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Spiritomb God Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

Print this Zoroark919 posted:

Jul 18th 2011, ID#7695 Spiritomb God

Ability:Wonder Guard
This Spiritomb will never be hit because nothing is
Super effective against dark ghost
Moves:shadow force,shadow ball,dark pulse,pyschic
Press select appears in box 1 slot 30
PokeSav Generated
Happy Cheating!!!!

< Zoroark919 >

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E0001C24 00000088 05F7B8F9 5CF60000 613C7904 419966CB A829B373 E33FE7D9 1996CC19 6EB818AC 64219033 646B06FA F5DB3FFB E0732499 0006A503 90D4333A 1E6EBF93 0F3C50D6 DE3EAF2E 6ACFB3EB A6886130 413F37C1 DD2A2D67 065BCD6C 4B72803D 3E8FF26C A1640A13 B4E5E833 14D716BC E9CC6774 6C46192B 403DECD2 79397C52 C3A8097F 8A5D7E7A 44A6FF22 D2000000 00000000

P.S. I know it looks short but thats because when you make them appear im your PC,they are shorter its tested and works


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30 comments, latest first.
Feb 27th 2013 Peranaplant113
want a NEARLY unbeatable tactic? get a pokemon w/ the ability poison heal, and teach it both protect and detect. make sure it has a ton of hp, defense, and sp. defense. give it a toxic orb. for the first seven turns, alternate between protect and detect. then, your pokemon will recover any hp lost at the end of every turn, so unless it is taken down in 1 turn, youre home free
ID #259213
Nov 15th 2012 Guest
You should just hack back. Get a pokemon from and teach it skill swap and a 1hit ko move. Make sure it's ability is no guard. Then use skill swap on wondertomb, then use the 1-hit ko move! Easy win unless he person your battling switches pokemon. In that case it would probably be best if you had at least 2 pokemon with this set.
ID #208912
Sep 30th 2012 ra82064
-sighs-i pity people who say its invincible status moves like toxic will-o-wisp along with hail will kill him i used to have one on diamond and it died by those methods so he is not invincible as those above had said when you try those out you will see what has been said is true
ID #190472
Jul 29th 2012 Guest
Status affecting moves will All ways damage Pokemon with wonder guard....
ID #169964
Jun 14th 2012 THE JON
Don't use this! It will probably crash your game or ar (I've even seen codes like this kill a DS.) and why use it? I have a black trainer card complete pokedex(not including Genesect, Keldeo or Meloetta) and plus I beat the battle subway without hacks(I have a 100+ win streak that I have yet to break ON THE SUPER SINGLE TRAIN) so stop hacking and start learning how to actually battle. Seriously. You don't need this.
ID #152758
Feb 28th 2012 Guest
Actually if it is hit by dark void then nightmare or dream eater it will get hurt
ID #119167
Feb 11th 2012 Guest
i dont care about if it-s beatable or not im not planing on using it against other people, i want it so i can get the battle subway out fo the way already
ID #113996
Nov 26th 2011 Naoki2534
if a poke has scrappy or foresight and a fighting move it can be easily ko'd
ID #90603
Nov 20th 2011 Guest
Of course he can die. It's called status problems. Xero has already explained this, but let me take it one step further: I've beaten my own Wonder Spiritomb. Remember the Battle Arcade in D/P/Pl? One possible tile is for teams to be switched. I had my WonderTomb in my party, and I got switched with the NPC's team. I still won. Even in D/P/Pl, beating WonderTomb was far from impossible. It wasn't that hard, in fact, since I already had the counter-strategy in mind. Want an unbeatable team? The only real way to get one is to simply be better than everyone else without hacking. Then you are respectable. WonderTomb is beyond obsolete, and I'm quite certain that my Haxorus w/ Mold Breaker could have it sorted in no more than two turns. It can OHKO the entire Pokemon League every time, that's how high it's attack is. Want to win? Earn it like I did.
ID #88823
Nov 19th 2011 Guest
Fight type are strong but not super effective duhhh he can't dye stupid
ID #88608
Nov 13th 2011 videogmaster31
bug is cancelled by ghost and doesnt work on wonder guard dark-ghost types. foresight and odor sleuth don't take away the ghost type its like giving your pokemon the ability scrappy (lets normal and fighting type moves hit ghost types). Kangaskhan is an anti-wonder guard because one of its abilities is scrappy. plus wonder guard says super effective moves but it should really say attacks. the only way status damage is prevented is by magic guard. There isn't any way to make a pokemon invincible, but if there was, there would be no challenge to the game.
ID #87233
Oct 8th 2011 Guest
ID #78968
Oct 3rd 2011 Guest
But can't you hit it with a bug-type move, it's super effective against dark types?
ID #78126
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
what is so bad is that i use this idea a long time ago. Plus its easy to beat a wonder spiritomb all ou need is a grass pokemon with worry seed and a attack of 55 power or more thats grass and it will drop a spiritomb in 1 hit
ID #69204
Aug 21st 2011 Guest
Works for Japanese version also. Just saying. Smile
ID #69048
Aug 17th 2011 Kuchunkachunka96
Bug types are super effective against Dark types :L Just saying.
ID #67840
Aug 17th 2011 Guest
Bug types are super effective against Dark types :L Just saying.
ID #67839
Aug 16th 2011 Guest
This code works but FAILS. All of the stuff mentioned above works against spiritomb including foresight. Zoroark919 think of something BETTER than this. Like a pokemon with no guard and OHKO. That is good cuz no guard makes all moves 100 accuracy.
ID #67621
Aug 13th 2011 Xero_Limit
Off the top of my head, status moves, foresight, odor sleuth, mold breaker (Ability), Teravolt/Turboblaze (More abilities), Possibly curse(worked in sinnoh, but now curse has a type), spikes/spike varitions, and weather all bypass wondergaurd. Oh, and things like pain split, and potentially things like ferrothorn's Iron barbs/rocky helmet combo can hit as well
ID #66945
Aug 13th 2011 Xero_Limit
To tell you the truth, Wondertom is outdated. No, most trainers have a anti-wondertom (Weezing is alright) and
will probably either wipe the floor with you, or turn of their game because you used an obvious hack.
ID #66943
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
who cares if it can be hit. think of the chances that it would be hit by forsight. and if it was, i would simply switch out spiritomb.u should be lucky that there is a code like this.
ID #64977
Aug 1st 2011 fox demon
Hit does mean with moves, not per say status affects. However, you are right, he is not listening. The move foresight says ghost types can and will be hit with fighting type moves. Because foresight is not an attack it will hit. I proved this when my yammega fought a shedinga, who has wonder guard, and successful used foresight despite it being normal. That is due to status. Now that shedinga could be hit with fighting types. It however is not weak to fighting types so it would not hit. However, spiritomb and sableye, if foresight was used, fighting types would the be super effective due to the dark type as well. Wonder guard would not protect the pokemon then.
ID #63174
Jul 27th 2011 Guest
yes sometimes codes create bad eggs just keep pressing select until one shows up sorry i do my best
ID #61816
Jul 26th 2011 garrettl
ID #61296
Jul 25th 2011 Guest
This code seems to only be producing a bad egg, do you know why? The hydreigon worked (thank you very much for that one and all the other codes you put the hard work into submitting for us - very appreciative of what you do) but this one seems to just be doing eggs over and over. I checked the code and I put it in right - do I need to just keep hitting select until 1 is not an egg?
ID #61037
Jul 24th 2011 Zoroark919
have you been listening!!!!this spiritomb has wonder guard anmd nothing and i mean NOTHING is super effective against him if you dont belive me use the code and find out for yourself
ID #60908
Jul 23rd 2011 Guest
It's the same as sableye and yeah it can be hit with toxic I have one so I know things that hit it directly won't hit but things like toxic so with that being said darkrai can defeat it easy just put it to sleep and eat it away.
ID #60601
Jul 23rd 2011 fox demon
Actually you can hit him. It would take at least two turns though. The move foresight has an affect that makes all moves hit 100% and also makes normal and fighting type attacks hit ghost type pokemon. Since fighting is strong against dark type moves it would hit spiritomb because foresight lets fighting types hit ghosts.

Check me on this and you will realize I am fight. He is not invisible.

ID #60560
Jul 23rd 2011 Zoroark919
no it cant because nothing is super effective against spiritomb and when a pokemon has the ability wonder guard only super effective moves will hit it so you are wrong this spiritomb CANNOT be hit
ID #60531
Jul 23rd 2011 garrettl
it actually can be hit. a pokemon that knows detect and protect and toxic could kill it easy
ID #60445
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