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How do I get powerful wepons without having to find a chest?

Question asked by Guest on
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Question for Terraria

How do I get powerful wepons without having to find a chest?

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Guest answered:

If you watch the bottom of the screen at night it will sometimes say "a meteor has landed" if you mine enough or from it and you have a gem then you can make a phaseblade. Or if you have demonite than you can make yourself better weapons.

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Guest said: 29th Aug 2017 | REPORT
to get the meteorite to land in your world u must follow the instructions:

step 1: get as many bombs as possible

step 2: find the biome where monsters and stuff are red

step 3: enter a cave, there should be spiders

step 4: if u find a heart bomb your way to it and then....... BOMB IT!
after that u will reciecve a boss message and a random item.
after all of that u finally activated the meteorite so that sometimes it can fall in your world
Guest said: 23rd Dec 2017 | REPORT
For step 2 the monster and red stuff is called the crimson I think
Guest said: 1st Feb 2018 | REPORT
Welp I have over 200 bombs so I'm gonna do that.
Guest said: 10th Feb 2018 | REPORT
How to get demon scythe Step one: go to the underworld. Step 2: Defeat demons until you get it. Then your done! ( WARNING: Make sure your armor is good and atk.)
AngelaT3 answered:

You could cheat and use an InventoryEditor. It'll make the game easier (however, less fun in my opinion).
The easiest way to find a good weapon (does require finding a chest and may drain a bit of HP) is to go to either side of the world and go into the ocean. Down at the bottom there will be 1 or 2 gold chests that contain a Trident. Pretty powerful weapon.

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Guest said: 8th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Our if you go in to sceltrons fortress and break the books you might find a really good spell book called water bolt
Guest said: 9th Nov 2016 | REPORT
I`ve agree with you gelaT3 cheating is for the noob and its make no fun at all
Guest said: 21st Mar 2018 | REPORT
when you just started the game, don't create large world, make a small one, and that is better
Guest said: 23rd Apr 2019 | REPORT
Yeah, for some reason they are so much better.
Guest answered:

U have to get a dryke to move in

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Guest said: 30th Oct 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 18th Sep 2016 | REPORT
Hey last one dont use that phrase
Guest said: 23rd May 2017 | REPORT
why not its funny
Guest said: 14th Feb 2019 | REPORT
Making rules about cussing is useless
Guest answered:

Go to the jungle find a cave go into it don't mine it is likely to collaps keep going down in till you find a chest they are likely to have good stuff in them if not go find a nother one and keep doing that intill you find one someting good

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Guest said: 5th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Stop being a stuped selifish person Guest
Guest said: 27th May 2017 | REPORT
I've done it before and I came to a golden chest.
Guest said: 24th Aug 2018 | REPORT
You should make motive cocktails because it goes o to hard more and it is OP plus you need only 80 to do the wall of flesh and you need to make it is1 silk , 10 ale,and 1 torch.
Guest answered:

If you are not in hardmode on your server go down to the unde world mine hellstone (if you have the shadow pikaxe) get lots of it and go to a hellforge and have some obsidian to make hellstone bars and go up to a anvil and craft something like a fiery great sword and tada you have a good weapon.

CLOWN3R answered:

Well you need to work your way up start off with something small and work your way up by digging deeper and getting better ingots then you can get specials such as sand gun and mega shark then you can just beast mode everything

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Guest said: 28th Mar 2016 | REPORT
I have a breaker blade from the wall of flesh
Guest said: 8th Jan 2017 | REPORT
getting better weapons
Guest said: 13th Feb 2019 | REPORT
I need some HELLp
Guest answered:

You can fight bosses for better weapons

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Guest said: 21st Jan 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 15th Feb 2017 | REPORT
i beat skeletron with wooden broadsword and wooden armor
Guest said: 31st Dec 2017 | REPORT
No way, i am too bad to beat a boss
Guest said: 13th Jul 2018 | REPORT
hi whats up
Guest answered:

Get all the hell stone armour set and get a make a bridge un ground in the under world have the demon scythe and get some potions like healing and mana regeneration iron skin the bowl of soup and then you can win against the Wall of Flesh I beat it in 45 seconds it drops a special ray gun totally worth it.

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Guest said: 21st Dec 2014 | REPORT
The ray gun is a random drop. Considering this guy can't even kill the eye, he sure can't kill the WoF.
Guest answered:

You can go to the stellator and stab him with the trident 4 times And have a gold coin and die with it and you will have a mini shark when you re spawn

Guest answered:

Play the game. Mine better ores. Most good weapons are crafted from other items in late game, but right now youre kinda stuck with mining. If you can get to the bottom of the level aka Hell, you can unlock (I'm going to say the word) chests and get some pretty good weapons. However, they suck as soon as you get into hardmode. Your best bet, is just play the game. Mine and craft. Killing bosses is also a good way, and so is using bombs to blow up the orbs in the corrupted biomes. Blowing up three orbs will however, summon a boss. So good luck.

Guest answered:

Go in the corruption with purification powder or bomb/dynamite, and get to three shadow orbs and crush them with explosives or a hammer and beat eater of worlds to get a good pick axe and mine into the underworld and mine bunch of hell stone and obsidian to make hell zone bars and make armor/ weapons like the firey great Sword, but a big heads up, the meteor will only land randomly by crushing the shadow orbs, and a goblin army may appear randomly too with the same actions and once you're ready face the Wall of Flesh and have at it in hard mode

Guest answered:

Go too the bottom of one of the two oceans (ONLY ONE HAS IT). You can get walk on water boots(witch can be turned into walk on lava boots), and you can get flippers that let you swim, a trident( it does 10 damage and hits in spear motion), a pipe that allows you to be under water longer, and even a beach ball to be crazy with. Also there some other loot in the chests. Don"t get killed theres fairly strong things in the ocean.

Guest answered:

Smash clay pots until you find a bomb. Build a house for the Demolitionist to move into. Buy more bombs from him. Go to the corruption or crimson and use the bombs to blast your way to the orbs/crimson hearts and break them. Hopefully you will get a ranged weapon from one of them. IF YOU BREAK 3 OF THEM YOU WILL SUMMON A BOSS! Once you have a ranged weapon make a house for the Arms Dealer to move into. Start selling stuff to buy a Minishark. It is quite expensive but very effective and no bosses are needed to be killed to obtain it.

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Guest said: 20th May 2019 | REPORT
i already use minishark to kill wall of flash but it still useless? i would like to know wat type of weaponary that could kill it with longrange?
Guest answered:

Rhe best way is getting some decent armour and a decent. Sword (preferably gold) and get an eye of Chuthlu (found deep underground in unlocked gold chests or chests) then summon Chuthlu and defeat it for demonite ore to craft lights bane it has 19 attack damage and average speed and knockback

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Guest said: 2nd Sep 2015 | REPORT
Just kill some bosses and destroy shadow orbs the ones from the red coropshon you can get good ranged weapons like the undertaker
Guest answered:

Just mine six blocks deep, six blocks to the left, and go down until you find vulcanite ore, mine it up, and make a vulcanic sword. Pretty amazing weapon if you ask me. Does 20 melee damage.

Guest answered:

Simply go to the dungeon, hover the cursor over every book as you make the way down the dungeon. A book pic WILL show up before the guardian kills you. Then pick the waterbolt book up and you can shoot with magic bolts that bounce 3-5 times on blocks. It's so simply just to walk to the dungeon, and mana stars is easy to get because you can one-shot zombies at night. Hope it helped for anyone reading this as I think it is very helpfull

Guest answered:

Set your pc's date to Halloween. And get pumpkin armor crafted from pumpkins which grow on surface. It has much better defense and set bonus than other low tier early ores..find. Crystal hearts, increase health go to corruption or crimson. Use explosives to destroy blocks and use hammer to break orbs or hearts. Get the gun. Hopefully a meteorite might land at night. Go there quick dynamite all.
More and get meteorite gear. then aim for the eye, then brain or the eater and get shadow gear then explore jungle upgrade your hook and blade and boomerang and go kill skeleton.get access to dungeon and there you go.

Guest answered:

If you are on your iPad/iPhone you can go mining, and you will find some thing that looks like a colored stick,
Mine it and it's actually a really good sword and it shoots enchanted sword beams. Also it ranges from 25-30
Attack damage. It's really useful. If you have a magma stone, it adds fire damage and that's really good.
Also, in the underworld, shadow chests can contain drills, and they have about 40 attack damage.

Guest answered:

Star plus worm equals enchanted nightcrawler, use as bait for reinforced fishing pole, you will have a chance to get a swordfish, a 19 damage ave spear weapon, also can get sawtooth shark and reaver shark.


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