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Terraria Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Terraria please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Vita : Android

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Become a gohst

This cool cheat allows you to turn into a ghost first make a character with his/her difficulty set to hard-core then make any go into one of your worlds and kill your character when your character dies he/she will drop a tombstone and all of his/her items but that's not all you a ghost also appears and you can control it you can also walk through walls and fly

Infinite money/chests

If you place an activation block (the one that dissapears when you hook it up to wires), then a chest on top of it and connect the activation block to a lever using wires, then make the activation block disappear, when you hit the chest (there must be an object in the chest) it will make more and more chests spawn. (works with all chests, and you have an invinite money source)

Making more items

Got some item and want to make one for a friend but it's to hard to make? Easy go one 2 player and give your friend an item you have save the game then have him give you the item you gave him have him sign out and then have him sign back on and he still has the item you gave him you now have 2 items! Or he can keep the item. Its easy to do (note if it does not work try it another way).

Split screen multiplayer duplication glitch

Read all be for you try. (you need at least 2 remotes) First give the items that you want to duplicate to any player but the host. Then save the game. After that is done the player that has the items throws them on the ground or puts them in a chest and logs off. While in the xbox menu don't sign back in and go back to the game.(the player will disappeared on screen) Then sign in on the same profile that logged off and it's done!

Now you should have the items wherever you put them and in the players inventory. They are duplicated!!!

Do it as many times as you want!

CAUTION!! Right after you duplicate always save the game or what you duplicated will disappear.

Example:50 gold coins duped=100 dupe again and it'..

Easy Item Duplication (Only Works With Xbox Live Gold Membership)

When you are hosting a world, give the desired item to someone. Then tell them to put autosave on and exit without saving. When you go back in the world or any world you still have the item and the player who got the item has it to. Now you can either let the player keep the item or give it to you so you can have double. When not hosting a game, go inside someone's world and give the player the desired item and exit without saving. Then you can have them give it to you or let them keep it. If you thumbs down and say it doesn't work your either a hater or you didn't do it right. I did not test this on any other devices but Xbox 360. If it still doesn't work then I don't know what to say. This does work. Only tested on 1.2 and not garenteed to work on any other versions.

Stack Duplication

There is another duplication glitch that requires two xbox live players on separate xbox consoles. Have the host place a chest and place the desired item (needs to be a stack of items greater than 5) and exit the chest. The visitor then enters the chest, then the host. Now both players simultaneously hold the right trigger on the stack of items. If done correctly, you will both end up with stacks of the item in your "hand", usually greater than the amount originally placed in the chest. It works better larger stacks.

How to get items

I didn't know where I should put this, so I put it under cheats. Here's some cool popular items and how to OBTAIN them. Also listed is if they can be obtained in Normal or only Hardcore.

Night's Edge (Normal) - Crafted by Muramasa, Blade of Grass, Fiery Greatsword, and either Blood Butcherer or Light's Bane

This is the most powerful Normal-mode Sword (45 Damage), and I do believe the 3rd most powerful Normal-mode weapon, the others being Flower of Fire (47 damage) and Star Cannon (55 damage).

Lucky Horseshoe (Normal) - Only can be found on Floating Islands in the Skyware Chest (I'd recommend for finding them, at night go hunt for Fallen Stars. If an area tends to never have them, there is probably a Floating Island above you.)

Negates fal..


So if you want 2 duplicate you're items here is what 2 do first join an online game then save you're game after the game has saved put the items you want to duplicate in a chest or give them to you're friend after doing that leave the game then join the game again and you will still have the items in you're inventory and in the chest or with you're friend

Solo duplication (you must have some sort of backup memery storage)

You can copy your players and worlds separately, copy one data, pick up items or drop in a chest, replace the old version, delete all old worlds and character's, so you don't lose all items on accident

Worms for gold

Swing an adamantite sword on a blank spot while your sword touches any block. Then sell the worms

Eye of Cthulhu for beginners

If you need a easy way to beat the eye of Cthulhu here it is start by getting iron/lead then go to the dungeon look for a water bolt book and get a silver sword and go fight Cthulhus eye. Tip made by minecraf9900

Duplication cheat

To duplicate your items first you join someone's online game and then save your game.once you have saved your game give the item you want to duplicate to your friend or put it in a chest then you leave the game and then you re-join the game and you will still have your items

Kill dungeon gaurdians!

So Xbox 360 released the tutorial.what you have to do is this:next to the vain of ore to the right,dig straight will soon find an "Underground Cabin".go inside and collect the gravitation potion from the go to the right end of the floating island,and drink the keep going up and down until you reach some sand.keep going right and you will find the dungeon.just keep going down and then dungeon gaurdians will spawn,but can't kill you.your all done!

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