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awesome spiritomb and sableye Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

Print this yoursavior8132 posted:

Jul 15th 2011, ID#7670 awesome spiritomb and sableye

Since spiritomb and sableye don't have weaknesses I thought I would give them wonder guard as and ability... Max evs and ivs for both of them... Spiritomb knows v-create, shadow force, blue flare, and bolt strike; sableye know roar of time, spacial rend, judgement, and seed flare... They both are holding cherish balls. They also have all ribbons.

Tested and works

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
022349D4 EDA66AC0
022349D8 24850000
022349DC E5C70F59
022349E0 C49BC224
022349E4 0F5AA750
022349E8 9981D226
022349EC 2D35733A
022349F0 0024815E
022349F4 8B0EEF38
022349F8 C57F485C
022349FC 3D1C8468
02234A00 735C0649
02234A04 6E8D59D0
02234A08 E8BFB740
02234A0C C126E9F2
02234A10 3B65FA56
02234A14 0CA278CB
02234A18 E9031F3C
02234A1C 3B265E54
02234A20 051EB292
02234A24 F622C1AB
02234A28 9BB289CC
02234A2C F42EFB22
02234A30 762FEE78
02234A34 27FD6F61
02234A38 470AE5E0
02234A3C 70787530
02234A40 240B8F54
02234A44 71F180B3
02234A48 ADD21EBC
02234A4C BB25A099
02234A50 D899A5BF
02234A54 5A59EBF9
02234A58 177F9EBF
02234A5C 8C7734E2
02234A60 8803AF5B
02234A64 940F5E9F
02234A68 69A5A35A
02234A6C 24344C7C
02234A70 BFE429CA
02234A74 06D8F80A
02234A78 441D3655
02234A7C C0B53BFC
02234A80 58B2FCE6
02234A84 86ABB91B
02234A88 E0574F9A
02234A8C 7A46B113
02234A90 1EDE563F
02234A94 44F976F0
02234A98 4CDC5A06
02234A9C 4E6243F4
02234AA0 C18C9877
02234AA4 12D285AA
02234AA8 D6F251A4
02234AAC 5E0BF93A
02234AB0 EDA66AC0
02234AB4 0BB60000
02234AB8 45D2480D
02234ABC B1B01298
02234AC0 06C50163
02234AC4 B82E523F
02234AC8 2E68169F
02234ACC 523CD6DC
02234AD0 E7A99379
02234AD4 AA14E8D5
02234AD8 9375642A
02234ADC 00B5D34F
02234AE0 D1FC3804
02234AE4 335DB481
02234AE8 07670A4B
02234AEC 916C6CD3
02234AF0 6FD0B29A
02234AF4 0532CCEA
02234AF8 F0ED11DE
02234AFC C2911CBC
02234B00 BF04471B
02234B04 0F7099E4
02234B08 79EE2AA3
02234B0C 653407AA
02234B10 6B496D07
02234B14 46E4A941
02234B18 B6DC4F70
02234B1C 35F7B786
02234B20 A7229C9C
02234B24 D88EC8E5
02234B28 0196962E
02234B2C EE78093D
02234B30 DFFC6DC5
02234B34 A3522B94
02234B38 8C7734E2
02234B3C 8803AF5B
02234B40 94115E9F
02234B44 69CBA298
02234B48 25954D82
02234B4C BFE429CA
02234B50 06D8F80A
02234B54 441D3655
02234B58 C0B53BFC
02234B5C 58B2FCE6
02234B60 86ABB91B
02234B64 E0574F9A
02234B68 7A46B113
02234B6C 1EDE563F
02234B70 44F976F0
02234B74 4CDC5A06
02234B78 4E6243F4
02234B7C C18C9877
02234B80 12D285AA
02234B84 D6F251A4
02234B88 5E0BF93A
D2000000 00000000


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8 comments, latest first.
Mar 14th 2014 Guest
what do i press to activate and were will they pop up in
ID #363945
Dec 14th 2013 Guest
[color=red][size=12][size=12][u][i][b]i have something like that but not as good looking moves and that that spiritomb and sableye has weaknesses to fairy in pokemon x and y and pokemon with abilities like mold breaker teravolt turboblaze could kill it or pokemon with moves like will-o-wisp and toxic could inflict damage on it [/i] [/u] [/size] [/color]
ID #329422
Apr 28th 2013 Guest
Pokemon with the abilities Mold Breaker, Teravolt and Turboblaze can hit it...or Detect.
ID #278530
Nov 13th 2011 videogmaster31
practically everything has its own weakness. for example, Eelectross has the ability levitate which makes it immune to ground, but if you use gravity, the levitate disappears.
ID #87237
Sep 25th 2011 aswag
did u use pokegen to make the pokemons??
ID #76488
Jul 23rd 2011 fox demon
Hit means attack, not toxic, but you're right, it can be hit. Foresight and any fighting type attacks will hit it.
ID #60580
Jul 23rd 2011 garrettl
it can be hit. a pokemon with the moves detect, protect, and toxic can beat it
ID #60446
Jul 17th 2011 Guest
What to press to activate, and where do they appear?
ID #58688
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