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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Cheats and Tips

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Various wondermail codes and some hints and tips for getting you through this game can be found on our cheats page.

More Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 109 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky go to:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Action Replay Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Extra Dungeons

When you have completed Chapter 10 you will then be able to unlock extra dungeons by completing the following tasks. There will be a Treasure Chest on the last floor of each dungeon, some dungeons will have Treasure Chambers that require a key to open and Legendary Pokemon will appear if you have the 'Secret Slab' or 'Mystery Part'. The Spinda's Juice Bar Cafe events are random.

Unlock Bottomless Sea:

Get the 'Secret Rank' and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe.

Unlock Destiny Tower:

Beat the game and make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar.

Unlock Giant Volcano:

Get the 'Secret Rank' and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe.

Unlock Happy Outlook:

Beat the game and make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar.

Unlock Inferno Cav..

Wonder mail s for golden seeds and sercret slab/mystery part

all at beach cave 1F all gives 2 golden seeds

and prospect with bulbasaur

first 1




6H4-2 8-FNS+R 4FHY=

+N1+T KH@7FPX W=482


CY&R- 2RHP+3- 7YWK@

#4QWT TW3&X#J JQ&03


@--34 SMH507J S0Q93

-F@J0 %9=PPHJ 7CM94


2WY48 75#FXH- MH-MF

@M#=0 +WN6FXW XN9P7


0Q7XR W4+3Q%X H=X%M

#4P2H 0WTN7J5 P#4C6


SX020 4%%TY25 WJ9-+

R5X-C K+TNR-H @235S


38NP& 7QH7H&R -5QSR

75@YC 5Q-7&8R 0Y42J

mystery part :D (still in beach cave)

K#3&T C-SJK4F %YT@5

7+406 RTYRQ3@ R0N4S

secret slab ^^

1M28F 6NXN3-8 =-F-9


A lot of codes

I like wonder mails don't u? Then here some for all of you!

Golden Seed/s



NS9K# #C1=Q44 0%8M3

#W521 5K2N-NF T6F=T

1H9MS %CP@R5J 45MX#

5%50F X=SNJR6 5@%X8

=CX%4 S9486F7 Q9X4#

4N@K% H#58WJ= 8%NP9

Miracle Chest/s



=599J 296S86S 3@S05



=H@XN FPN92%8 6#M&J

Golden Mask

Q7SS9 =%PJN8W -R=71

FS7#+ PQ=8K%= 8M6W@

Golden Apple


&O5R- T59&=W- NH&J#

Rate and enjoy

Wonder Mail Codes

All in beach cave Floor 1

Gives IQ Booster(increases IQ) and Golden Seed:

8J38# 0M%F2&# Q&J%S

&@8N& 5#PRKN0 C%#6P

Gives Golden Seed and recruits Infernape:

7+TNR 204%TWM N0F+J


Gives Gracidea and recruits Torterra:

HY4CQ 126#%#+ 0@TKX

3CYH1 NJ397=J -=%TC

Gives Joy Ribbon and recruits Empoleon:

P4813 7+QNY2S 41=77

4+F&F N36P%@# NC2J@

Gives X- Ray Specs and Wonder Gummi:

&-=9F XCMP8+W 98K&R

+#=FX YF-815# Y++1S

Gives Frozen Rock(evolves Eevee to Glaceon) and Mossy Rock(evolves Eevee to Leafeon):



Gives Sun Ribbon(evolves certain Pokemon) and Lunar Ribbon(evolves certain Pokemon):

-KT4% Q%3KH%9 YK67Y

Unlock Special Episodes

Complete the following tasks and then save your game to access the corresponding episode at the 'Title' menu.

Special Episode 1: Bidoof's Wish:

Complete Chapter 3

Special Episode 2: Igglybuff the Prodigy:

Complete Chapter 9

Special Episode 3: Today's 'Oh My Gosh':

Complete Chapter 13

Special Episode 4: Here Comes Team Charm:

Complete Chapter 16

Special Episode 5: Into the Dark Future:

Complete the pre-credits storyline.


Ok I was in Mystery Jungle and at the end of the dungeon, you battle I battled Mew and I got the Grass Cornet(One of the seven treasures) After I collected it Mew reappeared and it grew some kind of kinship with me and is on my team now..Before battling Mew you might wanna save in case Mew doesn't befriend you..anyway hope that helped..

Golden stuff

its in beach cave and bulbasaur is the cilent floor one!

WR@9& Q@99&F& PMYXK

MNCS8 M-4R&26 -76@C

hooray you get a golden seed!

RWW06 2YY2+9W 4CT04

YKW=W %XTR+2& 9&5H6

golden apple

83-MQ @MRWJ-8 H91HX

-7@XJ TP29=C= PC=&5

golden fang

&R6S0 126H4PY FT&F6

&WM15 4&P7S5P %F73Q

golden thorn

&Y5F0 H48+5S9 F@NR0

4535S JF8786P -621C

gold ribbon

4N+J# @@+S=RK &4NY&

@K2&R 25%6X#S 6Y%=+

golden mask

note: the names are below the codes not over itYOU GET GOLDEN ITEMS!

Kecleon on the Loose!

Stealing from Kecleon is not easy, believe me! I am Team Desolate, and my hobby is stealing from those CRAZY Kecleon. Follow these 5 easy steps, and you can steal from Kecleon, too!

1.) Bring Quick Seeds. Kecleon, If you steal from them, are very fast, 2x the speed you are! so get things quick with Quick Seeds!

2.) Bring 5 Vanish Seeds. Vanish Seeds are awesome to have with you! The turn you invisible! Kecleon can't see you if you have Vanish Seeds!

3.) Bring 3 Pure Seeds. Pure Seeds make you warp immediately to the stairway, but watch out! There is a 25% chance that there will be a Kecleon at the stairway, so #4 comes in nicely!

4.) Bring 4 Hurl Orbs. These fellows will hurl those Kecleon out of the way!

5.) Make sure you have no s..

Some pokemon mystery dungon wonder mail codes

Here are some wonder mail codes for pokemon mystery dongon explorer of sky.

Suicune easy place;


57@0# 4@JPCQ# %YM%+

Space globe easy;

45C93 +1500T% %62=C

KJ10P WSWPH+6 8H5@4

Entai easy;

5C436 4HPF5S3 #-1S6

F9M24 %8R9H7+ HNRQ+

Please comment below if you would like different codes.

Editor's note: email address removed for unregistered guests

Bosses & Levels

Beach Cave: the bosses are Koffing Lv 6 and Zubat Lv 3

Mt.Bristle: The boss is Drowzee Lv 12

Upper Steam Cave: Fake Groudon Lv 30 & after you beat the game Uxie Lv 42

Far Amp Plains: 8 Electrike Lv 18 & Manetric Lv 33

Quicksand Pit: Mesprit Lv 42

Crystal Crossing: Grovyle Lv 44 & Azlef Lv 42 after the game is beaten

Deep Sealed Ruins: Spiritomb Lv 37

Lower Brine Cave: 2 Omastar Lv 35 & Kabutops Lv 42

Hidden Highland: 6 Sableye Lv 38 & Dusknoir Lv 45

Temporal Spire: Primal Dialga Lv 48 & Dialga Lv 48 after game is beaten

Mystifying Forest: Wigglytuff Lv 50, Chatot Lv 45, Loudred, Corphish, Chimecho, Sunflora, Croagunk, Diglett & Dugtrio all level 35.

Sky Peak: 5 Carnivi..

Hero and Partner Evolution

When you complete Pre-Ending mode and the post-story's storyline you and your partner will be able to evolve in Luminious Spring up to their highest stage.

Recommended Levels For Dungeons

Pre-Ending Story Mode Dungeons:

Beach Cave: Lv 7

Drenched Bluff: Lv 9

Mt. Bristle: Lv 12

Waterfall Cave: Lv 13

Apple Woods: Lv 14

Side Path: Lv 15

Craggy Coast: Lv 15

Rock Path: Lv 16

Mt. Horn: Lv 16

Forest Path: Lv 17

Foggy Forest: Lv 17

Steam Cave: Lv 18

Upper Steam Cave: Lv 19

Amp Plains: Lv 23

Far Amp Plains: Lv 24

Northern Desert: Lv 25

Quicksand Cave: Lv 26

Quicksand Pit: Lv 27

Crystal Cave: Lv 28

Crystal Crossing: Lv 29

Chasm Cave: Lv 31

Dark Hill: Lv 32

Sealed Ruin: Lv 33

Deep Sealed Ruin: Lv 33

Dusk Forest: Lv 34

Deep Dusk Forest: Lv 34

Treeshroud Forest: Lv 35

Brine Cave: Lv 36

Lower Brine Cave: Lv 36

Hidden Land: Lv 37

Wonder Mail Codes

Enter the following Wonder Mail codes to unlock the corresponding special missions and bonuses.

Apple Woods 7F (A):

Reward: Gold Ribbon, Big Apple

=42#H TF&QRM8 =0NJ+

R4MHW R-TN2#0 8C@2#

[b]Apple Woods 8F (B):

Reward: Recruit Combee [F][/b]

=R-S0 R-5M-K% C&P6-

K#503 S80&&H& RW4J6

Beach Cave B2F (D):

Reward: 150 + Black Gummi

W+S06 @PHR0PW 26X-6

#10-H Q%FPNW2 4Y1#0

Blizzard Island 13F:

Reward: Lunar Ribbon



Drenched Bluff B3F (C):

Reward - 200, Reviver Seed

R7&20 =M34M3M 6-=YN

W@543 W--N%KT P&4PQ

Mount Avalanche 17F:

Reward: Sun Ribbon + ?



Health bonus

Not really a cheat but it helps get health.Go to the spinda cafe.Then make a drink.You should use plain seeds,heal seeds, and sleep seeds because sometimes they add health.sleep seed = 4 health.heal seed = 2 health.plain seed = 1 health

Hidden Legendary Pokemon

When you visit certain locations in the game with a Secret Slab or Mystery Part in your bag you will have a chance at finding certain legendary Pokemon.(Wonder Mail passwords for finding the Secret Slab/Mystery Part are also listed below).

Note: Some of the Pokemon can only be found on certain versions of Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of Sky. Also, Wonder Mails for Explorers of Time/Explorers of Darkness don't work on Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and vice versa, and Explorers of Sky's Wonder Mails are region-dependent. In Explorers of Sky, those Pokemon below you cannot recruit owing to version differences are found via other means, such as challenge missions at Spinda's Cafe.

Celebi (Explorers of Time and Explorers of Sky):

Golden seeds

Hey, does anyone know Wondermail S codes for Golden Seeds or if the even exist?!!

Originally posted by zetsu345

Floor 1



Floor 2

NS9K# #C1=Q44 0%8M3

#W521 5K2N-NF T6F=T

Floor 3

1H9MS %CP@R5J 45MX#

5%50F X=SNJR6 5@%X8

Floor 4

=CX%4 S9486F7 Q9X4#

4N@K% H#58WJ= 8%NP9

All are rescue pikachu


My programs never have bugs, they just develop random features.

Currently playing: Pokemon Myste

How to get a "Free" Reviver Seed

Here's how to get a reviver seed without doing a job request, capturing an outlaw, or even going into a dungeon. Play "Special Episode 1 - Bidoof's Wish" in the special episodes menu. After you gain control over Bidoof (move him around) go to Marowack Dojo, located south of Duskull Bank, and talk to Marowak. He/She (I don't know which gender) will give you a reviver seed to remember it's dojo by.


Somthime's if you are in a dungeon you see a kencleon shop if you steal it's difficult to defeat the kencleon so here's a better way . Go to a kencleon shop and steal some seeds or stone's or tm's then if you stolen it use the pure seed and go to annotter floor thats how to steal from a kencleon shop hope it work's !!! :p

Shops in dungeons, steal from kekleon!

If there is some really good items in a kekleon shop and you can't buy it? Then steal it! Just get a pure seed go to a dungeon where you know there is a shop and take everything get out of the shop and say no then eat the pure seed go to the next floor and you will have all the items in the kekleon shop without paying anything!

I got three freind bows by doing this in zero island 67f.

Wonder Mail Codes

If you do, here are some wondermail passwords that you may enjoy. (All of the rescues are in Drenched Bluff.)

Charizard (Lv. 1) Joins Team

9CRH6 -=2+X%T 6%5N0


Blastoise (Lv. 1) Joins Team


N%%94 35880X+ 9W0%0

Venasaur (Lv. 1) Joins Team

+506M K%9PJ1Y FM1QR

4J615 7&97CY@ YKKW&


Golden Seeds (Levels any Pokemon up by 5)

92-K2 %N906J2 1-+X8

MWHX& 15-&%PN 6W&@W


=P537 H29 -&S+9

P2@F- YH1F@H+ 4=30S

Y=-R6 P1#P69M HJK8Q

HC=@4 J1RT15= %9N4R

+3#=M 8#J9PM+ @T#&5


Well, there you..

How to unlock all bonus and the seven treasure dungeons.

Serenity River: Sometimes will be on the bottom of your cup at

Spinda's Juice Bar.

Landslide Cave: Trade 3 items at the Recycle Shop.

Lush Prairie: Sometimes will be on the bottom of your cup at Spinda's Juice Bar.

Tiny Meadow: Trade 25 times at the Recycle Shop.

Oran Forest: Trade 60 times at the Recycle Shop.

Concealed Ruins: Clear Aegis Cave.

Lake Afar: Make 100 trades at the Recycle Shop.

Happy Outlook: Sometimes is on the bottom of your cup at the Juice Bar.

Mt. Mistral: Same one as above.

Shimmer Hill: Accept a job where you explore an unknown place.

Lost Wilderness: Same as Happy Outlook.

Midnight Forest: Same as Shimmer Hill.

Labyrinth Cave: Ac..

Resues Done Quick

Im Team AuraForce My Code Is 0432-2858-0658

Freindly Friends...Ill Get Your Job Done On The Double

Incase My ,Feraligatr&Lucario Cant Do It Ill Get My ,Lugia Out

7 treasures

7 treasures are music based items that can be obtained at......

Shimmer desert 10f boss groudon

Mystery jungle 30f boss Mew

World abss 30f boss garintina

Giant volcano 20f boss heatran

Sky stairway 50f boss rayquaza

Mt.avalanche 20 or 30f boss articono

Bottemless sea 50f boss kyoger

If you do a misson while in one of these dungons this will not work


Hey if your having trouble with fighting Dialga like i was (I'm a Pikachu and my partners a Squirtle)what really help me was my focus punch its a fighting type move so its super effective on a steel type like Dialga plus both of us can use it also carry some seeds (i use mostly sleep seeds or something to mess up his vision)that way it would be harder for him to hit you i recommend sleep seeds which make him not able to move either and lastly i say you should be around level 45 or so to make sure you have the attack and defense needed to beat him plus it'll make it easier to fight future battles well good luck and remember the focus punch very strong and accurate makes a great move to beat him and other hard opponents

Darkrai toughies

if you run out of pp whie fighting and darkrai has max evasioness and keeps watching you and cresselia is out of pp keep using struggle if you have reviver seeds it will help if you die of struggle you will get revived. (Darkrai has 569 hp) hope i helped!!!!

Dialga defeated easily

When you go to fight dialga, Have a violent seed with you, eat it, and use powerful fighting or ground moves, such as focus blast or earthquake.

Wonder mail quest

Job Summary: Found the great thieves' secret base. Help us apprehend this wrongdoer!

Client: Magnezone

Objective: Arrest Aggron

Place: Surrounded Sea B10F

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: *5 (800)

Reward: Frozen Rock




Extra notes: Frozen Rock is for Glaceon. WOOT!

Client: drifloon

Objective: explore with drifloon

Place: blizzard island 15f

Restrictions: none

Dificulty: 6 stars (1000)

Reward: shiny stone + ?


Client: Magnazone

Objective: arrest whiscash

Place: Giant Volcano 13f

Restrictions: none

Difficulty: 7 stars (1200)

Reward: lunar ribbon + ?




Job Summary..

Easier way to beat primal dialga

First dont fight him at a distance you have to rush him you and your pokemon partner it is super effective against fighting type moves such as force palm focus punch and focus blast dont worry i found this out the first time i died it only took me 2 times to beat him also i am team s.t.a.r.s. challenge me if you got the guts.

How to level up fast (REALLY FAST.)

Type in 'Wonder Mail S Generator' to google, the page is called 'A Pointless Place'.

Do something like: Rescue Client, Beach Cave, Floor 1, Client (Any), Reward Type: Item, Reward item: Golden Seed.

Golden Seed levels you up 5 times. You can't sell it in Kecleon shop.

Took me 15 minutes to level up to 100. Lol.


I am team Lucario, and my code is 4469-4522-1733. If you are stuck and need help, send your SOS mail to me. I will get it done, ASAP.

Wonder Mail S Codes for Mystery Part, Fire Dust and How to get

Wodermail S for Mystery Part:

K#3&T C-SJK4F %YT@5

7+406 RTYRQ3@ R0N4S

Wodermail S code to get Fire Dust:

Client: Magnamite

Objective: Arrest Ponyta.

Place: ??? (Trecherous Waters)

Restrictions: None

Difficulty : 6 stars

Reward: ???(Fire Dust)



To get the Fire Silk go to Midnight Forest. Go to the 15th floor and bring a key. Look for the Key room and use the key in front of it. Th Fire Silk is there.

Secret Bazaar

The 'Secret Bazaar' is mainly located near the stairs leading to the upper/lower floor. But be careful, if you enter the Secret Bazaar and then leave, the dungeon will change

Now, a little fun.

All of these are indeed space globes that boosts your power by 150%. Woo-hoo!


NS=9H %&#R&3S C=WSF


X8-K+ 5S%P9-7 04Q#S


YHFM% 9#M7WS3 34780

5Q4=5 PHP3TNC 0R1S6

=8719 9P#99+# #J+Q+

Hope that helped, (as always)

PMD EOS Pokemaster

How to Train Really Fast

1.Get some reviver seeds, Max Elixirs and a bunch of apples.

2.Go to some dungeon that you want to train in.

3.(In the dungeon) Open the menu and go to team, after that, have your team of 3-4 Pokemon to have their Tactics set to "You go the other way" or "Get away from here"

4. Go to a room and Hold B+A till your belly is empty or something is stirring.

5. Go to the next floor if something is stirring and eat something to fill your belly

6.Repeat Steps 4-5 till you want to stop or the dungeon is finished. And thats how you train fast! Good Luck!

How to become an Eevee (which are awesome!!!)

To become an Eevee in the beginning of the game, you have to be a girl and always happy and peppy. But NOT exited. That'll get you an electric type.

Primal Dialga

Here is a hint for defeating Primal Dialga. Do not use: orbs of any kind, because a message will pop up saying something that prevents you from using orbs. Also, do not use sleep seeds because I tried that and he woke up instantly. My favorite thing to use is stun seeds, I did that and he stayed stunned for a long time

Defeating darkrai

This is for all of you who think Darkrai is a ghost type, you are WRONG, his name is DARKrai, he is a dark type. To defeat him use strong fighting moves and/or bug moves such as focus blast or bug buzz.(don't worry about the whole ghost type thing, I use to think he was too... For a short amount of time.)

Powerful Eevee move

If you want have a strong move,just link sand-attack with secret power on'll afflict damage,reduce foe accuracy,and can make enemy confuse!

Lots of wondermail

Here, I've got some nice codes, if GameFAQs accepts them they'll be in the cheats section soon.

FF90- @-9FSKS 3Q3-5


Unlock Shimmer Desert


9HK9 W909M1= 93MP

Unlock Giant Volcano

@+MM7 C6H0@T F&32W

=&K&5 +216-5& X-XW4

Unlock Bottomless Sea

7H4WX T780F=T 03@1H

X&F+ CQF&@1P 69JW8

Unlock World Abyss

M=YQ C1&W66= S13=X

RT@TR M5XPF70 5883

Unlock Sky Stairway

&3R06 8S-+C& 9Q6MS

28NP 7QPN5F H@C9

Unlock Mt. Avalanche

6@JF0 HC74J 43P=

9XW9 377=W8 3H6YY

Unlock Mystery Jungle


Link Box


Client: Nidoran (F)

Objective: Escort to Nidoran (M)

Place: Shimmer Hill 14F


GuildMaster Rank

022AB924 000186A0

After you activate the code, load your game, go on a mission and you'll get the notification that your team has gone up in rank, and the Inferno Cave Dungeon will be unlocked.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky FAQs

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Walkthroughs