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Rizky game shark code for Pokemon Platinum


EVENT CODES (press Select+L+R while entering a Poke Mart)

Secret Key (Rotom Key)
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101140 00000000
0000B5D4 0000000C
D2000000 00000000

Azure Flute
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101140 00000000
0000B5D4 0000000A
D2000000 00000000

OakĀ“s Letter
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101140 00000000
0000B5D4 00000009
D2000000 00000000

Member Pass
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101140 00000000
0000B5D4 00000008
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101140 00000000
0001DE34 87391D8C
0001DE38 FCB80000
0001DE3C DEC17A06
0001DE40 AABE7257
0001DE44 0ACBA745
0001DE48 36F8BBD2
0001DE4C 90C9C5D3
0001DE50 1300E5F9
0001DE54 551A7A3E
0001DE58 179CC6A1
0001DE5C D0DEEC41
0001DE60 F4B0C59C
0001DE64 38AF793E
0001DE68 BA383B94
0001DE6C 2DA4A04A
0001DE70 22944555
0001DE74 666E2E8F
0001DE78 827740D1
0001DE7C 05EB50DA
0001DE80 22756BC5
0001DE84 C6903DAA
0001DE88 AD4E7520
0001DE8C 8076B23A
0001DE90 63F11576
0001DE94 0C1E41B6
0001DE98 50119B01
0001DE9C 719190BE
0001DEA0 C5153B5A
0001DEA4 0729C930
0001DEA8 36D3616A
0001DEB0 ECC80737
0001DEB4 17C483B0
0001DEB8 F22DE13C
0001DEC0 C7870000
0001DEC4 F31DD6E2
0001DEC8 C374D225
0001DECC 1B9ED089
0001DED0 81B00392
0001DED4 EB60353B
0001DED8 223A3506
0001DEDC 799572FD
0001DEE0 B35885B4
0001DEE8 FDF49A91
0001DEEC 60EE16FA
0001DEF0 8ECAA172
0001DEF4 A6D50326
0001DEF8 0D545764
0001DEFC 598DA3D8
0001DF00 546668EA
0001DF04 AAE9A2F7
0001DF08 A9303BE3
0001DF0C 85B95CE8
0001DF10 757CEA39
0001DF14 C7D41C0E
0001DF18 F62D5EDC
0001DF1C 1FB8FE44
0001DF20 38892A3D
0001DF24 F12C0D15
0001DF28 5EED4242
0001DF2C B4FF42BC
0001DF30 7476355D
0001DF34 4F3B467B
0001DF38 A9922E40
0001DF3C 782A849D
0001DF40 425CE594
D2000000 00000000

Change First party Pokemon to movie Shaymin and movie Regi
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101140 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
293F3EDB 1D410000
C0942BD0 9BDC2CA0
A3B76D14 50783CD3
DC165E65 6C3A8506
2ED4BE57 3EFD426B
8D991BB3 333D4B06
AA817DAD 67239AE9
3C4A6B62 820DEBBF
8A4CD23F 5E82E2C1
262EE95D 4E9D27BD
992993D4 E9AAD9FB
4417992A 139AC928
7D1199B0 1C486593
C765DE3F 238B284D
735EE2FE 5E06D464
80097F4D BC8427A5
9CD50D76 62941F72
0492BC1C 28BB9BE7
9067FF9F 294B36A8
A6E7E38D DD22C5D9
04FEE9EE D4959C58
B9912FC6 67B8A459
C6D27AD7 A243FC7E
83F2FE0E 0B4B425E
DF7154A2 825CEC22
48D51B14 55FA601F
7A84E417 CCEF5B48
E05773DF 50B6B650
4FEF6C82 00000000
E00001A0 000000EC
1F8727D5 64170000
EAB95E92 6F2EE76D
7FA6198B C632851F
38564C5F E2003124
58F50FE8 809B86E4
8031D9B7 1B5BA658
49EE7C5D B2419EE1
DF3532CF 9E4FE286
60C6AAA9 9B58617D
95379C87 628C4E90
84F06935 675BA181
B96773FE 8C4CEE00
EB332868 A684F411
A4B2D41F 7D92729E
C4AD7E6D 4A21D125
44B2A9D5 D11655A6
A58CE2C2 828BE3A7
16619521 7949CDCE
9F3605C2 6DAD2918
A8370F96 0B7BBEF1
A615B511 31DE74AF
1C0B9DA5 5EA795FB
55604AA0 A662464D
65B23B04 BFF271D5
45708ED8 B6F5FFE2
360049F4 C52F4E88
008C4984 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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May 3rd 2012, ID#16867 | REPORT
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Feb 7th 2014 AKSHAY SAJU
i have to try it . nd thanx if it works
ID #352515
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