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Pokemon Diamond

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6 good pokemon. Made by pokesav Action Replay Code for Pokemon Diamond


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Apr 3rd 2012, ID#8612 6 good pokemon. Made by pokesav

This code give you spiritomb, charizard, thplosion. Blaziken, infernape and mewtwo in box 3 slots 1-6. Changes box name to special and changes background to one of red and blue. All Pokemon are level 100.

Spiritomb: Nicknamed wondertomb. Has wonderguard and is shiny. Knows dark void, dark pulse, shadow ball and magma storm

Charizard. Shiny holding flame plate. Ability is drought knows fire blast, solar beam, sky attack and blast burn

Typlosion ability is same as charizard held item is a charcoal. Knows blast burn magma storm solarbeam and sacred fire.

Blaziken has same ability as charizard and is shiny held item is a charcoal. He knows closecombat, blazekick, solarbeam and sacred fire

Infernape has the same ability as charizard and is holding flame plate. He knows superpower solarbeam blast burn and sacred fire

Finally mewtwo is shiny, holding leftovers (the apple thingy wich restores hp) has wonderguard and knows psychic shadowball aura sphere and heat wave

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Region: UK/Europe | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E001E2A0 00000010 0154013D 01470149 0145014D 01DE0150 1001E2B0 0000FFFF 2001E522 00000012 E000E350 00000088 B8F4B8F0 7BBA0000 73D31079 41761777 AF267D66 0A440A98 1E60E848 27E191D5 B63304E5 2F1C6BBB 1F8B8007 DFC3E49C D7B23C32 EE216A75 59F6812F 1E95EF2C 59A0651E 607E30D6 38197D44 695A3C14 309F18F8 AF9D2AE9 307592B2 C336CAC9 387E3875 311CC0D2 8AE9EBE9 ABEE8B9D BE84893D 31783E23 6C03F612 AA060017 B186A068 A944EB5A E000E3D8 00000088 24F324F4 FFC40000 E4E1E3F4 E73CF1AD 9331B0A6 8CFCE4B4 165A19F1 0EF7E541 BBBF3C19 E166A919 B7D54B09 0B1BE5F6 8102739C A52B2CD6 097958B8 AAFF4AFB 52CF423C 92DD6C09 159431EA 3B346CED 77430E9E BFAEE307 590F723E 3BA414AA F5590B47 D0FE43C1 1048AAAE F3B4D93D F8D57C2B 77FA175A 391B222A A443314A BE276B6E 7B6D9FAD E000E460 00000088 4992C170 059E0000 363F770E 3ACC1459 F26022D4 F7D885AF 1087BAD3 5A4E45A5 195E0848 FC1ADF4F C4E3A6EE D5E7EC7E 4F410EA6 7193D797 317A67A9 1DBA6187 B76E260B EA00DCA6 CF53516A ECB73475 5D2FA56D C9899A68 9DEEFFCE 3E325C14 5F2F02C3 4AF4A843 77B31874 D9637C76 5F79F42F 7E58DA2E B56AFE85 556E3772 7335B304 90D2AEE9 E000E4E8 00000088 9AF59AF2 0E950000 17A22199 172FFADA 3FEE8427 870AF176 A7DB0A6F 1E33ABFE 3C9C7B41 B996EA3C F1184214 26FD7BCC C86988E0 9FF99A70 F5802C70 7B4134DF 4C26A010 ABE5BCCE C5DDDEF1 9B7E07A4 69706811 712C11C5 FEE3D1A7 4876A564 1BE4DBFA 40618D33 89CDB64D AD61223E BCE1A5A0 CDB326C4 30AD1AF9 4E58B3E9 9B8B0697 6E807789 E000E570 00000088 423A35C8 15A80000 FBE66FA1 EF4FF45F FFA56A3A 05F9EBB8 D273FAA6 555151FA 5B2E9C8E FECBB349 682E9F55 1711BED6 FD9A7185 0AD5DCD2 BD4EA395 4E5A256A 6AFCD1AF 3B150906 12C9B3FA 2223C958 8C49E6EF 5364052C 66D88C9D F6C4301A 394EAC6D 521EAB59 909B6B6C BFD2FF08 9E22B417 FBDCCBD5 5AB46369 2699ACA3 2C8320B4 3C997CD0 E000E5F8 00000088 C974C972 07500000 2E70FA43 C033E869 2C3DAB90 6D48A6B7 515F2F3E 3EE9B82D 5C63BD1B CF9FA1C7 55DB7482 2E1AA6F4 0703FA16 4903CBC2 87A84A21 967AEB4B 5814BDF0 D1E067DB 8B246B39 70BA7758 4B7432C3 0DC35161 32276D67 19A8B423 A7947B3D 26602299 0DBD3B35 D381F489 63438990 F371124C 6C88A709 068EB496 5D592932 9D84426D D2000000 00000000


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