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by Kadabra025

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky FAQ/Walthrough
The most recent version of this FAQ can always be found at
Copyright 2010 Lisa Nelson
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.
Sites allowed to use my guide.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to my FAQ.
2. Introduction to the Game
3. My game info
4. Storyline
   4.1 Starter Selection
   4.2 Chapter 1, A Storm at Sea
     4.2.1 Beach Cave
   4.3 Chapter 2, The New Guild Recruits
     4.3.1 Drenched Bluff
   4.4 Chapter 3, The Scream
     4.4.1 Mt. Bristle
       4.4.2 Boss Battle: Drowzee
   4.5 Chapter 4, The Gatekeepers
   4.6 Chapter 5, The First Official Exploration
     4.6.1 Waterfall Cave
   4.7 Chapter 6, Team Skull
     4.7.1 Apple Woods
5. Post-Storyline
6. Extra Dungeons
7. Special Epidodes
   7.1 Bidoof's Wish
    7.1.1 Star Cave
     7.1.2 Boss Battle: Team Rouge
    7.1.3 Star Cave Depths
     7.1.4 Boss Battle: Jirachi
8. Wonder Mails S
9. Item List
10. Gotta Recruit em all!
11. FAQ's
12. Contact Me
13. Special Thanks.

*Note to get anywhere in my faq just search the numbers to the left with
the numbers in them using the find feature.

1. Introduction to my FAQ.

Hi guys! My name is Lisa but I prefer to be called Kadabra (my username)
online. I love pokemon games and this one is no exception.I've played all
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games so far but I've never made an FAQ, so this will
be my first. I write in the format as if I'm telling you what is happening and
what you must do. I'll write as if you are using the same exact team as me but
I know you wont be.

2. Introduction to the Game

If you've heard about this game then you know you aren't a pokemon trainer
in this game but you are the pokemon! What could it mean? What special
reason were you made a pokemon! Well read this FAQ and play the game to
find out! This game is a dungeon crawler when you move, then your partner('s)
move, then the enemy. You have to find the stairs on each floor to get to
the next one until you have gone through all the floors. Some of the dungeons
you go through have bosses at the end. And one more thing, the dungeons you
go through are called Mystery Dungeons. If you go through it one time then
it will not be the same the next time you go through it. They are always
changing. Now lets go into the world as a pokemon!

3. My game info

Main Pokemon - Riolu (No nick)
Partner - Vulpix (No nick)
Exploration Team Name - Kadabra25

Adventure Log:
Pokemon that joned you: 3
Kinds of Pokemon battled: 32
Moves learned: 23
Kinds of items acquired: 47
Dungeons cleared: 9
Fained in dungeons: 4
Record Number of one-floor victories: 9
Recycled: 2
Discovered the Hot Spring.
Bidoof asked Jirachi for a wish.
The rest are ?'s

4. Storyline

4.1 Starter Selection
Once you start up your ds and click on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of
Sky, you are treated to a cut scene diffrent from the time/darkness. You can
also skip this one if you want, unalike the games before this. Once you
press start then new game you are taken to a screen that tells you, you have
to take a quiz that will make you a pokemon. Here is the list of pokemon
you can become:


Once you get your starter you get to choose your partner who can't be the
same type as you. There are also two pokemon that can only be partners.
Munchlax and Meowth.

4.2 Chatper 1, A Storm at Sea

You start the game by hearing voices asking you if you are okay and trying
to get you to hold on to something, then you black out. You gain
consciousness for a second and then you black out again. Next we see
a scene of a Vulpix standing in front of a grate. The Vulpix then goes
to stand on the grate saying that he is brave enough to do it. A pokemon
below starts trying to figure out whos footprint is on the grate. They
identify it as Vulpix's and suddenly the Vulpix gets scared and jumps off
the grate. The Vulpix then says that he cant bring himself to go into the
tent ahead. Then he says that he thought that if he had his precious
treasure with him he could do it. As the Vulpix leaves we see a Zubat
and a Koffing appear where the Vulpix was. They talk about Vulpix and
the precious treasure he has and they decide to steal it.

We then go to the beach and we see krabbies making bubbles to make the
sunset look beautiful. It turns out Vulpix went to the beach and he
comments on the beautiful sight. He says that this is where he always
comes when he is feeling down. He turns and sees you lying on the beach.
He rushes over to you and wakes you up. You get up, but all you remember
is your name, that you're a human, and the english language! When you get
up you wonder where you are on the beach. the Vulpix asks if you're okay
then introduces himself to you. He asks who you are and you say that you're
a human. He for some reason seems startled by this and tells you that you
look like a normal Riolu in every way. You look at yourself and you see that
you've been turned into a pokemon! Vulpix asks your name and you give it
to him(Riolu for me =P). Vulpix says that you don't seem like a bad pokemon
after you tell him your name. He then says that more and more bad pokemon
have been appearing lately. Just then Zubat and Koffing come up and push
Vulpix out of the way and run off with his treasure. Vulpix asks you to help
him get it back and eventually you have to accept.
You run into your first Mystery Dungeon to rescue Vulpix's precious

4.2.1 Beach Cave

Enter Team:
Riolu: Lv. 5
Vulpix: Lv. 5

Okay you start off the dungeon with you and your partner in a mystery dungeon
called Beach Cave. This dungeon is 4 floors long with a boss floor at the end.
You move around using the control pad. Press X to access the menu and you can
access diffrent categories. One moves, when your near a pokemon you can use
moves that will do more damage then just pressing A to use a regular attack.
Be warned though, you can only use these moves a limited number of times.
You can use items to either throw things at other pokemon, use them as hold
items, or eat items. To make the game bearable I suggest going to Others then
options then going to Speed and switching it to fast. Okay now this dungeon
is filled with water pokemon. That means they'll do extra damage to fire
pokemon and are weak against grass and electric moves. This dungeon should
be pretty easy if you use moves and play smart. I suggest battling pokemon
and gain a level or two before you finish this dungeon. Oh and right now you
can only hold one item but that will change shortly.

End Team:
Riolu: Lv 7
Vulpix: Lv 7

Once you get to the end of the dungeon you will see Zubat and Koffing at a
deadend. You and Vulpix challenge them to a fight to get Vulpix's precrious
treasure back. I reccomend taking care of the Zubat first since he has less
than 15 hp so he's easy to kill. Theres really no strategy here except justuse
attack moves until you inevitably win.

Once you win they will give you back the precious treasure and they will run
off. Vulpix thanks you for helping you get back his treasure and you two leave
the dungeon. When you're back on the beach Vulpix thanks you again and takes
out his special treasure and shows you a special incription on it. Vulpix
thinks there must be some meaning to the fragment, and that's why he wants to
join a rescue team to figure out why the fragment is special. He tells us
earlier he tried joining but he chickened out. He then asks you to join a
rescue team with him. You accept this offer and you two head up to the guild.

4.3 Chapter 2, The New Guild Recruits

You can Vulpix walk up to the guild and Vulpix tells you that to form an
exploration team, you must first become apprentices at Wigglytuff's Guild.
There you train to become a first rate exploration team. Vulpix then starts to
get a little scared but reminds himself that Riolu is with him and that he can
do it. He walks up and gets on the grate and a pokemon identifies Vulpix as a
Vulpix. Vulpix gets scared but stays on the grate until whoever is making the
sound from below tells you to get on the grate. You get on the grate although
you have some second thoughts about it. They take awhile to identify your foot
print but they eventually get it right and find out you're a riolu. You are
let into the guild and you go down the hatch to the next floor.

As you get down you see many pokemon talking and looking at boards on the
walls. A chatot comes from the hatch that leads to another floor below this
one. He orders you to believe at once thinking that you are either sales
people or people doing surveys. Vulpix then tells him that you would like to
form an exploration team, so they came here to become apprentices at the guild
and get proper training. Chatot then says that guild training would be
incredibly hard, but then says it's as easy as can be... right. He agrees to
let you make an exploration team and leads you down the hatch he came in

He tells you that this floor is mainly where the apprentices work. He then
tells you that you can register your team by going to talk to guild master
Wigglytuff. He warns you before you go through the door to the guild master's
room that you should never be rude or discourteous to the guild master. He
leads you into the room and you see a wigglytuff turned around facing the
wall. For a few seconds Wigglytuff does nothing then yells "hiya!" He lets you
form an exploration team but he needs to register the team name. You name your
team name Kadabra25. Then Wigglytuff announces that you are now an official
exploration team. He then proceeds to give you a team kit with a wonder map,
an explorer badge, and a treasure bag for holding items! The explorer badge
lets you rescue people and the wonder map has a map of the area and records
the mystery dungeons that you hav been too. Inside the treasure bag is a Def.
Scarf and a Orange Bow(this will be the color that your auror is). Vulpix then
thanks Wifflytuff and assures him that we will do our best. Wigglytuff remind
you that you are only apprentices and that you should do your best to train.

Chatot then takes you to your room where you have two nest where you can
sleep. Chatot advises you to get some sleep because you will have to wake up
early tommorow. While you two are about to go to sleep Vulpix starts talking
to you. He tells you he's real excited about joining the guild and that he
can't wait to get started and he finally falls asleep. You think while Vulpix
is sleeping, who am I? How did I turn into a pokemon? How did I end up
unconscious on the beach. After thinking about that for awhile you decide you
should just focus on the guild work for now and you fall asleep.

You wake up next morning to someone rudely waking you up VERY loudly. He keeps
yelling at you to get up until you can barely hear anything any more. Once you
get up you realize you overslept! You rush into the main room of the guild to
get ready for the morning briefing. After it's over Chatot comes over to you
since you look lost. He leads you up the hatch and into the room with the two
boards. He takes you to the board on the right side. He tells you that he is
going to give you an easy assignment since you are begginers. He tells you
that the board you are standing near is the Job Bulletin Board. Pokemon from
various reasons post job requests here. Such as rescues me, find this item,
deliver this item, and many more. He tells you that bad pokemon are showing up
more and more because time is out of whack. He tells you because of that there
has been an increase in the number of jobs and mystery dungeons. Vulpix alerts
you that if you faint in a mystery dungeon you can lose half your items or
more, you lose all of your money, and you get kicked out of the dungeon.
Chatot tells you that all jobs takes place in mystery dungeons. He picks out a
job for you that asks you find a Spoink's pearl at the end of a mystery
dungeon. The dungeons name is Drenched Bluff.

4.3.1 Drenched Bluff

Enter Team:
Riolu Lv. 7
Vulpix Lv. 7

This dungeon is 7 or 8 floors long with no boss floor at the end. Okay when
you enter this dungeon I reccomend giving the bow and scarf you got from
Wigglytuff. To give a pokemon an item, go to the items menu, click on the
item, click give, then give it to the desired pokemon. This dungeon has water
and rock pokemon. I reccomend keep your grass or water pokemon up front if you
have one. If nto keep a pokemon thats not weak to those types. You can grab
geo pebbles here that are useful for throwing at your enemies to damage them
when they're far away. This should be an easy dungeon if you use moves and
play smart yet again. But if you get into a sticky situation and you have low
health, either eat a blast seed or eat an oran berry.

End Team:
Riolu Lv. 8
Vulpix Lv. 8

After you rescue the pearl from the dungeon you go back the guild and give
Spoink his pearl back. He thanks you and gives you an award. The award is; a
protien, a calcium, an iron, and 2,000 Poke! Vulpix comments on how much money
you get and is very happy. Chatot the comes over and takes the money and gives
you back 200 poke. Your partner gets angry but Chatot puts him in line saying
this is your payment to the guild and that you should be happy you get any of
it. That night Vulpix comments on how well your mission went today and that
even though Chatot took most of the money he thinks it's okay in return for
being apprentices at the guild. It also made him really happy that he was able
to help a pokemon. After all that talking he finally goes to sleep.

4.4 Chapter 3, The Scream

You awake the next morning to Loudred's loud yell. Today and you are on time
and after the morning cheer Chatot consults you again. He takes you up the
hatch again but this time he leads you to the board on the right. You see
pictures of pokemon on the board and Vulpix assumes that they are famouse
explorers. Chatot then tells you that these people are outlaws. These people
are wanted for committing crimes. Chatot tells you that there are bounties on
their heads and that your duty today will be to catch one of them. Vulpix gets
scared but Chatot tells him that there comes all shades of bad guys. From
completely wicked through and through to just petty theives. Chatot tells you
to look over the posters and pick a pokemon that seems weak enough for your
team. Chatot says you'll probably need to be showed around town first so you
can get material to prepare for a battle with an outlaw.

He then calls for a pokemon called Bidoof. Bidoof comes up from below the
hatch and Chatot asks him to show your team around town. He happyily agrees
and as Chatot goes back down the hatch Bidoof starts to tear up since hes not
the most junior member any more. Bidoof leads you down the hatch to the bottom
floor and shows you around. He introduces you to Croagunk's place but he
doesn't really know much about it. He then takes you up two hatches, out of
the guild, and into treasure town. Vulpix shows his knowledge about treasure
town by telling you about the shops there. First theres the duskull bank,
where you can store your money just in case you die in dungeons. Then there's
the Electivire Link Shop, where you can link moves. Linking moves is making it
so you can use two moves at once. Be warned though, if you use up all the pp
of linked moves then they unlink. They also use both the pp of all moves when
you use linked moves. Then you're shown the Kecleon market where you can buy
items. Lastly you are shown Kangaskhan Storage where you can store items you
have in case you don't need items for a dungeon. Bidoof says that about covers
it for treasure town and that he has nothing to add. Bidoof tells you to come
and find him when you are ready to have help finding an outlaw easy enough for

As Bidoof leaves Vulpix says he wants to go to the Kecleon Market before you
go back to Bidoof at the guild. I suggest storing some of your items, but
keeping your bows/scarfs because you have a battle coming. I reccomend getting
either a violent seed or x-eye seed if you see one at the shop because of the
battle. It will help greatly. After you leave the Kecleon Market a Marill and
an Azurill show up. They buy an apple and leave. The Kecleon brothers tell you
that their mother has recently fallen ill and that they have taken charge of
everything for her. Suddenly the two brothers come back saying that the
Kecleon brothers gave them two hours. The two Kecleon's tell them that it was
their present to them. Suddenly, Azurill drops one of the apple and you pick
it back up and give it to her.

You suddenly start to get dizzy then you start hearing a voice yelling for
help that sounds strangely like Azurill. Then you come to and you're back at
treasure town wondering what happened. Azurill then goes home with his brother
who says that they gotta look for an item that they lost. You then tell Vulpix
about what happened and he says he didn't hear anyone yell for help. The
Kecleon Brothers also said they didn't hear anything out of the ordinary.
Vulpix says you must have just imagined it but you know you didn't yet you
don't press the subject any more.

As you and Vulpix are heading back to the guild you notice Marill and Azurill
talking with a drowzee. You see Azurill cheering and Marill thanking the
Drowzee. You and Vulpix go over and check what's going on and you find out
that the Drowzee might have seen the very important item that Marill and
Azurill lost. He even offered to help them look for it. Marill and Azurill
walk out of treasure town with Drowzee obviously off to look for the item. As
Drowzee is walking by he accidently bumps into you. As he walks off you start
to get dizzy again. Then you see a vision of Drowzee cornering Azurill and
Azurill yelling for help. You tell this to Vulpix but Vulpix says that Drowzee
would never do a thing like that. Vulpix suggests that you're just tired and
that you just had a bad daydream.

You two then head back to the guild where Bidoof is going to pick out an
outlaw for you. Dugtrio updates the board while you are there and suddenly
Vulpix starts shaking. Vulpix shows you who the newest outlaw on the board is.
Drowzee. You and Vulpix rush out of the guild leaving Bidoof looking confused.
You see Marill looking confused. You and Vulpix go and talk to him and he says
Drowzee took Azurill somewhere. Marill then shows you to a mountain where he
lost Drowzee and Azurill. You and Vulpix now have to go up the mountain to get
save Azurill.

4.4.1 Mt. Bristle

Enter Team:
Riolu Lv. 8
Vulpix Lv. 8

Mt. Bristle is a 9 floor dungeon with 1 boss floor. This dungeon has mainly
rock, fighting, and some flying pokemon. A water pokemon would be useful here.
Save some pp for some of your moves because there will be a boss fight soon.
Watch out for the Spinaraks that appear here because they can slow you down
with string shot. It's a long range move so they can hit you from far away. If
you get your stats reduced remember you can stand walk on wonder tiles to
return them to normal. I suggest using your items sparingly unless needed and
to level up to at least level 9 by the end, and hopefully level 10 or 11. If
you have a max elixier use your moves as much as you want and use that when
you run out of pp for them. But remember, it disapears after one use. If you
kept the calcium, iron and protien from before in your bag eat them now, they
will increase your stats and greatly help you. You will probably find your
first gummi's here. If you eat a gummi it increases your belly(if your belly
gets empty you faint) AND it increaes your IQ. When your IQ increases you can
get special IQ skills that can help you in dungeons. This dungeon isn't hard
but it isn't easy. You're gonna have to give some attention to it to not die.
I found this dungeon hard because of all the flying pokemon here and my
limited moveset with Riolu.

End Team:
Riolu Lv. 10
Vulpix Lv. 10

4.4.2 Boss Battle: Drowzee

After you complete the dungeon you see Drowzee telling Azurill that there was
no item and it was all a trick to get Azurill to get treasure for Drowzee.
Azurill starts yelling for help just like in your dizzy spell. You two make
your move on Drowzee and the battle starts.

AGAINST DROWZEE! I say this because of forewarn, it will make your attacks
miss all the time if you use attacks that are super effective. If you have an
e-eye seed throw it at Drowzee so he will be useless. It's a pretty tough
fight, and you may have to use an oran berry or two.

After you defeat Drowzee you go to Azurill to rescue him, and you bring him to
the foot of the mountain where his brother is waiting. You also bring Drowzee
down to the mountain where he is taken away by Magnezone and two magnemites
take him into custody. Magnezone tells you that your award for capturing this
outlaw will be sent to the guild and you will receive it there. Marill and
Azurill thank you for rescuing Azurill and they leave. When you go back to the
guild you are awarded an enlarged treasure bag, and you are awarded the
special episode Bidoof's Wish!

When you get to the guild you recieve 3,000 poke, but you only get 300 poke
because the guild has to take some. Vulpix feels a little upset about this but
has to live with it because the guild needs some money. After you recieve the
money Vulpix says that it's all thanks to you that you were able to rescue
Azurill. Vulpix says it's all because of that dream you had. You realize that
what you saw took place in the future! Suddenly your's and Vulpix's stomachs
growl! You two go and eat dinner then settle down for sleep. That night is
stormy, and Vulpix mentions that the night before Vulpix met you was stormy.
Vulpix asks you if you can remember anything about your past but you can't
remember a thing. Vulpix then mentions that the vision of the future that you
had earlier might have something to do with your past. He says the reason he
thinks that is because he knows of no pokemon who was once a human and of no
pokemon that can see into the future. Vulpix then mentions the reason that
most people think the time is going out of wack is because of the time gears.
Time Gears are supposed to be hidden in secret places around the world. Time
Gears protect time and keep time flowing properly in its region. Vulpix then
says that no one knows what happens if a region loses its time gear. But
supposedly if a time gear is removed. That's why everyone is sure never to
disturb a time gear if they find one. Everyone is certain that danger will
strike if someone messes with them. Even the most hardened criminal avoids
messing with them. Then you and Vulpix finally fall asleep.

The next day Chatot lets you do jobs on the notice boards for a bit. After a
few days you will get to the next chapter. I suggest doing C missions and D
outlaw missions. To select a job you go to one of the boards, click on the
desired jobs, then go to job list and click on each job then click take job.
Then go to the disred dungeon by going the right of the crossroad south of the

4.5 Chapter 4, The Gatekeepers

One morning after the morning cheers Loudred calls you over. He says that he
needs your help with something today. It turns out diglett has to do something
else today and you have to do sentry duty for him. He asks you to do it for him
and without waiting for an answer, leaves. Vulpix asks what is going on and
Loudred says that you have to go down the whole diglett usually goes in and do
his sentry duty for him. Your job is to evalute the visitors footprints to make
sure bad pokemon don't enter the guild. You then have to yell it to Loudred who
then lets that pokemon in.

Once you get under the grate you have to wait for pokemon to step on the grate
above to see the pokemon's footprint. You will have a choice of 4 pokemon to
guess owns that footprint. You have to hit with your stylus the one who you
think it is. If you aren't sure just wait and you will get hints. The more you
know of all the pokemon the better you will be. You can only mess up two times
and still get a good reward at the end.

After you've finished and you've misses at the very most 2 you will get 500
poke, a joy seed(raises your level by 1), a Ginseng (raises a set move's power
by 1), and a Life Seed(Raises your hp)!!! Defintly worth it.

4.6 Chapter 5, The First Official Exploration

After a day or two of doing rescues off the bulletin board, Chatot gathers
everyone's attention for an important announcement. Apparently time in a place
called Treeshroud Forest has stopped! Everything is motionless there, dewdrops
on leaves won't fall, they just hand there, leaves are frozen in midair,
everything in Treeshroud Forest is frozen in time. Chatot then tells you the
reason why time has stopped in Treeshroud Forest.... the Time Gear from
Treeshroud forest was STOLEN! Everyone is talking but Chatot tells them to just
go back to their regular activities.

Chatot calls you over and comments about how good you have become at your work.
Chatot tells you that you will finally recieve a mission worthy of a true
rescue team! He takes your wondermap and marks a spot on it. He wants you to
investigate the waterfall, but Chatot has recieved intelligence that the
waterfall holds a secret. Your job is to investigate the waterfall.

Chimecho calls you over once you get up the stairs. Chimecho tells you about
her assembly and gives you the right to recruit more pokemon onto your rescue
team! I prefer just having Riolu and Vulpix on my team for the beginning but I
know people like to have more pokemon on their team.

Once you go down to the crossroad where you can either go to the beach,
treasure town, back to the guild, or to a dungeon, you see a hole in the corner
that wasn't there before. There's a sign next to it and Vulpix reads it:
"Spinda's Cafe! A Shop of Hopes and Dreams, Opening Soon! Win Big!" Looks like
theres gonna be a new shop soon.

Once you head over to the waterfall you and Vulpix try and touch it but you're
knocked backwards. Vulpix wonders where you should start looking for a secret
but then you start to have a dizzy spell again. You see the silhouette of a
pokemon jumping into the waterfall and landing into a secret cave behind it.
Then you're back to normal. You tell Vulpix about what you saw and he says he
believes you and you two take the run at the same time and jump into the
waterfall! You and Vulpix are slammed onto a hard surface but there is a cave
behind the waterfall!

4.6.1 Waterfall Cave

Enter Team:
Riolu Lv. 11
Vulpix Lv. 11

This dungeon is 8 floors long with no boss floor. There dungeon has mainly
water pokemon so it will be hard if you have a fire leader. You'll need to use
the occasional oran berry and MAYBE a Reviver Seed if you're a fire leader. If
you get below 10 hp and you're near a pokemon USE AN ORAN BERRY or your chance
of dieing is high. These pokemon hit hard so you will need to use moves against
them so you may have to use a max elixier or two if you have some.

End Team:
Riolu Lv. 11
Vulpix Lv. 12

Once you get to the end of this dungeon you will see many jems and one HUGE
jem. Vulpix tries to take it out to show the guild, but it's too trapped in
between stones. You try and have no luck. As Vulpix tries again you have
another dizzy spell! You see the same silhouette push the gem instead of pull
it and get flooded with water and out of the cave. Then you come back. Just
then Vulpix happened to push the gem. You two then get flooded just like the
other pokemon in your vision!

You fly out of the cave and end up in a hot spring. The torkoal there asks for
your map so he can show you where you are and you give it to him. It turns out
you landed far away from the waterfall cave, you must've gotten blasted out
hard. You and Vulpix hang out in the hot springs for a bit and settle down
before you go back to the guild.

When you get back to the guild you tell Chatot everything that happened except
for the dizzy spells you had. Chatot congratulates you on your discover but you
don't get too happy because you saw a pokemon in your visions. When you think
about it you think it looks oddly like Wigglytuff! You then tell Chatot that
you think you weren't the first people to explore that cave. You tell them you
think Wigglytuff did it before!

Chatot goes to ask Wigglytuff if he did explore that cave before he says that
he has. Bummer. You weren't the first ones to explore that cave. While you two
are in bed that night Vulpix tells you how much fun he had today. It might've
been a hude let down but it was your first exploration! He then tells you that
after that he knows it was right for him to become part of an exploration team.
Vulpix then thanks you, because without you he wouldn't be able to explore.
Vulpix then tells you that he noticed something about your dizzy spells, that
they always happened when you're touching something. Every time you had a dizzy
spell was after you touched something! Vulpix then tells you that when you had
the visions of Azurill it was the future, but today you had visions of the
past. Chatot then comes into your room and tells you then Wigglytuff wants to
see you two right away.

Apparently the guild is launching a full expedition soon! And normally he
wouldn't think of letting rookies come, but you two are working very hard so
you may get to come. You two then are dismissed then go to bed.

4.7 Chapter 6, Team Skull

The next morning Chatot explains to everyone that there is a lake that is to
the east and there are many aspects of it that remain mysterious. When the
guild goes on the expedition that is where the guild will be going to. Everyone
gets really excited about the expedition and decide to work their very best to
get picked for it. The members for the expedtion will be chosen in several

When you go up the stairs do the bulletin boards Vulpix takes you over to the
rescue side. As you walk over there you see two familiar pokemon looking at the
board. It's that Zubat and Koffing that stole Vulpix's precious treasure! They
see you and get a little nervous at first then they tell you that they're a
rescue team too! They ask why were at the guild and Vulpix tells them that were
planning to become exploration team members and that's why were training at the
guild. They both grab Vulpix at that and tell him that he could never become an
exploration team member because he's too timid and scares easily. They tell him
that a scaredy cat like him would never become an exploration team member.
Vulpix tells that that yes he's timid but that's why he's training, to overcome
his shortcomings. Vulpix and the two crooks get into an arguement when in the
end Vulpix says that they're so bad they lost to our team. They respond that
the only reason that was, was because they didn't have the cheif.

Apparently their cheif is incredibly talented and brutally tough. Then they
both at the same time say that they smell the cheif coming. A huge skuntank
comes down the steps and orders you out of the way. Without giving you time to
move he blasts you with poison gas. You're still on the ground paralyzed when
he orders Vulpix to move out of the way and he does obediantly. He makes his
way over to Koffing and Zubat and it turns out this guy is the Cheif. Koffing
and Zubat tell him that the guild is going on an expedition then they leave.

When they leave Vulpix goes over to check on you and you're able to get up and
you're not injured. He goes deep into talking about how much of a chicken he is
but nothing you say can cheer him up. He then says that you two should get back
to what you're supposed to do for the guild.

When you go to the crossroad of the guild you see a Wynaut and a Wobbuffet.
They tell you that Spinda's Cafe is now open! They ask you two come in and you
obey. When you get in you see a bunch of pokemon talking and doing stuff. You
then see Spinda and he comes over to you and welcomes you to the Spinda Cafe.
He then gives you a tour of the place. He shows you the juice bar, where you
can give him apples or gummies and make delectible drinks. He then shows you
the next place, the Recylce Shop. This is where you can bring your extra items
you have in storage that you dont use for useful items. And that's the end of
the tour.

When you exit the shop Chimecho comes up to you and says that you can assemble
your team at the sign post by the watering hole to assemble your team, and when
you assemble your team, they will wait for you at Spinda's cafe.

I'd also like to tell you that the Marowak Dojo is now open. This place is
EXTREMELY useful. You can train here as many times as you want a day. The thing
is you can not enter it with any items. If you enter a maze with items they
will disapear. If you lose in the maze you will still keep the items you got
inside the maze, and keep the exp, and you can do it again as many times as you
want. It's the perfect place to train. I reccomend training here a lot before
the expedition.

After a few days of doing your guild duties Chatot will make an announcement
after the morning cheers. He says the he is going to introduce the guild's new
allies. Before the allies come down an awful stench heads over the guild
members. Right after it comes down three pokemon come down. It's team Skull!
Chatot tells you all that these pokemon are the guild's new allies. They
introduce themselves. Chatot explains to you all that they aren't joining as
apprentices but they will be joining to expedition to lend assistance. Vulpix
yells out at this and Chatot asks why he is so shocked. Skuntank tells Chatot
that Vulpix overreacts to every little thing.

Chatot then tells you all that the reason he brought them here so early is
because that it would be difficult to organize teamwork with these people
unless you got to know them several days before the expedition. Therefore,
they'll be staying at the guild for several days. The guild welcomes them less
than warmly and Chatot asks where is everyone's usual spirit. Loudred is about
to answer when the ground starts to rumble. Wigglytuff starts to yell and
Chatot starts to freek out and orders everyone to be cheerful or bad things
could happen because the guild master is mad. Everyone then yells hooray and
the guild master's rage fanishes.

The next day after the morning cheers Chatot tells you that your job today is
to replenish the larder. Which pretty much needs you need to go get some food.
Apparently the stock of perfect apples suddenly got low and you need to get
some because that it the guildmaster's favorite food. Perfect apples can be
found at apple woods so that's wher eyou need to go. Chatot reminds you that
this may seem like a simple errand but if you don't get the perfect apples the
guild master may........ that, yeah he'd do that.

4.7.1 Apple Woods

Enter Team:
Riolu Lv. 14
Vulpix Lv. 15

This dungeon is 12 floors long with no boss floor. It has mainly grass, bug,
and poison type pokemon. A fire type is recommended for this dungeon. This
dungeon has a lot of apples so you should get some so that you can store them
in storage for later dungeons in the game that you will need them for. This is
a pretty easy dungeon and I had no problem with it.

End Team:
Riolu Lv. 15
Vulpix Lv. 15

When you get to the end of Apple Woods Vulpix notices a tree with apples that
look like they must be perfect apples. You head over to the tree and ponder on
how you should go about getting them down. Just then someone says that it is
easily done. You look around and see that it is Skuntank of team Skull! Him and
his team were hiding up in the tree. They jump down and confront you asking
what took so long. They say they've been chowing down on perfect apples while
waiting for you.

Your partner starts to get mad, but then notices that there are still some
apples in the tree. Team Skull says they can get them for you, and Vulpix asks
how in the world can they do that. Skuntank then goes over to the tree and RAMS
into it, knocking down five perfect apples. He then tells you, that you two can
go get them now. Team Skull all starts laughing at this and your partner
suspects that something is up and refuses to go get them.

This surprised Team Skull because they thought you two would fall for the trap.
Then, Skuntank and Koffing come at you two and use their special duo move,
noxious gas combo. They both send out intense toxic gas on you which knocks
your team, and zubat out.

Zubat, and your team get up and Zubat runs back to his team. You two look
around for the perfect apples and you see that Team Skull took them! And they
ate all the ones except those that were in the tree earlier. You two realize
you can't get any and return to the guild.

When you two get back to the guild Chatot just assumes you failed when you come
back with no perfect apples. Vulpix tries to explain what really happened but
Chatot won't hear any of your "excuses." He then gives your team your
punishment of no dinner tonight. Chatot then goes on about having to report
this to the guildmaster, then he gets the idea to get you to break the ice to

After watching everyone else eat dinner you follow Chatot into Wigglytuff's
room. Wigglytuff then thanks you for bring the perfect apples. Chatot then
starts to tell him what happens, and tells him that your team failed the
mission. He then tells them that their is no perfect apples left for him to
eat. Guildmaster Wigglytuff then gives off a blank stare for a bit then he
starts to sniffle. Just when he's about to cry the whole place starts shaking.
He starts to cry and place looks like its getting bombed then Team Skull enters
the scene saying that they got perfect apples for Wigglytuff. They give it to
Wigglytuff and say they give it as a token of friendship. Chatot and Wigglytuff
thank them and Chatot forces you to thank them, and Vulpix does it grudgingly.

That night Vulpix goes on about how sad he is that Skuntanks team bested your
team. He then goes off about how hungry he is and then decides to go to sleep.

The next day after the morning cheers Chatot announces that tommorow or maybe
in several days time, that he and Guildmaster plan to announce the members of
the expedition party.

After everyone goes off Chatot calls you over to talk to you. He tells you that
you should give up on being chosen for the expedition

5. Post-Storyline

No data yet.

6. Extra Dungeons

No data yet.

7. Special Epidodes

Special episodes are additions to the game that give a bit of background on
some of the characters in the game. They are filled with tough dungeons and a
fun storyline.

7.1 Bidoof's Wish

You start off saying the morning cheers. Everyone shouts then and you watch
Riolu's team burst with confidence. You are Bidoof, you were the newest
apprentice before Riolu's team came. Your dream is to become the best explorer
ever! And someday you will reach that goal, you just know it. Then the episode

You see Bidoof's family wishing him luck as he sets off to Wigglytuff's guild.

Then we see Loudred yelling at Bidoof for being slow for something. Apparently
Bidoof had to bring Loudred a Reviver Seed and he was slow. Then we see that
Bidoof gave him a doom seed instead. We then see Bidoof eating all of
guildmaster's perfect apples.

Now we cut to the morning cheers. After them Chatot calls you over and tells
you to ask the Kecleon market how many oran berries they have for sale today.
We then ask Chatot if we can actually do a real explorer assignment like a job
from the bulletin board and Chatot asks you how bad would you mess up. He then
says that you're just slower than everyone else and that you're just gonna
have to wait until the right day comes to do exploration jobs. From here on
out you are in control of the game as Bidoof! To save your progress use the
watering hole or Bidoof's bed.

Now you head off to the Kecleon market in treasure town. Once you reach the
Kecleon market you ask them how many oran berries they have and they tell you
that they have two. You then tell the Kecleon brothers about your problems at
the guild and how you always mess up. One of the Kecleon brothers tells you
that you just need a TM to become a good explorer. They offer you an expensive
TM but you deny if because you don't want to spend the money your mama gave
you incase of emergency. As you leave the Kecleon shop you see a snover
commenting about how scary something is. The snover then asks you to hold
something for a second. The snover then runs off without saying another word.
YOu then see a Bagon and a Gligar walk by wondering where someone went. They
come up to you and ask you if you saw a lone pokemon run through the area. You
tell them where the pokemon went and they run after him.

That night while everyone else is asleep you look at what the snover gave you.
You think it looks like a map. You find out that a place called Star Cave is
located on the map and is the marked spot. You feel that there has to be
something special there. After all that you go to sleep.

The next day you ask Chatot if he knows about a place called Star Cave. He
says that he thinks he's heard of it. Apparently it is a secret place and
nobody knows where it is. It is said that a rare pokemon sleeps at the end of
the cave, Jirachi, and if you manage to wake it from its sleep it will grant
you one wish. After that Loudred calls over that you got a visitor and he is
waiting at the entrance to the guild. When you get up there you see that it is
that snover from yesterday. It turns out the bagon and gligar caught up to him
and tried to take the map that he didn't have from him. He tells you the
reason he gave it to you yesterday is because he knew that the bagon and
gligar would try and steal it from him. You ask if it's really a map of Star
Cave and he says it is. The two pokemon knew what was on the map that's why
they tried to see it. The snover then asks you if you would like to explore
the Star Cave with him! You, of course, accept.

Snover says that we need to get prepared for the journey and you offer to get
the supplies needed. You have to use your money that you have in the bank in to
buy stuff and the only items you get other than that are the ones that you have
in storage in the main game. Everything in storage and in the bank are from
your regular game. I suggest taking a reviver seed with you if you have one.

When you leave treasure town keep going to the left to go to the dungeon and
snover will join you.

7.1.1 Star Cave

Star Cave is a 8/9 floor dungeon with save floor. The second part is 4 floors
long with 1 boss floor. Your partner will have hail the entire time so you may
have trouble with hp, don't be afraid to use oran berries. I that Star Cave
has a bit of reviver seeds and oran berries making the dungeon alot easier. I
wouldn't worry to much about snover dieing because of his high level and he
also has a pretty good moveset up his sleeve. The enemies are pretty weak and
most can be taken out with one or two moves. After you get to the midpoint of
the dungeon and save you enter the second part of the dungeon. The enemies
here are a bit tougher and you may have to use snover a bit. This part has a
bunch of apples, probably because it has long floors. Watch out for the Bonsly
because they know low kick which can do some good damage on you. I reccoment
setting up a defense curl or two if you see a bonsly coming. The bronzongs may
seem dangerous at first but only take 3 hits to defeat max.

When you get to the end you get a nasty surprise. It turns out Bagon and
Gligar. Then Snover says Star Cave and Jirachi were all a lie. They were never
real from the start and that you were tricked into coming where you are. It
turns out Snover is with Bagon and Gligar in Team Rouge. A band of theives.
They trick their subjects then take their stuff. The reason they took you is
because of all the money you had. Then the battle starts.

7.1.2 Boss Battle: Team Rouge

When you start the battle you're surronded. Start the battle by sending a
Totter Seed or an X-eye seed if you have one at Snover. I suggest taking care
of Bagon first because he takes two hits then take care of Gligar. The gligar
will take 3/4 hits which makes it kinda tough. Watch out for its sand attack
which makes your attacks miss more often. The snover will take 4/5 hits
depending if you get a critical in there. The snover has some hard hitting
attacks and you'll most likely have to use a Reviver Seed or two in there.
Note: You can turn item master off in this fight and just die and it'll be just
like you won the fight AND you'll keep your reviver seeds.

After you beat them it shows a scene of you getting beaten. Just when they're
about to take your money by force someone yells "WAIT!!!" Suddenly you hear the
guild chant. Then the entire guild is there to help you! Team Rouge tries to
take on the entire guild but you get to have a battle with the whole guild to
pwn Team Rouge. If you let your guild members do the work, Team Rouge is all
knocked out in one hit.

After you pwn Team Rouge they run off and the guild asks if you're okay. You
thank everyone and ask them how they knew where to find you. Apparently Chatot
told the guild that you were acting strangely and he had you followed. After
an emotional scene with the guild Wigglytuff finds a secret part of Star Cave.
Then suddenly when everyone is getting excited about searching the secret part
of Star Cave, Wigglytuff tells everyone that this is your exploration and that
only you should do it.

7.1.3 Star Cave Depths

Star Cave Depths is 4 floors long with no boss floor. This dungeon is similar
to the second part of Star Cave so just refer to that guide.

Once you get to the end of this dungeon you hear a voice sounding like the
voice is sleepy and just got up. It asks you who you are and you answer. You
ask who the voice is and it answers Jirachi as Jirachi appears right in front
of you half asleep! The Jirachi warns you that it might attack you since it's
in its sleep. Then suddenly it attacks you!

7.1.4 Boss Battle: Jirachi

If you managed to pick up some good seeds on the way that can put Jirachi out
of the game for a bit I suggest doing that then charging up some defense
curls. You can also throw projectiles at Jirachi if you got any. Your attacks
wont do much damage to it and it will do alot of damage with confusion. Don't
be afraid to waste your Oran berries by using one after getting hit by one
confusion. You don't want to accidently die by a critical hit do you? Its
normal attacks don't do much damage if you defense curled but if you didn't
and you get to below 35 health use an oran berry! I hope you have a bit
stocked! If Jirachi starts to rest that means it's probably low and that you
have to kill it soon or it will regain all its health! I got lucky during the
regular dungeon and picked up a zinc band which made confusion do less damage
to me.

After you defeat Jirachi he fully awakes and offers you one wish. He then asks
you what your wish is. You then get some choices of what to be, but I chose to
be the best explorer so I only know what happens if you picked this option.
You think about asking him then but then you decide you want to become the
best explorer ever on your own! You then decide to ask for a buddy at the
guild you could teach stuff to. Jirachi grants this wish and so ends episode

8. Wonder Mails S

Ones for unlocking 7 treasures dungeons:

6@JF0 HC74%#J 4%3P=
9XW%9 #377=W8 3H6YY
Unlock Mystery Jungle

FF90- @-9FSKS 3Q3-5
Unlock Shimmer Desert

#9HK9 W909M1= 93MP#
Unlock Giant Volcano

@+MM7 C6H%0@T F&32W
=&K&5 +216-5& X-XW4
Unlock Bottomless Sea

7H4WX T780F=T 03@1H
#X&F+ CQF&@1P 69JW8
Unlock World Abyss

M#=YQ C1&W66= S13=X
RT@TR M5XPF70 5#883
Unlock Sky Stairway

&3R06 #8S-+C& 9Q6MS
28NP# 7QPN%5F H#@C9
Unlock Mt. Avalanche


Challenger: Entei
Objective: Defeat Entei
Place: Inferno Cave B24F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *6 (1000)
Loot: ??? (Recruit)
Wonder Mail S:
@X7KH #CNP731 +HC0%
0PK4W 1-M7826 W@KQ3

Challenger: Suicune
Objective: Defeat Suicune
Place: Treacherous Waters B16F
Restrictons: None
Difficulty: *5 (800)
Loot: ???
Wonder Mail S:
%+FN0 2R8NC7= JM7QY

Challenger: Raikou
Objective: Defeat Raikou
Place: Southeastern Islands B19F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *5 (800)
Loot: ???
Wonder Mail S:
3YN+N N46P09K X73P6

Challenger: Jirachi
Objective: Defeat Jirachi
Place: Star Cave Pit
Restrictions: With Houndoom
Difficulty: B (30)
Loot: ??? (Jirachi Recruit)
Wonder Mail S:
N+08M 2Q&=T5P RXX67


Client: Purugly
Objective:Explore with Purugly
Place:Beach Cave B4F
Difficulty: D(15)
Reward: Reviver Seed
Wonder Mail S;
1Y5P9 XN%&5Y= JQMJ#


Joy Seed
Client: magnemite
Objective: Arrest Altaria
Place: Mystery Jungle 25F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty *7 (1200)
Reward Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
KN109 5854P1X #3J79
P+N9Q PN+8+Q 0MX4F0


Client: Magnezone
Objective: Arrest Larion.
Place: Sky Stairway 47F
Restrictions: With Ice-type partner.
Difficulty: *9(1600)
Reward: Energy Ball
Wonder Mail S:
96W=Q RM%T2S# QF23S
#4-CP T%&R45 26M6P

Client: Magby
Objective: Explore with Magby
Place: Drenched Bluff B3F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: C (20)
Reward: Vacuum-Cut
Wonder Mail S:
FY@C2 13C8-Y9 2@+2R
Q=C+1 0Q&P9WJ =W7PQ

Client: Happiny
Objective: Retrieve the stolen item (Hoppip)
Place: Serenity River B7F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: B (30)
Reward: Flamethrower
Wonder Mail S:
RS&9% HR8956- N1QRS

Arrest Primape
Place: Sky Stairway 31F
Difficulty: 9* (1600)
Reward: Thunder + ?
Wonder Mail S:
F8%HP FC42MFM +4H&#

Take item from Garchtomp
Place: Sky Stairway 29F
Difficulty: 8* (1400)
Reward: X-Scissor + ?
Wonder Mail S:

Arrest Meditite
Place: Blizzard Island 14F
Difficulty: 6* (1000)
Reward: Dark Pulse
Wonder Mail S:
6MNJ5 H9@&0K# 3@X82

Client: Larvitar
Objective: Explore with Larvitar (Sealed Chamber)
Place: Treeshroud Forest 17F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *2 (250)
Reward: Dark Pulse + ?
Wonder Mail S:
5Q+9T T6#R6SH %+QS&

Client: Magnezone
Objective: Arrest Nidoqueen (Monster House)
Place: Mystifying Forest 8F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *4 (600)
Reward: Bullet Seed + ?
Wonder Mail S:
HT@H8 HY=P=RY +&X-0

Client: Relicanth
Objective: Rescue Ninetales
Place: Mystifying Forest 11F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *3 (400)
Reward: Dig + ?
Wonder Mail S:
0T4XS 6S9#8WX 96%JT
=P+HW +%4P1#C 5Q=C-
R-@F6 W6X89M2 9&#H+


Golden Chamber:
Explore with Skiploom
Place: Star Cave B14F
Difficulty: B (30)
Reward: Sky Gummi
Wonder Mail S:
Y2FQS 2W6-K62 +K5X8
4@R4M 4846K3Q 1SFK8

Client: Volbeat
Objective: Rescue Illumise
Place: Lush Prairie 3F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: C (20)
Reward: Gray Gummi
N%789 0Q1#9P4 869=6
R2C40 JK96109 4XP-0

I seek the Golden Apple!
Place: Brine Cave B5F
Difficulty: 3* (400)
Reward: Pink Gummi
Wonder Mail S:
N%324 &%T6SNH 66PJQ


Client: Minun
Objective: Escort to Plusle
Place: Mt. Avalanche 14F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *6 (1000)
Reward: Zinc
H#597 9%6%=% 012+X

Let us seatch for the Gold Thorn!
Prospect with Elekid
Place: Mystery Jungle 26F
Difficulty: 8* (1400)
Reward: Zinc + ?
Wonder Mail S:
R600X &Q6JQ4X 9@@Q&
Y@6-= PT2&9X2 4Y7H6

Arrest Cacturne
Place: Blizzard Island 17F
Difficulty: 7* (1200)
Reward: Protein + ?
Wonder Mail S:
X39Q@ RJ0%HF =N518
=WYY# RQ3P879 #0S5T

Client: Doduo
Objective: Retrieve Stolen Cheri Berry from Masquerain
Place: World Abyss B15F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *7 (1200)
Reward: Zinc
454%@ W25JFK% %CHWC
%R100 7@%P9+& FRMQS


Arrest Hypno
Place: Southeastern Islands B23F
Difficulty: 7* (1200)
Reward: King's Rock + ?
Wonder Mail S:
Y82TN W@6MS%6 0@XX8
54R4N %-662% 42Q-=

Client: Beautifly
Objective: Take item from Cubone (Normal item retrieval)
Place: Lost Wilderness B16F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *5 (800)
Reward: King's Rock
Wonder Mail S:
WFMP6 8M21KCY +8%T1
CCHK3 @K56#9T N6R79

Escort Paras to Meditite
Place: World Abyss B15F
Difficulty: 7* (1200)
Reward: Metal Coat + ?
Wonder Mail S:
C1M&N PW1-CR& 64=XQ
R@N55 %1XN#PW M&N1+

Arrest Aggron
Place: Dark Crater B8F
Difficulty: 4* (600)
Reward: Electrilizer
Wonder Mail S:
FQ@NK R@CR=H9 2+51R

Client: Magnezone
Objective: Arrest Machamp
Place: Oblivion Forest 8F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *4 (600)
Reward: Dusk Stone + ?
H%5XY Y16W3C+ 0KR+X
S&YHJ 4-#9Y+Q 0XHT9

Search for Exploud
Place: Zero Isle North
Difficulty: 7* (1200)
Reward: Deepseatooth + ?
Wonder Mail S:
P4CP+ HY19=3S 6+P2K
T0HK+ KC3NF-3 &W#2R

Arrest Mareep
Place: Blizzard Island 12F
Difficulty: 6* (1000)
Reward: Sun Ribbon
Wonder Mail S:
189Q8 N4PQ80 4P-5#

Client: Exeggcute
Objective: Explore with Exeggcute
Place: Blizzard Island 10F
Restrictions: none
Difficulty: *6(1000)
Reward: Lunar Ribbon
Wonder Mail S:
&8P5P X9S+#Q& 9#JCS
+-NP@ Q3WN408 XW@C9

Client: Plusle
Objective: Escort to Minum
Place: Mt. Mistral 17F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *5 (800)
Reward: Sun Stone
Wonder Mail S:
9K8#P 7%2=QJT 6%HW0
0=H8W 45XPT+8 Y%TFW


Secret Slab
Client: Ampharos
Objective: Prospect with Ampharos.
Place: Northern Desert 15F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *1 (150)
Reward: 400P + ? (secret slab)
Wonder Mail S:
6H5%5 5JFWY&R 4PJ2=
851+N 2H=7-P& =X28Q

Tight Belt
Location: Zero Isle South 90F
Mission: Arrest Metang.
Client: Magnezone
Restriction: None
Reward: Tight Belt
Wonder Mail S:
T+5FS =@36Y-H 4TN9J
TK7Q9 @%0P8+2 %#P&X

X-Ray Specs
Take Escape Orb from Cloyster
Place: Giant Volcano 19F
Difficulty: 7* (1200)
Reward: X-Ray Specs
Wonder Mail S:
K%Y1F #2#5%RY 8HHQN
80TC+ TP87F44 KT5Q=


Job: Sealed Chamber Key
Client: Cacnea
Objective: Explore with Cacnea
Place: Beach Cave B2F
No Restrictions
Difficulty: D
Reward: 150
Wonder Mail S:
6F9C# #67HW1F M+5N=


Golden Chamber
Client: Nidoqueen
Objective: Explore with Nidoqueen
Place: Mt Avalanche 14F
Restrictions: none
Difficulty: *6(1000)
Reward: 650 Poke
Wonder Mail S:
+0CP9 3XFN32K +@HCW


Client: Magnezone
Objective: Arrest Koffing (Normal arrest)
Place: Crystal Crossing B7F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *1 (150)
Reward: ??? (Egg)
Wonder Mail S:
7PN4% +NFW-=- 3%7FP
3-1M7 Y65N+&W YP=PN

Client: Tropius
Objective: Find Grass Gummi
Place: Waterfall Cave B8F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: B (30)
Reward: ??? (Egg)
Wonder Mail S:
WT508 2-YJ95C N9#QX
S5YHX 9RYR3-@ CR8-8

Client: Cyndaquil
Objective: Rescue Vibrava
Place: Mt. Bristle 8F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: C (20)
Reward: ??? (Egg)
Wonder Mail S:
K-86M J&@T+66 6%P9X
&J381 CX07K-# K&J=H


Client: Nidoran (F)
Objective: Escort to Nidoran (M)
Place: Serenity River B4F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: B (30)
Reward: ??? (Recruit Nidoran (F))
Wonder Mail S:

Client: Slowking
Objective: Find Orange Gummi
Place: Mt. Horn 8F
Restrictions: None
Reward: ??? (Recruit Slowking)
Wonder Mail S:
@=K@% 7MH6J%J S3=#3
7SXKN 5FFPY33 95#94

9. Item List

Note: You can thank Nhahtdh for this ENTIRE section.

I also don't need any information on this part of the guide. I have it all it
will just take awhile to get it all down.

Stick-A weapon to be hurled. When hurled, it flies in a straight line to
inflict damage on any Pok�mon it hits.
Iron Thorn-A weapon to be hurled. When hurled, it flies in a straight line to
inflict damage on any Pok�mon it hits.
Silver Spike-A weapon to be hurled. When hurled, it flies in a straight line to
inflict damage on any Pok�mon it hits.
Gold Fang-A weapon to be hurled. When hurled, it flies in a straight line to
inflict damage on any Pok�mon it hits.
Cacnea Spike-A weapon to be hurled. When hurled, it flies in a straight line to
inflict damage on any Pok�mon it hits.
Corsola Twig-A weapon to be hurled. When hurled, it flies in a straight line to
inflict damage on any Pok�mon it hits.
Geo Pebble-
Gold Thorn-
Rare Fossil-
No-Slip Cap-
Y-Ray Specs-
Gaggle Specs-
Mobile Scarf-
Heal Ribbon-
Twist Band-
Scope Lens-
Patsy Band-
No-Stick Cap-
Pierce Band-
Joy Ribbon-
X-Ray Specs-
Persim Band-
Power Band-
Pecha Scarf-
Warp Scarf-
Tight Belt-
Sneak Scarf-
Gold Ribbon-
Goggle Specs-
Diet Ribbon-
Trap Scarf-
Racket Band-
Def. Scarf-
Stamina Band-
Plain Ribbon-
Special Band-
Zinc Band-
Detect Band-
Space Globe-
Dodge Scarf-
Bounce Band-
Curve Band-
Whiff Specs-
No-Aim Scope-
Lockon Specs-
Munch Belt-
Pass Scarf-
Weather Band-
Friend Bow-
Beauty Scarf-
Sun Ribbon-
Lunar Ribbon-
Golden Mask-
Amber Tear-
Icy Flute-
Fiery Drum-
Terra Cymbal-
Rock Horn-
Grass Cornet-
Sky Melodica-
Miracle Chest-
Wonder Chest-
IQ Booster-
Heal Seed-
Oran Berry-
Sitrus Berry-
Eyedrop Seed-
Reviver Seed-
Blinker Seed-
Doom Seed-
X-Eye Seed-
Life Seed-
Rawst Berry-
Hunger Seed-
Quick Seed-
Pecha Berry-
Cheri Berry-
Totter Seed-
Sleep Seed-
Plain Seed-
Warp Seed-
Blast Seed-
Joy Seed-
Chesto Berry-
Stun Seed-
Gabite Scale-
Golden Seed-
Vile Seed-
Pure Seed-
Violent Seed-
Vanish Seed-
Max Elixir-
Dropeye Seed-
Reviser Seed-
Slip Seed
Via Seed-
Big Apple-
Grimy Food-
Huge Apple-
Golden Apple-
Mix Elixir-
Oren Berry-
Dough Seed-
White Gummi-
Red Gummi-
Blue Gummi-
Grass Gummi-
Yellow Gummi-
Clear Gummi-
Orange Gummi-
Pink Gummi-
Brown Gummi-
Sky Gummi-
Gold Gummi-
Green Gummi-
Gray Gummi-
Purple Gummi-
Royal Gummi-
Black Gummi-
Silver Gummi-
Wonder Gummi-
King's Rock-
Sun Stone-
Moon Stone-
Fire Stone-
Water Stone-
Metal Coat-
Leaf Stone-
Dragon Scale-
Link Cable-
Dubious Disc-
Reaper Cloth-
Razor Fang-
Razor Claw-
Oval Stone-
Dawn Stone-
Shiny Stone-
Dusk Stone-
Coronet Rock-
Mossy Rock-
Frozen Rock-
Gone Pebble-
Wander Gummi-
Prize Ticket-
Silver Ticket-
Gold Ticket-
Prism Ticket-
Mystery Part-
Secret Slab-
Wonder Egg-
Sky Gift-
Lost Loot-
Used TM-
Focus Punch-
Dragon Claw-
Water Pulse-
Calm Mind-
Bulk Up-
Bullet Seed-
Hidden Power-
Ice Beam-
Hyper Beam-
Light Screen-
Giga Drain-
Iron Tail-
Shadow Ball-
Brick Break-
Shock Wave-
Sludge Bomb-
Fire Blast-
Aerial Ace-
Secret Power-
Steel Wing-
Skill Swap-
Focus Blast-
Energy Ball-
False Swipe-
Charge Beam-
Dragon Pulse-
Drain Punch-
Silver Wind-
Shadow Claw-
Giga Impact-
Rock Polish-
Wide Slash-
Stone Edge-
Thunder Wave-
Gyro Ball-
Swords Dance-
Stealth Rock-
Psych Up-
Dark Pulse-
Rock Slide-
Sleep Talk-
Natural Gift-
Poison Jab-
Dream Eater-
Grass Knot-
Flash Cannon-
Trick Room-
Rock Smash-
Rock Climb-
Hail Orb-
Sunny Orb-
Rainy Orb-
Evasion Orb-
Sandy Orb-
Rocky Orb-
Snatch Orb-
See-Trap Orb-
Mug Orb-
Rebound Orb-
Lob Orb-
Switcher Orb-
Blowback Orb-
Warp Orb-
Transfer Orb-
Slow Orb-
Quick Orb-
Luminous Orb-
Petrify Orb-
Stayaway Orb-
Pounce Orb-
Trawl Orb-
Cleanse Orb-
Decoy Orb-
Slumber Orb-
Totter Orb-
Two-Edge Orb-
Silence Orb-
Escape Orb-
Scanner Orb-
Radar Orb-
Drought Orb-
Trapbust Orb-
Rollcall Orb-
Invisify Orb-
One-Shot Orb-
Identify Orb-
Shocker Orb-
Sizebust Orb-
One-Room Orb-
Fill-In Orb-
Trapper Orb-
Itemizer Orb-
Hurl Orb-
Mobile Orb-
Stairs Orb-
Longtoss Orb-
Pierce Orb-
Spurn Orb-
Foe-Hold Orb-
All-Mach Orb-
Foe-Fear Orb-
All-Hit Orb-
Foe-Seal Orb-
Link Box-
Gorgeous Box-
Heavy Box-
Shiny Box-
Nifty Box-
Dainty Box-
Glittery Box-
Pretty Box-
Deluxe Box-
Light Box-
Cute Box-
Hard Box-
Sinister Box-
Silver Bow-
Brown Bow-
Red Bow-
Pink Bow-
Orange Bow-
Yellow Bow-
Lime Bow-
Green Bow-
Viridian Bow-
Minty Bow-
Sky Blue Bow-
Blue Bow-
Cobalt Bow-
Purple Bow-
Violet Bow-
Fuchsia Bow-
Prism Ruff-
Aqua Collar-
Volt Collar-
Fire Collar-
Light Collar-
Dusk Collar-
Virid Collar-
Icy Collar-
Pep Sash-
Counter Ruff-
Victory Belt-
Power Bangle-
Fallen Star-
Fluff Dust-
Egg Shard-
Heroic Medal-
Chic Shard-
Yellow Jewel-
Red Jewel-
Blue Jewel-
Laugh Dust-
Guard Sand-
Purple Jewel-
White Jewel-
Brave Dust-
Heal Dew-
Marine Cache-
Freeze Veil-
Thunder Veil-
Fire Veil-
Havoc Robe-
Life Ring-
Bolt Fang-
Flare Fang-
Aqua Mantle-
Silver Veil-
Rainbow Veil-
Chrono Veil-
Rock Sash-
Ice Sash-
Steel Sash-
Heart Brooch-
Eon Veil-
Seabed Veil-
Terra Ring-
SkyHigh Veil-
Wish Mantle-
Revive Robe-
Shadow Veil-
Plasma Veil-
Edify Robe-
Charity Robe-
Hope Robe-
Time Shield-
Air Blade-
Searing Ring-
Ancient Ring-
Nether Veil-
Lunar Veil-
Tidal Cape-
Eclipse Robe-
White Silk-
Normal Dust-
White Gem-
Joy Globe-
Red Silk-
Fire Dust-
Fiery Gem-
Fiery Globe-
Blue Silk-
Water Dust-
Aqua Gem-
Aqua Globe-
Grass Silk-
Grass Dust-
Grass Gem-
Soothe Globe-
Yellow Silk-
Thunder Dust-
Thunder Gem-
Volt Globe-
Clear Silk-
Icy Dust-
Icy Gem-
Icy Globe-
Orange Silk-
Courage Dust-
Fight Gem-
Power Globe-
Pink Silk-
Poison Dust-
Poison Gem-
Poison Globe-
Brown Silk-
Ground Dust-
Earth Gem-
Terra Globe-
Sky Silk-
Sky Dust-
Sky Gem-
Sky Globe-
Gold Silk-
Psyche Dust-
Psyche Gem-
Psyche Globe-
Green Silk-
Wonder Dust-
Guard Gem-
Defend Globe-
Gray Silk-
Rock Dust-
Stone Gem-
Rock Globe-
Purple Silk-
Shady Dust-
Shadow Gem-
Nether Globe-
Royal Silk-
Dragon Dust-
Dragon Gem-
Dragon Globe-
Black Silk-
Dark Dust-
Dark Gem-
Dusk Globe-
Iron Silk-
Steel Dust-
Metal Gem-
Steel Globe-
Leafy Tie-
Plant Torc-
Solar Sash-
Fiery Heart-
Heat Armlet-
Kindle Scarf-
Flame Bangle-
Aqua Tie-
Hydro Band-
Pichu Hair-
Pichu Card-
Express Tag-
Shocker Cape-
Pikachu Hair-
Pikachu Card-
Volt Charm-
Volt Torc-
Raichu Hair-
Raichu Card-
Raichu Crest-
Zapper Scarf-
Meowth Claw-
Meowth Fang-
Coin Charm-
Bling Ruff-
Persian Claw-
Persian Fang-
Insight Rock-
Noble Scarf-
Dawn Jewel-
Fresh Bow-
Bayleef Claw-
Bayleef Card-
Bayleef Seal-
Spice Bow-
Shiny Charm-
Bright Veil-
Blazing Rock-
Storm Sash-
Volcano Torc-
Blast Bangle-
Water Heart-
Wash Bow-
Swirl Rock-
Anger Scarf-
Hydro Jaw-
Forest Ore-
Guard Ring-
Grass Blade-
Drain Bangle-
Torchic Hair-
Torchic Card-
Hot Pebble-
Fire Cape-
Charge Tag-
Gutsy Band-
Blaze Torc-
Mudkip Mud-
Mudkip Card-
Mud Jewel-
Speed Scarf-
Marsh Torc-
Swamp Bangle-
Skitty Fang-
Skitty Card-
Smile Pebble-
Heal Pendant-
Prim Pebble-
Guard Collar-
Lucky Leaf-
Turtwig Card-
Sprout Rock-
Leafy Hat-
Grotle Twig-
Grotle Claw-
Grotle Crest-
Woody Scarf-
Forest Torc-
Nimble Charm-
Ember Cap-
Burst Sash-
Blazing Ruff-
Piplup Foam-
Piplup Card-
Sea Ore-
Water Cape-
Aqua Blade-
Marine Crown-
Tummy Charm-
Glutton Cape-
Snorlax Gasp-
Snorlax Fang-
Valor Charm-
Glee Scarf-
Scyther Fang-
Scyther Card-
Ambush Rock-
Strike Ruff-
Scizor Wing-
Scizor Card-
Steel Charm-
Red Armlet-
Lapras Song-
Lapras Card-
Wavy Charm-
Mystic Scarf-
Eevee Tail-
Eevee Card-
Evolve Charm-
Cleffa Dew-
Cleffa Card-
Starry Ore-
Comet Ring-
Moon Jewel-
Moon Scarf-
Moon Rock-
Fairy Bow-
Bouncy Charm-
Pretty Bow-
Slumber Rock-
Snooze Ring-
Buddy Rock-
Friend Torc-
Togepi Dew-
Togepi Card-
Pure Heart-
Angel Scarf-
Togetic Wing-
Togetic Card-
Happy Rock-
Luck Brooch-
Ovation Rock-
Glitter Robe-
Sneasel Claw-
Sneasel Card-
Dusk Jewel-
Cruel Ring-
Weavile Claw-
Weavile Fang-
Vile Tag-
Ruin Armlet-
Honey Rock-
Heal Scarf-
Calming Rock-
Hiber Scarf-
Muscle Charm-
Kiss Charm-
Heart Tiara-
Jynx Song-
Jynx Card-
Frozen Ore-
Ruin Scarf-
Elekid Claw-
Elekid Card-
Jolt Charm-
Current Ring-
Charge Seal-
Volt Bangle-
Voltaic Rock-
Voltaic Band-
Magby Claw-
Magby Card-
Ember Jewel-
Coal Ring-
Magmar Claw-
Magmar Card-
Erupt Ore-
Magma Scarf-
Vulcan Rock-
Burning Torc-
Fount Charm-
Water Float-
Marill Dew-
Marill Card-
Surfer Rock-
Brine Scarf-
Stream Charm-
Dotted Scarf-
Plusle Tail-
Plusle Card-
Cheer Rock-
Pulse Bow-
Minun Tail-
Minun Card-
Volt Heart-
Spark Tie-
Cloud Rock-
Weather Cape-
Wynaut Tail-
Wynaut Card-
Grin Charm-
Cheery Scarf-
Endure Rock-
Suffer Scarf-
Bidoof Tooth-
Bidoof Card-
Fall Charm-
Stolid Scarf-
River Charm-
Dam Scarf-
Shinx Claw-
Shinx Fang-
Flash Tag-
Energy Scarf-
Luxio Claw-
Luxio Fang-
Spark Tag-
Spark Scarf-
Luxray Claw-
Luxray Fang-
Glare Tag-
Glare Sash-
Rouse Charm-
Miracle Bow-
Buizel Fang-
Buizel Card-
Swimmer Rock-
Screw Torc-
Rescue Rock-
Float Aid-
Wind Heart-
Draft Ring-
Easy Charm-
Breeze Scarf-
Cherubi Seed-
Cherubi Card-
Cute Ore-
Charm Bow-
Cherrim Dew-
Cherrim Card-
Sweet Aroma-
Petal Dress-
Bonsly Dew-
Bonsly Card-
Arid Tag-
Teary Cape-
Drain Rock-
Fake Torc-
Junior Beam-
Junior Card-
Mimic Pebble-
Copy Mask-
Mime Key-
Mime Card-
Bulwark Rock-
Barrier Bow-
Happiny Dew-
Happiny Card-
Play Tag-
Nurture Cape-
Chansey Song-
Chansey Card-
Lucky Charm-
Lucky Scarf-
Blissey Song-
Blissey Card-
Amity Rock-
Faith Ring-
Gible Fang-
Gible Card-
Dragon Jewel-
Dragon Tie-
Gabite Claw-
Gabite Fang-
Star Rock-
Meteor Torc-
Speed Tag-
Mach Scarf-
Riolu Tail-
Riolu Card-
Valiant Rock-
Emit Ring-
Lucario Fang-
Lucario Card-
Pledge Rock-
Ravage Ring-
Mantyke Beam-
Mantyke Card-
Waft Rock-
Ocean Bow-
Mantine Foam-
Mantine Card-
Sunset Rock-
Horizon Bow-
Phione Song-
Phione Card-
Wave Jewel-
Ripple Cape-
Vulpix Tail-
Vulpix Card-
Vulpix Tag-
Glowing Bow-
Afire Collar-
Phanpy Claw-
Phanpy Card-
Phanpy Tag-
Value Ruff-
Donphan Fang-
Donphan Card-
Armor Scarf-
Defense Bow-
Glittery Bow-
Weedle Bow-
Kakuna Scarf-
Charge Scarf-
Pidgey Bow-
Pidgeot Torc-
Overcome Bow-
Quirky Bow-
Wing Scarf-
Leash Bow-
Shock Ruff-
Sandy Torc-
Pointy Scarf-
Return Scarf-
Impact Torc-
Halve Scarf-
Thorny Scarf-
King Sash-
Dodge Bow-
Absorb Scarf-
Odd Bow-
Guard Hat-
Aroma Scarf-
Moving Scarf-
Firm Hat-
Gaze Goggles-
Venomoth Bow-
Diglett Hat-
Dugtrio Bow-
Psyduck Hat-
Paddle Scarf-
Mankey Torc-
Nullify Belt-
Legend Bow-
Damp Bow-
Bold Belt-
Predict Torc-
Psychic Torc-
Sparkle Ruff-
Impish Band-
Strong Belt-
Machamp Belt-
Digest Scarf-
Tangle Bow-
Geodude Torc-
Rocky Torc-
Rugged Sash-
Heated Bow-
Sunlight Bow-
Slowpoke Hat-
Magneton Bow-
Bullseye Bow-
Buddy Torc-
Fight Torc-
Gentle Bow-
North Torc-
Grimy Scarf-
Slimy Bow-
Cover Armor-
Gastly Veil-
Slip Scarf-
Trust Brooch-
Drowzee Tie-
Dream Coin-
Krabby Bow-
Super Sash-
Ball Scarf-
Repel Scarf-
Cubone Scarf-
Marowak Torc-
Licky Scarf-
Koffing Bow-
Solid Shield-
Pierce Drill-
Sticky Bow-
Horsea Bow-
Swirl Scarf-
Goldeen Bow-
Seaking Bow-
Recover Torc-
Starmie Belt-
Pinsir Sash-
Rushing Bow-
Magikarp Bow-
Tempest Sash-
Ditto Torc-
AI Brooch-
Spike Brooch-
Aged Scarf-
Kabuto Hat-
Old Brooch-
Dragon Sash-
Aloft Mantle-
Mirage Cape-
Sentret Ruff-
Body Collar-
Expose Specs-
Noctowl Torc-
Morning Bow-
Ledian Bow-
Ariados Bow-
Slash Bow-
Shine Torc-
Lanturn Bow-
Lively Scarf-
Xatu Bow-
Wool Bow-
Fluffy Scarf-
Sacred Scarf-
Bright Tiara-
Rain Crown-
Zephyr Bow-
Cotton Torc-
Revenge Ruff-
Hasty Bow-
Sun Scarf-
Chitin Bow-
Wooper Bow-
Murkrow Hat-
King Cap-
Cryptic Sash-
Reverse Bow-
Robust Bow-
Dense Poncho-
Escape Scarf-
Takeoff Ruff-
Quartz Torc-
Stern Sash-
Qwilfish Bow-
Shuckle Bow-
Horn Torc-
Lava Bow-
Torrid Scarf-
Frigid Bow-
Frost Torc-
Eager Brooch-
Reach Bow-
Psy Bow-
Snow Brooch-
Dark Choker-
Pit Fang-
Tornado Bow-
Virtual Bow-
Delusion Bow-
Paint Scarf-
Milky Scarf-
Larvitar Bow-
Crash Claw-
Dark Fang-
Merry Scarf-
Linoone Ruff-
Wurmple Bow-
Tough Scarf-
Vivid Silk-
Guard Bow-
Dustox Bow-
Kelp Hat-
Jolly Scarf-
Ludicolo Hat-
Seedot Hat-
Nuzleaf Bow-
Shiftry Belt-
Taillow Bow-
Midair Scarf-
Wingull Bow-
Stock Scarf-
Sensing Hat-
Magical Bow-
Caring Scarf-
Bliss Scarf-
Blocking Bow-
Mobile Bow-
Thwart Bow-
Vigor Sash-
Lazy Ruff-
Novice Scarf-
Ninja Ruff-
Awe Mantle-
Good Earring-
Nice Bangle-
Great Torc-
Thrust Belt-
Deceit Mask-
Iron Torc-
Metal Bangle-
Iron Helmet-
Intuit Bow-
Ponder Sash-
Punish Torc-
Protect Mask-
Neon Scarf-
Evening Bow-
Thorned Torc-
Gulpin Bow-
Swalot Belt-
Vicious Bow-
Spout Scarf-
Huge Bow-
Numel Bow-
Erupt Scarf-
Sooty Sash-
Spring Bow-
Scheme Scarf-
Hula Bow-
Desert Bow-
Vibra Scarf-
Red Glasses-
Desert Sash-
Cacturne Hat-
Tuft Bow-
Cloud Ruff-
Strong Sash-
Seviper Bow-
Solrock Bow-
Soak Scarf-
Whiscash Bow-
Bossy Scarf-
Cower Sash-
Claydol Torc-
Bind Scarf-
Cradily Bow-
Guard Claw-
Rigid Cape-
Admire Scarf-
Grace Scarf-
Kecleon Torc-
Shuppet Cape-
Ominous Torc-
Duskull Ruff-
Illusion Bow-
Tropius Bow-
Perish Torc-
Chilly Hat-
Hail Scarf-
Sleet Bow-
Safe Scarf-
Walrein Torc-
Deep Torc-
Luvdisc Torc-
Crag Helmet-
Outlast Bow-
Beldum Torc-
Metang Scarf-
Starly Bow-
Regret Torc-
Guts Sash-
Still Bow-
Budew Scarf-
Bouquet Cape-
Hard Helmet-
Skull Helmet-
Rebound Bow-
Block Brooch-
Straw Cape-
Mothim Bow-
Nectar Bow-
Awake Bow-
Ambipom Bow-
Defrost Ruff-
Allure Coat-
Magic Hat-
Glameow Bow-
Scary Belt-
Stinky Scarf-
Stench Sash-
Image Brooch-
Mirror Torc-
Chatot Scarf-
Thick Scarf-
Grit Veil-
Skorupi Bow-
Dust Scarf-
Swim Bow-
Snowy Torc-
Frozen Cape-
Builder Sash-
Flabby Belt-
Clinging Bow-
Yanmega Bow-
Gliscor Cape-
Glacier Cape-
Best Scarf-
Gallant Torc-
Unlucky Sash-
Froslass Bow-
Purify Veil-

10. Gotta Recruit em all!

11. FAQ's

How do I evolve my starter/partners?

After you beat Darkrai, you have to unlock Marine Resort, then once you go to
Luminous Spring you can evolve your starter/partner.

12. Contact Me

If you would like to contact me to alert me that any part of my guide is wrong
or ask me any questions that I could put in the faqs section OR give me useful
Wonder Mail S's you can get me at [email protected] or in the Team Legendary
Flamewheel topics on the GameFAQs message boards for this game.

13. Special Thanks.

To Nhahtdh for everything in the item list section of the guide. And for
telling me that you don't need to win the Team Rogue fight.

To lordlyhour for telling me you don't have to recruit Palkia to evolve your
starters in this game.

To Master Espeon for useful wondermails.

To SBAllen and CJayC for being the best owners this site could ask for.

To my father for helping me format the guide.

To all my friends who have supported me all the way.

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