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All 3 starters Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

Print this daz_t posted:

Jul 16th 2011, ID#7675 All 3 starters

Ok this code will get you all 3 starter Pokemon from a prior game in your party I would surgest only using it after the battle with you'r 2 friends press L&are to activate (sorry for any confusion this has caused)

Region: Unspecified

94000130 FCFF0000
022349B4 1E04C84F
022349B8 1EEA0000
022349BC E0595C55
022349C0 8685817C
022349C4 5C84FE06
022349C8 68CFCE3E
022349CC FB90C96D
022349D0 C935559B
022349D4 9CE97075
022349D8 B3697D55
022349DC CDB6670F
022349E0 F5FEA866
022349E4 CA196EE2
022349E8 122AB032
022349EC E7197549
022349F0 37CC1AE2
022349F4 64980DAB
022349F8 BBAF4768
022349FC 6BA9B3DD
02234A00 467B55BD
02234A04 F762A444
02234A08 3CA2E661
02234A0C 43E530F7
02234A10 E43FEB03
02234A14 B6BC6399
02234A18 D9DAD381
02234A1C 5157CDBF
02234A20 BF52A113
02234A24 B419FEB2
02234A28 3B915C7B
02234A2C 0662D4C0
02234A30 98486B3B
02234A34 9A351C3F
02234A38 A3330668
02234A3C B9F2392B
02234A40 B32E5D7A
02234A44 F6658C7E
02234A48 3E232027
02234A4C 6AE1085D
02234A50 0EFCB30C
02234A54 669A97CB
02234A58 ED6213E4
02234A5C 7D13E93D
02234A60 2F5FE9CE
02234A64 6B74BEE3
02234A68 69605932
02234A6C 5880FF47
02234A70 0B9031DC
02234A74 E41D4A07
02234A78 806ADB6C
02234A7C BA0314D9
02234A80 A08FA3F0
02234A84 9BAF94CE
02234A88 8FD954CE
02234A8C 159CF7DA
02234A90 ADB31AEB
02234A94 D4C30000
02234A98 D3385289
02234A9C E1DD527D
02234AA0 BC7D9969
02234AA4 78A45147
02234AA8 DF87721D
02234AB0 7E537B6D
02234AB4 FD4452EE
02234AB8 F2998186
02234ABC A4C3AF1A
02234AC0 4DF5BABD
02234AC4 3FDDCD49
02234AC8 09BFA2F8
02234ACC 933735A9
02234AD0 22831876
02234AD4 4A3ECDFE
02234AD8 4172B9B4
02234ADC BE58C00D
02234AE0 A43FF71B
02234AE4 1A8B1304
02234AE8 7224D2EE
02234AEC 67754846
02234AF0 9F605A04
02234AF4 9BBBCDD2
02234AF8 388192A1
02234AFC E2CEE798
02234B00 45F08539
02234B04 EC1B703B
02234B08 B4763A27
02234B0C 56A2A36C
02234B10 43EE962E
02234B14 F3C91C8B
02234B18 04DB0438
02234B1C B0674E93
02234B20 8716F859
02234B24 124801AB
02234B28 FE975B57
02234B2C 93EB96E8
02234B30 7D692891
02234B34 41485EFB
02234B38 FD0EC005
02234B3C 25EC812A
02234B40 7746E1CD
02234B44 B6F05812
02234B48 D5F85538
02234B4C 0601F488
02234B50 EE64C057
02234B54 11BEEAB8
02234B58 FB9973C0
02234B5C C746CD91
02234B60 4C2A2E8F
02234B64 890BFC60
02234B68 17201EAD
02234B6C ADB31AEB
02234B70 DFBD0000
02234B74 400A4C3F
02234B78 952CB6A7
02234B7C 3D1B02C6
02234B80 2607FB11
02234B84 33110AAA
02234B88 2F8B2AE2
02234B8C 3509501A
02234B90 C221E483
02234B94 70FD6A02
02234B98 95583B99
02234B9C 87DF1E5B
02234BA0 00D1A24E
02234BA4 43C823EB
02234BA8 E47D9ABE
02234BAC DF1A0E03
02234BB0 020B8739
02234BB4 906F4C2D
02234BB8 79F6192E
02234BBC E462FA67
02234BC0 5DC4AC8D
02234BC4 40179393
02234BC8 8782142D
02234BCC E65106E9
02234BD0 6C3196D1
02234BD4 BB99F744
02234BD8 C0BA2A6C
02234BDC D268EEC4
02234BE0 60CB2698
02234BE4 C5DE4B6E
02234BE8 2BFEE982
02234BEC 791A38F0
02234BF0 344AACB1
02234BF4 04DB0438
02234BF8 B0674E93
02234BFC 8715F859
02234C00 124801AD
02234C04 FE975B56
02234C08 93EB96E8
02234C0C 7D692891
02234C10 41485EFB
02234C14 FD0EC005
02234C18 25EC812A
02234C1C 7746E1CD
02234C20 B6F05812
02234C24 D5F85538
02234C28 0601F488
02234C2C EE64C057
02234C30 11BEEAB8
02234C34 FB9973C0
02234C38 C746CD91
02234C3C 4C2A2E8F
02234C40 890BFC60
02234C44 17201EAD
D2000000 00000000


Edited: Jul 21 2011

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4 comments, latest first.
Mar 11th 2012 Guest
Catching trainer pokemon doesn't work sorry
ID #122186
Mar 10th 2012 Guest
snivy encounter Spoiler:
click to reveal
works any where near grass

9400130 fffboooo
c0000000 0000002f
12250030 000001ef
dc000000 00000004
d2000000 00000000

ID #121888
Aug 22nd 2011 pokemario1234
OR you can just get the 'catch trainer`s pokemon' and 'all items' cheats and catch Cheren and Bianca's pokemon, and even more!
ID #69249
Aug 5th 2011 Guest
dose it work
ID #64352
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