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Event Pokemon Code Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver

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Jun 7th 2012, ID#8804 Event Pokemon Code

This code will give you every legendary event Pokemon in generations 1 through 4, they will apear in box 1 places 1 through 9.

This code will give you Mew, Celebi, Jarachi, Deoxys, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus

Region: UK/Europe


94000130 fcff0000
b2111880 00000000
e000f710 00000088
9182fe81 e1a90000
50efb684 09dca822
976bdc4c a27003f0
bbfd4f81 f1ebdb7f
6da8990b 360c8b75
8804c57b 126fbd97
6878939d 35bc5846
269070e9 4f48e203
93b64c9f 7e9ad1bf
8641531e b91a3861
92bff4de e1760144
75188cbc 6175f81a
47a55c79 8a5020c6
0101de14 08904406
e28fbb20 2ae2e8f7
d4f8fa0f e8089571
cf94367f fd144fe6
e000f798 00000088
9182fe81 f3730000
b178c8d4 494d6563
c9b67f33 63530687
4aa785d1 5083c2d1
6865674e 44a1730d
a69cfb19 3a346735
203930f5 c4fe329d
715df92b a11d11c3
859325e6 605322c0
0e14919b a1c2a41a
73e72686 f0d91d93
6f0413e9 0bd67764
ad514daa 14a387dc
1b70f022 536febbd
2dd03ad3 b413560f
a8819644 d0a8d37b
fc635646 20601f46
e000f820 00000088
9182fe81 fb350000
a2ee0ca0 d7ea3411
3654780e fa901a35
4cbc77ba 6d9e8172
2cc25d11 ca7b0861
a27c6800 c6962a5b
c0a24465 fb600f66
8222c900 8862da06
db7df199 1bce8ae1
984a1ff1 e553c3f0
d5ed0791 a4c99f93
e6d9a539 e82e18cf
7ae11b26 c34d319d
b7605cd8 211d6fdc
adb50667 c6c4a71e
a80044a2 f04984f7
f03a0b6d 8f8e3d00
e000f8a8 00000088
9182fe81 f3210000
5965b752 0b503ca9
a64a05ea ce414f72
a39167b8 301da8a0
86f52e31 b14f8303
f80b1686 5657fc45
25fa179f c3d2040a
53cce91d 59fc05e2
67799b4c cb909654
e4d1bc87 995ca1c0
12a548d8 8b6666a8
ef88c062 140226bc
47c39644 3a4970de
ba61763f 722136f1
8077244b e80f0b39
e287e004 86a6bba7
6dcf2bfd 543e2cbe
e000f930 00000088
9182fe81 f0270000
0165eeef 8bbac6ed
4428a7f9 13d752b9
f91fd967 47c041b7
c2307d4b 90830023
ae10b82d 6cb49637
8199dcd7 3e831baf
3acdeffe 49a9b6ba
fe9554e0 8467a927
86e34b44 e89149e2
013e4799 9655ac85
5af33d13 dcdb393d
aac7328d ef894a08
9fde70d1 f34359b1
bea1f160 28cd9072
ac95ac95 02a34860
4d5a06f8 1705cf5b
e000f9b8 00000088
9182fe81 37350000
243638bb de21f06b
e9aefd5f 1bba46a5
845b0434 3cb922bb
853775fd 96c264ab
a361303e 97007781
df176dd3 b54d1f14
2dc0de15 c113c0e0
58e110f3 d41b836e
a1a087df dbff1575
f8604ee9 7e00af85
69bc22c9 9e374ffc
b6f4148d f761acac
37841ae3 08399432
c5ab12f6 e5a3e440
cb24d817 a769c2b7
74bc839c 3f296153
e000fa40 00000088
9182fe81 57940000
b19a6b1f 02d5562c
bfea9778 faf489d0
c3b433e1 edbef8ad
2353f2de 9346dd83
22604b94 a9eb750a
907e9899 bb9239d3
d0669f00 d4c12017
c12e6a86 3cc5b402
8967bdba b965f6a5
bce4e078 550daae8
46765f63 1f5aa708
ea494d5d 9ded4697
1b26e9dc 001c9338
0484e7a2 6c6adf45
6923e98e 202dc9fb
d0adcaa5 1670c87a
e000fac8 00000088
9182fe81 fd910000
da523c87 6e865d48
5a746974 6a0a4c05
6bab29b5 c664f70e
649dcc80 015fae84
181752ac a1e9a2fa
23f2e582 4d074219
23b8bc27 c6794a7d
deacbc91 7c861e90
e3835c1a 92cb9989
352a0c76 4de8ed77
82fb685f 0fde6ae6
0f8083ba c0bc0070
3d7023fd c226982c
7ee23c0b 92c62589
220c3e5e 9ac7efcb
7ad6c5ff f8862af9
e000fb50 00000088
9182fe81 4eec0000
e2130ee6 9a1115b5
ab44ea87 a2610439
0e21e74f f2a59afa
4a8a3f41 4abf3e7c
dff16a1e 5edaddcd
36f9d04c 3d1de50f
1b888f67 3ad9cc5e
f79eee5c 75e3fa35
21ef49bc 8c6ee5e2
09e583e6 d15c2652
8b183b34 b15a2363
f363ee28 c93f3d20
d2ceeae3 9b410315
983c1027 b119c5af
ed2e9fe7 69293991
ef43b1a0 a2e4b78d
d2000000 00000000


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Comments for this Action Replay Code.

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9 comments, latest first.
Jul 13th 2015 Guest
so long
ID #583855
Apr 8th 2014 karmaqq
nice 1
ID #372882
Apr 8th 2014 karmaqq
This is nice thanks
ID #372880
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
Some pokemon are glitched
ID #260481
Aug 24th 2012 Guest
this code made my game screw up and i lost all my stuff :( but never mind i will complete the game again
ID #179462
Jul 23rd 2012 Guest
rlly its 2 long
ID #167562
Jul 9th 2012 Guest
Umm wish it worked my ds won't let me enter that long of a code in...😞
ID #162239
Jul 6th 2012 Guest
First thing press L +R to activate. Second, it also gives you a mewtwo. Third, some of them are corrupted and pause the game when viewing their moves under the pokemons' summaries. Those are mew, celebi, darkrai, and mewtwo. All others are good
ID #160849
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
do you have to press any buttons to activate this code
ID #159974
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