeat hard level creatures like Lessers or Hellhounds if you are a Mage or Archer is to stay behind a rock or other cover and shoot them.

Money Making

There are lots of ways to make money on Runescape, listed below are just a few of them. (Just make sure you don't fall for any scams which require you to give someone your login details and password otherwise you could find yourself completely cleaned out!)
Lobsters in Karajama:
Get your fishing level 40 and your cooking to level 40 and fish for lobsters in Karajama and keep noting them in the fally bank. Once you have 200 sell them for 250 GP each.
Gems in the Barbarian Village:
Get your mining level up to level 38 by mining iron, etc. Then, go to the Barbarian Village and mine coal from the rocks which you can sell for 100 to 300 GP per piece. You will also occasionally find a gem (from least valuable to most: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond) which can..

How to get the Oil Can in Ernest The Chicken Quest

In the secret room in Draynor Manor were the switches are located perform the following to get the oil can.
Step 1. Pull lever A
Step 2. Pull lever B
Step 3. Enter the northeastern door
Step 4. Pull lever D
Step 5. Enter the southwestern door
Step 6. Enter the southern door
Step 7. Pull lever A
Step 8. Pull lever B
Step 9. Enter the northwestern door
Step 10. Enter the western door
Step 11. Enter the northern door
Step 12. Pull lever E
Step 13. Pull lever F
Step 14. Enter the eastern door
Step 15. Enter the eastern door
Step 16. Pull lever C
Step 17. Enter the northwestern door
Step 18. Enter ..


First, go to Falador. Next, go right next to the weird party room. Then, go down the stairs and find some Iron Ore to mine. When you get a full inventory, go to the closest bank (go West). Store ALL OF YOUR IRON ORE and repeat. When you get A LOT of ore in your bank (1,000 at least), go to Varrok G.E. And sell EVERY SINGLE ORE, and if they don't all sell instantly, then, log out. After that, spend the rest of your day doing something else. Check in the next day and if all of the ore is gone, take your fortune and spend it or repeat until you have enough money for something that you really want (LIKE A RUNE ARMOUR SET).
I know that this cheat will help you, because right now I am a Billionaire!

Hidden Mine

When you reach Varrok on your way to Stonehenge you will notice a little opening on the wooden gates at the entrance. Instead of going inside Varrok, go through the opening on the left gate (from behind you) and keep walking. You will eventually enter a mine that not many people use and contains Iron, Silver, Tin, Copper, and Clay.

the fastest and easiest way to make $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First thing you do is go to the G.E and buy some aromur and a weapon.If you already have that stuff make sure you have a empty inventory and go to the varrock guards kill the and if they drop grapes or body talisman pick them up untill your inventory is full go to the bank or the G.E either or it dosent matter keep doing this untill you have 2-500 of them then head over to the G.E sell them for lowest and bam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have 150-200k. P.S some times the grapes and tailsman don't sell fast but 99.9 of the time they do sell.good luck have fun and please rate this this is my first cheat

Easy 10k with very little work

Go Above Barbarian Village to find a thing on the map that is labeled Schoolhouse or something like that go in there through the celler door. Once You are in the celler look for the poster in the cage with the door torn off. Click (pull back poster) once you do DO NOT PANIC!!!!!! Nothing here will harm you not even the lvl.83's just walk through until you find a staircase by the lvl.83's. Go up the stairs and then walk forward until you see a room once you see that room go in there pull the lever !!!ONCE!!! Then go back down the stairs and there will be a barred door which you might have noticed before and it's unlocked now. Go through the door then walk around the corner you will see a chest now open the chest. Hooray! You got 10k and a pair of saftey gloves.

Secret Mining Pit

When you get skilled enough to mine coal and admanite there is a secret mining pit just outside of Lumbridge which does not have scorpions. This pit is reached by going east when you get to Lumbridge swamp until you come to the ocean. If you now go south keeping close to the ocean you will eventually find the secret mining pit.

Easy money easy win.

Fastest and best way to make money.
rune plate body
rune plate legs
rune kite shield
rune full helm
Then make it into a set then sell it.
Thanks for you're time it's my first submit
So please can you rate and leave a pleasant message.
If you got something to say then speak!!!!


Hello again it's me kornzkiller the next cheat I am going to teach you is cutting yews you will need 60 wood cutting and an axe of any kind rune reccommended then cut yews till you get atleast 500-1000 then go sell in the G.E for lowest and when the sell youve just made 300-450k.If you have any questions or comments add [KORNZKILLER] Ill be on every day and don't forget to rate this

Super money

Get to lvl 28 or higher then kill monsters that like always drop limpwurtroots.Get about 100 then sell at GE for lowest price.It'll give you about 490k.


I have learned this the hard way... People claiming to 'give' you 1m for your password and username are hackers...and there is no real "cheats" for runescape...I would like to say this to all the newer people in runescape for keeping there account safe...if you need any more information on hackers add pur3 r4ng306 and I will tell you what I can about them.

Play safe Smile

Text Effects

You must type the : in order for these to work.
1. Flash1:
2. Flash2:
3. Flash3:
4. Scroll:
5. Wave:
6. Wave2:
7. Slide:
8. Glow1:
9. Glow2:
10. Glow3:
11. Cyan:
12. Red:
13. Green:
14. White:
15. Purple:
16. Shake:
These can be conbined such as this
and your words will be red doing a wave
heres a video how

My runescape name is matt matt225


These are the following hints to follow in Runesape.
1) If says free trimming its a scam to steal your armor.
2) If Someone asks you for your password do not give it to them they find ways to get all your good stuff.
3) If someone says you can double anything by droping it and pressing f4 it just closes your window and takes your stuff.
These are three basic things to follow when someone is trying or scamming you

easy cash

Alriht this is my first hint (members only)

Go to the cow field in lumbridge and get a bag of cowhides then go to the canoe station and get quickly to the grand exchange and bank them then keep doing that then when you think youve got enough sell them youll get rich

Make 60-70k in 30 minutes

Buy 420 buckets of water and then buy 420 clay(normal not soft) for 40k then mix them both together to make soft clay, once you have mixed them all you then sell them all for 67.5k normaly.
It works soplease rate this cheat.

To go on a server that is full!

Sometimes a server is full and you want to go on it right?

well click on any open world.then you will look up on the websit bar.u will see a number swich it to the number of the world you want to go on!

hope it workes! Ps. Please rate this is my first cheat!

Instant random event

1: Get two bones
2: Dig the 1st
3: log out
4: wait 13-15 minutes WITHOUT moving. To prevent loging out, hold the left arrow in your keybord (wich moves the screen to the left)
5: In 13-15 minutes, dig the 2nd bone instanly.
6: A lady will teleport you in a random event.
7:You will get 2 uncut diamonds
8: Voila!

Easy money with rune essence

Requirements: Pickaxe and have completed rune mysteries
First: go see wizard aubury in varrok, his building is behind the small bank with a fire rune hanging over the entrance.
Second: ask him to teleport you to the rune essence mining site
Third: get mine 26-28 essences and go through the portal
Fourth: go to the small bank and deposit all of the essences

After you have done step 4 repeat all the steps again and again until you have 200 or more and sell all of them at the grand exchange

Easy money for members!

If you're a member, then do the Gertrude's Cat quest.
Then, raise the kitten until it's a cat. Then go to West Ardounge (must have done Plauge City Quest).
Find a house that is rat-infested and talk to the person in there.
He will trade that cat for 25 death runes! Since death runes sell for about 1k each, you can make a lot of money!

Some ways to get coins

You can do all these cheats on a free or a member server
You can only to this one in South-East RuneScape
Do lots of mining and smithing and sell them for a bit for money. First start mining what you did in Tutorial Island, then try more ores (iron, gold etc.)
Directions to Karamja:
1. Buy the Newcomer Map for 1 coin
2. Walk or run all the way to Port Sarim in Southeast Runescape
3. Talk to a Seaman and say that you would like to board the ship
4. Pay 30 coins and soon, you'll still be on the boat in Karamaja
5. Walk off the Gangplank and you can walk around in Karamajab (it's alright, you won't fall in the water, it's on a different side)!!!
You can only do these in Karmaja:
Go to the first house in Karamaja..

Some money and exp.

To get money and exp. Do the following:
1. You should be at least lvl 19, but highrer is better
2. Take some food in your inventory
3. Fight bears near Varock mining place and take bear fur that they drop
4. Sell bear fur for 12gp at Varock fountain, there's a man that trade's bear furs
That way you will get exp and some money!

Cook chicken without fire

If you don't want to make a fire you can use the ordinary stoves. (I haven't tried with other food yet)

58k in 15 minutes for members

First you will need 2000gp. (a ring of dueling not required but reccomended) anyway go to al-karid and find the silk trader (with nothing in your inventory but the money) talk to him and buy the silk for 2 gp only 2 not 3.
Do this until your inventory is full. Go to bank and store it. Repeat until you have 1000 silk.
Next rub the ring and teleport to castle wars. (or you could just walk to ardrougne.) walk north to ardrougne. Go to the market place. Look for the silk trader. When you find him tell him you want to sell him the silk for 120gp.
He will say that's too much and suggest 50gp ask him about 60gp he will accept, then go to the bank just south of the market. Keep withdrawing and selling the silk until you run out you will have 58k.

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